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高考英语佳句背诵大全 高考英语佳句背诵大全
(重点中学内部绝密资料) 重点中学内部绝密资料)
1. 知道天黑我们才回家。 We didn’t get home until it got dark. Not until it got dark did we get home. It was not until it got dark that we got home. 2. 她很专注地读着一本书,不知道我来了。 She was so absorbed in reading a book that he didn’t notice my coming. So absorbed in reading a book was he that he didn’t notice my coming. 3. 那是一篇很精彩的的文章,我读了三遍。 It is such a wonderful article that I have read it three times. Such a wonderful article is it that I have read it three times. 4. 父亲激动得说不出话来。 Father was too excited to say a word. 5. 对于这个问题你越重视越好。 You can’t attach too much importance to the problem. 6. 他们有足够的钱支付所有的费用。 They have enough money to cover all the expenses. 7. 是什么让他那样沉湎于游戏? What was it that makes him addicted to games? 8. 有水的地方就有生命。 Where there is water, there is life. 9. 有很多事情要处理,他很早就上班了。 With so many affairs to deal with, he went to work early. 10. 这是我第一次遇到这样复杂的一个问题。 It/This is the first time that I have met with such an involved problem. 11. 自从我上次看到他已经有三年了。 (我三年没有见到他了) It is three years since I last saw him. 12. 自从他妹妹出国已有 5 年了。 (他妹妹出国已经 5 年了。 ) It was 5 years since his sister had gone abroad. It is/has been 5 years since his sister went abroad. 13. 再过两个月我们就毕业了。 It will be two months before we graduate from school. 14. 我还没来得及拦住他,他就冲出去了。 He rushed out before I could stop him. 15. 我正要出门,我的一位朋友来访了。 I was about to go out when suddenly one of my friends dropped in on me. 16. 他母亲一听这消息就赶来了。 His mother hurried here as soon as she heard the news. Hardly/Scarcely/Barely had his mother heard the news when he hurried here.

No sooner had his mother heard the news than she hurried here. His mother hurried here the moment/the instant/the second she heard the news. His mother hurried here immediately/instantly/directly she heard the news. On/Upon hearing the news, his mother hurried here. 17. 书读得越多,你就知道得越多。 The more you read, the more you learn. 18. 外面下着瓢泼大雨,我们不得不呆在家里。 It pouring outside, we had to stay at home. 19. 没得到及时治疗,他的脸色越来越苍白了。 He not treated in time, his face is becoming paler and paler. 20. 那战士手里提着枪,冲了出去。 The soldier dashed out, gun in hand/with a gun in his hand. 21. 他没钱买吃的,只好不吃。 He had no money to buy food, so he had no choice/alternative but to go without it. He had no money to buy food, so he couldn’t help/choose but go without it. 22. 这根绳子是那根绳子的三倍长。 This string is three times as long as that one. This string is three times the length of that one. 23. 我很方便和他取得了联系。 It is convenient for me to get in touch with him. 24. 你那样做是和愚蠢的。 It is stupid/foolish of you to do so. 25. 我们听到那个消息很惊讶。 We were amazed at the news. We were amazed to hear the news. 26. 我很高兴你来看我。 I am delighted that you pay a visit to me. 27. 你和他理论是没有用的。 It is no use arguing with him. 28. 我发现学好英语很重要。 I find it important/of importance to learn English well. 29. 我认为他这样对待父母很粗鲁的。 I consider it rude that he treats his parents like this. 30. 有些人总是想当然地认为只有他才能拯救别人。 Some people often takes it for granted that he alone /only he can save others. 31. 难怪他整天责备别人。 It is no wonder that he scold others all day long. 32. 他来不来参加聚会还是个问题。 It is a problem whether or not he is coming to the party. 33. 据说他正在国外学习/要去国外学习/已经去国外学习了。 It is said that he is studying abroad/id to go abroad for study/has gone abroad for study He is said to be studying abroad/to go abroad for study/to have gone abroad for study

34. 我突然想起我忘了锁门。 It occurred to me that I had forgotten to lock the door. 35. 我的确看到有人进了我的办公室。 I did see someone slip into my office. 36. 他的陈述原来是骗人的。 It turned out that his statement was false. 37. 他似乎已经知道了真相。 It seems that he has known the truth. He seems to have known the truth. 38. 他总是最后一个离开教室。 He is always the last to leave the classroom. 39. 你认为他将什么时候抵达车站? When do you think he is arriving at the station? 40. 他们想让人们明白他们所做的很重要。 They want to make it clear that what they are doing is very important. 41. 你该不该做我会让你自己去判断。 I will leave it to your own judgment whether you should do it. 42. 我怀疑那是不是他想要的。 I doubt if that is what he wants. 43. 除了忙的时候,他每天都去看他妈妈。 He goes to see his mother except when he is busy. 44. 那位父亲在一个叫“大大世界”的地方找到了他的儿子。 The father found his son in what was called a “Big, Big World”. 45. 由于他的所作所为,他受到了应有的处罚。 Because of what he had done, he received deserved punishment. 46. 问题不是谁去,而是谁留下。 The problem is not who will go, but who will stay. 47. 他们得出结论,将支持那位年轻候选人。 They came to a conclusion that they would support the young candidate. 48. 问题是我们还不知道我们下一步要干什么。 The problem what we will do is unknown to us all. 49. 他坚守全心全意为人民服务的信念。 He stick to the belief that he will serve the people heart and soul. 50. 笑到最后,笑得最好。 He who laughs last laughs best. 51. 他没能找到工作是因为他英语不好。 The reason why he couldn’t find a job was that he was not good at English. 52. 他从没看见过人们载歌载舞的场面。 He has never seen the occasion where people sing and dance. 53. 我将选择适当的时机,到时拜访你。 I will choose my occasion when I pay a visit to you. 54. 许多人在地震中丧生,绝大部分是老人和儿童。 Many people lost their lives in the earthquake, most of whom were children and old people.

55. 地球上覆盖着大量的水,三分之二的不能饮用。 The earth is covered with quantities of water, two thirds of which can’t be drunk. 56. 他们有按照老师的要求做,结果失败了。 He doesn’t do what the teacher requires him to, as a result of which he failed over and again. 57. 瞎子们摸着大象,就这样,他们感受着大象是什么样的动物。 The blind touched the elephant, by means of which they felt what animal an elephant was like. 58. 正如我们期待的那样,他在学习中取得了辉煌的成绩。 As we expected, he has made brilliant progress in his studies. 59. 没有我们克服不了的问题。 There is no difficulty but we can overcome. 60. 只要我们活着,就不要放弃。 I will never give up as long as I am alive. 61. 你可以用我的车,只要你小心驾驶。 You can use my car as long as/if/on condition that/only if/provided/providing you drive carefully. 62. 万一下雨的话我就不去了。 In case it rains, I won’t go. 63. 假如他病了,你就来替他。 Supposing/Assuming/In the event (that)/Given that he is ill, you will take his place. 64. 如果你不马上走,就会迟到。 Unless you go at once, you will be late. 65. 老师叫我们照他那样读那个单词。 The teacher asked us to pronounce the word as he did. 66. 那人津津乐道地谈论那场事故,好像他就在现场。 The man took delight in talking about the accident as if/as though he had been at the scene. 67. 尽管穷,他还是上了大学。 poor as/though he was, he managed to go to college. 68. 尽管是个男人,别人有难时他总是袖手旁观。 Man as/though he is, he always stands by when others are in trouble. 69. 不管他付出多少,他的一切努力都是无用的。 No matter how much he paid out, all his efforts were in vain. 70. 我不会借钱给你的,即使我有。 I wouldn’t lend you money even if/even though I had some. 71. 即使他受了委屈,他还是热心助人。 Done wrong as he is, he is willing to help others. 72. 即使他在受着癌症的折磨,他还是不遗余力为公共服务而努力。 Suffering from cancer as he is, still he spare no efforts for the common welfare. 73. 即使你严厉指出他的错误,他还是会在犯。 Seriously as you point out his mistakes, he may repeat them. 74. 不管我干什么,妈妈总是不满意。

No matter what/whatever I do, Mother is not satisfied. Mother is not satisfied with whatever I do. 75. 有些人为了活着而吃饭,而另外一些人似乎为了吃而活着。 Some people eat so that they may live while others seem to live in order that they may eat. 76. 为了不受批评,他假装睡着了。 In order not to be criticized, he pretended to be asleep. 77. 你想说的正是我思考的。 What you want to say is what I am thinking about. 78. 你想象不出他见到我是多么高兴。 You can’t imagine how delighted he was to see me. 79. 你需要多少书我就给你多少。 I will give you as much books as you need. 80. 人们相信这首诗作于 18 世纪。 The poem is said to have been written in the 18th century. 81. 要充分利用有限的时间。 Make full use of the limited time. The limited time should be made full use of. Full use should be made of the limited time. 82. 一面红旗挂在了教室前面的墙上。 On the front wall of the classroom hangs a flag. 83. 我认为他应为他的过失受到责备。 I consider him to blame for his fault. 84. 那座跨海大桥正在建设中。 The bridge over the sea is being constructed. The bridge over the sea is under construction. 85. 如果他需要手术,他会被送往医院的。 Should he need an operation, he should be sent to hospital. 86. 他如果早来几分钟,就可能见到他朋友了。 had he come a few minutes earlier, he might have met his friend. 87. 如果我不给那家报纸写文章,我会有时间观光了。 were I not to write an article for the newspaper, I would have time for the sightseeing. 88. 班长缺席,不然我是不会主持那会议的。 The monitor was absent, or/otherwise I wouldn’t have taken the chair. 马上出发,否则要迟到了。 Start at once, or/otherwise you will be late. 早点起来,你会赶上公共汽车的。 Get up early, and you can catch the bus. 89. 他或许会给你更多的帮助,可是他生病了。 He might have offered you more help, but he was ill. 90. 要不是你的帮助,我就不会成功。 But for your help, I would have failed. Without your help, I would have failed.

If it hadn’t been for your help, I would have failed. Had it not been for your help, I would have failed. 91. 他跑了,怕被敌人抓。 He run away for fear that he should be caught by the enemy. 92. 我们早开始了 It’s high time that we started /should start. 93. 很奇怪他考试竟然不及格。 It’s strange that he should fail the exam. 94. 建议你马上去看医生。 It’s suggested that you (should) consult the doctor at once. 95. 他希望玛丽打印这个文件。 He prefers that Mary (should ) type the document. 96. 我宁愿你和我在一起。 I would rather/ sooner you stayed with me . 97. 他去欧洲了,我真希望他在场。 He has gone to Europe. I wish he were at the sport. 98. 祝你们学业成功! May you succeed in studies ! 99. 他在度假,你见到的一定不是他。 He is on holiday. You can’t /couldn’t have seen him. 100. 你本应早点提醒我该开会了 You should have reminded me of the time for the meeting. 101. 你当时一定吓坏了,是吗? You then must have been frightened, weren’t you? 102. 要求你们马上离开。 It’s required that you (should) leave immediately. You’re required to leave at once. You are supposed to be off right now. 103. 只是在老人去世后,他的成就才被人们承认。 Only after the old man passed away were his achievements admitted. 104. 警察企图驱散抗议的人群,但是没有成功。 In vain did the police try to break up the protest crowds. 105. 春天来了,燕子飞来了。 Spring is here. Here fly the swallow. 106. 山脚下有座古庙。 At the foot of the hill stands an old temple. 107. 那位总是把学生的利益放在首位的老老师既勤奋又谦虚。 Hard-working and modest is the old teacher who always puts the students’ interests first. 108. 上个月刚做过心脏手术的的史密斯先生正在批改我的作业。 Checking our exercises is Mr. Smith who had a heart operation last month. 109. 随信附来的是我最近在校园照的几张照片。 Enclosed with the letter are several pictures I took on the campus. 110. _____我今天起得很早》

______是的,你的确起得早。 I got up early this morning. yes, so you did. 111. 如果他不去,我也不去。 If he doesn’t go, nor/neither/no more will I . 112. 她决定把钱包交上去,于是,她就交了。 She decided to turn in the wallet, and she did so. 113. ——他对英语不感兴趣,但他学得很好。 -———我弟弟也这样。 He isn’t interested in English but he is good at it. It is the same with my younger brother./So it is with my younger brother. 114. 她会跳会唱,我妹妹一样。 She can sing and dance and so/as can my sister. 一声吼叫,忽地从丛林中冲出一只老虎。 115. Following the roar, out rushed a tiger from among the brushes. 116. 他想都没想这实验,更说不上做。 He never thought of the experiment, still less did it. 117. 他会说英语,更会用英语写。 He can speak English, still more write in English. 118. 他建议我们暑期去哪里? Where did he suggest we should go in the summer. 119. 我认为他不在乎,是这样吗? I don’t think he care, does he? 120. 我对你很苛刻,是吗? I am strict with you, aren’t I ? 121. 我去看电影,好吗? Let’s go to the movie, shall we? 122. 让我们看电影吧,好吗? Let us go to the film, will you/won’t you. 123. 没有老师和学生看过这个那个电影。 No teacher and no student has seen the movie. 124. 一位记者兼小说家来看你。 A journalist and writer has come to see you. 125. 老师以及他的学生正在讨论一个问题。 The teacher as well as his students is discussing a problem. 126. 尽管他生病了,我还是不原谅他。 Despite the fact that he is ill, I won’t forgive him. 127. 他始终坚持这个信念,他要全心全意为人民服务。 He stick to the belief all along that he will serve the people heart and soul. 128. 他对推迟会议这个建议不满意。 He wasn’t satisfied with the suggestion that the meeting be delayed. 129. 下一步我们干什么,这个问题值得讨论。 The problem what we will do next deserves to be discussed. 这本书值得一读。 130.

The book is worth reading. Reading this book is worthwhile. It is worth (your) while to read this book. This book deserves to be read. 131. 使他恐惧的是,他被几个土匪包围了。 To his horror, he found himself surrounded by several bandies. To one’s amazement(disappointment, surprise, astonishment, delight, joy, relief, satisfaction, comfort) 132. 请通知经理我到了。 Please notify your manager of my arrival. assure (accuse, cure, free, inform, persuade, remind, rob, suspect, warn) sb of sth 133. 他总是保护他妹妹不受欺负。 He is always defending his sister from being bullied. discourage(dissuade, free, excuse, keep, stop, prevent, protect, rescue, save)sb from doing sth 134. 他承认他就是偷我钱包的那个人。 He acknowledged himself as the man who stole my wallet. think of(count, define, describe, intend, recognize, regard, see, treat)…as 135. 我认为学好英语很重要。 I think it is of significance to learn English. 136. 你最好通知他开会。 You may/might as well inform him of the time for the meeting. 137. 除了借钱给你,我可以为你做任何事情。 I will do anything for you but lend you money 138. 我不知道什么该做什么不该做。 I don’t know what to do and what not to do. 139. 这相机买得很贵。 The cameral is very expensive to buy. 140. 他身体太弱,站不起来了。 He is so weak as to unable to stand up. He is too weak to stand up. 141. 我的自行车需要修理。 My bike needs/requires to be repaired/repairing. 142. 那孩子试图不被他父亲看见。 The boy tried to avoid being seen by his father. 143. 百闻不如一见。 It is better to see once than to hear a hundred times. 144. 他宁死不背叛祖国。 He preferred to die rather than turn against his homeland. 145. 你叫我别担心是没有用的。 It is no use your/you telling me not to worry. It is no use for you to tell me not to worry. 146. 他没有按时回家,使他父母很生气。 His not coming back home on time made his parents very angry.

147. 要讨论的/正在讨论的/讨论过的那个问题很重要。 The problem to be discussed/being discussed/discussed is important. 148. 没有受邀去参加婚礼,我感到失望。 No having been invited to the wedding, he felt very disappointed. 由于没听从顾问的建议,他遭受了巨大损失。 149. Not having followed his adviser’s suggestion, he suffered a great loss. 150. 工作结束后,我们马上就回家了。 The job finished. We went hone straight away.

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