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新视野大学英语读写教程第二版第二册 文本


Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------budget assess charge restless convention elbow obtain acute fulfill conduct significance consequently efficient

surroundings competent



such high fees, but they never seem to be short of

clients. 2. It is a matter of __ that male businesspeople usually wear suits on formal occasions. 3. These people are very ___, very organized and excellent time

managers. 4. Julian says she hopes to get a job and find a way to __ a college education. 5. Having studied business at college and knowing two foreign

languages, my secretary is perfectly __ for her job. 6. The leading economists of the country have been ___ the influence of

the current crisis upon its economy. 7. The general public did not have confidence that the government

would be able to __ this difficult job. 8. The company is __ a survey to find out local reaction to their recently promoted product. 9. The rain was heavy and __ the land was flooded. 10. The discovery of the oilfield is of great __ to the economy in this region. 11. After listening to the speaker for two hours, the audience became __ . 12. She grew up in comfortable __ ; she never experienced any

difficulties when she was young. 13. When Brad ___ his way to the center of the crowd, he pushed with all the strength of his body. 14. The government has __ one million for a new hospital in this

region. 15. There is a(n) __ lack of water in the northern part of the country, because there has been almost no rain since last February.

Fill in each of the blanks with a suitable preposition or adverb.


1. We can't afford to fall __ other businesses in using new technology. 2. Realizing that his retirement was near __ hand, he looked for some additional income that would provide for his children. 3. Months of secret talks with the opposition party finally resulted __ the setting free of the political prisoners. 4. When the car broke down on the highway for a third time, John's patience completely ran __. 5. He cannot go without wine even for one day; he is a complete slave __drink. 6. What one thinks and feels is, in the eyes of social scientists, mainly due ___ tradition, habit, and education. 7. It is a real honor to have the opportunity of meeting the well-known scientist __ person. 8. Happiness doesn't necessarily go __ money. 9. In the thick forest, you can walk from the edge till your feet ache, and still you'll see nothing __ tall trees and other plants. 10. Every day the manager has to account to the chairman __ how he spends the company's money. 11. While I was working __ my letter last night, the telephone rang. 12. The school was attended by four hundred students, each of whom is worthy __ our attention.

13. Farmers say that supermarkets put them __ pressure to sell at very low prices.

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once.


As a foreigner doing business in the United States, I feel very rushed. I am used to friendly opening exchanges when doing business. Here in Chicago, things are different. There is no time for getting to know one another. This does not seem __ to me. There is no chance to develop a sense of trust when people meet to talk over issues. There are no __ like tea or coffee before discussing business, though this is a(n) __ in my country. When we discuss business it starts with a(n) __ chat. I think that it is important for business partners to get familiar with each other first and to feel relaxed. If the exchange is too __, there is a risk that something will be forgotten. Some possibilities go without being __ when there is too much pressure. I don't believe this is the best strategy for proper communication. Besides, the __ is that they just don't care about you as an individual here. You are basically just another ___of making


All of this used to create a real __ for me. At first, it caused me to have as little ___ with American business partners as possible. Gradually, though, I have come to understand the cultural differences between our two countries. This has really helped me to feel more comfortable doing business here. assessed dilemma accessed relation rituals interaction convention appropriate perception convenient distinction leisurely means abrupt process

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank.


I am frequently asked the question, "Can you use chopsticks ( 筷 子)?" I have lived in Korea, Japan, and China. In each country, I have, (1) than not and without having requested one, been given a fork (2) one was available. I have politely refused and said that I would be fine with chopsticks. Sometimes, I have to make (3) explanation.

Chopsticks are (4) my worries when I am eating in an Asian home or restaurant. In fact, learning (5) to use chopsticks takes me (6) a few weeks. This is not to say I was skillful, though. Learning how to use chopsticks is easy for me, (7) learning the rituals and how to (8) myself at the table is quite difficult. (9) times do I have to say "no, thank you" (10) I really mean "no, thank you, I truly am full"? How do I get away with refusing more food without (11) someone? If I insist and I still get more, is it appropriate just not to eat it? This would be (12) where I come from. I have enjoyed many great meals and my (13) with the people have been great. I am (14) aware that I will never be able to (15) as much as I have received. I don't know how I can ever thank all of the people who

introduced me to eating in Asia.

1. A.very often 2. A.for

B.too often C.after

C.more often D.because D.other

D.most often


3. A.more B.further 4. A.the least of greatest of 5. A.when B.what

C.another B.the worst of

C.the most of



D.how C.rather than D.since D.conduct C.Why so much D.instead of

6. A.more than 7. A.where 8. A.contrast

B.nothing but

B.because B.consider

C.whereas C.contact

9. A.Just how many D.Not many 10.A. until B.since

B.Always so many


D.as C.demanding C.impolite D.offending D.impossible D.surroundings

11. A.delighting 12.A. impatient 13. A.convention 14. A.largely 15. A.give back

B.denying B.impersonal

B.ssignificance B.increasingly B.give up

C.interactions C.initially

D.necessarily D.give in

C.give away

Translate the following sentences into English. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. 她连水都不愿喝一口,更别提留下来吃饭了。(much less)

2. 他认为我在对他说谎,但实际上我讲的是实话。(whereas)

3. 这个星期你每天都迟到,对此你怎么解释? (account for)

4. 他们利润增长的部分原因是采用了新的市场策略。(due to)

5. 这样的措施很可能会带来工作效率的提高。(result in)

6. 我们已经在这个项目上投入了大量时间和精力,所以我们只能继 续。(pour into)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese.


1. I don't think that he would commit robbery, much less would he commit violent robbery.

2. Men earn ten dollars an hour on average, whereas women only seven dollars.

3. Once the balance in nature is disturbed, it will result in a number of possible unforeseeable effects.

4. The final examination is close at hand; you'd better spend more time reading.

5. What is interesting is that consumers find it increasingly difficult to identify the nationality of certain brands. This is due partly to globalization and partly to changes in the location of production.

6. A recent survey showed that women account for 40 percent of the total workforce.



Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------marvelous hostility utilize favorable recognition reject distress alleviate considerable appreciate interact furthermore



1. In this section, we'll provide some important tips on how to better __ the technologies available for distance education. 2. People are free to accept or facts. 3. The city suffered __ damage as a result of the recent earthquake, so the government would have to spend a lot of money to rebuild it. 4. Because of damage to their homes, many people had to stay in ___what the government says of the

___housing for a few months. 5. The argument was settled in a way that was __ to both sides. 6. Illness and age have changed the once well-known actress beyond __. 7. You cannot cure a common cold, but you can __ the symptoms. 8. I would __ it if you could turn down your radio a little bit. 9. To be honest, the Internet isn't meant for kids, and, ___, it's not a tool for taking care of kids. 10. Desks are arranged in a U-shape, so the teacher can __ easily with the students.

11. The child felt very __ when she knew that her parents had separated forever. 12. The meeting of the two leaders held last week was not at all

successful; now there is open __ between the two countries. 13. Because of the __ temperature conditions, the planet, in addition to Earth, most likely to protect life, is Mars. 14. Her friend Sam wrote a __ description of the hill he had just toured because he truly admired the beauty of the place.

Unit 2

Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------amusing frown persist lower presence rank fuss promising swear indifferent outburst

approximately unfair tropical

1. I would like to find a job in a(n)__ company after I graduate. 2. The mother couldn't help laughing at her little boy's ___ appearance. 3. The tall man __ his head so that he could enter the room.

4. Though the plan didn't work well, he __ in following it. 5. Should it be a failure, as many experts predict, it would __ as one of the worst man-made disasters. 6. Don't __ at others in any situation no matter how angry you are. 7. It is really __ that she didn't get promoted just because of her skin color! 8. She was very glad to see the __ of many old friends at her birthday party. 9. Why are you __ all the time? Try to look happy! 10. I cannot tell the exact number; __100 students will be presented

with medals as recognition of their excellence. 11. Hearing a(n) __ of cheers at midnight, I realized the Chinese team had won. 12. The girl isn't as nice as she looks; she is always __ to others' pains. 13. I just cannot understand what you are __ about—nothing has

actually happened at all! 14. I will travel to some __ area to enjoy a warm climate during the winter holiday.

Fill in each of the blanks with a suitable preposition or adverb.


1. Ellen is a devoted friend; you can always count __ her whenever you are in trouble. 2. The other day I came __ a friend when I was walking aimlessly on the street. 3. The woman in red looks so familiar to me; I must have met her __ some occasion. 4. Why didn't you ask him to prepare for the test __ advance? He could have done it better. 5. I will __ no means give up my plan, despite all kinds of challenges and difficulties. 6. Thinking little of other people, the young man is always indifferent __others' sufferings. 7. The girl felt ill at ease ___ the presence of a lot of famous people. 8. Taking little notice __ what people said about her, Ann went on with her own life. 9. I saw Laura sitting by the window in a café across the street,

obviously reflecting __ something. 10. As my true friend, Joseph never fails to point __ my mistakes. 11. It was really dangerous that they packed about 80 passengers __ the bus. 12. He never asked anything __ his mother again after she refused to

help him that time. 13. My father is a man of self-control; he never swears __ anybody even when he is very angry. 14. Jane waved goodbye to her friends and sang __: "Have a nice weekend!" 15. I have been reflecting __ what you said the other day, but my answer is still a big No!

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once.


Bill Johnson's path to Olympic gold was different than that of most. In fact, even though he was the first American man to ever win the downhill skiing event, many __ him as a true Olympic hero. He was a rebellious kid who came from a troubled background, and he boasted too much. Moreover, he only became ___ in skiing because a judge sent him to a ski school after he had stolen a car at age 17. There was no lifelong to the sport. He did not ___ the Olympic spirit. He did not gain distinction by continuously training for his event.

Still, few failed to __ his marvelous race in the 1984 Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo. He was just a natural skier and his technique was __ for the course. And so even before the race began, he was __ victory. "This course was made for me. Nothing can stop me," he had boasted. He also caused some comments when he talked about the millions of dollars he would be able to make after he won the race. This made many skiers __toward him. That just __ him even more. Then on the day of the event, he turned out the fastest. "It takes a lot of courage to throw yourself down a mountain," Bill Johnson __ proudly after he won a gold medal for the United States. "Not many can do that." remarked respect encouraged appreciate benefit involved commitment regarded perfect claiming reluctant

declining hostile rejected exemplify

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------This was what all of the training and pain was about―winning. I watched TV to see the young runner who had been under my (1) for the last few years. I would have been there on the spot (2) the traffic problem. I couldn't (3) even on my bicycle. While I watched the young runner enter to the cheers of thousands of people, I could not help (4) about the pains that he had gone through in his training.

The young runner was hardly considered to be (5) when he first came to me. There were countless training (6) full of pain for him. I had seen fatigue written on his face. I had heard him (7) at me. I had been (8) to his anger and pain. It was clear that only hard work could (9) him success. I had smiled to myself when I found that he had too much (10) to give up. And he would (11) with the training until he reached perfection. I had

never forgot to remind him that (12) the challenges he had to keep on practice. It was unfair that he had no time for his girlfriend. But that was life for him!

The thunderous shouts and cheers drew me back to the TV screen. Oh, my dear, the young runner was (13) speed. He was running to the finish line. He was strong enough to (14) other runners. His courage, heart and discipline together with his years of practice won him the honor. Tears rolled down my cheeks when I found on the screen the young runner was looking around. I understood at once that he was looking for me. For years, he had become so (15) my presence, success or failure. It must have seemed strange for him to find me missing. 1. A.asserting B.coaching 2. A.it had not been for not been for 3. A.succeed it 4.A. but think 5. A.promoting 6. A.amounts 7. A.swear B.make it B.to thinking B.promising B.meetings B.stare C.find it D.do it C.thinkingto D.think D.engaging C.drilling D.persisting B.if it were not for C.if not for D.had it

C.encouraging C.sessions



D.sweat C.indissoluble D.profit D.incapable

8. A.indifferent B.insufficient 9. A.rank B.earn C.make

10. A.patience B.passage 11. A.persuade B.persist 12. A.regardless 13. A.gathering

C.pattern C.perform

D.passion D.perfect D.despite D.coping

B.even though B.gaining

C.in spite

C.appreciating D.break C.used up

14. A.pound B.strike C.beat 15. A.used for B.used more

D.used to

Translate the following sentences into English. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. 尽管她是家里的独生女,她父母也从不溺爱她。(despite)

2. 迈克没来参加昨晚的聚会,也没给我打电话作任何解释。(nor)



家。(next to; by no means)

4. 他对足球不感兴趣,也从不关心谁输谁赢。(be indifferent to)

5. 经理需要一个可以信赖的助手,在他外出时,由助手负责处理问 题。(count on)

6. 这是他第一次当着那么多观众演讲。(in the presence of sb.)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. They persisted in carrying out the project despite the fact that it had proved unworkable at the very beginning.

2. I could not persuade him to accept the plan, nor could I make him see its importance.

3. How did you manage to pack so many things into such a small suitcase?

4. He is completely indifferent to what others think of him.

5. May I point out that you have made a small mistake?

6. His mother asked him to drive slowly, but he never took any notice of her words.



Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------sacrifice amazing condemn sake strip rumor pursue overcome crack deny opponent suspicion

indicate explosive

1. Our parents couldn't love us any more than they do; whatever they do, they do it for our__ . 2. Jack was really determined in his career, and he __ almost everything else for it. 3. Hearing the __ of a gun, I jumped to my feet from the chair and called the police immediately. 4. He never stopped __ knowledge during the years in the small

mountain village. 5. You cannot take __ substances with you when you are traveling by bus, by train or by air. 6. We have to be patient and determined enough to __ difficulties at hand.

7. In this map, the towns are __ by red dots. 8. The self-confident young man believed he would beat his __ one after another and win the first prize. 9. Having been __ of all his property, he was worth nothing again. 10. The man __ having witnessed (目击) the accident because he was afraid of getting himself involved. 11. It will be __ to spend the whole winter holiday in Hainan Island. 12. Despite being __ by neighboring countries, the president insisted on paying respect to the dead capitalists. 13. The short man was taken away by the police last night on __ of stealing. 14. I am never interested in any __. Seeing is believing.

Rewrite the following sentences using the expressions given in brackets. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Natasha made herself stand out in the group interview by playing the role of the leader in her group. (act as) Your answer: 2. To be successful, you need a careful plan, good luck, help at the right time, and most importantly hard work. (above all) Your answer:

3. They are not doing this to gain recognition or money; they are doing this to benefit the society. (for the sake of) Your answer: 4. It was actually what he said, not what he did, that made me sad. (rather than) Your answer: 5. Once my mother decides to do something, it will be very hard to stop her. (set one's mind on) Your answer: 6. Years of research had prepared them for success in their field. (set the stage for) Your answer: 7. Local people are quite familiar with the phenomenon, so they are not surprised at all. (be used to) Your answer: 8. Today at this meeting we are going to direct all our attention to the question of air pollution. (focus on) Your answer: 9. He never expected that his best friend would openly say that he had cheated in the exam. (charge with) Your answer: 10. His parents were so strict with him in his studies that he had little

time to take part in any activities outside of class. (participate in) Your answer: 11. I was interested to see the elephants removing leaves from the trees with their long trunks (象鼻). (strip... of...) Your answer: 12. I had told you again and again to find a more suitable person for this position, but you simply wouldn't follow my advice. (not hear of it) Your answer: 13. A trained dog can fulfill the purpose of a guide to a blind person. (act as) Your answer:

Unit 3 Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------mutual confirm resolve harbor overlook quote proceed cancel suspect prejudice compromise hesitate

subsequently illusion

1. I firmly believe that this agreement will be for our __ benefit. 2. People have bought these houses under the__ that their value would just keep on rising. 3. The project has been __ by the local government for lack of public resources. 4. The clerk must have __ your name, because he said you weren't here. 5. The speaker said something about the actors and then __ to talk about the film. 6. Differences of opinion are often the most difficult problem to __. 7. When he looked for a job, John strongly felt that there was a

widespread __ against men over forty. 8. Children should be encouraged to reach a(n) __ between what they want and what others want. 9. The discovery seems to __ that people lived here over 10,000 years ago. 10. The book was first published in 1994 and was __ translated into fifteen languages. 11. Don't __ to call me if you need any help. 12. For years the girl __ resentment against her stepmother. 13. I don't think the company is doing very well, but don't __ me on that. 14. We __ that there is a problem with the engine.

Fill in the blanks with the expressions given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------ups and downs of work out learn of on the surface take care of meet with have nothing to do with supportive

all along

compromise between for a time incompatible with indication of

1. Mind your own business. My affairs __ you. 2. Having worked in the company for two years, Mr. Smith is now __ marketing and public relations. 3. The farmer ___ bad luck: His crops were destroyed by a storm. 4. The old gardener seems cold and unfriendly __, but he's really a warm-hearted person. 5. They had hoped to be able to move into their new house at the end of the month, but things did not __ as they had expected. 6. Such violent attacks are __ a civilized society. 7. There have been __ in the old man's life, but on the whole his

fortunes have grown. 8. The mother only __ her son's marriage long after the event.

9. Rising sales can give a good __ how this product is received in the market. 10. The Chinese government has __ been combating drug trafficking. 11. After several hours of discussions, they managed to reach a __ the two countries. 12. __ the police thought she might be guilty, but later she was proved not guilty. 13. The man and his friend were ___ one another at that critical


Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once.


At first, my dad was not in favor of me marrying Will because Will is black. I guess my dad was a bit of a racist. Unfortunately, no arguments could counter dad's beliefs. Despite his __, though, Will and I decided to go through with our wedding. On a marvelous June day we were married in the park. The wedding went off without any __ words or embarrassing

exchanges. It was actually quite beautiful. There was just one problem. Many of our friends and relatives didn't __ our wedding. I had to __ that my dad was not the only prejudiced person we knew. Other than my father, no one had come out to speak against my relationship with Will. It did not seem __ for them to show their resistance to our marriage in this way. My dad had strong __ about my marriage to Will, but at least he was there. Will and I decided to __ this burden by showing everyone how wrong they were. We wanted not only to love one another, but also to __ racial hatred by loving one another. We probably weren't being all that ___, but we did succeed with one person. My dad and Will have developed an __ friendship. My dad says he has forgotten why he ever had any doubts about our marriage. overcome realistic deny efficient defy amazing conclude hostile accomplish protests

attend distrust related reservations appropriate

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank.


I didn't marry for all the "right reasons". Love had (1) thing to do with marriage. And, for my husband's part, well, I (2) love was on his mind either. He married me because I made him feel young. He was such an ordinary man going (3) his very ordinary mid-life crisis. He was divorced, looking for younger women and a career change. That didn't (4) me, though. He was still fairly charming, pretty handsome and (5) rich. I married for money, and I don't have any (6) about it. My friends don't (7) my decision, but I can also tell that they wish, at least a little bit, for some of the same things that I now enjoy. They always prefer to (8) a lot of time by my swimming pool than at their common little homes. And

another thing, they are always (9) about their "beloved". "He's always watching how much I spend." "It's become more like a business relationship (10) a marriage."

My husband, however, doesn't (11) how much I spend and our marriage never became a business because it already was one. You could say, we have a (12) understanding. We are very (13) about the whole thing. It is painful for my friends when they realize that love is just a(n) (14). Marriage for love never existed for me. And, he'll never (15) me. He'd lose too much money.

1. A.nothing B.everything

C.somethingone D.hesitate

2.A. believe B.compete C.suspect 3. A.around B.through 4. A.care 5. A.after all 6. A.wonder B.bother C.in C.mind

D.for D.burden C.above all D.over all D.expectation

B.all in all B.doubtc


7.A. regret B.resolve C.applaud 8. A.keep B.fill C.cost D.spend


9. A.caring B.envying C.complaining 10. A.instead B.as C.then D.than


11. A.advise B.care C. charge


12. A.mutual 13. A.automatic 14. A.conclusion


C.subtle D.compatible

B.authentic C.dramatic D.realistic B.explosion C.illusion D.Impression

15. A.cancel B.overlook C.distress D.divorce

Translate the following sentences into English.


1. 你再怎么有经验,也得学习新技术。(never too... to...)


还存在一个问题,那就是派谁去带领那里的研究工作。 (Use an

appositional structure)

3. 由于文化的不同,他们的关系在开始确实遇到了一些困难。(meet with)


虽然他历经沉浮,但我始终相信他总有一天会成功的。(ups and

downs; all along)

5. 我对你的说法的真实性有些保留看法。(have reservations about)

6. 她长得并不特别高, 但是她身材瘦, 给人一种个子高的错觉。 (give an illusion of)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. A person is never too young to receive the clear message that the law is to be taken seriously.

2. He's now faced with an important decision, a decision that can affect his entire future.

3. You must be calm and confident even when things are at their worst.

4. The success of a relationship has a lot to do with how compatible two people are and how well they communicate.


He was attacked and sustained severe injuries from which he

subsequently died.

6. He behaved, at least on the surface, like a normal person.


Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------anticipate bubble modest brilliant compel miserable ingredient diplomatic criticism dialect arrange criticize somehow innocent

1. If you have a lot of things to do, just make a list and __ them in order of importance. 2. The government is facing severe __ for its slow response to the disaster. 3. Under the criminal law a suspect is taken to be __ until he or she is found guilty. 4. People are always __ the United Nations for failing to act sooner after crisis, but I think they do a good job. 5. I wish this city would do something about the __ condition of the roads. 6. She was a shy, __person, never one to push herself forward. 7. She was __ by illness to give up her studies at college.

8. I think she is right, but __ I am not completely sure. 9. We ___ that we will meet a certain amount of resistance to our plan. 10. To make a man perfectly happy, tell him that he is , or noble, or wise, or good. 11. One __ needed when making a cake is flour; another is sugar. 12. A(n)__ is a form of a language that is spoken in a particular area or by people belonging to a particular social class. 13. The coffee pot __, filling the room with a pleasant smell. 14. Try to be __ when you refuse her invitation.

Fill in each of the blanks with a suitable preposition or adverb.


1. These shoes are a little __ the large side. 2. The little boy was covered in soap __ head __ toe in the bathroom. 3. Fortunately Jones and his new boss hit it __ with each other from the very beginning. 4. Sitting motionlessly at his desk for quite a while, Robert thought hard but could not come up ___ a solution to the problem. 5. The annual conference is going to be held in December, about six months ___.

6. This research might provide an important clue __ how the disease develops. 7. Mother is against the idea, but I'm sure I can win her __. 8. ____ behalf of everyone here, I'd like to thank our special guest for his interesting speech. 9. ___ your request, I'm pleased to inform you that payment will be made in due course. 10. The doctor ordered that the child be put ___ bed early that day.

Unit 4

Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------overseas volunteer aboard identical decline connection decrease fancy warmth resist forbid

objection compress




The management __ their workers from accepting tips from


2. The picture is ___ to the one in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 3. If you have no ___, I would like to ask your daughter to marry me. 4. Hearing his comforting words, I felt a huge wave of ___ inside me and couldn't help crying. 5. After the party, the mother needed some ___ to help with the

washing-up in the kitchen. 6. The factory has now earned a large amount of foreign money,

because there has been an increase in ___ trade during the past few years. 7. At the press conference he __ to comment on the company's

difficulties and only answered questions about sussesses. 8. The university ___ pressure to close one of its departments. 9. We don't serve anything ___, just plain, ordinary food. 10. Thanks to the great efforts made by the police, crime has been on the ___ in the past few years. 11. One day these animals will just ___ from the earth and never be seen again. 12. My journey to London is in ____ with my work. 13. Online learning has marked a new ___ in education; now the

students have more resources to turn to. 14. It's time to get __ the plane; the passengers are lining up before the boarding gate.

15. This program __ computer information so it can be easily sent by email.

Fill in the blanks with the expressions given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------forbid from long as right away be free to be thankful for write back more than (+ adjective) without fail volunteer for vanish into as

1. I will finish this job for you ___ by next Tuesday. 2. I can't get any of the children to ___ work in the school garden. 3. You can go fishing ___ you promise to be back before 11 o'clock. 4. I promise they can get their pay __, before next Monday at the latest. 5. If I tell my father what I have done, he will be ___ a little angry. 6. I ___ to you having taken so much trouble. 7. In our letter we offered to give him the job, and soon after he ___ accepting our offer. 8. Women in older times were ___ going out without wearing long clothing.

9. While I was talking with my friend, the kids __ a nearby pet store where they discovered a nice little dog. 10. I ___ express my own thoughts and feelings, though sometimes I hurt others.

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------What do we know about love? Is it, as some people would suggest, a mysterious force? Or can it be explained and possibly even __? Well, even in this scientific and reason-driven age, love seems still to __ total understanding. We can, however, know something about love and make stronger ___ between individuals.

One thing that seems to __ love is distance. The common idea is that the love between people grows as they are __. Sometimes it is true that longing for someone who has gone overseas becomes more ___.

Something that __ love is danger. Send both lovers to dangerous places and they will end up loving each other more. This could be caused by the worry it develops. It could also be that feelings of __ or need transform

into love with time.

Love gives us warmth, courage, and a feeling of being safe, but it also ___ selfless devotion and sacrifice. If you are truly ___ to finding true love, you should make yourself more interesting. Do things that you enjoy and try to meet people who share identical interests. intense alter uncertainty defy demands isolated commands separated nourishes forbidden comforts committed connections created affect

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------Love is important because without it life has no meaning or purpose. Love allows us to do more than we could (1) accomplish without its power. So often we take good care of our (2) needs. We make sure our bodies are fed, cleaned, clothed, exercised and rested. However, we tend to (3) the most important need—love. Of course, as a society, love is not overlooked. Popular media constantly places great emphasis (4) what we need to do to attract "love". (5) being loved is not as powerful an emotional need as that desire to love someone else.

The need to love and (6) others is built into us biologically. This need is (7) allows parents to give up sleep and food while raising their children. This need is what allows people to put themselves (8) to save others from natural (9) or threats.

Love means to cherish, hold dear, and treasure. We do not hurt, harm, or cause pain to those we love; rather, we seek to (10) their suffering. It's not about wanting to possess or control others; it's about wanting to set them free. Love is the power (11) allows the wheel of life to continue turning. For when we love we look (12) our own needs and desires. We (13) our

time, our energy, our wishes, and sometimes even ourselves because of love. It is love that allows emergency services personnel to face danger. It is love that allows soldiers to (14) everything. The ultimate definition of love is not about feeling good (15) about doing good.

1. A.thus


C.yet B.original

D.as C.physical C.over take D.mental D.overcharge

2. A.psychological 3. A.over look 4.A. at 5. A.That 6. A.care for 7. A.which 8. A.at work B.to

B.overcome C.above

D.on D.What C.call for D.what D.at risk D.events D.relax D.wait for



B.look for B.when B.at best C.that

C.at hand

9.A. accidents B.incidents C.disasters 10. A.alleviate B.strengthen C.but C.nourish D.while

11. A.that B.what

12. A.before B.beyond C.above 13. A.decrease B.forbid C.resists

D.over D.acrifice D.decline

14. A.endanger B.resist C.risk 15. A.but that B.but then

C.but rather

D.but for

Translate the following sentences into English.


1. 有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎? (Use "it" as the formal subject)

2. 不管黑猫白猫,能抓住老鼠就是好猫。(as long as)

3. 你必须明天上午十点之前把那笔钱还给我。(without fail)

4. 请允许我参加这个项目,我对这个项目非常感兴趣。(more than + adjective)

5. 人人都知道他比较特殊:他来去随意。 (be free to do sth.)

6. 看她脸上不悦的神色,我觉得她似乎有什么话想跟我说。(feel as though)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese.


1. It is getting harder these days for a man with only a secondary education to get a good job.

2. As long as the green hills last, there'll aways be wood to burn.

3. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will be more than happy to give your money back to you.


We are thankful for the beauty of this great land, which has

welcomed so many to its shores across the years.


To the teacher's surprise, no one volunteered for the position of


6. The dog continued to wait for its master at the train station without fail until its own death two years later.

Section B

Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form

where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------descend specify accustomed insurance whip product stain trace embrace


scenery prosperity


1. I assume that as my husband he will be covered by my health __ plan. 2. The pilot, thinking his plane was in danger, ___ quickly; he wanted to have the plane checked at once. 3. This senior scientist was known for his unfailing __ in his job. 4. There was no __ of food in the house, and everyone was feeling very hungry. 5. Please be careful when you are drinking coffee in case you ___ the new carpet. 6. The regulations clearly ___ that you may not use a dictionary in the examination. 7. She called her parents just to tell them that she had become ____ to life at the university. 8. After being away from home for a full week, the mother ___ her son warmly.

9. The people in church ___ down and asked God to help the poor people of the world. 10. The economic ___ of any community is directly dependent upon business, trade and employment. 11. It is forbidden in this country for a parent to punish his own child with a ___. 12. She enjoyed the mountain ___ very much. 13. On this basis, by about 2010, sales of electronic information ___ will be making more profit than sales of books.

Rewrite the following sentences using the expressions given in brackets.


1. The Rockefeller family acquired a lot of wealth in the oil business. (achieve a(n)... amount of prosperity) Your answer: 2. What all workers share is expecting better working conditions.

(have... in common) Your answer: 3. You don't know what his feelings will be, as they change each day. (from day to day)

Your answer: 4. This is generally a warm place, but we do get freezing weather

sometimes. (on occasion) Your answer: 5. Every year at Christmas drunk driving does harm to the joyful

atmosphere. (take its toll on) Your answer: 6. Many people still refuse to give up the hope that one day there will be peace between the two countries. (cling to) Your answer: 7. He was so angry that he stopped having control over himself. (lose control) Your answer: 8. The climate in Alaska is very different from that of Florida. (a far cry from) Your answer: 9. How did she ever manage to pass the test? (on earth) Your answer: 10. His career as a teacher ended when he broke his leg, but he

continued to write textbooks for students. (come to an end) Your answer:

Unit 5 Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------harden bunch shelter slim drag literally weaken grateful package poisonous hook swallow



1. After a while as an ambulance driver, you get __ to what you see at accidents. 2. My sole object was to get ___ from the snow, to get myself covered and warm. 3. Taken all the factors into account, his chances of winning the election were __. 4. It will only __ his position if he continues to stick to his strange ideas. 5. ___ thousands of people watched the football game. 6. The most ___ change was in my younger brother, who had grown quite a bit and was now a third-grader. 7. I am supposed to be resting and relaxing, but it is just a whole ___ of different things that have happened. 8. Day and night Martin could not ___ his mind from the failure he had

suffered. 9. I would be ___ if you would mail this package for me. 10. The young man was __ on heroin (海洛因) and lost his job and his wife. 11. Most of what is said about these great men of history has already been said, and what has not is ___ unimportant to our discussion. 12. I threw a piece of meat to the dog and he __ it in one go. 13. If left untreated, the amount of insecticide stored here can reach such ___ levels that larger animals will be killed. 14. The mailman left a ___ for you at our house.

Replace the underlined expressions in the following sentences with the expressions given below that best keep the original meaning. Change the form where necessary.


1. The old lady stopped and stood against the wall to rest for a moment. Your replacement: 2. Since your mother is often ill, remember to keep a first-aid medicine box close by all the time. Your replacement:

3. In a hard winter, especially in snowy weather, many wild animals can be killed by hunger. Your replacement: 4. In the poor neighborhoods of the city, there are many uncared-for young children who suffer from not having parental love. Your replacement: 5. Very high quality, together with the relatively low prices, has made these cars very popular. Your replacement: 6. This advertisement is intended mainly for young people in their early twenties. Your replacement 1: Your replacement 2: 7. They are usually wearing their Sunday best when they go to church. Your replacement 1: Your replacement 2: 8. I was thankful to John for his kindness. Your replacement: 9. There are still many families making a great effort to survive on low incomes. Your replacement: 10. Last weekend, I cooked two chickens and invited a group of people

to taste them. Your replacement: 11. Could you take hold and lift the newspapers and magazines for me? Your replacement: 12. Lack of rain in association with high temperatures caused the crops to fail. Your replacement: 13. Animals are making a great effort to survive in these harsh

conditions. Your replacement: 14. Two weeks after Terry was born, the mother was killed by cancer. Your replacement:

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once.


My son has started to hang out with the wrong type of boys. He is fifteen years old and until recently I had always been grateful for how easy he has been to raise. Lately, though, he has ___ to listen to what I

say. He used to be such a sweet boy, but being in high school seems to have hardened him against authority figures. The change in his attitude has been very__ even to his teachers.

The other day I asked him to come straight home after school, but instead he ___ and stayed out until ten o'clock. Later I found out that he had __ school completely that day. I found out that he was with a(n) ___ of boys who often cause trouble. I decided to __ him to do anything with those boys, but he didn't listen to me. In spite of my ___ to him being with those boys, he was with them the very next day.

A friend of mine has a son who is having ___ problems. She decided to give him a change of scenery and sent him to a private school. I'm not sure this is the best ___, though. You can't just change a boy's ___ by changing his school every time he does something wrong. It is better to help a kid establish a good set of core values. solution package explanation ceased behavior rebelled

objections defied bunch skipped appreciable deny noticeable forbid identical

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank.


"Knock it off!" Billy would not (1) banging his foot on the table. Mrs. Stewart had lost all (2) in telling him to stop. Her words were falling on (3) ears. She had asked her son to quit doing something that was bothering her so many times that she (4) even knew the words were coming from her mouth. Billy had (5) this. He just (6) his mom's expressions like these. He banged on without a pause.

She used to try to phrase her words in (7) ways like, "When you bang on the table that way, it (8) me. Would you (9) doing something else that is a little quieter?" There was warmth in her voice and she had all of the best (10). But when she actually managed to get Billy's attention in this way, he simply replied, "But I'm bored." She tried to offer him a bunch of (11), but nothing worked and it all became too tedious. It had become (12) even to herself that she was (13) using negative expressions.

Mrs. Stewart seems to understand that (14) she shouts she can't expect Billy to respond immediately. But she still believes that to keep on (15) the pressures might work someday. Children may learn that arguing no longer works because of her continuous shouting. 1.A. increase B.decrease C.cease 2.A. patients 3.A. indifferent B.convenience D.ease D.conscience

C.patience D.deafened

B.deaf C.dead C.just

4. A.hardly B.only 5. A.get used to 6. A.stored 7. A.positive 8. A.hardens 9. A.mean

D.almost C.used to D.uses to

B.got used to

B.scored C.explored B.negative C.possible

D.ignored D.grateful D.supsets

B.weakens C.settle B.care C.mind

D.stop C.aspiration D.indications

10. A.attentions

B. intentions





D.alternatives 12. A.noticeable 13. A.increasingly 14.A. if only 15. A.supplying B.variable B.hardly C.remarkable C.remarkably D.available D.largely

B.so that

C.even so

D.even if D. replying



Translate the following sentences into English. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. 他说话很自信, 给我留下了很深的印象。 (Use "which" to refer back to an idea or situation)

2. 我父亲太爱忘事,总是在找钥匙。 (Use "so... that..." to emphasize the degree of something)

3. 我十分感激你给我的帮助。(be grateful for)

4. 光线不足,加上地面潮湿,使得驾驶十分困难。(coupled with)

5. 由于缺乏资金,他们不得不取消了创业计划。(starve of)

6. 每当有了麻烦,他们总是依靠我们。(lean on)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese.


1. The plane may be several hours late, in which case there's no point in our waiting.

2. George so often told stories that were untrue that no one believed him when he told about the high grade he got in the exam.


All was silent except for the small factory fairly close at hand,

somewhere down by the crossroads.

4. People starved of sleep may find it difficult to focus their minds on what they are doing.

5. I arranged to pick up Mr. Clarke at the airport and take him to his hotel.

6. The tourists cried out of joy upon reaching the peak of the mountain.

Section B

Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------manner prompt harmful fluctuate assign tendency compensate submit undermine definite infer sensitive barely respond



He was recently __ by the head office to the overseas sales

department. 2. No amount of money can ___ for the lost time. 3. A major disaster was prevented by the ___ action of the firemen. 4. Being a well-spoken person, he has delivered the speech in an

impressive __. 5. Today there is a growing __ for women to marry late. 6. The poll shows that his position within the government has been

gradually __. 7. Mike was losing the fight but he would not ___. 8. Claire looked at the man's shoes and ___ that he must have taken a short cut across the fields. 9. The car industry's annual production __ between 5.1 million and 7.2 million vehicles. 10. The demonstrators attacked and burned buildings and cars; the

soldiers __ by opening fire. 11. I don't know what time she's coming. She won't give me a __ answer. 12. Her experiences had made her __ to other people's troubles. 13. Accidents have become less frequent, thanks to recent __ in our safety checks. 14. His voice was __ loud enough to be heard at the back of the theater. 15. Doctors have warned against the __ effects of smoking.

Rewrite the following sentences using the expressions given in brackets.


1. Jean wrote the speaker's address down in her notebook in case she might forget it. (for fear that) Your answer: 2. Passengers must show their tickets as soon as they are asked to do so. (on demand) Your answer: 3. Officials ought to investigate any possible corruption. (be bound to do sth.) Your answer: 4. I believed it, without any doubt, that you would come with us, so I bought you a ticket. (take... for granted) Your answer: 5. She has been selfish all the time, but she has promised to make a fresh and better beginning and become more loving toward others. (turn over a new leaf) Your answer: 6. People in this region have had a strong desire for a peaceful life since

the religious war broke out three decades ago. (pine for) Your answer: 7. Poor health had made it difficult for Jim to keep a job for more than a year. (hold down) Your answer: 8. Betty gets very depressed from time to time because of the pressure of her work. (at times) Your answer: 9. The boys at my school used to laugh at me because I have a flat nose. (make fun of) Your answer: 10. Jenny kept begging me for a new bicycle, and I finally agreed. (give in) Your answer: 11. As he tried to get off the train, he seemed to lose strength, and half fell to the ground. (attempt to do) Your answer: 12. It seems logical to suppose that wilder and wilder swings must finally get out of control. (in the end) Your answer: 13. Dunne was murdered, in addition to three guards. (along with) Your answer:

14. The hotels were filled with tourists. (pack with) Your answer:


Unit 6
Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------application approval label refine 1. After two days of questioning by the police, the criminal finally__ . 2. It is a very popular play, and it would be wise to __ seats in advance. 3. He was an enthusiastic amateur writer for many years before he turned __. 4. The actor's performance has been __ in "Hamlet" at the National Theater. substitute prominent impressive convey award professional qualify reserve latter characteristic confess despair

5. Where unemployment and crime rate are high, it can be assumed that the __ is due to the former. 6. A good photograph can often ___ far more then words. 7. Although you have graduated from university, a bachelor's degree in English does not ___ you to teach English. 8. The young girl is so __ in her manners that she always eats cake with a little fork. 9. I have a packed timetable this week. Could you __ for me at the meeting at the head office? 10. The new project is expected to start early next year; it has won the __ of the board. 11. At one time the writer was given the __ "anti-government leftist" for his opposition to the Iraq War. 12. I have failed so many times that I __ of ever passing my driving test. 13. He is only 30 years old, but he has become a __ surgeon in this city. 14. Martin Luther King Jr. was ___ the 1964 Nobel Peace Prize for advocating a policy of nonviolence in the Civil Rights movement. 15. Such generosity is really __ of Mr. Johnson; he has offered to buy the air tickets to New York for all of us. 16. The unemployed engineer wrote a dozen __ for jobs but got no reply.

Correct the following sentences by using expressions from the text. Then put a definition, a synonym, or translation of the corrected expression in the space provided.



Please fill on this application form, giving your name, age, and

address. Correct form: Synonym: 2. Since I had given his offer plenty of thought before I accepted it, I feel comfortable on my decision. Correct form: Synonym: 3. In order to improve people's living standard, we should attach first importance on the development of the economy. Correct form: Translation: 4. Because we don't want to be too friendly with the Smiths, we politely turned off their invitation. Correct form: Synonym: 5. When he noticed my hesitation, he came on me and said: "Come on, John." Correct form: Definition: 6. I don't know whether to accept this new job, and the company is

pressing me with a decision. Correct form: Definition: 7. Newspapers today are not entirely free to government control. Correct form: Definition: 8. During the summer holiday, many relatives came to Shanghai to see the sights. We were stuck by the unexpected visitors. Correct form: Translation: 9. Medical students in extended contact with junior doctors learn

attitudes by example, from better or worse. Correct form: Definition: 10. At the age of twenty, he took charge over a large family business in his hometown after his father died. Correct form: Synonym: 11. A 23-year-old woman was found guilty for murder in the Higher Court today. Correct form: Definition: 12. The thought of being separated from all my friends for a whole year makes me ill in ease. Correct form: Definition: 13. She quarreled with him because he wanted to project his own

thoughts and ideas in her. Correct form: Definition:


I want to convey children that reading is one of life's greatest

pleasures. Correct form: Definition:

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------My name, Bobby, is used both for boys and girls. Girls spell it "Bobbie". It is __ for little boys to be given a name with a "y" sound at the end. For example, I often had a Jimmy, Johnny or Billy in my classes. In my second grade, I also had a Bobbie. In order not to __ us when she called our names, our teacher __ us the names "Bobbie Girl" and "Bobby Boy". This caused me a lot of trouble on the playground. There, my friends __ me "Bobbie Girl". For my friends, the apparent __ between my name and my sex was the source of much laughter. The fact that they labeled me as a girl was very ___ . I had a tendency to ___ for my name by acting more like a boy than I might have otherwise. I threw more rocks and yelled louder than the sum of all of the other boys added together. The real "Bobbie Girl", __ , acted more like a girl. When my

teacher __ she had made a mistake, she stopped calling us "Bobbie Girl" and "Bobby Boy". Unfortunately, my friends never forgot or __ calling me "Bobbie Girl". Third grade was an improvement; the original "Bobbie Girl" was in a different class. Also, I requested the teacher just call me "Bob". conceded contrast ceased conflict embarrassing confuse presumed assigned realized characteristic labeled peculiar reward conversely compensate

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank.


What's in a name? Your fate could have been (1) different if you had been given a different name at your birth. Some of us (2) that our name does not necessarily fit and start using a different name (3) the one we were given. Many of us (4) use our middle name so we can be true to our parents, and at the same time be more confident. Some people who have changed their name (5) that their professional lives improved. They feel better about themselves so they are (6) to achieve more. But those who have changed their names are not just being overly sensitive. Names themselves (7) some information causing others to make judgments based solely (8) them. Here is an example: A magazine (9) to print a writer's name simply because the editor thought it suited a baseball player (10) an art critic. Another example: A woman at a party became (11) when she wanted to be introduced to a man she had declined because of his name. One study showed that teachers give different grades to the (12) essays written by boys with different names. (13), girls' popularity can be related to their names.

Yet, which name works and which does not depend on the times. The goodqualities of a well-liked president or actor can often influence (14) a name is seen. But if a name becomes too well-known, it might also fall out of favor (15) parents look for something a little more unique for their child.

1. A.increasingly B.quickly 2. A.recognize 3. A.other than 4. A.ask to 5. A.charge



B.advocate C.reveal B.rather than

D.convince D.less than

C.more than

B.choose to B.present

C.claim to C.promote B.more likely

D.come to D.claim C.rather possibly D.quite

6. Aalmost surely certain 7.A. convey 8. A.in B.at

B.display C.arise C.on B.denied D.from C.scared


9. A.decided 10. A.far more 11. A.addicted 12. A.potential 13. A.Similarly 14. A.how ]15. A.as


B.less than B.disappointed B.identical B.Simply C.what

C.more than D.than C.embarrassed D.disturbed


D.noticeable D.Likely

C.Consequently D.which


B.that C.so


Translate the following sentences into English.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. 就像机器需要经常运转一样,身体也需要经常锻炼。(as... so...)

2. 在美国学习时,他学会了弹钢琴。(while + V-ing)

3. 令我们失望的是,他拒绝了我们的邀请。(turn down)

4. 真实情况是,不管是好是坏,随着新科技的进步,世界发生了变 化。(for better or worse)

5. 我班里的大多数女生在被要求回答问题时都似乎感到不自在。 (ill at ease)

6. 当地政府负责运动会的安全。(take charge of)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese.


1. (Just) as table tennis is to the Chinese, so is football to Italians.

2. The teacher does not rush the class toward a decision at this point, but asks them to think very carefully before making up their minds.

3. I don't know what the drink was and I had that much; then the lads had to see me home because I was more or less drunk.

4. Windy days are characteristic of March in the north of China.

5. Even so, the government has approved a 6.2 percent increase in total spending.


Information, defined as knowledge conveyed to the mind by a

statement of fact, can take many forms.

Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------exclusive internalize tidy imitate discourage

bargain emotional


validate mild

prevail conceal

inherent accompan


1. In order to welcome foreign friends to their school, the students spent the morning getting the whole building clean and __. 2. Lacking communications with outside areas, some very old traditions still ___ in the mountain villages. 3. Grandpa gets very ___ whenever he talks about the war in which he fought many years ago. 4. She's really good at ___ our teacher's southern accent. 5. Higher cigarette prices do not seem to __ people from smoking. 6. I got this shirt when I was in the store. It was a real __. 7. With their parents at work during the day, the kids are left to ___ the streets. 8. She does not qualify as an expert; she has only a(n) ___ knowledge of the language. 9. Jack was very thoughtful; he ___ the news that he had failed his job interview in order not to make his mother sad. 10. It is common sense that lightning usually ___ thunder. But can you tell me which comes first: the flash of light or the loud sound? 11. It is said that every woman has a(n) ___ love of beauty. 12. Without much money in her bag, Mary was not confident enough to enter those ____ shops along Nanjing Road.

13. Tom had ___ the cultural values of the Italians after ten years living in Rome. 14. Some plants will survive outside during a(n) ___ winter. 15. This discovery seems to __ the claim that this South American civilization had certain relations with old Chinese culture.

Replace the underlined expressions in the following sentences with the expressions given below that best keep the original meaning. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------speak of turn out be (not) up to one's cover turn to apart from act out judge by out of bounds tune out more or less blow take sides out of character go to great lengths

1. The children had thought that spending their vacation on their uncle's farm would be boring, but it was found to be the best vacation they had ever had. Your replacement: 2. Since Michael hasn't even graduated from junior high school, he is

not really capable of the job. Your replacement: 3. The famous actor tried very hard to hide from reporters so that he wouldn't be made to answer such sensitive questions. Your replacement: 4. The children were performing the story of the prince and the

beautiful girl. Your replacement: 5. Though she said everything was all right, her eyes showed suffering. Your replacement: 6. Considering what everyone says about him, I'd say he has a good chance of winning. Your replacement: 7. When I asked her opinion of marrying a rich man whom one didn't love, the response she gave me was different from her normal behavior that it shocked me. Your replacement: 8. When arguing over who would win first place, David never

supported one side against the other. Your replacement: 9. The escaped prisoner dared not even telephone anyone; he knew that it would only take one phone call to give away his identity.

Your replacement: 10. This report says nothing new about the accident; what it contains is almost the same as the previous one. Your replacement: 11. The government of that underdeveloped country went to its rich neighbors for help. Your replacement: 12. When we finally arrived at the chemical plant, we found a notice that said, "This area is forbidden to persons without a permit." Your replacement: 13. With his wife away from home for such a long time, he had learned to stop paying attention to the kids' continuous questions. Your replacement: 14. The jacket does suit me, except for being too large. Your replacement:

Unit 7 Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------priority emphasis excess troublesome financial perceive react stir attribute tense recommend independent destructive stimulate viewpoint

1. Cool foresight and a quick mind enabled him to __ swiftly in an emergency. 2. You seem awfully__ —why don't you have a drink and try to relax? 3. The doctor __that he should stay a few more days in the hospital. 4. The crisis had a(n)___ effect on the economy. 5. The program can only be successful if the students __ training as important. 6. The __ was to be laid mainly on the traffic in inner city areas. 7. Looking at the old photos of his mother __ feelings within him that had been quiet for many years. 8. This is an important matter, so we must give it ___ over all other business. 9. She __ her broken marriage to her husband's short temper. 10. The activities are designed to __ classroom discussions. 11. The book looks at the British family from a sociological and

historical ___. 12. ___ vitamin D can cause kidney (肾) damage in young children. 13. The accounts show that the school's ___ position is very healthy. 14. You must think and act ___ of others; do not rely on their opinions or judgments. 15. Being short of money is a bit __, but we'll do what we can.

Replace the underlined expressions in the following sentences with the expressions given below that best keep the original meaning. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------take charge of substitute... for cut down (on) attribute to among other things blow one's top out of control keep in mind put emphasis on from one's viewpoint

1. The boss would become very angry if he knew that his workers were stealing from the company. Your replacement: 2. Moreover, we were very interested to hear what had happened to our house.

Your replacement: 3. Who is to take control of the company's business when the boss is away? Your replacement: 4. She placed special importance on beginning work immediately. Your replacement: 5. The fall in the number of deaths is due to the improvements in nourishment. Your replacement: 6. It is a shame, in my opinion, that the article was copied instead of written by the author himself. Your replacement: 7. To reduce my level of cholesterol, I replaced butter with low-fat oil in cooking. Your replacement: 8. She reduced the number of cigarettes that she smokes from 30 to 10 a day. Your replacement: 9. It is important to consider the needs of your audience when writing a report. Your replacement: 10. The driver was speeding in the rain, and finally the car was beyond

the command of the driver and ran into a tree. Your replacement:

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------My family, my boss, even my doctor had told me this would happen, but I didn't listen. They said I was getting __ and focusing too much on the negative things that happened to me. "If you don't learn to control how you __ to bad things that happen in your life, you are going to cause damage to your heart," said my doctor. "So many of the situations you __ about are beyond your control. Getting caught in them is very __ for you physically and emotionally. You have to learn to let these things go and __ on things you can actually change." I, undoubtedly, should have made his advice my number one __ right then. Unfortunately, I got caught in a traffic __ that very same day while driving home from work. This was the setting for the heart attack my doctor had __ me about. Instead of looking for a better outlet for my stress, I began to __ at the car in front of me. Then the muscle fibers of my heart began beating like a bag of worms instead of pumping blood. Fortunately, it was only a mild heart attack.

Someone came to my aid and then __ me to the hospital. I have definitely learned that life is too short to worry about things you can't control. priority focus favorite destructive jam financial yell warned react threatened counter overwhelmed complain accompanied moan

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank.


I was in a bad temper. It was just like the stress in my life that was (1) out of control. I could probably (2) it to financial stress. My company was cutting jobs and they were (3) each worker's performance. This was (4) in those days of rising competition and (5) companies. The companies were getting smaller because of the (6) economic conditions. I knew I was being considered as one of the workers they would let go though I had been overworking. Or maybe it was my home life. My wife and I had gotten in an (7) and my 19-year-old daughter announced that she was leaving the house to move in with her boyfriend.

I am usually not a person of quick (8), but yesterday was different. I rode my bike to work (9); it's about 20 kilometers. I had stopped for a red light and then (10) when the light turned green. I had (11) the car coming from my right would stop, (12) it went right on through the red light and (13) hit me. I (14) had time to react. I grabbed my bike lock and threw it at his car, hitting his rear window and making a crack.

The driver stopped and got out of the car. I laid my bike down and picked up the bike lock from the ground for (15). Then he reached for his phone to call the police. 1. A.dashing B.flashing C.slipping D.running

2. A.attribute 3. A.stimulating 4.A. reliable



D.provide C.fluctuating D.evaluating

B.appreciating B.suitable

C.inevitable D.stable C.trembling C.restless D.shrinking D.worthless D.employment

5. A.reducing B.lowering 6.A. useless 7. A.agreemen 8.A. humor 9. A.as often B.hopeless

B.targument C.assignment B.trouble B.as usual B.proceeded B.assessed B.but instead C.temper

D.patience D.las such D.descended

C.as wel C.succeeded C.asserted

10. A.progressed 11. A.assigned 12. A.but also

D.assumed C.in spite

C.even though D.hardly D.simply

13. A.closely B.nearby C.nearly 14. A.only B.rarely C.barely

15. A.objection


C.reaction D.prevention

Translate the following sentences into English.


1. 在会上,除了其他事情,他们还讨论了目前的经济形势。(among other things)

2. 我对大自然了解得越多,就越痴迷于大自然的奥秘。(the more... the more...)

3. 医生建议说,有压力的人要学会做一些新鲜有趣、富有挑战性的 事情, 好让自己的负面情绪有发泄的渠道。 (recommend that... should...)

4. 那个学生的成绩差,但老师给他布置了更多的作业,而不是减少 作业量。(instead of; cut down)



(attribute to)

6. 教师首先要考虑的事情之一是唤起学生的兴趣,激发他们的创造 性。(priority; stimulate)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese.



His research is concerned, among other things, with the battle

against AIDS in the developing countries.

2. These people are made aware that the better the service is, the more they will earn.


Although her father seemed anxious and worried, Susan did not

perceive any change in his looks or ways.

4. The amount of financial aid offered has become more central to students' decisions about which school to attend.

5. She's already cut down on going out and buying clothes, but she doesn't have enough money to start paying off the debt.

6. One of the keys to controlling stress is to realize that there are many things in our life over which we have no control.

Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------hazard welfare indispensable rational mode consequence summarize schedule attain evident

consumption ambition

discharge constant loyal

1. A newborn baby needs

___care and attention.

2. His great ___ is to find a theory which will enable us to predict the weather and control its consequences. 3. He became bad-tempered as a(n) ___ of drinking too much wine. 4. With the economic development over the past decade, the growth of a new social class has become so ___ that everyone can see it. 5. Your final paragraph should ___ the main points of your essay. 6. She was most concerned for the __ of her two children. 7. She has a pretty tight __, but she may be able to meet you for lunch. 8. The latest model of airplane is capable of ___ speeds in excess of 500 kilometers per hour. 9. Many of the party's supporters were __ to their leader even after he went to jail. 10. Her work is __ to the project; without her we cannot continue. 11. The old building is a ___; it should be pulled down before it

collapses. 12. Airplanes have the lowest accident rate of all travel __. 13. The of power by industry must be reduced. 14. Streams containing waste material are sometimes __ into rivers. 15. Wise people do not form their opinions purely on a ___ basis; they give some weight to their general impressions and feelings about


Rewrite each of the following sentences using the expressions given in brackets.


1. There isn't anything to do except wait to see what will happen. (other than) Your answer: 2. Although Bill was going to the movies, he told Joe the opposite. (to the contrary) Your answer: 3. I wonder who it was that explained man as a rational animal. (define... as...) Your answer: 4. It may not be true that traveling in that country is expensive; you can find reasonably priced hotels and restaurants. (not necessarily) Your answer: 5. Janet is likely to get angry if you bother her. (tend to) Your answer: 6. I prefer to walk there rather than go by bus. (would rather... than...)

Your answer: 7. She was held for twenty days and at times she was concerned about her life. (fear for) Your answer: 8. He's been staying up late for a week now, getting ready for finals. (burn the midnight oil) Your answer: 9. For many people the only possible way to get free from poverty is to move to other countries. (escape from) Your answer: 10. Born in Milan, he dropped out of university to give all his time to music. (devote oneself to) Your answer: 11. Nuclear power is relatively cheap. However, you could argue that it's not safe. (on the other hand) Your answer: 12. Mary is having a bad time because of ill health at the moment. (suffer from) Your answer: 13. Millions of lives are in danger because of the lack of food. (be at risk) Your answer:

14. The food isn't good, but if nothing else, it is cheap. (at least) Your answer: 15. That's why I never married—I didn't want to be connected with the kitchen sink. (tie to) Your answer:

Unit 8

Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------formal puzzle diverse accumulate render institution contribution enroll preferable distinguish confine

popular wisdom



He is always ready to ___ help to others, so he is the most

respectable person in the neighborhood. 2. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his __ to world peace. 3. Internet games have proved very __ with young people. 4. Peking University and Tsinghua University are the two most

important educational __ in China. 5. Bill ___ in a four-year teacher training program. 6. With foreigners and tourists coming from all over the world, New York is one of the most culturally__ cities in the world. 7. By the late 1950s, scientists had already __ enough information to show a clear link between smoking and cancer. 8. A tiny baby soon learns to ___ its mother's face from other adults' faces. 9. How __! The male student who seldom attends class has got the highest mark this time. 10. It is very important to ___ your speech to the subject. 11. Paul learned to value his father's ___ and advice only many years later. 12. They have offered me the job, but I haven't received a ___ contract yet. 13. We're looking for well-qualified young people, __ with good

computer skills. 14. Employers cannot fire employees on the basis of racial or ___


Rewrite the following sentences using the expressions given in brackets.


1. His past record is certainly something he takes pride in. (be proud of) Your answer: 2. The members of the committee, after a two-hour discussion, finally agreed to adopt a solution. (arrive at) Your answer: 3. If we want to arrive there in time, we have to travel both by day and by night. (as well as) Your answer: 4. I was shocked when I learned about his death by reading a newspaper. (read of) Your answer: 5. As it was said by the police, the young man was arrested at the scene of the robbery. (according to) Your answer: 6. There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours searching for information, then surprised to discover the information useless. (only to do sth.)

Your answer: 7. It is unnecessary to worry a lot. In fact, things will get better over a long period in the future. (in the long run) Your answer: 8. My smile was supposed to show interest in this trip, but Carla was far too intelligent to believe it showed anything of the sort. (be meant to do sth.) Your answer: 9. More and more students want to be enrolled in engineering courses. (be way up) Your answer: 10. The little girl likes her dog so much that she gives it a piece of chocolate every day. (be fond of) Your answer:

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once.


Having a lot of money is useless without a good education. Life isn't

simply about consumption and having a good time when you're not at work. Money will only cause you grief unless you use it for the __ of the world. That's why I believe that a good education is __. A formal education with emphasis on history, literature, and culture helps a person learn how to __ right from wrong. Education that only teaches skills specific to a job can only __ skills for performing a task. It doesn't teach you how to make important decisions. Employers tend to demand more from their employees than the ability to perform a task. Our world needs workers who pay constant attention to high standards for their ___. It is __ that far too many people today are focusing on making money and not on improving themselves. What ___ me is why people should ignore contributions to the good of humanity while making money. It is only __ a person who gives to the world enjoys the benefits. After all, our __ simply can't be built on the principle of making money alone.

In __, we must educate our young people to understand and love the world around them. This is the only way to ensure a better tomorrow. welfare main payment evident puzzles

visible indispensable rational performance distinguish manner render civilization accumulate summary

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank.


It is strange that some people tell us the economy is bad and the job market is changing for the worse, especially for young people. This (1) me. From my (2), the world has never seen so many (3 opportunities for young people exiting college.

Trends toward specialized careers and lower salaries leave economists and sociologists (4) that the next generation of employees will be (5) to roles that are too narrow and thus not (6) enough. Many say corporations are taking (7) of the labor force. (8), no one is forcing our youth into such (9). If a rewarding job does not (10) in the current system, they'll have to (11) it for themselves. The Internet has already answered students' cries for more (12) possibilities. The next breakthrough to create something truly creative is (13) to happen anytime now. At the same time let's (14) that students are prepared for the day when their chances are coming.

By telling our young people everything has already been done and that there is nothing left to dream about, we are (15) them of the opportunity to create a system that is new and exciting, outside the confines of what is (16) imaginable. But then again, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I shouldn't (17) about our youth at all. Their ability to (18) what is before them and defy our unnecessary worries is their greatest strength. Maybe by telling them they can't, we are (19) encouraging them to create something truly incredible. All in all, the future for the young people is not gloomy; (20), it is promising.

1. A.tests B.frightens C.puzzles D.disarranges 2. A.objective B.perspective C.point D.presentation

3. A.indispensable B.responsible C.incredible D.applicable 4. A.fearful 5. A.confirmed 6. A.regarding 7. A.shortage B.awful C.painful D.careful C.confined C.striking C.privilege C.Moreover B.destinations D.conflicted D.amusing D.advantage D.Because C.accommodations

B.confronted B.rewarding B.percentage B.But

8. A.Furthermore 9. A.occupations

D.corporations 10.A. exist B.insist C.persist D.consist D.devise D.duty D.required D.ensure D.robbing D.latterly

11. A.compose B.arrange C.create 12. A.task B.assignment 13. A.bound 14. A.confirm 15. A.taking C.career

B.fated C.committed B.deny C.assure B.stealing


16. A.timely B.currently C.frequently

17. A.worry B.disturb C.trouble D.concern 18. A.encounter B.oppose C.resist 19. A.in operation B.on purpose D.challenge C.in effect D.in force

20. A.instead B.therefore

C.however D.yet

Translate the following sentences into English.


1. 她一点儿也不知道这幅画有一天居然会价值 100 多万美金。 (Use "little" at the beginning of the sentence)

2. 虽然我理解你说的话, 但是我不同意你在这个问题上的看法。 (Use "while" in the sense of "although")

3. 我认为警察的职责就是保护人民。(be meant to do sth.)

4. 昨天我去看他,却发现他已于几天前出国了。(only to do sth.)

5. 在每周例会上,每个人的发言都不能偏离会议议题。(confine to)

6. 要是我没说那些愚蠢的话该多好! 那时我太年轻, 不能明辨是非。 (if only; distinguish right from wrong)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese.


1. Little did I think five years ago that I would be sitting here today studying English with so many students coming from all over the world.

2. While this position offers you honor and power, it imposes on you a great responsibility.

3. In the long run the race between food production and population growth remains too hard to solve easily.

4. Sometimes we find ourselves climbing the ladder of success, only to find that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.

5. The new program is meant to put young people on a fast track to management careers.

6. The ambitious young man wanted very much to achieve something to make his parents proud of him.

Section B

Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------eliminate prospect absence proportion preference industrial motivate equality display construct comparison implicit civil traditional

1. Why don't you __ these unnecessary words? It will make your article much better. 2. She __ no sign of happiness after she heard the good news. 3. This point is . You'd better clarify it. 4. A large ___ of birds in this area will die in the end if they are not protected. 5. The police suspected that the murder was __ by money, not hatred. 6. The country faced the __ of a winter without adequate food or energy; the government was trying to find a way out. 7. Two hotels are to be ___ in this area to meet the rising demand of tourists in the next few years. 8. Both __ and military groups would have to spend less in the

following year. 9. When considering people for jobs, we give __ to those with some experience. 10. Carol will be in charge of the office during my __. 11. Having turkey (火鸡) is __ at Thanksgiving in the United States. 12. By ___ with London, Paris is small in area. 13. ___ relations concern the relationship between the management and the workers in an industry. 14. It will take more than laws to bring about genuine racial __ in our society.

Correct the following sentences using expressions from the text, then give a synonym or definition to the corrected expression.


1. I love literature and admire a lot of famous writers, and I like Ernest Hemingway on particular. Correct form: ; Synonym: 2. She planned to visit New York, Tokyo, Beijing, Paris, and many other cities. By short, she wanted to go to many big cities around the world.

Correct form: ; Synonym: 3. I wonder whether you are committed by working here for life. Correct form: ; Definition: 4. The manager based his decision with his assistant's report. Correct form: ; Definition: 5. With comparison, this girl is more elegant and intelligent than her younger sister. Correct form: ; Synonym: 6. I think the chances of getting changes accepted by the community by large remain very small. Correct form: ; Synonym: 7. The government is not happy for the latest job statistics; it is

planning to take some strong measures to stimulate business. Correct form: ; Synonym: 8. Other types of cancer are associated by bad habits such as smoking. Correct form: ; Synonym: 9. Traffic ground for a halt as we got closer to the scene of an accident. Correct form: ; Definition: 10. The laws are designed to protect consumers for unsafe products. Correct form: ; Synonym:



Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------ambitious sympathize correspond tender refugee scatter deceive keen intermediate corruption overall

equivalent considering

1. The athlete was very __ for winning two gold medals at the next Olympic Games to be held four years later. 2. He's usually indifferent to the feelings of other people; he can neither understand nor __ with my eagerness. 3. She has a(n)___ heart; she is never harsh or cruel to anybody. 4. She has done her job quite well, ___ her age and inexperience. 5. I don't believe that absolute power leads to absolute __. 6. He began to gather together his clothes, which he had __ all over the floor the night before. 7. I need a(n) __ textbook because my English level is between the beginner and the advanced. 8. I have been ___ with that famous writer for a couple of years, but I haven't met him so far.

9. This car is expensive; it costs the ___ of a whole year's salary of mine. 10. Janet ___ herself with dreams of success but they never came true. 11. The ___ length of the new bridge is 1,200 meters; it ranks number one in the country. 12. He wasn't very __ on buying a car, but we talked him into it. 13. A war has been going on for many years in this African country and countless ____ have flooded into its neighboring countries.

Fill in each of the blanks with a suitable preposition or adverb.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. The company staff are entitled __ a two-week holiday with pay every year. 2. The action of the play revolves __ the struggle between two women. 3. The report they submitted did not correspond ___ the facts. 4. I have signed ___ for a course in computer science at the local college. 5. Look at the photographs and see if you can point ___ the man who attacked you. 6. I look forward ___ meeting with you to discuss further how we could work out an even better plan.

7. Watch ___ for chances to improve your position in the firm; they don't come very often. 8. If you keep trying, you'll make something ___ yourself some day. 9. ___ the parents' standpoint, it might be a bad move, but if you were a child you might have a different point of view. 10. Mother taught me to keep going even ___ face of great difficulties.

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once.


Nobody has ever had to tell me to get out of bed. My number one ___ has always been that I am much more ambitious than most. The way I see it, life is too short to make periodical __ to comfort and fun. If you want to accomplish something remarkable, you've got to stay ___ and constantly work toward your goals. My goal has been to become a(n) since I was a young boy. When I was eight, my father said, "That field of work is too __ for you. You should be more realistic about your __ and abilities."

I didn't want to deceive myself about how hard it would be, so I started that day by getting a job __newspapers. I departed from home every morning at 4:30 to do my work before school. I was ___ with the printing machines so I always arrived to work early to ask questions. I wasn't much of a scholar, so I eventually ended up __ in an average university. Still, I was __ on becoming a reporter and did not give up my dream. I wrote for the school newspaper and when I graduated, took a job sorting mail with a local media company. I later convinced them to give me a chance to write some simple articles. That's how I got my start. competitive enrolling intense asset keen benefit fascinated journalist persuaded concessions motivated deductions delivering

prospects listing

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank.


Journalists play a very important part in the way we see the world around us. It is unfortunate that (1) the standpoint of the reporter or the news agency is advanced in the story. This is not good reporting, which should (2) all of the key facts and an account of those facts in a(n) (3) manner. In this way, the public can take the information and (4) its own opinion. It is the responsibility of the media to (5) that this happens.

(6) often these days, reporters from scattered places around the globe are looking for the most thrilling stories (7) focusing on the stories that are the most important. News has become a form of entertainment (8) an accurate source of information. It used to be that we could (9) our news media to find information we are interested in, but (10) many media

organizations have owners who have political (11) , and many reporters

even receive wages from political groups. (12), we cannot expect the truth from such journalists.

Another problem is that any person or organization can (13) information on the Internet without considering whether it is true (14) . It has become a real (15) to find information that has been put out in such manners. Good reporting has become unusual indeed.

1. A.interestingly B.increasingly 2. A.scatter 3.A.evident B.speak C.relate

C.surprisingly D.principally D.involve D.subjective

B.objective C.private

4. A.form B.motivate

C.forecast D.sympathize D.ensure

5. A.enroll B.entitle C.enrich 6. A.Even so 7. A.in case of 8. A.rather than 9. A.count down B.Far too

C.Only too D,Far more

B.in face of C.instead of D.in search of B.less than B.count from C.other than C.count in D.better than D.count on

10. A.whereas B.whenever C. nowadays D.altogether 11. A.aims B.aids C.agreements D.fantasies B.Naturally C.pat C.or not C.Hardly D.depart D.or else D.Barely

12. A.Conversely 13. A.post 14. A.or no

B.attach B.or so

15. A.torture

B.fantasy C.concession


Translate the following sentences into English.


1. 我确信自己一定会有出息, 即使至今我还没做出大的成绩。 (make sth. of sb.; even though)


我这么多年来如此努力,我觉得自己应该有个好的前途。 (be

entitled to)

3. 当她丈夫离她而去,只留给她生活的残局去收拾时,她的心智失 常了。(pick up the pieces)

4. 从我的立场看,母亲当时过于严厉,并没有顾及我的感受。(from one's standpoint)


当我登上事业的顶峰时,常萦绕在我心头的是母亲说过的话: "

面对生活,不放弃。" (in face of)

6. 你应该知道,不能在大街上踢足球。(know better)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. James is an honest man; I say it, even if I have opposed him.

2. The larger the organization is, the more difficult for a decision to be made there.

3. Only a real hero can remain calm in face of dangers.

4. This ticket entitles the bearer to free entry.

5. He is the first man in England to be working consciously at prose and to be making something of it.

6. Having been unemployed for half a year, she signed up for cooking classes in hope of finding a job as soon as possible.

Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------margin regarding guarantee relevant scope deserve integrate oblige disabled undertake exclude meantime simplify rarely


1. The politics of a country is usually outside the __ of a book for tourists. 2. Writers of history books often attempt to __ the past with the present. 3. I must speak to you __ this matter to clear up any misunderstandings between us. 4. I can't ___ a job offer after your graduation from our university. 5. Though physically he is well-built, intellectually he is ___. 6. We could ___ the work for the time being although it was hard. 7. She was at that time ___ from mainstream society, so she felt a lot of self-pity. 8. A forced kindness ___ no thanks. 9. This kind of plant was ___ seen in our country, so I brought some of its seeds back for my own garden. 10. I scanned the content of the books for the ___ information to my research.

11. Try to ___ your explanation for the children; it is not easy enough. 12. In the ___, he felt he should not leave his child alone at home watching TV. 13. I feel __ to go, as the warm-hearted couple has invited us to attend their party. 14. While reading, he would write some words in the ___. 15. After so many years of hard work, he lives a(n) ___ life and has a beautiful family.

Rewrite the following sentences using the expressions given in brackets.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. He is a man who believes in action rather than words. (prefer... to...) Your answer: 2. Very often the child was told not to go near the railway but he didn't seem to listen. (time and time again) Your answer: 3. John studied hard before the examination and it produced a good result. He made an A. (pay off) Your answer: 4. Meanwhile, focus your attention on something that you're really

interested in and never quit. (in the meantime) Your answer: 5. As to the school uniform policy, there were various thoughts and feelings among students. (with reference to) Your answer: 6. Would you please examine my paper and give your suggestions about it? (look at) Your answer: 7. I felt that I had to go over there to say sorry to him as I didn't want to hurt his feelings. (be obliged to) Your answer: 8. It only took about 30 minutes before the high school became full with the survivors of the disaster. (fill up) Your answer: 9. He slipped and broke his leg. Because of this, he will have to be away from school for two or three months. (as a result) Your answer: 10. This newly invented device will help those people who are more likely to get themselves injured. (tend to) Your answer: 11. Whatever the problems in their personal lives, their thoughts can find paths that help them find inner satisfaction. (lead to)

Your answer: 12. Sometimes I think how ready we are to feel angry with each other by looking out only for our own interests, or envying someone else for their good things. (take offense at) Your answer: 13. Don't feel frustrated easily and smile often as your participation and efforts will finally help you succeed. (pay off) Your answer:

Unit 10

Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------rescue sorrow ancient whichever royal endure spit channel cast crash raid historic punishment surrender survival

1. They found that the present distribution __ could no longer meet their needs.

2. The fisherman clung to the wreckage for hours before he was finally __ by a passing ship. 3. The pretty young girl became a(n) ___ family member after she married a prince of a small European nation. 4. The ___ of the fittest refers to the existence of those that are best adapted to their surroundings. 5. Immediately after the flash of light, there came a sudden ___, and then I saw the big tree fell down. 6. ___ of you sings the best will get the first prize. 7. She was found guilty of stealing and was sent to prison for five years as ___. 8. Late in the afternoon, when the sun is low in the sky, the shadows people ___ are at their longest. 9. He was totally exhausted after the trip, in which he __ fever,

starvation, and attacks by hostile people. 10. They will fight to the end in the war against the foreign invaders; they will never ___. 11. At that time most Americans didn't expect that the Japanese would make an air ___ on the American Navy base in Honolulu, Hawaii. 12. This is a(n) ___ local custom which has endured for many centuries. 13. He dropped out of college, to his parents' great ___. 14. It is surprising that you don't know about such a(n) ___ event. It

marked the beginning of a new period. 15. It is improper behavior to ___ on the ground, so don't do that.

Fill in each of the blanks with a suitable preposition or adverb. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. The players showed great joy and satisfaction after winning the final triumph __ their opponents. 2. How can you feel safe when it is reported that so many murders happened __ broad daylight? 3. If you give __, it means you admit being defeated. 4. It is difficult to carry __ a conversation with all the noise around. 5. The government has brought all newspapers in the country ___ its control. 6. Channel 5 faces so many technical and financial difficulties that it will be lucky to get ___ the air at all. 7. I marked ___ the pronunciations for the new words clearly in my notebook so that I could practice them again and again after class. 8. Watch ___ the tall man over there. He may be the one who stole the diamond. 9. The researchers made experiments night __ night before they

achieved the expected results. 10. The whole nation fought with great determination and courage for

several years until the foreign invaders were driven ___. 11. I have full confidence in George; I'm completely sure __ his ability to cope with such a situation. 12. After hearing his joke, I couldn't keep myself ___ laughing. 13. The family adds to their income by taking ___ lodgers (寄宿者) in the summer. 14. This is a non-smoking restaurant; please put ___ your cigarette.

Fill in the blanks in the following passage by selecting suitable words from the Word Bank. You may not use any of the words more than once. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Are we fated to repeat the past because our memories are too short? Wasn't World War II supposed to provide a(n)___ that would end all wars? Why are we still fighting? As people around the world ___ the agonies of war, is it possible to even hope for a brighter tomorrow?

A recent study revealed that the ___ of wars in the world is actually decreasing. I hardly believe this means we ___ historic praise for greater understanding of our fellow men. While the number of traditional wars may have ___ slightly, acts of violence around the globe are on the


The end of World War II left us with an opportunity __ seen throughout history—to start over. But, instead of seizing that opportunity and ___ the safety and well-being of all peoples, rich nations took advantage of the poor. We cannot continue with the __ that our actions in other parts of the world are without __ at home. If we do so, the ___ efforts of the soldiers of World War II will have been a waste. We will simply repeat the wars of the past. assumption persisted accepting deserve guaranteeing declined assure shrink heroic quantity consequences desire rarely

resolution endure

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best word or phrase to fill in each blank. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------In the summer of 1940, the German air force attempted to win air advantage (1) southern Britain and the English Channel by (2) the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the British aircraft industry. This (3) came to be known (4) the Battle of Britain. The Germans had (5) Belgium and the Netherlands in May 1940, using the Lightning War technique that largely (6) close coordination (协调) between ground troops and the air force. Although the air force proved (7) in this role, it was not (8) for the longer-range operations that became part of the Battle of Britain.

It is widely believed that had the Germans succeeded in their aim of destroying the RAF, they (9) able to invade Britain relatively easily. This was, (10), at a time when the country was the only European power resisting Nazi Germany, (11) she did enjoy great support from her partners.

Although the fear of a German invasion was real, it was perhaps

unfounded (没有根据的). When planning the air attacks the Germans made the mistake of regarding the English Channel (12) a relatively minor obstacle, (13) a wide river crossing. (14), even if Hitler had achieved his aim of destroying the RAF, Germany might still have failed to establish a foothold (立足处), because the British Royal Navy was enormously strong. There was nothing to stop them from withdrawing (撤退) their aircraft out of (15) of the German fighters. 1. A.above B.over C.of D.to D.destroying

2. A.abandoning B.fighting 3. A.attempt 4. A.as B.for 5. A.endured 6. A.focused on 7. A.effective 8. A.treated B.purpose C.with C.crashed

C.exhausting C.desire


D.from D.invaded C.affected D.kept on

B.centered on B.valid

C.relied on

C.efficient C.designed

D.fruitful D.directed C.would have been


9. A.would be D.must have been 10. A.after all 11. A.even so 12. A.as B.to

B.should have been

B.above all B.as far as C.with

C.for all C.if only D.for

D.in all D.even though

13. A.more than 14. A.In addition

B.little more than

C.much as

D.much of D.As a

B.On the contrary


result 15. A.way B.limit C.field D.range

Translate the following sentences into English. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. 整个事情我记得清清楚楚,就好像是昨天发生的一样。(Use "as

though" and the subjunctive mood)

2. 他们中哪个文章写得最好,哪个就获奖。(whichever)


事实证明,那次预算为一年后工资上调做好了准备。 (turn out;

provide for)

4. 日复一日, 年复一年, 她做着同样的工作, 但从不抱怨。 (day after day)

5. 途中她忍受了种种艰难困苦;但什么都不能阻止她寻找失散的女 儿。(keep sb. From doing sth.)



mixed up; in broad daylight)

Translate the following sentences into Chinese. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. Residents rushed to buy bottled water as though there might be a lack of drinking water in the next few days.

2. Learning to relax by whichever method suits you best is a positive way of improving your health.


In the battle, the handful of soldiers fought bravely against the

enemies and died heroic deaths.

4. For more than four hours they battled to bring the fire under control and stop dangerous flames from spreading across the small town.

5. He tells her she will always have a friend to turn to, no matter what trouble she may come across.

6. The bank could make loans to some small companies to keep them from failing.

Section B Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Change the form where necessary. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------sway glimpse expose sector historical heal dizzy explode weed uneasy realistic layout

outward luxury

1. You'd better not __ your skin to the sunlight. 2. College students have been placed throughout the United Kingdom in both the public and private __. 3. Very careful thought was given to the ___ of the building to provide the best possible views over the lake. 4. If you feel __ or short of breath, stop exercising immediately. 5. The country offers foreign tourists everything from __ castles to high-tech industry. 6. Firefighters were called when a gas tank ___ in the back yard. 7. His wounds from the chemical explosion refused to __ for lack of medicine. 8. In this society, a few enjoy __ while others endure grinding poverty. 9. Consumers say they are __ about using their credit cards over the Internet, because they are afraid they might lose money.

10. Seeing the yellow flags __ gently in the wind brought tears of joy to his eyes. 11. Bill Smith is a practical person. He always deals with matters __. 12. Looking out of the window, he caught a ___ of a luxury car passing by. 13. The teacher asked us to raise our arms __ in front of us in order to keep the same amount of space between us. 14. Having ___ in the garden for the whole morning, he decided to have a rest.

Replace the underlined words or expressions in the following sentences with expressions from the text that best keep the original meaning.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. People were lacking in the things they needed during wartime. Your replacement: 2. Lucy lifted the box and went toward her car. Your replacement: 3. He had to stop his lecture now and then to answer questions from the audience. Your replacement:

4. We were pleased when the hot summer was replaced by the cool autumn. Your replacement: 5. After crying for a few minutes, the baby fell gradually into a peaceful sleep. Your replacement: 6. What was left of the stone walls was damaged by the weather. Your replacement: 7. He left in a hurry and forgot to take his key to the door. Your replacement: 8. When she saw his face, she felt a sudden fear. Your replacement: 9. They lost all their money and went into terrible poverty. Your replacement: 10. The country has allowed 2,600 refugees to stay there who came from its neighboring countries. Your replacement 1: Your replacement 2:


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