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Chapter1 courtesy English

Chapter1 courtesy English 第一章 礼貌英语 Unit 1、Greeting & Farewells 、 Vocabulary 词汇
Welcome 欢迎 friend 朋友 farewell 告别 Identify 识别 definitely 肯定 safe 安全的 Enjoy 喜欢 pleased 高兴 sure 当然 Trip 旅游 weekend 周末 again 再 Look forward to 盼望 satisfaction 满意

Phrases on the job 岗位词语
Good morning 早上好 Good afternoon 下午好 Good evening 晚上好 Welcome back 欢迎回来 Hi 嗨 Hello /How do you do? 您好 How are you? 您好吗? Fine, thank you, and you? 很好,谢谢,你呢? Good buy? 再见 Good night. 晚安 Good buy for now. 再见 It was nice to see you again. 很高兴再次见到您。 Have a good evening. 晚上愉快。 See you later。一会见 It was nice seeing you. 很高兴又见您。 Have a good weekend. 周末愉快 Have a safe trip. 一路平安 Have a good day. 祝您愉快

Hope to see you again. 希望再次见到您 Thank you for coming. 感谢光临 Look forward to see you again. 盼望再见到您。

Talking to the guest 与客人沟通
S (员工):Good morning. Mr. Smith. How are you today? 早上史密斯先生。今天好吗? G (客人): Good morning. Jane. I’m fine, thanks, and you? 早上好珍妮。我很好,你呢? S: I’m fine too. Are you checking-out today? 我也很好。您今天退房吗? : G:Yes, I think so. 我想是的。 : S: Did you enjoy your stay here? 您在这住的愉快吗? G: Yes, I did. 是的,很愉快。 S: I hope our service is to your satisfaction. 我希望我们的服务能够使您满意 G: Sure. I’m very pleased with everything here. 当然,这里的一切都让我很高兴、 。 S: Thank you. I wish you a nice trip home and look forward to seeing you again. 谢谢。我祝您 回家的旅途愉快,并期待您的再次光临。 G: Thank you. I’ll definitely come to the Timton next time I’m in Sanya. 谢谢,我再来三亚一定 还来天通入住。

Unit 2: Unit 2: Introduction 介绍 Vocabulary 词汇

Introduce 介绍 Meet 会见 Pleased 高兴 Certainly 当然了 Happy/glad/pleasure 高兴 Nice 很好 Spell out 拼写出来 First name 姓 Last name 名 Enjoy 喜欢

Phrases on the job 岗位英文
My name is John Smith. 我叫约翰。史密斯 I’m Marry Copper. 我叫玛丽。库伯 Let me introduce you to John Smith.我把你介绍给约翰。史密斯 I’d like you to meet Mr. Thomson. 希望你认识一下托马斯先生 Have we met before? 我们以前见过面吗?

It’s nice to meet you./I’m pleased to meet you. It’s nice meeting you. I’m glad to meet you. 很高兴见到您。 I’d like to introduce you to Mary Copper. 我想把你介绍给玛丽 I don’t think we’ve met before. 我想我们没有见过 You’re new here, aren’t you? 你是新来的,对吗?

Talking to the guest 与客人沟通
S: Good morning sir. May I know your name? G: Certainly. My name is John Smith. S: Would you please spell your last name? G: Sure. P-a-r-k-i-n-s-o-n, Parkinson. S: How do you do Mr. Parkinson? Welcome to our hotel. G: How do you do? Very nice to meet you. S: Hope you’ll enjoy your stay here. G: I think I will. S: See you later. G: See you.

Unit 3: Apologies 道歉 Vocabulary 词汇
Excuse/forgive/ 原谅 Sorry 对不起 Bill 账单 Apologize 请求原谅 Mind 介意 Right away 马上 Check 检查 Mistake 错误 Assure 保证 Happen 发生

Phrases on the job 岗位词组
Excuse me 打扰一下。 I do apologize 我很抱歉 Would you please wait a moment? 请稍等好吗? I didn’t mean for that to happen. 我是不想出这种事。

I’m sorry 对不起 That’s all right。没有关系 Please forgive me. 请原谅我 Please accept our apology. 请接受我的道歉 Would you mind waiting a second? 请稍等好吗? Assure you it won’t happen again. That’s ok.

Talking to the Guest 与客人沟通
G: Excuse me. I think there is a mistake in my bill… 打扰一下。我想我的账单有处错误。 S: I’m sorry to hear that. I’ll check for you right away. Would you please wait a second? 我很抱歉 听见这样。我立刻为您检查核对,请您稍等一下好吗? G:Ok. 好。 S: I do apologize, Mr. Smith. There is a mistake in your bill. I assure you it won’t happen again. 我 很抱歉,您的账单确实有处错误。我保证不会再次发生。 G: Well, that’s all right. 好,没有关系。

Unit 4: Offering Help 提供帮助 Vocabulary 词汇
Appreciate/favor 喜欢 Assist 帮助 Request 要求 Trouble 麻烦 Corridor 走廊 End 尽头 Grateful 感谢 hesitate 犹豫 Welcome 欢迎 Show 展示 Offer 提供 Desire 希望 Mind 介意 Follow me 跟着 Serve 服务

Phrases on the Job 岗位词组
Anything I can do for you? 我能为您做些什么吗?

Can I help you? 我能帮助您吗? Do you need any help?/ Can I give you a hand? 您需要帮助吗? If you don’t mind. 如果您不介意。 There’s no hurry. /Please take your time. 不急 Going up? 上楼吗? If there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know. 如果有我能帮忙的,请告诉我。 If I can be of assistance. Please do not hesitate. 如果要我帮忙,请不要犹豫,告诉我。 I’d be very glad to help you. 很高兴认识您。 If you wouldn’t mind. 如果您不介意。 If it’s no trouble. 如果不麻烦的话。 Going down. 下楼吗?

Listen to the Conversation 听下列对话
S: Excuse me. May I help you? 打扰您,我能帮助您吗? G: Yes,I’m looking for my room. 是的,我在找我的房间。 S: May I know your room number, please? 我能看您的房间号码吗? G: Yes, my room number is 358. 我的号码是 358. S: That’s a t the other end of the corridor. Follow me, please. I’ll show you to your room. 是在另 一侧走廊的尽头,跟我来,我带您去您的房间。 G: Thank you. It’s very kind of you. 谢谢,您真好。 S: It’s my pleasure to serve you. Please enjoy your stay. 很荣幸为您服务。祝您入住愉快。 G: Yes, I will. 我会的。 S: Going up, sir? 上楼吗? G: Yes. 是的。 S: Watch your steps, please. The floor is wet. 地板很湿,请您小心脚下。 G: Ok. Thank you. 好的,谢谢。 S: By the way, may I help you with your luggage? 顺便说一下,您需要我帮助您拿行李吗? G: Sure. That’s very kind of you. 是的,您太热心了。 S: You’re welcome. 不客气。

Unit 5: Thanks and Replies 感谢和回复 Vocabulary 词汇
Repair 修理 Kitchen 厨房 Wire 电线 Light 电灯 Indeed 的确 By the way 顺便说一下 Electrician 电工 Colleague 同事

As soon as possible 尽可能早 Help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事 Phrase on the Job 工作词组 Thanks/thank you very much/thank you so much. 谢谢,非常感谢,太感谢了 I appreciate that/it. 我很感激 That’s very kind of you. 你太好了。 You are so sweet. 你真甜 Thank you just the same. 同样感谢您 You’re most welcome. 不客气 It’s my pleasure to serve you. 很高兴为您服务。 That’s quite all right. 一点关系也没有。 I’m pleased to be of services of you. 愿意为您效劳 I know next to nothing. 我几乎一窍不通。

Talking to the Guest 与客人沟通
S: Good afternoon. Miss Thomson. I’m here to repair your light. G: That’s very nice. It’s this one in the kitchen. It doesn’t work. S: let me have a look. Oh, a wire is loose. Now, it’s all right. G: yes, it is. Thank you very much indeed. S: it’s my pleasure. G: By the way, my telephone is too noisy. Could you please help me with this? S: Sorry, I’m an electrician. I know next to nothing about telephone. But I’ll call my colleague to come as soon as possible. G: Ok. Thank you just the same. S: Not at all. Good-bye. G: Good-buy.

Unit 6 Requests and Replies 请求和回复 Vocabulary 词汇

Favour 喜欢 Over there 在那边 Do sb a favour 为某人帮助 Next to 紧挨着 Look for 寻找 Request 要求 Easy 容易 Reply 回答 Trouble 麻烦

Problem 问题

Phrase to on the Job 岗位词组
Would you please do me a favour?/ Could I ask you a favour?/ Could you possible do a favour for me?帮我个忙好吗? No problem./No trouble at all. 没有问题。 I’d be glad to meet you. 我会很高兴的。 Talking to the Guest 与客人沟通 G: Excuse me. 打扰一下 S: Yes. 是的 G: Could you please do me a favour?能请您帮我一个忙吗? S: Certainly. What can I do for you? 当然了。我能为您做什么? G: I’m looking for the Sales Department. 我在找销售部 S: That’s easy. It’s over there, next to the Information Desk. 很简单。在那边,在咨询台的旁边 G: I see. Thanks a lot. 我看到了,非常感谢 S: My pleasure. 我的荣幸

Unit7 Long Time no see 很久不见 Vocabulary 词汇
Age 年代 Pretty 相当的 On holiday 度假 Daughter 女儿 Granddaughter 孙女 Grandson 孙子 Aunt 阿姨,姑姑,婶婶 Uncle 叔叔,伯父,舅舅 First cousin 第一代表兄弟姐妹 Second cousin 第二代表兄弟姐妹

Phrase on the Job 岗位词组
Long time no see./ I haven’t seen you for ages.好久不见 Congratulations 恭喜 Talking to the Guest S: Good morning. How are you Ms. Jackson? Haven’t seen you for ages。 G: Yes. Long time no see. I’m fine, thanks. How are you? S: Pretty well. Did you go on holiday?

G: Yes, I went back home because my daughter had a baby. S: Congratulations. G: Thanks. S: A girl or a boy? G: A girl. S: So you have a granddaughter now. G: A granddaughter? I’ve got three. S: Three granddaughters. G: Yes, and a grandson as well. S: They must be very lovely. G: Sure. I enjoy them greatly.

Unit8: Asking people to repeat Vocabulary 词汇
Reservation 预订 Nationality 国籍 At least 至少 I’m afraid 恐怕 Australian 澳大亚人 Plan 计划 Pardon 原谅 Beg 请求 On the fourth floor Repeat 重复 Possible 可能 Intend 打算

Phrases on the Job 岗位词组
Pardon 没听清 Would you please say it again? 请您再说一遍好吗? Please say it slowly. 请慢慢讲。 I beg your pardon。 我没有听清 I didn’t follow you. 我没有听懂。 Talking to the Guest 与客人沟通 S: Good evening, sir, do you have a reservation. G: No. I’m afraid not. S: May I know your name, please. G: Yes, I’m David White. S: Your nationality.

G: I’m Australian. S: Beg your pardon. G: I’m Australian. S: Good. I can give you a room on the 4th floor, is that all right? G: Yes. It’s quite all right. Thank you very much. S: You’re most welcome.

Additional expression and Phrases 深入表达词语
Sorry to have kept you waiting. 抱歉让您久等。 Excuse me for interrupting.抱歉打扰一下 It doesn’t matter. 没关系 Please take your time. 别急 I’ll try my best. 我将尽力而为 It’s my pleasure to serve you. 为您服务很荣幸 May I call you back? 可以给您打回去吗? Can I assist you further? 还能给您帮什么忙吗? Sit down at this table, please. 请坐这张桌子 I’ll take care of that. 我来处理这件事情 Would you mind waiting for a moment. 请稍等,您介意吗? One for the road. 走前再喝一杯 I’ll have another on ice. 我再要一杯加冰的 Follow me, please. 请跟我来。 Welcome back. 欢迎您回来 Let me help you. 我来帮您 There is no hurry. 别着急 I’ll be with you in a moment. 我马上就来 After you. 您先请

Chapter2 General English 基本英文 1: Unit 1: Finding Places

Vocabulary 词汇
Fax 传真 Miss 错过 Lift 电梯 Get off 下 Left 左 Right 右 Send 发送 Take 乘

Then 然后 Front desk 前台 Business centre 商务中心

Phrases on the Job 岗位词组
Could you please tell me? 请您告诉我好吗? It’s on the right side of the corridor. 在走廊的右边 It’s on the second floor. 在二楼 Turn left. 左转

Talking to the Guest 与客人沟通
S: Good morning, madam. Can I help you? 早上好女士,我能帮助您吗? G: Yes. Could you please tell me where I can send a fax? 是的。你能告诉我在哪我可以发传真 吗? S: You may go the Business Centre. My colleague there can do it for you.您可以去商务中心。在 那我的同事会帮助您的。 G: But where is the Business Centre? 不过我怎么去商务中心呢? S: It’s on the second floor, just above the Front Office. You may take the lift here, get off on the second, and then turn left. The Business Centre is on the right side of the corridor. 在二楼,就在 前台的上面。您可以乘坐电梯在二楼下然后左转。商务中心就在走廊的右侧。 G: Thank you very much. You’ve been of great help. 非常感谢,您帮了我大忙。 S: It’s my pleasure to be of your service. 很荣幸为您服务。

Unit2: Unit2: Time 时间
Vocabulary 词汇 Special 特殊的 Rate 价格 Correct 正确的 Rate 价格 Cheaper 更便宜 In the morning 在早上 At night 夜里 Urgent 紧急的 Downtown 市中心 Hour 小时 Difference 不同 O’clock 钟

Phrases on the Job 岗位词组

There’s a time difference of 6 hours. 时差 6 小时 I’d better make the call in the evening. That’s great. 太棒了 Is it the correct time? 时间准确吗? It’s 5:50 by my watch. 我的手表是 5;50

Talking to the Guest 与客人沟通
G:Excuse me. What time is it?打扰一下,几点钟了? S: It’s 2:25 by my watch. 2:25 分以我的手表 G: Is it the correct time? 时间准确吗? S: Yes, I think so. 是的,我认为是。 G: You use Beijing Time here, don’t you? 你们用北京时间对吗? S: Yes, we do. 是,我们是 G: Do you know what time it is now in Holland? 你能告诉我芬兰现在的时间嘛? S: I guess it is about half past eight in the morning. There is a time difference of 6 hours. 我猜应 该是早上 8:30 分,和这里有 6 个小时的时差 G: I see. I want to cal back home. It seems I’d better make the call in the evening. 我明白了。 我 要往家里打电话,看来我做好晚上打。 S: I think so if nothing is urgent, because there are special rates at night after 9. 我同意。如果 没有什么特殊情况的话,因为晚上的价格有优惠。 G: Do you mean cheaper? 你是说便宜吗? S: Yes. 是的 G: That’s great. Thank you. 太棒了。谢谢你 S: My pleasure. 很荣幸!

Unit3: Getting Information 获取信息 Vocabulary 词汇
Check 检查 German 德国人 Over there 在那边 American 美国人 Second 秒 Mean 意思 Wonder 奇怪 Stand for 代表 Taxi 出租车 Apartment building 公寓

Talking to the Guest 与客人沟通
S: Good morning, madam. Anything I can do for you? 早上好,女士。我能为您做些什么吗?

G: Good morning. I’m here to see my friend. But I don’t know which building she lives in. 早上好。 我来看我一位朋友。但是我不知道她住在哪里。 S: Do you have her room number? 你知道她的房间号码吗? G: Yes, it’s 408. 是的,是 408. S: May I know your friend’s name? 我能知道她的名字吗? G: Sure. Her name is Shelly, Shelly Wilson. 当然。她叫 Shelly Wilson. S: Is she an American? 她是美国人吗? G: No, she is German. 不,她是德国人。 S: Please with a second. I’ll check for you. 请稍等。我为您查一下 G: ok. 好的。 S: Yes, here it is. She lives in Room 2408 in the apartment building over there. 是的,在这里。她 住在 2408 房间,在那边的公寓。 G: What does 2 mean? 2 是什么意思? S: It stands for the Apartment Building. 它代表着公寓。 G: I see. No wonder. Thank you for your help. 我明白。难怪。谢谢您的帮助。 S: You’re welcome. 不客气。

Unit4: Unit4: Visiting a Guest 拜访客人 Vocabulary 词汇
Visitor 客人 Exit 出口 Adapter 连接器 Need 需要 Brief ease 公文包 Out of order 坏了 Coupon 奖券 Interesting 有趣的 Room key 钥匙 Tour guide 导游 Food mall 食品街 Ancient Culture Street 古文化街

Phrases on the Job 岗位词组
I’m tied up at the moment. 我这会很忙 I’ll be off then. 那时我就下班了。 I did ask for one. 我要了一个 Don’t worry. 别担心

Talking to the Guest 与客人沟通
S: Good afternoon, Mrs. Anderson. Can I clean your room now? 下午好,安的森夫人。我现在

能打扫房间吗? G: Could you please come back again. I’m tied up at this moment. I’ve some visitors. 你能在回来 吗?我现在正忙着,我有一些访客。 S: All right, no problem. When do you need me to come back? 好的,没问题。那我什么时候回 来呢? G: How about 6:00. Is that all right? 6 点钟怎么样? S: Sorry, I’ll be off then. I finish working at 5:30. But don’t worry, one of my colleagues will come. 抱歉,那个时间我已经下班了。我工作到 5:30.不过别担心,我的同时回来的。 G: Ok. 好的。 S: By the way, do you need an adapter? 顺便问一下,您是不是要一个连接器? G: yes, I did ask for one. 是的,我是要了一个。 S: Here you are. I’ve got it for you. 给您,我帮您拿过来了。 G: Thank you. 谢谢。 S: Not at all. 不客气。

Unit5 Days and Dates Vocabulary 词汇
Date 日期 Sunday 星期日 Monday 星期一 Tuesday 星期二 Wednesday 星期三 Thursday 星期四 Friday 星期五 Saturday 星期六 January 一月 February 二月 March 三月 April 四月 May 五月 June 六月 July 七月 August 八月 September 九月 October 十月 November 十一月 December 十二月

Phrases on the Job 岗位词组
That is next Tuesday, isn’t it? 那是下个星期二,对吗? My brother will get it on November 2ed. 我弟弟将于 11 月 2 日收到。 Planes have to fly over the International dateline。飞机得飞越国际日期变化线。 How silly I am. 我真傻。

Talking to the Guests 与客人沟通
G: Excuse me. What day is today? 打扰一下,今天星期几? S: Today is Tuesday. 今天星期二。 G: It’s October 27th, isn’t it? 今天十月 27 号,不是吗? S: Yes, it is. 是的。 G: How long does it take for a letter to get to America? 邮寄一封信去美国要多久? S: About a week. 大概一个星期 G: So if I send a letter today, my brother will get it on November 2ed. That is next Tuesday. 所以, 如果我今天寄一封信,我弟弟要 11 月 2 好才能收到。

S: No, it will be November 1st in America because planes have to fly over the International date. 不,应该是 11 月 1 好,应为有一天的时差。 G: You’re right. How silly I am. 你是对的,我真傻。

Unit6 Making an Appointment 预约 Vocabulary Vocabulary 词汇
Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 Wonderful 太棒了 Music 音乐 Important 重要 Entrance 入口 Nut 坚果 A little bit 一点 Pick 捡 Policy 政策,制度 Celebrate 庆祝 One-day-trip 一日游 Traditional 传统的

Phrases on the Job 岗位词组
I wonder if you would like to join us. 我在想你是否愿意加入我们? I think so. 我想是这样的 I will。我会的 I’m glad you like it. 我很高兴你喜欢它 Thank you very much for telling me all this. 非常感谢您告诉我这一切。

Talking to the Guests 与客人沟通
S: Good morning. Mrs. Jones. 早上好,乔夫人。 G:Good morning. 早上好。 S: You know the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. It’s an important traditional festival in China. The Hotel is now organizing a one-day trip to the Great Wall. The holiday will be celebrated with music and nut picking. 你知道,中秋节就快到了。这是一个中国非常重要的传统节日。酒店 组织了去长城一日游。节日将举行音乐会以及坚果采摘等庆祝活动。 G: That’s a great idea. It will be wonderful. 这个主意真是太棒了。 S: Definitely, but how shall we go? 绝对的,我们怎么去呢? G: By the Hotel Taxi. 乘坐酒店的出租车 S: What time shall we set out? 我们几点钟出发? G: At 5:30 in the morning. The taxi will be waiting for you at the entrance. Please get there a little bit earlier because the seat arrangement policy is on a first com first serve basis. 早上 5:30. 出 租车将在酒店入口处等。不过请早点到,因为座位采取先到先得的原则。

S: Ok, I will. Thank you very much for telling me all this. 好的,我会的。谢谢您告诉我这一切。 G: I’m glad you like it. 我非常高兴你喜欢它。

Chapter 3 Housekeeping English Unit1:Enter the Room : Vocabulary
Sheet 床单 Sofa 沙发 Bedside table 床头桌 Fire sprinkler 灭火喷淋 Heating control 加热控制 Ceiling light 顶灯 Picture 照片 Coat hanger 大衣架 Pillow 枕头 Mirror 镜子 Ice tongs 冰夹 Luggage stand 行李架 Swimming bag 游泳袋 Chair 椅子 Wall 强 Telephone 电话 Window 窗 Power socket 电源插座 Note pad 记事簿 Carpet 地毯 Curtain 窗帘 Blanket 毛毯 Shoe basket 鞋篮子 Matches 火柴 Ice bucket 冰桶 Security latch 安全门

Phrases on the Job 岗位词组
Good morning. 早上好 See you later。一会见 May I clean your room? 我能打扫您的房间吗? Shall I come back later? 我要晚些时候再回来吗? Could you come back in an hour? 你能一小时以后再回来吗?

Talking to the Guest 与客人沟通
A: Good morning。 Housekeeping. 早上好,打扫房间。 G: Good morning. 早上好 A: May I clean your room, sir? 我能为您打扫房间吗,先生? G: Sorry, this is not the right moment. 抱歉,现在时机不对。 A: Shall I come back later? 我需要晚些时候再回来吗? G: Yes please. Could you come back in an hour? 是的, 请你 1 小时以后回来好吗? A: It is ok. I’ll be back in an hour. Buy-bye. 好的,我一小时后回来,再见。 G: See you later. 一会见。

Unit 2: Turn Down Service 夜床服务

Vocabulary 词汇
Dusting 去尘 Bucket 桶 Comb 木梳 Toilet brush 马桶刷 Mopping 拖地 Mop 拖布 Tooth brush 牙刷 Refuse bag 废物袋 Shampoo 洗发精 Soap 香皂 Moisturizer 润肤露 Shower cap 浴帽 General cleaning 简单清洁 Detergent 清洁剂 Vacuum cleaner 吸尘器 Bath foam 浴液 Sewing kit 针线包 Shoe shine 鞋擦

Phrases on the Job 岗位词组
May I come in for turn down service? Is there anything else I can do for you? I will go and get it at once. Thank you very much. You’re welcome.

Talking to the Guest
A: Good evening, may I come in for the turn down service? 晚安,我能进来为您做 夜床服务吗? G: Yes, come in please. 当然,请进。 A: Is there anything else I can do for you? 还有其他的需要吗? G: Yes, I would like a few more towels. 是的,我想要多几条毛巾 A: Sure. Just a moment. I will go and get them at once. Here you are, sir. 当然,请等 一下。我去为您拿,给您。 G: Thank you very much. 非常感谢。 A: You’re welcome. 不客气。 G: Good night. 晚安 A: Good night. 晚安 A: Good evening. Turn down service. May I come in? 晚上好,夜床服务,我能进 来吗? G: Oh no. Thank you. That is not necessary today. 不需要了。今天不需要了 A: Is there anything else I can do for you, sir? 那还有其它我能为您服务吗? G: Well in fact there is. This morning I asked for new laundry bags but they still haven’t rough me some. 事实上有。今天早上我要了几个新的洗衣袋,但是他们 始终没有给我拿来。 A: I’m sorry. Well, I’ll have to get one on anther floor. Would you mind wait for a minute? 我非常抱歉。 I 要去另外一个楼层去拿,您介意等一下吗? G: No, no problem. 不,没有问题。 A: Here you are, sir. Have a good night. 给您,祝您晚安! G: Thank you. The same to you. 谢谢,你也一样。

Unit 3 Guests Questions Vocabulary 词汇
Bedside lamp 床头灯 Smoke detector 烟感器 Air conditioner 空调 Wardrobe 衣柜 Television guide 电视指南 Slippers 拖鞋 Drapes 布帘 Television 电视 Bed 床 Battery 电池 Ceiling 屋顶 Glasses 杯子

Laundry docket 洗衣单 Door 门 Window sill 窗台 Shopping bag 购物袋 Menu 菜单 Pen 钢笔

Phrases on the Job 岗位词组
Very well, thank you. 很好,谢谢 Where are you from? 您从哪里来? I’m from America. 我从美国来 Is there anything I can do for you? 我能为您做些什么? Could you please show me? 您能领着我看看吗? Have a nice day. 祝您今天快乐。

Talking to the Guest 与客人沟通
A: Good morning, Madam. How are you today? 早上好,女士。您好吗今天? G: Good morning. Very well, thank you. And you? 早上好。非常好,谢谢。你呢? A: I’m fine, too. Do you have any plans for today? 我也好。您今天有什么计划吗? G: No, not really. Tomorrow I’ll fly back home. 不,没有。明天我将飞回家。 A:O’ really, where are you from? 哦,真的。您从哪里来? G: I’m from America. By the way, when are you going to clean my room? 我是美国 人。顺便说一下,你什么时间打扫我的房间? A: I’ll come to your room as soon as I have finished this one. Why? Is there anything I can do for you? 我打扫这间马上就打扫您的。为什么?有什么需要我做的吗? G: Yes, there is. The tap in my bathroom is broken. Could you have it fixed for me? 是的。洗手间的水龙头坏了,你能帮我修理一下吗? A: Well, certainly. Could you please show me?当然。您能让我看一下吗? G: Yes, come in. 是的,请进。 A: Oh, I see. I’ll call the engineering department right away. They can fix it for you. 我看见了。我叫工程 G: Very good. Thank you very much. 非常好,非常感谢 A: My pleasure. Have a nice day. 我的荣幸。祝您愉快! G: The same to you. Good bye. 也祝你今天愉快。再见。 G: Good afternoon. Smith speaking. 下午好,史密斯。


Good afternoon sir. This is Nicole speaking from the Housekeeping Department.

I’m terribly sorry to disturb you, but when can we clean your room? 下午好先生。我 非常抱歉打扰您,但是我什么时间可以打扫您的房间? G: Why do you ask? Is there a problem?为什么这样问呢?有什么问题吗? A: Well, your DND sign is still on your door. 是的, 您房间还挂着请勿打扰的牌子。 G: Is it? I’m sorry. I forgot to take it off the door knob. You can come whenever you want. 是吗?抱歉,我忘记把他从门把手上面拿下来了,你随时都可以来打扫。 A: Oh. Thank you very much. 好的非常感谢。

Vocabulary 词汇
Liquors 酒水 Beer 啤酒 Soft drinks 饮料 Wine 酒 Candy 糖果 Chocolate 巧克力 Chewing gum 嚼口香糖 Tooth brush 牙刷 Tooth paste 牙膏 Camera 相机 Tissue 面巾纸 Peanuts 花生 Juice 果汁 Mineral water 矿泉水

Phrases on the Job 岗位词组
Thanks a lot Take your time/there is no hurry/it’s ok

Talking to the Guests 与客人沟通
A: Good evening. Housekeeping, Mary speaking. May I help you?晚上好,楼层服务, mery,请问有什么能帮助您吗? G: Good evening. This is Mister Backer speaking. Room 421. The room attendant forgot to give me new bottles of mineral water. Can you bring me some?晚上好, 我是 421 房间的 Backer,今天的服务员忘记给我换矿泉水了,你能帮我送几瓶来吗? A:I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. I’ll ask our room attendant to take some bottles to your room right away. 我非常抱歉给您带来的不便。我马上就让服务员

给您送过去。 G: Thanks a lot, but take your time. There is no hurry.非常感谢,不过不急。 A: That’s ok. Good night. 好的,晚安。 G: Good night. 晚安。

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