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【高考领航】2016届高三英语二轮复习 课时训练1 2阅读理解+阅读填空+语法填空

训练 1

2 阅读理解+阅读填空+语法填空
(建议用时 45 分钟)

Ⅰ.阅读理解 A (2016·河南郑州一次质检)Foxes and farmers have never got on well.These small dog?like animals have long been accused of killing farm animals.They are officially classified as harmful and farmers try to keep their numbers down by shooting or poisoning them. Farmers can also call on the services of their local hunt to control the fox population.Hunting consists of running after a fox across the countryside,with a group of specially trained dogs,followed by men and women riding horses.When the dogs eventually catch the fox,they kill it or a hunter shoots it. People who take part in hunting think of it as a sport.They wear a special uniform of red coats and white trousers,and follow strict rules of behavior.But owning a horse and hunting regularly are expensive,so most hunters are wealthy. It is estimated that up to 100,000 people watch or take part in fox?hunting.But over the last couple of decades the number of people who are against fox?hunting, because they think it is brutal (残暴的),has risen sharply.Nowadays it is rare for a hunt to pass off without some kind of conflict between hunters and hunt opponents (阻止者). Sometimes these incidents lead to violence, but mostly opponents discourage the hunt by misleading riders and disturbing the trail of the fox’s smell,which the dogs follow. Noisy conflicts between hunters and opponents have become so common that they are almost as much a part of hunting as running after foxes itself.But this year supporters of fox?hunting face a much bigger threat to their sport.A Labour Party member of Parliament(英国议会),Mike Foster,is trying to get Parliament to approve a new law which will make the hunting of wild animals with dogs illegal.If the law is passed,wild animals like foxes will be protected under the ban in Britain. 1.Wealthy people in Britain have been hunting foxes to________. A.benefit the farmers B.get entertainment C.show off their wealth


D.limit the fox population 2.The opponents of fox?hunting often discourage the game by ________. A.using violence B.taking legal action C.seeking help from farmers D.confusing the fox hunters 3.A new law may be passed by the British Parliament to________. A.protect wild animals like foxes B.control fox?hunting on a large scale C.prohibit farmers from hunting foxes D.standardize the behavior of fox?hunting 4.What can be inferred from this passage? A.Limiting the fox population is unnecessary at all. B.Killing foxes with poison is not allowed by the law. C.Hunting foxes with dogs is considered cruel and violent. D.Fox?hunting causes conflicts between hunters and farmers. 【语篇解读】 文章主要讲述了英国人“猎狐”活动的起源和特点以及反猎狐运动的兴起。 1.解析:选 B。推理判断题。根据第三段的内容可知“猎狐”对富人来说其实是一种娱乐 消遣。故选 B 项。 2.解析:选 D。事实细节题。根据倒数第二段最后一句话的内容可知答案为 D 项。 3.解析:选 A。事实细节题。根据文章最后一句“If the law is passed,wild animals like foxes will be protected under the ban in Britain.”可知答案选 A。 4.解析:选 C。推理判断题。根据倒数第二段第二句“But over the last couple of decades the number of people who are against fox?hunting,because they think it is brutal(残 暴的),has risen sharply.”可知选 C。 B A struggling little deer was spotted where she had broken through the ice of the half?frozen lake,and had been reported to the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).But the MNR is not in the business of rescuing.Chris Winger and his pals,Gary and Lea Allinson made up their minds to respond. The trio formed a rescue team and when they got close enough,they saw that the deer lay with her forelegs and chest on the ice and her

hindquarters in the freezing water.The three men figured she was a goner , dead already.Then they saw her big,liquid?brown eyes watching them and heard her scream pitifully , just once , very slightly.Her frozen forelegs felt like icicles( 冰 柱 ) .“Horses have legs like a deer’s.Maybe Nancy Tapley could help us.” Lea reasoned and called the horse trainer.Soon the little deer was rescued and transferred to a warm place. “Massage her ears to keep her out of shock, ” Tapley suggested.“Bottle?feed her with warm milk and sugar, maybe with a bit of brandy.” Surrounded by her rescuers, the little deer drank and then fell asleep with her head in Gary’s lap.The deer didn’t have any feeling in her front legs.Every 20 minutes she had to be checked and repositioned.Neighbors,especially the local children,were now involved in looking after the patient. A week later, the deer’s front legs trembled.The nerves were coming back.After another three weeks,the deer was hopping along. Everyone was on hand to see her leave one sunny day.She took a few tentative steps,then hesitated and looked back, as if to say thank you. Another season went by ,and again the “little” deer appeared at Bondi Village, bringing her own baby deer, making herself at home in the gardens and flicking (轻快的甩动) her white tail in a friendly gesture toward the people who had worked so hard to make her rise from the dead. 5.What does the underlined word “trio” in the second paragraph mean? A.The MNR. C.The horse trainer. B.The villagers at Bondi. D.The three people above.

6.They fed the following to the little deer except________. A.fruit C.sugar B.milk D.brandy

7.How long did it take the deer to regain the sense of touch of her front legs? A.Twenty minutes. C.Seven days. B.Two days. D.A season.

8.Why did the deer come back to the village? A.To bring back her own baby deer. B.To seek some food for her baby deer. C.To make the village her home. D.To express her thanks to the people.

【语篇解读】 一只小鹿被困在了半结冰的湖里,几经挣扎,难以脱身。发现者报告给自然 资源部(MNR),但该部不负责出外救援。那可怜的小家伙是如何获救的呢? 5.解析:选 D。依据上文的“Chris Winger and his pals,Gary and Lea Allinson made up their minds to respond”和下文中的“The three men”以及英语构词法可作出判断。 6.解析:选 A。由第三段中的“Bottle?feed her with warm milk and sugar,maybe with a bit of brandy.”可知,他们没有喂小鹿水果。 7. 解析: 选 C。 由第四段中的“A week later, the deer’s front legs trembled.The nerves were coming back.”可知,一周之后,小鹿的前腿开始有知觉。 8.解析:选 D。根据文章最后一段的内容可推知,这只小鹿又出现在这个村庄是为了向曾 经救它的人表达谢意。 Ⅱ.阅读填空 Gossip(流言蜚语) is something that can forever change a friendship,and even prevent you from making new friends in the future.1.____________Here are some ways gossip hurts,and what you can do to avoid it. Gossiping Makes You Look Bad If you’re the one gossiping,other people who don’t know you will shy away from being your friend.If you talk behind one friend’s back,the possibility is that you will do that to anyone. The next time you feel the need to talk about a friend,take a moment to understand why.2.____________ Do you believe it will give others the opinion that you’re knowledgeable? Dealing with a Friend Who Has Gossiped About You If you trust a friend and then realize your trust was misplaced,this will forever change your relationship.3.____________ You may decide that you do not want to give your friend another chance,and this will end your relationship.Perhaps the person that gossiped was not your friend to begin with.4.____________ If so,you’ll need to make sure your friend knows that you don’t talk about people behind their backs,and you expect the same from your friend.Perhaps your friend believed that what she shared was common knowledge. How to Stop Gossiping 5.____________Even if you don’t know the person being talked about,change the subject or walk away.Don’t let the poor behavior of someone else ruin your reputation as a good friend. A. The person you’re gossiping to may be pals with the one you’re blaming.

B.If you hear someone gossiping,set an example of how to behave. C.Besides,talking about other people’s private affairs is not cool. D.Once trust is gone,it has to be rebuilt over time. E.Do you think spreading gossip will help make you stand out? F.You may also choose to give your friend another chance and go forward with your friendship. G.Even if someone doesn’t trust you,you can still make friends with others. 答案:CEDFB Ⅲ.语法填空 (2016·山东日照校际联合检测)A man looking at his smartphone while walking across a railway crossing in Nanjing 1.____________ (have)a close knock on Oct. 22.He was so 2.____________ (absorb) in his smartphone that he didn’t see a train approaching should serve until it brushed past him, 3.____________ (throw)him to the ground.This 4.____________ a warning that people should be aware of their

surroundings,especially 6.____________ forced the driver

5.____________ crossing roads.

(lucky),the man survived a brush with death,but the incident 7.____________ (stop)the train.An 18?minute delay followed the led to a break in the running of other trains on the route.

incident,8.____________ Smartphone

9.____________(addict) has spread like an infectious disease.It’s

evident that it will do great harm to society.What’s even 10.____________ (bad), some addicts become impatient with their relatives and friends. Some people blame the smartphone for the tragedy,yet in fact people’s weakening self?control and self?discipline are to blame. 1.解析:考查动词时态。根据下文的“on Oct. 22”“He was”可知,用一般过去时。 答案:had 2.解析:考查词性转换。be absorbed in 表示“沉迷于”。 答案:absorbed 3.解析:考查非谓语动词。现在分词作状语表示伴随。 答案:throwing 4.解析:考查连词。as 表示“作为”。 答案:as 5.解析:考查连接副词。此处表示特别是当过马路的时候。 答案:when/while 6.解析:考查词性转换。修饰整个句子应用副词。

答案:Luckily 7.解析:考查非谓语动词。force sb.to do sth.表示“强迫某人做某事”。 答案:to stop 8.解析:考查关系词。此处引导非限制性定语从句,故用 which。 答案:which 9.解析:考查词性转换。smartphone addiction 作主语。 答案:addiction 10.解析:考查形容词比较级。此处表示“更糟糕的是”,故用比较级。 答案:worse


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