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Mu1 Unit 1 School life

Mu 1 Unit 1 School life 1. attend vi., vt. vt.出席;到场 to be present at an event 出席; ☆attend a weeding 出席婚礼 *be well attended 出席(听...)...人数很多 We’d like as many people as possible to attend. 我们希望出席的人越多越好。 vt.经常去,定期去 to go regularly to a place 经常去, ☆attend a lecture 听讲课 ☆attend school 上学 ☆attend church 去教堂 vt.由...陪同 to be with sb and help them ☆be attended by 由...陪同; 由...照料 I will attend you to the classroom. 我将陪你 去教室。 May good luck attend you! 祝你幸运! vi.注意;留意 to pay attention to what sb is 注意; saying or what you are doing She hasn't been attending during the lesson. 上课时她一直不专心。 倾听 , 注意 , 留心 关心 , 照顾 , 护理 ; 办 理, 倾听(to) ☆ attend to 护理, 侍候, 陪伴, 伴随(on, upon) ☆attend on/upon *She dislikes the loss of privacy that attends TV celebrity.她不喜欢成为电视名人后随之 失去个人隐私。 *Which doctor is attending you? 哪一个医生 为你看病? attention n.注意 attendance n.出席 attentive adj. 注意的,当心的 c.f. join / take part in 2. assmebly c.(u/c) 集会, 集会, 集会者 the meeting together of a group of people for a particular purpose; a group of people who meet together for a particular purpose They were fighting for freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.他们为言论自由和集会 自由而斗争。 He was to address a public assembly on the issue.他要对公众集会发表演说谈论这个问 题。 an assembly point 集会地点 *a car assembly plant 汽车装配厂 3. earn vt. 赚得,挣得 to get money for work that 赚得, you do ☆earn income 劳动收入 ☆earn one's living 谋生 ☆earn one's own living 自食其力 She earn a high salary.她挣高工资。 He earned a lot of money by working in the evenings.他利用晚上工作,已经挣了好多 钱。 "When a student's family is not rich, he has to earn money for part of his college expenses." 学生家庭如果不富裕,这个学生就得挣钱以 弥补部分大学费用。" Those workers earned less money because of deductions for medical insurance from their wages."因为工人的工资被扣除了医疗保险, 所以他们赚得的钱就少了。" vt.获得 to get sth. that you deserve, usually because of sth. good you have done or because of the good qualities you have His honesty earned the admiration of his friends.他的诚实得到了朋友们的赞扬。 As a student , she had earned respect and admirationg of her students. 作为教师,她博 得了学生们的尊敬和钦佩。 His outstanding ability earned a place on the team by training hard.他非凡的能耐为他在 队中赢得了一席之地。 Stephen Hawking's achievements earned him the acclaim of the entire scientific community. 斯蒂芬.霍金的成就使他赢得了整个科学界 的赞扬。 The general's courage and presence of mind earned him deep admiration among the armymen.将军的勇敢和沉着在军界博得了 深深的赞扬。 earnings n.工资,收入 4. respect n.尊敬, 敬重, 注意, 考虑, 尊重, 关系, 有关, 敬意 vt.尊敬, 尊 重, 不防碍 n.(与 of, for 连用)尊敬;尊重 a feeling of 连用)尊敬; admiration for sb./sth. because of their good qualities or achivevments ☆have respect for 尊敬[重], 重视 ☆out of respect for sb.出于对某人的尊敬 ☆show respect for 对...表示尊敬 ☆win /lose the respect of all 处处受人尊敬/ 失去……尊敬 The students ha ve have great respect for their history teacher.学生们非常尊敬他们的历史 老师。


Mu 1 Unit 1 School life A deep mutual respect and understanding developed between them.他们之间产生了深 切的相互尊敬和理解。 n.重视,尊重 polite behavior towards or care 重视, for sb/sth that you think is important *to show a lack of respect for authority 蔑视 权威 Everyone has a right to be treated with respect. 人人有权受到尊重。 ☆achieve high grades 取得好成绩 ☆achieve one's purpose 达到目的 ☆achieve victory 获得胜利 ☆The university has achieved all its goals this year.这个大学今年已经实现了所有的奋斗 目标。 This will help us achieve modernization.这有 助于我们实现现代化。 vi.取得预期效果 He achieved because he was a hard worker.他 之所以取得成功是他努力的结果。 achievement n.成就(make ~s) achievable adj.可以达到的 6. grade n. 学分,成绩,等级 n. a mark given in an 学分,成绩, exam or for a piece of school work She got good grades in / on her exams. 她考 试成绩优良。 70% students got Grade C or above. 70%的学 生成绩都在 C 级或以上。 make the grade 达到必要标准,成功,符合 要求 n. 等级,品级 the quality of a particular or 等级, material All the materials used were of the highest grade. 使用的材料全是优质品。 v. 分级,分等,分类 to arrange people or 分级,分等, things in groups according to their ability, quality, size, etc. Eggs are graded from small to extra large. v. to give a mark I spent all week grading papers. 我整个周末 都在批阅试卷。 7. average n. 平均 , 平均水平, 平均数 , 海损 , 平均数 the results of adding adding several amounts together, finding a total and dividing the total by the number of amounts ☆on (an/the) average 平均 ☆below/above average 平均水平以上/以下 *be about up to the average 刚达到一般水平 *be quite/well up to the average 完全达到一 般水平 The average of 4, 8, and 60 is 24. 4、8 和 60 的平均数是 24。 What is the average rainfall for August in your country?你们国家八月份的平均降雨量是多 少? His results is the average.他的成绩平平。

关心; 关心;注意
☆pay respect to 斟酌, 考虑, 关心 *pay one's respects to sb.向...请安[致敬]; 拜 访 *pay last respects to 向(死者)告别 敬意; (pl) 敬意;问候 ☆give one's respects to 向...致候 ☆send one's respects to 向... 问候 vt.尊敬;尊重~sb / sth. ( for sth.)to have a 尊敬; good opinion of sb/sth, to admire sb/sth ☆respect the ideas of others 尊重别人的意见 ☆respect oneself 自重 ☆respect the law 遵守 法律 I respect his courage..我敬佩他的勇气。 I'll respect your wishes.我尊重你的愿望。 Usually people don't respect those who are too compliant."一般来说人们看不起那种唯命是 从,唯唯诺诺的人 R-yourself, or no one else will.[谚]人必自敬, 然后人敬之。 n. 方面 *have respect to 牵 涉到, 关系到 注意到,

☆in all respects (=in every respect)无论在哪 方面[哪一点]来看, 在各方面 ☆in many respects 在许多方面 ☆in no respect 无论在哪方面[哪一点]都不 是...; 完全不是... ☆in that [this] respect 在那一[这一]方面 ☆in one respect 在一个方面, 在一点上 *in respect that 因为...; 如果考虑到... ☆in respect to / of 关于;就…来说 ☆with respect to (the recent flood)关于, 谈到 (最近的洪水) ☆without respect to [of]不考虑..., 不管.. 5. achieve vt. 完成, 达到, 获得 to succeed in reaching a particular goal, status or standard, especially by making an effort for a long time ☆achieve success 获得成功


Mu 1 Unit 1 School life adj. 平 均 的 calculated by adding several amounts together, finding a total and dividing the total by the number of amounts ☆an average price / cost 平均价格/ 成本 ☆at an average speed of 100 miles per hour 以平均每小时 100 英里的速度 the average age of the boys 这些男孩子的平 均年龄 adj. 一般的, 普通的, 正常的 ordinary, not 普通的 special ,normal ☆men of average ability 能力一般的人 ☆students of average intelligence 正常智力的 学生 vt.求平均值 to calculate the average of sth. If you average 7, 14 and 6, you get 9.将 7, 14, 6 之和均分得 9。 vt. 平均为 to be equal to a particular amount as as an average Economic growth is expected to ~ 2% next year. 明年经济增长计平均可达 2%。 We average 8 hours' work a day.我们每天平 均工作八小时。 The rainfall average s 800 mm. a year.平均每 年降雨量为 800 毫米。 *average out (at)平均为 The cost should ~out at about 6 dollars per person.费用应该是平均 每人约 6 美元。 *Months of high and low sales average out over the year.销售额高低不同的月份按全年 统算达到一般水平。 *vi. 买进, 卖出 *average down 低于平均价格买进 *average up 高于平均价格卖出 8. challenging adj, 具 有 挑 战 性 的 确 良 difficult in an interesting way that tests your ability challenging work 9. extra adj. 额外的 , 不包括在价目内的 , 特别的 , 特佳的 more than is usual, expected or than exist already ☆extra loss 额外损失 ☆extra bus 加(班)车 ☆without extra charge 不额外收费 ☆extra allowance 特别津贴 ☆extra hand 临时雇工 ☆extra train 加(班火)车 ☆extra edition 特号, 临时增刊 The conference is going to be a lot of extra work. 这次会议将有很多额工作。 Breakfast is provided at no extra charge. 供应 早餐,不另收费。 Can I have extra time to finish my work?我能 有额外的时间来完成我的工作吗? The government has promised an extra one billion pounds for health care. 政府承诺医疗 保健再拨款 10 亿英镑。 Take extra care on the roads this evening.今晚 路上要格外小心。 We do not ask for extra pay.我们不要求额外 报酬。 adv.特别地, 非常, 另外 more than usually Children were extra glad to see the foreign visitors.孩子们见到外国客人高兴极了。 You need to be extra carefully not to make any mistakes.你要格外小心,别犯错误。 She tried extra hard.她特别努力。 另外, n. 额外,另外,外加 in addition, more than is usual expected or exists already ☆to charge / pay / cost extra 另外收费/另付/ 额外花费 I need to earn a bit extra this month.我这个月 需要挣点外快。 "Dinner costs $80, and wine is extra.""饭菜是 八十美元,酒费另收。" n. 额外的人 ( 或物 ), ( 报纸 ) 号外 , 上等产品 , (电影)临时演员 , 另外计价的项目 a thing that is added to sth. that is not usual, standard or necessary and that costs more The monthly fee is fixed and there are no hidden extras.(=unexpected costs)月费是固定 的,没有言明的额外开支。 Music is an optional extra at our school.我校 音乐课为选修课,要另外收费。 This hotel charges extra for a room with a bath. 这个旅馆对有洗澡间的房间额外收费。 *a real extra 上等品(广告用语) *n. 临时演员 *We need 1000 extras for the big scene when they cross the Red Sea.我们需要 1000 名临时 演员拍摄横渡红海的一场戏。 10. prepare v.准备, 预备, 有能力而且 愿意 vt., vi.-pared, -paring 准备; 准备; 预备 to make sth or sb ready to be used or to do sth ☆prepare a book fair 筹备书展 ☆to prepare a net for fishing 准备捕鱼的鱼网 ☆prepare for 为...作准备


Mu 1 Unit 1 School life ☆prepare against 准备应付(不好的事情) He was in the kitchen preparing lunch.他在厨 房做午饭。 Will you help me prepare for the get-together of the old classmates?你能否帮我为这次老 同学聚会做好准备工作? The whole class is working hard preparing for the exams.全班都在努力用功准备考试。 I was preparing to leave.我正准备离开。 Prepare to meet your fate.准备面对命运。 vt.使习惯;使有备 使习惯; ☆be (well ) prepared for [to do]准备着 ☆be prepared against the disaster 防灾 We must be prepared for all contingencies."我 们要作好各种准备,以防意外。" The team prepared themselves for defeat / to accept defeat.这个队心理上做好了接受失败 的准备。 The troops prepared themselves to go into battle.部队准备开赴战场。 The police are preparing themselves for trouble at the demonstration.警察正在准备防 范示威时可能出现的骚乱。 Working on a part-time basis can prepare them for a future career.打工为大学生将来的工作 作好准备。 I prepared the ground for the seeds.我整理好 土地准备播种。 *vt.配制;调制 配制; ☆ to prepare a medicine / prepare a prescription 配药 *remedies prepared form herbal extracts 用草 药提取成分配制的药物 *制订;布置 制订; Who prepared these building plans?谁制订的 这些建筑计划? preparation n.准备 ☆in ~ 在准备中 ☆in ~ for 为……做准备 ☆make ~s for 为……做准备 11. drop 放弃 to stop doing or discussing sth. I think we’d better drop the subject. 我认为 我们最好不要谈这个话题。 Let’s drop the formalities --- please call me Mike. 咱们免去俗套。。 。 The police decided to drop the charges against her.警方决定撤回对她的指控。 ☆ drop in on sb 顺便访问 Be careful not to drop that plate.小心别把盘 子掉下。 I feel ready to drop. 我感到快累垮了。 You must drop your speed in built-up areas.在 房屋密集区必须放慢速度。 His voice dropped to a whisper.他的声音已放 低到轻声细语了。 Can you drop me near the bank?你可以让我 在银行附近下车吗? She has been dropped from the team because of injury.她因受伤而未被列入队员名单。 12. miss 思念 feel sad because you can no longer see sb. or do sth. that you like What did you miss most when you lived abroad? 错过,赶不上, 错过,赶不上,迟到 be late If I don’t leave now I will miss my plane. ☆miss the boat 错失良机 If you don't buy now, you may find that you’ve miss the boat. fail to do sth It was an opportunity not ot be missed. 机不 可失,时不再来。 You missed a good party last night. not understand He completely missed the joke. 这个笑话他 一点也没听懂。 You are missing the point of what I am saying. not hit The bullet missed her by about six inches. 子 弹从她身边飞过,离她大约只有六英寸。 miss doing sth. miss sb/ sth. out 遗漏 miss out (on sth)错失获利(或取乐)的机会 13. experience n. vt.经验, 体验, 经历, 阅历 n.(u)经验;实践 the knowledge and skill that you have gained through doing sth for a period of time; the process of gaining this ☆gain (valuable )experience in 在...获得(宝 贵)经验 ☆learn by [from, through] experience 从经验 中学到[懂得] ☆have over ten year’s teaching experience 有 十多年的教学经验 ☆be thoroughly [poorly] experienced in 在... 方面十分有[缺乏]经验 ☆a doctor with experience in dealing with patients suffering from stress 在治疗受到压力


Mu 1 Unit 1 School life 的病人方面很有经验的医生 ☆extract experience from 从...中汲取经验 You have had much experience in teaching English.你教英语有很多经验。 Do you have any previous experience of this type of work?你以前干过这种工作吗? My lack of practical experience was a disadvantage. 我 缺 少 实 际 经 验 是 个 不 利 条 件。 She didn’t get paid much but it was all good experience.她得到的报酬虽然不高,但有极 好的体验。 Experience is their preparation for giving advice.经验为她们进行咨询作了准备。 Experience teaches.; Experience does it.经验 给人教训。;经验给人智慧。 E-is the mother of wisdom.[谚]经验乃智慧之 母; 实践出真知。 E-keeps a dear school, but fools learn in no other.[谚]吃亏学乖代价高, 笨汉非此学不 好。 E-keeps no school, she teaches her pupils singly.[谚]只有亲自取得的经验才是经验。 n.(u) 经 历 , 阅 历 the things that have happened to you that influence the way you think and behaves ☆man of experience 有阅历[见识]的人 ☆direct /first-hand experience of poverty 对 贫穷的直接/亲身感受 Experience has taught me that life can be very unfair.经过的事使我懂得生活可能是很不公 平的。 In my experience, very few people really understand the problem.据我的经验看,真正 理解这个问题的人很少。 She knew from past experience that Ann would not give up easily.她凭以往的经验知 道安是不会轻易放弃的。 The book is based on peronal experience.本书 是以个人经历为基础的。 n.(c(一次)经历,体验)an event or activity 一次)经历, that affects you in some way ☆ an enjoyable / exciting / unusual / unforgettable experience It was her first experience of living alone.那是 她第一次独立生活。 Living in Africa was very different from home and quite an experience.生活在非洲完全不同 于在家里,那是一次不同寻常的经历。 I had a bad experience with fireworks once.我 放烟火有过一次不愉快的遭遇。 Yesterday afternoon Frank Hawkins was telling me about his experiences as a young man."昨天下午,弗兰克.霍金斯给我讲述他 年轻时的经历。" He seem to have had some sort of religious experience.他似乎有某种宗教体验。 vt.经历,遭受 to have a particular situation 经历, affect you or happen to you Our country has experienced great changes in the last thirty years.我国在过去三十年经历 了巨大变化。 The country experienced a foreign currency shortage for several months.这个国家经历了 几个月的外汇短缺。 Eeveryone experiences these problems at some time in their lives.每个人在人生的某个 阶段都会经历这些问题。 体验; vt.-enced, -encing 体验;感受 to have and be aware of a particular emotion or physical feeling ☆ to experience pain / fear / pleasure/difficulties 感受痛苦/… ☆experience a sudden sensation of distress 忽 感一阵悲伤 Some of the students had experienced what hardships meant before they entered the university.有些大学生在进入大学之前体验 过艰苦的生活。 14. introduce vt. (与 to 连用)介绍 to tell two or more 连用) people who have not met before what each other’s name; to tell sb what your name is ☆introduce a guest into the parlour 把客人领 进客厅 ☆introduce oneself 作自我介绍 He introduced his friend to me.他把朋友介绍 给我。 We’ve alreay been introduced.我们已经认识 了。 vt.传入, 引进, 提出, 倡导;提倡;引进, 使 倡导;提倡; 入门 to make sth available for use, discussion, etc. for the first time/ to be the start of sth new ☆introduce… into 把...引进, 传入 把...列 入, 插入 ☆to introduce a new subject in a school 在学 校开设一门新课程


Mu 1 Unit 1 School life ☆introduce new techniques 采用新技术 ☆introduce a humorous note in a speech 先讲 几句幽默话作为讲演的开场白 ☆introduce a question for debate 提出一个问 题供讨论 *introduce a bill 提交议案 *introduce a probe into a wound 把探针插入 伤口 The company is introducing a new range of products this year.公司今年将推出一系列新 产品。 The new law was introduced in 1991. 这项新 法律是于 1991 年开始实施的。 We want to introduce the lastest technology into schools.我们想向学校推介最新的技术。 introduction n. introductory adj. 15. develop vi./ vt.发展, 成长,壮大 to gradually grow or 成长, become bigger, more advanced , stronger, etc; to make sth do this ☆ develop light industry 发展轻工业 ☆ develop industry and agriculture ☆ develop the productive forces 发展生产力 The child is developing normally.这孩子发育 正常。 Some children develop more slowly than others.有的儿童比其他儿童发育得慢。 He is developing into a good soldier.他在成长 为一名好战士。 The place has rapidly developed from a small fishing community into a thriving tourist resort.这地方由原来的小渔村迅速发展成一 个繁荣的旅游胜地。 She developed the company from nothing.她 白手起家。 Several industries are developing in this area. 几种工业正在这个地区发展。 Plants develop from seeds 植物由种子发育而 成。 vt.开发,研发 to think of or produce a new 开发, idea, product, etc, and make it successful The company develops and markets new software.这个公司开发并销售新软件。 vt. 发达 , 发扬 , 进步 , 逐步展开 ( 情节 , 音乐 主题,方程式等)洗印, 显影;加强/增强 ☆develop the spirit of democracy 发扬民主 精神 ☆develop one’s ability 发挥自己的才能 ☆develop one’s mind 开发智力 ☆develop one’s interest 发展在……的兴趣 ☆a developing country 发展中的国家 ☆develop a photograph/ films 冲洗照片 ☆develop the habit of … *develop a new symptom 出现新症状 Fresh air and exercise develop healthy bodies. 新鲜空气和运动能使身体健康。 *详述;规划出 详述; *to develop an idea 详细地说明一个概念 *开发,利用(土地、水利资源等) 开发,利用(土地、水利资源等) ☆develop natural resources 开发自然资源 *develop a mine 开矿 *a motor that develops 100 horse-power 一台 一百匹马力的发动机 development n. with the development of modern agriculture and industry 16. culture n.(u) 文化,文明 the customs and beliefs, art, way fo life and social organization of a particular country or group ☆ancient/human / Chinese culture 古代()文化 ☆spread culture 传播文化 ☆moral / intellectural/ physical culture 德/智/ 体育 These two countries have different cultures.这 两个国家有着不同的文化。 n. 文化(c) a country, group, etc. with its own beliefs, etc. The children are taught to respect different cultures.孩子们受到的教育叫他们要尊重不 同的文化。 ☆ the effect of technology on traditional cultures 技术对各种传统文化的影响 n. (u) 文化 art, music, literature, etc. thought of as a group ☆artistic culture 艺术修养 Venice is a beautiful city full of culture and history.威尼斯是一座具有深厚文化和历史 底蕴的美丽城市。 ☆popular culture 大众文化 ☆the Minister for Culture 文化部长 n. (c/u) 文化 the beliefs and attitudes about sth that people in a particular group or organizations share The political cultures of the United States and the United Kingdom are very different.美国的 政治观点和英国的截然不同。 A culture of failure exists in some schools.要 某些学校存在着失败文化。


Mu 1 Unit 1 School life We are living in a consumer culture.我们生活 在一种消费文化之中。 ☆company culture 企业文化 in my argument.我尽量使人不察觉到我论证 中的软肋。 An article in the newspaper caught my attention. He called their attention to the fact that many files were missing.他提请他们注意许多档案 已经遗失这一事实。 I couldn’t give the programme my undivided attention.我不能专心一意地关注这个方案。 *It has come to my attention that…我已获 悉… 关注,兴趣 interest that people show in sb/sth Please give it your attention.请对此多加关 注。 Films with big stars always attract great attention.有大明星演出的电影总是引起很大 的兴趣。 As the youngest child, she was always the centre of attention.身为幼女,她一直是大家 关注的中心。 立正 the positions soldiers take when they stand very straight with their feet together and their arms at their sides ☆to stand at/to attention 立正站着 *call to attention【军】喊立正 引起注意 used for asking people to listen to sth that is being announced Can I have your attention please?请注意听我 讲话好吗? Attention please, fellows!伙计们,请注意! Your application will have attention.你的申请 会得到考虑。 *She tried to escape the unwanted attention of her former boyfriend.她尽量避开她过去男朋 友多余的殷勤。 *She was in need of medical attention.她需要 治疗。 attend v. attentive adj. attentively adv. 18. please v.. 使高兴;使喜欢; to make sb happy 使高兴;使喜欢; ☆as you please 随你的意思, 随你喜欢 ☆please oneself 乐意怎样就怎样; 觉得高兴, 感到满意 ☆a picture that pleases the eye 一幅悦目的图 画 ☆be anxious to please sb 急于讨好某人 It's difficult to please everybody.很难使每 个人满意。 He is anxious to please.他巴不得讨好人。

教养; 教养;修养
☆a man of little culture 无教养的人

陶冶;教化; 身心的) (身心的 陶冶;教化; 身心的)锻炼与发展 (
*培育;培植;栽培 培育;培植; *the culture of grapes 葡萄栽培 细菌培养; *细菌培养;培养出来的细菌 *a culture of cells from the tumour 肿瘤细胞 的培养 *Yogurt is made from active cultures. cultural adj.有文化的 cultured adj.有修养的 17. attentionn. 注意 , 关心 , 关注 , 注意力 , (口令)立正! n.(u)专心 the act of listening to, looking at or thinking about sth/sb carefully ☆listen with attention 专心听 ☆be all attention 十分注意, 全神贯注 ☆pay attention to state affairs 关心国家大事 ☆attract to one’s attention 引起某人的注意 ☆catch one’s attention 引起某人的注意 ☆bring sth. to sb.'s attention 使某人注意某事 ☆call sb.'s attention to sth.促使某人注意某 事 ☆draw sb.'s attention to sth.促使某人注意某 事 ☆invite sb.'s attention to sth.促使某人注意某 事 ☆devote one's attention to 专心于, 对...注意 ☆focus one's attention on 把注意力集中在... ☆direct sb.'s attention to 使某人密切注意[慎 重考虑] ☆give (one's)attention to 注意; 关心 ☆center one's attention on 把注意力集中在... *attention span 一个人能集中注意力于某一 问题的时间 *engage sb.'s attention 吸引某人注意 *arrest sb.'s attention 引起某人的注意 *challenge attention 值得[需要]注意 *claim attention 值得[需要]注意 He turned his attention back to the road again. 他把注意力转回到道路上。 Small children have a very short attention span.幼儿的注意力持续时间很短。 Please pay attention to what I am saying.请注 意听我讲的话。 She tried to attract the waiter’s attention. I tried not to draw attention to the weak points


Mu 1 Unit 1 School life *There is just no pleasing some people.有些 人你是没法让他们满意的。 取悦,选择;喜欢( 取悦,选择;喜欢(常用于 as, what, where The decision could be one he lives to regret.这 一决定也许会令他终身遗憾。 I have done a wonderful life. I don't ~ a thing. *He died regretted by all.他死了, 大家深感 痛惜。 I regret spending so much money on a car.我 后悔在一辆小汽车上花这么多钱。 To this day I do not regret having made that remark./ what I said 说了这话, 我至今不后 悔。 used to say in a polite or formal way that you are sorry or sad about a situation I regret (to say) that...我很遗憾...; 很抱歉... It is to be regretted that ...使人遗憾的是...; 真可惜... I regret to tell you that my friend is ill.遗憾地 告诉你, 我的朋友病了。 I regret that I am unable to accept your kind invitation.很遗憾我不能接受你的友好邀请。 n. 悔 恨 ; 痛 惜 a feeling of sadness or disappointment that you have because of sth that has happened or sth that you have done or not done ☆feel regret 感到遗憾 ☆(much) to one’s regret 非常遗憾 ☆have no regrets about… 对……没有遗憾 ☆express regret at [for, over]对...表示可惜 [遗憾], 为...表示抱歉 ☆hear with regret of [that]听到觉得后悔[惋 惜, 失望] ☆refuse with many regrets [much regret]婉言 谢绝 ☆a pang/twinge of regret He told me with regret that he could not come to the party.他很抱歉地对我说他不能来参加 这个聚会了。 Much to my regret , I'm unable to accept your kind invitation.我不能接受你盛情的邀请, 非常遗憾。 It is with great regret that I accept your resignation.接受你的辞呈我感到非常遗憾。 She expressed her regret at the decision.她对 这个决定表示望。 * (pl) 婉言辞谢 *to send one's regrets 送出辞谢的回帖 regretful adj.悔恨的 regrettable 令人遗憾的 20. inform vt., vi. 通 知 ; 告 诉 to tell sb about sth., especially in an official way

Will you please give me that book?请你把那 本书给我好吗? Go there as you please.你想去那里就去那 里。 She always does exactly as she pleases.她总 是我行我素。 Come and stay as long as you please.来吧!你 喜欢住多久就住多久。 I am free now to live wherever I please.我现 在想住哪里就住哪里。 使高兴;使喜欢; pleased, pleasing 使高兴;使喜欢;取悦 be easily pleased 容易说话 be pleased in 欢喜 be pleased to (do)乐意; 承蒙; 肯 be pleased with 喜欢 make sb pleased 使某人十分满意 I am pleased that you have a new job.我很高 兴你有了一个新工作。 He is pleased with his new job.他对新工作很 满意。 int.(礼貌用语)请 礼貌用语) A cup of tea, please.请来一杯茶。 Please bring your book to me.请把你的书带 给我。

用来使请求更有力) (用来使请求更有力)对不起
Please, sir, I don't understand.对不起,先生, 我不懂。 Oh, please! You cannot be serious.喔,算了 吧!你准是在打哈哈。 *if you please 请, 劳驾; 对不起 你看多奇 怪; 竟然 *The missing letter was in his pocket, if you please!丢失的信竟然在他的口袋里, 你看怪 不怪! *please me 看在我面上 *Children, please! I am trying to work.孩子 们,别闹了!我在干活哪! 19. regret vt.-tt- 遗憾 ;抱歉 惋惜,以失去 …而遗憾 遗憾; 惋惜,以失去… to feel sorry about sth you have done or about sth that you have not been able to do ☆regret to do sth 很遗憾地做某事 ☆regret doing sth 后悔做过某事 I regret my ignorance on the subject.我很遗憾, 对此问题一无所知。


Mu 1 Unit 1 School life ☆inform sb of …通知某人…… ☆be informed of 听说; 接到...的通知 *be rightly informed 得到正确的[错误的] 知识[情报] *be wrongly informed 得到正确的[错误的]知 识[情报] ☆be well informed about sth.精通某事; 对某 事消息灵通 ☆keep sb. informed of 随时向...报告情况 I beg to inform you that ...谨通知... Pleases inform us of any changes of address. 地址有变请随时通知我们。 I have been reliably informed that the couple will marry next year.我得到可靠消息说他们 明年结婚。 The headmistress informed us that the school would be closed for one day next week.女校 长告诉我们下星期学校将停一天课。 The sales manager asked his men to inform him of everything concerning the sales in time. 销售部经理让他手下的人把关于销售量的 情况及时报告他。 连用) 向警方) (向警方 (常与 against, on 连用) 向警方)告发 ( *inform against sb.告发某人, 检举某人 *inform on sb.告发某人, 检举某人 *inform upon sb.告发某人, 检举某人 *Breath informs the body.呼吸给身体以活 力。 *Religion informs every aspect of their lives. 宗教影响着他们生活的各个方面。 *We need time to inform ourselves thoroughly of the problem.我们需要时间对这个问题有 个透彻的了解。 *These poems are informed with sincerity.这 些诗篇充满真挚的感情。 information n.信息 21. run 管理 manage, to be in charge of a business ☆run a school 办一所学校 Stop trying to run my life. 别想老操纵我的 生活。 ☆a badly-run company 经营不善的公司 ☆state-run industries 国家经营的行业 vi., vt.ran, run, running 跑;奔 to move fast on foot He ran across the road.他跑过马路。 She came running to meet us. 她跑着来迎接 我们。 参加赛跑 to take part in a race He will be running in the 100 metrees tonight. to run the marathon 机器)转动, (机器)转动,运转 to operate or function The engine runs well.发动机运转良好。 This machine is not running correctly.这台机 器运转得不正常。 She had the chainsaw running.她开动了链锯 His life always run smoothly before.她以前的 生活一直很稳定。 迅速移动; 迅速移动;迅速行驶 I'll run the car into town.我会把汽车迅速开进城里。 He ran his eyes down the list.他的眼睛迅速 地在名单上扫了一下。 The car ran down the hill.汽车迅速驶下山 岗。

公共车辆) (公共车辆)行驶
The buses run every ten minutes.公共汽车每 10 分钟一班。 流动 The river has run dry.这条河已经干涸 了。 流出液体 Your nose is running.你在流鼻涕。 The well has run dry.水井已干涸了。 融化 The butter will run if you put it near the fire.如果你把黄油放近火旁,就会融化。 延伸; 延伸;继续 The road runs beside the river.这 条路沿着河边延伸。 偷运; 偷运;走私 to run drugs 偷运毒品 有效 The insurance runs for another month.保 险有效期还有一个月。 叙说; 叙说; The story runs like this...故事是这样 是 说的… n.饲养动物的场地 a rabbit run 养兔场 一连串 a run of bad luck 一连串恶运 下坡运动的) (下坡运动的)斜道 a ski-run 滑雪斜道 (pl) 痢疾 to have the runs 得痢疾 ☆in the long run 最后 ☆in the short run 近期内;不久 ☆run about 到处跑(孩子们)自由玩耍 ☆run across 偶然遇到 ☆run after 追逐,追踪追求(女性) ☆run along 走开,离开 ☆run around 驾车到处游逛有外遇 ☆run away(常与 from 连用)逃走,逃脱逃 避,躲开 ☆run away with 失去对…控制轻易取胜轻 易接受携…潜逃与…私奔 ☆run down(用车)撞倒 追寻;追获 ☆to run down a criminal 追缉一名罪犯 ☆run in 试车;试转 逮捕


Mu 1 Unit 1 School life ☆run into 碰撞 遇上,偶然遇到 ☆run off 让流出 ☆run on 继续 ☆run out(常与 of 连用)用光;耗尽 ☆run over(车辆)轧过,压过 ☆run through 预演,排练 rvun for president[美]参加总统竞选 ☆`run before the wind(船)顺风行驶 ☆run dry 干涸 22. approve vt. approved, approving 批 准 ; 通 过 to officially agree to a plan, proposal, request, etc The mayoress approved the new building plans.女市长批准了新建筑计划。 Congress approved the budget.国会批准了国 家预算。 The resolution was approved 82 to 16 with 18 abstentions.决议以八十二票对十六票通过, 十八票弃权。 认可; vt.认可;核准 to say that sth is good enough to be used or is correct The course is approved by the Department for Education.课程已获教育部核准。 *The teacher looked at John's work and approved it.老师看了约翰的作业表示赞许。 *His behavior under fire approved him a man of courage.他在战火中的表现证明他是一个 勇敢的人。 vi.(常与 of 连用)赞成,赞同 to think that 连用)赞成, sb/ sth is good acceptable or suitable I don't approve of wasting time.我不赞成浪费 时间。 I don't approve of smoking/ his ideas..我不赞 成抽烟/他的想法。 Her father will never approve of her marriage to you.他父亲永远不会同意她和你结婚。 He doesn’t approve of me leaving school next year.他不同意我今年离校。 approval n. upon one’s ~ 经得某人的同意 23. recently adv.最近,新近 not long ago 最近, We received a letter from him recently .他们 不久前收到了他的一封信。 Until recently they were living in York.他们不 久前还住在约克。 Things got so bad recently that he decided to go on a diet."近来情况变得如此糟糕,以致他 The company has recently acquired a new office building in central Boston.这家公司最 近在波斯顿市中心买了一幢新的办公楼。 决定节食了。" recent adj.新近的; 近来的 近代的 recent news 最近的消息 a recent acquaintance 新近的相识, 新朋友 24. require vt.required, requiring 需要 to need sth.; to depend on sb/ sth These pets require a lot of care and attention. 这些宠物需要悉心照顾。 These condition requires urgent treatment.这 种情况得紧急处理。 True marriage requires us to show trust and loyalty.真正的婚姻有赖于我们表现出信任 与忠诚。 I require two children to help me.我需要两个 孩子来帮我的忙。 The situation require that he (shoud) be present.这种情形需要他在场。 The floor requires washing.地板该洗了。

要求;使做某事;使拥有(某物)(尤指根 要求;使做某事;使拥有(某物)(尤指根 ; 据法规) 据法规)规定 to make sb do or have sth
especially because it is necessary according to a particular law or set of rules ☆do as the law requires 按法律办事 ☆It requires that ...有...的必要 ☆require sth. of sb.对某人有...的要求 ☆require sb. to do sth.要求某人做某事 ☆require doing sth(to be done)要求做 What exactly is required of a receptionist?= What are they expected to do?接待员的职责 到底是什么? The wearing of seat belts is required by law.法 律规定必须系安全带。 Hamlet is reqired reading for this course.Hamlet 是这门课程的指定读物。 Several students failed to reach the required standard.有几名学生没有达到规定的标准。 All candidates will be required to take a short test.所有候选人都要参加一次小测验。 All passengers are required to show their tickets.所有乘客都必须出示车票。 We did all that was required of us.我们做了要 求我们所做的一切。 requirement n. 要求


Unit-1-School-life - *Talk about your school life in your former school. (your school building,y...
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模块 unit1 School life (语法详案)[ - 翔宇教育集团课时
必修1 Unit 1 School life (B卷).doc
必修1 Unit 1 School life (B卷)_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。牛津版高中英语模块一第一单元复习 课后分层集训 必修 Ⅰ.阅读理解 (2017 东北三省四...
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模块1Unit 1 School life_英语_高中教育_教育专区。模块 1 Unit 1 School life Reading(语法填空) Going to a British high school for one year 1.___ a...
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Unit1 School life - Unit1 School life 、 重点词汇突破 1、experience c. 经历 u.c .经验 vt .经历、体验 Helping to p...
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Unit 1 School Life - Unit 1 School Life 【单元教材分析】 功能:谈论学校生活。 教学重点:能听懂、会说、认读并运用句型“What subjects do ...
必修1 Unit 1 School life (A卷).doc
必修1 Unit 1 School life (A卷)_高三英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。牛津英语高中模块一第一单元复习 课后分层集训 必修 Unit 1 School life (A 卷) Ⅰ....
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1_Module 1 Unit 1 School life_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高三英语复习 英语Module 1 Unit 1 School life 语言点用法过关 1 experience n. & vt....
高中英语 Unit 1 School life Welcome to the unit课件....ppt
Unit 1 Welcome to the unit School life Unit 1 课件描述: 先谈论他们已体验到的或是期待中的高 中生活,从学校设施、在校时间安排、学习 任务、和教师和同学...
UNIT1 SCHOOL LIFE单元教案_职业规划_求职/职场_实用文档。UNIT1 SCHOOL LIFE单元教案 step 1 greetings step 3. presentation step 6 extension step 7 summary ...
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18版:(江苏)Unit 1 School life - Ⅰ.高考单词→识记 思考 运用 1.核心词汇 ①___ adj.一般的,普通的 ②___ n.难事;斗争;努力 ....
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牛津译林版必修一Unit1 School life教案_高一数学_数学_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 1School life Teaching aims of the whole unit: 1.Develop students’ability of...
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英语:unit1school life》教案(译林牛津版必修1)_其它课程_初中教育_教育专区。英语:unit1school life》教案(译林牛津版必修1) ...
高一英语教案:Unit1 School life教案.doc
高一英语教案:Unit1 School life教案_英语_高中教育_教育专区。高一英语教案:Unit1 School life 教案 高一英语教案:Unit1 Shl life 教案 Unit 1 Shl life ...
17-18版 第1部分 必修1 Unit 1 School life.doc
17-18版 第1部分 必修1 Unit 1 School life_理化生_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 1 School life Ⅰ.写作单词会拼写 1.earn 2.average 3.struggle vt. adj...
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高一英语unit1 school life_从业资格考试_资格考试/认证_教育专区。Unit 1 School life . 根据首字母提示并用正确形式填空,完成下列句子。 1. He has taught ...
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牛津M1 Unit1 School life教案_英语_高中教育_教育专区。牛津高一M1 U1教案 Unit1 School life Period one Welcome to the unit I.Teaching aims: 1 To find ...
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Unit 1 School life 学校生活 - Unit 1 School life 学校生活 点击进入相应模块 话题之校园学习 三年6考 [2011 全国卷Ⅰ ]假定你是李...
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教师版2015高考必修一Unit 1School life_高一英语_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Book1 Unit 1 School life B卷 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.(2014 苏南五校高三联考)We don'...
高考英语一轮复习 Unit 1 School life单元检测(必修1).doc
高考英语轮复习 Unit 1 School life单元检测(必修1)_其它课程_高中教育_教育专区。高考英语轮复习 Unit 1 School life单元检测(必修1) ...