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2012高一英语精品学案:Module1 整单元 (外研版必修4)(有答案)

Book 4 Module 1 Life in the future
Period I I. Word study concret 材料 娱乐,消遣 outpatient II.Teaching steps 1. Introduction: Exercise 1. 2. on P1 2. Reading and vocabulary: Exercise 3.4.5 on P3 III. choose the best answer 1. In the future, it is certain that . 替换的 landfill 开关 乐观的 预测 catalogue surgery 首先 May.

A. wind power 6. Everyone will be given a A. telephone

B. steel

C. coal

D. All of above

at birth that will never change no matter where they live. C. ID card D. telephone number

B. computer

IV. Fill in the blanks Part1: The city of the future
1. the environment will become very important. and waste fewer natural resources. .

2. We will use lots of 3. We’ll have to rely on

Part2: The ideas of the university students.
1. Garbage ships are used to pervert 2. Smoking will be possible only 3. Police will arrest criminals by 4. The 5. The city will 6. All cars will be 7. Distance . 8. People with 9. cities, and . will never change. all forms of by will become common. will be able to go anywhere in the world. by ordinary citizens will be common. . and wind. . .

A. care for the environment will become very unimportant. B. no smoking will be allowed within a future a future city’s limits. C. people will waste more natural resources. D. the cities are going to get bigger before they get smaller. 2. Which of the following materials can not be recycled? A. plastic and aluminium C. paint and building rubbish B. steel and glass D. wood and paper

3. According to the text, the following statements are true except

A. it is very common for ordinary citizens to travel in space in the future. B. smoking will be forbidden in the future. C. the future police will arrest criminals by firing nets. D. the future cars will not be powered by gasoline any more. 4. In the text, “ free of charge” means A. you have to pay much money C. sth needs spending much money B. sth cost little D. you don’t have to pay money .

V. Read the text, choose Ture or False questions. 1. In the future, police will arrest criminals by firing guns( ) )

2. In the future, smoking will be possible only inside cities and indoors.( 3. All cars will be powered by electricity, solar energy or wind.( )

4. Senior citizens and people with disabilities will be unable to go any where.( 5. Traveling in space by ordinary citizens will be common.( )


5. We will also have to rely more on alternative energy, such as solar and

Book 4 Module 1
Period II Language Points 1. what will the city of the future ①What is he like? ②What is he like? ③What does he like most? ④How do you like/ find it? Answer. ① 2. for certain= ② ?

Life in the future
Apr. 5.

—Would you

a cup of tea?

—No, thanks all the same. A. care of B. care for C. care about D. care with

run out vi. 结束、终止、到期 其主语常是 run out of vt. 将?用完 —Have we —Yes food? we’d better buy some. B. run out of; our food has run out. D. run out; our food has run out. 其主语常是

a. He is kind-hearted b. It is terrific! c. He is tall with thick glasses. d. He likes music most ③ ④

A. run out of; we have run it out. C. run out of; our food has been run out. 6. rely vi 依靠、依赖

肯定的,有把握的 here an hour.

他肯定会在一个小时内到达的。He will 拓展: make sure of / about / that be sure to do / of doing/ sth

rely on sb/ sth rely on one’s efforts 7. alternative n. 可供选择的事物 alternative energy

rely on sb to do sth

eg: 1) Before you leave you’d better make sure the lights are switched off. 2) I think he is sure to succeed. 3. risky adj 冒险的 一次冒险的行动

adj. 可代替的 .

have no alternative but to do…..__________________ 8. To find out what?,a teacher at?in the year2005. (1) to find out?urban life 是不定式作目的状语,位于句首时,用逗号与句子隔开。 (2) what?life 和 how?2025 两从句分别是 what t how 引导的 . 和 宾语。 从句,分别作

拓展:risk vt. 冒?的危险 他们知道他们冒着被捕的危险(risk doing) They knew they risked at risk at the risk of take a risk 4. 在将来,随着地球资源的枯竭,关注环境将会变得非常重要。 译: , earth’s natural resources the environment will become very important .

3)run v. run for the president run a factory n. in the long run 9. get rid of 除掉,处理掉,摆脱 他伤风老是不好。He can’t 10. fire. n. 火,射击 A fire broke out last night. his cold.

care n/v. eg. a mother’s care for her children care for 喜欢,照顾,想要 care about 在乎,关心

v. 射击,解雇 He was fired for stealing money from the company. 11. limit n/v 限度、限制 limited 有限的 limitless 无限的 with/ with out limit

eg. I tried my patience to its limit. There is a limit to one’s life, but there is no limit to studying. 12 command ①n. 命令,指令 你最好服从老师的命令。You must ②v. 命令,指挥 command sb to do sth. 老师命令我不准迟到。The teacher ③command that?(that 从句要用 should +do, should 可省) 13. charge n. ①费用,价钱 free of charge ②主管、责任 in charge of in the charge of take chare of take the charge of ③指控、控告 drop the charges against you v. ①收费,标价 那家旅馆向我收费 10 美元。 ②指控,控告:charge sb with sth 警察指控他开车疏忽。 14.attach v. ①系,贴 attach a cable ②附加,隶属,这家医院附属于那所大学。The hospital that university. ③ attach oneself to sb sth be attached to sb/ sth late. the teacher’s .

Period III. Module 1 Life in the Future
Grammar May 1. At this time tomorrow A. we’re going to fly C. we’ll fly over the Atlantic. B. we’ll be flying D. we’re to fly my guests in my office. D. will have met

2.—I’ll come to attend your lecture at 10:00 to morrow. —I’m sorry, but by then my lecture will have ended and I A. being met 3. The train A. went —Sorry, but I A. am having 5. Look at the clouds A. It'll rain --Oh, so I have. A. I'll go 6.--You have left the light on. and turn it off. B. I've gone C. I go D. I'm going , so please don't make any noise when you come in. B. shall have slept D. shall be sleeping at the present speed until it reaches Qingdao at about nine o'clock tonight. B. is going C. goes D. will be going here for four years. D. studies C. will study even better. D. is getting C. will not be; lands D. is ; lands B. will meet B. is going C. will be meeting C. goes

at the present speed until it reaches the foot of mountain at 9. D. will be going

4. —I will call at your house at 7 this evening. a very important meeting at that time. B. has had . B. It's going to rain C. It'll be raining D. It is to rain C. have D. will be having

7. By the time you arrive home, I A. shall have been sleeping C. shall sleep 8. Our car A. went

9. When she graduates from the university this summer, Mary A. will be studying A. gets 11. It 12. We B. got long before China at six o'clock, and hope B. will have studied C. has got B. is; will land 10. The traffic in our city is already good and it

on the moon. most of the journey by lunch time. B. are leaving; to do

A. will not be; will land A. are leaving; to have done

C. left; to have done A. turns up 14. Because the shop A. has closed down next year. A. has been completed C. will have been completed 16. What do you think our parents A. are doing --I A. had to B. will do B. has turned up

D. leave; to be doing some day. C. will turn up C. is closing down D. is going to turn up D. had closed down

26.—Would you like to go to our school to study next year? —I —I —oh, I’m sorry, mom I important meeting then. (study) in Australia next gear. (type)in my office. (do) it right now. (have) an 27.—What will you be doing at 13:00 tomorrow? 28.—I thought I had asked you to post the letter. 29. You’d better not phone the manager between 7 and 8 tomorrow evening; he

13. Don't bother to look for my dictionary—it

,all the T-shirts are sold at half price. B. closed down for the Beijing Olympics by

15. The mayor of Beijing says that all construction work B. has completed D. will have completed when we get home? C. have been doing

D. will be doing

17.--Tom, you didn't come to the party last night? ,but I suddenly remembered I had homework to do. B. didn't C. was going to your homework now? B. Shouldn't you be doing D. Will you be doing D. wouldn't

Period IV. Cultural Corner
May. I. Read the text, and finish the following True or False questions. 1)All the predictions in the text are wrong( ) )

18.--Turn off the TV, Jack. A. Should you be doing C. Couldn't you be doing 19.--The last one -- Agreed ! A. arrived A. did you go A. have arrived B. arrives

--Mum, just ten more minutes, please.

2)By the year 2000 a robot shaped like a box had been produced.( 3) People now won’t use keys any more( ) )

pays the meal. C. to arrive C. were you C. had arrived past your house anyway. C. had come in no time. C. were sold D. would sell D. have come D. arriving ? at the New Theatre. D. arrive D. had you been

4) Many computers are needed in the world market.( 5) Guitar music hasn’t died out yet.( II. Language Points 1. Not all predictions come true. )

20. When I called you this morning, nobody answered the phone. Where B. have you gone B. arrived 21. The play had already been on for quite some time when we 22.--It was really very kind of you to give me a lift home. --Oh, don't mention it. I A. was coming A. sold 24. I —We B. will come

1)这是一个部分否定的句子。此句中的 not all 为部分否定,意为“不是所有的” eg. Not all the students went to the movie. =Some students didn’t go to the movie. 2) 如果全部否定应该用 none. None of the students went to the movie。没有一个学生去看电影。

23. The flowers were so lovely that they B. had been sold

(have) my English lesson in our class at 9 tomorrow morning. (have) a sports meet next Sunday?

25.— Are you going to your home town next Sunday?


2. prediction n. 预言


It is predicted that? make a prediction 3. in progress 在进行中 不要说话,考试正在进行。 4. on the way out. 即将被淘汰 你必须努力学习,否则就会被淘汰。You must work hard . 5.shape. v. 塑造,成形,发展 clay 将泥土塑成罐子。 a pot clay a pot you will Examination is

他早期的生活确定了他的未来。His early life n.形状、性质、特点 out of shape in?shape

一、单项选择题(10 分) 13.They continued handing out the food to the natives until there was ____left. A. nothing B. none C. no one D. no any 14.When he came to, he found himself ___ in hospital. A. lay B. was lying C. lain D. lying 15.I think it is the best use ___ this money. A. made of B. made up of C. is made of D. is made up of 16.---Will you lend me some paper? -----Sorry, mine _______. A. were used up B. ran out C. has been run out D. has given out 17.Don’t stop trying. You’ll be sure_____. A. success B. successful C. of succeeding D. to succeed 18.---I have just had my watch repaired. ---How much did they ____ for that? A. cost B. charge C. spend D. consider 19.These events helped to ____ her future career. A. influence B. effect C. affect D. shape 20.----Good morning. Can I help you? ---- I’d like to have this package ____ , Madam. A. weighted B. to be weighed C. to weight D. weighed 21.There is a limit ___ how much I’m prepared to spend. A. of B. for C. to D. with 22.When did this word come into common _____ ? A. service B. existence C. effect D. use 二、 完形填空 (30 分) Future World It’s Friday morning in the year 2025, and you’re running late. You got distracted watching the music video that was playing in the corner of your 23 mirror while you were 24 your teeth. How will you get to your office at Mega Giga Industries on time? A quick check of your Internet-connected refrigerator magnet 25 you your train which travels at speeds up to 250 miles an hour 26 it electromagnetically hovers (悬浮) above its guide track- is a bit behind schedule, too, 27 you decide to drive your environmentally-friendly hydrogen fuel cell car instead - 28 , let your car 29 you. It’s

to know the way, and it will get you there without speeding, getting lost, 31 crashing. Settling into your 32 chair, which changes color to 33 what you’re wearing, you pick up 34 morning’s newspaper. Printed on 35 electronic paper, it instantly rewrites itself with today’s headlines. Now it’s time you 36 your big meeting. Uh-Oh! You’ve 37 your handwritten notes at home. No problem. The digital ink pen you used has stored an electronic copy of what you 38 . Your wristwatch videophone suddenly rings. Your best friends’s face 39 on the organic screen 40 what you’re doing this weekend. Will you slap on your 3-D contact lenses (隐形眼 镜)and play virtual (虚拟的)soccer with the U.S. Olympic team? No, no. Your friend says , so you have to take the new nanotube(纳米)lift 60,000 miles into space. Could this scene really 41 in just a couple of decades?The researchers who are currently developing all this stuff think so. These gadgets may be as 42 in 20 years as cell phones and DVD players are today. 23.A. bedroom B. kitchen C. bathroom D. sitting room 24.A. setting B. cutting C. brushing D. showing 25.A. tells B. informed C. introduces D. says 26.A. as B. that C. since D. because 27.A. Though B. But C. So D. Yet 28.A. above all B. after all C. or rather D. all in all 29.A. drive B. fetch C. ride D. carry 30.A. told B. improved C. driven D. programmed 31.A. and B. or C. so D. but 32.A. home B. office C. car D. train 33.A. match B. satisfy C. suit D. fit 34.A. Sunday B. today C. tomorrow D. yesterday 35.A. reusable B. suitable C. clean D. new 36.A. are holding B. held C. are to hold D. hold 37.A. fetched B. left C. forgot D. put 38.A. has written B. wrote C. writing D. are writing 39.A. takes B. leans C. smiles D. appears 40.A. asking B. asks C. to ask D. asked 41. A. be taken place B. take place C. were happened D. will occur 42.A. popular B. rare C. common D. ordinary 三、阅读理解 (16 分) A


The purpose of the information superhighway is to provide remote electronic banking, schooling, shopping , taxpaying, chatting ,game playing, video conferencing, movie ordering and medical diagnosing. Here’s what it won’t do: It won’t remove the need to shop at stores, drive a car, visit friends, or do most of the things you normally do now. It might make many things you do easier and more convenient. Movies you now can get only at video stores will be available on your TV 24 hours a day. The information superhighway will carry all kinds of personal matters from your tastes in movies to your buying habits. How this information will be protected is one of the great unknowns. Computer hackers represent another threat. Last February, high-tech marauders were able to steal thousands of passwords from Internet; this would allow them to read hundreds of personal files, including E-mail. Such a break-in could result in anything from a small inconvenience to a loss of privacy. On the other hand, computerized system gives financial institutions and police stations much better tools for picking out patterns of criminal behavior. 43.According to the passage, the information superhighway can help do the following except ______.A. medical service B. conversation C. going out dining D. education 44. What can we learn from the passage ? A. With the information superhighway there is no need for us to shop at stores. B. It is not impossible to do shopping through the information superhighway. C. The information superhighway can operate on patients in hospital. D.The information superhighway will do most of the things you normally do now. 45.The best title of the passage is _____________. A. The advantages of the information superhighway. B. The information superhighway C. The disadvantages of the information superhighway. D. What the information superhighway can’t do. 46.From the passage we can infer that_________. A. it is hard to protect the privacy of superhighway users B. superhighway has a thousand passwords C. financial institutions can deal with criminal behavior D. nobody knows your buying habits from the superhighway B It is the year 3000. I come to a place where I can’t see any water, plants or animals but black

clouds in the sky and sand everywhere. It’s very dry so I drink some water that I carry with me. A native sees what I do and asks “What is it?” I pour some water and tell him it’s called water. “ Oh, I’m so lucky that I can see water! the man shouts in an excited voice.“You have never seen water? ” But how can you live without water? ” I ask. “Harry, get up, it is 7 o’clock, or you will be late!” a voice comes to my ears. “Oh! What a strange dream I dreamed just now!” In class, I always think of that dream. And I also think of the fresh air, clean water, blue sky, green plants and animals in our world nowadays. How beautiful our life is! But in order to make more money, people have built more and more factories. These factories send out waste smoke and water with chemicals which are harmful to the environment. The pollution is becoming worse and worse, and as a result, some animals and plants die out. With the development of agriculture, farmers spray aerosol and fertilizer, which also pollute the water and air. In the street the cars and buses are sending out heavy smoke which pollutes the air badly. Even tourism is harmful to the environment. When some tourists travel somewhere, they throw the plastic bags and rubbish onto the ground. These behaviors are polluting the environment and the environment will become the greatest problem of the world. We shouldn’t pollute the environment any more. Otherwise more and more animals and plants will disappear. And maybe my dream will come true in the future. 47.In the place I come to, I can’t see _______. A. plants B. man C. clouds D. sand. 48.From the passage we can infer Harry is the name of _____. A. a dog B. one of the author’s friends C. the author’s sister D. the author 49.The author ____ the environment of the future. A. is satisfied with B. is worried about C. is angry about D. has an optimistic attitudes towards 50.From the passage, we can conclude ____ is the cause of the polluted environment. A. cars and buses B. fertilizer C. tourism D. man 四、书面表达(20 分) 根据表格提示,请你以“Our Future Space School”为题,写一篇 100 词左右的文章,介绍给公 元 2600 年太空定居者(settler)提供义务教育。要求不能逐字翻译,语句连贯,覆盖所有信息。 Its name Its location Its courses Its equipment Its purpose (as you like) Between two new planets Astronomy,maths,geography,art,etc. Hi-tech machines Offering free education

Ⅴ.F F T F T Keys I. 1. to make 2. for free 3. Hopefully, years’ 4. interest in 5.not realized II. 6. within a, limit 7. free of charge 8. get rid of 9.under commander of 10. shaped partly 11.ran out of 12. for sure III. 13. B 14.D 15.A 16.D 17.D 18.B 19.D 20. D 21C 22.D IV. 23.C 24.C 25. A 26. A 27. C 28.C 29. A 30.D 31.B 32. B 33.A 34 D 35.A 36.B 37.B 38.B 39.B 40.A 41. B 42. C V. 43.C 44. B 45. B 46.A 47.A 48. D 49. B 50. D VI. One possible version: This is our future space school whose name is No.1 Yuancheng High School. It is set up for the early space settlers in space in AD 2600. No.1 Yuancheng High School is located between two new planets. It is equipped with all kinds of Hi-tech machines that you can’t imagine, so it’s very convenient and available for people to receive free education. What’s more, it’s free and people can take courses like astronomy, maths, art and geography. It’s open 24 hours a day. Come and join me if you want to know more about it. 答案:Ⅰ.F F F T T Ⅱ.2.predict\据预测\作出预测 3.Not talking. Examination is in progress. 4.You must work hard, or you will be on the way out. 5.shape clay into a pot\ shape a pot out of clay\His early life shaped his future.\变形\以?形状 答案: Ⅰ.混凝土\alternative\ predict\material\ 垃圾填埋池 \目录\ recreation \switch\ 外科手术 \门诊病人\ optimistic\ for a start Ⅲ.DCBDA D Ⅳ.1.1)care for 2)recycled material 3)alternative energy 2.1)landfill and environmental problems 2)outsi\outdoors 3)firing nets4)telephone number5)provide\recreation6)powered\electricity,solar energy7)surgery8)disabilities9)Traveling in space 17.1)免费 2)主管,负责\由某人负责 主管,负责\由某人负责 3)撤销对你的指控 18.1)贴标签 2)The hospital is attached to that university. 3)依附某人\依恋留恋 答案:BCDDB ADDBD CACCC DCBCC BAC 24.will be having 25.are going to have 26.am going to study 27.will be typing 28.will do 29.will be having 答案:1.插入语 陈述 do you suppose\ do you believe\imagine 2.sth\to do\sb to do sth \to have done 4.c a d b 5.for sure\He will be here for sure within an hour.\我认为他一定会成功。 6.being arrested\冒险,冒?的危险,冒险做某事 7.In the future, care for the environment will become very important as earth’s natural resources run out.\母亲对孩子的关心\B 8.物\人\B 9.依赖 \赖某人做某事\靠自己的努力 10.可替代的能源 11.2)宾语\find out\think 12.He can’t get rid of his cold. 13.unload\挑起重担\I loaded film into the cinema. 16.You’d better obey the teacher’s command.\ 命 令 某 人 做 某 事 \The teacher commanded me not to be late. 3)竞选总统\经营一个工厂\从长远来看

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2012高中英语 module1 Life in the Future2学案 外研版必修4_初三语文_语文_初中教育_教育专区。探究合作 Book 4 The City of the Future Learning paper2 ...