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高考英语--非谓语动词专练 高考英语 非谓语动词专练
一、用所给动词的正确形式填空 1. __________ a language requires time and effort. (learn) 2. __________ now seems impossible. (save money) 3. ---“Did you close the door?” ---“Yes, I remember __________ it.” ( close ) 4. He finished his homework, then he went on __________ a letter. ( write ) 5. The report was so __________ that they were all __________. ( inspire ) 6. Keep quiet! I hear someone ______ “ my heart will go on ”. (sing) 7. I like __________ very much, but I don’t like _________ this morning. ( swim ) 8. ---“You look pale.” ---“I feel a little __________.” ( tire ) 9. Before coming to London, he had never heard a single English word __________. ( speak) 10.“The picture writing” __________ long long ago is hard for us to understand today. ( draw) 11. With everything _______, I feel relaxed. ( solve ) 12. ______ more time, we could make greater achievement. ( give ) 13. It takes forty-five minutes __________ there by bus. ( get ) 14. It is not always easy __________ invitations. (refuse) 15. I’m sorry I forgot _______ your dictionary. Let’s borrow one from Li Ming. ( take ) 16. Sorry, I have something important _________. ( do ) 17. Her wish is __________ an engineer. ( become ) 18. Sorry, the professor doesn’t allow us __________ in the lecture room. ( speak) (更多细节请参考《名师指津 120、128、112 页》) 更多细节请参考《 更多细节请参考 、 、 二、巩固练习 巩固练习 1. The great hall was crowded with many people, _____ (include) many children _____(seat) on their parents’ laps. 2. It’s said that the Olympic Games _____(hold) in London in 2012 will cover more events than any other Olympics did. 3. There _____ (be) no rain for a long time, most of the crops in this area died from lacking water. 4. Yesterday a street-beggar bought a lottery ticket purposelessly, _____(make) him a millionaire overnight. 5. In the face of the big fire in October in California, many people in the fire-stricken areas moved out _____(escape ; burn) 6. Taking this medicine, if _____(continue) , will of course do good to his health. 7. The little boy still needs the _____ (remain) 20 dollars to do with some things _____(remain; settle). 8. _____ (consider) his age, the little boy read quite well. 9. _____ from the appearance, it is very peaceful; but in fact, a war will break out soon. 10. — Tom enjoys _____ (play) basketball on Sunday afternoons, doesn’t he? — Yes, he does. But what his sister enjoys _____(dance) . 11. His letter, _____(address) to the wrong number, reached me late. 12. The Space Shuttle Columbia broke into pieces over Texas as it returned to the earth on

February 1, 2003, _____ (kill) all seven astronauts aboard. 13. There are lots of places of interest _____(need; repair) in our city. 14. — What caused the party to be put off? — Tom’s _____ the invitations. 15. I was afraid _____(talk) back to my customers because I was afraid of_____(lose) them. 16. Standing on the top of the hill, I would not do anything but _____(enjoy) the flowing of the smog around me. 17. — Is Tom a good talker? — No, he never speaks to me other than _____(ask) for something? 18. I can’t get my car _____(run) on cold mornings, so I have to try _____(fill) the radiator with some hot water. 19. The drunken husband knocked against the table and sent the bowls _____(fly) in all directions before he was sent _____(sleep) by his wife. 20. When we got back from the cinema, we found the lamp _____(burn) on but the door _____(shut). 21. We found the students seated at tables and had their eyes _____(fix) on the scene of the launch of Shenzhou V spaceship. 22. A doctor can expect _____ (call) at any hour of the day or night. 23. The boy often gives a satisfactory answer to the teacher’s question, _____(think) just a minute. So he’s usually the teacher’s pet. 24. The policeman came up to the lonely house with the door ____(open), ____(stand) there for a while and then entered it. 25. I _____(drive) along the quiet road at forty miles an hour, and then an old man suddenly started to cross the road in front of me. 26. Mr. Smith was much surprised to find the watch he had had _____(repair) was nowhere to be seen. 27. What did the librarian _____ (forbid; take) out of the library? 28. — Mum, why do you give me so much popcorn? — _____ (kill) the boring time. 29. What Yang Liwei wanted to do when he got out of the spaceship was _____(share) the joy with all the Chinese. 30. When she was alone at home, Mary needed a friend with whom _____(play) with. 31. _____ (see)the big snake, the little girl stood under the tree _____(frighten) out of life. ( ) 32. The competitor never dreamed of there _____(be) a chance for him to win the first prize in the 100-meter race. 33. Please fill in the form, _____ (give) your name, address and telephone number. 34. He had a wonderful childhood, __________(travel) with his mother to all corners of the world. 35.When _____(compare) with the size of the whole earth, the highest mountain doesn’t seem high at all. 36. _____ (dress) in her best suit, the girl tried to make herself _____(notice) at the party. 37. The matter _____(relate) to your study surely requires _____(deal) with carefully.


38. Her _____(not come) back made her parents worried a lot. 39. Everything _____(take) into consideration, they believed themselves more and returned to their positions. 40. He moved away from his parents and missed them too much to enjoy the _______(excite) life in New York. 41. — What do you think of the plan? — It’s easier said than _____(carry) out. 42. Many businessmen attended the Boao Forum ( 博 鳌 论 坛 )because they knew what _____(get) from the forum. 43. There was a famous person at the party whom everyone would like _____(introduce) to themselves. 44. — Were you at home last Sunday? — Yeah! I devoted the whole day to _____ (review) the English grammar. 45. Once _____(catch; steal) at the shop, you will be dismissed immediately. 46. Prices of daily goods _____(buy) through a computer can be lower than store prices. 47. The summer vacation _____(be) over, John returned to school from his hometown. 48. _____(suppose) she can’t come, who will do the work? 49. — Is there anything you want from town? — No, thank you. But I would like to get those letters _____(mail). 50. After the guests left, she spent as much time as she could _____ (tidy) up the rooms. 三、语法填空 Freud was one of the first scientists [1]_______(make)serious research of the mind. The ( ) mind is the collection of activities [2]________(base) in the brain that involve how we act, ( ) think, feel and reason. He used long talks with patients and the study of dreams [3]___________(search) for the causes of mental and emotional problems. He also tried ( ) hypnosis. He wanted to see if [4]________ put) patients into a sleep-like condition would help ( ) ease [5]________(trouble) minds. In most cases he found the effects only temporary. Freud ( ) worked hard, although what he did might sound easy. His method involved [6]________ (sit) with his patients and [7]________ listen) them talk. He had them [8]________ talk) to about ( ) ( ) whatever they were thinking. All ideas, thoughts and anything [9]___________(enter)their ( ) mind had to be expressed. There could be no[10]________ hold) back because of fear or guilt. ( ) 四、翻译(划线部分用非谓语动词形式) 翻译(划线部分用非谓语动词形式) 1. 下班后别忘记关灯。 下班后别忘记关灯。_________________________________________________ after class. 关灯 2. 我最喜欢的运动是打羽毛球。My favorite sport is _________________________________. 我最喜欢的运动是打羽毛球。 打羽毛球 3. 她唯一感兴趣的事就是跳舞。The only thing ___________________________ is ________ . 她唯一感兴趣的 就是跳舞。 感兴趣 跳舞 4. 我后悔没听老师的忠告。I regret ________________________________________________. 我后悔没听老师的忠告。 没听老师的忠告 5. 我将非常感激您今天下午给我回电 I really appreciate___________________ __________. 我将非常感激您今天下午给我回电 6. 我真的无法忍受被他指责。_____________________________________________________. 我真的无法忍受被他指责。


7. 由于不知道该干什么,他就去向老师求助。_______________________________________. 由于不知道该干什么,他就去向老师求助。 8. 9. 很久没见到她, 很久没见到她,我很想念她。 我很想念她。___________________________________________________. 预留的座位在哪? 预留的座位在哪?____________________________________________________________. 座位在哪

10. 站在山顶上我们可以看到全城 站在山顶上我们可以看到全城._________________________________________________. 我们可以看到全城 11. 他们正在讨论的话题是什么?__________________________________________________. 他们正在讨论的话题是什么? 正在讨论的话题是什么 12. 他们中有些人,生长在乡村,从未看过轮船______________________________________. 他们中有些人,生长在乡村,从未看过轮船 13.听到这个消息,他们高兴的跳了起来。__________________________________________. .听到这个消息,他们高兴的跳了起来。 高兴的跳了起来 14.建于公元前 490 年的这座寺院,已有 1500 千年的历史。___________________________. . 寺院, 千年的历史。 15. 干完活后 工人们停下来休息。__________________________________________________. 干完活后,工人们停下来休息。 工人们停下来休息 16. 和你相比 我们还有很长的路要走。_____________________________________________. 和你相比,我们还有很长的路要走。 我们还有很长的路要走 17. 有人看见他在树下看书 有人看见他在树下看书._______________________________________________________. 他在树下看书 18. 只要给机会 我们会做的更好。_________________________________________________. 只要给机会,我们会做的更好。 我们会做的更好 我有一个朋友叫约翰 19.我有一个朋友叫约翰 我有一个朋友叫约翰.__________________________________________________________. 20.他走出房间,身后跟着他忠实的小狗。___________________________________________. 他走出房间,身后跟着他忠实的小狗。 他走出房间 五、翻译下列句子并组合成一篇基础写作。 翻译下列句子并组合成一篇基础写作。 用英语写一篇关于四川地震的简介: 用英语写一篇关于四川地震的简介: 一场特大地震袭击了四川省,造成了成千上万人无家可归。 ① 2008 年 5 月 12 日,一场特大地震袭击了四川省,造成了成千上万人无家可归。 大量的人员受伤 甚至丧命 ( 受伤, 丧命。 ② 大量的人员受伤,甚至丧命。 injure, kill) ) 为了营救那些受困和被埋的人 政府及时采取有效的措施,派遣士兵到受灾地区。 那些受困和被埋的 ③ 为了营救那些受困和被埋的人,政府及时采取有效的措施,派遣士兵到受灾地区。 听到这个消息后,全世界的人们都联合起来去帮助他们。 联合起来去帮助他们 ④ 听到这个消息后,全世界的人们都联合起来去帮助他们。 尽管失去了一切,但他们正努力去克服重重困难 重建家园。 去克服重重困难, ⑤ 尽管失去了一切,但他们正努力去克服重重困难,重建家园。 ? 参考词汇: 袭击:hit/strike 受灾地区 the earthquake-stricken area 参考词汇: 袭击: 受灾地区: ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________


答案 一、填空 1. Learning 2. Saving money 3. closing 4. writing 5. inspiring, inspired 6. singing 7. swimming, to swim 8. tired 9. spoken 10. drawn 11. solved 12. Given 13. to get 14. to refuse 15. to take 16. to do 17. to become 18. to speak 二、加强练习 1. including; seated 2. to be held 3. being. 4. to make 5. to escape being burned 6. continued if continued 7. remaining; 8. Considering 9. Judging 10. playing; is to dance。11. having been addressed 12. killing。 needing to be repaired 13. 14. delaying sending 15. to talk; losing 16. enjoy 17. asked 18. running; filling 19. flying; to sleep 20. burning; shut 21. fixed 22. to be called 23. having thought 24. open; stood 25. was driving 26. repaired 27. forbid to be taken 28. To kill 29. to share 30. to play 31. Seeing; frightened。32. being 33. giving 34. traveling 35. compared 36. Dressed; noticed 37. relating; dealing 38. not coming 39. taken 40.exciting 41. carried out 42. to get 43. to be introduced 44. reviewing 45. caught stealing 46. bought 47. being 48. Supposing 49. mailed 50. tidying 三 、 语法填空 1. to make 2. based 3. to search 4. putting 5. troubled 6. sitting 7. listening 8. talk 9. entering 10. holding 四、翻译 1. Don’t forget to turn off the lights after work. them? 2. My favorite sport is playing badminton. 12. Some of them, born and brought up in rural 3. The only thing she is interested in is dancing. villages, had never seen a ship. 4. I regret not having followed the teacher’s 13. Hearing the news, they jumped with joy. advice. 14. The temper built in 490 BC has a history of 5. I would appreciate your calling back this over1500 years. afternoon. 15. Having finished the work, the workers 6. I really can’t stand being blamed by him. stopped to have a rest. 7. Not knowing what to do, he turned to his 16. Compared with you, we still have a long teacher. way to go. 8. Not having seen her for a long time, I miss 17. He was seen reading under the tree. her very much. 18. Given a chance, we would do it better. 9. Where are the reserved seats? 19. I have a friend called John. 10. Standing on the top of the mountain, we can 20. He went out of the room, followed by his see the whole city. honest little dog. 11. What’s the subject being discussed by 五、写作 ? On May 12th,2008, a worst earthquake struck Sichuan Province,causing thousands of people homeless. A great number of people were injured or even killed. To rescue the trapped and buried people, the government immediately took effective measures, sending the soldiers to the earthquake-stricken areas. Hearing the terrible news, the people all over the world came together to help them. Although having lost everything, they are trying their best to overcome all kinds of difficulties and rebuild their home.


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