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【成才之路】2014-2015高中英语人教版必修4同步练习:Unit 1 Section]

Unit 1 Section 1
Ⅰ.单词拼写 1.She is a little girl, but she b______ as if she were an adult. 2. On summer afternoons, his parents sit in the s______ of the large tree drinking tea and chatting. 3.Tom and Jim are good friends and they are joined by b______ of friendship. 4.I hope this success will i______ you to greater efforts. 5.To be o______ is to express your opinions honestly and directly. 6.I ________ (尊重) his views, although I do not agree with them. 7.Hundreds of passengers ________ (挤满) the entrance of the hall. 8.He likes ________ (观察) the night sky in summer. 9.The bridge is strong enough to ________ (支撑) the heavy lorries. 10.It's not ________ (值得) spending time on him. 答案:1.behaves 6.respect 2.shade 3.bonds 4.inspire 5.outspoken 10.worthwhile


8.observing 9.support

Ⅱ.用所给短语的适当形式填空 move off, lead a hard life, argue sb. out of, show respect for, crowd in on, in support of, work out, wake up 1.The troops ________ at dawn. 2.The old couple ________ in the past. 3.The youth should ________ the old people. 4.She ________ leaving his job. 5.He came here specially ________ me. 6.The thought of missing home ________ the little girl. 7.Every morning when you ________, decide to make that day the most important day. 8.We'll have to ________ how much food we'll need for the party. 答案:1.moved off 2.led a hard life 3.show respect for 4.argued him out of

5.in support of 6.crowded in on 7.wake up Ⅲ.单项填空 1.—Is that book worth________? —Yes, it is worthy________twice. A.reading; being read B.to read; to be read C.of being read; reading D.reading; of being read 答案:D worth 习惯句式为 be worth doing,而 worthy 则常用于句式 be worthy to be done 或 be worthy of being done 中,表示“值得做”之意。 2.A man dressed in a black coat was observed______the house and later the owner found all the valuable things______. A.entering; stealing C.to enter; stealing B.to enter; stolen D.enter; to be stolen 8.work out

答案:B 在主动语态情况下接动词原形作宾语补足语的动词,用于被动语 态时往往要添加上 to;第二空中 all the valuable things 与 steal 之间为被动关系。 3 . (2012· 浙 江 )Armed with the information you have gathered, you can ________ preparing your business plan. A. set out C. set off B. set about D. set up

答案:B 本题考查动词短语的用法。句意:用你所收集的信息武装自己, 你可以着手准备你的商业计划了。 set out to do sth.与 set about doing sth.意义一致, 都是“着手干某事”。set off 出发, 动身 ;(使)开始; 引起 ;点燃, 爆炸; set up 建起,搭起。根据句子结构,B 项正确。 4.—I'm sorry, but I didn't mean________out your secret. —But you know, letting out one's secret means______one's feelings. A.to let; to hurt C.letting; to hurt B.to let; hurting D.letting; hurting

答案:B 第一句句意为“我并不是有意泄露你的秘密”,故用 mean to do sth.,第二句句意为“泄露一个人的秘密意味着伤害他”,故用 mean doing sth.。

5.They were surprised that a child should work out the problem________they themselves couldn't. A.once C.while 答案:C B.then D.if 句意:他们惊奇地发现一个孩子居然解决了这个问题,然而他们

却未能做得到。while“(对比两件事物)……而……;……然而……”。 6.Before my father moved off, he told me again and again that I should ________ the rules and regulations of the school. A.make C.remain B.watch D.observe

答案:D make“使;制造”;watch“看”;remain“剩下;逗留;保持”; observe“观察;遵守;庆祝”。句意为:在我父亲离开前,他反复地叮嘱我应 该遵守学校的规章制度。根据句意选 D 项。 7.Most people think that it is ________ to spend some time surfing the Internet, but we shouldn't be too dependent on it. A.worth C.worth of B.worthwhile D.worthy of

答案:B be worth doing/n.“值得一做/值得……”;be worthy to be done/of being done“值得做”;It is worthwhile to do.../doing...“做某事是值得的”。句 意为:大部分人认为花费一些时间上网是值得的,但是我们不应该太依赖它。故 选 B 项。 8.Only when we lost what we had ________ how much we loved it. A.we realized C.did we realize 答案:C B.we did realize D.realized we


从句”位于句首,主句用部分倒装结构。句意为:只有当我们失去了我们所拥有 的,我们才意识到我们是多么的爱恋它。故选 C 项。 9.In my opinion, he is a(n) ________ person, that is, he says what he thinks. A.modest C.outspoken B.respectful D.easygoing



直言的”;easygoing“随和的”。句意为:依我看来,他是一个坦诚的人,也就 是说,他想到什么说什么。故选 C 项。 10.We are told to read the passage and find the sentences that ________ the argument. A.promote C.design B.show D.support

答案:D promote“促进,提升”;show“表明,出示”;design“设计”; support“支持,养活”。句意为:我们被告知阅读这篇文章并找出支持论点的句 子。故选 D 项。 11.Earth Day is a reminder that we need to care about the world we live in and that we should learn to ________ life and nature. A.respect C.care for B.look on D.admire

答案: A respect“尊重, 尊敬”; look on“看待”; care for“喜欢, 照顾”; admire“钦佩,赞美”。句意为:地球日提醒我们,我们需要关心我们生存的世 界,我们也应该学会尊重生命,尊重大自然。故选 A 项。 12.Seeing the terrible scene, many problems crowded ______ my head. A.about C.up B.out D.in

答案: D crowd about“涌向; 在……周围”; crowd out“挤出, 排挤在外”; crowd up“无此搭配”;crowd in one's head“涌入脑海”。句意为:看到那个可 怕的场面,很多问题涌入我的脑海。故选 D 项。 Ⅳ.完形填空 (2014· 山东)Charlotte Whitehead was born in England in 1843, and moved to Montreal, Canada at the age of five with her family. While __1__ her ill elder sister throughout the years, Charlotte discovered she had a(n) __2__ in medicine. At 18 she married and __3__ a family. Several years later, Charlotte said she wanted to be a __4__. Her husband supported her decision. __5__, Canadian medical schools did not __6__ women students at the time.

Therefore, Charlotte went to the United States to study __7__ at the Women's Medical College in Philadelphia. It took her five years to __8__ her medical degree. Upon graduation, Charlotte __9__ to Montreal and set up a private __10__. Three years later, she moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and there she was once again a __11__ doctor. Many of her patients were from the nearby timber and railway camps. Charlotte __12__ herself operating on damaged limbs and setting __13__ bones, in addition to delivering all the babies in the area. But Charlotte had been practising without a licence. She had __14__ a doctor's licence in both Montreal and Winnipeg, but was __15__. The Manitoba College of Physicians and Surgeons, an allmale board, wanted her to __16__ her studies at a Canadian medical college! Charlotte refused to __17__ her patients to spend time studying what she already knew. So in 1887, she appealed to the Manitoba Legislature to __18__ a licence to her but they, too, refused. Charlotte __19__ to practice without a licence until 1912. She died four years later at the age of 73. In 1993, 77 years after her __20__, a medical licence was issued to Charlotte. This decision was made by the Manitoba Legislature to honor “this courageous and pioneering woman.” 文章大意:本文主要讲述了一位传奇医生的追梦历程和无私奉献的一生。 1.A.raising C.nursing 答案:C 2.A.habit C.opinion B.teaching D.missing

整个一年中都在照顾生病的姐姐时……,nurse 意为护理。 B.interest D.voice

答案:B 夏洛特发现她对医药感兴趣。have an interest in 对……感兴趣。 3.A.invented C.offered B.selected D.started

答案:D 18 岁时,夏洛蒂结婚开始了家庭生活。start 开始。 4.A.doctor C.lawyer 答案:A 由后文可知她想成为一名医生。 5.A.Besides B.Unfortunately B.musician D.physicist



答案:B unfortunately 意为“不幸的是”,加拿大不允许女子入学。 6.A.hire C.trust 答案:D 参考上一题解析。accept 接受。 7.A.history C.medicine 答案:C 根据后文提示可知为医药大学。 B.save D.earn B.physics D.law B.entertain D.accept

8.A.improve C.design

答案:D earn 意为“获得”,获得医药学历。 9.A.returned C.spread B.escaped D.wandered

答案:A 据上文知蒙特利尔是她的家乡,学成后“返回”。 10.A.school C.clinic 答案:C 开办一个私人诊所,即 clinic。 B.wealthy D.lucky B.museum D.lab

11.A.busy C.greedy

答案:A 由下文知夏洛蒂为附近人们服务,因而很忙。 12.A.helped C.troubled B.found D.imagined

答案:B find sb. doing 发现某人一直做某事。 13.A.harmful C.broken 答案:C B.tired D.weak 接上断掉的骨头,broken 意为断掉的。 B.taken over D.applied for

14.A.put away C.turned on

答案:D 由上下文知,她曾经申请过医生执照,但被拒绝。 15.A.punished B.refused

C.blamed 答案:B 参考上一题的解析。 16.A.display C.preview


B.change D.complete

答案:D complete 意为“完成”,一所大学邀请她完成学业。 17.A.leave C.test B.charge D.cure

答案:A 由原文知她不愿离开病人去学习。leave 离开。 18.A.sell C.issue 答案:C issue 意为“颁发,发行”。 B.promised D.dreamed B.donate D.show

19.A.continued C.pretended

答案: A 由上文知, 夏洛蒂没有获得执照, 但继续行医。 continue 意为“继 续”。 20.A.birth C.wedding B.death D.graduation

答案:B 在夏洛蒂去世 77 年后,获得执照,death 意为去世。 Ⅴ.阅读理解 Mario Capecchi, 70, a scientist at the University of Utah, US, got a bonus after winning the 2007 Nobel Prize for medicine: He learned he has a younger sister. Capecchi returned to his native Italy last month and met with his halfsister Marlene Bonelli, 69, who believed Capecchi and her mother had died during World War Ⅱ. It was really more of an introduction; they were too young to remember when they were separated in the early days of World War Ⅱ. Capecchi's mother gave birth to Bonelli in 1939, when her son was learning to walk. Lucy Ramberg, who was in prison for much of the war, handed over the baby girl to friends living in Austria, where Bonelli still lives. Bonelli recognized Capecchi's name after he won the Nobel Prize in October and informed the media in Austria that the famous scientist was her brother. The newspaper Dolomiten sent Capecchi photos of Bonelli. “Looking at the pictures, it

was obviously my sister,” Capecchi said, noting she was very like his mother. With the help of an interpreter, they reunited at a hotel. “She doesn't speak English and I don't speak German, and neither of us speaks Italian, although I can get away with it in a restaurant,” Capecchi said. The reunion was another dramatic( 戏剧性的 )turn in Capecchi's life story. Capecchi was separated from his mother during World War Ⅱ . The two were reunited at the end of the war, when he was 9, and they moved to the United States. As a child in America, Capecchi started on what became a brilliant academic career. 文章大意:70 岁的美籍遗传学家马里奥· 卡佩基惊喜连连,刚刚喜获 2007 年度诺贝尔医学奖,又靠诺贝尔奖的“牵线搭桥”,终于与失散 68 年的妹妹在 意大利重逢! 1.What might be the most suitable title for the passage? A.How the Nobel Prize Winner's Sister Survived World War Ⅱ B.Mario Capecchi's Great Success in His Career C.New Nobel Prize Winner—Mario Capecchi D.Nobel Prize Winner Reunited with His Sister Lost in World War Ⅱ 答案:D 归纳标题题。纵观全文,主要讲述了诺贝尔奖获得者马里奥· 卡佩 基靠诺贝尔奖的帮助, 与失散多年的妹妹重逢一事, D 选项概括全面, 可作标题。 2 . The underlined word“bonus”in the first paragraph probably refers to________. A.the money given to Mario Capecchi B.the fame for his achievement C.the news that his sister is still alive D.the idea that he wants to look for his sister 答案: C 指代题。 根据下文冒号后的解释: He learned he has a younger sister

可推知,此处的“bonus”指的是他获知自己还有一个在世的妹妹。 3.How did the brother and sister separate from each other? A.The sister was put in prison. B.The sister was sent to Austria.

C.The brother moved to America. D.The brother left Italy with their mom. 答案: B 细节理解题。 根据第三段 Lucy Ramberg, ... handed over the baby girl to friends living in Austria...可知,Bonelli 当年是被送给奥地利的朋友了。 4.It can be inferred from the passage that Capecchi moved to America in ________. A.1938 C.1945 B.1939 D.1947

答案:D 计算题。第一段提到 Capecchi 70 岁,第二段提到 Bonelli 69 岁, 第三段提到 Bonelli 出生于 1939 年,由此可推知 Capecchi 生于 1938 年。最后一 段说到他九岁时去了美国。经计算可知,Capecchi 是在 1947 年去的美国。 5.What can be inferred from the passage? A.Mario Capecchi and his sister always knew each other. B.Mario Capecchi's mother was out of prison finally. C.Bonelli once reunited with her mother. D.When Capecchi and his sister were reunited, they could communicate very well. 答案:B 推断理解题。从第一段可知 Mario Capecchi 在获得诺贝尔奖后才 得知自己有一个妹妹,故 A 选项表述有误;C 选项在文中无提及;从倒数第二 段描述他们兄妹语言沟通不便可以推断出 D 选项表述有误;从最后一段第三句 话“Mario Capecchi 9 岁时和母亲重逢”可推断 B 选项正确。

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