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命制人: 于海 审核人: 全组成员 使用日期:2012 年 11 月 26 日 Unit1 Book3 Knowledge is power.知识就是力量。 Knowledge can change your fate and English can accomplish your future.

You cannot improve your past, but you can improve your future. Once time is wasted, life is wasted.

你不能改变你的过去,但你可以让你的未来变得更美好。一旦时间浪费了, 生命就浪费了。 Never say die.永不气馁! Action speak louder than words.行动胜于言语!

1. 教师或学生领读单词 2. 语篇领悟 An Interesting Festival 有趣的节日 The __________ ________(农业盛会) takes place after the __________(独立) Day. It is not a _________ _________(世界性的庆典). Only ________(基督徒) in Mexico ______ _______ ______(盼着) its _______(到来)for its _________ _________(宗教起源)。 Long ago, humans’ _______(祖先) were bad. They ______(欺骗) and ______ ______ _____(耍诡计) each other and never ______ _______ ______(遵守诺言)。 So God ______ ______(出现) and _______(淹毁) all their crops. Humans _______ (挨饿) day and night______ (哭泣). In order to ______ (获得) God’s _________ (原谅), a woman poet _______ ______(出发)to see God. She ________ (赞美) God and kept _________(道歉). God was moved. With his _________ (允许) humans finally had good _______ (丰收) again. , So, to ______ ______ (抹去忧伤)and _______ (提醒) themselves of the _______(信仰) in God, people began the festival. On the festival, people _______ (聚集) in open air, such as playgrounds or _______ ______ (停车场)and __________(精力充沛地) have fun with each other ______ _______ ______ (通宵达旦地) as though they were never tired. When a ______ 美女) , ( ______ _______ (打 扮) lovely clothing reads poems _____ ________ _______ (纪念) the poet, everyone ______ in _______ _______ (屏住呼吸). Then, it is the ________ (风俗) that the bone of a _______ (公鸡) head is given to her as an ________(奖励) ___________(很明显), the story is not true, but the festival is interesting. 3.单词拼写 1.Many children s to death in Africa for lack of food. 2.They thought if they held some festivals,their a would be satisfied with what they had done. 3.The colour of our n flag is red with five yellow stars on it. 4.Under the leadership of our party,we finally got i from the other countries. 5. At the beginning of the year,farmers usually have a lot of a work to do.

6.The c of some European countries are quite different from ours. 7.The w is a kind of fruit,which is quite famous in our city. 8 . I hope you will always be e when having classes. 9.Without the teacher’s p ,you cannot play with the computer in our class. 10.He cheated her,which she would never f .

Words and phrases 1. gather vt.& vi.& n.搜集; 集合;聚集;收拢,归拢 2)This Sunday, we gathered at the school gate. We were going to help the farmers in the field. When we got there, some gathered the mushrooms, some gathered in the crops, the others gathered all the things together. 总结:gather sth. together/up 把某物收集到一起 gather in the crops 收割庄稼 gather sth.(from sth.) 从??收集某物 gather experience 积累经验 2. award n. 奖;奖品 to win/ receive/get an award for something 因某事赢得/得到/获得??奖项 vt. 授予; 判定 award someone something 授予或者判定某人某事 be awarded something 被授予?? Last year, in the film festival she was nominated (提名)for the best actress award for the excellent act in a children’ film. Through her own and others’ hard work, she was awarded the s Gold Bear Award. But she hasn’t valued her fame and undertaken a crime. Finally the court awarded her damages of $5, 000. 区别: award, reward, prize, medal award: 指因成绩或贡献由政府或组织颁发的“奖”获“奖金” 。 reward: 意为回报,报酬,报应,酬劳。 prize: 奖品,奖金,战利品,捕获物。 medal: 奖章,勋章,纪念章,如金牌,银牌。 3. admire vt. 赞美;钦佩;羡慕;欣赏 At the meeting he put forward some of his good advice about building a modern new school, though he is a man of few words. I admired his self-confidence and courage and unique opinion for the problem. Besides, our school is widely admired for its excellent teaching. When he gave his speech, everybody was admiring his blue design for the new school. 4. apologize vi. 道歉;辩白 n. apology 道歉;辩白 apologize to somebody for something 因某事向某人道歉 make an apology to somebody for something 因某事向某人道歉 My son broke the farmer’s window while playing football. I criticized him hard and then he apologized to me for this. I told him that he had better go to make an apology to the farmer for breaking his window. 5. set off 出发;动身;使爆炸;引起 At 10 o’clock we set off for our homeland. Two hours later we arrived at the city located on the coast. On the street decorated with festival gifts and all kinds of flowers some children were setting off fireworks. The Spring Festival set off a wave of sales in every shop. People

everywhere were cheering up. 短语辨析: set off 出发;动身;使爆炸;引起 set out 动身;出发;着手 set aside 把??放到一边;储蓄 be set in 以??为背景 set about 着手;开始 2.remind sb. to do sth.提醒某人做某事 The picture hanging on the wall reminded me of the terrifying Second War. It would forever remind kind people not to forget that the war had brought harm and pain to the world. 重点句型:模仿造句 1.Some festivals are held to honor the dead or to satisfy the ancestors who might return either to help or to do harm. [翻译]请你今天或者明天来。 _____________________________________________________________________ 2.It is now a children’s festival,when they can dress up and go to their neighbours’ homes to ask for sweets. [翻译]春节是一个人们回家团聚的日子。 _____________________________________________________________________ 3.The country,covered with cherry tree flowers,looks as though it is covered with pink snow. [翻译]他们朋友举行的音乐会大为成功。 _____________________________________________________________________ 4.When the Goddess of Heaven knew that her granddaughter was married to a human,she became very angry and made the weaving girl return to Heaven. [翻译]我听说 Marry 要跟 Bob 结婚。 _____________________________________________________________________ 5.Finding that Zhinü was heart?broken,her grandmother finally decided to let the couple cross the Milky Way to meet once a year. [翻译]看到他那么高兴,他的妈妈情不自禁地笑了起来。 _______________________________________________________________________

The Spring Festival, also called Lunar New Year in China, is important to Chinese. On New Year’s eve, Chinese will hold a feast to celebrate. Almost all the families will turn up at the celebration. Before the feast, in memory of ancestors, old people often offer sacrifices by custom and pray in the belief that the family will have a good harvest or look forward to a promising future. On the arrival of Spring Festival, children are most pleased, as they can dress up to visit their relatives and get some lucky money. They also have a holiday to have fun with their fellows day and night. Growns-ups usually buy gifts for parents and children. And parents will forgive children’s mistakes or tricks they may have played in the past year.

1.Schools across China are expected to hire 50,000 college graduates this year as short-term teachers,almost three times the number hired last year, _______reduce unemployment pressures. (江苏高考) A.help B.to have helped C.to help D.having helped 2.It is obvious to the students _______ they should get well prepared for their future. (天津高考) A.as B.which C.whether D.that 3. It just isn’t fair;____I was working as a waiter last month,my friends were lying on the beach. (辽宁高考) A.whenever B.though C.for D.while 4.She looks forward every spring to ____ the flower-lined garden. A.visit B.paying a visit C.walk in D.walking in 5.It is widely accepted that young babies learn to do things because certain acts lead to ____. A.rewards B.prizes C.awards D.results 6. _____ is known to us all is that the old scientist,for life was hard in the past, still works very hard in his eighties. A.As;whom B.What;whom C.It;whose D.As;whose 7.Having retired from business,he now ______ himself with the welfare of the disabled and lives a meaningful life. A.associates B.occupies C.charges D.awards 8.Reportedly yesterday a group of American soldiers were walking along the road in Iraq when a bomb was ______,three of whom were killed. A.set about B.set off C.set up D.set out 9.—Why ______ you stay in the countryside,where it’s not convenient to go shopping? —But I’ve found it rather valuable for my health. A.can B.must C.may
答案: II. 1.starved 2.ancestors 3.national 4.independence 5.agrecultural 6.customs


7.watermelon 8.energetic 9.permission 10.forgive III. 1. Come either today or tomorrow please.

2. The Spring Festival is a day when people come back home to get together. 3. The concert given by their friends was a success. 4. I heard that Marry was going to get married to Bob. 5. Seeing that he was so happy,his mother couldn’t help laughing IV. CDDDA ADDB

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