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翻译练习 21 篇参考译文
答案 1 In recent years,urbanization in China has stepped into an accelerating phase. Amidst magnificent achievements,there have emerged some complicated problems. The crux is that the cities and the countryside are developing at such a rapid rate,on such a large scale,with such enormous capital, in such a vast extent that they have surpassed any historical period China has ever witnessed before. Virtually,building construction has today become a major economic pursuit in China. 2 Throughout the world 36 million people are suffering from AIDS,which is more than the whole population of Australia. At present,AIDS is the fourth leading cause of death in the whole world,and the chief culprit in Africa. In Africa,it deprives jobs of the workers,families of incomings and children of their parents. In seven African countries,more than 20 percent of the 15-to-49-year-old population is infected with HIV. 3 In today’s China,fax machines have been widely used as a popular and important modern telecommunications terminal equipment. According to a study,in 2002,China needed about 2 million fax machines,but the country only satisfied about 30% of the demand with the market dominated by the imported ones. 4 Digital cameras sold an astonishing 5.1 million throughout the US in 2000,up from 3.1 million in 1999. These cameras are getting popular for a good and simple reason:they take better pictures for less money. Digital cameras have always offered convenience. You don’t have to buy films because all your images are saved on reusable memory cards. Press the shutter and you can review your shot immediately on the LCD screen. 5 The English language is spoken or read by the largest number of people in the world for historical,political,and economic reasons. But it may also be true that the popularity of English language has much to do with some qualities and characteristics in itself. First and most important is its extraordinarily receptivity and adaptability-it has taken materials into its own vocabulary from almost all major languages in the world. 6 For years,parents and teachers got the message that children should be praised at almost any opportunity,that saying“good job”for everything they do,as they believe,helps raise their self-esteem. But many educators and child psychologists are drawing a completely different conclusion:less praise is often better for their children. 7 During the meeting, three aspects have been highlighted for special attention over next. They are:consolidate and strengthen the fundamental role of agriculture in the national economy and increase farmers’ income;readjust and optimize the industrial structure for the promotion of coordinated development of regional economies ; work hard to boost employment and the reemployment of laid-off workers,and improve the social security network. 8 In today’s world , competition among states is mainly a competition among talented professionals. Therefore, it is a decision adopted by the CPC Central Committee to fully absorb and

make use of the talented people among our overseas students and among the professionals in Hongkong,Macao and Taiwan. This will help us strengthen our competitive edge. The departments that would introduce talented people from outside are those that are exposed to increasingly fierce competition and that are open wider to the outsider world,such as banking,insurance industry, large state-owned enterprises,etc. 9 China is one of the largest countries in the world,her territory being about the size of the whole of Europe. In the vast country of ours there are large areas of fertile land which provide us with food and clothing,mountain ranges across its length and breadth with extensive forests and rich mineral deposits,many rivers and lakes which provide us with water transport and irrigation, and a long coastline which facilitates communication with nations beyond the seas. 10 Vancouver’s prosperity is attributed to the wisdom and diligence of the people living in Vancouver , including the contribution made by multi-ethnic groups. Canada is a vast , under-populated country with a land area larger than that of China and a population of less than 30 million and Vancouver is the largest multi-ethnic city in the country. Among its 1.8 million residents,half were not born locally and there is on an average one Asian out of four residents. 11 A man body is composed of 50 trillion cells of a variety of types ,all interrelated and interdependent. Loss of some of those cells,such as those making up an entire leg,will seriously handicap all the rest of the organism, and serious damage to a relatively few cells in an organ,such as the heart or kidneys,may end by killing all 50 trillion. 12 Different discourses or styles tend to focus on different stresses so,to some extent,need different translating ways. Generally speaking,literal translation is preferable to free translation in translating literatures,for the crux of these literatures lies in accuracy. On the other hand,free translation is more suitable than literal translation in translating some emotional works such as poetry,prose,drama,film,novels,autobiography,etc. ,so as to reproduce the right mood and flavor of the original works. 13 All endeavors by the Chinese people for the 100 years from the mid-20th to the mid-21st century are for the purpose of making our motherland strong,the people prosperous and the nation immensely rejuvenated. Our Party has led the entire Chinese people in carrying forward this historic cause for 50 years and made tremendous progress,and it will successfully attain the objective through hard work in the coming 50 years. 14 China’s sports have undergone several thousand years of development. But they were not regarded as an undertaking of the state until 1949,when the People’s Republic of China was founded. Now a nation-wide network for physical culture has been set up and expenditure on this field has been included in the state budget. With the concerted efforts of sports workers and athletes, gratifying achievements have been made in physical culture and sports in the past 50 years. 15 Looking ahead at the situation at home and abroad at the beginning of the 21st century,it can be said that the next five to ten years will be an extremely important period for China’s economic and social development. The worldwide new scientific and technological revolution is progressing rapidly with great momentum. The economic globalization trend is gaining strength.

Many neighboring countries are accelerating their development. All this serves as a severe challenge as well as a historic opportunity for us to strive to catch up and achieve development by leaps and bounds. 16 Apart from providing people with timber,forests help regulate climate,conserve water and soil,wall off wind,fix sands,improve water quality,keep away smoke and dust,sterilize (purify)the air,reduce noise,beautify surroundings,maintain and improve ecological balance. Man would not be able to exist without green plants producing oxygen and absorbing harmful gases all the time. Man’s health is closely related to the quality of the air,which in turn is decided by the size(extent)of forests. 17 Many kinds of trees can absorb poisonous and cancer-causing substances in the air. The amount of bacteria in a forest area makes up but 1%of that in a deforested area,while the air in a department store contains more than 4 million bacteria per cubic meter. A tree-covered area may reduce noise by a quarter. Moisture content in the air above or around a forest is 10%-20% more than that of the places devoid of forest. 18 Cancer rates worldwide could increase by 50 percent by 2020,reaching 15 million new cases a year. The World Health Organization’s World Cancer Report says that if no preventive measures are taken increases of this order are inevitable because they stem from habits-such as smoking-that are already established. 19 According to researchers’ estimate, Europe’s population will continue to decline for decades. At present 1.5 babies are born for every European Union woman,when two births are required for the population “replacement rate” to be maintained. Even if women started to have more children again, the tendency to population decline would continue for decades, as there will be fewer parents in the next generation than in this one. 20 The rapidly increasing population presents a great challenge to the country’s social and economic development, the utilization of resources and environmental protection, and delays the improvement of living standards and the quality of the people. In order to guarantee its people’s minimum living conditions and enable citizens to become better of, the only correct choice that China can make is to strive for economic growth and adjust its population growth to the country’s social and economic development.In view of the present situation, the Chinese government has formulated a population of controlling the size and raising the quality of the population and a family planning policy of late marriage and childbirth, having fewer but healthier babies, and one child per family. Shorthanded rural families with financial difficulties may have a second child after an interval of 3 or more years. 21 We have established a socialist system and realized the most extensive and most profound social transformation in Chinese history. We have creatively materialized the transformation from new democracy to socialism and established the basic system of socialism in an all-round way, enabling this big country in the East whose population accounts for a quarter of the world total to enter socialist society. This is a big leap in China’s social change and historical progress, and also serves as a powerful support and impetus to the cause of socialism in the world.

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