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湖南省长沙市长郡中学2015届高三第六次月考英语试题 Word版含答案【thancy3】

本试卷分为四个部分,包括听力、语言知识运用、阅读和书面表达。时量 120 分钟。满分 150 Part I Listening Comprehension (30 marks) Section A (22.5 marks) Directions: In this section, you will hear six conversations between two speakers.For each conversation , there are ,several questions and each question is followed by three choices marked A , B and C. Listen care d//y and then choose the best answer for each question. You w/// h.ear each. conversation TWICE. Conversation 1 1.Why is the woman so excited? A. Her grandpa will cook for them. B. Her grandpa will come here. C. Her grandpa will give her a valuable present. 2.What can we learn from the conversation? A. The grandpa is independent. B. The grandpa will arrive at 6 0'cloc in the morning. C. The speakers will book a room for the grandpa. Conversation 2 3.What is the woman's native language? A. Korean. B. English. 4. How docs the man practice his German? A. He often travels to Berlin. B. He uses German a lot in his work. C. He speaks to his neighbor in German. Conversation 3 C. Chinese.

5. Where arc the speakers? A. In the man's office. B. In a restaurant. C. In the woman's house. 6.What is the man complaining about? A. The low salary. B. The heavy work. C. The new boss. Conversation 4 7. How docs the man feel now? A. Tired. B. Depressed. C. Desperate. 8. How many courses did the man fail in the end-of-year exams? A. Two. B. Only one. C. Three. 9. What will the man do if he fails an exam in his country? A. Take the whole course again. B. Pay some money for it.


C. Both A and B. Conversation 5 10. What's the man's purpose to talk with the woman? A. To help her with he science project. B. To invite her to get together this Saturday. C. To ask her to have a picnic by the river. 11. What docs the woman have to do at 12:00 0n Saturday? A.Walk the dog. B. Clean the house. C. Go to the dentist. 12.When will the woman meet with Julie? A. 12:30. B. 1:00. C. 2:00. Conversation 6 13. Why was the boy asked to go to the office? A. Because his hair was not clean. B. Because he was late for class. C. Because he disturbed his classmates. 14. What was wrong with the alarm clock? A. The batteries ran out. B. The alarm clock was broken. C. The alarm clock was ahead of the exact time. 15. What can we know about the boy? A. He was lazy. B. It was the second time he had been late this week. C. He was careless. Section B (7. 5 marks)

You will hear the short passage TWICE. Afternoon tea—a traditional English


Part n Language Knowledge (45 marks) Section A (15 marks)


21. It has been said that “happiness is like a butterfly, which, when _ _, is always beyond our grasp} but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you." A. pursuing B. pursued C. to pursue D. having pursued 22. People tend to love agricultural products without the use of fertilizers, pesticides or chemical additives. A. rowing B. grown C. being grown D. having been grown 23.—Look! Someone the laptop. —Well, it wasn't mc. I didn't do it. A. has repaired B. is repairing C. had repaired D. was repairing 24.— Can I lie about seeing a text message because I was too busy or lazy to respond to it ? —Receiving a text message docs not necessarily mean you have to respond. Why waste a perfectly good lie the truth will serve? A. unless B. until C. when D. while 25. Following the decline in house prices in many small and medium-sized cities, there are now signs home prices in majors cities may also be set for a slide. A. which B. that C. how D. what 26. Taught in a more professional way, you the swimming skill much better. A. might master B. would have mastered C. can have mastered D. could master 27.The drama, “The Empress of China" that was pulled off the air for technical reasons now back on TV. A. is B. arc C. has D. have 28. I waited for him at the train station for an hour and I was afraid that he may miss the train, but luckily, he showed up with only ten minutes . A. remain B. to remain C. remained D. remaining 29.—I wonder what makes you a good salesperson. —I as a waiter for three years } which contributes a lot to my today's work. A. serve B. have served C. had served D. served 30.I'm not a little tired today after giving the room a thorough cleaning and I have never had today. A. as tiring a day as B. as a tiring day C. tiring as a day as D. day as a tiring as 31.On their journey, they meet fellow adults in their 20s and 30s lives haven' t lived up to their dreams. A. who B. whose C. when D. that 32. I can't remember made the teacher give Mary the permission to leave the class earlier. A. that it was what B. that was it what C. what was it that D. what it was that


33.Research found that children who drank mainly soda were more than twice as likely as those who drank no soda signs of aggression. A. s owing B. shown C. to show D. show 34.Next door to ours ,who seem to have settled in this community for quite a long time. A. arc living a black couple B. arc a black couple living C. live a black couple D. do a black couple live 35. The cost of organic food is higher than of conventional food because the organic price tag reflects more closely the true cost of growing the food. A. it B. one C. this D. that Section B (18 marks)

My husband and I only have one car. So after work I always walk to his office and wait for him to drive mc home. One day, while I was waiting for him, a beautiful Cadillac 36 near mc.Honestly, the driver was probably the prettiest woman I had ever seen outside of a movie screen. Her eyes were as blue as the sea, and she had 37 like an even row of pearls.Minutes later, a man came out of the building and walked over to her. They kissed and drove off. Sitting there, dressed in jeans and a T-shirt, I wanted to cry. It is so 38 that some people have it all. The next week I saw her again, and after that it became almost 39 to see her. I would wonder if she and her husband ate out a lot and where they went. I wanted her to 40 the car so I could see her in full length. Did she wear classy, high-heeled shoes? A few weeks, I was waiting in my usual spot and the lady's husband came over to their car. He opened the door. Slowly the pretty woman walked around to the passenger side— 41 on a walking cane. She 42 one leg with her hands and then the other one; she had a prosthetic (假肢) on her left leg and a brace (文架) on her right one. When my husband arrived I told him about what had happened. He said he knew her husband and that, when the lady was 12 years old, she had been 43 in a car that got stuck on the railroad tracks. Both her parents were killed.The rail company made a large 44 with her because the crossing had no 45 ; that is why she owned such a nice car. For weeks I had 46 this woman and her way of life. Now I realize how lucky I am. When you meet a person who seems to be much better off than you} don't be 47 appearances. 36.A. rang up B. sped up C. went up D. pulled up 37.A. cars B. hairs C. teeth D. fingers 38.A. unfair B. lonely C. surprising D. touching 39.A. strange B. boring C. stressful D. routine 40.A. stay away from B. get out of C. look out of D. pick up 41.A. putting B. turning C. leaning D. carrying 42.A. skipped B. patted C. pressed D. lifted


43.A. 44.A. 45.A. 46.A. 47.A. Section C

limited arrangement signals ignored prevented (12 marks)

B. left B. fortune B. stations B. envied B. limited

C. C. C. C. C.

knocked settlement pedestrians respected blocked

D. trapped D. contract D. announcement D. understood D. fooled

It is always good to come to an understanding with your parents. Gurdjieff used to say,“ 48 you are in good communion with your parents, you have missed your life." If some anger persists between you and your parents, you will never feel 49 ease. Wherever you are, you will feel a little guilty. You will never be able to forgive 50 forget?Parents are not just a social relationship. It is out of them 51 you have come. You are part of them, _ 52 branch of their tree. You are still rooted in them. When parents die, something very deep-rooted dies within you. When parents die, for the first time you feel alone, uprooted. 53 while they are alive, do everything that you can so that an understanding can arise and you can communicate with them and they can communicate with you. Then, 54 they leave the world-and they will leave someday-you will not feel guilty; you will not repent; you will know that things have settled. 55 have been happy with you and you have been happy with them. Part m Reading Comprehension (30 marks)

A Although in 1947 we were still very new to the atomic age, we knew about mushroom clouds. A huge crack spread across the library wall upstairs, sending teachers and students screaming down the hall. Had a new world war started? Pale-faced, our young science teacher quickly organized us for a fire drill. We huddled in little groups on the beach side of the school grounds and watched the spreading cloud darken the bright spring sky. Rumors flew every which way, although two hours would pass before we got the full story.One rumor we heard was that the Texas City Monsanto Chemical plant had blown up; children whose parents worked there began to weep. I froze—that was where my father was working that day. The school bell called us back inside, and we were dismissed to find our way home the best way we could. I-d walked a quarter of the three-mile trip to my home when a car horn startled me to attention. My Uncle Barney pulled up alongside me in his old Ford. The instant I saw him, I knew my father was gone. Otherwise, Papa would have come for me himself. As if in slow motion from a great distance, Uncle Barney motioned for me to get in. Numb with grief, I crawled into the back seat. I barely took notice of the man sitting there, and didn’t recognize him until he reached for me. When Papa put his strong arms around me, I forgot for a moment that Cherokees(柴罗基人) aren’t supposed to cry. Many of my fellow students lost their parents in the explosion. Tragedy would one day


come to our family, as it inevitably comes to all, but on the day Texas City blew up, it miraculously passed us by. Because he lost his keys on that April morning, as he explained, my father lived for another 32 years-we were to have a second lifetime forever. 56. What happened according to the first three paragraphs? A. A war broke out. B. An earthquake happened. C. An atomic bomb exploded. D. A chemical factory blew up. 57. How did the science teacher react to the accident? A. He was sad. B. He acted quickly. C. He panicked. D. He felt helpless. 58.Which of the following statements is TRUE? A. The author-s father didn-t have to work that day. B. The author-s father had a narrow escape. C. The school was near where the accident happened. D. The author-s uncle broke the news of her father-s death. 59.The author cried because . A. she was grateful that her father had survived B. her father was killed in the accident C. she was sad over the tragedy that day D. her father didn’t meet her after school 60. What does the author intend to tell us? A. Be prepared for the worst. B. Be brave in disasters. C. Cherish everything that you have. D. Parents are the most important people. B From our smartphones to our latest weaponry, the technology that underpins(支撑) modern life would be impossible without rare earth metals. The importance of rare earths has only grown as emerging markets increase their demand for technologies made with it, as does the renewable energy industry. The 17 metallic elements are common in the earth-s crust, but the technique used to extract and refine them is labor-intensive, environmentally hazardous and increasingly costly. Thomas Gradael, a professor of geology and geophysics at the Yale School of Forestry Environmental Studies, explains that the 钰 criticality" of rare earths was only recently understood after China, which dominates the world-s supply of the minerals, cut exports by 40% in 2010, citing concerns over how polluting the rare earth industry was. Along with colleagues at Yale, Gradael decided to investigate the metals used in modern technologies to determine if there were viable(可行的) substitutes.“Twenty or thirty years ago electronics were being made with 11 different elements," explains Gradael. “Today's computers and smartphones use something like 63 different elements. " Their findings showed that there were no "readily apparent" substitutes for a metal that would not compromise on quality or performance. However increased mining for these scarce resources can have some nasty side effects for the environment. China, which has intensively mined for rare earths with little regulation, allowing it


to dominate the global industry since 1990, has acknowledged the incredible environmental harm caused by the process. “Excessive rare earth mining has resulted in landslides, clogged rivers, environmental pollution emergencies and even major accidents and disasters, causing great damage to people's safety and health and the ecological environment," read a white paper issued by the Chinese cabinet in June last year. Recycling metal has been advocated by some as a possible way of managing these precious resources-the European Parliament adopted a law curbing dumping of electric waste in 2012. But Gradael says that for rare earths, recycling will have little impact. 61. Rare earths are growingly important in that A. they exist in small numbers B. they are essential in modern technologies C. life would be impossible without them D. new technology markets are emerging 62. Which one of the following can be used in the blank? A. It is in China that rare earths are fully understood. B. Despite the name, rare earth metals are not in fact rare. C. There is a growing concern over the rare earth industry. D. Rare earth metals are difficult to collect though important. 63. Gradael investigated the use of rare earths in modern technologies to . A. prove the important role rare earths play B. learn the number of different elements used C. determine whether there are substitutes for rare earths D. research further the quality or performance of rare earths 64. Why does the author take China as an example in Para. 4? A. To tell the wide use of rare earth in China. B. To prove the side effects of rare earth mining. C. To warn people of the possible damage. D. To teach other countries a lesson to follow. 65. The text may probably be followed by the paragraphs about A. the reasons why recycling works little B. the ways to manage rare earths C. the effects brought about by rare earths D. the attitudes people hold to the law C Six seconds after its launch in Virginia, US, an unmanned rocket bound for the International Space Station (ISS) exploded, disappointing people both on Earth and in space. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of cargo was destroyed in the Oct. 28 explosion due to An“equipment failure”, said Orbital Sciences, the company hired by NASA for the resupply mission. The rocket was carrying a cargo ship loaded with 2,200 kilograms of supplies such as food, tools, parts, and experiments . Roughly a third of the cargo was a series of scientific investigations. Some of them were from high school students in the US. For example, 10 students from the Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory School of Houston were conducting experiments about microgravity and put their samples on the rocket. “I know that failure is a part of science,


but I really feel sorry for my students," science teacher Greg Adragna told the Houston, Chronicle . Astronauts at the ISS felt a more urgent disappointment, however. The cargo included 617kg of food. Now they will have to rely on supplies from a Russian launch on Oct. 29. Launched in 1998 and involving the US, Russia, Canada, Japan, and the member countries of the European Space Agency, the ISS is one of the most ambitious international collaborations in history. Currently, there are six astronauts at the station, five male and one female. Three are from Russia, two are from the US, and one is from Germany. They have lived together for about six months. The station gets regular resupplies from Earth, using unmanned spacecrafts. Food is always a big part of the supplies. Most of the food is frozen and ready to eat, and often tastes bad-somewhat like trying to eat when you have a heavy cold. To make space life better, however, scientists have made breakthroughs. Earlier this year, Russian astronauts managed to grow a variety of crops aboard the station. Next year they are going to try to grow rice and other plants. And, as transporting water to space is expensive, astronauts are looking for ways to recycle water. "Astronauts on board the ISS already drink water distilled from sweat and urine<尿) ," Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported. Is that the reason the astronauts were so disappointed not to get the water from the failed resupply mission, by any chance? 66. What is the author-s main purpose in writing the article? A. To explain what caused the explosion of NASA-s unmanned rocket. B. To inform us of the explosion of NASA-s unmanned rocket and its effects. C. To tell us about astronauts lives at the International Space Station. D. To tell us how the world reacted to the explosion of NASA-s unmanned rocket. 67. The underlined word “cargo” in the second paragraph is closet in meaning to A. goods B. equipment C. food supply D. investigation 68. How did teacher Greg Adragna feel about the explosion of the rocket? A. Angry. B. Anxious. C. Frustrated. D. Unconcerned. 69. We can conclude from the article that the situation seemed for astronauts on board the ISS when the rocket exploded. A. hopeless B. interesting C. depressing D. dangerous 70. Which of the following statements is TRUE about the ISS, according to the article? A. Half of the astronauts at the ISS are from the US. B. The ISS was set up by four countries. C. The water that astronauts at the ISS drink is mainly made by recycling. D. Most of the food astronauts eat at the ISS is frozen and tastes bad. Part Ⅳ Writing (45 marks) Section A (10 marks)

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each. answer . Many people believe that classical music has nothing to do with young people today. However, this issue frequently causes heated debate. Some people say that classical music is associated only with old people. For example, if you look at the audience at a classical concert, the majority is over the age of fifty.


Others say it is more popular than we first imagine. Many young people listen to classical music without realizing it. It is often used in films and advertisements. For example, a famous piece of classical music was used as the theme music for the 1990 World Cup. Not many people could have given its name, but millions enjoyed it. Also, some people point out that young people produce new music based on classical ideas: for example, it is said that rap music was invented by a classical musician in 1912, but it is now used by young people in pop music. However, young people point to the fact that classical music has been outstripped (超越) by technology. To play a classical instrument, such as a violin, you need to study hard and practice for hours. Nowadays, you don-t need to get aching arms from practicing. A teenager can write and make music using a computer program in the comfort of his own bedroom. A final point to bear in mind is that the term 以 classical music" is used to refer to a great variety of music, from jazz to pieces for large orchestras. This makes it even more difficult to say whether classical music is relevant to young people. So, it may be only a minority of young people who play classical instruments, but when it comes to enjoying classical music, it depends on the piece of music. young people in the modern world than they realize! It may be more relevant to

Section B (10 marks)

What would Barbie look like if she were average? According to US artist Nickolay Lamm, she would be a brunette with a rounded face and a much thicker waist.


Frustrated with the unrealistic beauty standards of Barbie and her friends, Lamm took data from Disease Control and Prevention about an average 19-year-old American woman, who is about 163 cm tall, with a 84-cm waist. With those measurements, Lamm created a doll. The doll-s tagline (口号)is “Average is beautiful.” “I think a realistic-size doll is important because when I look at current dolls on the market, they all look like supermodels," the artist told APF. “I just had the impression that the wall of supermodels suggests that something is wrong with you if you don-t look like one. So I created an alternative to suggest that it’s OK to look like a normal person." The Lammily dolls, which are 27 cm tall, have been on sale since last month. Lammily also has other features. Unlike Barbie and her friends, whose pointed legs would force her to walk on all fours if she were real, Lammily has articulated(枢接的) joints – able to walk, run, and play. The doll can even be put in a yoga position. What’s more, the Lammily dolls include a sticker package that can help to add real-life marks to the dolls, including freckles, acne, moles, and tattoos. “You can also add minor cuts and bruises, like ones you'd get from falling down while snowboarding," Lamm told NBC. “I feel that, right now. dolls are very perfect looking, when, in real life, few of us have perfect skin," Lamm told The Huffington Post. “Things like pimples are a natural part of who we are. So, why not give dolls a real treatment?" As The Huffington. Post said, "Getting kids used to the idea that these things are completely normal and not 6flaws'(缺陷) to be ashamed of can only be a good thing." 81. Why did Nickolay Lamm make the Lammily doll? (No more than 14 words) (2 marks) 82. How is the Lammily doll different from Barbie dolls? (No more than 13 words) (3 marks) 83. What does Lamm mean when he says, "why not give dolls a real treatment?" in the second-to-last paragraph? (No more than 15 words) (3 marks) 84. What is the author-s attitude toward Lammily dolls? (No more than 6 words) (2 marks) Section C(25 marks) Directions: Write an, English composition, according to the instructions given below. Share with others, and sadness will be greatly lessened/reduced while happiness will be doubled. 请根据以上的话写一篇不少于 120 词的英语短文,如引用提示语则不计入总词数。 注意: ①无须写标题; ②除诗歌外,文体不限; ③内容必须结合你生活中的具体事例; ④文中不得透露个人姓名和学校名称。

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