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book3 unit1基础测试



1.获得_________________ 2.衣服_____________________ 3.祖宗__________________ 4.钦佩_______________ 5.庆祝_____________________ 7.信仰_______________ 6. 宗教的_________________


9.许可(n)__________________ 10.明显的_______________ 11.哭泣____________________ 12.诡计___________________

13.诗人_________________ 14.奖品_____________________ 15.到达(n)_________________ 16.饿死________________ 17.盛宴_____________________ 18.起源___________________ 19.集合_________________ 20.独立______________________ 21.充满活力的_____________ 22.农业________________ 23.必要性___________________ 24.擦拭___________________ 25.提醒________________ 26.道歉_____________________

27.遍及世界的_____________28.原谅__________________ 29.预言____________________ 30.溺死____________________ Ⅱ.PHRASE (10%) 1.追念____________________ 3.搞恶作剧________________ 5.出现____________________ 7.守信用__________________ 9. 发 生 ____________________ VOCABULARY(用正确形式填空)(5%) 1. When their grandfather died a great _________(悲伤) filled their lives. 2. My elder brother has moved away from home and is now________(独立的). 3. David was a very brave young _______(猎人) 4. She threw a ________(骨头) at the dog. 15. The place is known for its dairy(乳制品) ________(农产品). 2.好像_____________________ 4.使想起____________________ 6.屏息 _____________________ 8.日夜______________________ 10. 盛 装 ____________________ Ⅲ

Ⅳ MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTIONS (15%) 1. Walking around, I found the city was full of people ____ for the festival. A. wearing B. had new clothes on C. dressing up D. dressed up

2. Mike is looking for another job because he feels that nothing he does _____ his boss. A. serves B. satisfies C. promises D. supports

3. Must I get through the business in one evening? A. mustn’t B. haven’t

No, you _______. D. don’t have to

C. needn’t to

4. Our teacher looked here and there on our playground ____ looking for something. A. even though B. even if C. as if D. only if

5. —Daddy, can you buy me a new MP3 when you go to Beijing? —You ______ get one if you are admitted to a key middle school. A. could B. shall C. may D. can

6. You ______ be tired — you’ve only been working for an hour. A. must not B. won’t C. can’t D. may not

7. —Why is Mr. Li so happy this morning? —Because he was honoured with a (n) ______ for excellence in teaching. A. present B. gift C. award D. reward

8. —Who______ it be that is knocking at the door? —It ______ be Father, but I’m not sure. A. can; must B. can; may C. must; can D. may; must

9. When we were young, every evening my brother and I ______ stay at home waiting for our mother. A. would B. might C. should D. could

10. I am looking forward to ______ your answer as soon as possible. A. receiving C. receive B. being received D. be received

11. Missing the flight means _______ for another three hours. A. waiting B. to wait C. wait D. to be waiting

12. The company was named Gates Hall ______ a man named James Gates. A. in need of C. with the help of B. in search of D. in memory of

13. I’m sorry, but I didn’t mean to keep you waiting here for a long time. Can you______ me? A. forgive C. apologize B. satisfy D. gain

14. Tom, you _______ leave all your clothes on the floor like this! A. wouldn't B. mustn't C. needn't D.

15. “We can't go out in this weather,” said Bob, _______ out of the window. A. looking B. C. looked D.

V. Translation (20%) 1.很显然,他对此事一无所知。



4. 祝你成功!

5. Must you speak so loudly here?

六.Reading (20%) A One day an ant was drinking at a small stream and fell in. She made desperate efforts to reach the side, but made no progress at all. The poor ant almost exhausted was still bravely

doing her best when a dove saw her. Moved with pity, the bird threw her a blade of grass, which supported her like a raft, and thus the ant reached the bank again. While she was resting and drying herself in the grass, she heard a man come near. He was walking along barefooted with a gun in his hand. As soon as he saw the dove, he wished to kill it. He would certainly have done so, but the ant bit him in the foot just as he raised his gun to fire. He stopped to see what had bit him, and the dove immediately flew away. It was an animal much weaker and smaller than herself that had saved her life. 1. The ant could not reach the side though _______. A. she cried for help B. she asked the dove to save her C. she tried very hard D. she could smell well 2. The dove saved the ant because _______. A. she was the ant's friend B. she took pity on the poor ant C. the ant was almost exhausted D. the ant had been struggled in the water for a long time

3. The ant succeeded in getting on the bank with the help of _______. A. a leaf B. a piece of wood C. a blade of grass D. a raft 4. Just as the man shot at the dove, _______. A. the dove immediately flew away B. the dove hid himself in the grass C. the ant told the dove to leave at once D. he felt something biting him in the foot 5. In writing the story, the writer wants to show _______. A. how clever the ant was B. how kind the dove was C. how the ant and the dove helped each other D. we often need help from others, therefore we should help others as much as we can

B Johnny Smith was a good math student at a high school. He loved his computer. He came home early every day, then he worked

with it till midnight. But Johnny was not a good English student, not good at all. He got an F in his English class. One day after school Johnny joined his computer to the computer in his high school office. The school office computer had the grades of all the students: the math grades, the science grades, the grades in arts and music, and the grades in English. He found his English grade. An F! Johnny changed his English grade from an F to A. Johnny' parents looked at his report card. They were very happy. "An A in English!" said Johnny's Dad. "You're a very clever boy, Johnny." Johnny is a hacker. Hackers know how to take informationfrom other computers and put new information in. Using a modem, they join their computers to other computers secretly. School headmasters and teachers are worried about hackers. So are the police, for some people even take money from bank computer accountand put it into their own ones. And they never have to leave home to do it! They are called hackers.

1. Johnny changed his English grade with the computer in _______. A. the classroom B. the school office C. a bank near his house D. his own house 2. When Johnny's parents saw the report, they were happy because _______. A. Johnny was good at math B. Johnny loved computers C. Johnny could join one computer to another D. they thought Johnny was not poor in English any longer 3. Who are worried about hackers in the story? A. Johnny's parents. B. School headmasters, teachers and the police. C. The police. D. School headmasters and teachers. 4. What should the hackers know well, do you think, after you read this story?

A. Information. B. Back computer accounts. C. Computers. D. Grades. 5. The last paragraph is about _______. A. Johnny B. computers C. hackers D. moden

Keys: Ⅰ单词拼写 1. gain 7. belief 13. poet 19.gather 25.remind Ⅱ短语 1. in memory of 2.as though 3. play a trick on 4.remind of 5. turn up 2.clothing 8.custom 14.award 3.ancestor 4.admire 9.permission 10.obvious 15.arrival 16.starve 5.celebration 6.religious 11.weep 17.feast 12.trick 18.origin 24.wipe


21.energetic 22agriculture 23.necessity 30.drown

26.apologize 27.worldwide 28.forgive 29.prediction

6. hold one’s breath 7.keep one’s word 8.day and night Ⅲ单词填空 1.harvest 6.sadness Ⅳ单选 1-5 CBDCB 16-20 AACBA 6-10 CCBAA 21-25 BACDA 11-15 ADABA 26-30 DBBBC 2. fooled 3. weaving 4.beauty

9.take place 10. dress up

5.parking 10.produce


8.hunter 9. bone

六.阅读 1. CBCDD 2. DDBCC

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