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山东德州 2014 届高考英语一轮复习完形填空加强训练 46
1.阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,

It was a terrible night for Lubeck and lightning flashed through the darkness over his bedroom. Before the 80-year-old 1 _____ worker could count "one thousand one," he was shaken by a blast of thunder. It was 11 p.m. The storm had moved 2 _____ over his two-story wood home. Then he heard the smoke 3 _____ ringing. Lubeck rushed 4 _____ barefoot to investigate. The flames from a fire, most likely caused by lightning, exploded out. Lubeck fled back upstairs to call 911. But the phone didn't 5 _____. and when Lubeck tried to go down outsides, he was stopped by a wall of flames. Lubeck realized he was 6 _____ . His young granddaughters, who lived with him, were 7 _____ for the night. His house was three miles off the main road and so well hidden by pines that Lubeck knew calling for help would be 8 . Up a hill about a third of a mile away lived Lubeck's 9 _____ neighbors, Wentworth and his wife. When it occurred to him that the sound was more like a smoke detector, Wentworth jumped out of bed, grabbed a wireless phone and a flashlight, and 10 _____ down the hillside toward the noise.. Wentworth called out,"Is anyone there?" as he 11 _____ the house. Then he heard, "Help me! I'm trapped!" coming from Lubeck's balcony(阳台).Inside the house, windows broke up all around him. After one more 12 _____ inside the house,he gave up and there was no 13 _____ to get to him. Suddenly, he noticed a ladder. He dragged it over to the balcony and pulled Lubeck down just as the second floor of the house collapsed. ? Within the year, Lubeck and his family 14 _____ the house at the site of the fire. Wentworth and Lubeck don't run into each other 15 _____ , but Lubeck now knows that if he ever needs help, Wentworth will be there. 1. A excited 2. A directly 3. A packet ? 4. A forwards 5. A work B B B B B tired slightly alarm upstairs use C CC C C retired slowly box towards 'call D .relaxed D smoothly D chimney D downstairs D make

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6. A rescued 7. A present 8. A helpful


shocked away careless


beaten alive fruitless

D trapped D active D regretful

9. A farthest 10. A headed 11. A got 12. A thought 13. A key 14. A reminded


closest handed arrived experiment idea rebuilt


kindest escaped approached chance way ] repeated ]

D deepest D landed D walked D attempt D doubt D recalled

15. A rarely




commonly ]

D regularly

2.阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白
处的最佳选项。 Checking out at the store, the young lady cashier suggested to the older man that he should bring his own grocery bags, because plastic bags weren?t good for the environment. The man and explained, “We didn?t have this 37 The clerk responded, “That?s our 38 thing back in my earlier days.” today. Your generation did not 39 enough to save 36

our environment for 40 generations. ” She was 41 - our generation did not have the green thing in its day. Back then, we 42 plant to be 43 milk bottles and beer bottles to the store. The store sent them back to the 44 over and over. So they 45 were

and refilled, so it could use the same

recycled. But we did not have the green thing back in our day. We 46 to the grocery store and did not climb into a 300-horsepower machine every time we had to go two 47 . But she was right. We did not have the green thing in our day.

Back then, we had one TV in the house- not a TV in every 48 , and the TV had a small
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screen 49 of a handkerchief, not as big as the state of Montana. We did not fire up an engine and burn gasoline just to 50 the lawn, but used a push mower(割草机) that ran on human 52 on treadmills(踏车)

power. We exercised by 51 so we didn?t need to go a health club to

that operate on electricity. But she?s right, we did not have the green thing back then. We 53 from a fountain when we were thirsty instead of using a plastic bottle every time we had a drink of water. We refilled writing pens with not have the green thing back then. But isn?t it 55 that the current generation laments(哀叹)how wasteful we older folks were just 54 instead of buying a new pen. But we did

because we did not have the green thing back then? 36. A. apologized 37. A. useful 38. A. purpose 39. A. spare 40. A. young 41. A. skillful 42. A. returned 43. A. produced 44. A. bottles 45. A. probably 46. A. drove 47. A. houses 48. A. hand 49. A. color 50. A. water 51. A. studying 52. A. run 53. A. escaped 54. A. ink 55. A. lucky B. imagined B. green B. chance B. protect B. new B. honest B. devoted B. washed B. bags B. really B. flew B. factories B. family B. shape B. cut B. riding B. stand B. drank B. oil B. necessary C. hesitated C. cheap C. doubt C. care C. future C. smart C. threw C. sold C. materials C. quickly C. rushed C. blocks C. village C. size C. plant C. traveling C. depend C. pumped C. water C. sad D. nodded D. important D. problem D. collect D. whole D. right D. offered D. broken D. machines D. finally D. walked D. towns D. room D. cover D. change D. working D. relax D. suffered D. color D. terrible

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最佳选项。 I ran in a race over the weekend and re-1earned a valuable lesson.During the middle of the run, I turned a corner and faced a 36 running track—the kind that doesn?t seem to end. When I the finish line motivated me.But when 1 was halfway

started the race, the thought of 37

through,out of breath,imagining the finish line didn?t provide me with any 38 . Instead of focusing on 39 and reaching my goal,I tried to forget all about the finish line

and conquering the long running track ahead.I 40 my head and looked about three steps in front of me. Every three steps became a _41 “finish line.?? Forget about everything else,I told myself over and over. 42 just those next three steps. 43 the long running track and was 44__ another corner. So what does this mean in the real world?A11 the experts 45 you to dream big.Making I knew it,I had reached the end of

your goals 46 , say, help you persist they will (顽强地坚持) the face of difficulties. many in But times,this thinking doesn?t 47 . Big goals can become double-edged sword.They can motivate you to take action,but they can also create 48 : in the battle for my life, I?m struggling in the battlefield, you want me to and focus on winning the war? I don?t think so.How about focusing on how to hours? There?s a fine line of course. If you only focus on what?s right in front of you and 50 the 49 the next 24

bigger picture, your work may start to seem pointless.So what we need is to achieve a(n) 51 . People usually say if you?re 52 of heights,the rule is not to look down.During my race,

I had a new 53 :don?t look up.I focused on my next few 54 and knew if I did this over and over and over.I?d 36.A.single 37.A.crossing 38.A.experience 39.A. success 40.A.held 55 reach the finish line.And I?m happy to report I did finish the race. B.wrong B.following B.energy B.effort B.raised C.narrow C.moving D.1ong D.pulling

C.information D.protection C.points C.shook D.causes D.dropped

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41.A.final 42.A.Put on 43.A.After 44.A.turning 45.A.encourage 46.A.true 47.A.help 48.A.stress 49.A.spend 50.A.catch 51.A.purpose 52.A.aware 53.A.problem 54.A.races 55.A.eventually

B.new B.Hold on B.Since B.keeping B.force B.big B.exist B.work B.enjoy B.see B.balance B.afraid B.adventure B.steps B.impossibly

C.main C.Focus on C.Before C.1eaving C.request C.interesting C.stay

D.fine D. Rely on D.Until D.making D.forbid D.easy D.appear

C.characters D.opportunities C. fill C.ignore C.goal C.tired C.way C.jobs D.survive D.imagine D.effect D.unsure D.rule D.ideas

C.naturally D. frequently

4.阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白
处的最佳选项。 There was once a great war between two countries. The war had been going on for some time and the soldiers were starting to feel On a hot afternoon, a man was 36 the long battle. 37 past a small group of soldiers digging a huge pit 38 if the work was not

(坑). The group leader was shouting orders and threatening completed within the hour. The man riding the horse shouting orders? Why cannot you help them yourself?” The group leader looked at him and replied, “What do you men do as I

39 and asked,“Sir, why are you only

40? I?m the leader. The

41 them to.” He then added, “If you feel so strongly about helping them, you are

42 to do so yourself!” The man got down from the group leader was simply
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43 and started walking up to the soldiers at work. The 45 and started helping the soldiers

44! The man took up the

and worked with them till the job was Before leaving, the man He said, “Next time your your 50

46! 48 the group leader.

47 the soldiers on their work, and

49 prevents you from supporting your people, you should inform

authorities, and I will provide a more permanent

51 .” 52 at the man

The group leader was now completely surprised. Only now he looked and realized the man was the army general! The army general exhibited some of the key There are 54 people who are ready to really help get the work done. They leader but not the state of the leader. 36. A. astonished at embarrassed at 37. A. walking 38. A. illness 39. A. stopped 40. A. remember 41. A. remind 42. A. sure 43. A. horse 44. A. encouraged 45. A. tools 46. A. improved 47. A. thanked C. instructed 48. A. interviewed approached 49. A. people 50. A. richer 51. A. prize
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53 that are important for a true leader.

55 the status of the

B. tired of

C. frightened of


B. running B. battle B. waited B. mean B. tell B. lucky B. plane B. moved B. guns B. lost B. rewarded D. congratulated B. answered

C. driving C. punishment C. stayed C. express C. beg C. ready C. car C. shocked C. clothes C. finished

D. riding D. death D. doubted D. imagine D. invite D. welcome D. bike D. worried D. bricks D. allowed

C. tested


B. order B. higher B. salary

C. leader C. cleverer C. solution

D. status D. smaller D.

experiment 52. A. frequently 53. A. problems 54. A. few 55. A. achieve B. closely B. courses B. some B. call C. seriously C. qualities C. most C. prepare D. firmly D. speeds D. many D. collect

5.阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C 和 D 项中,选出最佳选项。
In the last 20 years of my life, I have been interested in self-improvement and applying it to myself in many ways. And of course all through that time I have learnt a lot and made it much 1 . So in the last 3 months I seem to have reached this 2 high level. I feel a miracle has 3 making sure

happened to me, in fact the other day I couldn't stop staring at myself in the all these wonderful things were happening to me! Then I cried a small I looked like, but because I was so 5 for the person I had become. Several things have happened to make me 6 4

, not because of what

ensure that my track in life has truly

7 . I moved back to my hometown after being away a decade and was astonished that so many people 8 my name in a nice way, greeted me and 10 9 me back. And over the next 3

months they were excited for my growth. At the and greet me, I see the think they are 13 11

where I exhibit today, people come over 12 . Thus I

on their faces when they talk to me frankly and

my expression or style. I know I give them a good feeling at the fairs not 14

just from keeping my expression open, understanding, kind but with a

smile in all the right places. But now I do feel that what I have done for the people may bring them a bit of sympathy. And most of all I believe in the mirror 15 . I have ever been doing the hard work,

improving myself and now I feel it's coming back to me in absolute roads and I am considered to be a man of great culture. 1. A. easier 2. A. wonderful
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B. healthier B. helpful

C. happier C. useful

D. better D. harmful

3. A. window 4. A. sorrow 5. A. hopeful 6. A. nearly 7. A. appeared 8. A. remembered 9. A. took 10. A. markets 11. A. expression 12. A. slowly 13. A. copying 14. A. brave 15. A. value

B. mirror B. fear B. anxious B. really B. improved B. recognized B. welcomed B. trades B. impression B. sincerely B. shaping B. quiet B. reflection

C. area C. tear C. grateful C. hardly C. moved C. called C. turned C. halls C. confusion C. loudly C. showing C. sweet C. effect

D. road D. voice D. proud D. equally D. changed D. reminded D. got D. fairs D. emotion D. annually D. learning D. simple D. function

6.阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选
项。 Elaine was a saleswoman, who drove all over the city five days a week. When all the freeway lanes were at a dead stop.she would drive quickly along the emergency lane.While driving she usually 36 on her cell phone, drinking a soda or eating a sandwich-her hands, legs, mouth and were always, 37 while she was driving. 38 in Friday evening rush hour.She was going to be 40 39 for her

Last night she got date.She was already stopped.Elaine drove the mirror. She had to

when things seemed to be getting worse and all the traffic

41 over to the emergency lane.Soon she saw the red flashing lights in 42 her car. good-looking officer walked up. A “Officer, I'm pregnant. I .”She

have constant morning sickness.I'm just trying to get to the nearest store to buy my 43 looked at the officer with 44 eyes.

He looked at her pitifully, then said to.I hope you'll be feeling better.”

45 .“Okay,ma'am. Take the first exit you come

The officer walked back to his car and Elaine drove on. This was the second time that 46
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had worked for her.She had one more thing to do before she got home. She had to mail a package.When she got to the shopping mall at 7 pm,no parking was 47 ,except for the handicapped(残疾人的)space. Elaine drove right into it.It would only be a minute,she told 48 .All she had to do was 49 Fortunately,there was no the mailbox store,get the package 50 ,and pay the clerk. 52 that she was

51 in the store.Everything was done so

whistling while she walked back out to her car.Then she stopped 53 on the windshield. opened it slowly. knew 54 She She screamed when she saw the 36.A.depended 37.A.full 38.A.stuck 39.A.late 40.A.satisfied 41.A.reluctantly 42.A.stop 43.A.gas 44.A.innocent 45.A.softly 46.A.officer 47.A.adoptable 48.A.the clerk 49.A.take out 50.A.weighed 51.A.car 52.A.quickly 53.A.talking 54.A.how 55.A.letter

.There was an envelope

it was, not how much it was. but She

55 .A dog started barking. B.carried B.open B.hurt B.ready B.angry B.immediately B.start B.ticket B.aggressive B.rudely B.excuse B.accessible B.the guard B.get out B.primed B.line B.slowly B.driving B.why B.order C.talked C.free C.annoyed C.excited C.exhausted C.guiltily C.discard C.medicine C.addicted C.strictly C.driver C.acceptable C.the worker C.run into C.repaired C.police C.strangely C.thinking C.what C.amount D.sold D.busy D.punished D.mad D.calm D.gratefully D.speed D.package D.proud D.sceptically D.mistake D.available D.herself D.push into D.paid D.service D.quietly D.whistling D.that D.invitation

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1.1—5 CABDA
6—10DBCBA 11—15CDCBD

2.36-40 ABDCC 41-45 DABAB 46-50 DCDCB 51-55 DABAC

3.36-40 DABAD

41-45 BCCAA

46-50 BAADC

51-55 BBDBA

4.36—40 BDCAB 41—45 BDACA 46—50 CDDDB

51—55 CBCAA

5.1-5 DABCC

6-10 BDABD

11-15 ABACC

1. D。前置命题。从上句的 self-improvement 与 I have learnt a lot 可知 D 答案正确。 2. A。后置命题。从下句的 a miracle 与 all these wonderful things 可知为意义重现。 3. B。篇章层面命题。从下句的 looked like 与 staring 提供的语境,再结合最后段的 I believe in the mirror...可推答案为 B。 4.C。考动宾搭配。tear 是动词 cried 的同源宾语。如:live a happy life。 5.C。从语境中考句意的理解。从 cried 与后面的搭配来选答案。 6. B。后置命题。考查副词的修饰意义。该段第一句为主题句。从下文细节可知:作者真的 确信生活道路的改变。 7. D。 后置命题。 考意义连贯与主谓搭配。 强调生活道路真的改变。 从句主语 my track 与 truly changed 搭配,从下文意义分析,与 improved 搭配不合适。 8. A。考动宾搭配。remember 记得;recognize 认出;如把 my name 改为 me,可用 B 答案。

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9. B。前置命题。从 in a nice way, greeted me 可知答案 B。 10. D。意义同现。从 exhibit 和下三句的 at the fairs,选 D 正确。 11. A。后置命题。从 on their faces,常识推理,expression 表情,合语境。 12. B。句内命题。从 and 前找答案。 13. A。考动宾搭配。copy 模仿。 14. C。考查形容词在语境中的应用。 15. C。考查中心词对篇章的概括。该段是回应主题。镜子效应--完美人生。

6.36-40 CDAAB

41-45 BACAA 46-50 BDDCA 51-55 BADCC

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