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2015年高考英语真题分类汇编 专题19 夹叙夹议

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专题十九 完形填空之夹叙夹议
1.【2015·浙江】完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从 21-40 各题所给的四个选项(A, B, C 和 D) 中,选出最佳选项,并在答题纸上将该选项标号涂黑。 Since finishing my studies at Harvard and Oxford. I’ve watched one friend after another land high-ranking, high-paying Wall Street jobs. As executives(高级管理人 员) with banks, consulting firms, established law firms, and major corporations, many are now 21 on their way to impressive careers. By society’s 22 , they seem to have it made. On the surface, these people seem to be very lucky in life. As they left student life behind, many had a 23 drink at their cheap but friendly local bar, shook 24 out of small apartments into high buildings. a college

hands with Longtime roommates, and

They made reservations atrestaurants where the cost of a bottle of wine 25

year’s monthly rent. They replaced their beloved old car with expensive new sports cars. The thing is, a number of them have aren’t happy. Some 27 26 that despite their success, they

of unfriendly coworkers and feel sad for eight-hour 28 . Some do not respect the companies they work

workweeks devoted to tasks they

for and talk of feeling tired and 29 . However, instead of devoting themselves to their work, they find themselves working to support the 30 to which they have so quickly become 31 . People often speak of trying a more satisfying path, and of leaving, their jobs to work for something they 33 32 the end the idea

or finding a position that

would give them more time with their families almost always leads them to the same conclusion; it’ s 34 . They have loans, bills, a mortgage(抵押贷款)to 36 35 ,

retirement to save for. They recognize there’s something it’s 37 to step off the track. 38

in their lives, but

In a society that tends to

everything in terms of dollars and cents, we 39 in financial terms. But

learn form a young age to consider the costs of our


文档来源:弘毅教育园丁网数学第一站 www.jszybase.com what about the personal and social costs 40 in pursuing money over meaning? These

are exactly the kinds of us tend to ignore — and the very ones we need to consider most. 21. A. much 22. A. policies 23. A. last 24. A. cycled 25. A. shared 26. A. advertised 27. A. complain 28. A. distribute 29. A. calm 30. A. family 31. A. accustomed 32. A. yet 33. A. let out B. never B. standards B. least B. moved B. paid B. witnessed B. dream B. hate B. guilty B. government B. appointed B. also B. turn in C. slid C. equaled C. admitted C. hear C. applaud C. warm C. lifestyle C. unique C. instead C. give up C. impossible C. put off C. sinking C. useful C. digest C. seldom C. experiments C. second D. well D. regulations D. best D. looked D. collected D. demanded D. approve D. neglect D. empty D. project D. available D. rather D. believe in D. unforgettable D. pay off D. shining D. normal D. deliver D. decisions D. reduced

34. A. fundamental B. practical 35.A. take of 36. A. missing 37. A. harmful 38. A. measure 39. A. disasters 40. A. assessed 【解析】 B. drop off B. inspiring B. hard B. suffer

B. motivations C. campaigns B. involved C. covered

试题分析:讲述作者大学毕业后在工作和生活体验中理解了成功的真正含义,指出“物质上 的成功和享受并不代表精神的富足和幸福”这一价值趋向。 21.D 考查副词以及对语境的理解。 A. much 意为许多,B. never 意为绝不,C. seldom 意 为很少,D. well 意为很好。根据前一句话“I’ve watched one friend after another land high-ranking, high-paying Wall Street jobs. As executives(高级管理人员) with banks, consulting firms, established law firms, and major corporations,” 意为“我看到一

文档来源:弘毅教育园丁网数学第一站 www.jszybase.com 个又一个朋友晋升,作为银行主管(高级管理人员),咨询机构,律师事务所和大公司,”, 不能得出要表达现在都在职业生涯中过得很好。 22.B 考查名词以及对语境的理解。A. policies 意为政策,B. standards 意为标准,C. experiments 意为实验,D. regulations 意为规章制度。根据句意,以当前的标准来看,他 们的确成功了。 23.A 考查形容词以及对语境的理解。A. last 意为最后的,B. least 意为最少的,C. second 意为第二,D. best 意为最好的。根据第 21 题不难得出生活好了,以后都不会去(这是最后 一次去)这些廉价的酒吧了,也搬到好的地方住了。所以选 A。 24.B 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. cycled 意为骑车或循环,B. moved 意为搬家,C. slid 意为滑落,D. looked 意为看。根据第 21 题不难得出生活好了,以后都不会去(这是最 后一次去)这些廉价的酒吧了,也搬到好的地方住了。所以选 A。 25.C 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. shared 意为分享,B. paid 意为支付,C. equaled

意为等同,D. collected 意为收集,They made reservations atrestaurants where the cost of a bottle of wine 25 a college year’s monthly rent.句意是:生活好了,预订的

房间里的酒价格等同于大学一个月的房租。 26. C 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. advertise 意为广告,B. witnessed 意为目击,C. admitted 意为承认,D. demanded 意为要求。“The thing is, a number of them have 26

that despite their success, they aren’t happy.” 意为很多人承认,尽管他们很成功, 但是很不开心。 27. A 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. complain 意为抱怨,B. dream 意为梦想,C. hear 意为听到,D. approve 意为证明。根据上一句的不开心,所以不难得出答案是抱怨。 28. B 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. distribute 意为分发,B. hate 意为厌恶,C. applaud 意为鼓掌,D. neglect 意为忽略。根据上文的不开心和抱怨,不能得出答案是厌恶。 29. D 考查形容词以及对语境的理解。A. calm 意为平静,B. guilty 意为有罪的,C. warm 意为温暖, D. empty 意为空的, 累的。 根据前面的 tired 累不能得出答案。 Some do not respect the companies they work for and talk of feeling tired and 29。意为有些人不尊重他 们工作的公司,说累。 30. C 考查名词以及对语境的理解。A. family 意为家庭,B. government 意为政府,C. lifestyle 意为生活方式,D. project 意为项目。前文提到很多都是生活,如学校生活,工 作生活,结合语境不能得出答案是生活方式。

文档来源:弘毅教育园丁网数学第一站 www.jszybase.com 31. A 考查形容词以及对语境的理解。A. accustomed 意为习惯的,B. appointed 意为指定 的, C. unique 意为独一无二的, D. available 意为可利用的。 “However, instead of devoting themselves to their work, they find themselves working to support the 30 to which

they have so quickly become 31. 意为“但是,不是全身心投入于工作,他们发现工作只 是支持生活方式,而且慢慢他们已经对这种方式已经行习惯了。” 32. A 考查连词以及对语境的理解。A. yet 意为但是,表转折,B. also 意为也,表递

进,C. instead 意为代替,D. rather 意为相反。此句是长难句。意为:人们总是说走一种 满意的道路,但是最后,离开现在的工作去做一些他们相信或者是一种可以和家人在一起的 职务的想法最终都得出一个这样的结论:这是不可能的。根据句意,前后是转折的关系,所 以选 A。 33. D 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. let out 意为发出,B. turn in 意为上交,归还, C. give up 意为放弃,D. believe in 意为相信。此句是长难句。意为:人们总是说走一种 满意的道路,但是最后,离开现在的工作去做一些他们相信或者是一种可以和家人在一起的 职务的想法最终都得出一个这样的结论:这是不可能的。


文档来源:弘毅教育园丁网数学第一站 www.jszybase.com 39.D 考查名词以及对语境的理解。A. disasters 意为灾难,B. motivations 意为动机,C. campaigns 意为战役,D. decisions 意为决定。句意为当前的社会,人们趋向于用钱来衡量 所有的事情,我们在很小的时候就知道,应该考虑我们决定 decisions 的经济代价。 40.B 考查动词以及对语境的理解。 A. assessed 意为评估, B. involved 意为涉及, C. covered 意为覆盖,D. reduced 意为减少。Involved in 意为参与。句意为:那么,在追求钱高于意 义的情况下,我们的参与的个人以及社会代价呢? 【考点定位】夹叙夹议的一篇文章 【名师点睛】这是一篇夹叙夹议的文章,没有生词,主要是考查上下文理解和单词理解。需 要正确理解 4 个单词的选项,尤其要注意一些一词多义的地方。也要注意题目与题目直接的 关系,如 21 题和 24 题;26,27 和 28 题;32,33 和 34 题。这是一项综合运用的能力,有时 候也需要结合常识,如 35 题。 2.【2015·安徽】完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C、和 D)中,选出可以填入空白 处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 In our modern world, when something wears out, we throw it away and buy a new one. The 36 is that countries around the world have growing mountains of 37 because peopleare throwing out more rubbish than ever before. How did we 38 a throwaway society? First of all, it is now easier to 39 an object than to spend time and money to repair it. 40 modern manufacturing ( 制造业 ) and technology, companies are able to produce products quickly and inexpensively. Products are plentiful and 41 . Another cause is our42 of disposable (一次性的) products.As 43 people,we are always looking for 44 to save time and make our lives easier. Companies 45 thousands of different kinds of disposable products: paper plates, plastic cups, and cameras, to name a few. Our appetite for new products also 46 to the problem. We are 47 buying new things. Advertisements persuade us that 48 is better and that we will be happier with the latest products. The result is that we 49 useful possessions to make room for new ones.


文档来源:弘毅教育园丁网数学第一站 www.jszybase.com All around the world, we can see the 50 of this throwaway lifestyle. Mountains of rubbish just keep getting bigger. To 51 the amount of rubbish and to protect the 52 , more governments are requiring people to recycle materials. 53 , this is not enough to solve (解决) our problem. Maybe there is another way out. We need to repair our possessions 54 throwing them away. We also need to rethink our attitudes about 55. Repairing our possessions and changing our spending habits may be the best way to reduce the amount of rubbish and take care of our environment. 36. A. key 37. A. gifts 38. A. face 39. A. hide B. reason B. rubbish B. become B. control B. As to C. project C. debt C. observe C. replace D. problem D. products D. change D. withdraw D. Regardless of

40. A. Thanks to 41. A. safe 42. A. love

C. Except for C. cheap C. prevention C. brave C. jobs D. powerful

B. funny B. lack B. kind

D. division D. busy D. friends D. preserve D. contributes D. ashamed for

43. A. sensitive 44. A. ways 45. A. donate 46. A. adapts 47. A. tired of 48. A. newer

B. places

B. receive C. produce B. returns C. responds B. addicted to

C. worried about D. larger

B. stronger C. higher C. hold onto

49. A. pick up B. pay for 50. A. advantages 51. A. show 52. A. technology B. purposes B. record

D. throw away D. consequences D. measure D. brands D. Meanwhile D. instead of D. advertising

C. functions C. decrease

B. environment C. consumers C. Therefore C. after C. repairing

53. A. However B. Otherwise 54. A. by 55. A. spending 【解析】 B. in favour of B. collecting


文档来源:弘毅教育园丁网数学第一站 www.jszybase.com 于扔掉用旧物,用新物品取而代之。包装盒等一次性产品给人们带来方便的同时,也给环境 带来很大的压力。 36. D 考查名词辨析。A 答案;B 原因;C 项目;D 问题。根据第二行“the world...”可知, 出现的问题是垃圾堆积如山,故选 D。 37. B 考查名词辨析。A 礼物;B 垃圾;C 债务;D 产品。句意:因为人们现在扔掉很多垃圾, 因此,垃圾堆积成了山,故选 B。 38. B 考查动词辨析。句意:A 面对;B 变得;C 观察,庆祝;D 改变。根据“first of all...” 可知,这里讲的是乱扔垃圾的原因,故选 B。 39. C 考查动词辨析。A 躲藏;B 控制;C 代替;D 撤退,收回。句意:与花时间和钱修理相 比,现在更容易更换物品,故选 C。 40. A 考查短语辨析。A 多亏;B 至于;C 除了;D 不管。句意:多亏了当代制造业和技术, 公司能够更快地生产产品,成本也降低很多,故选 A。 41. C 考查形容词辨析。A 安全的;B 滑稽的;C 便宜的;D 强有力的。根据“inexpensively” 可知,成本降低的话,产品价格相对也会降低,故选 C。 42. A 考查名词辨析。A 爱;B 缺少;C 阻止;D 划分。句意:另一个原因是人们对一次性产 品的钟爱,故选 A。 43. D 考查形容词辨析。 A 敏感的; B 友好的; C 勇敢的; D 忙碌的。 根据 “we are aways looking for...”可知,人们总是在节省时间,说明人们很忙碌,故选 D。 44. A 考查名词辨析。A 方法;B 地方;C 工作;D 朋友。a way to do sth 做某事的方法,是 固定搭配,故选 A。 45. C 考查动词辨析。A 捐赠;B 收到;C 生产;D 保存。句意:企业生产大量的一次性产品, 故选 C。 46. D 考查动词辨析。A 适应,改编;B 返回;C 回应;D 做贡献。adapt to 适应;return to 返回,归还;respond to 反应;contribute to 为......做贡献,促成,有助于。句意:人 们对新产品的欲望促成了这一问题,故选 D。 47. B 考查短语辨析。A 厌倦;B 沉迷于;C 担心;D 感到羞耻。根据“appetite”可知,人 们痴迷于购买新产品,故选 B。 48. A 考查形容词比较级。A 更新的;B 更强壮的;C 更高的;D 更大的。句意:广告使人们 相信新的更好,故选 A。 49. D 考查动词短语。A 捡起,学会,车接;B 支付;C 抓住,坚持;D 扔掉。句意:人们扔

文档来源:弘毅教育园丁网数学第一站 www.jszybase.com 掉自己的物品来为新的腾地方,故选 D。 50. D 考查名词辨析。A 有点,有利条件;B 目的;C 功能,作用;D 后果。根据下句可知, 这里指的是乱扔垃圾的后果,故选 D。 51. C 考查动词辨析。A 显示,展示;B 记录;C 减少;D 测量。句意:越来越多的政府要求 人们循环使用物品,这样做是为了减少垃圾,故选 C。 52. B 名词辨析。A 技术;B 环境;C 消费者;D 品牌。要求人们循环利用也是为了保护环境, 故选 B。 53. A 考查副词辨析。A 然而;B 要不然;C 因此;D 同时。句意:然而,只是要求人们循环 利用是远远不够的,故选 A。 54. D 考查介词辨析。A 通过;B 支持;C 在......之后;D 代替,而不是。句意:我们需要 修理我们的财物,而不是扔掉它们,故选 D。 55. C 考查动词辨析。A 花费,度过;B 收集;C 修理;D 宣传。句意:我们也需要重新考虑 对修理的态度,根据下句“repairing...”可知答案,故选 C。 【考点定位】社会类短文阅读 【名师点睛】本篇是一篇比较贴近生活的文章,讲的是一次性产品给环境造成的压力。文章 还建议人们养成循环利用的习惯,一以此来减少垃圾的产生并减轻环境的压力。主要考查名 词、动词、形容词和副词的词义和辨析。做题时需要联系前后句和上下文进解题,还要注意 固定搭配。

3.【2015·湖南】Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits the context.
It was a rainy morning and the children, mainly boys with various learning difficulties, refused to settle for the start of the lesson. As an inexperienced teacher, I tried every means to get them to be 36 , but in vain. my panic was rising and I could 37 of my job as a music teacher, I

feel my heart beating wildly. This was the

thought -- teaching was not for me. Then I had an idea. Hoping that no one would notice that I was 38 inside, I threw my voice as far as it would reach: "Put your heads 39 ! We are going on a journey."

on the desks and close your

40 , the children fell silent. "Now what should I do?" I thought to myself.


文档来源:弘毅教育园丁网数学第一站 www.jszybase.com Reaching over to my collection of CDs, I blindly played it. Obediently (顺从地), my class lay their heads on their desk, closed their eyes and 42 . When the music started, the room as filled with the most beautiful tones 43 . When 41 , put it in the machine and

and musical colors I could have ever imagined. All the children were the music finished, I asked them all to raise their share our musical journey. 44

slowly so that we could

At this point, when all the children were willing to share their experiences, I began to learn how to 45 . The music allow me to learn that teaching is about

sharing and respect, tears and smiles, the knowing and the 46 and most of all, an understanding of each other. This was the power that 47

in the classroom could have. 36 A. glad 37.A. end 38.A. guessing 39.A. eyes 40.A. Punctually 41.A. passed one on 42.A. slept 43.A. talking 44.A. legs 45.A. teach 46.A. unprepared 47.A. games 【解析】 试题分析:本文讲述了作者一次上音乐课的经历来告诉读者音乐的力量在于它使人们能够相 互理解 36.D;考查形容词。根据第一段的开头:refused to settle for the start of the lesson. 和第二段中的:the children fell silent!可知文章一开始作者试图开始上课但是教师太吵 B. safe B. aim B. shaking B. mouths B. Importantly B. gave one back B. nodded B. singing B. heads B. imagine B. unspoken B. music C. kind C. rule C. responding C. books C. Amazingly C. turned one in C. waited C. dancing C. arms C. play C. unknown C. tears D. quiet D. plan D. laughing D. doors D. Obviously D. took one out D. continued D. listening D. shoulders D. understand D. unforgotten D. knowledge


文档来源:弘毅教育园丁网数学第一站 www.jszybase.com 了。句意:我试了每一种方法让他们安静下来,但是只是徒劳无功。故选 D 37.A;考查名词。根据后文的: I thought ——teaching was not for me.可知这是作者最 后一次作为音乐老师上课。句意:这是我作为音乐老师最后一次上课,我觉得,教书不适合 我。故选 A。 38.B;考查动词。根据前文的:My panic was rising and I could feel my heart beating wildly.可知此时作者的内心是生气地激动着但是毫无办法,他试图让学生不去发现他此时的 内心的情绪排山倒海的激动,用 shaking 来表达作者内心难以平息的怒火。故选 B 39.A;考查名词。根据第三段开头:my class lay their heads on their desk, closed their eyes?可知此时作者叫他的学生学生将头放在桌子上然后闭上眼睛,故选 A 40.C;考查副词。A. Punctually 准时地,如期地 B. Importantly 重要地 C. Amazingly 令 人惊讶地 D. Obviously 明显地;可知作者无意识地做法让学生迅速地安静了下来,所以在此 用 amazingly 表示惊讶,故选 C

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文档来源:弘毅教育园丁网数学第一站 www.jszybase.com 41.D;考查动词词组。A. passed one on 传了一个 B. Gave one back 给了一个? C. Turned one in 转了一个 D. took one out 拿出一个;句意:触及到我的那些 CD 收藏,我盲目地取 出一张,把它放进机器里然后它放出了声音。故选 D 42.C;考查动词。根据后文的:When the music started, the room was filled with the most beautiful tones and musical colors.可知当作者将音乐放进机器里,学生们趴在自己的桌 子上静静地等着音乐响起来,故选 C 43.D;考查动词。老师在放音乐,当然学生们都在听,listening 放在此较其他选项都比较合 适。故选 D 44.B;考查名词。Raise sb’s head(s)抬起头来。句意:当音乐放完的时候,我要求他们所 有人慢慢地抬起头来,那样的话,我们就可以一起分享我们的音乐之旅。故选 B 45.A;考查动词。根据前文:At this point, when all the children were willing to share their experiences,可知学生们从开始的不愿响应作者到最后跟着作者一起参与其中,这让 作者开始知道怎么教书了,故选 A 46.C;考查形容词。A. unprepared 为准备好的 B. unspoken 无言的 C. unknown 未知的 D. unforegotten 难忘的; 根据前文有 the knowing 已知的, 又有 and 连接, 可知横向上填 unknown 未知的,构成像前文 tears and smiles 那样的对比,形成对仗,故选 C 47.B;考查名词。根据前文:The music allowed me to learn that teaching is about sharing and respect, tears and smiles, the knowing and the unknown and, most of all, an understanding of each other.可知这些都是音乐的好处,它让我们知道了分享和尊重,泪 水和欢笑,已知与未知,最主要的是它让我们相互了解。所以最后一句作者旨在总结:这就 是课堂音乐所拥有的力量 【考点定位】夹叙夹议的一篇文章 【名师点睛】这是一篇夹叙夹议的文章,没有生词,主要是考查上下文理解和单词理解。需 要正确理解 4 个单词的选项,尤其要注意一些一词多义的地方。也要注意根据上下文的逻辑 关系推断出各个选项的正确答案,如 36,37 题和 39 题;42,43 和 45 题。这是一项综合运用 的能力,有时候也需要结合常识,如 38 题和 40 题;41 题和 43 题。 4.【2015·新课标全国 II】完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A, B, C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最 佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 Where do you go when you want to learn something? School? A friend? A tutor? These
- 11 -

文档来源:弘毅教育园丁网数学第一站 www.jszybase.com are all want 42 41 places of learning. But it may well be that the learning you really somewhere else instead. I had the 44 . 43

of seeing this first hand on a

My daughter plays on a recreational soccer team. They did well this season and so 45 a tournament, which normally was only for more skilled club teams. This 47 trained.

led to some 46 experiences on Saturday as they played against teams Through the first two games, her parent, I 49 48

did not get one serious shot on goal. As a 50 still defeated.

seeing my daughter playing her best, 51

It seemed that something clicked with the When they 52

between Saturday and Sunday. 53 different. They had begun 54 the day before

for their Sunday game, they were

to integrate (融合) the kinds of play and teamwork they had into their It 57 55 . They played aggressively and 56

scored a goal. 58 moment for

me that playing against the other team was a great

all the girls on the team. I think it is a general principle. 59 The lessons they learned may not be 60

is the best teacher.

what they would have gotten in school,

but are certainly more personal and meaningful, because they had to work them out on their own. 41.A. public special 42.A. passes ends 43. A. dream chance 44.A. trip square 45. A. won watched 46. A. painful practical 47. A. less B. poorly C. newly D.
- 12 -

B. traditional

C. official


B. works

C. lies


B. idea

C. habit


B. holiday

C. weekend


B. entered

C. organized


B. strange

C. common


文档来源:弘毅教育园丁网数学第一站 www.jszybase.com better 48.A. fans team 49.A. imagined missed 50. A. if 51.A. girls viewers B. or B. parents C. but C. coaches D. as D. B. hated C. avoided D. B. tutors C. class D.

52. A. dressed 53. A. slightly completely 54.A. seen 55. A. styles 56. A. even again 57.A. confused warned 58. A. touching learning 59.A. Experience Interest 60. A. harmful to to 【解析】

B. showed up B. hardly

C. made up C. basically

D. planned D.

B. known B. training B. still

C. heard C. game C. seldom

D. read D. rules D.

B. struck

C. reminded


B. thinking

C. encouraging


B. Independence

C. Curiosity


B. mixed with

C. different from

D. applied

试题分析:本文通过看女儿参加的一场足球锦标赛,给我们启发,学校里的学习很重要,但 是亲身经历和实践是更好的学习和老师。 41. B 考查形容词以及对语境的理解。 A. public 公众的; B. traditional 传统的; C. official 官方的;D. special 特别的; 我们通常会在学校向老师或朋友学习。根据常识可知,这里提 到的应该是传统教育方式。故选 B。
- 13 -

文档来源:弘毅教育园丁网数学第一站 www.jszybase.com 42. C 考查动词以及对语境的理解。 A. passes 传递;B. works 起作用;C. lies 在于; D. ends 结束。本句应该分析句子结构:the learning 后是定语从句 you really want,所以这里所 填的是做谓语的动词。真正想要的学习却不在上述的这些地方,在其他的地方。故选 C。 43. D 考查名词以及对语境的理解。A. dream 梦想;B. idea 想法;C. habit 习惯;D. chance 机会。根据下文的故事可知,我女儿的经历让我有机会看到了这样的学习。故选 D。 44. C 考查名词以及对语境的理解。 A. trip 旅行; B. holiday 假期; C. weekend 周末; D. square 广场。从下文的周六的比赛会很艰苦和 It seemed that something clicked with the between Saturday and Sunday.可知,是周末发生的事。故选 C。 45. B 考查动词以及对语境的理解。 A. won 赢; B. entered 进入; C. organized 组织; D. watched 观看。从下文可知,女儿所在的足球队打得好所以进入了锦标赛。故选 B。 46. A 考查形容词以及对语境的理解。A. painful 痛苦的;B. strange 奇怪的;C. common 普通的;D. practical 实用的。由语境可知,对手比作者女儿的队 better trained,可以推 断这将是一场痛苦的比赛。故选 A。 47. D 考查副词以及对语境的理解。A. less 少于;B. poorly 差的;C. newly 新的;D. better 更好的。根据常识可知,进入锦标赛的一般都是训练更好的队伍。故选 D。 48. D 考查名词以及对语境的理解。A. fans 粉丝;B. tutors 教练;C. class 班;D. team 队。根据上下文可知,是女儿所在的足球队没进球得分。故选 D。 51

- 14 -

文档来源:弘毅教育园丁网数学第一站 www.jszybase.com

56. A 考查副词以及对语境的理解。A. even 甚至;B. still 仍然;C. seldom 很少;D. again 又。她们和前一场比,打得有闯劲,甚至还得了一分。故选 A。 57. B 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. confused 使困惑;B. struck 击打;C. reminded 提 醒; D. warned 警告。It strike sb.是固定句式,意思是让某人突然想到,符合语境。故选 B。 58. D 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. touching 接触;B. thinking 思考;C. encouraging 鼓励;D. learning 学习。和另一个队比赛也是一个很好的学习的机会。和文章的开头相呼应。 故选 B。 59. A 考查名词以及对语境的理解。 A. Experience 经历; B. Independence 独立; C. Curiosity 好奇;D. Interest 兴趣。结合全文的意思可知,经历是最好的老师。故选 A。 60. C 考查动词以及对语境的理解。A. harmful to 对??有伤害;B. mixed with 混合;C. different from 不同;D. applied to 应用于。亲身体验得到的东西和在学校里学到的可能 不同,但是更有个性有意义。故选 C。 【考点定位】教育类短文阅读。 【名师点睛】本文是一篇夹叙夹议的短文。这样的短文是大多数考生难以把握的。不过,这 样的文章通常在开头和结尾处点睛,评论。中间叙事。以第三人称的形式转述,一定会有个
- 15 -

文档来源:弘毅教育园丁网数学第一站 www.jszybase.com 人的观点包括在内。所以考生要认真分析是什么事引发了怎样的思考或评论,即事件和议论 是两条线。另外平时多做多分析一些这类题会有很大的帮助。

- 16 -

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