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Unit 7 The Chaser练习答案综合教程三

Unit 7 The Chaser
Key to the Exercises Text comprehension I. Decide which of the following is likely to happen after the story. C II. Judge, according to the text, whether the following statements are true or false. 1. 2. 3. 4. F (Refer to Paragraph 5. The old man says that his stock in trade is not very large, but F (Refer to Paragraphs 11 and 13. The price of a glove-cleaner, as he calls it, is very F (Refer to Paragraph 19. The old man claims that the effects of love potions are T (Refer to Paragraphs 24 and 28. Austen says that Diana is fond of parties and, it is varied and has extraordinary effects.) high, five thousand dollars for a teaspoonful, but the love potion is very cheap.) permanent.) although she is everything to him already, she does not care about his love at all. That is why he decides to go to the old man for the love potion and whenever the old man mentions the magic of his potion, he can't help "crying." From that, we can see the man loves the girl very much.) 5. F (The old man sells the love potions almost for nothing because by doing so his customers will come back for a much dearer commodity, the glove-cleaner, to help them out. It is the "death potion" that the old man makes most of his profits from, and intends to sell to his customers.) III. Answer the following questions. 1. What the old man means is that a young man who falls in love one-sidedly is seldom rich enough to win a girl's heart. His words imply that money is one of the crucial factors for love. If a man is not rich, he can rarely expect to be loved by a girl. 2. Refer to Paragraphs 19 to 37. The love potion has powerful, everlasting effects. To begin with, it may produce sexual desire in the person who takes it. And on the spiritual side, it can replace indifference with devotion and scorn with adoration. It will make a gay girl want nothing but solitude and her lover's company. She will feel jealous of him when her lover is with other girls; she will want to be everything to him. She will be only interested in her lover and take every concern of him. Even if he slips a bit, she will forgive him though terribly hurt. In a word, she will fall in love with him if she drinks the love potion. 3. Refer to Paragraphs 39 to 43. It is an irony, by which the author seems to imply that love is far from being precious or desirable. It is easy for a man to fall in love, yet it is hard

for him to stick to it. Should he regret some day, he would have to pay a much higher price to get himself out of it. Anyway, for the old man, and for his customers as he believes, the life-cleaner is more important than the love potion. 4. This means there is a wide difference between the young and the old. Young people tend to be over-passionate for love, sometimes senselessly and irrationally, while the old, just like the old man who sells the mixtures, would take a cool and sensible, sometimes even cynical attitude towards love. 5. "Au revoir," an urbane and polished reply to the young man's good-bye, meaning "until I see you again," indicates the old man's firm belief that the young man will eventually come back to him for the life-cleaner. This shows his cynical pessimism about love. IV. Explain in your own words the following sentences. 1. 2. "Just because I am able to do you a favor/sell you the love potion, I feel safe telling "They, the love potions," said the old man, "will help change the girl's attitude you so much about my other medicines." towards you. She will no longer hold you in contempt. Instead, She will begin to give you her deep-felt love and care." Structural analysis of the text The last line "goodbye, until we meet again" carries an ironic double meaning. It's a conventional way to say goodbye. And with all those clues given in the story, it also suggests that the old man expects the young man will return for the glove-cleaner. Rhetorical features of the text "It would be no good charging that sort of price for a love potion. Young people who need a love potion very seldom have five thousand dollars. Otherwise they would not need a love potion." (Paragraph 13) Vocabulary exercises I. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Explain the underlined part in each sentence in your own words. feeling very much worried and afraid everything I sell could be well deemed as extraordinary difficult to notice much more lasting than the momentary impulse with enthusiasm

II. Fill in the blank in each sentence with a word taken from the box in its appropriate form.

1. creaky 3. acquaintance 5. raptures 7. overwhelmed

2. peered 4. detachment 6. giddy 8. obliged

III. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms of the given words. 1. obscurity 3. perceptible 5. indifferent 7. overwhelmingly 2. acquainted 4. apprehension 6. rapt 8. disobliging

IV. Fill in the blank in each sentence with an appropriate phrasal verb or collocation taken from the text. 1. save up 2. care about 3. indulges in 4. reached for 5. peered about 6. deals in 7. was substituted 8. better off V. Give a synonym or an antonym of the word underlined in each sentence in the sense

it is used. 1. Antonym: perceptible (perceivable, noticeable) 2. Synonym: postmortem 3. Synonym: anxiously (fearfully) 4. Antonym: temporary (transient) 5. Antonym: grave (cheerless) 6. Synonym: profoundly (rigorously, strongly) 7. Antonym: apathetically (indifferently) 8. Synonym: reason VI. Explain the underlined phrasal verbs in your own words. 1. expect 3. accept 5. was 7. became popular 2. have 4. imagine 6. work out 8. demanded

Grammar exercises I. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Complete each sentence with what you think the most appropriate of the four choices C (We use a singular verb when the subject involves each.) D (Girl as she was = Though she was a girl. In this structure, the indefinite article is A B (Inversion is used when there is a negative word at the beginning of a sentence.) B (The antecedent of who is the brightest students.) C D C given.

usually omitted.)

II. Emphasize the underlined part by moving it to the initial position of the clause. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Music Mary likes; sports she doesn't. Growl you will, and go you must. They have promised to finish the work, and finish it they will. His face not many admired, while his character still fewer could praise. A professor he was, but in name only. He might have agreed under pressure; willingly he would never. This question we have already discussed at some length. Talent Mike has; capital Mike has not.

III. Improve the following sentences by changing the word order. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. They pronounced guilty every one of the accused. He had called an idiot the man on whose judgment he now had to rely. We cannot set totally aside a whole system of rules devised by Congress itself. The problem then arose of what contribution the public should make. He gave the parcel to the sergeant who occupied the trench opposite. Send the parcel to my father not to my mother. I saw on my way home yesterday a man with a scar across his face trying to escape It was my intention to produce a fairly short one-volume introduction to semantics

with a bag he had snatched from a lady. which might serve the needs of students in several disciplines and might be of interest to the general reader. IV. Convert the following positive statements and general questions into negative statements. 1. I have never seen anyone as/so happy as Mary.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. V. 1. 2. 3.

John isn't as tall as his father./John is not as/so tall as his father. Michael does not swim as well as Paul. Michael does not swim nearly as/so well as Paul. He is not as/so wise as he is witty. There is nothing quite as/so satisfying as undergoing a difficult process and after The gap between the sides is not as/so wide as it was. / The gap between the sides It's not quite as/so straightforward a problem as it might at first seem. Correct the errors, where found, in the following sentences. so→such many→much big problem→big a problem (When we use a singular noun in the too ?to construction or as ?as construction, we

long hard work discovering the true nature of that process. isn't as wide as it was.

should use a/an before the noun.) 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. few→much normal life→normal a life slowly before→slowly that before little→few (As few as is used before numbers.) as→so (not so good = not very well) VI. Make sentences of your own after the sentences given below, keeping the italicized parts in your sentences. 1. 2. e.g. All that glitters is not gold. Although he is s successful businessman, all is not sweet in his life. e.g. However much you spend, I will reimburse you. However hard I try, I cannot find the answer. Translation exercises I. 1. 2. 3. Translate the following sentences into Chinese. “我亲爱的先生,”老人回答道,“我的库存不是很大——我可不经营通便剂、补牙药—— “你要是愿意,叫它手套清洁剂也行,”老人漠然作答。“也许可以用它来清洁手套,我 “哪能呢,不会啦,”老人说,“像爱情水,开这么个价,可没什么用处。要买爱情水的

不过,库存虽不多,品种倒不少。我觉得,我卖的东西药效没一样可以说是普普通通的。” 没试过。或者称它生命清洁剂也未尝不可,生命有时也需要清洁。” 年轻人很少拥有五千美元的,要不他们也不会需要爱情水了。”



儿这个给年轻女士——掺在橙汁、汤或是鸡尾酒中,丝毫没有异味——不管她有多么放荡不 羁轻佻无常,都会脱胎换骨。她什么都不想要,只想和你独处。” II. Translate the following sentences into English, using the words and phrases given in brackets. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. To me, you are definitely more than an acquaintance. Many artisans in this region deal in a variety of handicrafts. They went into raptures over the unexpected success. Much to my surprise, he analyzed with extraordinary detachment the dangerous She peered at the stranger from behind the curtain. During the holidays, he indulged in the luxury of a bath of sunshine on the beach. When she learnt the news of his death, she was overwhelmed with grief. I'm not in favor of buying a house on the installment plan; instead, I maintain that

situation that threatened all of them.

everyone of us should save up for a rainy day. III. Translate the following passage into Chinese. 一个年轻人神情紧张而又犹豫, 他推开门, 走进一间宽敞的房间。 一位老人坐在摇椅上, 读着一本厚厚的羊皮纸制成的书, 看上去像荷马的 《奥德赛》 之类的经典作品。 老人没抬头, 指了指旁边的椅子,示意年轻人坐下。老人说:“奥斯汀先生,很高兴认识你。” “我想问您是不是卖,呃,一种有着特殊效果的制剂。”年轻人问道。“我亲爱的先生, 事实上,我这里卖的哪种东西都是不寻常的,虽然库存相当有限。”“但是你……”年轻人有点 迫不及待。“这是一种像水一样的无色液体,化在咖啡里、茶里、葡萄酒里或者其他饮料里 是看不出来的,”老人打断他的话。“但它被起名为万能清洁液,它能够清洁一切东西,从手 套到生活。我相信生活有时是需要清洗的。” “恐怕那不是我要的东西,”年轻人说。“没关系,不过我想让你知道它的价格。小小的 一勺,当然也足够了,我收费不下于 6000 美金,一分也不能少。”(听到这话,)年轻人很 焦虑。不过老人接着说:“然而要是卖爱情魔液,也收这么多的钱是不合实际的,甚至是残 酷的。年轻人喜欢爱情魔液,但是情况往往是这样的,他们,我指的是那些需要爱情魔液的 人,他们不够富裕,如果定价这么高是买不起的,所以啊,它的价格低得令人难以置信。这 时年轻人的脸上露出了微笑。“这个爱情魔液有……有着不同寻常的效果。”老人说,他似乎 能够读出年轻人的心思。“效果是持久的,姑娘喝了这爱情魔液将把你看成是生活中唯一的 兴趣。” 年轻人离开了屋子,心里溢满了幸福。他太幼稚了,不知道他以及和他相似的年轻人将 很有可能用自己的钱造就出一个富翁, 因为他或许会在将来不断地造访老人, 来买别的价值 昂贵而药效奇特的制剂。 Exercises for integrated skills


Dictation script. Rumor is the most primitive way of spreading stories/ by passing them on from

mouth to mouth./ But civilized countries in normal times/ have better sources of news than rumor./ They have radio, television, and newspapers./ In times of stress and confusion, however,/ rumor emerges and becomes widespread./ At such times the different kinds of news are in competition:/ the press, television, and radio versus the grapevine. Rumors are often repeated/ even by those who do not believe the tales./ There is a fascination about them./ The reason is that the cleverly designed rumor/ gives expression to something deep in the hearts of the victims:/ the fears, suspicions, forbidden hopes,/ or daydreams which they hesitate to voice directly./ Pessimistic rumors about defeat and disasters show/ that people who repeat them are worried and anxious./ Optimistic rumors about record production or peace soon coming/ point to complacency or confidence/ and often to overconfidence. II. Fill in each blank in the passage below with ONE word you think appropriate. (1) if (3) through (5) does (7) want (9) sung (11) but (13) precious (2) no (4) with (6) that (8) Here (10) and (12) upon (14) nor

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