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Be disappointed at\with Disappointed Disappointing System Teenager Disappear Appear Move Assistant Cover Discover Discovery At the start of At the beginning of At the end of Be at an end Bring sth to an end By the end of Come to an end Be divided into Take part in Amuse Amused Amusing Amusement Energy Energetic Intelligent Intelligence Nervous Feel nervous about Organize Organization Organized Be patient of sth Be patient with sb Serious Shy Be strict in sth Be strict with sb Avoid Hate Complete Immediately Appreciate Admit

Scientific Literature Loudly Wave Joke Tell jokes Play jokes on In summary Respect Grade Headmaster Headmistress Period Revision revise Translation Translator Translate Timetable Topic Take a vacation Preview View Review Discipline Relationship Relative Formal Informal Relax Relaxing Relaxed Helicopter Motorbike At a distance In the distance Get on Get off Get into Get out of Take off Land on Abandoned Camel Desert Diamond

Expert expect at midnight Product Production Produce Scenery scene go on a journey make a journey not…any more no more at all events in any event refer to exhausted downtown interview interviewee interviewer frighten circus make sure make progress as a result without result shoot at\to Soil Boil Oil Train Training Trainer Trainee Circus Seaside Eagle Frighten Kindergarten Apartment Cartoon Rail Track Ceremony souvenir make a survey

Province Academic Enthusiastic Enthusiasm Amazing Amaze Amazed Information Inform Website Brilliant Comprehension Comprehend Instruction Follow one’s instructions Method Be bored with Embarrass Embarrassed Embarrassing Attitude Behavior Previous Diploma Description Describe Technology High-tech Impress Impression Be impressed with\by Make an impression on sb Correct Correction Incorrect Courage Encourage Encouragement Enjoy Enjoyment Fluent Fluency Understand Misunderstand

neighbor local suburb hometown attractive fortunate fortunately pretty sound taste feel smell look tour tourist bother rent district approach harbor barber gorgeous be starved to death park put up put away put in traffic jam committee household occupation professional manual so far up to now till now gallery exchange…for sth exchange…with sb get away from a great many a great deal fascinating a number of go up go away

go back afford survive Contact with liquid expand contract substance mixture electricity stage come to a conclusion in conclusion make a conclusion aim reaction react equipment rust Boil Oil soil add…to… add up to… ordinary steam float form balance flame used to be used to facility lecture in the area of be proud of be supposed to

check out log in log out log off software breakdown source consist of be composed of data defense create network become known percentage go down go against go over come up with put forward design designer document from that moment on invention ask for permission without permission concentrate on fantastic independent disadvantage advantage be at a disadvantage compared with average

toothache headache backache unhealthy healthy health wealthy wealth take exercise be anxious about\for be anxious to do sth captain injure injury pain painful normal abnormal lifestyle head head for eye be crazy about overweight weight lung iron lung throat breathe breathe in breathe out have a temperature prescription prescribe describe X-ray awful Lie down Begin with Start with Put …into... Insurance Become ill Drug Related to Cancer

必 department be astonished at sth contain container access crash keyword password check in


Be connected with Diet Be on a diet fat fit keep fit flu rare

Cigarette Tobacco Addict Break into Break away from Break down dangerous Danger In danger of Out of danger Inject Needle Powerful power Reduce Belong to Become addicted to Nearby Take one’s advice In order to So as to Burglary Crime Criminal be connection with illegal Shoplifting Treat Under treatment Be likely to Adult Café Agree Disagree with Ban Horrible Affect Participant Recognize Leaflet Distract Give up Give in Give back Jogging Audience

Classical Conductor Jazz Musician Saxophone Court Director Genius Lose Musical Peasant Talent Prince Album Ballad Band Catchy Complex Influence Lyrics Solo Split up Tune Change one’s tune Make a note of Take a note of Take note of Mix…with…. Like Dislike Artist Colorful Contemporary Delightful Drawing Paint Painter Painting Scene Traditional Alive Aspect Imitate Observe In reality In style

Out of style Adopt Aim at Get tired of Stand Be fond of Tell by Unusual Put off Exhibition Hold an exhibition On exhibition Expression Beyond expression Give expression to Landscape Portrait Relies Realistic Watercolor Take turns Take one’s turn A series of Destroy Headline Photograph Celebrity Economy Politics Universe University Sailor In total Capsule Flight In flight Take a flight Congratulation Aboard Welcome Historical Achievement Replace Alien Amateur Autograph

Delighted Be delighted at Fan Spaceship Now that Actor Backstage Play a part in Politician Believe in Belief Disbelief Evidence In evidence On evidence Cultural Financial Review Royal Found Produce Be similar to Come out Come back Come by Come on Poster Fall in love with Be in love with Thriller Comedy Sword Actress Character Female Male To one’s surprise Master piece Fiancé Rooftop Leap Graceful In surprise Interest Brave Care about

Care for Moving And then Occasionally Argue Argue with sb about\over sth Channel Entertaining Drama Plot setting At the age of For ages Over age Under age Shark Section

in agreement with whereabouts in terms of govern head on the other hand on one hand representative parliament little by little region geographical feature produce hunger income poverty human development index measure goal expectancy at the top of position in position out of position at the bottom of educate make effort figure household homeless charity crowded freeway inhabitant similarity unfortunate be connected with location tourism transport industrial

polluted smart vast entertainment be close to disaster flood hurricane lightning thunderstorm tornado column experience cause current latitude furniture bury feather fur occur occur to sb. tropical equator rotating violent pick up pick on pick out take off take away take back take up on average wave strike cemetery coffin end up end in ruin ash erupt lava tidal volcano

previous eruption possibility set fire to catch fire on fire play with fire put out take place earthquake terrifying luckily thankfully hopefully sadly fortunately warning without warning worldwide active in all damage do damage to sandstorm frightening cut down cut off cut out cut up inland mass campaign dune be caught in desertification process in (the) process of citizen dust forecast strength cycle mask one after another other atmosphere


across boot continental face be faced with range landmark gallery situated symbol located be located in architect project because of sculpture be known as birthplace civilization ancient ever since opposite sign sign for sign in sign up agreement

carbon dioxide chemical environment environment pollution environment protection garbage melt pollution recycle have a dad effect on coastal concerned be concerned about evidence major urgent pollute take in give out complain complain to sb. of\about sth. in a word in a nutshell in short nutshell scary absolutely protection under the protection of look down up on look into look out look up equal importance be of importance philosopher philosophy teaching thinker kindness

order in order in the right order in the wrong order principle in principle on principle position stress resign adviser influential love honesty justice bark contribution make contributions to doing sth. invent leather monk soft category sutra inventor argument freedom fuel condition be in condition out of condition bulletin

accommodate carving construction under construction relic site Buddhist generate harness historical narrow poem submerge hold back hold on hold up hold out come true global watch tower remove make sense make no sense bring an and to freezing ridiculous enormous observatory foggy crash

Solar Urban Suburb Get rid of Load Landfill Arrest Fire Limit Outdoors Online Catalogue Command Take command of Under command of recreation bowling softball charge free of charge power flick switch off switch on switch over surgery clinic outpatient disable disability be attached to spaceport use up look out optimistic dishwasher for a start on the way out shape doormat wire be\get stuck in in no time at once in a moment right away

必 canal civil civil law cliff dam engineering gorge hydro-electric reservoir structure terminal date date from date back to


Brick Concrete Mud Alternative Crime criminal For sure Predict Risky Resource Run out of Material Rely on

display cab permit receipt get round fare air-conditioned limit destination impression provide sb with sth under construction convenient pedal tricycle single return explore roadwork switch off keep cool blow horn react solution mood be in no mood for sth\to do sth no way Registration Communicate with Communication Be conscious of unconscious Vary Various On guard Formal Informal Aggressive Tradition Traditional Traditionally Weapon Gesture The gesture language Threatening

Threaten Deal with Make a deal Involve Forehead Bow Youth Young Old Hold up Palm Spread Slap Give away Mind reader Ankle Eyebrow Lip Nose Eye Mouth Ear Wrist Back Bend over\down Hug Stare at Wipe Lift up Up and down Religion Host Hostess By accident Toast Sip Blank Panic Rude Say hello to Switch on Invitation Request Ask a favor of Do sb a favor Live

Alive Performance Perform Performer Classical Applause Judgment Prolong Equality Handclap Social Infectious infection funeral Biology Zoology Staple Producer Produce Product Production Leading Figure Bring up Bring about Bring back Bring down Educate Nickname Agriculture Breeding Original Publish Breakthrough Support As a result of Convert Cash crop Export Import Replace In quantity A quantity of quantity Quality Be known for

Be famous for Best seller Diagnose Victim Make a career In brief To be brief Graduate Earn one's living Come to power Rocket Gun powder Explosion Explode Escape from Arrow Go straight Stand straight Clean clear Cave Peak Plain Plateau Shore Slope Valley Wood Wooden Flat Apartment At the edge of Surround Surrounding Colleague College Downstream Upstream Goods Trade Trading Trade with sb Trade on Temple deck Dock

Port Mountain mountainous hill Hilly Raft Narrow At least At best At most Detour Legend Be heavy with Cruise Cabin Forbid Lounge Immense Fertile Remote Remote controller Steep Varied On the spot Rip off Get a kick out of Pin Hair pin Hair band Torch Monster Attack Footprint Hairy Frightening Creature Grey Claw Paw Exist Sharp Nail Snail Journal Journey Sighting

Seal Mystery

Try one's fortune

present refer to as attempt make an attempt to do /at doing sth simplify combination thanks to distinctive look critics standard reference intellectual satisfying stressful accountant barber biochemist electrician miner volunteer offer offer to do sth signal in particular sheer on average in theory in practice toll bend circular direct pass by pass away pass down take …for granted encounter profound have an effect on mission take up qualified be qualified as be qualified for

必 Mysterious Claim Surface On the surface Horn Dive Dive into Calm Calm down Keep calm Cover Adapt Adapt oneself to Be well adapted to Disappear Appear Extinct Evolve Die out Die away Die off Die from\of Throw light on Come straight to the point Destruction Construction Generous Unpredictable Emperor Reputation border On the border of Positive Indicate Identity Due to Because of Owing to Myth Fortune Fortunate Have good fortune Make a fortune Tell sb one's fortune


have ……in common linguist make a difference accent obvious motorway underground subway get around flashlight queue queue on queue up confusing preposition compare compare…to… compare…with… omit variety differ differ from differ with settler be similar to remark make a remark variation have difficulty (in) doing sth steadily satellite flick switch lead to structure rapidly announcement linguistics edition cute add in favor of

vertical take notice of temporary freezer freeze contract earn earn one’s living permanent salary staff sign agent analyst apply deduction organizational post chef require renewable essential model shot in response to grateful be grateful to sb for sth available database demand in demand make demands on satisfy one’s demands traditional youngster suffer from pathologist double leisure at leisure individual fitness outgoing personality biography fantasy

have connection with detective solve murderer account run away companion raft pour pour into pour out shelter paddle lie panic curious be curious about be curious to do sth tie rope beard fright crawl terrified trunk play a trick on sb make up make out outline disturb comedy romantic fiction review be/feel in the mood (for sth/to do sth) set (a play, novel) in resemble create exception with the exception of warn shallow adolescent determined make one’s fortune

set off set about set up set out penny force pilot vivid establish reputation have a reputation for carnival Christian Ghost costume hide confusion throw…into confusion extend pretend come to an end dress up make up firearm empire memory arouse one’s memories of revive council book wander wander form wander off elegant magic era calendar dove bean flour garlic onion pea pork sausage consist of

herb ingredient relaxing whistle tasty parade multicultural plantation mark trade transport landowner import master abolish magnificent celebration freedom unite origin athletics rugby bat club net pitch ring stadium track tracksuit trainer retire perform retirement background brand sportswear logo on the increase advantage have an advantage over guarantee purchase designer gymnast slogan

specific symbol marathon score ministry final champion quality ultimate rise to up feet victory dramatically protest protest against declare borough competitor tough endanger reserve habitat extinct

lay wonder insect mammal bald be concerned about sth whale ibis feed on brink extinction initial stand for branch continent focus in focus out of focus energy waste monitor set up

technique n. △Masaccio coincidence n. by coincidence △masterpiece n. △impressionism n.

appeal to fragile adj. △circular adj. adj.

△metropolitan reputation n. civilization Egypt n. Egyptian visual adj. n.

△impressionist adj. △post-impressionist adj. a great deal shadow n. ridiculous adj. adj.


fragrant adj. △Monet △Whitney △Madison n. contemporary adj.

controversial attempt n.

on the other hand predict vt. △landscape n. specific adj. figure n. clay n.

permanent adj. district n. committee n. signature n. Unit 2 △poetry tick vt. n. ……

△critic n. △bronze n. marble n. △Mona Lisa ? △Leonardo da Vinci carve vt. ??

rhyme n. convey vt. △emotion nursery n. nursery rhyme concrete adj. △repetition n. contradictory adj. n.

选 struggle wildlife protect antelope battle plateau ideal shawl herd worth skin spot on the spot raid confiscate condition on condition that meanwhile dealer aim reptile involve live


Unit 1 △realistic adj. abstract adj. sculpture n. △sculptor gallery n. faith n. n.

delicate adj. △Michelangelo △canvas △Picasso café n. allergic adj. △effectively …… adv. n.

△hush vi. &vt. △mockingbird n. diamond n. △brass n. adj. △billy-goat n. flexible adj. pattern n.

faithfully adv. △consequently adv. aim n. conventional typical adj. adj.

exhibition n. aggressive scholar flesh n. n.

evident adj. △Giotto di Bondone △renaissance n.

in the flesh △Matisse geometry bunch n. n. n.

△squire n. cottage n. △coffin n.

△the Renaissance adopt vt. △humanistic adj. possess vt.

sparrow n. △kitten n. tke it easy run out of Museum △cinquain n. be made up of tease vi. & vt. ……

Manhattan avenue n.

preference n. △Guggenheim △display appeal vt. vi.

possession n. superb adj. △perspective n.



△fitness △sexual stress

n. adj. n. adj.

get into

() adv.

△methane n. △Celsius adj. quantity n.

△droop vi. △dread vi. & vt. endless adj. △haiku n. △syllable n. minimum n.

etc (et cetera) appendix

(-dixes, -dices)


illegal adj. pill n. △robbery n. △slippery adj.

quantities of tend vi. go up △Charles Keeling △measurement n. per prep.

△obesity n. adolescent n. adolescence n. ban vt.

translation n. branch n.

△HIV at risk △SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) △immune adj. survival sex n. n.

due adj. due to tough …… adj.

△melt (melted; melted, molten) △brimful adj. in particular eventually △await vt. transform vi. & vt. adv.

data n. result in trend n. catastrophe n. flood n. △drought n. △famine n. △George Hambley oppose vt. opposed adj. be opposed to mild adj. △environmental adj. ……

addicted adj. addicted to △nicotine n. accustom vt. ……

△fluid n. △inject vt. △injection n. needle n. △spill (spilt, spilt) vi. male adj. female adj. △condom n. △homosexual n. prejudice n. judgement n. △disco n. abortion n. cigar n.

△revolve vi. & vt. () △utter vt. ()

accustomed adj. accustomed to …… withdrawal n. △bad-tempered adj. automatic adj. automatically adv. mental adj.

sorrow n. bare adj. librarian n. forever △stem n. △cement n. section n. adv.

mentally adv. quit vt. effect n. lung n. pregnant adj. abnormal breathless unfit adj. strengthen vt. △resolve n. decide on packet n. feel like (doing)…… △relaxation n. , …… adj. adj.

△environmentalist n. consequence n. state vt. range n. even if keep on glance vi. steady steadily tendency adj. adv. n.

appropriate adj. exchange n. diploma n. sponsor n. blank n.

embarrassed adj. awkward adj. Unit 4 consume vt. △renewable adj. △greenhouse n. △Fahrenheit adj. come about △Sophie △Armstrong graph random n. adj.

compass n. bride n. bridegroom n. championship n. △rhythmic adj. darkness n.

widespread adj. on the whold △economical △hectare n. average adj. existence n. outer adj. …… adj.

warmth n. try out scholarship n. pianist n. violinist n. let out load n. Unit 3

desperate adj. , chemist n. △gum n. △chewing gum disappointed adj. △weaken vi. ashamed adj. comprehension n. in spite of take risks (a risk)

phenomenon (-ena) n. subscribe vi. subscribe to △fossil fuel n. n.

on behalf of

△individual n. advocate vt. commitment n. put up with pollution growth n. n.

cigarette n. alcohol n.

△byproduct n. △Janice △Foster

alcoholic adj. abuse n. & vt.



helmet n. 必 boot n. make one’s way potential actual n.

△appliance n. so long as casual adj.


make fun of encouragement n. conduct n. △mainstream n. △fulfilling adj. never mind politics n. abolish vt.

Unit 1 disability n. disabled adj. hearing n. eyesight n. △syndrome n. △infantile paralysis △Rosalyn lap n. ambition n. ambitious dictation △Sally n. noisy n. n. adj. n.

an so on motor can n. n.


△geology n. △Mount Etna △Sicily △sample n. candidate n. △Mount Vesuvius △threat n. bungalow n. △Pompeii△tornado n. typhoon n. thunderstorm n. precious adj.

circumstance n. microwave n. refresh educator vt. n.

△abolition n. resign vi. & vt.

slavery n. literature n. △Barry Minto ? △Mount Kilimanjaro n. companion n.

contribution n. △imperative n. △heading n. △slogan n.

presentation n. nuclear adj.

assistance n. congratulate vt. congratulation adj. bowling n. graduation n. n.

suitable adj. entry n.

disagreement n. Unit 5 diagram n.

novelist n. fog n. document n. rainbow n. uncomfortable adj.

beneficial △Marty ?

volcano n. △volcanic adj. △volcanology n.

in other words clumsy adj.

certificate n. all the best architect n. △Sanders n. adequate adj. access n.

balcony n. unconscious adj.

△bump vi. outgoing adj. adapt vt. adapt to bench cut out microscope n. out of breath vi. & vt. absence n. fellow adj. annoy vt. …… n.

△volcanologist n. erupt vi. ()

shoot (shot, shot) vt. shot n. tremble vi.

eruption n. ash n. △crater n.

accessible adj. △wheelchair n. handy adj.

sweat n. anxious adj. anxiety n. panic (panicked, panicked) △tsunami n.

△lava n. () hurricane n. questionnaire n. alongside adv. equipment n. appoint vt. △observatory database n. △Mount Kilauea evaluate vt. burn to the ground wave n. △molten adj. n.

△earphone n. △impair row n. basement n. outwards adv. exit n. meet with approval n. vt.

glance through △Manchu adj. …………

annoyed adj. △annoyance n. all in all firm n. software n. sit around

vary from…to… diverse adj. △diversity n. △crane n. △leopard n. △spectacular bathe vi. △arouse vt. appreciation n. △peak n. △persuasion n. guarantee vt.

dignity n. profit n. △italics n.(pl) community Unit 2 △household adj. fiction n. n.


as well as parrot n. tank n.

fountain vi. & vt. absolute adj. absolutely adv. △spaceman n. suit n.

tortoise n. in many ways psychology n. adv.

desire n. △Isaac Asimov ?




be bound to biography n. holy adj. △imagination


flee vi. (fled, fled) △harpoon drag vt. n.

boundary n. Antarctic adj. the Antarctic awesome adj. △leap vi. & n. (leapt, leaped;leapt, leaped) seal n.

△Larry Belmont ? test out △Claire n. () bonus n. alarm vt. alarmed adj. apron n. n. ()




△transfusion n. part-time adj. △master’s degree staff n. △Philadelphia n. navy n. junior ? adj.

△meantime adv. △in the meantime lip n. , △overboard adv. urge vt. abandon shark n. vt.

△refund vt. pension n.


pensioner n. Unit 4 airmail n. △Papua fortnight n. hear from …… (be) dying to roof n. () () muddy textbook adj. n.

overweight adj. elegant adj. △Gladys Claffern favour pile n. scan vt. n.

△PhD=Doctor of Philosophy biochemistry n. △Boston n. talent n. chapter n. () 《》 ()

Help (…) out () relationship n. conservation n. △iceberg n. jog vi. vt.

fingernail n. absurd adj. haircut n. △makeup n. accompany cushion n. bedding n. necklace n. clerk n. counter n. vt.

△the Foundation △empire n. theoretical adj.

seaside n. & adj. net n.


target n. tide n. ()

concept n. △bucket n. the other day weekly adj. & adv. ()

framework n. thinking n. divorce n. obey vt. & vi. disobey vt. & vi. assessment n. Unit 3 △snorkel vi.

△driftnet n. dimension reflect vi. pure adj. cell n. () n. ()

△bubble vi. relevant adj. remote adj. △ridge n. weed n. △hut n. () rectangle n. rectangular adj. ()

ring up …… turn around awful affair adj. n.

aware adj. be/become aware of ……、…… vivid adj. neat adj. ()

△aquarium n. anecdote n. △Clancy n. △baleen () n.

armchair n. declare vt. cuisine n. envy vt.

seaweed n. narrow adj. flashlight n. upside down suck vt. & vi.

adjust vi. & vt. platform broom n. tin jar sniff n. n. vt. & vi. n.

△baleen whale annual adj.

leave…alone …… digital adj. ()

△migration n. witness vt. accommodation n. shore n. offshore adv.&adj. opposite prep. yell vi. pause vi. & n. () △oar n. telescope n. teamwork n. △blow-hole n. dive vi. & n. …… () ()

△sea-slug n. △turtle n. △eel n.

mailbox n. state vt. aside adv.

participate vi. interpreter n. grill n.

sharp adj. tasty adj.

set aside ………… grand adj. △Marion n. () adj.

△giant adj. △clam n. grey adj. & n. ()

dry out () △leftover n. △evil adj.

△alphabetical receiver in all affection n. bound adj. n.

scare vt. (be) scared to death shallow adj. steep adj.

dry up (、 ) otherwise conj. privilege n. paperwork n.

arrangement n. toast vt. comb n. astronaut n. angle n. catalogue n. donate vt. voluntary in need purchase vt. & n. anniversary n. seed n. △seedling n. △vaccination n. △loan n. adj. ()

cafeteria n. lecture n. & vi. qualification preparation n. n.

△the Andes △Peru n. △Lia n. agent n. travel agent △geographical parallel adj. adj.

hardship n. elect vt. federal rail n. percentage n. △Los Angeles n. Italy n. adj.

recommend vt. shopkeeper n. idiom n. comfort n. substitute n. academic adj. requirement n. essay n. tutor n.

△Lake Titicaca abundant adj. △Inca govern vt. & vi. △onwards adv.

Italian n. Denmark n. keep up △Hollywood n. boom n.

destination n. △Machu Picchu inn n. out of the question △hike vi. & n. △Puno n. tomb n. △the Amazon settle in

aircraft n. △Cambodian Korea n. Korean n. Pakistan n. Pakistani adj. n.

△revise vt. revision n. draft n. numb adj. acknowledge vt. as far as one is concerned …… contradict vt. autonomous occupy vt. () () be occupied with …… enterprise n. apology n. seminar n. () adj.

sew vi. sewing machine △supplement n. ox n.

△plough vi. trunk n. trunk library tractor n.

△immigrate vi. immigration racial adj. n.

Kenya n.


crossing n. vice n. & adj. nephew n. pole n. applicant n. customs n.

△Bangladesh n. click vi. & vt.

Unit 1 △California △Californian △illustrate vt. distinct adj. distinction n. △immigrant n. live on strait n. △Bering Arctic adj. the Arctic means n. by means of… …… ……


tailor n. △Tanzania n. () △economic adj. political adj. () ()

videophone n. Rugby n. bachelor n. ()

socialist n. socialism n. occur vi.

△Nepal n. △Uganda n.

bachelor’s degree routine n. minibus optional n. adj.

cattle n. △Hispanic n. indicate vt. back to back luggage n. (< >baggage)

distribute vt. distribution n. △financial adj. security n. operate vi. △Sudan n. clinic n. △Malawi n. Unit 5 adjust to keep it up fit in motherland n. visa n. queue n.

day in and day out cage n. bark vi. battery n. △site n. △Julie n. △Abigail drill n.

shave vt. & vi. (shaved; shaved, shaven) △cable n. △cable car △Andrew Hallidie tram n.

△prehistoric adj. majority ministry n. n.

vi. & vt.

Catholic adj. △Alaska n. △San Francisco n. △adventurer n. make a life △despite prep.

apparent adj. apparently brake n. conductor slip vi. △wharf n. n. adv.

oilfield n. △Jamie n. △Sam n. △Lima n. △Cuzco n.

bakery ferry n.


correction object vi. objection ……


unable adj. △great auk n.

△rod n. freezing adj. greengrocer n. identification n. directory n. dial vt.

△Angel Island team up with hire vt. & n. △fascinating adj. mark out seagull n. take in angle n. a great/good many apply for nowhere adv. △miserable adj. punishment n. justice n. mourn civil vt. & vi.


feather n. △quagga n. △fairly adv.

△impact n. medium the media obtain attain vt. vt. n.

in good/poor condition turkey n. △dye vt. claw n. adore vt. hatch vt. & vi. ……

rainfall n. △courtroom n. innocent adj. lantern n. bear jam vt. n.

moral adj. conservative adj. forbid vt. (forbade,forbad; forbidden) accumulate vt. in favour of side road constitution n. compulsory adj. opera n. chorus n. vt. & vi. loaf n. flour n. owe vt. shortly adv. retire vi. bother vt. …… n.

reasonable adj. Unit 3 △amphibious adj.

△Alexander Graham △microphone n. forehead n. beaten track △occasionally dive into dynamic adj. set out (to do) vi. & vt. …… △multiple adj. △Morse dot n. tap vt. wire n. straw n. △reproduce vt. current n. helicopter n. triangle n. △tetrahedron n. stable adj. △invaluable adj. associate vt. n. practical adj. refrigerator n. adv.

△George Stephenson patent n. call up ……


courtyard n. now and then walnut n. distinguish merciful

authority reform

grasp vt. & n. △thoughtful adj.


thankful adj. insert vt. Unit 2 differ vi.

product n. powder set about perfume n. stainless △jelly n. adj. n.

(be) bound to (do) assumption n. regulation n. △nonsense n. △popularity n. adj. △Jurassic Park strike vi & vt. (struck, struck) strike…into one’s heart …… △bison n.

exact adj. △cutting n. twin n.

cube n. cubic adj. abrupt adj. abruptly adv.


commercial adj. straightforward adj. △complicated adj. undertake vt. (undertook, undertaken) pay off breakthrough procedure n. △nucleus n. n.

convenient adj. caution n. expectation passive adj. merry adj.

△calf n. from time to time bring back to life initial △DNA vain adj. adj.

△James Dyson court n. extension hang on out of order get through ring back ring off version n. n.

seize vt. △recognition n. criterion △claim n. n. & vt.

△somatic adj. △embryo carrier n. n.

in vain resist vt. drawback n. merely adv.

cast vt. (cast, cast) cast down altogether arbitrary △fate n. adv. adj.

valid adj. file n. ripe adj. string n. glue n.

△restore vt. △aurochs decoration n. n.

competence n. △competent n.

jeep n. personnel n. Unit 4 △Pygmalion n. △George Bernard Shaw adaptation classic adj. caption plot n. professor △Higgins △phonetics △colonel n. △Pickering △fateful adj. n. n. n. n.

authentic adj. generally speaking status superior n. adj.

starvation n. tentative adj. accuracy n.

melon n. ( ) wrinkle n. pulse vi. △vein n.

△excavate vt. △excavation n. interrupt vt. & vi. acute adj. assume vt. regardless mat n. quilt n. beast n. at most centimeter n. (< >centimeter) adv. ……

in terms of… △disapprove vt. & vi. rob vt. antique adj. musical adj.

applaud vi. & vt. look ahead howl vt. & vi.

accelerate vi. & vt. spear n.

stocking n. △believer Buddhism cookie n. teapot n. cream nail n. show…in hesitate vi. wax n. …… n. n. n.

arrest vt. dizzy adj.

△eyebrow n. △cheekbone n. △arrowhead n. △axe n. hammer gay gaily adj. adv. n.

sharpen vi. & vt. sharpener cut up △scrape vt. △scraper n. ample adj. messy adj. n.

whistle vi. garment n. woollen adj. uncomfortable adj. uncomfortably adv.

disk n. △wax disk shabby adj. △curtsy vi. △shilling n. referee n.

skilful adj. date back ……

troublesome adj. wallet n. outsome n. thief n. handkerchief △disguise vt. △in disguise mistaken adj. n.

punctuation n. △worship vt. & vi. △craftsmanship n.

primitive adj. △bead n. botany botanical analysis n. adj. n.

compromise ni. & vi. horrible adj. laundry n. bathtub n. sob vi. waist n. vest n. disgusting adj. once more

seashell n. ripen vt. & vi. n. ……

brilliant adj. classify remark betray upper vt. n. vt. adj. adj. ……


significance n. somehow adv. systematic adj. spit vt. (spat, spit; spat, spit) …… delete vt. album n. scratch academy n. n. ……

extraordinary condemn △gutter properly vi. n. adv.

in need of

△heartily adv. overlook vt. alphabet n. △effective adj. fade vi. & vt. fade out Unit 5 △identify vt. alternative n. △archaeology n. △archaeological adj. △archaeologist n. (< >archeology)

pass…off as… △duchess n.

receptionist n. onion n.

ambassador n. acquaintance n. make one’s acquaintance handful n. △amazement n. △in amazement fortune n.

kindergarten n. skateboard n. fed up with yogurt n. radioactive adj. radioactivity n. division n.

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