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Review For Final Exam I Multiple Choices 1. If your samples meet our requirement, we will ___B_____ a large order. immediately. a. place you b. send you c. make you d. expect you 2. Although we are ___A____ to open up business with you, we regret that it is impossible for us to all the reduction asked for, because we have already cut our price to the lowest point after closely examining our cost _______. a. anxious / calculations b. desire / consideration c. wishing / evaluation d. longing / reduction 3. With a view to supporting your sales we have specially prepared some samples of our new ___B_____ and are sending them to you under _______ cover. a. models / the same b. designs / separate c. styles / another d. makes / other 4. As __B_____ by you some time ago, we take pleasure in making you the following offer, which is _______ to your acceptance within seven days. a. requesting / due b. requested / subject c. your request / subjected d. requests / valid 5. ___D____ to this letter you will find our _______ in triplicate for jackets. a. Subject / sample invoice b. Enclosed / bona fide holders c. Applied / entrustment d. Attached / proforma invoice 6. The shipment _C______by your Credit No. 388 has been ready for some time, but the amendment to the _______ credit has not yet reached us. a. mentioned / last b. relevant / covering c. covered / relevant d. covering / relevant 7. In __A______ with your request, we will make an exception to our rules and accept delivery against D/P at sight. a. compliance b. accordance c. arrangement d. correspondence 8. ___D___ you will find a cheque covering all commission due to you to _______. a. Attached / mention b. Enclose / today c. Enclosing with / update d. Enclosed / date 9. It is not our intention to rush you into a decision, ,but as this article is in great __D_____, we would advise you _______ yourselves of our offer in your own interest. a. quantity / capture b. demand / make c. popularity / supply d. demand / avail 10. As a special sign of encouragement, we shall consider accepting payment By D/P. We trust this will greatly ____D____ your efforts in pushing the sales of our products. a. expedite b. confirm c. amend d. facilitate 11. Goods under your Order 690 are ready for __D_____. Unfortunately, we have not yet received your packing _______. Please also inform us of your shipping _______. a. instructions / marks b. requirements / transaction c. consignment / date d. dispatch /instructions/ marks 12. We feel you may be interested in some of our other products and enclose some ___C____ booklets and a supply of sales ________ for use with your customers. a. well-illustrating / information b. excessive / promotion

c. descriptive / literature\ d. detailed / statements 13. As soon as we receive your reply ____B______, we shall confirm supply of the goods at the prices stated in your letter. a. in the position b. in the affirmative\ c. in the presentation d. in the establishment 14. Our terms of payment are by confirmed, ___C____ letter of credit in our _________, available by draft at sight, reaching us one month ________ shipment. a. irrevocable / time / before b. acknowledgeable / bank / prior to c. irrevocable / favor / ahead of\ d. revocable / notification / in advance 15. We wish to point out that the ___D____ in the credit strictly conform to the terms stated in our S/C No. 655 in order to avoid _______ amendment. a. condition / late b. provisions / consequent c. clauses / later d. stipulations / subsequent\ 16. We are ___A____ your letter 26 June and have ______ acted on your instruction. a. in receipt of / duly\ b. acknowledgement of / immediately c. in priority of / quickly d. in arrangement of / considerabl 17. We are airmailing you our S/C No. 080624 in ___B____, a copy of which is to be _______and returned to us for our records. a. writing / left b. duplicate / countersigned\ c. copies / named d. ;attest version / printed 18. You will understand that the ___D____ of one of our standard sizes to your specifications means a _______ adjustment of our production methods. a. change / quite b. changed / difficult c. altering / considerable d. alteration / substantial \ 19. It seems clear that there is a good demand for your electronic products and as we believe you are not directly __B_____ in this area, we are writing to offer our service as your _____ agent. a. selling / exclusive b. represented / sole \ c. connected / general d. established / chief 20. D/P calls for __A_____ payment against _______ of shipping documents. a. actual / transfer\ b. immediate / handing in c. prompt / negotiation d. delayed / presentation 21. The L/C will stay valid for at least 15 days beyond the ______ date of shipment. a. complied b. conformed c. promised \ d. authorized 22. Please ___C____ shipment until you receive our further instructions. a. consign b. extend c. defer\ d. compel 23. We wish to advise you that the goods went ___A____ on the steamer “Yunnan” on August 8. They are to be _______ at Copenhagen and are expected to reach your port in early September. a. forward / transshipped\ b. out / discharged c. westward / reloaded d. off / transshipping 24. As ___C____ payments, we cannot do _______ than L/C at sight. a. concerns / more b. to / less c. regards / otherwise\ d. for / rather 25. Instead of __A_____”Manhattan Maru” as ______ advised, you are now required to ship the goods of this order on the steamer “Calchas”. a. s. s. /previously \ b. by the Boat / you c. on Ship / usually d. Steamer / we were

II. Questions about concepts (选择题型) 1. Agency (1) Why shall a seller appoint an agent in a foreign country to which the goods are to be exported? KEY: An important reason for appointing an agent in a foreign country to which the goods are to be exported is that the agent knows the local condition and the local market. He also knows what goods are best suited to his area and what prices the market will bear. 2. Insurance (1) How is the insurance value calculated? KEY: The insurance value is calculated as: cost of goods + amount of freight + insurance premium + a percentage of profit on the sale of goods (2) As far as foreign trade is concerned, what risks are covered under an insurance policy? KEY: Sa far as foreign trade is concerned the following three risks are covered under an insurance policy, namely, FPA, WPA and All Risks. 3. Payment (1) What is the advantage of payment by L/C? KEY: Letter of credit is a reliable and safe method of payment, facilitating trade with unknown buyers and giving protection to both sellers and buyers. (2) Under what circumstances shall a seller agree to payment by D/A? KEY: Payment by D/A is accepted only when the financial standing of the importer is sound or where a previous course of business has inspired the exported to believe that the importer will be good for payment. 4. Quotation, Offer and Counter-offer (1) What is to be included in a satisfactory quotation? KEY: A satisfactory quotation should include the following: (1) An expression of thanks for the enquiry. (2) Details of prices, discounts and terms of payment. (3) A statement of clear indication of what the prices cover ()e.g.: freight and insurance, etc.) (4) An undertaking as to date of delivery or time of shipment. (5) The period for which the quotation is valid. 5. Shipment (1) What are the characteristics of liners shipping? KEY: Characteristics of Liner Shipping : (1) The liner has regular line, ports, sailing schedule and relatively fixed freight. (2) It is suitable for cargoes of small quantity (3) Loading and unloading charges are included in the freight. (4) Liner shipping is irrespective of demurrage and dispatch money.

(5) It provides good service and simple procedures. 6. Packing (1) Why does packing need more care in export trade than in home KEY: Because export goods usually have to go a long way to reach the destination and sometimes have to go through the ordeal of transport, such as the roughest journey. If export goods are not packed in stronger and tight containers, they will reach the buyer either damaged or part missing. III Terms and Useful Expressions ? 合法持证人 bona fide holder ? 标签价格 tag price ? 物权票据 title document ? (汇票等)期限 tenor ? 委托人 principal ? 进款 proceeds ? 大路货 FAQ ? 循环信用证 revolving letter of credit ? 打包贷款 packing loan ? 通风集装箱 ventilated container ? 海上费用 Marine Charges ? 会签 countersign ? 偷窃、提货不着险 TPND ? 租船合同 charter party ? ? 包干运费 lump sum freight ? 独家代理 sole agent / exclusive agent ? 成本加运费价 CFR ? 标签价 tag price ? 时价 current/ prevailing ? ? 救助费用 Salvage charges ? 有利可图的价格 remunerative prices ? IV Sentence Translation: (英汉互译) 1. 我们愿意担任你们现行出口商品的代理,因为我们拥有一个广阔的国内市场。 2. 如果货物发生损坏, 你方可在货到达目的港 30 天内凭公证行的检验报告与你处保险代理 联系并向他们提出索赔。 3. 本地市场不像去年那样活跃,若您方能减价,比方说 3%,可望成交。 4. 我们的付款方式,一般是以保兑的、不可撤销的、允许分装和转船、以我公司为受益人 的、按发票金额见票即付的信用证支付。该信用证应通过我们认可的银行开出。 5. 危险及有毒的货物是特殊商品,在运输这些商品时,每件货物上都要有表明它们的性质 和普遍采用的标记。 6. 由于精美的工艺和具有竞争力的价格,我方货品在国际上受到欢迎。 7. 待贵方的销售成绩足以表明可以委托贵公司为代理时,我们将愉快地考虑这个问题。

8. 运到我们口岸的货物必须在汉堡转船,因此你们的包装必须具有适航性,并能经得起运 输途中的粗鲁搬运。 9. 在没有得到你方明确的保险要求情况下,我们按照惯例把你方所定购的货物按发票金额 110%投保了水渍险。 10. 纸板箱作为一种包装容器已在国际贸易中 广泛使用,对它们的适航性,你们不必担心。 11. 如你方信用证在月底前到达我处,我们将尽最大努力在下月初按排装运你们所定的货。 12. 如贵方能以可行的价格提供此类质量的产品,以后我们将经常订货。 13. 你方装运的我方第 455 号订单项下的货物短重 352 千克 14. 我们得悉上述货物的有关信用证即将开出。请放心。一到你方信用证,我方将尽早按排 第一艘可以订得舱位的轮船装运。 15. 我们采用国际保险业务中“仓至仓责任条款” 。 16. 十分感谢你方 8 月 16 日的来信及你方 589 号订单。我们很高兴接受你方的条款。现随 函寄去 45 号售货确认书一式两份,请签字并寄回一份供我方备案 17. 我们以凭单据支付现金的方式和贵公司交易已经超过一年了, 今后希望能变更为收到交 货单据后以 30 天汇票支付方式付款。 V. Letter translation (英译汉) 1. Dear Sirs, We are surprised to note from your letter of 10 July that you are not prepared to consider our offer of a 15 percent discount to compensate you for the defects in the goods supplied in execution of your Order No. 303 of 5 June. Though we consider our offer adequate, and even generous, we are prepared to admit that our views may not be justified by the fact. At the same time we regard with disfavor your threat to resort to litigation if we do not entertain your claim. We suggest that the dispute be settled just as effectively and far more economically by arbitration. We would recommend on the grounds of economy a joint arbitrator, but should you prefer to have one appointed by each of us, and a third called in with a casting vote in the event of disagreement, we should be prepared to fall in with your wishes Yours sincerely 2. Dear Sirs, Battery-driven Toy Cars Referring to our recent exchange of fax, we would like to confirm our order for 4 thousand of your choice-quality Battery-driven Toy Cars. As to the packing of our ordered goods, we suggest they should be wrapped in ploythene wrappers and packed in cardboard boxes padded with foam plastic, ten toy cars each, 50 boxes to a wooden boxes lined with oil-cloth. We believe such packing will reduce any possible damage in transit to a minimum. We trust that you will give careful consideration to our proposal. Yours faithfully

3. Dear Sirs, Re: Your Order No. 349 We have booked your Order No. 349 for bed sheets and pillowcases and are sending you herewith our Sales Confirmation No. BP-266 in duplicate. Please sign and return one copy to us for our file. It is understood that a letter of credit in our favor covering the above-mentioned goods will be established immediately. We wish to point out that the stipulations in the relevant credit should strictly conform to the terms stated in our Sales Confirmation in order to avoid subsequent amendments. You may rest assured that we shall effect shipment with the least possible delay upon receipt of the credit. We appreciate your co-operation and look forward to receiving your further orders. Yours sincerely 4. Dear Sirs, Re: Our Order No. 103 for 5,000 Pairs of Men’s Shoes We wish to refer you to our Order No.103 for 5,000 pairs of Men’s Shoes, from which you will see that this order is placed on a CER basis. As we now desire to have the shipment insured at your end, we shall be pleased if you will arrange to insure the goods on our behalf against All Risks for 110% of the invoice value, i.e., USD28,000. We shall refund you the premium on receipt of your debit note or, if you like, you may draw on us at sight for the amount required. We sincerely hope that our request will meet with your approval. Yours faithfully

KEY To Review Exercises I Multiple Choices !-5: BABBD 6-10: CADDD 21-25: CCACA II Concepts III Terms ? 合法持证人 bona fide holder ? 标签价格 tag prices ? 物权票据 title documents ? (汇票等)期限 tenor ? 委托人 principal ? 进款 proceeds ? 大路货 FAQ (Fair Average Quality) ? 循环信用证 revolving L/C ? 打包贷款 packing loan ? 通风集装箱 ventilated container ? 海上费用 Marine Charges ? 会签 countersign ? 偷窃、提货不着险 TPND (Theft, Pilferage & Non-delivery) ? 租船合同 charter party ? 包干运费 lump sum freight ? 独家代理 sole agent ? 成本加运费价 CER ? 标签价 tag price ? 时价 prevailing prices ? 救助费用 Salvage charges ? 有利可图的价格 remunerative price IV. Translation 2. 我们愿意担任你们现行出口商品的代理,因为我们拥有一个广阔的国内市场。 We would like to act as your agent for ruling export goods as we have a wide domestic market. 2. 如果货物发生损坏, 你方可在货到达目的港 30 天内凭公证行的检验报告与你处保险代理 联系并向他们提出索赔。 Should any damage be incurred, you may, within 30 days after the arrival of the consignment at the port of destination, approach the insurance agents at your end and file your claim with them supported by a survey report. 3. 本地市场不像去年那样活跃,若您方能减价,比方说 3%,可望成交。 The market here is not so active as last year. If you can reduce your price by, say, 3%, we can

11-15: DCBCD

16-20: ABDBA

probably conclude the business. 4. 我们的付款方式,一般是以保兑的、不可撤销的、允许分装和转船、以我公司为受益人 的、按发票金额见票即付的信用证支付。该信用证应通过我们认可的银行开出。 Our usual terms of payment is by confirmed, irrevocable letter of credit, available by draft at sight for the full amount of the invoice value to be established in our favor through a bank acceptable to us. 5. 危险及有毒的货物是特殊商品,在运输这些商品时,每件货物上都要有表明它们的性质 和普遍采用的标记。 Dangerous and poisonous cargoes are special kinds of cargoes. In transportation of these cargoes, the nature and the universally adopted symbol should be marked clearly on each package of them 6. 由于精美的工艺和具有竞争力的价格,我方货品在国际上受到欢迎。 Because of the fine workmanship and competitive prices, our goods enjoy popularity in the world market. 7. 待贵方的销售成绩足以表明可以委托贵公司为代理时,我们将愉快地考虑这个问题。 We shall be glad to consider appointing you as our sole agent at the time when your sales records justify our doing so. 8. 运到我们口岸的货物必须在汉堡转船,因此你们的包装必须具有适航性,并能经得起运 输途中的粗鲁搬运。 It is necessary to make transshipment at Hamburg for goods to be shipped to our port. Therefore, your packing must be seaworthy and can stand rough handling 9. 在没有得到你方明确的保险要求情况下,我们按照惯例把你方所定购的货物按发票金额 110%投保了水渍险。 In the absence of your definite instructions regarding insurance, we covered your ordered goods against WPA for 110% of the invoice value according to our usual practice. 10. 纸板箱作为一种包装容器已在国际贸易中 广泛使用,对它们的适航性,你们不必担心。 Cartons as a kind of packing container have been extensively used in international trade. Therefore,, you need not worry about their seaworthiness. 11. 如你方信用证在月底前到达我处,我们将尽最大努力在下月初按排装运你们所定的货。 If your L/C reaches us by the end of this month, we will exert our utmost efforts to arrange shipment of your ordered goods at the beginning of next month. 12. 如贵方能以可行的价格提供此类质量的产品,以后我们将经常订货。 If you are in a position to offer products of this quality at workable prices, we may place regular orders in the future.

13. 你方装运的我方第 455 号订单项下的货物短重 352 千克 Your shipment of our Order 455 has been found short weight by 352 kilos. 14. 我们得悉上述货物的有关信用证即将开出。请放心。一到你方信用证,我方将尽早按排 第一艘可以订得舱位的轮船装运。 We learn that an L/C covering the above-mentioned goods will be established immediately. You may rest assured that we will arrange for dispatch by the first available steamer with the least possible delay upon receipt of your L/C. 15. 我们采用国际保险业务中“仓至仓责任条款” 。 We adopt the “warehouse to warehouse clause” which is commonly used in international insurance. 16. 十分感谢你方 8 月 16 日的来信及你方 589 号订单。我们很高兴接受你方的条款。现随 函寄去 45 号售货确认书一式两份,请签字并寄回一份供我方备案 We highly appreciate your letter of Aug. 16 together with your Order No. 4589 We are pleased to accept your terms and conditions. Enclosed please find our Sales Confirmation No. 45 in duplicate, one copy of which please sign and return to us for our file. 17. 我们以凭单据支付现金的方式和贵公司交易已经超过一年了, 今后希望能变更为收到交 货单据后以 30 天汇票支付方式付款。 We have been doing business with you on the basis of cash against documents (CAD) for over a year and would like to change the payment by 30-day bill of exchange, document against acceptance.

V. Letter translation (英译汉) 1. 从贵公司 7 月 10 日来函我们感到震惊,贵公司不愿考虑接受我方提出的给你方 15%折扣, 以补偿共给你方 6 月 5 日编号为 303 的订单下有瑕疵货物的建议。 虽然我方认为所提供折扣数额适当,甚至可以说比较优厚,但我方仍承认就事实而言,我方 观点或许不够有说服力。同时,我方对贵公司以诉诸法律相威胁的态度不敢苟同。我方认为 通过仲裁方式也可有效的解决争议。 但若贵公司有意双方各指定一人,则应邀第三人,以便两人意见相左时,可由第三者投票决 定。我方将尊重你方意见。

2. Dear Sirs, 电动玩具车包装 参阅双方近日往来的传真,我方拟确认定购贵方优质电动玩具车 4000 辆。至于包装问题, 我们建议每辆均用聚乙烯袋装好,放入有泡沫塑料软垫的纸盒中,每盒 10 辆,50 盒装一优 质衬里的木箱。我们相信,此种包装可使运输途中的损失降低到最小程度。

我们的建议。 3. 我们接受你方有关床单枕套的第 349 号订单,今寄售货确认书第 BP-266 号一式二份,请签 退一份以便存档。 你方当必会立即对上述货物开立以我方为受益人的信用证。 我们想指出, 有关信用证中的条 款应严格遵照我方售货确认书中的条款,以免今后修改。你方可以放心,在我们收到信用证 后立即发运。 谢谢你方的合作并盼你方在此订货。 4. Dear Sirs, 我方第 103 号订单下 5,000 双男鞋 参阅我方 5000 双男鞋弟 103 号订单,该批货物是按 CER 条件订购的, 现我方拟将该批货物在贵处投保,如能代表我方按发票金额的 110%,即 2.8 万美元投保一 切险,将不胜感激。 一收到贵方收款单,当即将保险费付还。如贵方愿意,也可向我方凯利及其汇票,收取所需 金额。衷心希望我方要求能得到贵方同意。

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