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【内容来自于相关网站和学校提供】(考试时间:90 分钟 满分:100 分) 选择题(每题 4 分,共 100 分):

第 1 题:下列词语中注音全都正确的一项是( A.搭讪(shān) 哽咽(yè) 跻(jǐ)身 (biǎn)时弊 D.灼(zhuó)热 【正确答案】D

扣人心弦(xuán)B.联袂(mèi) 针砭 悄(qiǎo)然 浮想联翩(piān)

叱咤(zhà)风云 C.溯(shuò)源 装帧(zhēn)

讲解:A 选项搭讪(shàn)扣人心弦(xián)错误,B 选项跻身(jī) 错误,C 选项溯源(sù)错误

第 2 题:A.cold




【正确答案】D 讲解:A、/əʊ/ /ʌ/ B、/əʊ/ C 、/əʊ/ D、

第 3 题:The underlined word 《building》 here means 《the building of A. companies 【正确答案】C 讲解:根据上文我们知道,本句的意思应该是“汽车和石油公司很喜欢他的主意,所 以修路的工程就开始了。”所以本题选 C 》. B. states C. roads D. houses

第 4 题:依次在下列横线处填入词语,最恰当的一项是(

(1)现代自然科学______是研究单个的事物,还要研究事物、现象的变化发展过程, 研究事物之间的各种关系,这就使自然科学发展成为严密的综合体系。 (2)在芦山 地震灾难面前,基层党组织就是一个______的战斗堡垒,他们行动迅速,组织有力, 帮助群众有序疏散,及时救治伤员,成为灾区百姓的主心骨。 (3)从此以后,黑格 尔将父亲的话牢记在心,每当要出现 ______、贬低别人、粗暴打断别人说话苗头的时 候,他都会想到父亲的提醒:《马车越空,噪音就越大。》 A.不止 无坚不摧 自以 为是 B.不只 坚不可摧 自以为是 C.不止 坚不可摧 自行其是 D.不只 无 坚不摧 自行其是 【正确答案】B 讲解:该题考查的是关联词与成语的运用。(1)"不只" 和"还要 "连用,故排除 AC;(2)"坚不可摧"与"无坚不摧"的区 分稍微要难一些,"无 坚不摧"多形容力量的强大,而"坚不可摧 "指非常坚固,摧毁不了,这里说"什么样的战 斗堡垒"所以最好用 "坚不可摧";(3)区分"自以为是"和"自行其是", "自以为是"是 指自己总认为自己是对的,形容主观不虚心,"自行其 是"是指自己认为对的就做,不考虑 别人的意见。句子说的是"每当出现什 么什么的苗头"出现的只是想法并没有去做,所以这 里应该选"自以为是 "。故选 B。

第 5 题:A. at

B. to

C. in

D. for

【正确答案】A 讲解:根据后面的 and a man came out 可知应用 knock at《敲门》,故选 A。

第 6 题:The next step to be taken by the factory is________. A、to take up export trade directlyB、to set up production centres abroadC、to make another kind of bicycleD、to change bicycles with other countries 【正确答案】B

讲解:The factory is making preparations to set up production centres in foreign countres.可知选 B

第 7 题:Early in the morning , you can _____ people _____ along the beaches, through the parks and down the streets. A. saw, run 【正确答案】B 讲解:【解析】can 是情态动词后跟动词原形。See sb doing 看见某人正在做某事。选 B B .see, running C. seen , run D. to see, to run

第 8 题: Passage DOne day, I happened to find a wallet. I picked it up and opened it to see if I could find out the owner's name. There was nothing inside it except some change and an old photograph——a picture of a woman. I put the photograph back and took the wallet to the police station.That evening I went to have dinner with my aunt and uncle. They also invited a young woman so that there would be four people at the table. Her face was familiar. I was quite sure that we had not met before, but I could not remember where I had seen her. While talking, however, the young woman happened to mention that she had lost her wallet that afternoon. All at once I realized where I had seen her. She was the woman in the photograph, although she was now much older. She was very surprised, of course, when I was able to describe her wallet to her. Then I explained that I had recognized her from the photograph I had found in the wallet. My uncle insisted on going to the police station immediately to get the wallet. As the policeman handed it over, he said that it was amazing that I had not only found the wallet, but also the person who had lost it. The wallet which the author found __________.A. was empty except a pictureB. had some money in it onlyC. had nothing but a woman in itD. had a few coins and a photograph in it 【正确答案】D 讲解:【解析]第一段第二行钱包里除了零钱和一张老照片外什么也没有。选 D

第 9 题:There is _________ on the front page of today's paper. A. something important important anything 【正确答案】A B. important something C. anything important D.


第 10 题:A. routes

B. places

C. conversation

D. music

【正确答案】D 讲解:【解析】由前面的 CD 可知,是听音乐

第 11 题:A、was




【正确答案】A 讲解:主语是 the idea 且上句时态是过去时,选 A

第 12 题:I think it must have rained,__________? A. don't I 【正确答案】C 讲解:【解析】反义疑问句。主句中有 think,believe,suppose,expect 时,反义疑 问句要反从句。从句是现在完成时的肯定推测,变反义疑问句时,肯定变否定,借助 动词 has,hasn't it? B. didn't I C. hasn't it D. didn't it

第 13 题: Passage BWhat is success? Different people hold different views on this question. Some think that one is successful if he can make a great deal of money. Others argue that success means holding an important government post. Still others believe that whoever has got a high academic title is successful. It is clear that there are quite different opinion on success.In order to become successful, first of all, you should be both perseverant(能坚持的) and hardworking. As you know, whatever you do, there are always two possible results: success and failure. When you fail, you should never lose heart. On the contrary, you must build up your confidence and work even harder. You should always keep in mind that perseverance is the mother of success and industry is the key to it. In addition, you should pay great attention to your work method. It is necessary for you to sum up your experience constantly and

improve the efficiency of your work. Finally, it is important for you to get along well with your co-workers, care for each other and help each other. If you follow these principles, you will certainly achieve remarkable success in the future.In my opinion, success means achieving brilliant results in one's work, that is, making outstanding contributions to the development of the country and bringing happiness to the people. So my conclusion is that even if one has made great progress in what he does, I don't think there's any reason for him to be conceited(自负的) . The first paragraph mainly tells us that ______.A. people have different opinions on successB. success means you can make a lot of moneyC. success means holding an important government postD. it's very hard for anyone to win success 【正确答案】A 讲解:【解析】通读第一段可知人们对成功有不同看法。

第 14 题:― Do you know why Mary is late?― She _______ ill. A. must be be 【正确答案】A 讲解:你知道玛丽为什么迟到了吗?她肯定是生病了。选 A B. mustn't be C. can be D. need

第 15 题:The Great Wall was built______. A. by people all over the world B. without any modern machinesC. with some other countries’help D. by all Chinese kings 【正确答案】B 讲解:【解析】细节理解题,从原文 Without any modern machine 可知选 B

第 16 题:It's clear that the Eatery __________. A. can hold 150 people at most B. only provides Chinese foodC. was set up in the year of 1980 D. doesn't offer many choices 【正确答案】C

讲解:细节理解题。本题要用排除法,A 项句意:最多容纳 150 人,不符合题意;B 项 《只提供中餐》不正确;D 项《没有提供很多的选择》不正确;只有 C 项是正确的。

第 17 题:下列注音有错的一项是( ) A.璀璨(càn) 江渚(zhǔ) 与民偕(xié)乐 B.凝(níng) 固 分泌(bì) 孜孜(zī)不倦 C.蹊(qī)跷 省(xǐng)悟 穷形尽相 (xiàng)D.憋(biē)闷 铿(kēng)锵 十恶不赦(shè) 【正确答案】B 讲解:分泌 mì

第 18 题:How long is the Great Wall? A. It’s less than six hundred kilometers.B. It’s over six million kilometers.C. It’s exactly six thousand kilometers.D. It’s more than six thousand kilometers. 【正确答案】D 讲解:【解析】细节理解题,从原文 It’s in fact (事实) more than 6,000 kilometers long.可知选 D

第 19 题: Which of the following sentences is true? A. In the 1960s, computer networks worked wellB. In the early 1970s, the Internet was easy to use.C. Sending e-mails is more popular among students than before.D. Today it is still not easy to get on-line. 【正确答案】C 讲解:【解析】第二段第二行可知 A 选项错误。第二段倒数第四行可知 B 项错误。第 三段可知 D 项错误,C 项正确。

第 20 题:Who is the passage most probably written by?

A. Parents who have bought phones for their kids.B. Someone who does cell phone business.C. A teacher who cares most about school safety.D. Someone who works for children's education. 【正确答案】D 讲解:这篇短文的主要描写对象是儿童,故最有可能是儿童教育工作者写的,故选 D。

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