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2010 Remedx Brochure

Remedial Characterization and Planning
Often significant financial resources are directed studying a contaminant problem prior to taking action. In many cases this leads to multi-phase characterization programs that can be more expensive than remediation costs. Frequently the funds dedicated for extensive characterization would be better allocated toward solving the problem. Our experience includes:
“sensible” site characterization planning risk-based criteria development remedial technology feasibility evaluation excavation and materials handling strategies project supervision and management.

In addition, RemedX personnel have designed and commissioned a number of remediation systems to effectively clean-up contaminated soil and groundwater, discovered as a result of our characterization planning work. 2

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Our approach is to recognize that after initial site characterization work is completed and the nature and extent of the problem is defined, an appropriate remediation plan can be prepared for implementation rather than the “wait and monitor” mode typical of most consultants. In many cases the problem will become worse over time and is only going to become more expensive in the long run!


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Thermal Treatment System Design and Fabrication
Contaminated materials often require the remediation of toxic organic substances. In many instances, the optimum technology in terms of effectiveness, certainty of success and compliance with stringent standards, is thermal treatment. RemedX Thermal Treatment Units (RTTU) are mobile plants specifically designed and manufactured in Canada by RemedX to remediate difficult to treat hydrocarbon-contaminated soil and sludge. The RTTU has been used worldwide to treat soils contaminated with fuel, crude oil, tank sludges, pipeline pigging wastes and oil-based drilling cuttings. The RTTU can also treat soils that have been contaminated with creosote, PCB’s, polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH’s), phenols and pesticides. Some of the benefits of this design include: Exceptional applicability to address a wide range of contaminant types and concentrations with a nominal destruction and removal efficiency (DRE) of 99.99%; Portable, move the unit to the job not the other way around; Throughput of up to 22 tonnes per hour, Promotes true Waste Minimization and Resource Recovery; A responsible, cost competitive alternative to landfill disposal; Quick project turnaround; Long-term liability elimination.

An RTTU 2200, ready for delivery to Africa, performing a Test Burn in Alberta

Audits, Assessments and Reclamation Services
An important facet of RemedX is our audit, assessment and reclamation services. Prudent companies realize that the value of accurate liability valuations and reclamation projects completed by experienced personnel is imperative. RemedX utilizes our understanding of industry and combines this with an extensive remedial background to fully apprise the client regarding liability issues. RemedX has found that our clients are experiencing difficulties in effectively managing site reclamation projects due to the constantly shifting sands in the industry. From acquisitions to D&A wells, the reclamation process can be both time consuming and cost intensive. Our goal is to focus on simplicity, expediency and professionalism, thereby making the wellsite reclamation process a superior experience at a fair cost for our clients. RemedX can offer all the services necessary in a packaged turnkey arrangement, including:
Site Abandonment and Reclamation; Phase I Audits; Phase II Audits; and, Well Site Reclamation Certification.

Before RemedX Turnkey Package was initiated

Soil Investigation in former flare pit

As an example of our commitment to our clients RemedX has recently fabricated a Phase II specific soil sampling probe, which has been designed to provide rapid cored borehole installation and data collection.

Same Site: Post Reclamation

The Breton Soil Treatment Facility
Prudent oil and gas producers realize that traditional methods of oilfield waste management do not provide long-term liability protection and costs for proactive solutions can be excessive. On this premise, the Breton Soil Treatment Facility (BSTF) has been constructed and is operated by RemedX. The EUB approved BSTF facility is solely dedicated to the treatment and recycling of contaminated soil and invert cuttings on a commercial basis. The facility combines the cost advantages of a central treating facility with tried and true methods performed under “ideal” treatment conditions. Once soil and cuttings are treated they can be reused which eliminates corporate liability associated with other “less environmentally proactive” methods. The BSTF is centrally located in the Pembina area, which has been selected both for its proximity to a number of established oil and gas pools and because of its favourable site conditions. The logistics and security of moving your contaminated soil to one central location for treatment and reuse is a far superior method when compared to the “one off syndrome”. Costs are reduced and your site can be free of unsightly and oft contentious soil piles dotting the countryside. Companies realize that “old school” management when dealing with contaminated soil (dig and dump) is not a solution since the long term liability considerations are ominous. The BSTF directly addresses those issues while providing our clients with a number of distinct advantages, including:
Cost effective, conserves soil and is a proactive approach to contaminated soil management; Treated soil becomes an asset that can be reused at site or at locations within the producing field; Ideal for multi site, multi year reclamation programs (comes in dirty one year - out clean the next); Soil is treated to eliminate contamination to below acceptable levels for reuse; A Remediation Option that Promotes True ‘Waste Minimization’ ‘Resource and Recovery’ Client receives regular updates as requested. We work with our clients (analytical review and advice); Generator maintains ownership of material. Eliminates liability. Sites remain tidy & no yearly maintenance.

A key initiative of the Alberta Recycling Council and Alberta Environment is to decrease the amount of soil that is presently placed into landfills. Our clients, using the services at the BSTF have taken a proactive approach in dealing with this situation.

Remedial System Evaluation, Install & Operation
RemedX has experience in virtually all remediation technologies and know their applicability, limitations and associated costs. Therefore, we are able to rapidly evaluate suitable
options, saving clients substantial time and budget.

In developing a suitable remediation plan RemedX combines technical judgment, corporate experience, cost, liability and risk management aspects and the appropriate regulations to arrive at a decision.
Graph 6: MPE Monitoring Wells North of HWY 58
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The goal of technology selection is to choose the most effective and reliable treatment technology or disposal method to achieve a desired clean-up objective in a reasonable amount of time.
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RemedX Multiphase System Reporting RemedX has considerable experience in the implementation of a wide variety of remediation technologies, which has resulted in the successful remediation of several hundred sites.

Soil Leaching Pad installed at remote site Our professional experience includes: Solidification/stabilization Thermal destruction methods Vapour extraction and bioventing Groundwater treatment incl. stripping, multiphase, fracturing, pneumatic, etc, Treatability studies Turn Key project management Excavation and disposal Bioremediation and bioreactor systems Natural attenuation, etc.

Large Excavation Program, Central Alberta

Application of the analytical methods REM/EDX, AES and SNMS ....unkown
//www.researchgate.net/publication/236260819 Application of the analytical methods REM/EDX, AES and SNMS to a chlorine induced aluminium corrosion ARTICLE ...
Application of the analytical methods REM/EDX, AES and SNMS ....unkown
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Application of the analytical methods REM/EDX, AES and SNMS ....unkown
Rep. of Germany1 Keywords Aluminium, catalytic corrosion, REM/EDX, AES, SNMS Abstract Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) with energy dispersive X-ray ...