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参考答案 1. Originated from Beijing some 200 years ago during the Qing Dynasty, Beijing Opera is a performing art that embraces opera performance, singing, music, dancing and martial arts. Since Mei Lanfang, the grand master of Peking Opera, visited Japan in 1919, it has become more and more popular with people all over the world. Peking Opera House of Beijing has been invited to perform in many countries and highly appreciated by foreign audiences. The performance has made an outstanding contribution to Sino-foreign cultural exchange and to the promotion of friendly association of peoples in the world. 解析:第一句中的起源于 200 年前清朝时期的北京 可提前 翻译,用过去分词作状语的结构,既符合英语的表达习惯, 有突出后面主句的含义。此外,汉语的“的”字句可以转换为 英语的定语从句,因此主句可以简化成 “集---于一体的表演 艺术”时, 翻译时把“表演艺术”提前, 把“的”字句转化为 that 引导的定语从句。“集---于一体”可以理解为“包含”,不必逐 字翻译。 2. The Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, is one of the traditional festivals in China. According to Chinese lunar calendar, the 15th day of the eighth month is the exact midst of autumn, so it is called the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Festival is an evening celebration (名词短语代替动词被动句, 避免与前句的被动句 重复 )when families gather together to light lanterns, eat moon cakes and appreciate the round moon. On that night, the moon appears to be at its roundest and brightest. The full moon is a symbol for family reunion, which is why that day is also known as the Festival of Reunion. Like other traditional festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival also has a long history, evolved gradually with the passage of time.用 with 的伴随结构增译“随着时间流逝”这层含义。

3. Shanghai, located on the coast to the East China Sea (地名 的典型结构, 用 located 作为插入语来表达) , is the financial , trade and shipping center of the country. The Bund is the most famous and attractive sight in the city. The best time to admire the Bund is after dark when all the buildings are lit up, creating an extremely colorful and breathtaking scene. The stunning views there attract not only visitors from home and abroad but also producers who make the Bund background for their films and TV dramas. There are two ways to admire the Bund: You can enjoy the beautiful scene on both sides by cruise or on the West Bank of the Huangpu River.

4. In fact, self-denial widely applied by Chinese is closely connected with Chinese attitude towards the values of individuals and the values of groups. Comparatively speaking, Chinese prefer to emphasize the importance of joint efforts made by each of the group’s members. In most cases, after Chinese receive compliments for certain achievements that they have made, they tend to be reluctant to accept the compliments. On the contrary, they prefer to say that they owe their achievements to their bosses who have supported them, and to (并列结构) their colleagues who have provided them with substantial assistance.

5. For those who love to shop online, November is the best time of the year, because Nov. 11, “ China’s Singles’ Day”, will see many seemingly irrational discounts. Last year, Taobao, a major online shopping website(增译,作出解释) set a record of one billion Yuan in sales on that day alone. The large number of items sold paralyzed the delivery services due to overloading. On the verge of yet another annual spending spree, it is necessary to learn some tricks and tips to make the most of the shopping carnival.

6. In order to promote equality in education, China has invested 36 billion Yuan to improve educational facilities in rural areas and strengthen rural compulsory education in Midwest areas. These funds are used to improve teaching facilities, and purchase books, benefiting more than 160,000 primary and secondary schools. Funds are used to purchase musical instrument and painting tools as well. Now children in rural and mountainous areas can have music and painting lessons as children from coastal cities do. Some students who has transferred to city schools to receive a better education are now moving back to their local rural schools.

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