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高一外研版英语必修4同步课件 Module 1 Life in the future 第1课时 Introduction

类别 话题

课程标准要求掌握的项目 life in the future; famous last words alternative, wood, arrest, criminal, disability, load, mall, material, online, operation, outdoors, resource, rubber, solar, steel, surgery, urban, waste carry out, for sure, run out, place an order, rely on, use up, be used to, be made up of



Ways of talking about the future ①What will the city of the future look like? ②They are going to get bigger before they get smaller.
将来进行时态 (The future continuous) ①Where will we be living in twenty years' time? ②We will be living underground or in space.


1.describe vt.
1)描写;描绘;叙述;形容 Words can't describe my joy. 我的快乐,难以言表。 2)把??说成(describe...as...) describe an idea as(being)original 说一种想法很独特 3)画(图形)

The missile described a curve across the night sky.

describable adj. 描绘的;描写的 description n. 描写;描述;形容;叙述 链接: describe sb./sth. to/for sb. 向/为某人描述?? describe sb./sth. as... 把??描述/称为??

Jim A.to; as C.as; to be 答案:B was B.by; as D.for; to be described___his colleagues____“unusual”.

2.photograph n. [C]照片;相片;v. 给(某人/某物)拍 照 知识拓展

? ?take a photograph of?? 给??拍照 ?get/have a photograph taken 请人给自己 ? 常用搭配?照相 ? ?have a photograph taken with... 和?? ? ?合影

①I'd like to have a photograph taken.
我想去照相。 ②I'd like to have myself photographed. 我要请人给我拍照。

photographer n.(尤指)摄影师 photography n.[U]摄影术;摄影 photographic adj. 摄影的;摄影用的 photo n. 照片;相片

(2009·海南模拟)When he went to the West Lake, he had a lot of photographs________with his colleagues. A.to take C.taken 答案:C B.to be take D.being taken

是由“名词+过去分词”构成 the man-made satellite 人造卫星 现将合成形容词的构成形式归纳如下: ①名词+现在分词 English-speaking(讲英语的) peace-loving(爱好和平的) ②名词+过去分词


life-long (终生的) world-famous(世界闻名的)

first-rate(第一流的) large-scale(大规模的) ⑤形容词+名词+ed warm-hearted(热情的;好心肠的) bule-eyed(蓝眼睛的) ⑥形容词/副词+现在分词 good-looking(好看的) hard-working(勤劳的)

new-born(新生的) ready-made(现成的) wide-spread(流传广泛的) ⑧形容词/副词+形容词 dark-blue(深蓝的) all-round(全面的) ⑨数词+名词(单数)


three-year-old(三岁的) 800-meter-long(八百米长的) ?数词+名词+ed one-eyed(一只眼的) three-legged(三条腿的)

He found it a little difficult to sit on the________chair. A.three-legs C.three-legged 答案:C B.three-leg D.three-legging

1.be used to do... 被用来做??
用法 be used to do sth. used to do sth. 被用来做某事 例句 Nowdays computers are often used to learn English.现在电 脑经常被用来学英语。

He used to swim in the river 过去常常做某事(现 when he was young.当他年轻 在已不再这样了) 的时候,他常在河里游泳。 习惯于做某事 (to为介词) Mr. White used to live in China, so he is used to Chinese dishes.怀特先生过去 住在中国,所以习惯吃中国 菜。

be used to (doing)sth.

I used_to play football on the playground, but now I am_used_to reading in the library and the knowledge I get can be_used_to equip myself. 我过去常常在操场上踢足球,但现在我则习惯在图书 馆里看书,以获取知识来武装自己。

1)用use短语时,一定分清意义:“用作”,“过去常 常”还是“习惯于”。 2)used to do强调与现在的对比,而would只表示过去, 无对比关系。 3)used to do的否定和疑问都有两种形式:
? ?didn't use to do sth. 否定:? ? ?usedn't to do sth. ? 疑问: ?Did he use to do...? ? (以he为例) ? ?Used he to do...?

(2007· 安徽 )In my opinion, life in the twenty-first century is much easier than________. A.that used to be C.it was used to 答案:D B.it is used to D.it used to be

2.be made of/be made from 由??组成
1)be made of 表示制成品仍然保持原材料的性质 The chair is made of wood. 这把椅子是木头做的。 2)be made from 表示制成品看不出原材料的性质 Paper is made from wood. 纸是由木头做的。

be made up of 由??组成/构成 be made in 由??制造的(in+制造的地方)

be made into... 被制成??
be made out of... 由??改制而成 链接: make up 组成;弥补;补偿;化妆;虚构;草拟;包 扎;调停 make up for 补偿;弥补 make up one's mind 下定决心 make for 有助于;走向 make out 看透;分清;弄清

(2008· 浙 江 )American Indians________about five percent of the U.S. population. A.fill up C.make up B.bring up D.set up

解析:考查动词短语。句意:美国印第安人占美国人 口的百分之五。make up“形成;构成;编造;化妆;作 出补偿”;fill up “填补;装满”;bring up“培养;教

育”;set up“设立;树立”。

When he realized the police had seen him, the thief________the exit as quickly as possible. A.made off C.made out 答案:B B.made for D.made up

Would you like to live in it? 你愿意住在里面吗?
would like 想;愿意 知识拓展 would like+sth. would like to do sth. 想做某事 would like sb. to do sth. 想让某人做某事 would like to have done sth. 想做某事(但没做成) ①I would like a cup of tea.

②Would you like to stay there long? 你想在那儿久留吗?

③I would like you to come here early tomorrow. 我想让你明天早点来这儿。 ④I would like to have attended your birthday party last week, but I was ill. 上周我本想去参加你的生日聚会,可我病了。

1)would like也可用should like, would/should love等替 换,但would like适用于各种人称,should like多用于第一

2)would like/love后接不定式时,在简略回答中常用省 略形式,只保留不定式符号 to ,不定式的完成形式保留到 to have。

?like to do/doing sth. ? ?enjoy doing sth. ?feel like doing sth. 常见的表示“愿 ? 意;喜欢”的结构 ?be crazy about sth. ?be addicted to(doing)sth. ?be content to do sth. ?

Who would you like________the job? A.doing C.do 答案:B B.to do D.have done

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