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附录 II: 佳句背诵
A:关于求职 ◆ I believe I have the skills that your company is seeking, and would like to be considered for the position. ◆ I am confident that my combination of practical work experience and solid an educational experience has prepared me for making an immediate contribution to your company. ◆ Please allow me to apply for the position of office clerk which you advertised in China Daily. today' ◆ In answer to your advertisement in today's newspaper for a secretary, I wish to tender my services. from ◆ Learning from…that you are looking for a sales manager, I would like to apply for the position. ◆ I am twenty years old, and I am anxious to settle down to office work. in… ◆ Since my graduation from the school two years ago, I have been employed in…Hotel as a cashier. ◆ I have been at the City Commercial College, where I have acquired a knowledge of English, mathematics and elementary business practice. ◆ I have just left school, and have a good knowledge of English. ◆ At school I won a scholarship and the first prize in a speech contest. ◆ I request an interview, and assure you that if appointed, I will do my best to give you satisfaction. ◆ Should you think favorably of my application, I would like to have an interview. my ◆ I hope that you will be kind enough to consider my application favorably. B: 关于网络 ◆Today, the Internet is one of the most powerful tools throughout the world. ◆The Internet has become one of the biggest sources for research.

◆ Entertainment is another popular reason why many people surf the Internet. ◆ Using the Internet to get the weather forecast allows people to view the weather all over the world. e◆ We can contact our friends by e-mail and chat about everything with people everywhere on BBS. ◆ If companies make full use of the Internet, they can get commercial information commercial quickly as how to make the business more successful. ◆ Just one click of the mouse on the items we want to buy, and they are delivered to our front door. ◆ Most parents do not realize the dangers their children face when surfing the Internet. ◆ People are not aware that the information they provide online may fall into the wrong hands. ◆Some people are addicted to the Internet and they spent too much time on it. cause ◆ More and more children become obsessive with computer games, which can cause great harm to them both physically and mentally. C. 关于不同意见的阐述 ◆ Opinions are divided on the questions. ◆ Eighty percent of the students are in favor of the idea, while only twenty percent are strongly against it. What' knowledge ◆ What's more, we can get good knowledge of culture and special customs of the country where we study, as well as improve our English. ◆Compared with different views of their children, parents agree to it, though they complain of the high prices they have to pay. D. 关于出国热 ◆ Though we have to look after ourselves abroad and maybe life is hard for us, it will help us train our ability to live independently and deal with problems. can' ◆ In those countries, students can't learn much, and therefore they waste a lot of money, which is a heavy burden to their families.

What' ◆ What's more, we can get a good knowledge of the culture and social customs of the country where we study, as well as improve our English. E.关于环境保护 ◆ Plants play a very important part/ role in our daily life as well as in the development of our society. of ◆ They provide us with shade and fresh air, which comfort us in many ways. ◆ They are of great help to prevent the soil from being washed away. ◆ There are many kinds of plants covering the earth, which makes our globe green and comfortable to live on. ◆ A great many plants are growing thickly on the ground, ranging from gentle grasses to big trees. ◆ According to the scientific research, there are … kinds of plants in the world. ◆ They are of different kinds and types. ◆ Trees are being cut down in great amount, no new trees are planted. ◆ Some of the plants are in danger of dying out, which will break the balance of the nature. ◆ A lot of soil is washed away in rainwater and more and more fields get washed out and become unusable. ◆ Measures should be taken to stop cutting trees without a plan. ◆ A plan should be made and carried out to plant more trees and grasses in the places where they are most needed. ◆ Laws should be passed to punish those who destroy the plants. plants ◆ Those who destroy plants should be punished not only by nature but also the state. F:关于校园生活 ◆ There is no better way to lay the foundation of English composition than to read many easy books. ◆ I had not realized how inconvenient it was when one could not make oneself understood understood till I traveled in a foreign country.

◆ Besides, people nowadays prefer to travel in a way that is more convenient, comfortable, quicker and safer. Partstudents' ◆ Part-time jobs cut into students' study time; some even become so preoccupied they can' with making money that they can't focus their attention on studying. ◆ Some students would like to study at a university far away from their homes so that they would have more chances of making new friends and have more fun at university. ◆ As far as I am concerned, everybody in our society should pay more attention to the education of the rural children, especially girls. ten◆ In my opinion, to take a ten-minute break between classes is definitely necessary and important. G.关于人物描写 G.关于人物描写 was ◆ I think that my English teacher at high school was the one who made me start thinking about life. ◆ She loved telling jokes to make the class atmosphere easy. ◆ He was well informed and updated with all kinds of current affairs. ◆ It was this teacher who made me face reality with great courage and strong perseverance. ◆ I sometimes think that my English teacher at junior middle school has exerted great influence on me. ◆ He was then 30 years old and often played football with us. H.关于体育运动 H.关于体育运动 ◆ Some people think the players have won the honor for our country in the Olympics after taking great pains, so they deserve to get the government's bonus and government' local rewards. ◆ However, before transforming the dream into reality, the benefits and drawbacks of bidding for the Olympics should be weighed carefully.

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