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1. “Tommy, run! Be quick! The house is on fire!” the mother shouted, with ________ clearly in her voice. A. anger C. regret B. rudeness D. panic

[解析]本题考查名词辨析。句意:“汤米,快跑!快点儿!房子着火了!”妈妈大喊,嗓 音中明显带着恐慌。 A 项意为“怒气”; B 项意为“粗鲁”; C 项意为“遗憾”; D 项意为“恐 慌”。根据当时所处环境可知妈妈应该是惊慌失措。 [答案]D 2.There's a ________ in our office that when it's somebody's birthday, they bring in a cake for us all to share. A. tradition C. concern B. balance D. relationship

[解析]本题考查名词辨析。句意:我们办公室有一个惯例,当有人过生日时,他们要带来 一个蛋糕供我们大家分享。tradition 惯例,传统;balance 平衡;concern 关心;relationship 关 系。根据句意,A 项正确。 [答案]A 3. The lack of ecofriendly habits among the public is thought to be a major ________ of global climate change. A. result C. warning B. cause D. reflection

[解析]本题考查名词辨析。句意:公众中缺乏不损害生态环境的习惯被认为是全球气候变 化的一个主要原因。result 结果;cause 起因;warning 警告,告诫;reflection 反映。由句意 可知 B 项正确。 [答案]B 4.What's the ________, in your opinion, of helping him if he doesn't make an effort to help himself? A. sympathy C. object B. theme D. point

[解析]本题考查名词辨析。句意:如果他自己都不努力帮助他自己,你认为帮助他有什么 意义呢?sympathy 同情,怜悯;theme 主题;object 对象;目标;物体;point 意义,目的。 故答案为 D。 [答案]D


英语学习资料 5.Always remember to put such dangerous things as knives out of children's ________. A. touch C. reach B. sight D. distance

[解析]本题考查名词辨析。句意:一定要记住,把那些像刀子一类危险的东西放在孩子够 不着的地方。out of one's reach 为常用短语,意为“在某人够不着的地方”。 [答案]C 6. Teachers have to constantly update their knowledge in order to maintain their professional ________. A. consequence C. competence B. independence D. intelligence

[解析]本题考查名词词义辨析。 句意: 老师得经常更新他们的知识以保持他们的专业能力。 consequence 结果,后果;independence 独立;competence 能力;intelligence 智力。由句意可 知 C 项正确。 [答案]C 7.Giving up my job to go back to fulltime education was a big ________, but now I know it was the best decision I have ever made. A. project C. competition B. commitment D. ambition

[解析]本题考查名词辨析。句意:放弃工作再回到全日制教育中去是一个很大的挑战,但 是现在看来,那是我做出的最好的决定。A 项意为“工程”;B 项意为“重担,义务”;C 项 意为“竞争”; D 项意为“野心”。 根据常识判断, 一个不容易做的事情常被看作是一个挑战, 一项难以完成的任务或一份重担。故 B 项符合句意。 [答案]B 8.The doctor is skilled at treating heart trouble and never accepts any gift from his patients, so he has a very good ________. A. expectation C. contribution B. reputation D. civilization

[解析]句意:这位医生在治疗心脏病方面技术高超而且从不接受病人的礼物,因此他有很 好的声誉。 本题考查名词辨析。 A 项表示“期待; 预料”; B 项表示“名声, 声望”, have a good reputation 为固定搭配,意为“享有很好的声誉”;C 项表示“贡献”;D 项表示“文明”。 根据句意选 B。 [答案]B


英语学习资料 9.I haven't seen Sara since she was a little girl, and she has changed beyond ________. A. hearing C. recognition B. strength D. measure

[解析]句意:自从萨拉长大我就没见过她,她已经变得认不出来了。A 项表示“听力”; B 项表示“力量,力气”;C 项表示“认出”;D 项表示“测量,度量,尺寸”。根据句意选 C。 [答案]C 10.This restaurant has become popular for its wide ________ of foods that suit all tastes and pockets. A. circle C. area B. range D. division

[解析]句意:由于食物范围广,适合各种口味和收入水平(的人),因此这家餐馆很受欢迎。 division 划分,区分;area 面积,地面;range 范围;circle 圆,圈子。 [答案]B 11.The school advisers help you talk through your problems but they don't give you any direct ________. A. solution C. measure B. target D. function

[解析]句意:学校顾问帮你谈论你的问题,但他们没给你任何直接的解决问题的办法。 solution 解决办法;target 目标;measure 尺寸;衡量;标准;function 功能,作用。 [答案]A 12.James took the magazines off the little table to make ________ for the television. A. room C. field B. area D. position

[解析]句意:詹姆士从小桌上拿下杂志,给电视让出了空地儿。make room for 为固定短 语,意为“为??腾地方”。room 此处为不可数名词,意为“空间,地方”。 [答案]A 13.After the earthquake, the first thing the local government did was to provide ________ for the homeless families. A. occupation C. equipment B. furniture D. accommodation

[解析]句意: 地震过后当地政府做的第一件事是为失去家园的人提供食宿。 accommodation 膳宿,食宿;occupation 占领;职业;equipment 设施;furniture 家具,由句意知 D 项正确。 [答案]D



14. Last year the number of students who graduated with a driving licence reached 200,000, a(n) ________ of 40,000 per year. A. average C. amount B. number D. quantity

[解析]句意:去年拿到驾照的学员数量达到了 20 万,平均每年 4 万。an average of“?? 的平均数”,符合句意。a number of 许多,大量;an amount of 许多,大量;a quantity of 许 多,大量。 [答案]A 15.Those who suffer from headache will find they get ________ from this medicine. A. relief C. defense B. safety D. shelter

[解析]句意:那些头痛患者会发现他们能通过这种药减轻疼痛。relief 缓解,减轻;safety 安全;defense 保护,防御;shelter 保护,庇护。由句意可知 A 项正确。 [答案]A 16. I'm trying to break the ________ of getting up too late. A. tradition C. habit B. convenience D. leisure

[解析]句意:我正努力改掉晚起的习惯。tradition 风俗信仰的传承;传统;convenience 方 便,便利;habit 习惯;leisure 休闲。break the habit of“改掉??的习惯”,为固定搭配,故 C 项正确。 [答案]C 17.—He says that my new car is a ________ of money. —Don't you think those words are just sour grapes? A. lack C. question B. load D. waste

[解析]句意:—他说我新买的小汽车是浪费钱。—难道你不认为那是吃不到葡萄说葡萄酸 吗? lack 缺乏;load 负荷;question 问题;waste 浪费。a waste of“浪费”,是固定搭配, 故 D 项正确。 [答案]D 18. From their ________ on the top of the TV Tower, visitors can have a better view of the city. A. stage C. condition B. position D. situation

[解析]句意:从他们在电视塔顶的位置,游客们可以更好地看到这个城市。stage 阶段; 舞台;position 位置;地位;姿势;condition 条件,环境,情形;situation 形势,环境。根据


英语学习资料 句意 B 项正确。 [答案]B

19. The World Health Organization gave a warning to the public without any ________ when the virus of H1N1 hit Mexico in April, 2009. A. delay C. schedule B. effort D. consideration

[解析]句意:2009 年 4 月当 H1N1 病毒在墨西哥爆发时,世界卫生组织立即向公众发出了 警告。without delay(=immediately) 立即,毫不延迟地,符合句意。effort 努力;schedule 时 间表,计划(表);consideration 考虑。 [答案]A 20.Hiking by oneself can be fun and good for health. It may also be good for ________ building. A. respect C. reputation B. friendship D. character

[解析]句意: 独自徒步旅行会很有趣并且有益于健康, 或许对性格的培养也有好处。 respect 尊重,爱戴;friendship 友谊;reputation 名誉,荣誉,声望;character 性格,品格,品质; 特点,特性。character building“性格培养”,故 D 项正确。 [答案]D 21. China has got a good ________ for fighting against the flu with its careful and smooth organization. A. reputation C. impression B. influence D. knowledge

[解析]句意: 在抗击流感方面, 中国以认真和畅通的组织工作而获得良好的声誉。 reputation 声誉;influence 影响;impression 印象;knowledge 知识。根据句意,A 项正确。 [答案]A 22.In our class, when the bell rang and the teacher closed his book, it was a ________ for everyone to stand up. A. signal C. mark B. chance D. measure

[解析]句意:在我们的课堂上,铃声响起,老师合上书就是我们要起立的信号。signal 信 号;导火线,符合句意。chance 机会,运气;mark 分数;标志;measure 措施,办法;尺寸。 [答案]A 23. The system has been designed to give students quick and easy ________ to the digital resources of the library. A. access 学习巩固资料---英语 B. passage

英语学习资料 C. way D. approach

[解析]句意: 设计这个系统的目的是让学生迅速、 方便地使用图书馆的数字资源。 access to 是固定短语, 意为“有权使用; 有机会接近”。 passage 通道, 通路, 与 through 连用; way 表 示去某地的路;approach 通道,办法,途径,与 to 连用。 [答案]A 24.Dogs have a very good ________ of smell and are often used to search for survivors in an earthquake. A. sense C. means B. view D. idea

[解析]句意:狗有很好的嗅觉,常常用于搜寻地震中的幸存者。sense“感官,感觉”,如: a sense of smell/hearing/taste/touch“嗅/听/味/触觉”。view 观点,看法;means,方法;idea 主 意,想法。 [答案]A 25.What's the ________ of having a public open space where you can't eat, drink or even simply hang out for a while? A. sense C. case B. matter D. opinion

[解析]句意:拥有这样一个公共场所,你不可以吃喝,甚至不可以走动,有什么意义呢? sense 意义;matter 问题;case 情况,状况;opinion 观点。根据句意选 A 项。 [答案]A 26. I bought a dress for only 10 dollars in a sale; it was a real ________. A. exchange C. trade B. bargain D. business

[解析]句意: 我只花了 10 美元就买了一条裙子, 真划算。 exchange 互换; bargain 便宜货, 廉价货;trade 贸易;business 生意。根据题意可知 B 项正确。 [答案]B 27.The young man made a ________ to his parents that he would try to earn his own living after graduation. A. prediction C. plan B. promise D. contribution

[ 解析 ] 句意:这个年轻人向他的父母作出承诺毕业后将会自谋生计。 prediction 预测; promise 承 诺 ; plan 计 划 ; contribution 贡 献 , 四 个 选 项 都 可 以 与 make 搭 配 , make a promise“许愿,承诺”,根据句意可知 B 项正确。 [答案]B 28. The top leaders of the two countries are holding talks in a friendly ________.


英语学习资料 A. atmosphere C. situation B. state D. phenomenon

[解析]句意:两个国家的高层领导人在友好的气氛中举行了会谈。atmosphere 氛围;state 状态;situation 情形;phenomenon 现象。 [答案]A 29.The ________ shoes were covered with mud, so I asked them to take them off before they got into______ car. A. girl's; Tom's C. girls'; Tom's B. girl's; Toms' D. girls'; Toms'

[解析]句意:那些女孩的鞋子沾满了泥巴,因此在上汤姆的车之前我让她们把鞋子脱掉。 由后文的 them 可知,此处的 girl 应为复数形式,因此其所有格形式应该是 girls',而名词 Tom 的所有格是直接在其后加's 即可。 [答案]C 30.—Can you shoot that bird at the top of the tree? —No, it's out of ________. A. distance C. control B. range D. reach

[解析]本题考查名词的固定搭配。out of range 在射程外;out of control 失去控制;out of reach 够不着;distance 不与 out of 搭配。由语境可知,此处表示“鸟在射程之外”,故 B 项正确。 [答案]B 31. To the great ________ of the citizens, no one else was infected with H1N1 except the 12 confirmed cases. A. relaxation C. relief B. disappointment D. surprise

[解析]to the great disappointment of sb.令某人大为失望的是;to the great relief of sb.令某人 大为宽慰的是;to the great surprise of sb.令某人大为吃惊的是;无 to the great relaxation 的搭 配。由句意可知,此处表示“令市民大为宽慰的是”,故 C 项正确。 [答案]C 32. To their disappointment, Dr Wang gave a speech about the economy without even a passing ________ to the problem of unemployment. A.connection C.reference B.appointment D.exploration

[解析]reference 提及,参考。句意:使他们失望的是,王博士做了关于经济的演讲却对失 业问题只字未提。connection 联系;appointment 约会;exploration 探索。


英语学习资料 [答案]C 33.We should bear in mind that social development and balance of nature should go in ________. A.company C.association B.sympathy D.harmony

[ 解析 ]in harmony 和谐地。句意:我们应牢记社会的发展应该和大自然的平衡和谐。 company 陪伴;sympathy 同情;association 联系。 [答案]D 34.The speech that Mr Smith made today gave a strong ________ on the students. A. expression C. reputation B. expectation D. impression

[解析]expression 表情,表达; expectation 期望, 盼望;reputation 名声;impression 印象, give an impression on sb.“给某人留下印象”,为固定搭配,故 D 项正确。 [答案]D 35.Eat less and take more exercise or you'll be out of ________. A. order C. weight B. shape D. balance

[解析]out of order 出毛病了, 坏了; out of shape 健康状况不佳; 变形; weight 不与 out of 搭配;out of balance 失去平衡。由句意“少吃点,多锻炼,要不然,你的身体就不好了。” 可知 B 项正确。 [答案]B 36.When advised dieting, Marsha would say, “What's the ________ in working so hard to lose weight, only to gain it all back again?” A. concern C. effect B. matter D. point

[解析]concern 关心,担心;matter 事物;问题;effect 后果,影响;point 意义,what's the point in doing sth.?为固定句式,意为“干某事有什么意义”,故选 D。 [答案]D 37.You should take ________ of this opportunity and try to make a good impression on them. A. care C. charge B. advantage D. panic

[解析]本题考查名词的固定搭配。take care of 照顾,照料;take advantage of 利用;take charge of 负责,主管;panic 不与 take 搭配。由句意“你应该利用这次机会给他们留下个好 印象。”可知 B 项正确。 [答案]B 学习巩固资料---英语

英语学习资料 38.I've read the letter twice, but I can't make any ________ of it at all. A. sense C. explanation B. meaning D. idea

[解析]本题考查名词的固定搭配。make sense of“了解??的含义”,符合句意。句意: 这封信我读了两遍了,但我一点也没读懂。 [答案]A 39.Scientists have been worried for years about the ________ of air pollution on the earth's natural conditions. A. effect C. account B. reason D. cause

[ 解析 ] 解题关键是题干中的介词 on ,四个选项中只有 effect 与介词 on 搭配,意为 “对??的影响”。句意:关于空气污染对地球自然条件的影响,科学家们已担心多年了。 [答案]A 40. A dog's________to his master deserves to be respected. A. devotion C. identity B. principle D. guidance

[解析]devotion, 忠实,热爱;principle, 原则,准则;道德操守;identity,身份;guidance, 指导。由句意“狗对主人的忠心值得尊敬。”可知 A 项正确。 [答案]A


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