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2016-2017 学年七宝中学高二下学期期末试卷
II. Grammar and Vocabulary SectionA Directions: After reading the passages below, fill in the blanks to make the passages coherent and grammatically correct. For the blanks with a given word, fill in each blank with the proper form of the given word; for the other blanks, use one word that best fits each blank. You 21 think your English skills are good, but do you know what a "knowledge navigator" is? How about a :replenishmentcontroller‖? Don't worry if you don't understand what these two job titles are22 would most native English speakers. But thanks to 23 UK company, we know that these titles from two job adverts mean ―teacher‖ and ―shelfstacker(货架整理员)‖ The Plain English Campaign(PEC) 24 (woke) since 1979 to rid the UK of overcomplicated language. It‘s aim is to make English as clear as possible for members of the public. It rewrites and edits documents, such as government application forms or job advertisements, 25 (make) themunderstandable. Research carried out last year by Business in the Community, a UK charity, even found that two third of 16-to-24-year-olds are put off applying for jobs 26 they don‘t understand their descriptions. 27 ―Jargon(专业术语)is describing is very important. It should bearticulated(表达) very clearly,‖ Steve Jenner,PEC spokesperson,told the BBC. According to the Guardian, some of 28 (unusual) workplace jargon includes ―blue-sky thinking‖-meaning open-minded planning-‖touch base offline‖-meaning to meet and talk 29 person-and ―don‘t let the grass grow too long‖-which is another way of asking someone to work faster. But it‘s not just documents and workplace language 30 the PEC targets. Every year, it nominates public figures for it‘s ―Foot in Mouth award‖. To put one‘s mouth is a phrase that means to say something foolish. For the last two years, US president Donald Trump has features on the list. ―Trump is notoriously(极度地)generous when it comes to providing memorable nonsense,‖ the PEC wrote on its website. ―He seemed to say something daft every few days during his campaign for the Republication Presidential candidacy.‖ Section B Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can only be used once. Note thatthereis one word more than youneed.

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A. thirst B. stole

C. shaping

D. heavily



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inspiration AD. hit BC. touching BD. imaginative CD. reportedly ABC. curisity

You may still remember the ―Eight Minutes of Tokyo‖ in the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics last August. Even if the Tokyo Games wasn‘t going to be here for another four years, the performance of the newhostsuccessfully 31 the show ( 大 出 风 头 ) withitsfamousanimated characters – Doraemon, Hello Kitty and SuperMario. It was a wise choice since there is probably nothing that shouts ―Japan‖ more loudly than the country‘s animation, known as ―Japanimation‖. And this year 32 the 100thanniversary of the very first Japanese cartoon, made in1917. In the past century, the wild imagination of Japanese animators continued to feed our 33 . Monsters, fairies, robots and magic feature often in their work. It has also been inspiring film industries in other parts of the world.The 34 story of Disney‘s The Lion King (1994), forexample, actuallycomes fromJapan‘sKimbatheWhiteLion《 ( 森林大帝》 , 1965). And the1999Hollywood 35 film, The Matrix,wasalso the 1989 Japanese manga Ghost in the Shell(《攻壳机动队》). 36 influencedby

―Ilovehisfilms.Istudyhisfilms.IwatchhisfilmswhenI‘mlookingfor 37 ,‖John Lasseter, director of Pixar‘s Toy Story, once said about famous Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki.Andour 38 for this imaginary world is onlygrowing. At the end of last year, for example, the story of Japanese cartoon Pokemon (《宠物小精灵》, 1997-) was brought to life with the help of augmented reality (AR,增强现实) technology. People in many countries are often seen searching for Pokemon in real life locations through the screens of their phones. They play it on their way to school, to work, and during holiday outings. Although Pokemon began as a video game a year before the cartoon came out, people should give the animation a ―Thanks‖ for bringing it to a wider audience. Besides being a source of entertainment, Japanese animation is also a 39 force of our daily lives. For example, wearing glasses used to be considered as uncool and geeky (书呆子气的), but after the 1981 TV animation Arale (《阿拉蕾》), in which there is a heavily-nearsighted (高度近视 的) girl with wings and magic powers, glasses soon became fashionable. And the language we use – the word meng (萌), to name one –isalso 40 from Japaneseanimation. But interestingly, with all the imagination that is so admired by modern fans, it would still be hard for Japanese animators in 1917 to believe that the two-dimensional worlds that they were creating at the time would have such a big influence in today‘s three-dimensional world. III. Reading Comprehension SectionA Directions: For each blank in the following passage there are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best fits thecontext.
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Reading to me is all about personal growth. Growth through reading can take many 41 .It can come from seeing the world through the eyes of someone else, the new truth or reconnecting with a truth long 42 . It can even come from an uncontained guffaw (狂笑) while reading a humorous passage. Growth through reading is not about reaching a certain level or reading so many minutes a day. It is 43 not about finding one type of reading material more valid than another. It‘s about making something such an 44 part of your life that you don‘t feel the need to quantity what you‘re doing. You should read because you want to, not because you haveto. Atarecentworkshopitwasarguedthat,asadults,weoftenmakethemistakeof 45 children to do things we don‘t do ourselves. Before chastising (punishing) your child for watching videos or playing games, ask yourself how you use your spare time. As adults we need to lead by example. When was the last time you 46 that 500-page classic instead of checking social media or watching television? If something isn‘t good enough toe you or 47 your time, then why would you like your children to feel 48 ? We also tend to forget that the journey can often be more illuminating 49 that the actual goal.This is definitely the 50 with reading. I am not talking about the journey that takes place within the pages of a book. I am talking about the personal journey that is possible when a child finds something that 51 their interest, latches onto it-and in so doing discoveries new worlds they never knew existed. The ownership in discovering and exploring one‘s own interests is magical. What does it 53 if a child is reading books that are ―too easy‖ or ―below their level‖ if it still bring them joy? Why is that a bad thing? Yes, stagnation(停止,滞止)can hamper growth, but as adults that is where we can 53 and help. It is our duty to help 54 our children‘s horizon‘s by knowing what excites and drives them and then presenting them with new and exciting literary options within that context. Whatever your child likes to read-if it is ―War and Peace,‖ magazines, comics, online articles, video game directions or theback of a cereal box---take that, encourage it and build on it by introducing new 55 . Do not take away a child‘s joy.Without joy, reading is no longer reading. It‘swork. 41.A.measures 42.A.forgotten 43.A.necessarily 44.A.integral 45.A.hoping 46.A.set up 47.A.deserve 48.A.equally 49.A.rewarding 50.A.situation 51.A.raises 52.A.matter 53.A.set in B.steps B.accepted B.slightly B.unusual B.exciting B.looked up B.worthy B.specially B.exciting B.case B.leads B.mean B.step in C.forms C.identified C.potentially C.necessary C.demanding C.picked up C.require C.similarly C.disappointing C.illustration C.sparks C.account 第 4 页 / 共 10 页 C.take in D.terms D.ignored D.definitely D.vital D.having D.turned up D.worth D.differently D.appealing D.union D.arises D.offer D.look in

54.A.stretch 55.A.competitions

B.broaden B.disciplines

C.extend C.approaches

D.enlarge D.challenges

Section B Directions: Read the following three passages. Each passage is followed by several questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one that fits best according to the information given in the passage you have just read. (A) Everyone gathered around and Paddy read out loud, slowly, his tone growing sadder and sadder. The little headline said: BOXER RECEIVES LIFF SENTENCE. Frank Cleary, aged 26, professional boxer, was today found guilty of the murder of Albert Gumming, aged 32, laborer, last July. The jury(陪审团) reached its decision after only ten minutes, recommending the most severe punishment to the court. It was, said the Judge, a simple case. Cumming and Cleary had quarreled violently at the Harbour Hotel on July 23rd and police saw Cleary kicking at the head of the unconscious Gumming. When arrested, Cleary was drunk but clear-thinking. Cleary was sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour. Asked if he had anything to say, Cleary answered, ―Just don‘t tell my mother.‖ ―It happened over three years ago,‖ Paddy said helplessly. No one answered him or moved,for no one knew what to do. ―Just don‘t tell my mother,‖ said Fee numbly(麻木地). ―And no one did! Oh, God! My poor, poorFrank!‖ Paddy wiped the tears from his face and said. ―Fee, pack your things. We‘ll go to see him.‖ She half-rose before sinking back, her eyes in her small white face stared as if dead. ―I can't go,‖ she said without a hint of pain, yet making everyone feel that the pain was there. ―It would kill him to see me. I know him so well—his pride, his ambition. Let him bear the shame alone, it‘s what he wants. We‘ve got to help him keep his secret. What good will it do him to seeus?‖ Paddy was still weeping, not for Frank, but for the life which had gone from Fee‘s face, for the dying in her eyes. Frank had always brought bitterness and misfortune, always stood between Fee and himself. He was the cause of her withdrawal from his heart and the hearts of his children. Every time it looked as if there might be happiness for Fee, Frank took it away. But Paddy‘s love for her was as deep and impossible to wipe out as hers was forFrank. So he said, ―Well, Fee, we won‘t go. But we must make sure he is taken care of. How about if I write to Father Jones and ask him to look out forFrank?‖ There was no excitement in the eyes, but a faint pink stole into her cheek s. ―Yes, Paddy, do that. Only make sure he knows not to tell Frank we found out. Perhaps it would ease Frank to think for certain that we don‘t know.‖ 56. Paddy cried becausehethought . A. Frank did kill someone and deserved thepunishment B. Frank should have told Fee what hadhappened
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C. what had happened to Frank was killingFee

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D. Frank had always been a man of bad moralcharacter 57. The underlined sentence ―She half-rose before sinking back…‖ in Paragraph 6 shows that . A. Fee was so heart-broken that she could hardly standup B. Fee didn‘t want to upset Paddy by visitingFrank C. Fee couldn‘t leave her family to go to seeFrank D.Fe e struggled between wanting to see Frank and respecting his wish 58. What can be inferred from thepassage? A. The jury and the judge agreed on the Boxer‘s Sentence of Life Imprisonment. B.The police found Gumming unconscious, heavily struck by Frank. C. The family didn‘t find out what had happened to Frank until 3 yearslater. D. Frank didn‘t want his family to know the sentence to him, most probably out of hispride. 59. What is Frank and Paddy‘s probable relationship withFee? A. Frank is Fee‘s son and Paddy is Fee‘sbrother. B. Frank is Fee‘s son and Paddy is Fee‘s husband.C. Frank is Fee‘s brother and Paddy is Fee‘slover. D. Frank is Fee‘s lover and Paddy is Fee‘s husband. ( B) Shakespeare‘s Globe Theatre and Exhibition Tour Overview Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition is the world's largest exhibition devoted to Shakespeare. Located beneath the reconstructed Globe Theatre on London's Bankside, the exhibition explores the remarkable story of the Globe, and brings Shakespeare's world to life using a range of interactive displays and livedemonstrations. Highlights Tour the reconstructed Globe Theatre and see how plays were staged in Shakespeare's day All-day access to the interactive Globe Exhibition Actors, recordings and interactive displays bring Shakespeare's world to life Schedule April 23 to October 9 9:00am to 5:00pm. On Monday, tours run all day. Tuesday to Saturday, last tour departs at 12:30pm and at 11:30am on Sunday due to performances taking place on these days. October 10 to March 31 10:00am to 5:00pm. Important note: Rehearsals(排练) will also take place throughout the Theatre Season. Please note that access to the Globe Theatre may be restricted and there may be occasions when the Globe tours are unable to run. When the Globe tours are not available, Rose or Bankside tours can be offeredinstead. Additional info Inclusions: Entrance fee and all day access to Exhibition
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Guided tour of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (maximum 50 people) Exclusions(不包含项目): Hotel pickup and drop off Food and drinks, unless specified Pricing Click the link below to check pricing & availability on your preferred travel date. Our pricing is constantly updated to ensure you always receive the lowest price possible - we 100% guarantee it.

Theatre Tour and Exhibition Theatre Tour and AfternoonTea

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Tour and Exhibition Shakespeare's Globe Theatre Tour and Exhibition plus Afternoon Tea at 3:00pm in the Swan Brasserie or Bar.



60. The passage canbefound . A.inanewspaper B.in a magazine C.ontheInternet 61.In this Shakespeare‘s Globe Theatre Tour,wecan A.visit the original Globe Theatre B.enjoy a British afternoon tea for free C.experience Shakespeare‘s world in an interactive way D.visit the exhibition in the Globe Theatre 62.What is true about the tour according to the passage? A.Rehearsals may affect thetour. B.The pricing remains the same. C.Performances take place throughout the year. D.The opening hours are the same in May and in November. .

D.in aguidebook

(C) Since quitting can start feelings such as guilt and shame, we often do everything possible to avoid it, ―We're taught from our earliest days that if you quit something, it mean s you're a failure," says the psychologist Will Meek. He, however, suggests we view quitting differently. Quitting is like deciding to rearrange a room: you‘ve grown comfortable with the status, and it can be hard to picture the end result or even see why change is necessary. And yet, there's the upsetting feeling that you‘re no longer entirely satisfied with your current circumstances, perhaps even that you‘ve stopped making progress. While it's not out of the question for feelings of regret to surface after a major refit, leaving a position, project or situation can reveal exciting possibilities, making you feel inspired andrenewed. Quitting, often happens in situations where we're unhappy, fearful or have determined we have
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no other choice, factors that can have ill effects on our health. Perhaps you find your work unfulfilling, or you've jumped into a new relationship before you're ready--and, as a result, you're

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operating under intense pressure. ―If stress is enduring and not managed well, it can start to take a toll,‖ says Meek. According to the American Psychological Association, long-term, ongoing stress can increase the risk for high blood pressure and heart attack so walking away from whatever is causing it can deliver significant physical and emotional health benefits. ―We often see a reduction in the stress hormone cortisol(应激激素皮质醇)‖, which can lower blood pressure and may even decrease the heart rate,‖ says Dr Alex Lickerman, a GP and expert on developing mental adaptability. Leaving situations that fail to bring you joy can leave you with sufficient time to explore where your heart is truly leading you. In a study that was published in 1999, then Harvard University professor Hermina Ibarra looked at how bankers tried different roles that required new skill sets-someone who spent a lot of time dealing with computers, for instance, was asked to take on personal interactions. Subjects(研究对象) were especially drawn to acting out a version of their future selves through ?imitation strategies‘ -- an approach they compared to ?trying on different clothes.‘ Mark Franklin, the president of CareerCycles, suggests a similar approach as a way to figure out what your true desires might be in your post-quitting life and foresee your future self. ―Pretend to be a certain kind of person, or go and meet others who are doing what you want to do,‖ he says. ―Try it on, see how it feels and decide if it's a good fit for you.‖ It may not feel like it at the time, but just moving on from a situation that's not quite right can help you get back ontrack. 63. It can be inferred from paragraph 2 that quitting may brim us feelings ofbeingboth . A. guiltyand ashamed B. stupid andenthusiastic C. troubledandhopeful D. inspired anddetermined 64. The phrase ―take a toll‖ (paragraph 3) can be best replacedby― ‖. A. developmental adaptability B. bring aboutchanges C. keep upthepressure D. have a badeffect 65. An approach suggested by Mark Franklin similar to ?trying on different clothes‘ is for . A. helping people find what truly suits them incareer B. telling capable employees from inadequateones C. training employees to acquire different workingskills D. providing people with opportunities to have a roleplay 66. It can be concluded from the passagethat . A. quitting is a track that only the timid will choose tofollow B. personal interaction can be a must for reducing emotionalpressure C. mental adaptability can be improved by the stress hormonecortisol D. knowing when to stop is wise and may make dreamshappen Section C

A. What accounts for this culture ofgenerosity? B. This belief is central to the nationalcharacter. C. How can a sense of generosity becultivated? D. Americans’ generosity is rooted in selflessbehavior.
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Charity—Humanity‘s most kind and generous desire—is a timeless and borderless virtue, dating at leastto the dawn of religious teaching. Philanthropy (慈善行为) aswe understand it today, however, is a distinctly American phenomenon, inseparable from the nation that shaped it. From colonial leaders to modern billionaires like Buffett, Gates and Zuckerberg, the tradition of giving is woven into the national DNA. 67. Benjamin Franklin, an icon of individual industry and frugality(节俭)evenin his own day, understood that with the privilege of doing well came the price of doing good. When he died in 1790, Franklin thought to future generations, leaving in trust two gifts of 1,000 Ib. of sterling silver—one to the city of Boston, the other to Philadelphia. According to his instruction, a portion of the money could not be used for 200 years. While Franklin‘s gifts lay in wait, the tradition he established evolved alongside the young nation. 68. Oftenfarlessfamedmenandwomenhaveplayedacriticalroleinphilanthropy‘sevolution. One of my personal heroes is Julius Rosenwald, who helped construct more than 5,300 schools across the segregated(种族隔离)South and opened classroom doors to a generation of AfricanAmericanstudents. 69. The answer is not just to benefit others. Tax reduction, for one, encouragesthe rich people to give. And philanthropy has long helped improve the public image of everyone from immoral capitalists to the new tech elite. More troubling, however, are the foundational problems that make philanthropy so necessary. Just before his death, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote, ―Philanthropy is praise-worthy, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropynecessary.‖ Franklin‘s gifts represent a broader principle. We are guardians of a public trust, even if our capital came from private enterprise, and our most important obligation is ensuring that the system works more equally and more justly for morepeople.70. America‘s greatest strength isnotthefact of perfection, but rather the act ofperfecting. Ⅳ. Summary Writing Directions: Read the following passage. Summarize in no more than 60 words the main idea of the passage and how it is illustrated. Use your own words as far as possible. For thousands of years , people have sailed across the oceans to trade , explore and transport goods . However , not every ship arrives at its port of destination . Weather ,war , navigation mistakes and bad luck have caused many ships to sink to the bottom of the ocean. These shipwrecks , which are estimated to number more than three million , have long fascinated us . In addition to being historically important , they sometimes contain greatriches.

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Historical research is a key motivator for shipwreck hunters . Ships carrying documents and artifact can teach us about ancient civilizations and important events . For instance , in 1997 the Pandora , which sank in 791, was discovered off the coast of Australia . The findings from the ship helped us understand the events surrounding the famous mutiny (暴动) on another ship ----- the Bounty . Another important discovery off the US coast in 1996 is widely believed to be the Queen Ann‘s Revenge , the flagship of the private Blackbeard. Profit is another motive for shipwreck exploration ,as companies use advanced sonar , robots and retrieval equipment to find treasure ships . One such firm is Odyssey Marine Exploration . The company has found hundreds of ships , including , in 2007 , a Spanish sailing ship containing 500,000 silver coins. The ship , which sank 200 years ago in the Atlantic Ocean , carried a treasure estimated to be worth $500 million . Soon after the discovery , a long legal battle over ownership rights took place between the company and the Spanish government . Cases like these are part of an ongoing debate about protecting historically important ships from treasure hunters.

V. Translation Directions ; Translate the following sentences into English ,using the words given in the brackets. 1.每年春运期间,人们买火车票得排几个小时的队。(queue) 2.一幅油画赠与了该美术馆,以纪念两个城市间珍贵的友谊。(present) 3.小轿车开得飞快,差点撞到正在过马路的人。(so, miss) 4.尽管他是一名颇有天赋的运动员,但他发挥失常,这也是他与金牌失之交臂的部分原因。 (cost)

Guided Writing Directions: Write an English composition in 120-150 words according to the instructions given below in Chinese. 在你 18 岁生日到来之际,你父亲准备送你一件礼物,并让你做出自己的选择。你会选择哪 份礼物,阐述你选择这份礼物的理由。 A.iphone7s B.A triptoLondon C.An experience as avolunteer
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Keys: 21-30 may,nor/neither,a,hasbeenworking,making, because,what,themostunusual.in,that 31-40 B, AC, ABC, BC, AD // D, AB, 41-55 C,A,D,A,C, // C,D,D,A,B, //C,A, B,B, D 56-59 C, D, D, B 60-62 C, C, A 63-66 C, D, A, D 67-70 AC, AB, A, C Summary: Historical importance and profit are the two main driving forces for shipwreck explorations . Key information about ancient civilizations and important events can be obtained from the wreckage . Besides , huge treasures can also be found by using advanced equipment . However , the finding of the treasure sometimes sparks legal debateover... Translation: 1. During annual Spring Festival travel rush, people have to stand in a queue for hours to buy a train ticket 2. An oil painting has been presented to the galley to honor the precious friendship between the two cities. 3. So fast was the car running that it narrowly missed hitting down an old man crossing the road. 4. Through he was an talented athlete, he didn‘t perform his best, which in part cost him the gold medal. A, C, CD

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