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单选 1.I think students should _________to do homework with their friends. A. allowed B. are allowed C. be allow D. be allowed 2“.They have a lot of rules at home.” “ _________ ” A. So we do B. So you do C. So they had D .So do we 3.“How often do you go to the movies?” “______” A. Two weeks B. sometimes C. sometime D. On Saturday 4. You _______ to the meeting this afternoon if you have some important to do. A. needn‘t to come B. don‘t need come C. needn‘t come D. need came 5.“I hate tests all the time.” “Oh, you won‘t_______ them if you work hard.” A. look out B. look for C. worry about D. end up 6. “How do you often go to school ? ” “I_______ take a bus .” A.am used to B. will used to C. used to D. use to 7. ―Tom, ______afraid of speaking in public. You are no longer a little boy.‖ said his mother. A. not be B. not to be C. don‘t be D. be not 8. She has a good singing _______. It _____very beautiful. A. sound; sounds B. voice; voices C. voice; sounds D. sound; voices 9. We had a party _______ having classing last Friday A. instead B. but C. instead of D. still 10. They wanted to win the match, but ended up_____ it. A. lost B. to lost C. losing D. lose 11. My mother is always strict_____ us ______ everything. A. in in B. in; with C; with; in D; with; with 12. I _______ believe you. A. does B. do C. done D. doing 13. Mary_____ take a bus to school, but now she _____ walking. A. use to; use to B. used to; is used to C. is used to; used to D. used to; uses to 14. The dog ____ two days ago. I felt very sorry for its_____. A. died; death B. died; died C; dies; dead D. dead; died 15. What do you think ________ at the shop yesterday? A. did he buy B. he bought C. dose he buy D. he buys 16. He has been away from school_____ A. in 2006 B. two days ago C. for two days D. since two days 17. Would you mind my smoking here? __________. A. Yes, I would B.You‘re right C.Yes, you‘re better not D.No, you can‘t 18. Who taught ____ English? Nobody. She learned all by_______. A. herself: her B. she; herself C. her; herself D. her; she 19.Liu Xiang won the men‘s_____ hurdles(跨栏)at the Olympic Games in Athens. A..110-metre B.110-metres C. 110 metre D. 110 metre‘s 20.He doesn‘t do his homework______ , though he has ____. A. careful enough; time enough B. carefully enough; enough time C. enough careful; enough time D. enough carefully ;time enough

单选 ( )1 ---Do you like milk or coffee? ---I don‘t like______. I usually drink water. A. another B. both C. neither D. either ( )2. –Smoking is dangerous. ---Yes. If a friend ______ you cigarettes at a party, you should refuse. A. fetches B. offers C. covers D. throws ( )3. ---How can I become a good language learner? ---I think one of the ______ is doing lots of listening practice. A. centuries B.races C. secrets D. dreams ( )4.---I‘m going to _____ late to finish my report tonight. --- You‘ll be sleepy tomorrow. A. stay up B. put up C. set up D. use up ( )5. ---I _______ really quiet. ---I know. Now you are very outgoing. A. used to be B. use to be C. used to being D. use to being ( )6.Guangzhou is the 16th city_____ has held the Asian Games. A. where B. who C. whom D. that ( )7.---Can you understand what he meant? ---No, the native speakers talked too ______ . A. easily B. quickly C. slowly D. possibly ( )8.—Whose exam paper is it? —I‘m sure it ______ be Li Lei‘s. He always forget to write his name on it. A. can‘t B. must C. can D. may ( )9—I hope ______ Kunming some day. ---Me, too. I like places where the weather is always warm. A. visit B. to visit C. visiting D. visits ( )10.Simon ______ his fingers while he was cooking dinner. A. burnt B. was burning C. has burnt D. burns ( )11.---Why is the classroom so dirty? ---Sorry, sir. It _____ yesterday. We forgot to do it. A. doesn‘t clean B. didn‘t clean C. isn‘t cleaned D. wasn‘t cleaned ( )12.---Can you tell me ______ the Capital Museum? ---Next Friday. A. when will they visit B. when they visited C. when did they visit D. when they will visit ( )13. ---How do you learn English so well? ---______ chatting with my uncle in America online. A. In B. For C. By D. With ( )34. — Mum, I ______ a mistake. Please don‘t be angry with me. — It doesn‘t matter. I think you‘ll do better next time. A. make B. made C. will make D. had made ( )15.Yesterday evening I was playing the piano______ the doorbell rang. A. when B. after C. while D. before

单选 1 If you go by________ train, you can have quite a comfortable trip, but make sure you get________ fast one. A. the; the 2 A. reaches A. failed --- Yes, of course. A. must B. can C. have to D. should 5 — Did you go to Sam‘s weekend party? — No, I ______________. A. am not invited C. haven‘t invited A. been in A. hadn‘t B. joined in B. had B. wasn‘t invited D. didn‘t invite C. taken part in C. did D. joined D. didn‘t B. /; a B. will come B. missed C. the; a C. arrives C. lost D. /; / D. get to see him D. left We will stay in the hospital until the boy‘s mother ________.

3 This morning Sally went to the shopping centre in such a hurry that she________ the key at home. 4--- Kelly, you _____ be thirsty and hungry after a long walk.

6 ―I have ______ the Golf Club for over 10 years,‖ said Jack. 7 Mary had breakfast at seven, ______ she? 8--- I find it quite hard to understand the passage. --- Yes, _____ there are few new words in it. A. because B. so C. though D. or 9-- Tom wants to know_____________. --- I don‘t know, either. He said he would phone me as soon as he came back. A. when Dad comes back C. when Dad will come back B. when did Dad come back D. when does Dad come back

10.This is ____book I borrowed yesterday. Isn't it ____interesting one? A. the; the B. the; a C. a; the D. the; an 11 Everyone is supposed ____ a seat belt in the car. A. wearing B. to wear C. to be worn D. wears 12. I find ____ difficult to remember everything, though I‘m still young. A. that B. this C. it D. one 13. I dreamed that Bill Gates _____ money ____ me last night. A. lent; from B. borrowed; from C. lend ; to D. borrow; to 14. Loud music may make people ____ fast. A. to eat B. eat C. eated D. eats 15. I Mr Black is strongly _______keeping animals in the zoo,because he thinks amimals should also have the right to enjoy freedom. A.up B.for C.against D.down 16. A: ___ I get up at five o'clock tomorrow morning? B: No, you ___. A. Must; can't B. Can, can‘t C Must, needn‘t D May, mustn‘t

单选 1.Jim didn‘t understand ____. A. which is the way to the museum B. why his wife always goes shopping C. what was the way to the museum D. how I could get to the station 2. ---How long have you been studying at this school? --- I have been studying here____. A. since I was thirteen years old B. when I was thirteen C. at the age of thirteen D. after I was thirteen 3.The letter____Tommy received from his company yesterday is very important. A. who B. where C. what D. that 4. —This new model bike _______ Uncle Wang last week. —How beautiful! By the way, what‘s it ________? A. was made by; made of B. was made; made from C. was made to; make up D. made by; made of 5. --- You haven‘t been to the West Lake in Hangzhou, have you? ---______. How I wish to go there! A. Yes, I have B. Yes, I haven‘t C. No, I have D. No, I haven‘t 6._____ the kind people around, he was sent to hospital in time and saved by the doctors. A. Thanks to B. Thanks for C. Because D. Because for 7. My friend, Darren, is coming to visit us. I‘m looking forward ____ him. A. meet B. meeting C. to meet D. to meeting 8. You are too late. The film ______ since half an hour ago. A. has begun B. has been on C. began D。begins

9.I prefer ____a gift to ____ one. A. receive, give B. give, receive C. receiving, give D. giving, receiving 10. Be careful of the dog! It‘s . Keep away from it. A. gentle B. aggressive C. lovely D. interesting 11. The little boy ____ by the big one this morning. A. made cry B. was made cry C. made to cry D. was made to cry 12. Because of Project Hope,_______children have better lives. A.thousand B.thousands C.thousand of D.thousands of 13. We need friends to ____, or we will feel ____. A. chat, alone B. chat with, lonely C. speak, lonely D. talk with, alone 14. --you the cat?---Yes, I have. ---When you it? ---Ten minutes ago. A. Did, feed; did, feed B. Have, fed; have, fed C. Did, feed; have, fed D. Have, fed; did, feed
15. —Listen ! Helen is singing in the next room.—It _______ be Helen. She has gone to Beijing. A. can‘t B. mustn‘t C. may D. should

一、单项选择(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,计 15 分) ( ) 1. ---Mum, what shall we have for____ dinner ? --- Dumplings. --- Oh, what ____ wonderful dinner! I enjoy it very much. A. the; / B. a; the C. /; a D. a; a ) 2. Some of the stickers are mine, while the rest belong to _________. A. him and her B. his and her C. his and hers D. him and hers ) 3. We‘ll have a ______holiday and we‘d better _______back to our hometown. A. three-month; go B. three-months; go C. three-months; to go D. three-months‘; to go ) 4. ---- He‘s never been to America, ____? ----___. He went there two years ago. A has he; No B hasn‘t he; Yes C has he; Yes D is he; No. ) 5. He is ____to pass the exam______ A. careful enough; successfully B. carefully enough; successfully C. enough careful; successful D. enough carefully; successfully ) 6. ---Will you watch the World Cup match this year? ---No, but I ______ several World Cup matches since I was a small child. A. had watched B. watch C. was watching D. have watched ) 7. If you have difficulty a design, wearing makes it easier for you to take action. A. make ; red B. make; white C. making; white D. making; red ) 8. ---What will you show to me , Lilly? ---Oh, some photos _______ in Japan. A. take B. were taken C. are taken D. taken ) 9. _______you have tried it,you can‘t imagine how pleasant it is. A. Unless B. Because C. Although D. When )10.I_________my office until my work__________. A. won‘t leave;is finished B. won’t leave;finish C. will leave;is finished D .will leave;will be finished ) 11 . Not only the twins but also their father _______ apples very much. A. like B. likes C. is like D. are like ) 12. ---Why didn‘t Alice come to the party last night? ---I don‘t know ______. A. why didn‘t she B. why she didn‘t C. why did she D. why she did ) 13. It is ___ easy work that we can finish it in a short time. A. so B. such C. so an D. such an ) 14. ---Have you heard of the earthquake in Yushu ? --- Sorry, but what did you say? I _______ about something else. A. think. B. thought C. am thinking D. was thinking ) 15. ---I can‘t stop playing computer games. --- For your health, my boy, I‘m afraid you_____. A. can B. may C. must

( (




( ( ( (

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D. have to.

.选择填空,从各题的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. I’m _____ in the _____ film. B. interested, interesting Cinteresting, interested C. listening D. took C. a few D. few D. listening to ) 2. He learnt English by ____________ English songs. A. listen A. spent A. a little A. smoke A. instead of A. hard A. of A. what to B. listen to B. paid C. cost B. little B. smoking B. stead of B. hardly B. by B. how to C. instead for )3. Mary _____ six dollars for the pen. ) 4. There is ______milk in the bottle. Let‘s go to buy some. ) 5. My father gave up ________ at last. C. to smoke D. smokes D. instead by )6. I will eat ice, meat _____ noodles. )7. He _____ has time for concerts, does he? C. already C. in D. ever D. on D. how can I )8. I study English ______ making flashcards. )9. Can you tell me ______ learn a foreign language well. C. what I can )10. It’s very difficult to learn English well, but you can’t _____. A. put it up B. take it up C. look it up D. give it up ) 11. When ______ the car ________? B. was, invented B. ran out C. does, invent D. in, invented ) 12. To buy CDs , I ________ my money. C. ran out of C. are, opening D. run out of D. are opened D. to playing D. doing D. takes off D. was ) 13. Keys _______ used for ______ the doors. ) 14. The boy was seen ______on the sports ground. A. to play A. did A. takes after A. is A. water B. play B. to do B. looks after B. are B. watering C. be watered B. to talk B. exciting, excited C. played C. do C. runs after C. am D.waters C. talking D. talked ) 15. Every day we spend much time __________ our homework. ) 16. He ________ his parents. He is especially like his mother. ) 17. Not only Mary but also I _______ from Canada. ) 18. The trees must _______three times a week. ) 19. All the students stopped ________ when the teacher came in. A. talk A. excited, exciting ) 20. They were _________ when they heard the _______ news. C. excited, excited A. did, invent A. run out A. interested, interested

A. is, opening B. is, opened

一.选择填空 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( A. am will A. speak

从各题的四个选项中选出一个最佳答案 B. was would B. speaking C. were C. spoken would D. was would

) 1. C1. If I ______ you, I _____ go with you. ) 2. He is afraid of __________ English in public. D. speaks ) 3. B8. He is too tired ________ any longer. A. not to walk B. to walk A. stay, go C. walking D. not walking D. staying, going )4. He would rather _______ at home than ______ to the park with Jenny. B. to stay, to go C. stays, goes )5. There is ___________ on this book. Don‘t take it. A. nothing interesting A. million of A. not eat A. So do I. A. stay, go A. Carla‘s A. a B. interesting nothing C. something interesting C. two millions C. not eating D. two millions of D. to not eat )6. There are __________ flowers in the square during National Day. B. millions of B. not to eat B. So I do. )7.The doctor told the fat woman ___________ more food. ) 8. Lily studies English well. __________. C. So am I. D. staying, going C. hers C. an C. rains, will rain C. plenty of C. rains, will rain D. prefer C. few D. many ) 9. He would rather _______ at home than ______ to the park with Jenny. B. to stay, to go C. stays, goes B. Carla B. / B. will rain, rains B. few B. will rain, rains B. enjoy B. much C. love time left. ) 10. This backpack must belong to ________. ( )11. Don’t lie. You are _______ honest boy.

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

) 12. I‘m not sure if it _______ tomorrow, if it _______, I won‘t go fishing. A. rain, rains A. much A. rain, rains A. like A. little ) 13. Anna is outgoing. She has _________ friends. ) 14. I‘m not sure if it _______ tomorrow, if it _______, I won‘t go fishing. ) 15. I _____ singing to dancing . ) 16. Don‘t worry, we have

)17. They were _________ when they heard the _______ news. A. excited, exciting B. exciting, excited C. excited, excited )18. The teacher told the students _____in class. B. don‘t talk C. didn‘t talk B. was; built B. whom D. not to talk —In 1935. D. is; built D. which C. does; build C. whose ) 21. —When _______ this stone bridge______ ? ) 22. This is the doctor _____ saved the baby‘s life. A. who

A. not

A. did; build

选择填空 1.—Tom,Is this your dictionary? __No. it‘s not__. I t‘s David‘s A, yours B, mine C his D hers 2.--Do you like M ary‘s new hat? -Yes, very much.I ?ll buy__ for myself next week. A, it B one Ca D the other 3.I really want to have a___. I feel tired after such a long walk. A, rest B talk C swim D look 4. --Sorry, Mr, Green. I __ my English book at home. --That‘s OK. But don‘t forget next time A forgot B brought C left D kept 5 --Could I borrow your dictionary? --O f course you__ A can B must C should D will 6-- Dad,___ is your MP 3? --I put it in your desk A what B how C whose D,where 7--Do you exercise. John? --No.___, I don‘t like sports at all A never B often C usually D always 8 I don‘t like this kind of TV show because they‘re__ A boring B wonderful C interesting D beautiful 9 Welcome to our hotel. I t‘s __ in the city A good B better C best D the best 10 Kate didn‘;t go to the movie last night because she had to__ her sick dog at home A look at B look on C look for D look after 11 Wake up, Nick, I t‘s time to __. Or you will be late for school. A get up B get back C get away D get on 12,We travelled all night to London and got there__ Sunday night A for B on C at D to 13 We have been good friends__we, joined the same ping-pong team A after B before C since D until 14--It‘s a bit cold,Would you mind my __ all the windows? -- Do as you like A close B will close C closing D to close4 15 --Can you sere__? --No, Let‘s go and have a look., Maybe we can help them A what was going on there B what are they doing there C what were they doing there D what is going on there

词汇 用括号内所给词的适当形式填空 1. You should pay more attention to your____________(pronounce) 2. The woman was too _____________ (excite) to say nothing. 3. Everyone wants to be a good language__________ (learn) 4. How many magazines __________________ (can borrow)in your library every time? 5. Tim likes _________ (chat) with his friends on the Internet. 6.____________ (fortunate), I got the first place in the English competition. 7. I can‘t afford________ (buy) such an expensive bicycle. 8. Jim‘ mother‘s love helped him ________ (feel) good about himself. 9. My life __________________ (change) in the last few yeas. 10. We‘ll go to the park if it ________ (not rain) tomorrow. 根据汉语意思提示补全单词。 11. Here are some things they ?re learned from ______ (科学的) studies . 12.Some advertising can be ____________(误解)and confusing. 13The foreigners like to watch the v__________ (村民)do their activities in the mountain village. 14.In modern _________( 社会) ,science technology has developed rapidly. 15. Thanks to the (政府), thousands of people in Wenchun have moved into their new houses.. 用括号中所给动词的适当形式填空。 16 There‘s no reason _________(come) to school late today. 17. I _________already _________ (finish) my homework, so I can play now. 18.Email English is a new kind of ________(write)English in the modern world. 19. Many man-made satellites _____________ (send) up into space so far. 20. It's my turn ______(clean)the classroom
21 om __________(重) fifty kilos last year but now he is fatter than before. 22 在过去的几年里,他的变化很大。 He ______ _______ ______ ______ in the last few years. 23 Fred 害怕乘飞机,在他上飞机前他感到紧张。

Fred is ______ _____flying, He _______ _______before he gets on the plane. 24 目前,中学生应该专注于他们的学习。 ______ _________,Students should _________ _____ their studies. 25 为什么不加入英语俱乐部去练习说英语。 Why ______ _______ an English club to ______ _______English. 26 不要考虑太多,它会使你有压力。 Don‘t ______ ______ things so much. It will make you ____ ______.

08第八讲 离散傅里叶级数(DFS)_图文.ppt
ω k 一个周期序列的DFS系数等于主 值区序列的傅里叶变换的采样 第3章 离散傅里叶变换 2.3 离散傅里叶级数(DFS)的性质 离散傅里叶级数( )由于可以用采样...
去香港购物,化妆品一定必不可少,在犹豫去香港买什么护肤品的时候,不妨考虑 SKII 吧, 而且我发现无论是机场还是奥特莱斯店,或者市内 DFS 免税店,SKII 价格都是...
dfs工具使用方法 - 1、 打开手机,去拨号盘里输入 “ *#*#284657
WIFI DFS测试介绍.txt
WIFI DFS测试介绍 - 目前, 北美、欧洲、加拿大、澳大利亚、日本以及韩国都已对 DFS 进行了强制要求, 不能通过 DFS 测试的5GHz设 备( 例如 802.11a、802.11n ...
DFS算法:遍历任意两点之间的所有路径并输出_工学_高等教育_教育专区。DFS算法求两点之间所有路径并显示 DFS 算法:遍历任意两点之间的所有路径并输出代码大部分都是从...
EN 301893动态频率选择技术(DFS)测试简介_图文.doc
EN 301893动态频率选择技术(DFS)测试简介 - ETSI EN 301 893 率技(DFS)介(上) 1、背景 如今很多通品如路由器,使用到 5GHz...
2. DTFT 产生连续频谱,频谱在所有的频率处都有值,因 而非周期信号的幅度和相位频谱是光滑无间断的曲线 DFS 仅有 N 点的频谱,仅包含有限个频率,因而周期 信号...
数字信号FS FT DFS DTFT DFT的联系和区别.doc
数字信号FS FT DFS DTFT DFT的联系和区别 - 对于初学数字信号(
FS,FT,DFS,DTFT,DFT,FFT的联系和区别 - FS,FT,DFS,DTFT,DFT,FFT 的联系和区别 , , , , , 对于初学数字信号处理(DSP)的人来说,这几种变换是...
DFS - 数字信号处理 (Digital Signal Processing)
DFS与OS和PFS区别_预防医学_医药卫生_专业资料。生存分析 无病生存期(Disease-free survival,DFS)的定义是指从随机化开始至疾病复发或由于 疾病进展导致患者死亡的...
第三章1 DFS--离散傅里叶级数_图文.pdf
(Ωs=2π/Ts) 离散(Ω0=2π/T0) 6 离散时间傅里叶变换 离散(Ts) DTFT 非周期 离散傅里叶级数 DFS 离散(Ts) 周期(T0) 3.1 问题的提出:傅里叶变换的...
FASTDFS文件服务器架构方案 - 文件服务器架构方案 摘要 ? 分布式文件系统的使命 FastDFS如何应对 FastDFS基础应用 总结:优缺点 其他文件系统的对比 ? ? ? ?...
配置过程 2.1 创建新的命名空间在 Server1 上打开 DFS 管理工具,
5G Wi-Fi产品动态频率选择DFS功能介绍.pdf
5G Wi-Fi产品动态频率选择DFS功能介绍_信息与通信_工程科技_专业资料。5G WLAN产品强制性认证测试中,一个无法回避的问题就是动态频率选择DFS的测试,本文拟就DFS的...
基于DFS的企业信息资源共享平台的设计与研究 - 基于 DFS 的企业信息资源共
(3)2017 年亚太地区免税店各渠道销售情况分析 88 5.2 国际领先免税店运营商经营分析 89 5.2.1DFS 环球免税集团 89 (1)公司简介 89 (2)公司免税店分布情况...
DFS 环球免税店 在香港特别值得购物的地点当属免税店啦。DFS 环球免税店位于
DFS部署方案_互联网_IT/计算机_专业资料。DFS(分布式文件系统)部署方案一.DFS 介绍分布式文件系统(DFS 分布式文件系统 (DFS) 命名空间和 DFS 复制提供了对文件、 ...
建立分布式文件系统(DFS)时,出现错误的解决办法 我的 2003AD(R2)主域服务器上建立分布式文件系统 (DFS)时,到最后提示以下错误 ---在服务器.xxxx.com 上创建 ...