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2014 高考英语(新人教版)一轮阅读训练(2)附答案
课时作业(二) [必修 1 Unit 2 English around the world] (限时:35 分钟) . One day all the employees of a very famous company reached their office and all saw a big sign on the main door which said this: "Yesterday, the __1__who has been hindering (阻碍) your growth in this company _.We invite you to join the funeral in the room that has been In the beginning, they all got they started getting 4 3 in the gym." 2

for the death of one, of their colleagues, but after a while

5 to know who was that person that hindered the __6__of their colleagues

and the company itself? The 7 in the gym was such that security agents were ordered to control the crowd 8

the room. more people 9 The

the coffin (棺材), the more the excitement heated up. Everyone

thought, " _10_ is it that was hindering my p rogress?" One by one the intrigued(引起好奇心的) employees got closer to the coffin, and when they looked inside it, they 11 became speechless. 12 , as if someone had 14

They all got to stand near the coffin, and felt shocked and touched the deepest part of their

13 .There was a mirror inside the coffin: everyone who :

it could se e themselves! There was also a sign next to the mirror that 15 "There is only one person who is capable of setting 16

to your growth and IT IS YOU!"

Your life does not 17 when your boss changes, when your friends change, when your parents change, when your husband or wife changes… No, your life changes when YOU change, when you Examine yourself, watch yourself. Don't be, afraid of a winner; build yourself and your reality. difference. 1.A.person 2.A.died away 3.A.protected 4.A.happy B.boss B.died out B.prevented B.sad C.sign C.passed away C.proved C.joyful D.funeral D. passed, out D.prepared D.grateful
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18 19

your limiting beliefs inside. , impossibilities and losses. Be


, it's the way you face life itself that makes the

5.A.calm 6.A.growth 7.A.way 8.A.within 9.A.bought 10.A.What 11.A.carefully 12.A.in silence 13.A.hand 14.A.put outside 15.A.talked 16.A.deadlines 17.A.calculate 18.A.go beyond 19.A.acquaintances 20.A.Forget

B.curious B.width B.meaning B.without B.sold B.Which B.actually B.in return B.soul B.put inside B.spoke. B.demands B.cancel B.go together B.difficulties B.Follow

C.conscious C.faith C.excitement C.about C.reached C.Where C.suddenly C.in heed C.mouth C.looked outside C.said C.limits C.communicate C.go without C.advantages C.Remember

D.convenient D.strength D. disappointment D.around D. touched D.Who D.madly D.in order D.face D.looked inside D.told D.lacks D.change D.go towards D.bargains D.Obey

【答案与解析】这是一篇夹叙夹议的文章。文章通过让人们去参加一个葬礼,告诉人们一个 道理:阻碍自己进步的人不是别人,正是自己,要超越自我,战胜自我,就战胜了困难。 1. A 考查语境题。句意:在公司一直阻拦你的人昨天去世了。Person 符合题意。 2. C 考查动词短语辨析。die away“渐息;减弱” ;die out“灭绝” ;pass away“去世” ;pass out “昏倒” pass away 符合句意。 。 3. D 考查语境题。句意:我们邀请你们参加已经准备好的葬礼。protect“保护” ;prevent“阻止” ; 和 prove“证明”均不符合句意;prepare“准备”符合句意。 4. B 考查语境题。因为是自己的同事去世,大家一开始都很悲伤。故选 sad。 5. B 考查语境题。从 but 转折词看,大家很好奇想知道到底是谁去世了。curious“好奇的”符合 题意。 6. 【答案)A

考查语境题。 从第二段的 the __1__who has been hindering (阻碍) your growth in this company 2 _看出答案。 7. C 考查语境题。从第四段的 The more people 9 heated up 看出答案。 8. A 考查介词的用法。within the room 意思是“在房间里” 。 9. C 考查语境题。reach the coffin 意思是“到达棺材旁”相当于下文的 get closer to,符合语境。 10. D 考查语境题。句意:到底谁是阻止我进步的人?故选 who。 11. C 考查副词辨析。carefully“仔细地” ;actually“事实上” ;suddenly“突然” ;madly“疯狂地” 。 根据下文的 became speechless 看出,是“突然地”的意思。 12. A 考查语境题。从本句中 felt shocked 看出“大家鸦雀无声” 。in silence “寂静无声;沉默” 符合句意。 13. B 考查语境题。句意:好像有人触摸到他们的灵魂深处。soul“灵魂”符合句意。 14. D 考查语境题。镜子在棺材里面,所以大家是往里面看的。look inside“往里面看”符合题意, 其他三个选项均不符合题意。 15. C 考查语境题。句意:镜子旁还有一块标牌,上面写着:“只有一个人能限制你的发展,那就 是你自己”。 say“写到”符合句意。 16. C 考查语境题。句意:镜子旁还有一块标牌,上面写着:“只有一个人能限制你的发展,那就 是你自己。 ”limit 限制” “ 相当于句文章中的 hinder 符合句意。 deadline “最后期限” demand ; “要求” ;lack“缺乏”均不符合句意。 17. D 考查语境题。从本段的 when your boss changes, when your friends change, when your parents change, when your husband or wife changes…看出答案。 18. A 考查动词短语辨析。go beyond “超越” ;go without “没有..也可以” ;go towards“朝…… 去” go beyond “超越”符合句意。 。 the coffin (棺材),the more the excitement

19. B 考查语境题。difficulties 与 impossibilities and losses 是并列的。 20. C 考查语境题。句意:请记住这就是你面对的有重要影响的生活。remember“记住”符合句 意。

阅读理解 A My dad was never the kind to offer many words of love or encouragement. But we knew he loved us?He just had his own way of showing it.

When I was a teen, we were seasonal campers at a family campground almost an hour outside the city where we lived.Each family had their own campsite with water and electric,and you basically parked your camper there from May through October. Most “seasonals” visited them every weekend during those months, with the occasional weeklong stay. There were plenty of other kids who camped seasonally each weekend, and they came to be some of my closest friends. Of course, many of them were boys. We kids paired up with our little boyfriends or girlfriends,and we'd hold hands as we walked around the campground. We'd play pingpong, have some snacks, and sing songs. Most weekends were pretty similar, but the couples would change. You'd see so- so with a different so- so andandthan they were with the weeken d before. You know how it is when you're a teen—a threeweek relationship is a really long time. So, needless to say, my teen years were spent with quite a few different boys. But every single one of them had something in common?They'd all received the Evil Eye. The Evil Eye was a magical sort of thing. One simple look from my dad, and the boy immediately knew not to mess_with me.It was as if he could send his warnings through invisible laser(激光) beams that shot directly from his eyes to the boys' brains. “You will not put your hands on my daughter?You will not kiss my daughter?You will not even whisper sweet things into my daughter's ear.” I remember one night in particular walking with a boy around the campground after dark. We came from one direction, and my dad from the other. The boy and my dad locked eyes for a brief second, then the boy dropped my hand like a hot potato and turned away, giving me a quick “See you later.” Yes, that's the Evil Eye: best way ever to keep wandering teen boys' hands away from your daughter. 16.The Evil Eye in the passage implies that ________. A.Dad gets angry easily

B.Dad's eyes are evil C.Dad's eyes are uglylooking D.Dad's eyes are protective to his daughter 17. The underlined words “mess with” in Paragraph 5 most probably mean “________” . A.cause trouble for B.make untidy C.get married to D.talk to 18.Which of the following is true according to the passage? A.As teenagers, we went camping every weekend. B.We made lots of friends during the seasonal camping. C.We had regular boyfriends or girlfriends and enjoyed ourselves. D.The boy dropped my hand and turned away because he loved the Evil Eye. 19.It can be inferred from the passage that the author ________. A.is a teenage girl who loves her father B.is a teenage boy who hates his father C.is now an adult who has come to understand her father's love D.used to be a naughty boy who changed girlfriends now and then B If women are mercilessly exploited year after year , they have only themselves to blame.Because they tremble at the thought of being seen in public in clothes that are out of fashion,they are always taken advantage of by the designers and the big stores.Clothes which have been worn only a few times have to be put aside because of the change of fashion.When you come to think of it,only a woman is capable of standing in front of a wardrobe packed full of clothes and announcing sadly that she has nothing to wear. Changing fashions are nothing more than the intentional creation of waste.Many women spend vast sums of money each year to replace clothes that have hardly been worn.Women who can not afford to throw away clothing in this way waste hours of their time altering(改变) the dresses they have.Skirts are lengthened or shortened; necklines are lowered or raised,and so on.
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No one can claim that the fashion industry contributes anything really important to society.Fashion designers are rarely concerned with vital things like warmth,comfort and durability.They are only interested in outward appearance and they take advantage of the fact that women will put up with any amount of discomfort,as long as they look right.There can hardly be a man who hasn't at some time in his life smiled at the sight of a woman shaking in a thin dress on a winter day,or delicately picking her way through deep snow in highheeled shoes. When comparing men and women in the matter of fashion,the conclusions to be drawn are obvious.Do the constantly changing fashions of women's clothes, reflect basic qualities of inconstancy and instability? Men are too clever to let themselves be cheated by fashion designers.Do their unchanging styles of dress reflect basic qualities of stability and reliability? That is for you to decide. 20.Designers and big stores always make money ________. A.by constantly changing the fashions in women's clothing B.by mercilessly exploiting women workers in the clothing industry C.because they are able to predict new fashions for the coming season D.because they attach great importance to the quality of women's clothing

21.To the writer,that women alter their old fashioned dresses is seen as ________. A.a waste of money B.an expression of taste C.a waste of time D.an expression of creativity 22.According to the passage,which of the following statements is true? A.The fashion industry makes an important contribution to society. B.The constant changes in women's clothing reflect their strength of characters. C.Fashion designs should not be encouraged since they are only welcomed by women. D.New fashions in clothing are created for the commercial exploitation of women. 23. saying “the conclusions to be drawn are obvious” the writer means that ________. By , A.women are better able to put up with discomfort B.men are more reasonable in the matter of fashion C.men are also exploited greatly by fashion designers D.women's inconstancy in their choices of clothing is often laughed at Ⅲ.短文填词 People are often worried about going to other countries due to the “language problems” But . as a matter of 24.________, you can still have a great time living 25.a________ without many language skills. Here are some tips. To begin with, take the time to learn a few basic 26.________ (表达) and how to 27.c________ from one to ten. Secondly, open your mouth and say “ahh” before 28.________ (问) the way, as if you were at the doctor's. Follow “ahh” by the name of the place you're going to, 29.l________ “ahh Paris” Lastly, speak simply. Say“Menu, please.”rather . 30.________ “I would like a menu, please.”If your vocabulary is 31.________ (有限), try to communicate by writing. Carry 32.________ and a pen, and get waiters or clerks to write down prices for you. Most importantly, give 33.y________ a chance to use body language.

参考答案 课时作业(二) Ⅱ.A 深沉的父爱不必用言语表达,那令人望而生畏的眼神诠释着父亲对女儿的挚爱。 16.D 推理判断题。结合文章最后三段的内容可推知父亲的眼神对女儿有保护作用。 17.A 词义猜测题。下一句提到作者父亲的目光是在警告男孩,由此可推测其含义是 “给??招惹麻烦”。 18.B 细节理解题。根据第二段最后两句的内容可知他们当时结交了很多朋友。由第 二段第三句可知他们并不是每周末都去野营,故 A 项错误;由第三段第三、四句话可知他 们经常更换朋友,故 C 项错误;由倒数第二段中的“dropped my hand like a hot potato”可知那

个男孩儿害怕 the Evil Eye,故 D 项错误。 19.C 推理判断题。根据第二段开头部分的时间状语 When I was a teen 可知本文是作 者对过去的回忆,再结合最后一段推知作者现在已经是成年人,已经开始理解父亲的爱。再 由第六段的内容可知作者当时是一个小女孩,故选 C 项。 B 女人爱美的天性被时装设计师和商人充分利用, 他们不断推出各种新款服装, 赚足了女 士们的钱, 而女士们为了美丽心甘情愿地被他们剥削。 男士在时装方面则显得比女士更理性。 20.A 推理判断题。第一段提到“因为她们一想到自己穿着过时的衣服出现在公众面 前就不寒而栗,所以总是被服装设计师和大商场利用”,由此判断,这些人利用她们追求衣 着时尚的特点来赚钱,故选 A“通过不断改变女装的时尚”。B“通过无情地盘剥服装加工 行业的女工”; C“因为他们能预测下一个季节的新款式”; D“因为他们注重女装的质量” 都不正确。 21.C 细节理解题。第二段说,女士们如果没钱置办新衣,她们就浪费几个小时的时 间来修改她们现有的服装以追求时尚。由此判断选 C,作者觉得这样做是浪费时间。 22.D 推理判断题。从第三段第一句可知 A 项错误;第三段说,女人为了美愿意忍受 任何的不舒适,而没有提到反映了她们“性格的力量”,故 B 项错误;文章没有提到 C 项 内容。从全文内容可知,作者觉得服装设计师推出各种新款服装的目的是赚钱,是“一年又 一年对女士们进行无情的商业盘剥”,由此判断选 D。 23.B 推理判断题。最后一段说,比较男人和女人对时装的态度就能得出一个明显的 结论,男人很聪明,不会被时装设计师欺骗。从这些叙述可知应选 B,男士在选择服饰方面 比女士更理性。 Ⅲ.24.fact 25.abroad 26.expressions 27.count 28.asking 29.like 30.than 31.limited 32.paper 33.yourself

课后阅读--------A happy discovery


Antique shops exert a peculiar fascination on a great many people. The more expensive kind of antique shop where rare objects are beautifully displayed in glass cases to keep them free from dust is usually a forbidding place. But no one has to muster up courage to enter a less pretentious antique shop. There is always hope that in its labyrinth of musty, dark, disordered rooms a real rarity will be found amongst the piles of assorted junk that litter the floors. No one discovers a rarity by chance. A truly dedicated bargain hunter must have patience, and above all, the ability to recognize the worth of something when he sees it. To do this, he must be at least as knowledgeable as the dealer. Like a scientist bent on making a discovery, he must cherish the hope that one day he will be amply rewarded.

My old friend, Frank Halliday, is just such a person. He has often described to me how he picked up a masterpiece for a mere£50. One Saturday morning, Frank visited an antique shop in my neighbourhood. As he had never been there before, he found a great deal to interest him. The morning passed rapidly and Frank was about to leave when he noticed a large packing-case lying on the floor. The dealer told him that it had just come in, but that he could not be bothere d to open it. Frank begged him to do so and the dealer reluctantly prised it open. The contents were disappointing. Apart from an interesting-looking carved dagger, the box was full of crockery, much of it broken. Frank gently lifted the crockery out of the box and suddenly noticed a miniature painting at the bottom of the packing-case. As its Composition and line reminded him of an Italian painting he knew well, he decided to buy it. Glancing at it briefly, the dealer told him that it was worth£50. Frank co uld hardly conceal his excitement, for he knew that he had made a real discovery. The tiny painting proved to be an unknown masterpiece by Correggio and was worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. 古玩店对许多人来说有一种特殊的魅力。高档一点的古玩店为了防尘,把文物漂亮 地陈列在玻璃柜子里,那里往往令人望而却步。而对不太装腔作势的古玩店,无论是谁 都不用壮着胆子才敢往里进。人们还常常有希望在发霉、阴暗、杂乱无章、迷宫般的店 堂里,从杂乱地摆放在地面上的、一堆堆各式各样的破烂货里找到一件稀世珍品。 无论是谁都不会一下子就发现一件珍品。一个到处找便宜货买的人必须具有耐心, 而且最重要的是看到珍品时要有鉴别珍品的能力。要做到这一点,他至少要像古董商一 样在行。他必须像一个专心致志进行探索的科学家那样抱有这样的希望,即终有一天, 他的努力会取得丰硕的成果。 我的老朋友弗兰克· 哈利戴正是这样一个人。他多次向我详细讲他如何只花 50 英镑 便买到一位名家的杰作。一个星期六的上午,弗兰克去了我家附近的一家古玩店。由于 他从未去过那儿, 结果他发现了许多有趣的东西。 上午很快过去了, 弗兰克正准备离去, 突然看见地板上放着一只体积很大的货箱。古董商告诉他那只货箱刚到不久,但他嫌麻 烦不想把它打开。经弗兰克恳求,古董商才勉强把货箱撬开了。箱内东西令人失望。除 了一柄式样别致、雕有花纹的匕首外,货箱内装满了陶器,而且大部分都已破碎。弗兰 克轻轻地把陶器拿出箱子,突然发现在箱底有一幅微型画,画面构图与线条使他想起了

一幅他所熟悉的意大利画,于是他决定将画买下来。古董商漫不经心看了一眼那幅画, 告诉弗兰克那画值 50 英镑。弗兰克 几乎无法掩饰自己兴奋的心情,因为他明白自己发 现了一件珍品。那幅不大的画原来是柯勒乔的一幅未被发现的杰作,价值几十万英镑。 *****************************************************结束

阅读理解 A A primary school has banned Valentine’s Day cards because of concerns that young pupils spend too much time talking about boyfriends and girlfriends. Ashcombe Primary School in WestonsuperMare, Somerset, has told parents that cards declaring love can be “confusing” for children under the age of 11,who are still emotionally and socially developing. In his February newsletter(简讯), Peter Turner, head teacher, warned that any cards found in school would be confiscated. He wrote,“We do not wish to see any Valentine’s Day cards in school this year.Some children and parents encourage a lot of talks about boyfriends and girlfriends.” “We believe that such ideas should wait until children are mature enough emotionally and socially to understand the commitment involved in having or being a boyfriend or girlfriend.” Mr.Turner said any families wanting to support the Valentine’s Day concept should send cards in the post or del iver them to home addresses by hand. His views were supported by Ruth Rice,46, who has twins Harriet and Olivia,9, the school. at She said,“Children at that age shouldn’t really be thinking about Valentine’s Day,an d they should be concentrating on their schoolwork.” “They are at an age when they are easily influenced and most parents including myself are with Mr.Turner.” She added,“The cards caused too much competition.If someone gets a card and another doesn’t then he or she will be disappointed.” However, Rajeev Takyar,40, who sells newspapers and has two children Jai,11, Aryan,5, and at the school,said he was “genuinely outraged”. He said,“There are schools that have banned conkers (康克戏) and snowballs,and now Valentine’s Day cards.” “I think banning the cards stops children from having social skills.H ow are they going to learn about relationships otherwise?It’s ridiculous.”
[来源:学科网 ZXXK]

Alec Suttenwood,founder of the AntiPolitical Correctness Group,said of the ban,“It’s

totally ridiculous.Young children just send the cards to each other as friends and to their parents.It’s just a bit of harmless fun.There is no difference between this and Mother’s or Father’s Day.” 16.Valentine’s Day cards may cause confusion among young children because________. A.they are too young to understand what love is B.teachers haven’t taught them how to make friends C.children shouldn’t learn about social relationships D.students talk too much about boyfriends and girlfriends 17.The underlined word “confiscated” in Paragraph 3 can probably be replaced by “________”. A.collected C.taken away B.destroyed D.burnt away

18.Ruth Rice was in favor of Mr.Turner’s view in that ________. A.children like to compare Valentine’s Day cards B.children should focus their mind on their lessons C.sending holiday cards wastes both time and money D.making friends has a negative influence on children 19.Which statement is TRUE according to the text? A.Most of English parents want children to have fun. B.Children should learn how to develop social skills. C.English schools don’t allow students to play games. D.Some parents think it unreasonable to ban the cards. 20.What is the best title of the text? A.School Bans Valentine’s Day Cards B.Shall We Send Valentine’s Day Cards? C.Different Opinions on Valentine’s Day Cards D.Parents’ Concern About Valentine’s Day Cards B Children are often far more gifted than what their parents or teachers can realize.IQ tests do not measure creative talents.By depending on them to measure intelligence, therefore, miss out we on the talents of many of our most gifted youngsters.Most children start life with valuable creative potential.Unfortunately,many of them have it knocked out of them,so to speak,by the time they reach the 4th grade.It is not that parents and teachers deliberately

squelch(限制) creativity; rather, or they fail to recognize it.By simply observing the child at work or at play,you may detect creativity,if you look for the following key signs: *Curiosity.The child’s questioning is persistent and purposeful.He is not content with given explanations,and he would rather dig under the surface. *Flexibility.If one approach doesn’t work,the child quickly thinks of another. *Sensitivity to Problem.He is quick to see gaps in information.He is sensitive to contradictions between prior rules and what he hears or reads. *Selffeeling.He has a feeling of being somebody in particular. He is selfmotivated, selfdirected,and can work alone for long periods provided it’s on his own project. *Originality.He has surprising, uncommon, interesting ideas.His drawings and stories have a style that marks them as his own. *Insight.He has easy access to realms(领域) of the mind that noncreative people visit only in their dreams.He toys with ideas that easily come to him. Qualities like these count very little in IQ tests,which measure memory,vocabulary, mathematical ability and general reasoning.These abilities are valuable, the creative child does and usually have them.However,the child with a socalled genius IQ of 180 is in reality no more likely to be a genius than the child with a slightly aboveaverage IQ of 120.In fact,evidence suggests that some children with high IQs may develop memory and logical reasoning powers at the expense of insight,imagination,and adventurous qualities that are essential to geniuses. 21.The main purpose of the passage is to tell us________. A.why IQ tests are not accurate B.to encourage creativity in children C.no to squelch creativity in children D.the difference between intelligence and talents 22.The author believes that IQ tests mainly measure ________. A.creative potential C.intelligence B.talents D.general reasoning

23.The passage doesn’t clearly state but implies that________. A.the education nowadays does not provide much space for creativity B.intelligence makes no contributions to creativity C.signs of creativity in children are hard to detect D.IQ tests are often used to measure children’s talents 24.Which of the following best illustrates a child’s originality? A.He can tell whether a given explanation is convincing or not. B.He can find different ways to solve a problem.

C.He can work on an interesting project with concentration. D.He can draw a picture or tell a story in his own style. 25.According to the passage,children with high IQs ________. A.may lack the qualities essential to geniuses B.will probably turn into geniuses C.are more likely to be geniuses than those with low IQs D.also have qualities essential to geniuses

16.A 17.C 18.B

19.D 20.A 21.B 22.C 23.A 24.D


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2014高考英语基础梳理训练及答案:新人教版必修2Unit2 (2).doc
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2014高考英语基础梳理训练及答案:新人教版必修5Unit1 (2).doc
2014高考英语基础梳理训练答案:新人教版必修5Unit1 (2) - 英语,全册上册下册,期中考试,期末考试,模拟考试,单元 测试检测,单元 练习
2014高考英语基础梳理训练及答案:新人教版必修2Unit1 (2).doc
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2014高考英语一轮复习Unit4Earthquakes阅读理解全方位训练2新人教版必修1 - 2014高考英语一轮复习全方位配套训练人教版必修一 Unit 4 Earthquakes 阅...
2014高考英语基础梳理训练及答案:新人教版必修4Unit2 (2).doc
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2014届高考英语一轮复习 Unit4 Earthquakes阅读理解全....doc
2014高考英语一轮复习 Unit4 Earthquakes阅读理解全方位训练2 新人教版必修1_...third experience with an earthquake was a lonely one in California.可知答案...
2014高考英语基础梳理训练及答案:新人教版必修3Unit2 (2).doc
暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载 2014高考英语基础梳理训练答案:新人教版必修3Unit2 (2)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。英语,全册上册下册,期中考试,期末考试,模拟考试,...
2014高考英语基础梳理训练及答案:新人教版必修5Unit2 (2).doc
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2014高考英语基础梳理训练及答案:新人教版必修1Unit4 (2).doc
2014高考英语基础梳理训练答案:新人教版必修1Unit4 (2) - 英语,全册上册下册,期中考试,期末考试,模拟考试,单元 测试检测,单元 练习
...届高考英语一轮复习训练:Unit 2 Cloning(新人教版选....doc
【收尾精炼】2014高考英语一轮复习训练:Unit 2 Cloning(新人教版选修8) - Unit 2 Ⅰ.单项填空 1.What are those on the___? ...
2014届高考英语一轮复习 Unit2《English around the Wo....doc
2014高考英语一轮复习 Unit2《English around the World》阅读理解全方位训练1 新人教版必修1 - 2014高考英语一轮复习全方位配套训练人教版必修一 Uni...
2014高考英语一轮复习 Unit2 The Olympic Games知能达....doc
暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载 | 举报文档 2014高考英语一轮复习 Unit2 The Olympic Games知能达标训练 新人教版必修2_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 2 Ⅰ.单项填...
2014高考英语基础梳理训练及答案:新人教版必修2Unit4 (2).doc
暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载 2014高考英语基础梳理训练答案:新人教版必修2Unit4 (2)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。英语,全册上册下册,期中考试,期末考试,模拟考试,...
2014高考英语一轮复习教学案新人教版模块1unit2(1) - 2014 高考英语一轮复习教学案新人教版模块 1 Unit2(1) 高考链接 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(...
北京市2014高考英语(新人教版)一轮复习练习手册(36...阅读理解 Ther
...轮复习训练:Book 1 Unit 2 English around the world(新人教版....doc
暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载 | 举报文档 2014高考英语一轮复习训练:Book 1 Unit 2 English around the world(新人教版必修1)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit ...
...届高考英语一轮复习训练:Unit 2 Robots(新人教版选....doc
暂无评价|0人阅读|0次下载 | 举报文档 【收尾精炼】2014高考英语一轮复习训练:Unit 2 Robots(新人教版选修7)_英语_高中教育_教育专区。Unit 2 Ⅰ.单项填空...