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Book 7 Module One I 单词拼写 1. C____________ means somebody who trains a person or team in sports. 2. The game will be broascast l____________. You may watch the game at home. 3.There are four q_____________ in a basketball match. 4. We must r_____________ on our own efforts. Don’t ask others for help. 5. Her novels have gained in _____________(欢迎) with the students over recent years. 6. She is very s______________. She never gives anybody any help. 7. Man can control n_____________. 8. The play was very successful. It was quite a h___________. II 短语单词翻译 1. 一直 __________________ 2. 如果有必要的话______________________ 3. 对…粗鲁____________________ 4. 引起某人注意______________________ 5. 平均为.._____________________ 6. 在…历史上 _______________________ 7. 毫无疑问____________________ 8. 习惯于(某事)____________________ 9. 占有 _______________________ 10. 以..为基础 ______________________ 11.一代人______________________ 12. 复杂的 _________________________ 13. 杰出的 ____________________ 14. 确认,证实_____________________ 15. 道歉 v. ____________________ 16. 挫折 n.._________________________ 17. 抚养,养育 18. III 按括号内的内容改写下列单词 1. rain (形容词)________________ 7.live (现在分词)_______________ 2. dirty (形容词)________________ 8.frighten(形容词)________________ 3. shy (副词)__________________ 9.wound(形容词)________________ 4. die (名词)__________________ 10.friend (形容词)_______________ 5. usual (副词)__________________11. rencent(副词)________________ 6. worry (过去分词)_____________12.advice (动词)________________ IV 用所给词语的正确形式填空 1. For _____________ (vary) reasons, he retired from sports. 2. The composition _______________ (score) with corrections in red ink. 3. He _____________ (apology) to his teacher for being late. 4. Please ______________ (confirm) your telephone message by writing to me. 5. I recognized her ________________ (instant) I saw her. 6. They have ______________(success) in sending every one of the satellites into space. 7. The news filled me with _____________ ( proud). 8. Since ____________ (liberate) Shanghai has changed a lot. 9. A business can’t do well without good ____________.( manage) 10. The __________ soldier had a bad ____________ in his right leg. (wound) 11. English is _____________ used in the world. ( wide) 12. The book is __________and all of use are ___________. ( move) V、用本模块所学词汇完成句子 1. 这部电影是以狄更生的一本小说为基础的。 The film ___________ ____________ ____________ a novel by Dickens. 2. 我完全被那本书吸引了,没有听到你的电话。 I ___________ _____________ ____________ a book and didn’t hear your call. 3. 他们任命他为队伍的教练。

They ____________ him coach of the team. 4. 毫无疑问,姚明是一位杰出的球员。 ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ Yao is an outstanding player. 5. 她挥手来吸引我的注意。 She waved her hand to ____________ ____________ ____________. 6. 警察逮捕了他,并把所有在他家搜到的东西充公。 The police arrested him and ______ _______ ________the things found in his house. 7. 如果有必要的话,这个讨论可以持续到明天。 This discussion can, ____________ ____________ , be continued tomorrow. 8. 他很努力,所以他应该赢。 He works hard, so he ____________ ____________. 9. 我从不习惯晚睡觉的。 I never _________ _________ _________ _________ _________ bed so late. 10. 贝克汉姆决定结婚,实在是太意外了。 David Beckham’s decision to get married was ___________________. 11. 张伯伦是第一个每场比赛得分都超过 50 分的球员。 Chamberlain was the first player to ____________ over 50 points per game. 12. 我为没有及时给你回信向你道歉。 I _______ ________ you _________ _________ _________sooner to your letter. VI 单项选择 1. It is believed that if a book is __________, it will surely ____________ the reader. (2003 年,上海) A. interested, interest B. interesting, be interested C. interested, be interesting D. interesting, interest 2. It was raining heavily. Little Mary felt cold, so she stood ___________ to her mother. A. close B. closely C. closed D. closing 3. ----Should I look up each word I don’t understand? ----- No, turn to your dictionary only _________. A. if necessary B. when necessary C. if you need D. when you are necessary 4. The boy was so ______ in reading that he didn’t hear his father knocking at the door. A. drawn B. absorbed C. valued D talented 5. The company was ______ willing to provide us with what we need, which made us excited. A. more than B. other than C. less than D. rather than 6. Every one of us hoped that he would ________ after a few days’ treatment in the hospital. A. bring up B. grow up C. look up D. pick up 7. _______ is no doubt that today greenhouse gases are the largest human influence on global climate. A. It B. There C. This D. That 8. I go to see a film ________. A. every two weeks B. every third weeks C. each three week D. each three weeks. 9. After all the harm she has done, she ________ whatever she gets. A. costs B. deserves C. appoints D. abtain 10. She has never done anything for them, _______ they have done everything for her. A. when B. as C. whereas D. because 11. We want ot rent a bus which can ______ 40 people for our trip to Beijing. A. load B. hold C. fill D. support 12. We should ________ our arguments on facts. A. basis B. basic C. bases D base 13. He’s seldom absent from school, ________. A. if it ever B. if is ever C. if ever D. ever

14. The _____ of the British pound is less than that 100 years ago. A. worth B. price C. value D. cost 15. The book is _____ to be read twice. A. value B. worth C. worthy D. worthwhile 16. She devoted herself _______ to her research and it earned her a good reputation in her field. A. strongly B. extremely C. entirely D. freely 17. Yao Ming ________ his head during a game. A. harmed B. injured C. wounded D. damaged 18. On the bus I saw a student _______ I thought was your brother. A. who B. whom C. which D. he 19. Joe was born in Now York but _______ in San Francisco. A. bought up B. brought up C. brought away D. brought in 20. Mother ________ us stories when we were young. A. was used to tell B. is used to telling C. used to tell D. used to telling 21. The film star and singer _____ our evening. A. is to attend B. are to attend C. attend D. shall attend 22. There is no doubt _______ John will come on time. A. if B. why C. that D. how 23. With an online course Lynn has over 300, 000 students all over China ____ her class through the Internet. A. attending B. attended C. attend D. are attending 24. --Do you often go to the park? --Yes, I've visited it ________ times. A. score of B. scores of C. three scores of D. many scores 25.You can’t _______possession of the house until all papers have been signed. A.move B.take C.catch D.show 26.After all the harm she has done, she _______ whatever she gets. A.costs B.deserves C.appoints D.obtain 27.Every one of us hoped that he would ______after a few days’ treatment in the hospital. A.bring up B.grow up C.look up D.pick up 28. ______ yourself still while I take your photograph. A. Stand B. Sit C. Hold D.Remain 29. The programme is being broadcast ______. A.lively B. live C.lovely D. living 30. The _____ family in Chinese cities spends more money on housing than before. A. normal B.average C. usual D. general 31. Cats catch mice by ______. A.character B. quality C.nature D. origin 32. By law,when one makes a large purchase, he should have ____opportunity to change his mind. A.accurate B.urgent C. excessive D. adequate 33.This kind of tennis racket is very popular with sportsmen, because it can _____ the shock of the moving ball very well.. A. absorb B. attract C. abtain D. join 34. He’s been ____ to the State Supreme Court in California. A. determined B. appointed C. admitted D. assumed 35.After the graduation from that famous medicine school, he has ____ a qualified doctor. A.gone up B. grown up C. taken up D. grown into 36. Mary has been working hard at English learning . She is a good English learner _____.

A. in doubt B. with doubt C. without doubt D. not doubt 37. Professor Wang always has a strange way of making his class ____ and interesting. A. living B. lively C. alive D. live 38. Don’t all speak together. One ____, please. A. in time B. on time C. at a time D.at one time 39. It’s time that you _____. A. got up B. get up C. will get up D. have got up 40. --- Does the new rule of the library work? --- Yes , few books are stolen, _____. A. if some B. of any C. if many D. if few 41. Much attention should be paid to ____ people destroying the tropical rain forest. A. stop B. stopping C. keep D. keeping 42. His attention was ____ on the computer and didn’t notice my coming. A. paid B. drawn C. fixed D. caught 43. When asked, she _____ that she was going to retire. A. suspected B. allocated C. confirmed D. obtained 44. Victor apologized for ___ to inform me of the change in the plan. A. his being not able B. him not to be able C. his not being able D. him to be not able 45. Speaking of all the songs he has written, I think this is probably his ____ one. A. better-known B. well-known C. best-known D. most-known 46. My grandfather is always thinking for other. In another word, he is always ____. A. modest B. cautious C. considerate D. considerable 47. The supply is not ____ to the demand. A. adequate B. important C. necessary D. complicated VII 完形填空 The sun was shining when I got on No. 151 bus. We passengers sat in heavy clothes. No one spoke. That's one of the 36____ rules. 37____ we see the same faces every day, we prefer to 38____ behind our newspapers. People who sit so close together are using those thin sheets of newsprint to keep their 39____. As the bus came near the Mile, a 40____ suddenly rang out," 41____ ! This is your driver speaking." We looked at the back of the driver's head. "Put your papers down. All of you." The 42____ came down. "Now , turn and face the person next to you. Go 43____ ." Surprisingly we all did it. Still no one smiled. I faced an older woman, her___ head wrapped in a red scarf. I saw her 44___ every day. Our eyes met. We waited for the next 45___ from the driver. "Now repeat after me. Good morning, neighbour!" Our voices were 46___ . For many of us, these were the 47___ words we had spoken that day. But we said them together, like 48 , to the strangers beside us. We couldn't help 49____ . There was the feeling of relief (解脱) that we were not being robbed. Moreover, there was the sense of ice being 50____ . "Good morning, neighbour. " It was not so 51___ after all. The bus driver said nothing more. He didn't 52____ to. Not a single newspaper went back up. I heard laughter, a warm sound I had never heard before in 53 ____. When I reached my stop, I said 54___ to my seatmate, and then jumped off the bus. That day I was 55____ off happily. 36. A. unwritten B. strict C. bus D. city 37. A. As B. Because C. When D. Although 38. A. read B. sit C. talk D. hide 39. A. ways B. methods C. respect D. distance 40. A. message B. warning C. suggestion D. voice

41. A. Attention B. Minding 42. A. papers B. passengers 43. A. on B. round 44. A. still B. nearly 45. A. turn B. talk 46. A. loud B. neat 47. A. first B. last 48. A. passengers B. citizens 49. A. shouting B. crying 50. A. formed B. heated 51. A. sad B. hard 52. A. need B. want 53. A. my like B. bus No. 151 54. A. good morning B. good-bye 55. A. starting B. seeing VII 阅读理解:

C. Help C. driver C. ahead C. even C. order C. slow C. best C. patients C. smiling C. broken C. ordinary C. like C. public C. hello C. taking

D. Listen D. tears D. down D. hardly D. remark D. weak D. only D. schoolchildren D. wondering D. frozen D. shy D. begin D. other words D. thanks D. turning

A The Chinese invented paper in A.D.105. they mixed the bark (树皮) of trees and rags (破布) with water, put a screen (滤网) into the mixture, and took out a thin piece of wet paper. They dried the paper in the sun. The Chinese kept their secret of how to make paper until a war with Muslims(穆斯林) in the ninth century. The method of paper making soon went around all over the Muslims world. The Mayan Indians in central America and Pacific islanders also discovered how to make paper, but their knowledge never got to the rest of the world. For centuries, all paper was made by hand. Rags were the main material. Then a French scientist discovered that people could make paper from wood too. Finally, in the eighteenth century, a French man invented a machine to make paper from wood. 1. Paper couldn’t be formed without ______ in the old way of making paper. A. the sun B. machines C. a screen D. scientist 2. From the passage we can learn that ________. A. paper can’t be made without barks of trees, or rags and water B. all the first inventors tried to keep paper-making method a secret C. paper made by hand is better than that made by machine D. French people made paper in the same way as the Chinese 3. What is the most important to have made it possible for paper making industry to develop so quickly in the past few years? A. New factories B. New materials C. Modern machines D. Modern science 4. The paper-making method was introduced into the rest of the world from China ________. A. through wars B. by the Muslims C. in a secret way D. just 2000 years ago 5. The best title for the passage should be ________. A. The Invention of Paper B. How to Make Paper C. What Is Paper Made From D. The History of Paper-Making B Larry Bird was born in 1965 in a small town in the middle western State of Indiana. He was tall and always good at playing basketball. He attended Indiana State University. Bird led the team into the College Basketball Championship Game. After completing his college studies, Larry Bird began playing professional basketball for the Boston Celtics

(波士顿凯尔特人队). He remained with the Celtics for all his professional career. During those 13 years, Larry Bird was named the Must Valuable Player of the Year three times. He scored more than 21 000 points and he played in 13 of the highest scoring games in his team’s history. Once he scored 60 points in just one game. During his very successful basketball career, Larry Bird suffered a number of injuries. In 1989, he stopped playing because of pain in his feet. He returned in 1990, but the pain in his feet returned, too. In the next tow years he experienced more medical problems, and he missed many games. Larry Bird did play on the Dream Team – the first Olympic Team with professional players. However, after winning the gold medal in Barcelona, he announced that he would retire from professional basketball. Larry Bird said he would have liked to play a little longer, but he could not because of his health problems. He also said it was a good time to leave the game. He wanted to be remembered as a winner. 6. The main idea of the second paragraph is that Larry Bird __________. A. was named the Most Valuable Player of the Year B. was strong and tall C. was good at shooting baskets D. was the oldest player of the team 7. The underlined word “ score’ in the second paragraph means __________. A. lost B. got C. made D. wrote 8. Which of the following statements is Not true? A. Larry Bird began his career soon after his graduation from the college B. He lost interest in play basketball after he retire C. Though he left the team, he didn’t feel too much regret D. He thought it a right decision to leave the team 9.What team did Larry Bird join during his professional career? A. The Dream Team B. The Indiana State university Team C. The Boston Celtics D. An unknown team VIII 改错 Last Sunday morning Mr. Wang left home early go fishing. Very soon he got to a river. He sat on the bank or began to fish. But he was unlucky. When sun was setting he still didn’t catch any fish, and they felt very disappointed. Oh his way home, he thought of that his wife might laugh at him because he hadn’t caught any fish. How to save face? He became very worrying. Suddenly he got an idea. He immediately run to the fish market and bought two big fish. Then he hurried home happy, thinking that his wife would praise him of getting the big fish. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85.

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