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大学英语综合教程课件 unit5_图文

Unit Five
? The Real Truth about Lies


Randy Fitzgerald

Pre-reading Questions:放映lie to me 第一集
? Can we survive without lying? Why or why not? ? Have you ever told a lie? Could you tell us a lie which you have told? ? On what occasion would people tell a white lie? What’s the function of a white lie ? What is the distinction between a white lie and a harmful lie? What are the possible effects of the so-called white lies? ? Is there any difference between white lies made by women and ones made by men?

? 志愿参军,作为志愿者(for) ? He volunteered for guard duty.他自告奋勇 去站岗。 ? 主动说出 ? He volunteered a statement to the police. ? “It’s not my car, it’s my father’s,” she volunteered.

? v. 自愿去做,主动请求去做 ? We all volunteered to paint the house. ? A number of university students have volunteered to drive buses while the strike lasts. ? The doctor who had volunteered to settle down in the poor village became the chief fable of the villagers.

? n. 志愿者 ? We want some volunteers to help paint the house. ? a.由志愿者组成的,或志愿者做的 ? He said his brothers were all volunteer firefighters. ? In this summer he wants to be a volunteer tutoring.

Words and Expressions
Profess:声称;自称,伪称,妄称 SYNONYM 同义词:allege, claim, make out, pretend, purport ? he had professed his love for her only to walk away without a backward glance. ? 他自称爱她,却也不回头看一眼就走掉 ? I don‘t profess to be an expert.我不敢妄称自己 是个专家。 ? He professed himself amazed at the boy's ability. ? 他承认自己对那男孩的能力感到吃惊。

? a people professing Christianity.宣称信仰 基督教的民族。 ? She entered St Margaret's Convent, and was professed in 1943.她进了圣马格丽特修道 院,并于1943年宣誓加修会。

旧或幽默)以教授身份教(某科 目);传授
? a professor—what does he profess?. ? profess chemistry

? Bullets riddled the bar top, glasses shattered, bottles exploded.子弹把酒吧柜台打得满 是窟窿,杯子粉碎,瓶子爆裂。 ? The window was shattered by a stone. ? 窗子被一块石头砸碎。

? ? ? ? ? ? The crisis will shatter their confidence. 危机会动摇他们的信心。 shatter sb.'s fond dream 打破某人的迷梦 an event that completely shattered her life 彻底毁了她一生的事情

? Everyone was shattered by the news.听到这 个消息,大家都十分震惊。 ? He found it a shattering experience. ? 他觉得那是一次令他极为震惊的经历。 ? We were shattered to hear of her sudden death. ? 听到她突然死亡的消息我们十分震惊。

? I usually feel too shattered to do more than crawl into bed. ? 我通常疲惫得只有力气爬上床睡觉。

? We are totally supportive of this idea. ? 我们完全支持这个想法。 ? The staff are extremely supportive of each other. ? strongly supportive of the government’s approach 强烈支持政府的措施

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


She knew that her efforts to feign cheerfulness weren’t convincing. 她明白自己强作欢颜是瞒不了谁的。 She feigned nervousness. 她故作紧张。 冒充 He feigned authorship of a novel. 模仿,为了欺骗而模仿 He is good at feigning his teacher’s voice. 捏造 She liked to feign an excuse. 虚构 The writer feigns many a myth.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Adj. 多余的 Few people had spare cash for inessentials. 暂时空闲的 a spare seat. 瘦削的 spare, bearded figure. 简洁 Her clothes are smart and spare in style.

? 把(某人手头上充裕的东西)让给;借 给 ? She asked if I could spare her a bob or two. ? 抽出时间 ? I'm sure you can spare me a moment. ? 使不受伤害 ? There was no way the men would spare her.

? 使免遭;解除 ? The country had until now been spared the violence occurring elsewhere.

? spare someone‘s blushes不以过分的话使某人 难为情 ? spare no expense不惜任何代价 ? spare the rod and spoil the child孩子不打不成器 ? spare a thought for记得 ? spare a thought for our volunteer group at Christmas. ? 圣诞节别忘了我们的志愿者组织。

? spare sb.'s feelings不使某人难过[难堪] ? She never spares the butter when baking. ? Please spare me your opinions, just tell me the facts. ? He does not spare himself.他对自已要求很 严。 ? He did the work to spare you the trouble.

Deception, fraud, trickery, deceit
? deception指“任何形式的欺骗”,也指 “一种行动, 它给人一错误的观念, 但并 不一定有欺诈的目的” ? fraud指“精心策划, 以骗取某人的财物、 权利等”, ? trickery 小骗术,花招,伎俩 ? deceit 谎言,欺诈行为,

preoccupation使人全神贯注的事物; 使人入神的事物
? Their main preoccupation was how to feed their families. ? He always takes his preoccupation with the educational cause. ? his growing preoccupation with death

? speak or act in an evasive way ? 支吾,搪塞,推诿,含糊其辞 ? He seemed to prevaricate when journalists asked pointed questions.

? n.学院,教育机构,特别是为了创收技术科目 而设立的 ? He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ? 组织,学会 ? He is the president of the cancer research institute. ? 学院所在的建筑 ? Some institutes of Wuhan University are very old. ? 讲习班,短训班 ? Now many children attend summer institute.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

习惯用语 农业信用机关agricultural credit institute 航空学院aviation institute 函授学院correspondence institute 戏剧学院drama institute 工学院engineering institute 海运学院mercantile marine institute 矿业学院mining institute 石油学院petroleum institute 体育学院physical culture institute

? ? ? ? ? ? 制度,习俗 He studied the institutions of marriage and the family. The economic institution of this country is very special. 与某一指定地方位置或作用有长期关系的人 That old man in the park is a regular institution. 机构,一个已成立的组织或基金,特别是指为教育, 公共服务或文化的目的而设立的 ? We should develop greatly academic institution ? 收容所,养老院 ? I could never put my mother into an institution.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? Accounting ethics会计道德 Business ethics商业道德 Economic ethics经济伦理 Legal ethics法的伦理学 Medical ethics医学伦理学,医德 Professional ethics职业道德 a. ethical 伦理的,合乎道德的

Admit vt.
? 承认,确认是真实的 ? She admitted stealing the bicycle. ? I must admit it’s more difficult than I had thought it would be. ? John has admitted breaking the window. ? 准许入场 ? A ticket that admits the whole group ? He was admitted to hospital suffering from burns. ? 许可,允许行使…的权利 ? He was admitted to the bar association. ? The rules and regulation admit of no other explanation. ? The cinema admits about 2000 people.

? Admit of容许有,有…可能;容有…的余 地 ? Admit sb. to (into)接纳某人进入…;吸收 某人参加… ? Be admitted to bail准许保释 ? Be admitted to the bar取得律师资格 ? Admitting that…虽说,即使

Admit acknowledge


? Admit通常指因外界压力良心或判断而承认某 事的存在或真实性。含“不情愿”之意 ? I admit that she is right. ? Acknowledge指“公开承认”,常用于过去隐 瞒或否认之事 ? With so much evidence against him, he had to acknowledge his error. ? Confess着重承认自己的过错或罪恶,有忏悔坦 白之意 ? He has confessed his crime.

Specialize in
? 专攻,专门研究 ? That doctor specializes in children’s illness. ? This travel firm specializes in charter flights.(包机业务)

? ? ? ? 使…旋转 She got up and spun a little turn. The rear wheels spun violently. The figures were enough to make her head spin.

? The explorer spun many fantastic tales about his adventures in the primeval forests. ? His grandmother spun him a yarn at the fire.

? spin something out尽可能地拖长…的时间, 消磨,打发(时间) ? They seem keen to spin out the debate through their speeches and interventions. ? Shane and Mary played games to spin out the afternoon.

? 小谎,无关紧要的谎话 ? “I told a fib about my age, ” little Tom said. ? Why did you tell him such a dreadful fib?.

Intense intensive a.
? ? ? ? Intense 强烈的 The intense sun of tropics is unendurable. Intensive强烈的 密集的 Many students don’t like intensive training.

? 两个词意思上有相当程度的交叉。当用 来描述人的感情或活动时, intense通常 指由内在倾向而来的力量或专心,它特 别适于用来描写感情状态。

Invariably ad.
? 总是 ? It invariably rains when I go there. ? Invariably I ‘m behind you.

Blurt 脱口说出,冲口说出
? She wouldn't blurt out words she did not mean. ? ‘It wasn't my idea,’ Gordon blurted. ? He blurted out the truth, that he committed the crime.

Suspect doubt vt.
? ? ? ? ? Suspect 猜想为真 I suspect they are very disappointed. The police suspect her of murder. Doubt对…拿不准,对…怀疑,不相信 A few people began to doubt some accepted doctrines. ? I doubt that they’ll arrive on time. ? He doubts politicians when they make sweeping statements.(含糊不清的声明)

? n.恭维;赞美问候;(尤指通过信表示的)致 意 ? She paid me an enormous compliment. ? my compliments on your cooking ? Carry my compliments to your kinsmen. ? Your presence is a great compliment. ? A sincere compliment boosts one's morale. ? 由衷的称赞可鼓舞一个人的精神。

v.祝贺;恭维,赞美向…赠送(某 物)以示礼貌
? He complimented Erika on her appearance. ? complimenting the other team's good play. ? Prince George expected to be complimented with a seat in the royal coach. ? 乔治王子期望在皇家马车中获得一个座 位的礼遇。

? compliments of the season谨致节日的祝贺(用 作圣诞、新年时的贺词) ? pay one‘s compliments问候,致意 ? with someone's compliments …敬赠,免费赠送 (用于表示所给之物系赠品) ? All drinks will be supplied with our compliments. ? 所有饮料将由我们免费供应。 ? A free sample is enclosed with the compliments of the manufacturer. ? 内附厂方敬赠的免费样品。

? 补足物,补足整体所需要的量或数字 ? These shelves are full of complement of books.(这些是装满补充) ? 补语 ? vt. Serve as a complement to ? Roses in a silver bowl complement the handsome cherry table.

Lubricate-lubricant润滑剂-(用作) 润滑的;减少磨擦的lubricated喝 醉了的
? ? ? ? vt.加油润滑 Gear must be properly lubricated (喻)使(进程)顺畅,促进 The availability of credit lubricated the channels of trade. ? 喻)灌…酒;以酒为…增兴 ? Men lubricated with alcohol speak their true feelings.

? Verb ? 纠结 ? The broom somehow got tangled up in my long skirt. ? (非正式)和…发生冲突,和…发生纠纷 ? they usually come a cropper when they tangle with the heavy mobs. ? 他们和大群流氓打架的时候常常以惨败告终。

? ? ? ?

Noun 缠结 混乱的局面 a tangle of golden hair We employed a lawyer to straighten our legal tangle. ? 我们雇了一位律师把法律纠纷理出头绪。 ? traffic tangles ? His mind was in a tangle.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? (表面,物体)滑的;致使打滑的 slippery ice. Her hand was slippery with sweat. (人)油滑的,不老实的;靠不住的 Martin's a slippery customer (词语,概念)含糊的;难以捉摸的 The word ‘intended’ is a decidedly slippery one.

slippery slope
? an idea or course of action which will lead to something unacceptable, wrong, or disastrous ? 会导致错误(或灾难)或会遭拒的)观 点(或行为) ? he is on the slippery slope towards a life of crime. ? 他正在滑向罪恶人生。

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? be in general wear (服装等)时髦的; 流行的; 时兴的 Better wear out than rust out. 与其锈掉不如用坏; 与其闲死, 不如忙死 wear and tear 耗损, 磨损; 折磨 wear away 磨损, (时间)消逝

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

wear down 磨损, 使衰弱, 疲惫不堪 wear off 磨损[灭]; 损耗; 逐渐消失 wear on (时间)慢慢过去 (以同样方式)继续下去 使恼火, 使烦躁不安。

? 使)变粗糙 ? Her hands were coarsened by outside work. ? His facial features appeared to coarsen with age. ? 使)变粗鲁;(使)变粗俗;(使)变 讨厌 ? The voice coarsened.

? ? ? ? ? ? 感知能力;认识能力 the normal limits to human perception. 感知,感觉;察觉 the perception of pain. 观念,认识;看法,印象 Hollywood's perception of the tastes of the American public ? we need to challenge many popular perceptions of old age. ? 我们需要质疑许多对老年人的普遍看法。

? 尤指因为热或潮湿)(使)弯曲;(使) 变形 ? Wood has a tendency to warp. ? 使不正常;使有偏见 ? Your judgment has been warped by your obvious dislike of him.

? ? ? ? ?

Noun 变形;扭曲 the head of the racket had a curious warp. 喻)(性格)乖戾 (小说中或假想的空间旅行)靠扭曲时空实现 的,穿越时空的 ? the craft possessed warp drive. ? 这艘飞船具有扭曲飞行的功能。

Think highly/well/ little/poorly etc. of
? To have a good/bad opinion of someone or something

Cover up
? To prevent from being noticed or becoming publicly known ? He tried to cover up his nervousness. ? The newspapers printed the story before the government could cover it up.

? 激增; (迅速)繁殖; 增生 ? Rabbits proliferate when they have plenty of food. ? The Mediterranean faces an ecological disaster if the seaweed continues to proliferate at its present rate. ? 扩散 ? Influenza proliferated throughout the country.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? 开始减弱;开始失去势头 Her smile faltered and then faded. his faltering career 他渐入低谷的事业。 吞吞吐吐地说;声音颤抖地说 ‘A-Adam?’ he faltered. 蹒跚,踉跄;行动畏缩 He faltered and finally stopped in midstride.

At all costs
? Whatever the cost ? We must avoid war at all costs.

tooth fairy
? a fairy said to leave a gift, esp. a coin, under a child's pillow in exchange for a baby tooth that has fallen out and been put under the pillow.

Set up
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 建立, 创立, 竖立 Plenty of foreign firms have set up factories here. 很多外国公司已在这里开办工厂。 A monument was set up as a memorial to the dead soldiers. 为阵亡将士立了一个纪念碑。 准备; 安排 Will you set up the drinks while I look after the party food? 你准备饮料, 我来料理宴会食品好吗? All the arrangements have been set up for the newspapermen to meet the Queen. 新闻记者谒见女王的所有安排已经就绪。 引起, 产生 The crowd set up a shout as the winner neared the post. 优胜者接近终点时, 人群中发出一片喊叫声。

? ? ? ?

? 在某物下挖洞或挖通道; 侵蚀…的基础 ? Rivers undermine their banks. ? The house is unsafe since the foundations were undermined by floods. ? 暗中破坏; 逐渐削弱 ? Many severe colds undermined the old man's health. ? The President's enemies are spreading rumours to undermine his authority.

rule of thumb
? a broadly accurate guide or principle, based on experience or practice rather than theory ? 经验法则,凭经验或实践得来的法则

? 尤指因不符合期望而)使惊讶;使困惑,使糊 涂,使不知所措 ? The inflation figure confounded economic analysts. ? 证明(理论,期望,预言)错误;驳倒 ? The rise in prices confounded expectations. ? 击败,挫败(计划,目标,希望) ? We will confound these tactics by the pressure groups.

Text B
? ? ? ? ? Benefit: for the benefit of 为了...的好处 give sb. the benefit of one's experience 用自己的经验[知识]帮助某人 reap the benefit of sth.因某事得到好处

? be in a dilemma 左右为难 ? be on the horns of a dilemma 左右为难 ? place sb. in a dilemma 使某人处于进退两 难的境地 ? put sb. in a dilemma使人左右为难; 使人进 退两难 ? put sb. into a dilemma ? 使人左右为难; 使人进退两难

? 民间传说或神话中一般善于开矿、金属 加工与人相似的)侏儒 ? an abnormally small person ? 矮子,侏儒

? 使相比之下显得矮小,使相形见绌 ? The buildings surround and dwarf All Saints church. ? 阻碍…的生长(或发育) ? the dwarfed but solid branch of a tree. ? 生长受阻但却结实的树枝。

? ? ? ? ? ? n. 遮蔽; 保护 We took shelter from the rain in a cave. 避难所; 庇护所 Trees are a shelter from the sun. an air-raid shelter

? ? ? ? ? ?

vt. 掩蔽; 庇护, 保护 He sheltered himself behind a hedge. 借住宿 shelter sb. for the night The hut sheltered him from the cold wind.

? ? ? ?

be a shelter from fly to sb. for shelter逃进某人家避难 give shelter to lend the shelter of one’s name and position to sb.利用自己的名誉地位庇护某 人 ? Under the shelter of ? Shelter oneself behind 躲在背后

? 否认 ? Both firms deny any responsibility for the tragedy. ? 拒绝把…给予 ? The inquiry was denied access to intelligence sources. ? She can deny her son nothing. ? 她对儿子是百依百顺(要什么就给什么)。

? 规诫,戒律;箴言moral precepts. ? the legal precept of being innocent until proven guilty. ? “被证明有罪之前作无罪推定”这一法律规定。 ? Children learn far more by example than by precept.
? Example is better than precept.身教胜于言教。 ? Example is the best precept. ----Aesop ? 榜样是最好的缄言。----伊索。

? 尤指概念范围、分类等抽象方面)超出, 超越 ? This was an issue transcending party politics. ? Such matters transcend human understanding.

Prescribe [pris'kraib]


? V 命令;指示;规定 syn. Stipulate ? i.e What punishment does the law prescribe for corruption? ? 法律规定对贪污行贿该处以什么刑罚? ? 限制,限定 ? The criminal was prescribed to one poor solitary place. 罪犯被限制在一个贫穷冷落的地方。

Transitional Page

adj prescriptive *规定的;指示的;命令的;规范的 ? The stylistic analyses made in this volume are thus basically descriptive rather than prescriptive. ? 因此,本书进行的文体分析基本上是描述 性的,而非规定性的。 ? (made legal or acceptable because they have existed for a long time )约定俗成的,相沿成 习的 ? Prescriptive powers



Innumerable (countless) nu’merical 数字的,用数字表示的数值的 numerous 众多的,许多的 Tips: Sing. 为数众多的,大的 The city has a numerous library.
该市有一个藏书很多的图书馆。 Pl. 许多的

There are numerous libraries in the city.

? ? ? ? ? ? Noun 逮捕证;搜查证;授权令 Magistrates issued a warrant for his arrest. We'll issue you with a travel warrant. 正当理由;依据 There is no warrant for this assumption.

? Verb ? 证明(某个行动过程)正当(或必要) ? There is not enough new evidence to warrant a reference to the Court of Appeal. ? 正式确认;保证 ? The vendor warrants the accuracy of the report. ? I will warrant him an honest and reliable fellow.

? ? ? ?

sign one's own death warrant 自寻死路, 自我毁灭; 自找失败 swear out a warrant 发出逮捕证

? 授予(荣誉,权利),赠与(礼物) ? The office was bestowed on him by the monarch of this realm. ? I do not deserve all the praises bestowed upon me. ? Many books were bestowed on her.

? 使成为;使得 ? The rains rendered his escape impossible. ? The shock of the discovery rendered him speechless. ? 报答; 归还; 给予 ? 呈递; 提供; 开出 ? She needed him to hear her out and render advice. ? You will have to render an account of your expenditure. ? We are going to render them economic assistance.

? 演出; 扮演; 演奏 ? The piano concerto was wonderfully rendered. ? 翻译 ? The sentence cannot be literally rendered.

? (诗/文)(尤指不幸的事)发生在(某人) 身上,降临于 ? A tragedy befell his daughter. ? She was to blame for anything that befell. ? We shall never leave you, whatever befalls.

In the course of
? 在…期间, 在…过程中 ? Duff called me in the course of our conversation. ? 在我们谈话时, 达夫打电话给我。 ? In the course of the experiments, they came across a series of new problems. ? 在试验过程中他们碰到一系列新问题。



? credibility n (u ) /?kred??b ?l?ti/ ? the quality that somebody/something has that makes people believe or trust them 可信性;可靠 性
– to gain/lack/lose credibility 获取╱缺乏╱失去信任 – The prosecution did its best to undermine the credibility of the witness. 原告竭力削弱证人的可信性。 – Newspapers were talking of a credibility gap between what he said and what he did. 各家报纸都在议论他言 行不一。

? 低于(对手)价格出售(商品,服务) ? These industries have been undercut by more efficient foreign producers. ? (喻)削弱;暗中破坏 ? The chairman denied his authority was being undercut.

? scrupulous adj

/?skru ?pj?l?s/ meticulous

– careful about paying attention to every detail 仔细的; 细致的;一丝不苟的
? You must be scrupulous about hygiene when you're preparing a baby's feed. 给婴儿准备食物时,对卫生丝毫马虎不得。 ? scrupulous attention to detail 体察入微

– careful to be honest and do what is right ~ (in sth/in doing sth)审慎正直的;恪守道德规范的
? She had a reputation for scrupulous honesty. 她有审慎正直的 名声。

? (物价、工资等后浪推前浪式的)恶性 螺旋形上升(或下跌) ? an inflationary spiral. ? (因特定情况的持续加剧或减弱所引起 的)恶化过程,恶变 ? this spiral of deprivation and environmental degradation.


press for

? to make strong efforts to persuade or force somebody to do something 催促;敦促;逼迫 ~ sb (for sth) ~ sb (into sth/into doing sth) ? If pressed, he will admit that he knew about the affair. ? Press for : to keep asking for something 不断要 求 They continued to press for a change in the law. 他们不断要求修改这项法律。

? ? ? ? at some length 相当详尽地 cannot see beyond the length of one's nose 鼠目寸光 draw out to a great length 拖得很久, 持续了很长 时间 ? go (to) all [any] lengths (=go to great lengths) ? 竭尽全力; 走极端; 什么都做得出 ? go to the length of (doing) 甚至于, 不惜

P10LB1 refrain
? (formal) to stop yourself from doing something, especially something that you want to do 克制;节制;避免 V ~ (from sth/from doing sth) ? Please refrain from smoking. 请勿吸烟。 ? They appealed to the protesters to refrain from violence. 他们呼吁抗议者们不要采 取暴力行动。

P10 Last line stand
? Stand to have a particular attitude or opinion about something or towards somebody (对某事)持某种态度, 有某一观点,采取某种立场 V ~ (on sth) ? Where do you stand on private education? 你对民办教育 持什么观点? ? an attitude towards something or an opinion that you make clear to people 态度;立场;观点 ? to take a firm/strong stand on something 在某事上采取坚 定的立场 ? He was criticized for his tough stand on immigration. 他因 在移民问题上立场强硬受到批评。



P11L4 wary
? wary adj (of sb/sth) ~ (of doing sth) /?we?ri/ cautious ? careful when dealing with somebody/something because you think that there may be a danger or problem (对待人或事物时)小心的,谨慎的, 留神的,小心翼翼的 ~
– She was wary of getting involved with him. 她唯恐和 他有牵连。 – He gave her a wary look. 他留意地看了她一眼。 – The police will need to keep a wary eye on this area of town(= watch it carefully, in case there is trouble). 警方 必须密切注意这一带城区。

P11L4 peculiar
? 1 strange or unusual, especially in a way that is unpleasant or worrying 怪异的;奇怪的;不寻常的 odd ? a peculiar smell/taste 奇怪的气味/味道 ? There was something peculiar in the way he smiled. 他笑 起来有点怪。 ? 2 ~ (to sb/sth) belonging or relating to one particular place, situation, person, etc., and not to others (某人、某地、 某种情况等)特有的,特殊的 ? a humour that is peculiar to American sitcoms 美国情景 喜剧特有的幽默 ? a species of bird peculiar to Asia 亚洲独有的鸟类

Peculiarly p??kju ?li?li
? 1very; more than usually 很;不寻常地;特 别
– These plants are peculiarly prone to disease. 这些 植物特别容易发生病变。

? 2 in a way that relates to or is especially typical of one particular person, thing, place, etc. 独特地;特有地 ? He seemed to believe that it was a peculiarly British problem. 他似乎相信那是英国独有的 问题。

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