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SALES AND PURCHASE AGREEMENT 供销合同 (Russian Fuel Oil Mazut M-100 GOST 10585-75) 品名

This agreement ("The Agreement‖) made on this XXX Nov 2010 and entered into Between. 本合同于 2010 年 XXX 月 XXX 日由以下两方共同制定:


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Hereinafter referred to as "BUYER" 在下文中称为“买方”



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Hereinafter referred to as "SELLER" 在下文中称为“卖方”

This Contract is made and entered into and executed by and between the companies ―XXXXXX.,‖hereinafter referred to as the ―SELLER‖ represented by XXXXXX, president, on one hand, and the company ―XXXXXX‖ hereinafter referred to as the ―BUYER‖, represented by XXXXXX , President, on the other hand, acting on the basis of a Corporate Resolution, together hereinafter referred to as the ―PARTIES‖, agree as follows: 本合同由 XXXXXX(即“卖方” )其代表人 XXX 董事为一方,XXXXXX(即“买方” )其代表人 XXX,董事长为另 一方, 双方在友好合作的基础上签订以下协议,合同内容如下所述:

Product 产品: Quantity:数量: Origin:原产地: Price 价格: Destination Port(s)卸货港: Inspection 质检:

XXX (M100) XXX MT/month x 12monthes XXX 万吨/月 X 12 个月 XXX (Russia 俄罗斯) USD $XXX PER MT China Port. USDXXX/MT CIF 中国港口 ASWP China Port 任意安全中国港口 SGS International at Loading port by Seller expense and CIQ at the discharge port by
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Buyer expense. SGS 在装运港口进行检验,费用由卖方支付; CIQ 在卸货港口检 验,费用由买方支付

WHEREAS the parties mutually accept to refer the general terms and definitions, as set out by the INCONTERMS EDITION 2000 with latest amendments, having the following terminology fully understood and accepted. 双方相互接受的是由国际贸易通则 2000 最新修订版本列出一些总的定义和术语,可公认理解与接收的定义与术 语如下: DEFINITIONS 定义如下: Metric Ton (MT)公吨 A measure of weight equivalent to one thousand kilogram mass (1.000 kg). 一公吨相当于一千千克 Commodity 商品 Is referred to as being ―RUSSIAN MAZUT 100 GOST 105-85-75‖, in this Contract also referred to as ―Goods‖.这里指 俄罗斯重油,本合同称之为货物 Day 日 Means a calendar day, unless differently specified. 除非另有规定,这里均指一个公历日, Month 月 Means a Gregorian calendar month. 这里指阳历上的月。 Calendar Quarter 季度 Period equal to three (3) months and commencing on 1st January, 1st April, 1st July and 1st October. 一季度指三个月,分别从 1 月 1 日,4 月 1 日,7 月 1 日和 10 月 1 日开始。 ASTM 美国实验与材料协会 American Society for Testing and Materials, is the Institute, internationally recognised, that approved all Standards, Tests
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and Procedures used in the Oil Industry and to be referred in this agreement to the latest revised edition with amendments in force to date. 指美国材料试验协会,是一家国际社会承认的、负责批准石油行业所有标准、测试和程序的机构,本协议参照此 协会最近修订的目前正在执行的标准。 Terminal / Port of shipment 货栈/装货港 The Port or mooring specified by the Seller, as item of shipment. 卖方所指定的装运货物的货栈或港口。 Delivery Date 交货期 The date mutually accepted by both Seller and Buyer as the date on which the nominated first class independent inspector has ascertained the quantity and quality of the product pumped into the Buyers discharge terminal facilities. 指经买卖双方共同接受认可的日期,在该日期,指定的国际一流检测机构检验并确定了泵入买方指定的卸货港设 施的油品的数量和质量; Platt’s 普氏 The organisation internationally recognised and accepted, who publish official quotations of Petroleum products on a daily basis. 一个国际上任何并接受的机构,该机构每天会公布官方的石油产品的价格。

Whereas, the Parties mutually desire to execute this agreement which shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the Parties, their legal representatives, successors and assigns, in accordance with the jurisdictional law of the negotiated and fully executed contract with terms and provisions hereunder agreed upon: 买卖双方在此同意执行本合同, 本合同按照协议双方所在地的法律对买卖双方及他们的接任人和转让人均有约 束力。本协议是一份完全生效执行的合同,条款和条件如下:



1.1. The Seller has sold, and the Buyer has bought,on basis of CIF $XXX/MT Tianjin Port,China,with quantity of XX,XXX MT(+/5%) Per Month, MAZUT-100(10585/75) further called the "Goods", quality to conform to Appendix №1. in contractual quantity of uniform tanker lots during (12) Months for a total quantity of XXX,XXXMT (+/-5%). 卖方销售,买方购买 CIF 术语下,单价$XXX/MT 中国天津港,每月 XX,XXX(+/-5%)公吨,质量参考附录 1 内 容的俄罗斯重油,连续 12 个月的总数量达到 XXX,XXX(+/-5%)公吨,每月交货 XXX 万吨(+/-5%)。 1.2. The following documents will be considered as an integral part of the present Contract:
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以下文件视为本合同中不可分割的一部分 1. Appendix No.1: SPECIFICATION of RUSSIAN MAZUT 100 GOST 105-85-75 材质单 2. Appendix No.2: Delivery Schedule 交货时间表 3. Appendix No.3: Price 价格 4. Appendix No.4: Terms of payment 付款条件 5. Appendix No.5: Draft Text of Performers Bond 履约保证金 6. Appendix No.6: Draft Text of a Letter of Credit 信用证文本 7. Appendix No.7: Proof of Product Draft 产品证明



2.1. The quality of the Goods sold under this Contract shall meet the specification indicated in the Appendix No.1. 本合同项下所销售的货物的材质符合附件 1 中的指标规定。 2.2. The tanker’s lot to be XXX,XXX MT +/- 5% in weight. 每批次油轮是 XX,XXX 公吨,溢短装 +/-5%。 2.3 The total contractual quantity of the commodity sold and purchased under this agreement is XX,XXX metric tones (+/-5%) per month. The specified quantity is equivalent to XXX,XXX MT (+/-5%) The quantity may increase through possible rolls and extensions, by negotiation between both parties and a separate appendix will be signed if agreed. The seller and the buyer hereby agree to deliver and accept the above quantity in partial shipment, as set out in ―Clause‖ 9 Delivery‖ and as per ―Appendix 2- schedule of Delivery.‖ Every shipment is no more than XX,XXX MT(+/-5%). 本合同项下的购销数量是 XX,XXX (+/-5%) 公吨/月,一年共 XXX,XXX (+/-5%)公吨。其数量是可以追加 的,经买卖双方协商后可以用附件的形式进行确认。买卖双方在此同意条款 9 及附件 2 中的装运计划可以分 批装运,每一船的数量不能超过 XX,XXX MTS( +/-5%).



3.1. The first delivery of the Goods: maximum 20-30 days after instrument of DLC received by the Seller's Bank.. 第一次交货期:卖方银行收到 DLC 后的 20-30 天(最大期限)内交付第一批货物。




4.1. The quantity indicated in the Bill of Lading to be considered as a lot of the Goods. 提单中的数量被认为本批货物的数量
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4.2. The date of the ship bill of lading will be considered as the date of shipment 提单中的日期即为装船日。 4.3. In accordance with the terms of this contract, the Title to the Goods and all the risk of loss shall pass to the Buyer as the product passes the vessel’s permanent hose connection (outturn flange) at the port of unloading. Title and property shall pass to the buyer as the product passes the outturn flange at any nominated unloading port by the buyer. 按照本合同条款之规定,货物的所有权和货物的损失风险将在货物在卸货港越过船只永久性的管道接口后转 移给买方。 货权在货物越过买方指定的卸货港口的卸货法兰后转移给买方。 4.4. Custody for the Goods delivered herein shall be on Buyers after the moment of passing risks according to the i.5.3. 按照本协议 5.3 的规定, 货物的风险转移给买方后,货物的保管权也转移给买方。 4.5. The quantity and quality of the Goods delivered by the Seller and accepted by the Buyer will be final as ascertained at the unloading port and should be performed in accordance with the standards and methods currently in force at port of unloading. 买卖双方同意, 卖方交付买方接受的货物的质量与数量以卸货港口的检验报告为准, 该检测报告是最终的。 检 测标准应该采用目前卸货港口正在执行的标准。 4.6. The quality of the Goods to be delivered under this Contract shall be indicated in the Certificate of Quality issued by independent company at unloading port. 本合同项下交付的货物,其质量以目的港口独立的第三方公司的检验报告为准。 4.7. Quantity of metric tons shall be represented decimally up to one thousandth (to the third decimal place after point inclusive, the following digits have not to be considered). 公吨数量计算到千分之一,即小数点后三位(小数点后的第三位包含在内,第三位以后的数字不予考虑。 ) 4.8. During loading of the relevant vessel, sampling should be performed according to the standard procedure currently in force at port of loading with presence of ships authority. The samples taken and thoroughly mixed are to be filled into bottles and sealed. 在装船期间,抽样应该按照目前的标准在装货港的相关机构监督的情况下进行,采集的样品要混合在一起装 入瓶子铅封。 4.9. The test for quantity and quality shall be affected by SGS or CIQ (China) inspection service, the seller's bear the "SGS" costs in loading port, the buyers bear the "CIQ" cost in discharge port. 数量和品质的检测应由 SGS 和 CIQ 检验机构来进行,装货港 SGS 检验费用由卖方承担,卸货港 CIQ 检验费 用由买方承担。
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4.10. One part of these samples filled into not less than two bottles and sealed by the Seller or their appointed representative, is to be placed on board of the tanker, under care of the Master, for delivery to the Buyer or their nominated agent at the discharge port. The other part of the same samples, filled into not less than two bottles sealed by the Master, is to be kept by the Seller. 其中的一部分样品,至少要有 2 瓶由卖方或其委托方密封好后,放于油轮的甲板上,由船长照看,在卸货港 交给买方或其代理人;另外一部分样品,不少于 2 瓶的数量,由船长封口后交给卖方保存。 4.11 The seller will contact the shipping company to summarizes shipping schedule and finalize the insurance policy for the transportation of the goods. 卖方联系船运公司以确定装货时间表,并和保险公司联系,安排好保险单。 4.12.Single shipment Quantity: 50,000MT +/-5% . 单船数量为 50.000 公吨(+/-5%)。 4.13.Port of shipment : Vladivostok PORT IN RUSSIA 装货港为俄罗斯的海参崴港口




5.1 The price CIF for RUSSIAN MAZUT 100 GOST 105-85-75 sold under the present contract, on conditions CIF / ASWP. 本合同俄罗斯重油 M 100 GOST 105-85-75 价格为 CIF ASWP。 5.2. The price and the terms of payment are stipulated in Appendices No.3 and No.4. 付款方式和价格见附件 3 和附件 4.




6.1. It is in the interest of both the Seller and the Buyer to ensure that the cargo is well protected against voluntary discharge into the sea to avoid pollution of the seawaters. Accordingly, the Seller warrants that all vessels nominated to carry the cargo shall be enrolled in PANDI and the Seller warrants that they are members of CRISTAL LIMITED or, if not, that they will immediately become members of CRISTAL LIMITED 买卖双方在此确认货物应被保护不随意入海,以及应避免海水污染。 相应地,卖方应确保所有装运货物的船 舶隶属于 PANDI,同时卖方保证船只是 CRISTAL 成员,如果不是的话,他们会很快成为该公司成员



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7.1. It’s the seller’s responsibility contact the appointed shipping company and summarize the dates and tanker positions not later than fifteen (15) days prior to the commencement of lay can for port XXXXXX . Before the vessel is chartered, the information of vessel must be present to buyer . The information will be present to discharge port by buyer for the proof of discharge port in three working days. Only after the seller receive the proof, the vessel can be chartered. 卖方负责和指定的船公司及时沟通,并在 XXX 港口装船前 15 天,及时把油轮的位置及装运日期告知买方。 在租船之前,船只等信息必须提供给买方。 买方应该在 3 个工作日内把这些信息提交给卸货港口,并得到卸 货港口的许可证明。只有在卖方收到卸货港口的证明文件后,该船才可以租用。 7.2. The Seller to provide tanker’s fix up with full tanker details within maximum ten (10) days from the date of agreement concerning respective lot of Goods to be unloaded. The seller shall provide the buyer the approved charter party agreement of which SELLER shall procure a policy with a first class Marine Insurance Institute to cover the 110% (one hundred and ten percent) of the value of the each month cargo. 卖方应自协议签订之日起最长 10 天内,提供每批将要装卸货的油轮的行程及其他详细情况。卖方提供经过认 可的租船协议给买方,并且卖方应该从一流的保险公司对每批货物投保 110%.。 7.3. The Seller, in accordance with agreed by both Parties tanker positions, are to cable or telex to the Buyer not later than five (5) days prior to arrival of the tanker at the unload port the name, capacity, flag, demurrage rate, draught of the vessel, approximate date of her arrival at the unload port and all necessary information about shipment and requirements to issue of shipment documents. 在买卖双方就油轮位置协商好后,关于卸货港的名称,油轮容量,标志,滞期费,船舶吃水情况,大约到港 日期等相关装运信息,卖方应最晚于在油轮到达目的港口前 5 天把这些详细资料电传或传真给买方。 7.4. Furthermore, the Master will cable or telex to the Buyer AND Ship owner’s agent at the unloading port the tanker ETA, 96 hours prior to her arrival stating capacity, flag and draught of the vessel, and precise time of the tankers arrival 48, 24 and 12 hours before her arrival at the port of unlading. 此外,船长应把油轮预计到卸货港的时间,距到港 96 小时之前的油轮容纳情况,油轮标志,船舶吃水情况, 电传或传真给买方和船代理,在距卸货港 48 小时,24 小时和 12 小时时,分别汇报一次。 7.5. CIF ASWP, which can handle the draft of 50000 metric tons shipload. The unloading port must be capable of unloading the ship as in the lay time set forth in the present contract. CIF 世界上任何一个能承载 50,000 公吨的安全港口。本合同项下的卸货港必须有此承载能力。 7.6. within 48 hours after the cargo being loaded, the seller will advise the buyer of the quantity & quality loaded and inspected by SGS . The seller shall include in the advice the contract number, vessel’s name, loading weight, and estimated time of arrival at the unloading port. 装船后 48 个小时内,卖方应把装运的数量和质量及 SGS 检测报告通知买方。另外,卖方应将合同号,船名, 装载重量,预计抵港时间一并通知买方。
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7.7. The Buyer cannot claim the Seller damages incurred against for late delivery or short delivery of the goods, which would result from reasons beyond Seller’ control, including but not limited to congestion and/or adverse weather conditions. 在超过了卖方控制的权限,包含但不限于船堵塞,和/或不利的天气条件,买方不得要求卖方就此引起的迟交 或短交货物造成的损失进行赔偿。 7.8. The Seller’s tankers should, in all respect, comply with the regulations in force at the loading port, such as seaworthiness, fire- and other safety, measurements, depilating and unloading capacity etc. Otherwise all damages and extra costs shall be borne by the Seller. 卖方油轮应在各个方面,均要符合装货港的要求,如适航性,消防及其它安全,测量及其卸货能力等等,否 则,由此造成的一切损失和由此产生的一切额外费用均由卖方承担。 7.9. The Buyer shall unload or arrange for the unloading of the vessel at a berth(s), which Sellers shall provide, or cause to be provided free of charge and where the nominated vessel can lie and load, always safely afloat. 当船到达泊位处,买方应负责卸货或安排卸货,其中泊位应由卖方提供,或卖方免费安排一个可以使船舶停 靠卸载,及平稳安全的地方。 7.10. On arrival of the vessel at the port of unloading after Free Practice granted (sanitary inspection), but only if and where it is possible and practicable, the Master or his agent is to give to the Buyer’s representative notice of Readiness of his vessel for unloading the goods. 油轮到达卸货港时,在卫生检验后,在可以进行卸货时,船长或其代理应签发 NOR 给买方代表,表示已经准 备好可以卸货了。 7.11. Notice may be given at any time of the day or night unless it is not consistent with the local port regulation. 卸货通知可以在白天或晚上任何时间给出,除非它不和当地港口的管理条例相冲突。 7.12. Lay time will commence six (6) hours after such Notice is given by the Master, or immediately upon berthing of the vessel, whichever first occurs. 卸货时间自船长发出卸货通知起 6 小时内开始算起,或者自船只停泊好立即开始算起,以较早者为准。 7.13. Should the Seller’s nominated vessel arrive before agreed unloading window, the Buyer will take all measures in their power to effect the unloading of the said vessel as promptly as possible, but the computation of lay time will start only on 06:00 of the first day of UN-loading window or upon the actual berthing of this vessel, whichever first occurs. 如果卖方指定的船只在约定的卸货时间之前到达卸货窗口,买方将尽其所能立即安排卸货,但是卸货时间的 计算从到达卸货窗口的第一天的 6:00 开始算起,或者本船只的实际停泊时间开始算起,哪个时间早就采用哪 个时间。

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7.14. Should the Seller’s nominated vessel arrive after agreed unloading window, the Seller will take all measures in their power to effect the unloading of the said vessel as promptly as possible, but the computation of lay time will start only upon the actual berthing of the this vessel. 如果卖方指定的船只在约定的卸货时间之后到达卸货窗口,卖方将尽其所能立即安排卸货,但是卸货时间的 计算以实际的停泊时间开始算起。 7.15. Unloading will be considered completed and lay time will cease upon disconnection of loading arms (delivery hoses) provided the relevant shipping documents are procured and put on board of the vessel within three (3) hours after said disconnection of hoses. The unloading of the ships shall undertake, organized, and guaranteed by the buyer. Any demurrage caused by the buyer is for the buyer’s account and if caused by the seller is for the seller’s account. 当断开输油软管后,应在 3 个小时内签发并送到船上相关的卸货文件,到此为止,认为卸货完成,卸货时间 终止。卸货由买方来组织安排并保证。任何滞期费的产生属于买方的责任由买方承担,属于卖方的责任引起 的由卖方承担。 7.16. Should the shipping documents not be put on board of the vessel within said 3 hours, then any time lost in excess of these 3 hours to count as lay time, and, in case of demurrage, shall be paid by the Buyer, at the relevant demurrage rate. 如果卸货文件没有在上述的 3 小时内送达船上,则该 3 小时以外的时间也计算为卸货时间,并且,如果产生 了滞港现象,则应由买方按照滞港费率进行支付。 7.17. Time during which unloading could not be effected because of any reasons beyond the Seller control such as waiting for and proceeding of sanitary, border and customs inspection, provided same done before all fast, pilot age, mooring and other actions while proceeding from the anchorage to the berth (limited to the first shifting) and time during which unloading could not be effected due to technical and other conditions, attributable to the tanker, will not be counted as lay time. 由于任何超越卖方控制范围,例如等待并进行卫生检查,国界和海关视察,停泊等行为,由于技术条件,油 轮原因及其它原因和情况而未能卸货,这些时间均不被计算在卸货时间内 7.18. Time, when there are no mooring and unloading operations in the port due to bad weather conditions and time consumed by second and following shifting if caused by bad weather conditions, shall be counted as one half lay time or, if demurrage, at one half demurrage rate only if bad weather was the only reason of delay. 由于恶劣天气造成的无法停泊和卸货的时间损耗,卸货时间应算为一半。如果有滞港费,恶劣天气是滞港口 的唯一理由,则按照滞留期比率的一半来计算。 7.19. Sundays and public holidays will be included in the calculation of lay time and will be calculated as lay time or demurrage if these days are working days in the port of unloading. 如果在卸货港口,星期天和公众假日也进行工作的话,则星期天和公共假期包括在卸货时间内,如果出现滞 港,则这些时间也被认为是滞港的时间。
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7.20. Lay time for the vessels is determined by the Seller according to the International standards for the type of a tanker, calculation its capacity, quantity loadable Goods in accordance with the Schedule of delivery (Appendix No.2). 卖方按照国际标准中的此类轮船决定货船的延期时间,货船的容量、承载货物量与运输计划(附录 2)保持一 致。 7.21. Demurrage will be paid on the Buyer's demand per running hour and pro rata for part thereof at the rate stipulated in the Charter Party for the shipment. 滞留费将按照买方要求的以每运行小时和每批货物的租船合同中规定的比例计算。 7.22. Lay time for part cargoes (to be loaded at the same berth) shall be prorated according to cargo size. If other consignee causes certain delay, then demurrage due to this delay will not be prorated but paid by this consignee. 部分货物(同一泊位装载的)的装卸时间将根据货物大小按比例分配。 如果由于其他收货人的原因造成的滞期, 则因此而产生的停滞费用应由这个收货人来支付。 7.23. Any demurrage claim must be presented to Sellers within six (6) months from the Bill of Lading date, otherwise claim will be declared null and void. Demurrage claim is to be considered and paid within two (2) months from receiving from Buyers of all the necessary documents confirming such claim. 所有滞留费索赔必须在提单之日起 6 个月内呈交给卖方,否则索赔将视为无效。滞留费索赔应在收到买方所 有必要文件后的 2 个月内受理并支付索赔。 7.24. Seller endeavor to provide Statement of Facts, Time Sheet, Notice of Readiness, Copy of Charter Party and any other documents, related to relevant shipping. 卖方应尽力提供实时记录、装卸时间表、准备通知、租船合同的副本及其他与装运相关的资料。 7.25. The volume of delivery can vary by +/-5% (Five per cent) from the total contract quantity. 实际运输量与合同规定的总量有+/-5%的溢短装。 7.26. Unloading terminal. Buyer guarantees unloading of seller’s ships at terminals named in appendix 卸货港 : 买方向卖方保证货船的卸货港于附录 6.1 中的一致。



8.1 Upon seller’s confirmation of the chartered vessel, Seller, at his own cost, shall procure a policy with a first class Marine Insurance Institute to cover the 110% (one hundred and ten percent) of the value of the each month cargo. Seller shall contact the shipping company to finalize the procurement of the required insurance policy. 一旦卖方租船确定,卖方应从一流的保险公司按照每月货物价值的 110%进行投保。卖方应联系船运公司,完
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成所需要的保险单证。 8.2 The insurance policy shall cover all risks of loss and damages to said vessel, including war, hijacking, explosion etc, from the time cargo has passed the ship’s manifold flanges at the port of loading. 保险单应包括船只受损与破坏的一切险,包含战争险、盗用险、爆炸险等,时间从货物在装货港越过船栏算 起。 8.3 Marine Insurance shall cover all risks of loss and damages to said vessel, including war, hijacking, explosion etc, until cargo commence to pass the ship’s manifold flanges at the port of discharging. 海险将包括可能的损失与毁坏的一切险,包含战争险、盗用险、爆炸险等,直到货物在卸货港越过船栏为止。




9.1. Any claims that either party may have, due to an occurrence, has to be submitted to the other party within a period of two (2) months from the date of that occurrence. 任何一方由于某些事件的索赔,应该在那一事件发生之日起的 2 个月内支付给守约方。 9.2. In the event that the quality of any one of the delivered batches fails to comply with the contractual specification, then the buyer shall have the option to accept the said batch at the lower price being negotiated and accepted by the buyer, prior to the commencement of the discharge operations. calculation shall be in accordance with usually means. 如果卖方交付的任何一个批次的货物不符合附件中的材质要求, 则买方可以选择以可接受的降价的形式来接 受该批货物,最终的降价需在开始卸货前协商好。 应按照常规的方式进行计算。 In case this negotiation can not be agreed by both parties, the schedule of delivery should be shut down, only after the parties has an agreement, then the schedule of delivery can be re-continued. 如果双方达不成一致意见,则交货计划暂时停止。只有在双方达成一致意见后,再继续交货。 9.3. In the event of the Buyer being unable to fulfill payments at the time stipulated in Appendix No.4 of the present Contract, the Buyer is to pay penalty at the rate of 0.5% for each day of delay, but not more than five percent (5%) from the payment sum. In the event of the Seller being unable to deliver the cargo at the time stipulated in this contrac, the Seller is to pay penalty at the rate of 0.5% for each day of delay, but not more than five percent (5%) from the payment sum. 如果买方不能在本合同附录 4 规定的日期内付款,那么买方将要支付按每天 0.5%的罚款,但不能超过货款总 金额的 5%。如果卖方不能在本合同规定的日期内装船,那么卖方每延期一天,将支付 0.5%的罚款,但不能超 过货款总金额的 5%。


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10.1. All taxes, duties and port or other charges levied on the vessel, including custom’s overtime, consular fees, and port disbursements made to or for the vessel, and any taxes or duties levied on freight charges, in each case at the load port or loading terminal, shall be for the Seller’s account prior to transfer the title to the buyer. 对货船征收的一切税收、关税、港口费或其他费用,包括海关加班费、领事费、港口费用,以及对在装运港 对运费所征收的税收或关税,在卖方把货权转移给买方前,都应由卖方负责。 10.2. It is agreed that any duties, taxes, customs fees or miscellaneous fees accrued by the buyer after deliveries of the goods are the sole responsibility of the buyer. ―End user taxes‖- all end user taxes are for the account of the buyer. The Buyer will pay all taxes and all duties levied on the Buyer. 双方一致同意,交货后所产生的任何税收、关税或各种费用均由买方负责。―最终用户税‖——所有最终用户税 由买方支付。买方应负责支付向自己征收的一切税收和关税。 10.3. The Seller will pay all taxes and all duties levied on the Seller. Title shall transfer to the Buyer as the goods passes the buyer’s outturn flange at port. Fuel is delivered to port outside customs, taxes, & duties based on CIF conditions. 卖方支付向卖方征收的一切税收和关税。 当燃料越过买方的卸货船栏时, 权益也将转移给买方。 燃料以 CIF 条 款,运送至卸货港口。



11.1. Neither Party shall be liable for the complete or partial non-performance of any of its obligations if the non-performance results from such Force Majeure circumstances as acts of God, strikes, fires, floods, wars (whether declared or undeclared), riots, destruction of the oil, delays of carriers embargoes, accidents, restrictions imposed by any governmental authority (including allocations, quotas, priorities, requisitions and price controls) and other which are out of the control of the contractual Parties and have arisen after the conclusion of the Contract. 如果由于以下不可抗力产生的不履行合同情况,合同各方都不用承担任何责任。情况包括:天灾、罢工、火 灾、洪水、战争(无论是声明或未声明的)暴乱、油泄漏、由承运人禁运造成的延期、意外、政府施加的限 制(包括:配给、配额、优先权、需求量和价格的控制)及其他不在合同方控制范围下的和合同完结后引起 的任何情况。 11.2. If any of such circumstances directly affected the performance of the obligations in the time period stipulated in the Contract, this time period is to be extended correspondingly for a period during which such circumstances lasts, up to a total of 60 days. 如果以上的任何情况在合同规定期限内直接影响到责任的履行,那么此期限相应延迟,最多不超过 60 天。 11.3. If any delivery hereunder shall be so delayed or prevented for more than 45 days, either party may terminate this agreement with respect to such delivery upon written notice to the other party. No party shall be liable for any damages that could arise from such termination of agreement, whether direct or indirect whatsoever.
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如果这种延期延期或阻碍超过了 45 天,那么合同任意一方可以因此出具书面通知另一方终止本协议。合同各 方对由于终止本协议而引起的损害不负任何责任,无论直接或间接。 11.4. Certificates issued by respective Chamber of Commerce will be sufficient proof of Force Majeure circumstances and their duration. 各自商会出具的证明书是对不可抗力情况和延期时间的充分证明。



12.1. All disputes or disagreements which may arise out of this Contract, or in connection with it, shall be settled by BEIJING Arbitration Court. The decision of this court shall be final and obligatory for both Рarties. 由此协议引起或与其有关的所有争议或分歧都将由北京仲裁法院解决。此法院的裁决是终局的,双方必须遵 守。



13.1. Neither party is entitled to transfer their rights and/or obligations under this Contract to a third party without the other party's previous written consent (including telex or fax). 在没有对方书面同意(包括电报和传真)的情况下,合同各方都无权将其权利和义务转让给第三方。 13.2. Any such assignment shall be effected by notice in writing from the Assignor countersigned by the Assignee to signify its acceptance of the obligations under this Contract. Upon the making of any such assignment, the Assignor shall remain bound as guarantor for due performance of the said obligations (as so accepted) by the Assignee. 如果出现这种转让的情况,则转让人和受让人都应在书面通知上签字表示接受这种责任与权利的转让,在这 种情况下,转让方仍旧有受让方履行本合约的担保责任(受让方已接受的) 。




14.1. After the signing of this Contract all previous negotiations and correspondence between the parties in such connection will be considered null and void. It is explicitly understood, that the present contract will not cease by reason of the death of any party, but will continue to remain in force as far as both parties are concerned. 在本合同签订后,之前双方所有协商和往来信件均被视为无效。双方应明确,本合同不会因合同任何一方的 死亡而中止,但是将强制持续到与双方都有关为止。 14.2. Any and all amendments and additions to this Contract are valid only if they are made in writing and duly signed by both parties. 对本合同的任何修改和添加,只有出具书面形式并双方签字后方可生效。
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14.3. All attached Enclosures and Addendums duly signed make an integral part of this Contract. 随本合同所附的并已签字的全部附件和补充材料是本合同不可缺少的一部分。 14.4. All basic conditions of delivery are regulated agree ―Incoterms‖-2000 with additions and alternations. 运输的所有基本条件均以―国际商会国际贸易术语解释通则——2000 的添加和修订‖为准。 14.5. Grammar mistakes and slips, if they are present in this contract shall not be considered as contradictions. 出现在本合同中的语法错误与拼写错误不被视为不一致。 14.6. All information contained herein shall be kept confidential and is not to be reproduced in any manner whatsoever. 本合同包含的所有信息都将受到保密,并不得以任何方式复制。 14.7. This contract and all appendices transmitted by fax or e-mail shall be deemed original and legally valid by the party’s banks up to the moment the originals will be delivered to the party’s banks. 由传真和 E-mail 传送的合同和所有附录在提交正式正本合同与附录给各自银行之前,都应被视为正本并有法 律效力。

14.8. The text of this contract is performed and executed in English/Chinese language and is signed in four (4) originals (hard copies), two (2) of which are for the Buyer, and two (2) for the Seller. all originals (hard copies) are equally authentic and have the same legal force. 本合同文本以英语/中文来执行,6 份原件签字(打印出来的) 份给买方,3 份给卖方,所有原件具有同样 ,3 的可信度与同样的法律效力。 14.9. Any information contained herein shall be kept confidential, and shall not be subsequently disclosed to third parties or reproduced in any way. 包含在本合同中的全部信息都将视为保密,且不得向第三方透露或以任何方式透露。 14.10. the buyer has ability to open DLC in the bank in China which should acceptable by the seller 买方有在国内银行开 DLC 的能力,开证行应是卖方可接受的银行。

1).Buyer and Seller review and negotiate the draft contract and sign, seal and exchange legal and binding electronically signed the contract, including complete banking details for both parties. 买卖双方解决合同内的任何需要解释的条款和草约之后经电子签约附带双方银行坐标,签名盖章合约生效。
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2).Seller and Buyer exchange final signed hard copies, using DHL. Such final signed hard copies shall be notarized in 6 (six) copies and supersede all previous copies. Seller and Buyer lodge such final signed notarized hard copies with their respective banks. 买卖双方签字盖章的合约,用 DHL 快递邮寄 合约共签署 6 份,买卖双方签署之后分别提交银行。 3). Buyer’s bank will issue POF through SWIFT MT799 within 5 working days after receiving the hard copy 买方银行在收到正本合同 5 个工作日内通过 MT799 开出资金证明 4). Seller’S Bank Issues The 2% Performance Bond And Partial Pop Documents Within 3-5 Banking Days After Receiving The Pof 卖方银行接到资金证明后的 3-5 个银行工作日内开出 2%的履约保证金和提供部分 POP 产品证明文件。 Partial POP documents should include but not limited to the followings: 部分 POP 文件应包含但不限于以下几种文件: License to export issued by the Russian Ministry of Energy. 由俄国能源部出具出口许可证. Approval to export issued by the Russian Ministry of Justice. 由俄国司法行政部出具出口许可证 Statement of availability of the Product, RESOURCES CERTIFICATE 产品资源证明. the Refinery commitment to produce the Commodity. 炼油厂生产确认 Land Transport Contract used for transporting the Commodity to the Loading Terminal ―Transneft‖ 与“TRANSNEFT”签署的用于陆地运输油品到装运港口的陆地运输合同 Storage Certiciate at Loading Port. 在装运港口的存储证明 Copy of Charter Party Agreement 租船协议

a. b. . c. d. e . f. g.

5). Buyer shall open through its bank an operative DLC to Seller’s bank within ten (10) banking days upon receipt and verified of the Seller’s PB( Performance Bond) and full set of POP ( Proof of Product) documents. 买方须在收到并核实了 PB 及部分 POP 文件后 10 个工作日内开出生效的 DLC。 6).Deliveries shall take place in accordance with Contract terms and conditions. 完成上述手续后 依照合约条款开始供货 Based upon successful completion of this Spot deal for XXX,XXX Metric Ton (MT), Seller,and Buyer agrees that they shall automatically enter into a yearly contract, based on a monthly supply volume of X,XXX,XXX Metric Ton (MT) with a total of XX,XXX,XXX Metric Ton (MT), whereas the price shall be as USDXXX per Metric Ton (MT) CIF
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Chinese port/s for the whole duration of the contract. 买方同意一次性订单 XXXXX 万吨, 双方所有交易流程顺利完成之后, 每月订单 XXXXXX 万吨, 全年 XXXXXX 万吨的合约自动生效, 价格 USDXXX/吨 CIF 中国港口 LEGAL ADDRESSES AND BANK DETAILS seller’s banking details / 卖方银行信息 Name of Bank Bank Address Account Holder Swift Code Beneficiary’s No Telephone Fax Bank Officer No bank contact to be made, without Expressed written permission by Seller. Unauthorized contact with Seller's bank shall null and void this Contract. 未经卖方合伙人授权,同意,买方不得与卖方银行联系,否则,视为合同无效。 (Seller retains the right to change or amend the Bank co-ordinates subject to providing 72 hours written notice to the Buyer). 卖方修改银行信息,应在 72 小时内书面通知买方 No bank contact to be made, without Expressed written permission by Buyer. Unauthorized contact with Buyer's bank shall null and void this Contract. 未经买方授权,同意,卖方不得与买方银行联系,否则,视为合同无效。 (Buyer retains the right to change or amend the Bank co-ordinates subject to providing 72 hours written notice to the Seller). 买方有权修改银行信息,应在 72 小时内书面通知卖方 BUYER’S BANKING DETAILS/买方银行信息 Name of Bank
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Bank Address Account Holder Account No Swift Code Telephone Bank Officer




16.1. This Contract is being executed firstly by the Seller and shall be sent by E-mail to the Buyer through the Seller's Mandate, The validity of the Seller’s execution of the Contract is predicated on the buyer duly executing and return it to the Seller, through the Seller's Mandate, within a maximum of 3 banking Days from this date. 首先本合同是由卖方签署并通过其代理人发 E-mail 给买方。合同的有效期是以买方回签本合同并通过卖方代 理人返还卖方为根据,但回签最多不超过 3 个银行工作日。 16.2. Should, by any unsolvable reason, the Buyer not return the contract duly executed within that period, the Contract shall be considered null and void and the Seller shall not be liable for any of the obligations contained in it. 因任何无法解决的理由,如果买方没有在规定日期内返还本合同,那么本合同将被视为无效,卖方也对本合 同不负任何责任。



17.1. The present Contract is compiled in (4) four copies and containing THIRTY (30) pages including Appendixes, which are an integral parts of the contract. 本合同有 XXX 份原件共 XXX 页包括附录,它是本合同不可缺少的部分。

The parties hereby agree, to respect the mentioned ―Sales and Purchase Agreement‖ accepted signed sealed as below on Date: November XXth, 2010 双方在此一致同意并尊重已提及的购销协议,该协议已于 2010 年 XX 月 XX 日在下面签字盖章: <<SELLER’S >> 卖方 Sign and Seal 签字盖章
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<<BUYER’S>>买方 Sign and Sea 签字盖章

Represented By: Title: PRESIDENT/CEO

Represented By: Title: PRESIDENT/CEO

ANNEX “1” 附件1


RESULT 0,14 0,5+/-0,2 65min 110 min 25 118 max 0.5% Lower than 0.1% Lower than 5 mg KOH/ 100ml nil Min9700/41300 0.8900-0.9200 0.5 max Lower than 7% 23 5 12 29 3.6%

1. Ash content, not more % 2. Mass fraction of sulphur, not more % - low – sulphur – residual – oil 3. Temperature of the flash, not less ? C in the closed crucible In the open crucible ? C 4. The temperature of solidification, not higher ? C 5. Kinematics viscosity 6. Water content 7. Mechanical impurities 8. Acidity 9. Alkalinity 10. Gross Calorific Value Kcal/kg / KJ/kg 11. Density at 20.0 deg. C Kg/l 12. Hydrogen Sulfide Content (H2S) pom 13. Carbon Residua 14. Vanadium (V) ppm 15. Aluminum (Al) ppm 16. Silicon (Si) ppm 17. Nickel (Ni) ppm 18. Aspartames m/m 19. Distillation @4 mm Hg Extracted to 760 mm Hg Initial Boiling Point deg. C 5% recovered deg. C
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216 259

10% recovered deg. C 20% recovered deg. C 30% recovered deg. C 40% recovered deg. C 50% recovered deg. C 60% recovered deg. C 75% recovered deg. C 80% recovered deg. C 95% recovered deg. C Final Boiling point deg. C Percent Recovered vol Residue vol Total Nitrogen m/m 20. Sodium (Na) ppm

310 358 445 502 534 538 545 550 560 78% 22% 0.192% 15




Proposed Shipping / Lifting Schedule 交货时间表 This Delivery – Shipping / lifting Schedule is to become an integral part of this contract before it is effective. Provided however, the parties may sign the contract and establish a shipping schedule as an integral part of this contract by mutual written agreement. BUYER will have the option to change the designated discharge port, provided that written notice is given to the SELLER at least twenty (20) calendar days prior to the ship’s ETA at the former nominated and scheduled discharge port. Buyer to provide destination by month. 本交货时间表是本合约不可分割的一部分,买卖双方应在签署合同时,以书面的形式确认交货时间表。买方可以更改 目的港口,但应在船只预期到达原来目的港口前的 20 天给出书面目的港口变更通知给买方。

SHIPMENT № XT / 001 XT / 002 XT / 003 XT / 004 XT / 005 XT / 006 XT / 007 XT / 008 XT / 009




Vladivostok Port Vladivostok Port Vladivostok Port Vladivostok Port Vladivostok Port Vladivostok Port Vladivostok Port Vladivostok Port Vladivostok Port


2010 2010 2010 2010 2010 2011 2011 2011 2011

50,000 MT 50,000 MT 50,000 MT 50,000 MT 50,000 MT 50,000 MT 50,000 MT 50,000 MT 50,000 MT
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MAY JUNE JULY Total Quantity

2011 2011 2011

50,000 MT 50,000 MT 50,000 MT

Vladivostok Port Vladivostok Port Vladivostok Port


600,000 Metric Tons

Appendix No.3

1. The price is fixed on CIF USD 360.00 Per MT for RUSSIAN MAZUT 100 GOST 10585-75, sold under the present contract for the first shipment. The price will be re-adjusted every three monthes as per current popular market price. 本合同俄罗斯重油 MAZUT 100 GOST 105-85-75 的第一批货物 CIF USD $xxxxx.00 净价。 该价格为固定价格。 价格每三个月按照当时行情修改一次。 2. The price formula referred to throughout this Contract is to be calculated by rounding numbers to three (3) decimal places, and stated in US Dollars (USD) and shall remain fixed for the duration of this Contract. 该合同价格计算四舍五入精确到小数点之后的 3 位数,以美元计算。 3. Quality and Quantity Adjustment Determination of biological contamination of the product at load port will be passed on analysis of each ships composite sample after loading as to be ascertained by a mutually agreed independent inspector. Seller to compensate Buyer for losses arising from any contamination duly supported by documentation, such not to exceed Three United States Dollars (USD3.00) per metric ton. Claims for bacterial contamination, if any, to be presented with all supporting documents within one month after Bill of Lading. 质量和数量的调整在装货港在装货完成后, 由双方同意的独立检查员对产品的生物污染进行分析综合测定确 定。 如果生物污染对货物产生损失的话, 根据证明文件, 卖方将对买方进行赔偿, 但每吨不得超过 3 美元 (3.00 美元) 。细菌污染索赔,如果有的话,需在提单日的一个月内提交所有的证明文件.

Appendix No.4


附件 4


1.1. The payment for the Goods supplied under the present Contract shall be realized from 100% T/T payment with
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an Irrevocable,, Non-Transferable, Documentary letter of credit at sight established by the Buyer to the Seller’s bank to cover the total contracted supply volume of 50,000 Metric Ton in order to vouch for T/T payment.The payment shall be done by Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) to Seller’s bank within 5 (five) International banking days, after the goods arrival at discharging port and after inspection by SGS&CIQ has been completed, all documents to be presented to Buyer directly within 3 days after BL date through DHL . The DLC is to be used only as a guarantee and will not be drawn upon unless Buyer fails to send the T/T payment, according to the time frame set for in this Contract. 付款方式为 100%电汇付款由买方开出以卖方为受益人的不可撤销的,不可转让的,即期跟单信用证作为 付款保证。在货物抵达目的港完成 SGS/CIQ 检验后五个工作日后电汇付款,所有的单据需要在提单日后 5 日内通过快递直接给买方,一旦买方没有按照合同规定按时付款,卖方将通过信用证向银行议付。 1.2.The DLC shall have a maturity date of 60 (sixty) days from date of issuance。 After finishing the first deal, we will open new LC in the validity of 12 month 信用证有效期为 60 天,在第一笔交易顺利完成后,重新开立新的有效期为 12 个月的跟单信用证 2.Final calculation of the payment under the present contract is made at the end of shipment of all lots of the Goods and performance of all conditions of the present (true) contract by the Parties. The Parties agree the quality and quantity of cargo depend on the certificate of CIQ report of discharge port. 本合约项下的最终结算是在装运完所有批次货物并履行完本合约项下的条件与条款后进行。买卖双方在此确认货物的 质量和数量以目的港口的 CIQ 检验报告为准。 3.If the Buyer has not made payments for the delivered goods within 7(seven) working days after signing of the Qualified Certificate of the Inspection ( CIQ) at discharge port, the Seller can present the following document to the issuing bank for negotiating 如果在目的港口 CIQ 签发了合格的检验报告之日起 7 工作日内,买方还是没有对所交付的货物进行付款,卖方提交以 下单据向开证行议付 1)Commercial invoice – one (1) original plus three (3) copies; 商业发票—一正本三副本 2) 1/3 originals and non-negotiable copies of ―Clean on Board‖ marine Bill of Lading, issued AND signed by the owner of vessel, and indicating the following:

由船长开具签字的全套 1/3 不可议付的海运提单原件,显示―清洁装船‖并包括以下内容:
Port of loading;装货港 Destination/ Port of discharge;目的港 Marked ―freight prepaid‖ and ―shipped on board‖;―运费预付 ‖和―已装船‖; Product description: 货物描述 3) Certificate of Quality issued or signed by the independent inspectors at the port of loading(SGS), confirming quality, conformity to Contract specifications hereto.
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质量证书或在装货港(SGS)检验员的独立签字,确认质量是否符合附上合同规格 4) Certificate of Quantity issued or signed by the independent inspectors at the port of loading(SGS), indicating quantity in metric tons. 由装货港独立检测机构开具并签字的产品数量证明,以公吨表示数量。 5) Certificate of quality and quantity issued or signed by independent inspectors at the port of discharge(CIQ 卸货港 CIQ 出具 的产品质量和数量证明 6) Certificate of Origin issued or signed by the Chamber of Commerce or custom’s authorities, specifying the country of origin of the Product. 由海关和商会权威出具并签字的原产地证明,指明产品的原产地。 7) Insurance policy covering 110% of the invoice value against all risk 按发票金额 110%投保一切险的保险单 APPENDIX NO.5 附件 5 PERFORMANCE BOND 履约保函草稿 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Draft Text of a Letter of Credit 信用证文本草稿 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Appendix No.7 附录 7 Proof of Product Draft 产品证明草稿 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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