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备战 2011 高考各地模拟题分类汇编:完形填空夹叙夹议篇 A
[2010·海南五校联考] 词数:255 体裁:记叙文 难度:4 When I was in primary school, I got into a major argument with a boy in my class.I can’t 36 what the it was about, but I have never forgotten the I was 38 37 I learned that day.

that I was right and he was wrong--and he was sure that I was wrong 39 41 decided to teach us a very important lesson.She of the class and 42 40

and he was right.The both of us up to the me on 43

him on one side of her desk and 44

.In the middle of her desk was a large, round object.I could 45

see that it was black.She asked the boy what answered.

the object was.“White,” he

I couldn’t believe he said the object was white, Another 47


it was obviously black! 48 about the color of

started between my classmate and me, this

the object. The teacher told me to go sta nd where the boy was standing and told him to come stand where I had been.We changed 49 , and now she a sked me what the color of 51 colored

the object was.I 50 answer, “White.” It was an object with two sides, and from his side it was white. 52

from my side was it black. 53 in the 55

My teacher taught me a very important lesson that day: You must other person’s shoes and look at the understand their view. 36.A.think 37.A.lesson 38.A.told 39.A.officer 40.A.told 41.A.back 42.A.planted B.suppose B.lecture B.wished B.teacher B.came B.front B.placed C.remind C.class C.convinced C.doctor C.brought C.middle C.had 54

through their eyes in order to

D.remember D.text D.allowed D.parent D.woke D.side D.fixed

43.A.the other 44.A.happily 45.A.width 46.A.when 47.A.fight 48.A.time 49.A.places 50.A.needed to 51.A.similarly 52.A.Still 53.A.seat 54.A.situation 55.A.unexpectedly

B.another B.fortunately B.shape B.unless B.argument B.year B.seats B.was able to B.differently B.Since B.stand B.movement B.suddenly

C.other C.clearly C.color C.until C.conversation C.month C.attitudes C.hoped to C.beautifully C.Only C.lie C.condition C.quietly

D.others D.nearly D.size D.if D.game D.day D.glasses D.had to D.surprisingly D.Also D.put D.behaviour D.truly

36.D.从下文的 never forgotten 可知,我记不清为何争吵。 37.A.从下文可知,这是我多年前得到的一个教训。 38.C.be convinced of= be sure of,意为“确信,深信”。从下文可知,当时我相信自 己是正确的。 39.B.下文多次提到 my teacher,所以应选 B 项. 。 40.C.bring 指带??到某处。其他选不符合文意。 41.B.从下文的 her desk 可知,老师把我们带到讲桌边,讲桌应在教室前面,故 B 项最佳。 42.B.place 意为“放置,安放,安置”。根据下文,老师让我们站(安置、放)在讲桌 的两边。其他几个选项都不符合此文意。 43.A.从上文 on one side of her desk 可推知我站到那个同学对面,即讲桌的另一边, 应是 the other side。 44. 从下文 obviously 和文意可知, C. 从我这边, 很清晰地看到那是黑色, 故选择 clearly。 45.C.从 black 和 white 可知,老师在问我们物体的颜色。 46.A.从上下文可知,当(when)从我的一边是黑色是,我的同学看到的是白色,所以 A 项 when 符 合文意。 47.B.从文意和上文的 argument 可知,我们不同意对方意见,又开始争吵。 48.A.由上文又开始了新一轮争吵可知,time(这一次)是正确的。其他选项显然与文意

不符。 49.A.由上句两个 where 可知,我们交换了地点。 50.D.根据上下文,我们两人互相交换了地点,我看到了事物的另一面,不得不承认是白 色的,即我的同学刚才看到的颜色。 51.B.由下文 from his side it was white 和 from my side was it black 可知,物体的 两面颜色不同,故 differently 正确。 52.C.still 仍然;since 自??以来,到现在;only 可是、不过;also 而且。通过上句, 从他那面看,物体是白色,可是从我这面是黑色。只有 only 符合文意。 53.B. (be)in sb’s shoes 处于某人的境地。不及物动词 stand 代替了 be 在此表示动作。 而 put、seat 都是及物动词,之后应加上 sb. 。lie 意思不符。 54.A.situation 局面,情况,局势;movement 动作;condition 状况;behaviour 行为。 只有 situation 最合适。 55.D.通过上文可知,只有你自己处在别人的境况下,才真正理解别人,故 D 项 truly 合 适。 B [2010·全国大联考预测卷(大纲)] 词数:278 体裁:记叙文 难度:4

The first day of school our professor introduced himself and challenged us to get to know a new classmate.I 36 to look around when a gentle hand 38 37 my

shoulder.I turned around to find a wrinkled, little a smile.

lady looking up at me with

She said, “Hi.My name is Rose.I’m eighty-seven years old.Can I give you a hug?” I laughed and 39 responded, “Of course you may!” and she gave me a giant (巨大的) squeeze. “Why are you in college at such a young, innocent 40 ?”I asked.“I always !” she told me.

41 having a college education and now I’m getting 42

Later, we became close friends.Every day we would leave class together and she 43 her wisdom and experience with me. Over the 44 icon and she 45 of the year, Rose became a campus

made friends wherever she went.

At the


of the semester(学期)we invited Rose to speak at our football 47 forget what she taught us . When she was 48 and said,

banquet ( 宴 会 ). I’ll

introduced, frustrated and a little embarrassed, she cleared her “We do not stop playing because we are old; we playing.There are only two secrets to staying 50 49

old because we stop

, being happy, and achieving

success.You have to 51 and find humor every day.You’ve got to have a dream.When you 52 your dreams, you die.” One week after graduation Rose died 53 in her sleep.Many college students attended her funeral in tribute to (悼念) wonderful woman who taught 54 the that it’s never too 55 to be all you can possibly be. 36.A.lay down 37.A.touched 38.A.beautiful 39.A.sadly 40.A.age 41.A.talked about D.dreamed of 42.A.those 43.A.learned 44.A.course 45.A.easily 46.A.middle 47.A.eve r 48.A.throat 49.A.grow 50.A.rich 51.A.eat 52.A.have 53.A.bitterly 54.A.to B.one B.told B.path B.rar ely B.beginning B.never B.face B.prove B.healthy B.cry B.lose B.fortunately B.for C.that C.shared C.distance C.unwillingly C.end C.still C.nose C.look C.cheerful C.laugh C.get C.peacefully C.in D.they D.debated D.road D.strangely D.top D.already D.eyes D.stay D.young D.shout D.keep D.hopefully D.by B.stood up B.felt B.young B.coldly B.speed C.fell off C.wounded C.old C.absently C.point B.tried out D.went out D.clapped D.kind-hearted D.enthusiastically D.year C . looked forward example





36.B 根据文意和下文的 looked up at me 可知,听说来了新同学,我想看清是谁,应该是 站起,故选 B 项 stood up。 37.A 根据下文和常识可知,新来的同学很友好,在我肩膀上 touch 以示友好,故选 A 项。 注意区别 feel,意为“to deliberately move your fingers over sth in order to find out what it is like”可以看出其不合适。其他选项意思不符。 38.C 从上文 wrinkled 可知这位新同学是位老人,所以选 C 项 old。 39.D 从下文可知我们一见面便非常热情,后来我们成为好朋友,故选 D 项最符合文意。 40.A 根据上下文可知这位新同学年岁已高,而我有些好奇,所以问她此问题,故选 A 项 age 符合文意。 41.D 从下文倒数第 2 段 dream 可知,Rose 一直想接受大学教育,所以选择 dream of 合适。 42.B those 指代复数名词;one 指代前面的单数可数名词的任一个;that 指代前面的不可 数名词或句子;they 指代复数名词主格。由上文的 a college education,one 最合适。 43. 提到我们成为好朋友, 后面有介词 with, 故选 C 项 share, 构成词组 share sth. C with sb. 。 44.A 从下文的 the year 可知,A 项正确,course 此处意为“??的过程、进程”。 45.A 从上下文可知,Rose 在学校很受欢迎,有很多朋友,所以 A 项 easily 正确。 46.C 根据上下文可知,Rose 已经在校学习了大约一学期,那么大家邀请她应是学期快要 结束的时候,因此 end 正确。 47.B.根据下文可知 Rose 已经去世,但作者对她的话语仍然记忆犹新,所以 never forget 是符合文意的。 48.A 根据前面的 clear 和上文的 we invited Rose to speak 可知,Rose 是在准备说话, 故选 throat,说话之前先清清嗓子。 49.A 根据文意,Rose 在告诉我们不要 stop playing,否则就变老了,所以 grow old 正确。 50.D 根据上文的 old 可知,我们没有了梦想,就会变老,所以保持年轻(yo ung)的方法 之一是拥有梦想,故选 D 项。 51.C 根据上文 being happy 和下文的 humor 可知 C 项 laugh 正确。 52.B 根据文意,have a dream 是保持年轻、快乐和取得成功的秘诀之一,那么失去了梦 想就意味着变老了,所以 lose 最合适。 53.C 根据文意可知,Rose 性格开朗,人缘很好,而且自己的梦想也实现了,由此可推测

她在睡梦中安静的去世,故选 C 项 peacefully 最符合文意。 54.D 由上下文 可知,Rose 虽然年老,仍保持着一颗年轻、快乐、上进的心,所以她从自 身做起, 成为大家学习的榜样。 所以此处用介词 by 最合适, 构成搭配 teach by example, 意为“以身作则”。 55.D 根据 Rose 的故事我们可以得出:实现自己的梦想,再晚也不为过。所以 D 项 late 最合适。 C [2010·河北石家庄市二模] 词数:267 体裁:夹叙夹议 难度:4 One cold evening, I was waiting outdide for a taxi in New York city. Later, I was 21 by a man in his thirties. Obviously, he was angry, complaining how 22

New Yorks were. I knew my to k eep 24

23 would only be about 10 minutes and a part of me wanted

and just move on, but I also wanted to try and connect. a custmer, .

I asked him why. He told me he had just come from JFK airport 25

which means $70 in lost fare(车费), a fairly big deal. I tried to share his 26 Gradually, he calmed down. He mentioned he had read an article happiest people are those who give. his life, I was starting to 30 27

that the in

28 ,he hoped to have more chance to 29 being with him!

Arriving at my destination , I paid him, giving a generous tip. I also pulled out an extra $20 and said, “Sir, I share the same an extra little bit. 31 of giving with you. Here's 33 $70 from JFK. But, if 35 .”

32 it ,since you’re alreday

you want to experience the

34 of the gift, give it to the next 36 ! But the driver

For a monment I thought I was so “Sir, I have a

37 me by saying,

38 idea. You give that $20 to a homeless person and I will gift

the next rider for free.” It was an honor meeting the driver and learning the lesson of is able to give and surprise 21.A.taken up 22.A.serious 23.A.ri de 24.A.free 25.A.with 40 with their generisity. C.sent up C.horrible C.way C.busy C.for D.put up D.strict D.distance D.silent D.to 39 everyone

B.picked up B.cruel B.flight B.calm B.without

26.A.delight 27.A.saying 28.A.Otherwise 29.A.give 30.A.mind 31.A.idea 32.A.Forget 33.A.up 34.A.force 35.A.passenger 36.A.bad

B.worry B.writing B.However B.share B.regret B.action B.Keep B.in B.energy B.conductor B.cool

C.unhappiness C.telling C.Besides C.take C.enjoy C.practice C.Put C.down C.strength C.stranger C.silly C.surprised C.worse C.which C.other

D.surprise D.speaking D.therefore D.forgive D.hate D.story D.Pay D.out D.power D.tourist D.simple D.encouraged D.newer D.how D.some

37.A.disappointed B.satisfied 38.A.better 39.A.what 40.A.one B.further B.when B.another

21B 考查动词短语的含义。此处 pick up 意为:用车接。我被一个三十几岁的人接上车。 22C 考查形容词词义。 文意: 显然, 他很生气, 一直在抱怨纽约人多么令人讨厌。 此处 horrible 意为:令人讨厌的。 23A 考查名词词义。此处 ride 意为:乘车的路程。我知道我乘车的路程也只不过 10 分钟。 24D 考查形容词词义。因为路程 短我只想保持沉默前行即可。 25B 考查介词的用法。他告诉我他刚刚从 JFK 机场来没有一个乘客。 26C 考查名词词义。因为没有乘客自然很不高兴,我分享他的不幸。 27A 考查分词短语的用法。他提到他看过一篇文章,文字上说着“最幸福的人们是那些给予 的人们”。 28D 考查副词词义。因为想成为幸福的人,所以他希望在生活中又更多的机会给予。 29A 考查动词词义。参看解析 28 30C 考查动词词义。我可是喜欢和他在一起。 完形填空:21—25 BCADB 26—30 CADAC 31—35 ABCDA 36—40 BCADB

31A 考查名词词义。此处 idea 意为:想法。我和你在给予问题上有相同的想法。 32B 考查动词词义。此处 keep it 意为:拿着这些钱。

33C 考查介词词义。此处 down 意为:损失。你已经损失了 70 美元。 34D 考查名词词义。如果你想体会给予的力量,你把它给下一个乘客。 35A 考查名词词义及语境。参看解析 34。 36B 考查形容词词义。那一刻我的感觉棒极了。此处 cool 意为:好极了,棒极了。 37C 考查动词词义。那位出租车司机说了一句让我吃惊的话。 38A 考查形容词的比较级及语境理解。司机说出了一个更好的主意。 39D 考查 how 引导宾语从句。大家怎样才能给予并用慷慨感到另一个人。 40B 考查代词的用法。参看解析 39。 D [2010·河北唐山市二模] 词数:323 体裁:夹叙夹议 难度:4

Tears clouded my eyes as I stood in our washing room, holding Brett’s jeans and full of burn holes. Tired and defeated, I Brett had 22 21 to the floor. The clothes were just one more thing 23 .Many

.He often got almost everything in the house out of 24

windows in our house needed repair due to his breaking

to steal money when 25

he chose to live on the street. Yet none of this could compare to the emotional Brett had done to our once quiet home.

Brett came to live with us when he was 12 years old. During the next few years I had dealt with Brett a 26 as possible, but inside I was shouting.“I don’t 27 him!” Having wiped

want him in my house another day, Lord! I just can’t my tears, I continued 28 him as before.

When Brett was nearly 18, he landed again in Juvenile Hal l(少管所).After that, my husband and I had to send Brett to a boarding school for helping At the who had 31 30 29 teens.

ceremony, each graduate held a white rose to give to the person the most to him or her. 32 to his parents and then spoke to me, “You did so much. You 33 35 .My mom and dad, I was their kid. But you, 34

Brett spoke

were always there, no matter troubled enough by me, always you for it.”

me such love. And I want you to know I love


, I stood as Brett placed the white rose in my hand and hugged me 38



At that moment, tears disappointment but for 39

in my eyes again, this time not for 40 toward

. Although I had struggled with silent

my stepson, Brett had seen only my actions. Love is action. We may not always have positive feelings about certain people in our lives, but we can love them. 21. A. sat 22. A. ruined 23. A. danger 24. A. off 25. A. pain B. sank C. bent D. dropped D. broken D. order

B. lost B. place B. in C. up

C. torn

C. trouble D. away C. damage

B. injury

D. harm D. rudely

26. A. patiently 27. A. forgive 28. A. parenting 29. A. lazy

B. willingly B. educate

C. strictly

C. stand

D. control D. feeding D. careless

B. pardoning

C. comforting C. disappointing C. victory

B. troublesome B. official B. meant B. sadly

30. A. opening 31. A. afforded 32. A. lovingly 33. A. where 34. A. unless 35. A. cost

D. graduation D. owed D. nervously

C. supplied C. proudly D. who

B. how

C. what

B. although B. lent

C. because

D. when

C. taught

D. showed D. Interested

36. A. Astonished 37. A. surely 38. A. fell 39. A. pity 40. A. love

B. Puzzled

C. Encouraged

B. roughly B. flowed

C. tightly

D. fiercely

C. moved C. luck C. anger

D. gathered D. success D. care

B. happiness B. anxiety

【文章大意】孩子的行为给作者带来了无尽的折磨,作者常常以泪洗面,但是她把愤怒无声 地埋在心底,一如既往地履行母亲的责任。毕业典礼上,当孩子把玫瑰送给她时,她情不能 已,流出了幸福的眼泪。 21. 第一段提到作者在洗手间泪流满面, B 再结合本句前半句中的内容可知作者“倒”在地 上。sink to the floor表示“倒在地上”。

22.A 根据句意可知Brett经常“毁坏,糟蹋”东西。Lost丢失;torn 撕碎; broken打破。 23.D 根据句意可知他经常把房间里的所有的东西搞得乱七八糟。此处out of danger 表示“脱离危险”;out of place表示“不合适”; out of trouble表示“脱离困境”; out of order表示“杂乱,不整洁”。 24.B 房子的窗户需要修理,因为他从窗户“闯入”房子去偷钱。 25.C然而,所有这一切都不能和Brett对我们曾经安静的家造成的情感“伤害”相比。 Emotional damage意为:情感伤害。 26.A 根据文意可推测在随后的几年中,作者尽可能耐心的对待他。 27.C 本句中的but表示的是转折意义,且从I don’t want him in my house another day 可知,作者在内心深处无法忍受他。 28.A 作者把满腹心酸和愤怒埋在心底,擦干眼泪,像昔日一样一如既往地对他尽到父母的 责任。此处parent用作动词。 29. 他再次进入少管所表明他经常招惹是非, B 作者和丈夫把他送往帮助这些令人烦恼的青 少年寄宿学校。 30.D 上文提到Brett被送到寄宿学校,可知这里是在毕业典礼上。 31.B 每一个毕业生都把一支白色的玫瑰送给对自己来说最重要的人。此处mean意为:意味 着。 32.A 根据下文他所说的话可知他深情地和亲生父母和作者说话。 33. 他所要表达的意思是无论发生什么事情, C 你总是在我身边。 后半句可理解为no matter what happened。 34.B 虽然我给你添了许多麻烦,但是你总是无微不至的关怀我。此处是although you were troubled enough by me的省略形式。 35.D Brett认为自己给养母添了不少麻烦,但是她始终对他表现出至诚的关爱。 36.A 作者完全没有想到他竟然 把玫瑰送给了自己,并且说出了这样的话,所以感到无比 震惊。 37.C Brett是在表达自己内心的感激,发自肺腑,所以“紧紧地”拥抱作者。 38.D 在那一刻,作者非常感动,眼中的泪水越来越多。此处gather表示:聚集。 39.B 此时此刻,作者流出的不是失望的泪水,而是因为“幸福”而流出。 40.C此处与第三段中间的部分内容相呼应,表明作者过去在心里对他表示过无声的愤怒。


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