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2017年高考英语一轮复习 Unit 1 Art课时作业

Unit 1 Art
Ⅰ.完形填空 体裁:夹叙夹议 话题:关爱 词数:321 时间:18′ The first time I saw Pauline was in a factory restaurant thirty years ago.At that time I was a __1__,shy 18-year-old boy.I had to work in a factory __2__ my family was poor and I had to earn money to __3__ it.I had never had a job before.The __4__ of the factory sounded and you were allowed a __5__.The bell sounded again and you had to be back to go on with your work. As I entered the __6__ one day after work,I looked around the room.There were so many people there.No one knew me,no one __7__ me,and no one greeted me.Everyone was eating their lunch.There seemed to be no spare __8__ for me. From across the room,in a corner,a __9__ caught my eye.The lady was about 40 years old,with sparkling blue eyes and blonde hair.She had been smiling __10__ at me since I saw her.And she __11__ me to join her at the table where she was eating her lunch.When I approached the __12__,she introduced herself and the rest of the people sitting at the table __13__.The warmth and __14__ I felt at that moment was a feeling I'd never experienced before and I will __15__ it forever. Her name was Pauline and I often met her later in the __16__ where we were working.She taught me more about __17__ at that moment.I left that factory two years later and __18__ saw her again.Where are you,Pauline? To this day I am always __19__ to welcome a stranger,to smile at a stranger,to comfort a stranger,to show the __20__ and acceptance to a stranger. Thank you Pauline.I know you are smiling at me every time I remember you and the warmth and acceptance you gave a stranger who was lonely and shy. 1.A.curious B.brave C.proud D.lonely

答案 D [根据短文最后的 you gave a stranger who was lonely and shy 可知选项 D 正确。] 2.A.because B.unless C.when D.though

答案 A [前后两个句子的内容是因果关系,故用 because 连接。作者因为家庭贫寒所


以不得不去工厂工作。] 3.A.manage B.decorate C.support D.build

答案 C [作者 18 岁就开始在工厂上班挣钱是因为家庭太穷,要挣钱养家。] 4.A.machine B.bell C.clock D.speaker

答案 B [下面一句 The bell sounded again and...提示了答案。] 5.A.break B.meal C.coffee D.sleep

答案 A [根据后面的...you had to be back to go on with your work 可知,铃声 响起是休息,铃声再次响起是继续工作。] 6.A.office B.workshop C.lab D.restaurant

答案 D [根据短文第一句以及 Everyone was eating their lunch 可知,作者下班之 后去的地方是工厂的食堂。] 7.A.helped B.noticed C.believed D.praised

答案 B [从 and no one greeted me 以及下文内容可以推测,在餐厅里没有人注意到 作者。] 8.A.time B.money C.seat D.food

答案 C [根据 There were so many people there.可知,餐厅里面没有多余的座位, 作者没有找到座位。] 9.A.man B.child C.lady D.granny

答案 C [下文 The lady was about 40 years old 提示了答案。] 10.A.sweetly 答案 A B.silently C.shyly D.strangely

[根据下面一句可知, 这位夫人让作者坐到她的桌子上吃饭, 说明这个夫人很

友好。四个选项中只有 A 项符合语境。] 11.A.ordered C.advised 答案 D 12.A.door 答案 B B.telephoned D.motioned

[因为人多嘈杂,这位女士只能向作者打手势。] B.table C.window D.stage

[下文 she introduced herself and the rest of the people sitting at the

table 提示了答案。] 13.A.unwillingly C.quietly B.smilingly D.impatiently



[ 从上文这位女士一直微笑地看着作者,到短文最后一句 I know you are

smiling at me every time 可知,这位女士一直是在微笑着做这一切的。] 14.A.explanation C.acceptance 答案 C B.understanding D.forgiveness

[根据短文最后一句 I know you are smiling at me every time I remember

you and the warmth and acceptance you gave a stranger who was lonely and shy. 可知选项 C 正确。] 15.A.cherish C.share 答案 A B.seek D.consider [根据最后一句 every time I remember you and the warmth and acceptance

you gave a stranger 可知,作者会珍惜这种经历。] 16.A.street C.hospital 答案 D 17.A.care C.responsibility 答案 A B.market D.factory

[由 where we were working 可知,作者和这位女士经常在工厂见面。] B.confidence D.courage


明这位女士是有爱心的。四个选项中只有 A 符合语境。] 18.A.usually 答案 D B.often C.rarely D.never

[根据 Where are you,Pauline?可知作者再也没有见过这位女士。] B.familiar C.ready D.poor

19.A.difficult 答案 C

[作者在这位女士的感召下,也乐意对陌生人微笑、安慰、关心。] B.warmth D.trust [短文最后一段 I remember you and the warmth and acceptance you gave

20.A.independence C.power 答案 B

a stranger 提示了答案。] Ⅱ.阅读理解 体裁:说明文 话题:文化娱乐 词数:301 时间:6′ Flamenco(弗拉门科舞) is a typical dance and music in the south of Spain.It was brought to Spain by gypsy(吉卜赛) people coming from Eastern Europe in the 15th

century. The three things needed to do flamenco are a good singer,a Spanish guitar, and a good dancer.Normally,the scene of a flamenco show is a plank floor,and it can be in any theater or bar.But for something different in Granada,you can see Flamenco in typical caves where families of gypsy people lived in ancient times. Flamenco is divided into two groups , the group of singers and the group of dancers.The group of singers is normally formed of men who sing and play the Spanish guitar.The men usually wear black suits,and the bottoms of their shoes are metal. The group of dancers is usually formed of women.The most beautiful thing in this part is how fast they can move their feet and the sound you can listen to.The sound of the shoes has the same rhythm as the music.I would like to describe a night in Granada when we decided to go to see a Flamenco show.As I said,in Granada the scene is a cave,and that makes you feel different.The sound of the music with the sounds from the bottoms of the dancers' shoes made me feel happy.The people watching were trying to clap to the rhythm of the music,but it's impossible to do it because this art is just for professional people. We saw the joy of the gypsy people.They were happy and charming and they transmitted(传达) this to us with their music.Flamenco is definitely a great art! 【语篇解读】 西班牙南部的弗拉门科舞是在 15 世纪由吉卜赛人带到西班牙的。这种舞蹈 有自己的鲜明特点。 21.We know from the passage that Flamenco ________. A.has been popular in Spain for 15 centuries B.was invented by gypsy people C.came from some countries of Europe D.was from the countryside of Spain 答案 C [细节理解题。本题可用排除法来做。根据第一段内容可以排除 A、B、D 三个

选项,同时,第一段内容中的 coming from Eastern Europe 可知 C 为正确选项。] 22.What do we know about Flamenco's players? A.Some singers are men and others are women. B.Men play the Spanish guitar while singing.

C.Dancers are partly made up of women. D.What singers wear is nothing unusual except black suits. 答案 B [细节理解题。根据第三段中的 The group of singers is normally formed

of men who sing and play the Spanish guitar 可知 B 为正确答案。] 23.What makes the writer feel unusual is that ________. A.the performance he saw was played in a cave B.women had to move their feet as fast as the rhythm of the music C.other people joined singers and dancers to play together D.the people watching couldn't clap to the rhythm of the music 答案 A [细节判断题。根据第二段中的 Normally,the scene of a flamenco show is

a plank floor,and it can be in any theater or bar.可知,弗拉门科舞一般在剧 院或酒吧表演,因为作者是在山洞里看到的演出,因此感到很新鲜。] 24.From the passage we may infer ________. A.both the gypsy people and the Spanish are fond of singing and dancing B.it is the Spanish people who made Flamenco more popular C.Flamenco is not popular with gypsy people now D.Flamenco must have been transmitted throughout the world 答案 A [推理判断题。 第一句说明弗拉门科舞在西班牙是典型的歌舞, 文章最后说明

吉卜赛人用这种歌舞表达幸福, 从此可以推断西班牙人和吉卜赛人的共性是能歌善舞。 ] Ⅲ.阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 I have lived with passion and in a hurry,trying to accomplish too many things.I never had time to think __25__ my beliefs until my 28-year-old daughter Paula fell ill.She was paralyzed __26__ (complete) for a year and I took care of her at home, until she died in my arms in December of 1992. During that year of grieving, everything stopped for me.There __27__ (be) nothing to do—just cry and remember.However,that year also gave an opportunity to reflect upon my journey and the principles __28__ hold me together. Paralyzed and __29__ (silence) in her bed,my daughter Paula taught me a lesson: You only have what you give.It's by spending yourself that you become rich.Paula led a life of __30__ (serve).She worked as a volunteer __31__ (help) women and

children,eight hours a day,six days a week.When she died she had nothing and she __32__ (need) nothing.When she died I thought I had lost everything.__33__ then I realized I still had the love I had given her. The pain of losing my daughter was a cleansing experience.Now I like to give much more than to receive.I am __34__ (happy) when I love than when I am loved.It is in giving that I connect with others and with the world. 答案 25.about/of [think of/about 是固定短语,意为“想起;认为”。] 26.completely [用副词形式修饰形容词 paralyzed。] 27.was [nothing 为不定代词,故谓语动词用单数。短文叙述的是过去的事情,故用过去 时。] 28.that/which [空格处缺少定语从句引导词。] 29.silent [用形容词形式与前面的形容词 Paralyzed 相一致。] 30.service [用名词形式作介词 of 的宾语。] 31.helping [用现在分词作伴随状语。] 32.needed [根据空格前面的动词 had 可知,空格处也应该用动词的过去式形式。] 33.But [前后两个句子是转折关系,故用 but 连接。] 34.happier [根据后面的 than 可知用形容词的比较级。] Ⅳ.书面表达 假如你是班长,请你根据下表所列内容写一个口头通知,以备向全班同学宣读。 电影名称 《逃离德黑兰》2015 年第 85 届奥斯卡金像奖最佳影片 上映时间 明天下午 5:00~7:20 上映地点 人民剧院 票 价 50 元/张(学生团 4 折优惠)

注意事项 愿意观看的同学今天晚饭前将钱交给班长, 以便今晚校学生会统一购票; 不 要带零食;明天下午 4:00 在学校大门口集合。 注意:1.写成口头通知; 2.词数 100 左右; 3. 参考词汇: 《逃离德黑兰》 Escape from Tehran 奥斯卡金像奖 Annual Academy Awards ____________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ 【参考范文】 Boys and girls, Attention,please! I have something important to tell you.A new film named Escape

from Tehran,the best film in the 85th Annual Academy Awards in 2013,will be shown
at the People's Theater tomorrow afternoon.It begins at 5 p.m. and lasts for about two hours and twenty minutes.The tickets cost 5 yuan each,60% off for groups of students only. Those who want to see the film please hand in the money before supper so that the Students' Union of our school can go and buy the tickets this evening.I think you will enjoy it very much.By the way,don't bring snacks with you.We'll meet in front of our school gate at four o'clock tomorrow afternoon. That's all.Thank you.


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