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Task 1
????ǐabout people 1. What charactereristics do you think a good teacher should have? ?06. 3.3; 07. 11.3 ?乬?

Sample answer? In my view, a good teacher should have different characteristics. First, a good teacher should be faithful and dedicated to the job. If a teacher is faithful to the job, then s/he never cheats and will be impartial ?????? and students will respect such a teacher. If a teacher is dedicated towards his/her work, then s/he will teach with his/her heart. Another most important characteristic of a good teacher is patience. Teachers should never lose their patience in class when students ask questions repeatedly. A teacher should explain each and every aspect of the topic in the easiest way. Most of all, a good teacher should update his/her knowledge ‘cause further learning can make a good teacher re-discover the beauty of the teaching profession.
1 f/ h% f+ c; _" A - E2 `6 _7 N% y+ D( G, E# u y " j$ l: ]1 O2 Q. n3 D$ P1 X % C9 J% p" d4 R & a! m3 P5 s7 f0 w* ?* f( _

2. What are important characteristics you look for in friends??06. 5.12; 06. 6.24; 07.1.27 ?乬? Sample answer? I think what makes a good friend is someone who is honest, supportive, and has a good sense of humor. I just look for someone who's honest to me no matter what. He should not tell stories behind my back; he should tell me my short-comings at my mouth, but never praises me in front of me. It is a well known saying that "A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED." Therefore, a friend should stand by you in the hour of any sort of need. I just think that a good friend won't leave me if I'm in trouble. They can be my friends in sunshine and in shade, care for me even when the times are bad and even more when the times are great. Also, I'd love to spend more time with someone who can make me laugh and is fun to be around.
. D1 b/ M$ Y) y& E# y0 u7 M# B

3. Describe a person that influenced you most.?06. 5.26; 06. 3. 17?06.10.22 ?乬?? 06.5.26 ??? Sample answer? The person that really influenced me most was Ms. Xing---my college teacher who taught us English literature. Her class was quite different from the other teachers. In her class we were not expected to sit there and listen. We had to get more involved in the class activities, like discussions, comments or debates sometimes. Our creativity and imagination were developed enormously through the active participation. On the other hand, she let us think more about life by sharing her experiences and more importantly, she taught me how to live on my own. So that's why I was greatly influenced. Not only did she give me knowledge, but also she gave me courage and confidence as well.
: Y6 _5 o2 S9 @( _2 b

????ǐabout objects 4. Describe a book that you think is the most useful and explain why it is the most useful. Include reasons and examples to support your response.?05. 11.19 ?乬? Sample answer? The book that I think is the most useful is OG, Official Guide for new TOEFL. I'm a book lover and have lots and lots of collections. But OG is of the greatest use ‘cause I'm taking TOEFL Test, which is a must for a student who is gonna finish his or her overseas study in America. Not only does it give the brief introduction of the test, but it also provides test candidates with practical tips. On the other hand, some basics of English language are offered following the main parts, which is very helpful for those who don't have a good command of English. Most of all, it helps me get well prepared for TOEFL iBT and improve my performance on the four skills as well. This definitely leads to the academic success in my future study. That's why I think OG is the most useful book for me.
% V3 \9 [# J! Q$ h3 N" Z 6 P4 U# L% `6 U' L' N 8 ]7 V. B7 T4 p! r- `: u3 ]" H: I5 U

5. Which do you like to read, magazines, novels or poems? And why? ?06. 2.3; 06. 10.28; 07. 1.6 ?乬? Sample answer? I prefer magazines to fictions or poems, especially monthly magazines ‘cause they are like colorful flowers in a garden.They are good in some way and fill current trends and demands in different ways. My definition of a good magazine is one that doesn't just stick to the same writers and trends. The presentation, theme, and subjects should vary to grab the interest of readers. And a magazine should be a place where new writers can blossom. I would like to see more magazine stories and features on the new generation of writers and I hope to read more about new trends and new ideas. I read five or six magazines per month and I buy two magazines regularly---fashion and beauty magazines, ‘cause they are worth reading for their entertainment news and fashion and beauty tips. Sometimes the personality profiles?????/??? of successful business icons????“??”? are also fun to read.
- F% K) [/ U: ~ G9 `4 S ! a. v2 L0 o( y8 @1 }7 S6 m/ Z ( Y6 \4 b5 E7 Q" q, [

6. Describe the most efficient transportation in your country. ?06. 4.8; 06. 12.15 ?乬? Sample answer? The most effective means of transport, I'd say, is bicycle, an indispensable companion of most Chinese even though the private cars are on the rise. Each Chinese family possesses at least one bicycle and it is especially popular among college students. Compared with cars, bicycle still has some advantages. First, it is very convenient due to its small size. It does not need special parking space and can be parked almost everywhere. Second, driven by man power, it doesn't need fuel, so it has nothing to do with air pollution and
6 N# S# G; x& w2 _) {

energy crisis. Third, most people can afford a bicycle, but not a more advanced car. With so many advantages, bicycle will remain to be the most effective means of transport in China in the following years. 7. Describe one of the most important inventions in the last 100 years. ?06. 4.28; 07.3.10 ?乬? Sample answer? Some people might think computer is one of the most important inventions in the last century. But I'd say television. Since the invention of TV, human history has started a new page. First, TV allows people to learn about what's going on in the world. With such information, they are able to get a better understanding of the world they live in. What's more, TV provides a lot of interesting programs that many people enjoy after a long day's work. Its visual effect makes people feel less stressed and more relaxed. Most important of all, Television has a great influence on the way people think and talk.
5 [' U" o( k( B4 W! U; X

8. If you get a chance to choose a job, what will you do? ?06. 7.29; 06. 11.18; 08.3.2 ?乬? Sample answer? If I could freely choose any job, I would choose a job where I could do something constructive and beneficial for ordinary people. Definitely it would be something helping people. Teaching of course is sort of that kind of job---- if you do it properly you can certainly help people. Traditionally in China teachers have been very respected; we have a saying a teacher for a day is a father for life. Nowadays, attitudes are changing, and perhaps people are more realistic. But my dream isn't changing. I wouldn't be helping them materially but I could give them a lot of pleasure and lighten their days. I love teaching and I want it to be my whole life's career ‘cause I feel I really am contributing something to people's lives, to help them.
9 I6 d+ e0 w) q8 s3 d* P 5 o! p: G( B0 s1 [2 @# x3 K 2 O* w- G3 n8 Z' f3 i" N

9.Talk about an composition that is important to you, ex: essay, poem, letter, and explain the reasons. ?07. 3.23; 08.5.17 ?乬? Sample answer? The most important letter that I can remember was a letter applying for a job. I had seen this job advertised in a local newspaper, the evening editon. It suited me very much and I was immediately attracted to it. It said to apply in writing, giving details of your experience, your education and when you were available?and you had to give the names and contacts of two references. I was qualified for the job and eager to get it.
2 W$ w# |5 {" f7 S& n5 U U2 e; P

! K4 i. p; G( d! ?!

When I was finished writing I was pretty satisfied and a little pleased, posted it off to the address given and waited! Thankfully, before I sweated too much, I got a letter after a

couple of days, saying they wanted me to come in for interview. I was very pleased to go for the interview and got the job, my first job! …… …… ????ǐabout places
; D% C6 W4 q6 d+ f1 b: f% t

10. Where do you like to go when you are with friends? And why? ?06. 1.14; 06. 2.11 ?乬? Sample answer? When I'm with friends, I like to go to the restaurant. We would head for some exotic (? ????????)restaurant where we would choose our favorite dishes. And also, it should be one of the restaurants where the waitresses do not talk too much or disturb you. I would like to find a secluded ????? ????? table just for 3 or 4, perhaps with a panoramic view???? over a river or the lights of the city. We would have some very mellow(?佭?), warming red wine in sparkling glasses twinkling in the candlelight, the hues???? and aroma?佭?? filling our senses. We would eat slowly and carelessly for the joy of sharing and of being together. Our senses heightened, breathing deeply to the point of silent sighs, we would enjoy an endless evening there. That's the right place where I don't want to end our gathering.

11. Describe a public area that you visit frequently. Please state why you visit it frequently and include specific examples and details in your explanation. ?06. 1.21; 06. 11.17 ?乬? Sample answer? I usually go to Beihai Park when I have the time and opportunity. I can go for a stroll in the park to relax. The park has some trees, and interesting and winding paths, where I can wander listlessly and contemplate my own thoughts or admire the various stages of nature. Sometimes I just like to feel the breeze on my face and savour?????? its coolness. It gives me a sense of freedom. It also has a lake on which I can go boating. I often go to the park with my friends on weekends. And we'll have a picnic if we stay there for the whole day.
0 e8 z% v$ w8 Q

12. Describe a school you’ve ever attended. ?06. 9.23 ?乬? Sample answer? The school I'd like to talk about is Beijing New Oriental School where I took my TOEFL course. What I like about the school is that I can meet almost the best teachers in the country. They are so talented, eloquent??????, knowledgeable and humorous that I don't feel any bored in class. A 2.5 -hour class passes very quickly. One more good thing about the school is that I can meet people from different parts of the country and make friends with them. We have a lot in common, sharing the same passion, the same stage, even
9 V3 l- F! A2 @' g2 o5 `

the same learning difficulties which we encounter???? and then discuss and finally work out together. Living on campus offers us much time to communicate and to share experiences. Actually there's a lot to say about my school, but the points above are what I mainly want to cover.
; w3 x# N1 ?) h" }8 y ) Q: d4 H, \0 x( d$ b

13. Describe your favorite room either of your own house or in other places and explain why. ?07. 1.13; 07.9.12; 08.4.27 ?乬? Sample answer? My favorite room is the living room. I like lots of open space and a sense of expansiveness, of freedom??????????. Also, it's a place where I can look around and not feel agitated????? or confined??????. All different but natural colors have a such lovely warm effect that I would never get tired of it. Everything is in harmony----- large digital TV on the wall, glass-made tea table, beautiful plants, couch and sofa, a good book, a good wine. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and away from hurly burly????. It is at times a place to contemplate and at times a place to share with friends. In a word, it is graceful, refined, comfortable and restful .
' u( A7 j/ I* Q0 v % i' A6 y5 z! v' G, [% l ~/ K5 M N, _; Y- J. W8 E1 z% z6 T 9 @' _' A2 w6 H0 F) [- e6 e0 a

14. Describe a place you have never been to but like to go someday. ?07. 1.19 ?乬? ? 2008. 2. 2 ??? Sample answer? A place that I have always wanted to go but have never been to is America. Perhaps it's a bit corny, but as far as I'm concerned, America is a country, which is vast and open, a sort of freedom. It's also a place where if you work hard you will be successful. The second reason for me to go there is that I would like to visit some natural places like Grand Canyon, and Niagara Falls and some cities like NY, LA, SF, and Miami, where there is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But most important of all,I would get my Master's in a different country if I had a chance. That country would be America, which has the most prestigious universities worldwide. Hence I can get the finest education. I guess that would be the biggest attraction for me, to discover myself in a different world and be successful.
4 H7 S' Q. g2 e* i* A5 C

15.Describe a place for a trip. ?07. 8.11 ?乬; ? 2007. 1.19?2008. 2. 2 ???


Sample answer? I would go to New Zealand for a trip if I had a chance. It's a lovely country, made up two islands. It is very lush????? and green because it rains a lot there. I would do a lot of different things and one thing I would definitely do is to swim with the dolphins. One of my friends ever did it, which she said was very interesting. At first, she was only brave enough to pat them and then she got braver and held on to one's fin while it took her for a swim. They moved very quickly and gracefully through the water and it was fascinating ?????. So the place for a trip would be New Zealand!
1 @6 Z) v

????ǐabout events
7 A7 w; K* G5 Q, h

x* a: V. R( s9 C# r- n9 d7 y% u+ N

16ˊDescribe the most important decision that you've made in your life. Include reasons and examples to support your response. ?05. 12.2; 07. 10.17 ?乬? Sample answer? A particularly significant decision I've made in my life was that I came to work and live in Beijing. I had just finished my contract on a very decent job and I suppose I wanted freedom, or at least a long break. So I decided to come to Beijing even though I knew it is a challenging and demanding??????? city. But I still thought life was wonderful and the world was big. Besides, I was always a bit tempestuous ??╂╢??? and I liked to do things on the spur ???? of the moment. Arriving in a new city was exhilarating. Just walking out of the station with a suitcase and two bags and with a dream of doing something for the Olympic Games, I felt I had arrived and I felt life was mine and I could make of it what I wanted. That summer, I realized again and saw clearer that life never ought to be boring, but on the contrary is full of adventure and challenge and is exciting, too.
' p) ?+ F. @: ?9 B! j5 C$ ] 0 m0 U) w0 a. V# `4 P* c : N% k+ c! {( t/ K g

17. Describe a social or political celebration event in your culture. ?05. 12.17; 2006. 2. 11 ?乬, 2008. 2. 16 ?乬? Sample answer? A type of social event celebrated in my culture is the flag-raising ceremony on National Day. Oceans of ???“??”? people from all across the country come to Beijing the day before. They are very excited to see the ceremony with their own eyes instead of on TV. Some even have been planting this dream in their mind for years. They arrive around 6:00 early in the morning, waiting for the special moment. I guess they are all overwhelmed????? and thrilled ?▔?? by the wonderful scene at the time. On the other hand, the view of the honor guard parade is fantastic, the guards all wearing the green military uniform and marching to Tianmen Square with a high spirit. Each birthday celebration of the great country always begin with such a solemn????? flag-raising ceremony, which strengthens the unity and motivation of its people.
' * s V. j- s) I, j, D+ P0 d

18.Describe an enjoyable event in your childhood. ?06. 9.23; 06.11.21; 06. 12.1 ?乬? Sample answer? An enjoyable event that took place in my childhood was when I first got my first dog--Gus. I was ten and had been pestering???? my parents for a dog for years. One day I came home from school, my parents said they had a surprise for me and it was waiting for me in my room. I ran up to my room and threw open the door. I found a tiny puppy with a red bow around his neck at the foot of my bed. He was fast asleep. And for the rest of his life, he slept on the exact same spot at the end of my bed every night. That
* O4 d1 u/ p* f: x" E$ `6 L

was a great happy event in my childhood.
: Y$ k x' D6 [2 \" f) a2 Z! d1 f7 K$ f


/ ]' _- B: v, ` j; b! V: E

19. What do you do in your spare time? ?05. 12.3; 07. 7.14 ?乬; ? 07.8.17 ??? Sample answer? I'm kind of indoor type, so most often I read. I'm interested in reading all kinds of books and newspaper or magazine articles, especially those on current issues. I just want to keep myself informed of what's going on in the world. Now I spend most of my spare time reading on the Internet by browsing the screen. It's fast though it might do harm to my eyes. It's just fast and I can read fast. I also watch TV, especially the NBA game ‘cause I'm a big basketball fan, even though I'm not very good at playing basketball myself. I love to watch and I will get excited and overjoyed whenever I see Yaoming do a nice shot.
p' g 9 ~( s3 R! n9 H4 e6 S$ `% b 1 g6 e$ f9 }$ \. `

20. If you unexpectedly received a large amount of money, what would you do with it? Would you spend it for practical purposes or simply for fun? ?06. 11.18; 08.3.2 ?乬? Sample answer? If I got a lot of money, the first thing I would like to do is to go for overseas study. I have always wanted to finish my university in a different country. When I was in junior high, one of my classmates got a chance to go to the USA. At that time there were not many families who could afford their child to do that. To me, it was also a dream, and the dream has been planting in my mind until today. Therefore, I would definitely do this first if I had enough money. Then, I would give the rest of my money to my parents so that they could live a better and easier life. These two things above are what I really would like to do if I had a lot of money. …… ……
8 W n6 G# `3 a- x6 e& I+ u% l 7 L6 y& b2 @7 n& F5 d - D/ ?( I: p( L! F! O7 V0 O

Task 2
????ǐabout education
1 _' [6 w) Y9 [. ~) @

21. Do you think the high school should teach music and art as other basic science? Include details and examples to support your opinion. ?05. 12.2; 07.10.17 ?乬? Sample answer? Music and art should be important components??????? of the school curriculum ???? because they have many uses besides recreation. To study music is to study the basics. Through its study, students come into contact with ???? other basic areas of the curriculum: math, science, social studies, languages,
2 p) \ P# N- v( q( Z" M

and physical education. Apart from that, music, like reading, writing and speaking, conveys???? thoughts, ideas and feelings. It also provides an avenue for?????/??? developing self-expression and creativity. On the other hand, art education in itself has tremendous value??????????. Learning about the history, sharing ideas and knowledge, is always a good thing. Music and art, therefore, as important parts of our lives, should be taught in high school. …… 22. Do you think sports courses should be a required part of every school day? ?06. 9.23; 06.11.3 ?乬?
, t E* a3 w! ^8 k& _ 6 j1 N$ k6 w1 Q7 q8 n2 U

Sample answer? From my point of view, sports courses form an essential part of children's education for many reasons. First of all, doing sports helps maintain the physical fitness of students. Movement coming from physical exertion during exercise promotes circulation of blood to all parts of the body. Thus, it results in vigor and stamina which help to prevent diseases and sickness. Moreover, exercise develops sportsmanship among students. When they play as a team, they are able to identify their role and worth to reach the same goal. It also helps enrich/promote/improve their friendship and personality. Therefore, I think sports courses should be mandatory ????? in school.
X$ ( n& J" }# v! F m # h% q. h' h$ w1 E9 Y! T+ }

23. Some students like classes where teachers lecture in class. Other students prefer classes where the students do some of the talking. Which type of class do you prefer? ?06. 10. 15 ?乬? (Ё?) Sample answer? Both teaching and learning approaches are valuable and have relative merits. Classes dominated by teacher's lectures are full of enthusiasm which stimulates interest. Then the interested people tend to learn more. Also, lectures provide a faster, simpler method of presenting information to the students. They are particularly useful for students who read poorly or who are unable to organize the material. While on the other hand, tutorial allows students to participate in discussions which put them in an active role rather than a passive one. However, neither of them is universal. Therefore, I can hardly say that I prefer either approach; I think the choice should depend on circumstances including the subject to learn, the depth to explore and the quality that the lecturer or the discussing group have.
9 w6 W; c

24. Do you agree or disagree that college students should do an internship before graduation? (07. 5.18 ?乬) Sample answer? I think it’s a good idea for college students to do an internship before graduation.

First, an internship provides practical work experience. It offers students a great opportunity to connect the classroom learning to the world outside.?????????? Also, this can help students either confirm a career choice or make a decision to choose a different path. And that would be an informed decision about whether they are interested in a particular career. Furthermore, students who have completed internships would find employment more quickly following graduation. And they are more likely to be employed within their fields of study, and are more satisfied in their jobs. Therefore, I agree that college students should do an internship before graduation.
( ?6 ~1 R+ u2 \9 @7 s , G# j5 L8 c( Q h7 z' _ ! {, t& C! I; U u) R7 N3 O& {! Y : h. o& N3 E9 f9 t9 d0 z8 U: R5 n

25. Do you agree or disagree that students will learn more when they have discussions? ?07. 6.24 ?乬? Sample answer? I agree that students should participate in discussions in class. Through two-way discussion, the teacher is able to know what are the difficult parts for the students and then easily help them solve the problems. Likewise, the students can have more opportunity to communicate with the teacher and report their difficulties in time. Thus, Both teaching and learning can be effective. Meanwhile, the students can get a better understanding of teamwork and thus enhance their friendship. Most of all, the interactive class can achieve a better and more harmonious study atmosphere. This, in turn, would promote the efficiency. That's why I think discussion in class is a good idea for students.
: i1 n# M: ?) I# x1 X' \

26. Some people believe that students who want to go to university after graduation from high school should have about one year's time to get a job to obtain work experience or have a travel to enlarge their vision. Do you agree or disagree? What’s your opinion? ?07. 8.11 ?乬? Sample answer? As far as I'm concerned, I think a gap year is a good idea for college students. Going away instead of directly going to university would provide them with a different and great experience. They would have the opportunity to see different things and know more about life. Taking a break from study is not only beneficial for their body, but also for their mind. It's like self–refreshment. After the break, they would be eager to return to college with a fresher outlook and clearer mind. Sometimes they may think more, connect their real world experience to their schoolwork and thus improve their efficiency. Somehow, students who take one year off either to work or to see the world, always wind up going back to school with more incentives???? to get more out of their education. So I think of taking one year off as a way of rejuvenating????????? oneself.
: g* b( Y) f! a7 b ( m G8 I6 {: |. i 1 l0 r! C( m2 E. K

27. Some people choose a major that may gurantee a good job. Other people choose a major out of their personal interest in that area. Which do you think is a good idea and why? ?06. 8.26; 07. 3.3 ?乬? Sample answer? These two aspects of choosing a major both have their merits, but I still think choosing a major out of personal interest is a better idea. To begin with, interest is the best teacher. Only when people show great interest in that particular area, they can do well in their academic career. In addition, interest leads to involvement and involvement leads to enthusiasm and more response, which is very important for a student who’s pursuing a better future. What’ s more, long-term success depends on performance out of vital interest. Interest in the subject encourages them to take an optimistic view-point and continued action to accomplish their goal. Even when facing tough problems, they are able to tackle them and move forward. In closing, I agree with the idea of interest being the most important consideration of choosing a subject. … ????ǐabout technology …… 28. Do you agree or disagree that cell phone usage should be banned in some places? Include details and examples to support your opinion. ?05. 12.3; 07.11.11 ?乬, ? 07.7.21 ???
( D7 W [% t/ }2 L0 {- T : P/ ?' C4 w' a0 _! q5 B3 Q; [0 e " Q/ ]8 }4 , {5 Q4 } Q# I$ v1 e; Y* k& |7 Y, C

Sample answer? I strongly agree with the opinion that cell-phone usage should be banned in some places like concert halls, movie theaters or in some situations like when you are driving in cars or taking a subway, when you are in flight, in classes or meetings. For one thing, it has become social etiquette????. The cell phone user should know when and where to pick up the cell phone and talk. Though people have personal right to use their phone, the others are not supposed to be involved in????? the unnecessary disturbance????????. For another, cellphone usage can harm a person's health. Brain cancer rates in the US have risen since cellphones were introduced, leading some people to wonder if cellphone usage is the reason for the increase. In recognition of those above, there should be some kind of regulations helping with this problem. This way people will be well aware.
& I w k+ J% N, q 7 c( o/ c2 d" i& ?2 r( f9 b" N 1 N9 r( r6 m% e; L( `: R ( F" Q" y$ d" E) o' t, X& X

????ǐabout media …… 29. Where do you learn more from, media like newspapers, TV , Internet or people like friends, family and teachers? ?05. 12.16; 06. 6.10 ?乬?
) a d" S, D& p6 J& ?) u5 j

Sample answer? I think I learn more from people rather than media. I’ll take my mother as an example. When life seems hopeless, she is always there to help me every step of the way and she maintains everything will be fine unless I myself give up. I’m encouraged not only by her inspiring ???哧???words but also by her action. By taking action, she has never been overwhelmed by pressure, adversity???? and even danger. Also when I feel blue?? ???? sometimes, I would turn to my classmates or friends for cheering up and comfort. While, media like TV or Internet can only equip me with ??…??? knowledge and information, they are incapable of giving me spiritual satisfaction????????. So I learn about life, how to stay strong more from people around me than from the media.
& F4 l# }' E C3 n8 |: U

????ǐabout culture …… 30. Should government give financial support to build museums and theaters? State your opinion and explain why. ?05. 12.17; 07. 9.29; 08.2.16 ?乬?
* s ]& z9 l1 Y5 y4 J0 h( n ; ^# d$ c6 K3 v# Z* Q5 D# ~3 \, A

Sample answer? In my point of view, government should provide fund to build museums and theaters because they serve as exhibition centers for people to know about the history and culture of the country. The range of museums is fantastic—there are museums of ancient history and archaeology?????, of natural history and even museums for such things as transport and crime! And because the museums are constantly holding new exhibitions, there is always something different to see. Theaters offer people a big place to enjoy a variety of operas and plays of different regions. Even the world's best group come occasionally. Meanwhile, the building of the museums and theaters will enhance the cultural exchange between countries. They are also one of the contributing factors that promote the national economy. That's why I think it's a good idea for government to help with the building of museums and theaters.
" W: I/ W" H0 J ! Z$ _0 ^# `* c, p5 G$ W 5 x3 v a, d) x- l 9 n; @$ B6 ^2 Q. A3 c: l

31. Should a city try to preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them and replace them with modern buildings? ?07. 1.14 ?乬? Sample answer? I think old buildings should be protected and maintained for the following reasons. First, old buildings carry a place's history, tradition, local custom and even some unique character. They were designed to be preserved as they were in early times. They serve as a mirror to remind modern people of their past that they should be proud of. Second, most old buildings are tourist attractions which interest visitors from all over the world. If they are damaged, they might go back with regret. In addition, tourism is always a big support to economy. Therefore, we should try to bring the funding into the budget to do whatever is necessary.
' L! ~" p4 s2 i3 n: z' w 9 T. C; n. y6 R5 {

32. Some people prefer to get information through printed materials like books. Other people like to do that via the Internet. which way do you prefer and why? (Which do you prefer, e-reading or traditional reading? )?06. 11.10, 07. 6.30, 07.10. 27 ?乬? Sample answer? Some people prefer e-reading ‘cause it's fast and convenient. But in my opinion traditional reading is better for three reasons. First, paper reading doesn't have as much bad effect on our eyes as computer reading. Second, the printed word gives more comfort, enjoyment or personal touch than electronic text. I like the feeling of turning the page and taking notes on the book. Though computers are changing the reading habits, the long tradition of printed word may yet not be. Most people still read printed books, magazines and newspapers to get their information. Therefore, I prefer traditional reading to e-reading.
. ^, F: X5 o: A. c! I) d: q

????ǐabout life …… 33. Some people prefer to eat out. Others prefer home cooked meals with their family. Which of these types of meal do you prefer? Use specific examples and details for your preference. ?06. 1.14 ?乬?
) \. {9 Z: s+ v# b2 J 1 k' }; m8 Y$ v. y* l

Sample answer? Some people prefer eating out at a restaurant because they can eat a variety of delicious food in restaurants. However, I think that preparing food and eating home would be better for 3 reasons. First, home-cooked meals are always cheaper and cleaner. I don't have to pay a lot for the food in a restaurant or worry about the sanitory standard. Second, eating home allows for a free choice of food because each person has a private taste. Third, eating at home is one of the best ways to enhance the relationship inside the family. A table is a good place where family members could talk about their happy day. To conclude, I prefer eating home to eating out. …… 34. Do you agree that childhood is the happiest (or most precious) time in life? ?07. 1.19, 08.2.2 ?乬?
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Sample answer? Generally speaking, childhood years are the happy or precious time of one's life. However, it is hardly appropriate to say those years are the happiest or the most precious. It is a fact that childhood, as the earliest part of one's life, has less pressure, fewer worries and concerns than adulthood. The time, however, may not necessarily be happy, for there are various factors that are involved in happiness. It depends on the individual and the family s/he was born into. If a person had grown up in a healthy family, s/he
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would have had a happy time in his/her childhood years. In addition, the other stages of life are also as precious and happy as childhood ‘cause a person may have the happiest moment in every stage of his/her life if s/he is smart enough. Therefore, I disagree that childhood is the happiest (or most precious) time in life.
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????ǐabout job/career …… 35. Someone focuses on one job throughout his life, others like to change from one job to the other. Which one do you think is better, why? ?07.2.10, 07. 12.10 ?乬?(Ё?)
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Sample answer? Most of people choose their jobs according to their own working perceptions????, so their expectations for jobs are different. Each viewpoint has its advantages. For the former one, the constant job can provide people with stability, which will stimulate them to work harder. While, for the latter one, people will face more challenges and opportunity when jumping to another job. However, there are also downsides for the two points. When people have worked for a company for a long time, they may easily lose the innovation????, because they are too comfortable to change their current working conditions. Those who often change their jobs have to acquire time for them to adapt to new surroundings, which brings obstacles to a company at the rapid development. Since these two points of view have both pros and cons, no matter which one people select, the suitable one is the best one.
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