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深圳九年级英语chapter 1 body language

Chapter 1 ·Vocabulary

Body Language

1. well-dressed adj. 穿着考究的 = wearing nice clothes 拓展: 这个形容词属于复合形容词。 复合形容词的 构成: ·数词+名词(单数)例:one-child 独生子的 数词+名词(单数)+形容词 例:three-year-old · 数词+名词+ed 例:two-faced 两面的 · 形容词+名词(普通) 例: full-time 全日制的 · 形容词+名词+ed 例: kind-hearted 好心的 · 形容词(副词)+现在分词 例:good-looking 好看的 well-meaning 善意的 · 形容词(副词)+过去分词 例:well-dressed 衣冠楚楚的 newly-built 新建的 · 形容词(副词)+形容词 例:red-hot 炙热的 hardly-conscious 不自觉的 · 名词+现在分词 例:English-speaking 讲英语的 · 名词+过去分词 例:hand-made 手工制的 · 名词+形容词 例:ice-cold 冰冷的 · 名词+名词(普通) 例:名词 X-ray X 光的 · dress oneself well / wear/ in 2. glance vi.扫一眼,瞥一下 =have a quick look at sth. / sb. ·glance at the new car 瞥眼这辆新车 stare at the new car 盯着这辆新车 glare at the new car 怒视这辆新车 ·look at 看(强调动作) Look at the blackboard! ·watch 观看(电视//电影//比赛等) Let’s watch the basketball match! ·see 看见//看到(强调结果) What did you see in the picture? ·read 看(书报杂志等) We like reading English aloud every day ! 3.disappointed adj. 失望的 Siomom sighed. She felt a little disappointed. 她感到有一点失望。 ·disappointing adj. 令人失望的 The result was disappointing. 结果令人失望 ·disappointment n. 失望 She left the airport in great disappointment. 她极为失望地离开机场。 ·to one’s disappointment 使某人失望的是 to one’s surprise 使某人惊喜的是 ·disappoint 使(某人)失望, 沮丧 v. disappointing 令人失望的, adj. disappointed 感到失望的, adj. ·disappoint 使(某人)失望, 沮丧 v. Don’t disappoint me again. ·be disappointed with sb. / at sth 对某人失望 ·make sb. disappointed = let sb. down 让某人失望 4、greet v. 打招呼 ·greet sb. (with sth.) 向人打招呼 ·greeting n.(见面时)招呼; 问候语 to all your family. ·exchange greetings 互相问候 return the greeting

n.祝贺;祝词(一般用复数)→Send my greetings 回答问候

5. employee n. 职员,雇员 Ms young, a senior employee, was standing beside him. The company has 100 employees. 这家公司有 100 名员工。 ·employ v. 雇佣 Why should we employ you? 我们为什么要雇佣你? ·employer n. 雇佣者,雇主,老板


6. communicate It is the way you communicate. ·communicate with sb. 与某人交流 Parents should always communicate with their children. ·communication 沟通,交流 n. Speech is not the only method of communication. 语言不是唯一的沟 通方法。 · Ways of communicating Spoken language: speaking、 reading Writing language: writing、 typing Body language:gesturing 7、impression n.印象,感觉 So you don’t make a good impression on the customers. ·make an impression on 留下印象?? ·impress v. 使??有印象 ·impressive adj. 给人印象深刻的 His speech was impressive. 他的演讲令人印象深刻。 8、appearance n. 外貌,外观,出现 judge sb. by one’s appearance 以貌取人 ·appear v. 出现 ·disappear v. 消失 ·disappearance n. 消失 Her sudden disappearance was very worrying. 她的突然消失很令人担心。 9、rest v.搁(在) ,休息;n. 休息,剩余物 ·Simon often rests his head on his hand. 西蒙常常把头埋在手心里。 We went on working after resting for a while. 休息一会儿后我们继续干活。 Shall we have a rest? 休息一下,好吗? We’ll have some bread and keep the rest for tomorrow’s breakfast. 我们将吃一点面包,剩下的留做明天 的早餐。 10、contact n.接触;联系 v.与??联系,与??连接 ·lose contact with 和??失去联系 They lost contact with Jack. ·make contact with = get in touch with 和??联系 Can you make contact with him? ·keep in contact with = keep in touch with 保持联络 We still keep in contact with each other after leaving school. ·make eye contact with sb. 目光交流 =communicate with sb. with eyes 11、hesitation n 犹豫,迟疑不决. She agreed without hesitation. 她毫不犹豫地同意了。 ·hesitate 犹豫 v. Don’t hesitate to tell us if you have a problem. 你有问题就直截了当地告诉我们。 ·without hesitation 毫不犹豫地 = without thinking;immediately 12、remind v. 提醒,使想起 · remind sb. of sth. 使某人想起,提醒某人?? remind sb. to do sth. 提醒某人做某事 remind sb. that + 句子 提醒?? ·reminder n. 提醒物,提示 13、set n. 一套,一副 a set of six chairs 六把成套的椅子 ·v. 放,置 She set a tray down on the table. 摆放餐具 set a table 安排,确定 She set a new world record for the high jump. 树立,创立 They haven’t set a date for the meeting. 14、beauty n.美丽(不可数) ,美人(可数) ,美丽的事物(可数) She is a great beauty. 她是个大美人。 ·beautiful adj. 美丽的 ·beautify v. 美化 If he is free,he will beautify the courtyard. 如果他有空,他就会美化这个庭院。

15、reply n. 回复; v. 回复 ·reply to = answer 答复 He gave me no chance to reply to his question. ·in reply to 作为对??的回复 I am writing in reply to your letter of 1st June. 16、congratulate v. 祝贺 ·congratulation n. 祝贺

·congratulation on 在??方面表示祝贺

1. 一个兼职 1 在上班 2. 对??感到失望 3. 立刻,马上 4. 首先 5. 同意某人的意见 6. 给某人一个灿烂微笑 7. 给某人留下好印象 8. 提醒某人某事 9.非常在乎外表 10.宁愿?而不 11.根据 12.瞥一眼 13.免费 14.一套假牙 15.昂着头 16.把头靠在手上 17.用一种友好的方式 18.坐直 19.走过来/ 向?走过去 20. 与?有眼神的交流 21.对某人微笑 22.盯着?看 23.毫不犹豫的 24.以??结束 25.事实上 26.以?为基础 27.独自 28.期盼,期待(做) 29.出席晚会 30.在很多情况下 Key Points 1.look about/around 2.look after 3.look for a part-time job be at work be disappointed at at once/ right now/ right away first of all agree with sb. give sb. a big smile make a good impression on sb. remind sb. of sth. take great care of the appearance prefer doing to doing according to glance at free of charge a set of false teeth hold one’s head up rest one’s head on one’s hand in a friendly way sit up come over/ walk over to? make eye contact with? smile at stare at without hesitation end with as a matter of fact/ in fact be based on on one’s own look forward to (doing)? attend a party in many situations

四下里看, 环顾 照看, 照管 寻找

4.look forward to 盼望, 期待 5.look into 向...的里面看,调查 6.look out 向外望 注意, 当心 l 7.look down upon/on 俯视, 看不起 8.look up 查阅(字典, 资料) 9.look over 查看; 过目 10.look through 从头看完,查看 ·If you don't look out, you may fall on the ice. The students all look forward to going to college. He looked after his younger brother when his parents were not at home. The police are looking into this case and they are looking for the criminals. You can look up his telephone number in this telephone directory. He looked around, but he didn’t see anyone. 2. look happy; (比较:look at sth/sb. happily) 系动词 (1)look,sound,smell,feel, taste (2) turn; become, get, go (3) stay, keep, link verbs (系动词) + adj. (形容词) ·The weather is getting colder and colder. The music sounds beautiful. Keep quiet, please! In autumn, the leaves turn yellow. Food goes bad easily in hot weather. 3. as conj. (1)当?时候 As I was a child, I liked playing football. We looked up as our head teacher came in. (2)象?一样 She is as tall as Lucy. adv. conj. 4. What’ s up, Simon? You don’ t look very happy. · What’ s up, Simon? =What’ s the matter with you, Simon? =What’s wrong with you, Simon? =What has happened to you, Simon? 5. The customers always prefer Debbie to me. ·prefer — preferred -- preferred 1)prefer sth. to sth. = like ? better than ? 喜欢??多于?? 2)prefer doing to doing 喜欢做??多于做?? = prefer to do sth. rather than do sth. = would rather do sth. than do sth. 3)prefer to do sth. 宁愿做?? = would rather do sth. 我宁愿呆在家里, 也不出去。 I prefer staying at home to going out. I prefer to stay at home rather than go out. I would rather stay at home than go out. 6.chance ·get a chance 有机会 I don’ t even get a chance to speak to them. 我甚至没有和他们说话的机会. · take a chance 冒一冒险, 碰 碰运气, ·by chance 偶然, 意外地 I met an old friend by chance. ]Key sentence 1.What’ s up? 怎么了? =What’ s the matter What’ s wrong with you? 你怎么了? 2.It’ s the way ... 这时??的方式 I don't like the way you spoke to me just now. 我不喜欢你刚才对我说话的方式。 此句型属 于定语从句。当先行词表示方式(the way),从句不缺成分是,用 that/in which 来引导定语从句,或是省略 引导语。 3.That’s why ... 那就是??的原因。 That’s why I am late for school. 那就是我今天上学迟到的原因。 此句型属于表语从句,引导词是 why。 That’s why ... 用来说明原因 4.be one of the + adj.最高级 + n.复数 是??最??之一 He is one of the best students in my class. 他是 我班上最优秀的学生之一。 5. What does your mother do ? 6.what kind / sort of ? disappointed 失望的 adj. senior 级别、地位高的 adj. employee 职工、雇员 n. agency 代理、中介 travel

agency 旅行社 body language 肢体语言 impression 印象 n. part-time 兼职的 adj. well-dressed 穿着考 究的 adj. glance 瞥一眼、扫视 v. greet 和(某人)打招呼、欢迎、迎接 v. sigh 叹气 v. speech 讲话 n. gesture 手势、示意动作 n. appearance 外貌、外观 n. rest 倚靠,斜靠 v. contact 接触、练习 n. eye contact 目光交流 hesitation 犹豫、迟疑不决 n. remind 提醒 v. identify 识别 v. step 舞步 n. graceful 优美的, 优雅的 adj. show 展现 v. ballet 芭蕾舞 n. flowing 流畅的 adj. beauty 美人,美丽的事物 n. set 一套、 一副 n. false 假的、 伪造的、 人工的 adj. false teeth 假牙 bless 祝福、 保佑 v. heart 心脏 n. underneath 在下面 adv. congratulate 祝贺 v. regards 致意、 问候 (尤用于信尾) n.[pl] date 注上日期 v. sign 签名 v. reminder 提示信、通知信 n. closing 结束语 n. membership 会员资格 n. reply 回复 n. without hesitation 毫不犹豫地 with a start 吓一跳、惊起 Writing 生活中我们经常写便条给朋友,感谢、提醒、祝贺、邀请或是回复邀请。 1. 作文指导 这些便条要求:以一个问候开始,在第一个句子中提到主题,其它的信息一定要清晰简介, 一美好的祝福语结束,写上日期并签名,以一种友好的方式来写。 2. 常用词汇 I’ m writing to ?? 我写这封信是?? expert 期待 look forward to 期待 remind sb. to do 提醒某人做某事 remind sb. of sth. 提醒某人某事 don’ t forget to do 不要忘了做某事 I’ m sorry that ?? 对不起?? I am glad to accept ?? 我乐意接 受?? thank sb.for doing sth. 感谢某人做某事 be grateful to sb. for doing sth. 因做某事对某人表 示感激 3. 例文 17 September Dear Sam This is to remind you about the tree-planting activity on Sunday. I’ll meet you at the main gate of Apple Park at half past ten in the morning. Don’t forget to wear a hat. Regards Simon

Zero article


1,三餐、球类运动、棋类、语言、学科、职务头衔、称呼、报刊名、年份、季节、月份、星期,节日前, 专有名词,人名,地名,国家。 ,例子: have lunch play tennis play chess speak English be weak in science be elected monitor Dad, I love you. China Daily in 2012 in winter in December on Monday ,Wemen’s Day Note: 1. A beautiful lunch 2. The spring festival 3. The English language 4. I will never forget the winter when I fell in love with Ava. The winter of 2013 5.the month of may 1, go to school/ college/ university/ work go to church 做礼拜 上学/ 上大学/ 上大学/上班 3,at work/ table/ play 在工作/ 在吃饭/ 在玩 4,in hospital 在住院 stay in bed 在床上睡觉 5,on foot by bike by ship by bus by taxi by car…by sea Note: ride a bike on a bike take a bus in a car 6, 天生的专有名词/ 不可数名词表种类/可数名词复数表种类时

例子: in China/ England/ Japan/ America Water is essential to human beings./ man. Cats/ Dogs/ Children are lovely. Note: 由普通名词构成的专有名词要加 the. 不可数&可数复数名词特指事要加 the. 例子: the Yellow River the Great Wall the United States 7, 名词前已有 this, that, my, your, whose, some, any, no, each, every 等代词时 例子: That is my car. Go down this street. Whose pen is this?


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