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高三英语复习测试题 120 分(十七) 第一部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节 语法与词汇 (共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) 1. ____word came that paper cutting was recognized as____ world cultural heritage by the United Nations. A. the; a B. 不填; a C. the; the D. 不填; the 2. According to the school rules, if a student ____ happen to damage something by accident, he/she should report it to a teacher or the office immediately. A. should B. will C. shall D. would 3. Cancer is one of the top killer diseases nowadays and scientists have found out that stress helps to bring it _____. A. up B. down C. out D. on 4. _____ want to devote their whole life to their career should go ____ there are various career opportunities. A. Whoever; where B. Those who; where C. Whoever; in which D. Those who; in which 5. _____ time and labor, cartoonists generally draw the hands of their characters with only 3 fingers and a thumb. A. Save B. Having saved C. Saving D. To save 6. ____ is the influence of TV that it can make a person famous overnight. A. So B. As C. That D. Such 7. _____speaking, I would say that about five thousand alumni will attend the 100th anniversary of our school. A. Roughly B. Generally C. Honestly D. Constantly 8. The birds tried to find as many materials as possible ______. A. that they could build their nests B. they were able to build nests C. with which to build their nests D. by which to build their nests 9. –Mr. President, do you plan to educate your two daughters to be officials? -- To tell you the truth, I hope they can do whatever _____ their interests. A. fits B. matches C. suits D. needs 10. --What about the protection? --Let‘s keep the surface _____ dirt by putting a cover over it. A. far from B. free from C. apart from D. away from 11. It was not long _____ he was born that his mother died of illness. A. before B. when C. that D. after 12. The Chinese basketball team ranked _____ and the Australian ____ in the championship. A. the third…the fourth B. third…the fourth C. the third…fourth D. third…fourth 13. — Has Yang Liping returned from Yunnan yet? I‘d like to meet her. — Sorry. She _____ back here only for last weekend. A. was B. would be C. had been D. has been 14. Angela and Ajani will pick up the marriage ____ after they meet online several times, which is not sensible. A. acquisition B. identification C. certificate D. qualification 15. ---I‘m sorry to keep you waiting. I‘ll make short work of this. --- ____. I‘m not in a hurry. A. Take it easy B. Take your time C. Not at all. D. Do as you like. 16. The long absence of rain ______ leads to a serious drought in the southwest of China, which draws the concerns of the whole country. A. immediately B. gradually C. accidentally D. undoubtedly 17 When you are physically ____ to weather changes, maybe it‘s a sign that you‘re getting aged. A. flexible B. attractive C. sensitive D. active 18. The visitor would be most ______ if you could confirm these arrangements immediately. A. grateful B. disappointed C. encouraged D. reluctant 19. Plenty of ___ has been paid by the government to safety issues of the children on school

Buses. A. concentration B. attention C. influence D. attraction 20.To the great _____of the citizens, no one else was infected with H1N1 except the 12 confirmed cases. A.relaxation B. disappointment C.surprise D. relief 第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) My first job was at a local restaurant, where I worked for seven years and learned so many lessons, especially from a fellow 21 . Helen was in her 30s and had extraordinary self-confidence, something I was really 22 . I looked up to Helen 23 she was doing what she loved— 24 people better. She always made everyone, customers and co-workers, 25 and feel good. Being a waitress changed my life. One of my 26 customers was Fred Hasbrook. He always ate an omelet, and when I saw him _27 , I tried to have it on his table as soon as he sat down. Thanks to the newfound confidence I 28 __from Helen, I dreamed of having my own __29 . But when I called my parents to ask for a loan, they said, ―We just don‘t have the money.‖ The next day, Fred saw me and asked, ―What‘s 30 ? You‘re not smiling today.‖ I 31__my dream with him and said, ―Fred, I know I can do more if somebody 32 just have faith in me.‖ Before long he handed me checks 33 $50,000—along with a note that I have to this day. It reads, ―The only collateral(抵押品)on this loan is my trust in your 34 as a person. Good people with a dream should have 35 __to make that dream come true.‖ I took the checks to Merrill Lynch, where the money was provided for me. I_ 36__working at the restaurant, making 37 for the restaurant I would open. My plans soured, though, and I lost the 38 . Later I decided to apply for a job at Merill Lynch. Even though I had no experience, I was__39 and ended up becoming a pretty good agent. 40 . I paid back Fred the $50,000, plus 14-percent annual interest. Five years later, I was able to open my own firm. 21. A. friend B. waitress C. citizen D. customer 22. A. losing B. earning C. sharing D. lacking 23. A. while B. though C. because D. unless 24. A. helping B. respecting C. serving D. praising 25. A. work B. eat C. smile D. speak 26. A. regular B. favorite C. respected D. fresh 27. A. eating B. greeting C.smiling D. coming 28. A. found out B. picked up C. got back D. took away 29. A. restaurant B. work C. house D. money 30. A. ahead B. that C. there D. up 31. A. exchanged B. discussed C. shared D. explained 32. A. should B. would C. might D. must 33. A. counting B. totaling C. adding D. valuing 34. A. ability B. honesty C. responsibility D. identity 35. A. patience B. confidence C. choice D. chance 36. A. loved B. practiced C. continued D. enjoyed 37. A. tables B. plans C. decisions D. suggestions 38. A. faith B. honesty C. money D. friend 39. A. hired B. rejected C. encouraged D. determined 40. A. Fortunately B. Excitedly C. Personally D. Eventually

第二部分:阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) A Every day my husband parked his car in the same open-air car park in Zimbabwe. On this particular day, he had been running to his car with a huge bundle of office papers under his arm. As he opened the car door, he suddenly lost control of his body. He felt a stabbing pain in his arm, became totally breathless and lost consciousness. As he collapsed, half in, half out of the car, his last thought was ―what a way to die‖. A young woman getting into her own car in the otherwise deserted car park noticed what was going on and at once ran to my husband‘s aid, trying to resuscitate him. Realizing time was critical, she tried to move my husband to her car, calling the guard at the gate. Fearing an ambulance would take too long to arrive, she felt it better to get to the hospital as quickly as she could. She raced through traffic lights sounding her car ‘s horn and screeched into the hospital car park, calling out, ―I have an unknown man here who I think is having a heart attack.‖ Once this Good Samaritan realized he was in capable hands she returned to the car park, found his keys on the ground, collected his scattered papers and stacked them in the car. Having seen my husband come out of a certain building each day, the security guard thought he knew where he worked. The young woman managed to locate his colleagues who in turn contacted my niece. She then waited for me to return home so she could break the news to me. After extensive tests it turned out that my husband had had a grand mal epileptic seizure. We were naturally eager to find the kind stranger who had come to his aid. After some weeks we discovered where the young woman worked. She was overjoyed when my husband walked into her office with a huge bouquet(束) of flowers. She said she required no thanks, and preferred to remain anonymous(匿名的). We now live in a different country, but each Christmas my husband remembers her act of kindness and sends a gift. We regard every day of his life as a bonus, all thanks to this kind stranger. 41. From the passage, we can infer that ______. A. a heart attack hit the writer ‘s husband suddenly B. there was few cars in her park that day C. the young woman was at a loss at first D. the woman was fined for breaking the traffic lights 42. The underlined word ―resuscitate‖ in Paragraph 2 may mean ______. A. get…out of B. help…stand up C. bring back to life D. wake…up 43. Who told the writer the news of her husband‘s illness? A. The young woman. B. The security guard. C. The colleague of her husband. D. The writer ‘s niece. 44. What might be the most suitable title for the passage? A.The Gift of Life B.An Act of Gratitude C. The Attack of a Disease D The Love of a Young Woman B Coupons to spend ―How did you spend your coupons?‖ On their first day back to school, many students in Hangzhou greeted each other this way. The coupons referred to the 100 yuan coupons each student received form the city government before the Spring Festival holidays. Over 260,000 primary school and middle school students

were given coupons. They could use them in local stores and supermarkets, or to see movies and buy books. The same coupons have also been given to low income families in Hangzhou. Other cities, including Chengdu and Nanjing, also gave coupons to their citizens. More cities are expected to follow their lead. Why are local governments doing this? These programmes are all part of a broader effort in China to increase domestic demand in the face of the global financial crisis. The crisis has seriously affected China‘s exports and investments (投资). Many factories in southern cities have been closed down. Some companies are laying off workers or reducing their pay. The stock market and real estate market have been falling. In a time of financial crisis, people usually respond by saving money. They are uncertain about the future and are afraid that more difficult times may be ahead. Now many people are choosing not to spend money carelessly. Major chain stores have seen a sharp slowdown in sales, analysts say. But spending keeps an economy healthy. If people don‘t spend, there will be too many products in the market. Then shops will stop buying products from factories. When factories receive no orders, they close down. The workers there accordingly lose their jobs. Also, if people don‘t spend, the service industry suffers. The total result is that the whole economy breaks down. Issuing coupons is a practical and effective way to increase domestic demand in the current situation, said Jiang Zengwei, vice-minister of China‘s Ministry of Commerce. Hangzhou reported a rise in customers in local markets during Spring Festival holiday. However, issuing coupons is only a temporary measure. To increase consumers‘ confidence, the government needs to establish a sound secure social system in the long term. When people don‘t have to worry about education, health care and their pension, they will be more willing to spend instead of saving. 45 Why are local governments issuing coupons? A To increase domestic demand in the face of the global financial crisis. B To enable students to use them in local stores and supermarkets, or to see movies and buy books independently. C To help those low income families in the global financial crisis. D To show the government‘s ability to solve economic problems 46 What is NOT the influence that the global financial crisis has brought us? A. China‘s exports and investments have been seriously affected. B. People begin to spend money without a second thought. C Workers are faced with losing jobs and the reduction of the salaries. D. The active stock market and real estate market have gone. 47 What can be inferred from the passage? A Issuing coupons is a practical and effective way to increase domestic demand in a long term. B The total result of saving money is that the whole economy breaks down. C The government may carry out new policies to encourage citizens to be willing to spend in the near future. D After issuing the coupons, the local markets have seen a rise in customers during Spring Festival holiday.

48 If the government is to print a slogan on the coupons to restore consumers‘ confidence, what might be used to promote the idea? A Spend now, save later. B Spend money like there‘s no tomorrow, come on! C Spend money like it‘s going out style,Let‘s do it! D Big spender, wise spender! C I was puzzled! Why was this old woman making such a fuss about an old copse which was of no use to anybody? She had written letters to the local paper, even to a national, protesting about a projected by-pass to her village, and, looking at a map, the route was nowhere near where she lived and it wasn‘t as if the area was attractive. I was more than puzzled, I was curious. The enquiry into the route of the new by-pass to the village was due to take place shortly, and I wanted to know what it was that motivated her. So it was that I found myself knocking on a cottage door, being received by Mary Smith and then being taken for a walk to the woods. ―I‘ve always loved this place,‖ she said, ―it has a lot of memories for me, and for others. We all used it. They called it ?Lovers lane‘. It‘s not much of a lane, and it doesn‘t go anywhere important, but that‘s why we all came here. To be away from people, to be by ourselves. ‖ she added. It was indeed pleasant that day and the songs of many birds could be heard. Squirrels watched from the branches, quite bold in their movements, obviously few people passed this way and they had nothing to fear. I could imagine the noise of vehicles passing through these peaceful woods when the by-pass was built, so I felt that she probably had something there but as I hold strong opinions about the needs of the community over-riding the opinions of private individuals, I said nothing. The village was quite a dangerous place because of the traffic especially for old people and children, their safety was more important to me than an old woman‘s strange ideas. ―Take this tree,‖ she said pausing after a short while. ―To you it is just that, a tree. Not unlike many others here.‖ She gently touched the bark, ―Look here, under this branch, what can you see?‖ ―It looks as if someone has done a bit of carving with a knife.‖ I said after a cursory inspection. ―Yes, that‘s what it is!‖ she said softly. She went on, ―He had a penknife with a spike for getting stones from a horse's hoof, and I helped him to carve them. We were very much in love, but he was going away, and could not tell me what he was involved in the army. I had guessed of course. It was the last evening we ever spent together, because he went away the next day, back to his Unit.‖ Mary Smith was quiet for a while, then she sobbed. ―His mother showed me the telegram. ?Sergeant R Holmes …Killed in action in the invasion of France.‘…‖ ―I had hoped that you and Robin would one day get married.‖ she said, ―He was my only child, and I would have loved to be a Granny, they would have been such lovely babies‘- she was like that! ‖ ―Two years later she too was dead. ?Pneumonia (肺炎), following a chill on the chest‘ was what the doctor said, but I think it was an old fashioned broken heart. A child would have helped both of us.‖ There was a further pause. Mary Smith gently caressed the wounded tree, just as she would have caressed him. ―And now they want to take our tree away from me.‖ Another quiet sob, then she turned to me. ―I was young and pretty then, I could have had anybody, I wasn‘t always the old woman you see here now. I had everything I wanted in life, a lovely man, health and a future to look forward to.‖

She paused again and looked around. The breeze gently moved through the leaves with a sighing sound. ―There were others, of course, but no one can match my Robin!‖ she said strongly. ―And now I have nothing - except the memories this tree holds. If only I could get my hands on that awful man who writes in the paper about the value of the road they are going to build where we are standing now, I would tell him. Has he never loved, has he never lived, does he not know anything about memories? We were not the only ones, you know, I still meet some who came here as Robin and I did. Yes, I would tell him!‖ I turned away, sick at heart. 49. The main purpose of this passage is to ________. A. draw attention to the damage that wars cause B. persuade people to give up private interest C. arouse the awareness of being environmentally friendly D. introduce a touching but sad love story 50. The underlined sentence ―I felt that she probably had something there‖ means ________. A. I thought there might be something hidden in the woods by Mary Smith B. I guessed there might be a story related with Mary Smith C. I thought there might be some reason for Mary Smith‘s protest D. I guessed there might be a secret purpose of Mary Smith. 51. What was probably the carving on the wounded tree? A. Their names and a heart with a sign of arrow through it. B. Their wish that this place and tree would last long. C. The date when Robin Holmes would leave for army. D. Their protest against the war which tore them apart. D BELJLNG-Eating at a Beijing restaurant is usually an adventure for foreigners, and particularly when they get the chance to order ―chicken without sex life‖ or ―red burned lion head‖. Sometimes excited but mostly confused, embarrassed or even terrified, many foreigners have long complained about mistranslations of Chinese dishes. And their complaints are often valid, but such an experience at Beijing‘s restaurants will apparently soon be history. Foreign visitors will no longer, hopefully, be confused by oddly worded restaurant menus in the capital if the government‘s plan to correctly translate 3,000 Chinese dishes is a success and the translations are generally adopted. The municipal(市政)office of foreign affairs has published a book to recommend English translations of Chinese dishes, which aims to help restaurants avoid bizarre translations. “It provides the names of main dishes of famous Chinese cuisines in plain English, ”an official with the city‘s Foreign Affairs office said . “ Restaurants are encouraged to use the proposed translations, but it will not be compulsory .”It‘s the city‘s latest effort to bridge the culture gap for foreign travelers in China. Coming up with precise translations is a daunting task, as some Chinese culinary techniques are untranslatable and many Chinese dishes have no English-language equivalent.The translators, after conducting a study of Chinese restaurants in English-speaking countries, divided the dish names into four categories: ingredients, cooking method, taste and name of a person or a place. For some traditional dishes, pinyin, the Chinese phonetic system, is used, such as mapo tofu(previously often literally translated as ―beancurd made by woman with freckles‖), baozi(steamed stuffed bun ) and jiaozi (dumplings) to ―reflect the Chinese cuisine culture,‖

according to the book. ―The book is a blessing to tourist guides like me. Having it, I don‘t have to rack my brains trying to explain Chinese dishes to foreign travellers,‖ said Zheng Xiaodong, a 31- year – old employe with a Beijing- based travel agency. ―I will buy the book as I major in English literature and I‘d like to introduce Chinese cuisine culture to more foreign friends,‖ said Han Yang, a postgraduate student at the University of International Business and Economics. It is not clear if the book will be introduced to other parts of China. But on Tuesday, this was the most discussed topic on weibo. com, China‘s most popular microblogging site. 52. What‘s the best title of the passage? A. An adventure for foreigners who eat in Beijing. B. Confusing mistranslations of Chinese dishes C. Chinese dishes to have ―official‖ English names D. The effort to bridge the culture gap 53. ―chicken without sex life‖ or ―red burned lion head‖ are mentioned in the beginning of the passage to show . A. some Chinese dishes are not well received B. some Chinese dishes are hard to translate C. some Chinese dishes are mistranslated D. some Chinese dishes are not acceptable 54.What measure has the municipal office taken? A. Recommending a book on Chinese dishes B.Advocating using precise translation for Chinese dishes C. Publishing a book on China‘s dietary habits D. Providing the names of main Chinese dishes 55.What‘s the meaning of daunting in paragraph 5? A. confusing B. disappointing C.discouraging D. worthwhile 56.What‘s the attitude of most people to the book according to the passage? A. not clear B. excited C. favorable D.divided E Listening to music while you drive can improve your speed and ability to get away from accidents, according to Australian psychologists (心理学家) . But turning your car radio up to full volume could probably make you end up in an accident. The performance of difficult tasks can be influenced if people are subjected to loud noise. The experience of pulling up at traffic lights alongside cars with loud music made some psychologists in the University of Sydney look into whether loud music has something to do with driving. The psychologists invited 60 men and women aged between 20 and 28 as subjects and tested them on almost the same driving tasks under three noise conditions: silence, rock music played at a gentle 55 decibels (分贝), and the same music at 85 decibels. For 10 minutes the subjects sat in front of a screen operating a simple machine like a car. They had to track (追踪) a moving disk on screen, respond to traffic signals changing color, and brake (刹车)in response to arrows that appeared without warning. On the tracking task, there was no difference in performance under the three noise conditions. But under both the loud and quiet music conditions, the performers ―braked‖ at a red light about 50 milliseconds sooner than they did when there was no rock music at all .That could mean a reduction in braking distance of a couple of meters actually, the difference between life and death for a pedestrian(行人). When it came to the arrows that appeared across the visual field, the psychologists found that when the music was quiet, people responded faster to objects in their central field of sight by

about 50 milliseconds. For the people listening at 85 decibels, response times dropped by a further 50 milliseconds—a whole tenth of second faster than those ―driving‖ with no music. ―But there’s a trade-off,‖ the psychologists told the European Congress of Psychology. ―They lose the ability to look around the whole situation effectively.‖ In responding to objects that suddenly appeared, people subjected to 85---decibel rock music were around 100 milliseconds slower than both the other groups. Since some accidents---such as children running into the road---take place without any notice, drivers listening to loud music must be less safe as a result. 57. Where did the researchers do the experiment? A. At crossroads. B. At a police traffic station. C. In a crowed street. D. Under the experimental conditions as those of the streets. 58. What does the underlined sentence ―there‘s a trade-off‖ in paragraph six mean? A. Every coin has two sides. B. Business is business. C. Practice makes perfect. D. A loss may turn out to be a gain. 59. Which of the following is NOT true of loud music? A. It helped the performers to brake sooner at red lights. B. It quickened the performers‘ response to objects in their central field of sight C. It helped the performers to respond faster to objects suddenly stepping in the way. D. It can sometimes do harm to drivers. 60. On the whole, which of the following is the best way to make driving safer? A. Loud music. B. Quiet music. C. Silence. D. Heavy metal music. 第三部分 写作(共两节,满分 40 分) 第一节: 单词拼写 (共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 根据句子及所给单词的首字母,按题号写出各单词的正确形式。 (每空限写一词) 61. He stated his view that developing car industry in such a rapid speed is not b___________ in the long run. 62.I‘m longing for being a____________ to the Miro Exhibition, as I don‘t know the way well. 63.It is said that Mozart possessed a remarkable t___________ for music. 64.Small as the hotel is, it provides an a____________ supply of hot water 24 hours a day to meet your need. 65.Defeated, they still feel c_______ with the result of the competition, for they have spared no effort to make preparations. 66.As winter is a________, the weather is getting colder. 67. Wang Pengwei felt frustrated that a lot of r________ customers went to a newly-opened small restaurant. 68. In order to satisfy my daughter ‘s c________, I have to refer to the Encyclopedia(百科全书). 69. The homeless child w______ on the street is in the hope of finding something to eat. 70. We need to take m_____ at once to prevent the growth of the population in China. 第二节:短文写作(共 1 题;满分 30 分) 请结合以下提示,用英语写一篇短文,分析越来越多人骑自行车的原因。 Nowadays, more and more people choose to ride bicycles. They believe there are many advantages of riding bicycles, such as convenience benefit to the environment and so on. 注意:1. 无需写标题,不得照抄英语提示语;2. 词数 120 左右。

语法与词汇 1-5 BADBD 6-10 DACCB 11-15 DDACB 16-20BCABD 完形填空 21-25 BDCCC 26-30 ADBAD 31-35 CBBBD 36-40 CBCAD 阅读理解 41-44 BCDA45-48 ABCA 49-51 DCA 52-56 CCBCC 57-60 DACB 单词拼写 61. beneficial 62. accompanied 63. talent 64. adequate 65. content, 66. approaching 67. regular 68. curiosity 69. wandering 70. measures 短文写作 One possible version: Nowadays, there exists an increasingly special phenomenon that bicycles take up the road again. There are a couple of reasons that produce this phenomenon. Firstly, riding bicycles is the most environmentally friendly. It doesn‘t have to burn any fuels; nor does it give off any polluted air. Secondly, it is quite convenient. The bicycle can always find its way ahead, even though there is a traffic jam. The bicycle takes the least room to park in, which saves much trouble, especially in big cities. Thirdly, the bicycle costs the least among all means of transport. It costs so little that almost every family can afford to by one. Finally, by riding bicycles, people can take regular exercise.

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