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高考英语语法单项选择模拟训练专项01名词 冠词

1. I bought a new type of cell-phone, which was the ____ of all my classmates. A. wish 2. There’s no A. view B. respect C. envy D. admire

from my bedroom window except for some factory chimneys. B. scene C. sight D. look to land on the moon after Yang Liwei’s

3. The Chinese are looking forward to the first successful trip to space. A. measure 4. She is in a poor A. position B. attempt C. purpose

D. desire

of health, which worries her mother much. B. situation C. state D. condition

5. —Who did you stay with ? — A. Mr. Green’s . B. The Greens C. Greens D. The Mr. Green’s

6. Mr. Barret doesn’t think that all bad language should be allowed. In his opinion, there are ______ that should be kept up. A. degrees B. levels C. limits D. standards

7. —Henry has been teaching English in Beijing University for many years . —It’s no A. matter he can speak Chinese so well and idiomatically . B. doubt C. problem D. wonder

8. The experiment turned out to be A. a completely failing ; as C. completely failure ; that

, which wasn’t ______ they wanted. B. a complete failure ; what D. failed ; 不填

9. I shouldn’t have accepted the man’s present, but I found it difficult to turn down his ______. A. offer B. request C. suggestion D. plan

10. He kept sending her presents in an attempt to win her _______. A. respect B. favor C. admiration D. pleasure

11.—How many people are still leading ____ life under ___ poverty line in the world? —Perhaps one fourth. A. a, the B. a, a C. 不填, 不填 D. the, 不填

12. _____ Shanghai you see today is quite _____ different city from what it used to be. A. The, 不填 B. 不填, the
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C. The, a

D. A. a

13. He came back on ___ and left on _____. A. a Wednesday, the Saturday C. The Wednesday, the Saturday B. the Wednesday, a Saturday D. a Wednesday, a Saturday

14. As we all know, ____ man cannot live without ___ water. A. a, the B. 不填, 不填 C. the, a mistakes. They are _ C. the;不填 D. the, 不填 natural part of learning. D. the; the

15. Don’t worry too much about A.不填;a 16.—This is —I see . Isn’t it A. a; a B. the;a

picture I told you about . beautiful one ? B. the ;a birth of C. 不填; a C. the; the D. a; the child by giving away red eggs. D. 不填; the

17. Our ancestors celebrated A. the ; a 18.—What — A.不填;A B. the ; the

part of England do you live in ? place called Sally Oak . Do you know it? B.the ; A C.a; The D.不填;The

19.The Koala is ____ tree-climbing animal which lives in ____ Australia. A. a, the B. the, the C. 不填,不填 D. a, 不填

20. As ____ mountains beyond our village are becoming greener and greener, they have become_________ home to a large amount of wild life. A. the; / B. the; a C./; a D. the; the

21. —Has the little boy passed ______ P.E. test? —He has tried twice, and the teacher will allow him to have _____ third try. A. the; 不填 B. a; the C. the; a D. the; the

22.—Do you think an advertisement is

help when you look for a new job ? chance to try. D. a; the ____sorts of

—Well , it all depends . Anyway, it gives me more of A. a; a 23. If you live in B. 不填;不填 C. the; the

English countryside, you share your garden with all

birds, animals and insects. A. the; 不填 B. an; the C. 不填; 不填 D. an; 不填

24.—I hear that as many as 150 people were killed in the storm .
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—Yes , A. the , the

news came as B. the , a

shock to me . C. a , the D. a , a

25.—My son is lost . Have you seen a boy passing by here? —I saw A. a; the boy hidden behind B. the; the C. a; a tree over there . You may go and have a look. D. the; a

【答案解析】 1. C 本题检测考生对近义名词的辨析能力.wish 愿望 respect:尊重 envy 羡慕.嫉妒 admire 感叹. 称赞.我买了一部新手机,当然便成了同学们羡慕的对象.故选 C. 2. A view: what can be seen from a particular place ,esp. fine natural scenery 自然美景,风景; scene: view as seen by spectator 景色; sight :thing (to be) seen , or worth seeing , esp. sth

remarkable 奇观,壮观; look: act of looking 看.瞧.望.本句句意为:除了一些工厂的烟囱外, 从我卧室看不到任何风景了. 3. B measure 措施, attempt 试图.尝试, purpose 目的, desire 渴望.欲望.在杨利伟成功遨游太空后, 中国正盼望着登月的第一次尝试. 4. C state [C] : condition in which a person or thing is (in mind , health, etc )状态.情形; position: 位置. 情势; situation :set of circumstances or state of affairs , esp. at a certain time 状况.处境;condition [U] :physical fitness, health 健康状况.冠词 a 决定了此题只能用 C. 5. B 此题考查考生对复数姓氏名词的掌握能力.表示姓…的一家人,应用 the +姓氏的复数形式. 故选 B. 6. D Mr. Barret 认为并非所有不标准的语言都可以使用.哪些可用,哪些不可用,应有一定的标

准.故选 D. 7. D 本题的语言环境为:Henry 在北大教了好多年英语,那么他说一口地道的汉语就不足为奇
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了.wonder :奇迹.故选 D. 8. B 某些抽象名词具体化后变成可数名词,前可加冠词.failure 在此意为“一次挫败的事”.第二空的 what 引导一个表语从句,what 充当 wanted 的宾语. 9. A offer: statement offering to do, or give sth to sb.(为某人做某事或给某人某事物的)建议,提议 request: act of asking for sth. 要求 suggestion :idea ,plan or person that is suggested .提议或建议 的内容 plan: 计划. 本句句意为:我本不该接受那个人的礼物,但很难拒绝他的提议.故选 A. 10. B 他不停送给她礼物,试图获得她的好感.favour : liking , goodwill , approval 喜爱.宠爱.好感. 欢心. 11. A life:[u , c] way of living .如 have an easy /hard life. 过闲适/艰苦的生活.第二个空特指贫困线, 应用 the .故选 A. 12. C 第一个空特指今天的上海市,用 the ; 是一座不同于过去的城市.故选 C. .. 13. A 句意为:他在一个周三回来了,又在那个周六离开了.故选 A 项. .. .... 14. B man 表人类,前不用冠词.water 为物质名词,亦不需用冠词.故选 B. 15. A mistakes 为复数名词表类别,不用冠词.错误是学习过程中必不可少的一部分,part 为可数 . 名词,前用不定冠词 a ,故选 A. 16. B 第一个空为特指“我谈论的那幅画”,用 the.第二个空用 a 表示数量“一”.故选 B. 17. A birth 前用 the 表示特指“婴儿的诞生”.child 前用 a 表示类别,泛指.故选 A. 18. A part 表示“地区.区域”时, 前一般不用冠词.你住在英国的哪个地区?一个叫 Sally Oak 的地方. ..
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故选 A. 19.D 第一个空表示考拉熊是一种爬树动物,故用 a;Australia 为专有名词,前不用冠词. 20. A 第一个空用 the 表示特指“我们家乡那儿的群山”.home 表示“家园.栖息地”时,前不用冠词. 故选 A. 21. C 本题考查序数词前用不定冠词的用法.第一空特指体育测试,用定冠词;他尽管两次都未通 过,但教师允许他再考一次.a+序数词表示“又.再” ,故选 C. 22. A 第一个空指具体的一种帮助,help 抽象名词具体化,用不定冠词.chance 为可数名词,故选 A. 23. A 第一个空特指英国的乡村,用 the;表种类的复数名词 sorts , kinds 等前不用冠词,故选A. 24. B 第一个空特指上面提到的“多达 150 人在暴风雨中丧生”这一消息,用 the ;第二个空填 a, shock 抽象名词具体化,表示一种具体的令人震惊的事,故选 B. 25. A 第一个空用不定冠词表示后者曾见过一个男孩, 不一定是问话者所要找的; 第二个空为特指, 表示“那儿的那棵树” ,用“the”.故选 A

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