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Unit1 1. Virtue is ... self-centered. By right action, we mean it must help promote personal interest. 2.... (Poverty) was a product of their excessive fecundity... The poverty of the poor was caused by their having too many children. 3. ...the rich were not responsible for either its creation or its amelioration. The rich were not to blame for the existence of poverty so they should not be asked to undertake the task of solving the problem. 4. It is merely the working out of a law of nature and a law of God. It is only the result or effect of the law of the survival of the fittest applied to nature of to human society. 5. It declined in popularity, and references to its acquired a condemnatory tone. People began to reject Social Darwinism because it seemed to glorify brutal force and oppose treasured values of sympathy, love and friendship. Therefore, when it was mentioned, it was usually the target of criticism. 6. ...the search for a way of getting the poor off our conscience was not at an end; it was only suspended. The desire to find a way to justify the unconcern for the poor had not been abandoned; it had only been put off. 7. ...only rarely given to overpaying for monkey wrenches, flashlights, coffee makers, and toilet seats. Government officials, on the whole, are good; it is very rare that some would pay high prices for office equipment to get kickbacks. 8. This is perhaps our most highly influential piece of fiction. It is a very popular story and has been accepted by many but it is not true. 9. Belief can be the servant of truth---but even more of convenience. Belief can be useful in the search for truth, but more often than not it is accepted because it is convenient and self-serving. 10. George Gilder... Who tells to much applause that the poor must have the cruel spur of their own suffering to ensure effort... George Gilder advances the view that only when the poor suffer from great misery will they be stimulated to make great efforts to change the situation, in other words, suffering is necessary to force the poor to work hard. Phrases 1. to reflect on a problem 严重思考一个问题 2. intellectual preoccupation 有思想有学问的人孜孜不倦思考探索的问题 3.to take on the modern form 具有现代形式 4.to come up with the formula 提出了这样一种准则 5.survival of the fittest 适者生存 6.substantial measure of responsibility 在很大程度上负有责任 7.unemployment insurance 失业保险 8.Medicare and Medicaid 医疗照顾和医疗补助 9.weapons procurement 武器采购 10.supply-side economics 供应学派经济学

11.corporate executives 企业经理人员 12.food stamps 食品劵 13.Workers’ Compensation 工人(失业)补助金 14.subsidized housing 住房补贴 15.disability insurance 伤残保险 16.social tranquility 社会安定 1. An imbalance between the rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of republics 贫富不均乃共和政体最致命的宿疾 2. Their poverty is a temporary misfortune, if they are poor and meek, they eventually will inherit the earth 他们的贫穷只是一种暂时性的不幸,如果他们贫穷但却温顺,他们最终将成为世界的主人 3.Couples in love should repair to R H Macy’s not their bedroom 热恋的夫妇应该在梅西百货商店过夜,而不是他们的新房 4.The American beauty rose can be produced in the splendor and fragrance which bring cheer to its beholder only by sacrificing the early buds which grow up around it.and so is in economic life. It’s merely the working out of the a law of the nature and a law of god 美国这朵玫瑰花以其华贵与芳香让观众倾倒, 赞不绝口, 而她之所以能被培植就是因为在早 期其周围的花蕾被插掉了, 在经济生活中情况亦是如此。 这是自然规律和上帝的意志在起作 用 5. (It has become) an economically not unrewarding enterprise. (它已成为)经济上收入不菲的 行业 6.There is…no form of oppression that is quiet so great, no constriction on thought and effort quiet so comprehensive, as that which come from having no money at all 没有哪种压迫比身无分文更厉害, 也没有哪种对思想和行为的束缚比一无所有来得更全面彻 底 7. Freedom we rightly cherish, cherishing it, we should not use it as a cover for denying freedom to those in need. 我们珍惜自由式对的。正因为珍惜自由,我们就不能以此为借口,不给最需要自由的人自由 8. Whether they be in Ethiopia, the south Bronx, or even in such an Elysium as Los Angeles, we resolve to keep them off our minds 不管他们生活在埃塞俄比亚,还是在纽约的南部布朗克斯区,甚至是洛杉矶这样的天堂,人 们都决心不去为这些人操心 9. He is enjoying, as indicated, unparalleled popularity in high Washington circles. 如上述所说,他在华盛顿高层当中有无比的威望 10. Compassion, along with the association public effort is the least comfortable. the least convenient course of behavior and action in our time 同情心,加上与之相关的社会努力是人们 这个年代,最令人不快的行为何行动方针 Unit2 11. But these marks of wild country called to may father like the legendary siren song. Though the place was not pleasant or disagreeable, my father was deeply attracted to it precisely because of its unexplored, uncultivated natural state, and the challenge. 12. "I'm afraid the day's going to catch us," I explained, wondering what great disaster might

befall us if it did. As a little girl, I believed my father's words, and was genuinely afraid of the possible disaster--if we didn't hurry up, the day would catch us and terrible things might happen. 13. ...from time to time he was halfheartedly sought for trial, though few crimes seemed to lead directly to his door. In this place, though the police wound make some effort without real earnest to investigate Watson and bring him to court, there seemed to be little concrete evidence to prove that he was responsible for certain illegal activities. 14. The stranglehold Watson had over this section of Florida was not dissimilar to the unscrupulous activities of certain lawmen, other legal crooks, and even governors that our state was to suffer through its history. The control Watson had over this part of Florida was much similar to the dishonest or illegal activities of the law-enforcing officials and governors which Florida witnessed in the 20th century. 15. There was the little shack, not the most gracious of living quarters, and there was a murderer for our nearest and only neighbor, about thirty miles away. Before the family built their own house, they lived in a shabby cabin at Gopher Key, close to the merciless Watson. 16. King Richard in his gluttony never sat at a table more sumptuous than ours was three times a day... We had abundant food on the island, and even the meals enjoyed by King Richard, who was famous for his love of food, couldn’t possibly compare with ours. 17. Despite the unrelenting heat, we were happy to be let off from our hours of school indoors, sessions which our mother kept every day, rain or shine. Although it was very hot outside in the sun, we were happy to be dismissed from my mother's sessions indoors. we would have to read and write with her every day no matter what the weather was like. Phrases 1.in the line of Sherman’s march 在谢尔曼将军的行军路线上 2.a folding cot apiece 每人一张轻便的帆布折叠床 3.to replenish our food stock 补充我们的食品 4.as an added treat 作为特别的款待 5.free-roaming cattle 自由放牧的牛群 6.an infamous outlaw 一个臭名昭著的亡命之徒 7.business as usual 一切照常 8.to make regular runs to and fro 定期往来运输 9.a weather-boarded shack 由隔板搭成的简陋的小屋 10.under the care and interest of our entire family 在我们全家人的悉心照料下 Sentence 1. It was an idyllic life ,and we lived close to our family and to the comforts and safety a small town could afford 这是一种田园式的生活, 我们和亲戚住的很近, 享受着小镇生活所能给予我们的舒服和安全 2. But papa was a man of enterprise; he realized that the untouched Ten Thousand Islands off the southwest coast of the sate were rich in soil for crops and in game for food 但父亲是一个很有上进心的人, 他知道佛罗里达州西南海岸的万岛群岛还没有被开发, 那儿

土壤肥沃,适于耕种,而且猎物充足,不必担心食物来源 3. This third day out, and the days to come, found us in the unsettled wilds of Florida 出发后的第三天以及以后的日子里,我们都在佛罗里达无人居住的荒野中穿行 4. Its underwater grasses looked like green ribbons, constantly unrolling, and the trees held thick sprays of wild orchids 水里的水草就像绿色的丝带不断地伸展开来,野兰花一簇一簇地挂满了枝头 5. The burly arms of oaks were huge with ferns and blooming bromeliads. Redbirds, tanagers and painted buntings flew back and forth across the trail, leaving a child with the impression that the woods were tossing with jewels 以前这里经常发水的河滩岸边一丛丛地长满了乔叶栎,那些地面上铺着一层绿色的蕨类植 物,乔叶栎粗壮的枝干上也覆盖着蕨类植物,俯生的凤梨科植物正在盛开。红雀,唐那雀和 色彩斑斓的鸠鸟沿着小路飞来飞去,在孩子们看来就像是宝石在树林里跳动 6.The native whites feared him as you would a rattlesnake, but the Indians and black people were susceptible to his manipulations 本地的白人像惧怕响尾蛇一样怕他,而印第安人和黑人则不得不受他的控制和剥削 7.Our new home was more than safe, it was a joy 我们的新家不仅安全稳定, 它还给我们带了了 无尽的乐趣 8.Today I can see in my grandsons and great-grandsons some of those qualities of courage and caring that my father had in such abundance 今天在我的子孙身上, 我仍然能看到我父亲所拥有 的无尽的勇气和爱心 Unit3 18. But this image, now repeatedly thrust before us in photographs, posters, and advertisements, is misleading. The Earth we see in photos, posters, and ads, which appears so beautiful, is not the true reflection of the world we live in, such image lulls us into complacency. 19. The technosphere has become sufficiently large and intense to alter the natural processes that govern the ecosphere. Human activities have taken place over such large areas and with such intensity that they have already caused disastrous effects on ecology. 20. ...which could establish itself only because it fitted properly into the preexisting system. the fish could play its role because it became a necessary link with the processes preceding it and the processes following it in the ecological system. 21. Defined so narrowly, it is no surprise that cars have properties that are hostile to their environment. When cars are produced to serve such narrow purposes, it is not surprising that some of their characteristic qualities are harmful to the environment. 22. Yields rose, but not in proportion to the rate of fertilizer application... the farmer applied more and more fertilizer, and the production did rise but did not increase at the same rate of the fertilizer. 23...their waste is flushed into the sewer system altered in composition but not in amount at treatment plant... People eat plants and animals, and their waste is flushed into the sewer system. After being processed, the waste is still waste. the residue will go into rivers, oceans, and will have harmful

effect on the aquatic ecosystem. 24. Left to their own devices, ecosystems are conservative... If the ecosystems are not upset by outside intrusion, they will remain the same with very little change 25.In contrast to the ecosphere, the technosphere is composed of objects and materials that reflect a rapid and relentless process of change and variation. The characteristics of the objects and materials in the technosphere are rapid change and great variety. 26.But this is done only at the cost of understanding. if we take side in the war of the two words, we are doing so at the risk of failing to have a clear understanding of the nature and cause of the war, thus, we lose the chance to really solve the grave environmental crisis. Phrases 1.ecological niches and their resident species 生态小环境以及生活在小环境中的物种 2.the habitat of parasites 寄生虫的栖息地 3.the fish hawk’s prey 鱼鹰的猎食对象 4.closed cyclical processes 封闭的循环流程 5.highly radioactive waste 放射性极强的(核)废料 6.finely tuned adaptation 经过精细调整后的适应能力 7.annually modified cars 每年加以改进的汽车 8.the residue of nylon marine cordage 船用尼龙绳子索的残留物 9.toxic chemicals 有毒化学物 1. We have been tampering with this powerful force, unaware, like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, of the potentially disastrous consequences of our actions 我们一直在滥用这股强大的力量, 就像传说中的魔术师的师弟一样, 并没有意识到我们的这 种行为很可能会导致灾难性的后果 2. Even if the global warming catastrophe never materializes, and the ozone hole remains an esoteric, polar phenomenon, already human activity has profoundly altered global conditions in ways that may not register on the camera 即使全球变暖这种灾害永不发生, 即使臭氧层空洞仍然只是一种深奥的极地现象, 人类的活 动已经极大地的改变了全球的条件,这些也许是用照相机拍不出来的 3. The technosphere, in contrast, is dominated by linear processes 与生态圈相反,技术圈是由线性流程决定 The energy sources that now power the technosphere are mostly fossil fuels, stores that, once depleted, will never be renewed 现在技术圈运作的能源主要是矿物燃料,一旦用完,永不再生 4. Nylon~~is not biodegradable—that is, there is no enzyme in any know living organism that can break it down 尼龙不能进行生物分解—也就是说,现存的有机物中还没有发现哪种酶可以分解尼龙 5. ~~living things have created a limited but self-consistent array of substances and reactions that are essential to life 6.~~有生命的东西创造了一系列对生命至关重要的有限但独立的物质和反应 7. A free lunch is really a debt, in the technosphere, a debt is an acknowledged but unmet cost

免费的午餐实际上是一种负债,在技术圈中,债务是指已承认但尚未归还的欠款 8.~~when the debts represented by environmental pollution are created by the technosphere and transferred to the ecosphere, they are never canceled, damage is unavoidable. 当债务以技术圈制造的环境污染的形式出现,然后又转嫁到生态圈,这种债务将无法消除, 造成破坏是不可避免的。 Unit 4 Nettles 1. How all my own territory would be altered, ad if a landslide had gone through it and skimmed off all meaning except loss of Mike. The impact of Mike's leaving on my life was beyond my imagination. I didn't expect that Mike's leaving would have such a tremendous power that it would change the meaning of my existence completely. All my thoughts were about loss of Mike. 2. During that time of life that is supposed to be a reproductive daze, with the woman's mind all swamped by maternal juices, we were still compelled to discuss Simone de Beauvoir and Arthur Koestler and "The Cocktail Party". At that time, we were young mothers, and we were supposed to lead a terribly busy life full of confusion and bewilderment caused by giving birth to and raising babies. and our minds were supposed to be fully occupied by how to feed the babies and things like that. However, in the midst of all this we still felt the need to discuss some of the important thinkers of our time like Simone de Beauvoir and Arthur Koestler and T. S. Eliot's sophisticated work "The Cocktail Party". 3. ...I would be frightened, not of any hostility but of a kind of nonexistence. I would be frightened, and my fear was not caused by my neighbor's visibly hostile and violent way of life, but by a kind of formless and hidden emptiness and meaninglessness of human existence. What happened around me was totally irrelevant to me, and I felt very isolated and alienated. 4. She did not ask me---was it delicacy or disapproval? ---about my new life. She did not ask me about my new life, either out of subtle consideration for my feeling about this sensitive subject or out of disapproval for my new life style. 5. It would be a sleazy thing to do, in the house of his friends. It would be a morally low thing, an indecent thing to commit infidelity in the house of a friend. 6. I knew now that he was a person who had hit rock bottom. I knew that he was a person who had experienced the worst in life, the hardest experience a person might have to endure. 7. He and wife knew that together and it bound them, as something like that would either break you apart or bind you, for life. They experienced the worst together and they knew what it was like and understood the meaning of that experience. Such an experience posed the gravest test to people. If they stood the test, their friendship or marriage would be strengthened, and a sacred bondage would be formed between them. But if they failed the test, their relationship would be broken and they would be driven apart. 8. Not risking a thing yet staying alive as a sweet trickle, an underground resource. With the weight of this now stillness on it, this seal. If they acted on love, they would take risks. they wouldn't do that or go further in their relationship, but they would rather let their love remain as a sweet trickle, which would flow on gently and permanently, and as an underground resource, which would never be fully tapped but

would never go dry. Phrases 1.good for only one throw 只能掷一次 2.a life that could be lived without hypocrisy or deprivation or shame 一种没有虚伪、不丧失自 我、不感到羞辱的生活 3.all up and down the street 整条街道 4.a long necessary voyage from the house of marriage 为摆脱婚姻的禁锢而必须踏上的漫长旅 途 5.a perfect waterfall of noise 如瀑布般的叫声 6.like the sound of a wave full of stones, crashing on the beach 那声音就像是卷着石块的海浪冲 击着海滩 7.backing out of our driveway 从汽车道里把车倒出去 8.during all the years of our dwindling friendship 在我们的友谊逐渐淡化的那些岁月里 Sentence 1. Each of the trees on the place had an attitude and a presence—the elm looked serene and the oak threatening, the maples friendly, the hawthorn old and crabby. 这里的每一棵树都表现出某 种神态。比如,榆树看上去宁静安详,橡树则咄咄逼人,枫树亲切友好,而山楂树则老气横 秋、脾气暴躁。 2.There was a keen alarm when the cry came, a wire zinging through your whole body, a fanatic feeling of devotion.当他喊我的名字时,我会紧张万分,全身蹭地就像过了电似的,一种狂热 的忠诚感油然而生。 3.One morning, of course, the job was all finished, the well capped, the pump reinstated, the freshwater marveled at.一天早晨,工作全部完成,这是意料中的事。井上了盖子,水泵重新 安装好了,大家对清新的井水赞叹不已。 4.In my kitchen or in hers, once a week or so, distracted by our children and sometimes reeling for lack of sleep, we stoked ourselves up on strong coffee and cigarettes and launched out on a rampage of talk—about our marriages, our fights, our personal deficiencies, our interesting and discreditable motives, our forgone ambitions.我们大约每周都要在我家或她家厨房小聚一次。 孩子们总是不断打扰我们,有时我们还会因为缺觉而感到头晕目眩,于是我们就用大量的 浓咖啡和香烟给自己提神,开始天南地北地聊天,所谈的话题无所不包:我们的婚姻、奋 斗、个人的不足、既有趣又有些丢脸的动机,以及我们曾有过的理想抱负。 5.Sunny had given him fresh sheets rather than unmaking and making up again the bed he had left for me.塞妮给了他干净的床单,免得在他留给我的床上重新叠被、铺床。 6.My sleep was shallow, my dreams monotonously lustful, with irritating and unpleasant subplots. 我睡地很浅,没完没了地做着充满情欲的梦,中间还穿插着令人不快的小情节。 7.The bushes right at the edge of the grass looked impenetrable, but lose up there were little openings, the narrow paths that animals or people looking for golf balls had made.紧挨着草地边 上的灌木丛看上去似乎无法穿过, 但走近了可以看到一些小缺口和窄窄的小径, 这是被动物 或找高尔夫球的人们踩出来的。 8.It looked as if a large portion of the sky had detached itself and was bearing down, bustling and resolute, taking a not quite recognizable but animate shape.看上去,天空的一大部分似乎脱离 了主体,喧闹着、果断地压向地面,那形状虽然说不出具体像什么,但像是一种活物的样 子。

9.This was more of a ritual ,a recognition of survival rather than of our bodies’ inclinations.我们 拥抱并不是出于身体的渴望,而是庆祝劫后余生的一种表示。


1....the national rejection of dogmatic preconceptions about the nature of the social and economic order 1. There are such prejudices in an arrogant manner about the characteristic of the social order and economic order and they take it for granted. The country just rejected such prejudice. 2 Nor can one suggest that Americans have been consistently vulnerability to secular ideology ever after 2. No one can say that Americans have never been tempted by the approach of understanding, preserving or transforming the world according to rigid dogmas. 3. .and any intellect so shaped was ...ever after A mind influenced by Calvinist theology would surely find it somewhat difficult to resist other ideological temptations to ideological thinking. 4. Pragmatism is no more wholly devoid...experience Pragmatism is not completely free from abstract ideas just as ideology is not completely free from experience, that is to say, abstract ideas have a place in pragmatism just as experience has a role in ideology. 5. As an ideologist, however, Jefferson....historical curiosity As a man following a fixed set of beliefs, Jefferson is only an interesting historical figure. His beliefs are out of date and are irrelevant to present-day reality. 6. ...whose central dogma is confided to the custody of an infallible priesthood Their central beliefs are imprisoned by the whole body of priests who are always effective. 7. ...where free men may find partial truths, but where ...on Absolute Truth In this universe a person whose mind is unconstrained may be able to discover relation truths but no man on earth can claim that he has already grasped the one and only truth. 8. But ideology is a drug; no matter how ...it still persists. Ideology has the characteristic of a narcotic. In spite of the fact that it has been proved wrong many times by experience, people still long to commit themselves to ideology. 9. ...the only certainty in an absolute system is the certainty of absolute abuse. The only thing that is sure of a despotic system is the unrestricted exercise of power. 10. The distinctive human triumph...lies in the capacity to understand the frailty of human striving ...nonetheless The most outstanding achievement of humanity is they know that no matter how hard they try, they cannot achieve Absolute truth, yet they continue to make great efforts and refuse to give up Phrases 1.dignity of man 人的尊严 2.intellectual improvement 智力提高 3.capital goods 生产资料 4.representative institutions 代议制政府机构

5.dogmatic preconceptions 教条式的偏见 6.structures of analysis 分析问题的理论体系 7.a set of binding propositions 一系列必须遵循的主张 8.rigid a priori doctrine 僵硬的经验理论 9.to narrow the spectrum of choice(由于信仰教条的原因)使选择的范围变得十分狭小 10.fatalistic view of history 宿命论的历史 11.closed universe 封闭的世界 12.abundant and streaming life of man 丰富的、永不停顿的人类生活 13.an absolute grip on Absolute Truth 独自掌握了绝对真理 14.the uncoerced intercourse of unconstrained minds 自由思想不受约束的交流 15.a monolithic world 铁板一块的世界 1. The American experience was unique in a number of ways 美国的经验在许多方面都是独特的 2. The country was blessed by notable advantages—above all, by the fact that population was scare in relation to available resources 这个国家有着得天独厚的优势—只要是人口相对稀少而资源十分丰富 3. It rose originally from a philosophical rather than an economic commitment 它源于对思想原则的信仰,而不是出于对经济利益的追求 4. We have found no better way than democracy to fulfill man’s talents and release his energies 我们发现民主是使人的才智得到充分施展,人的能量得以充分发挥的最好方式 5.In the record of his conflict, ideology has attracted some of the strongest intelligences mankind has produced 在意识形态体系与经验主义斗争的历史上, 意识形态体系曾吸引了人类历史上一些聪明绝顶 的人物 6.In its finest hours, the US has, so to speak, risen above ideology 在她处于最佳时期时,美国可以说超越了所有的意识形态体系 7. ~~that government was best which governed least~ 政府管得越少越好 8. Indeed,the whole ideological enterprise contradicted Jefferson’s temper, which was basically flexible and experimental 说实在的, 杰弗逊一生在意识形态体系上所做的努力与他的性格是相矛盾的, 他的性格特征 基本上是灵活的,从经验出发的 9. Indeed, I would suggest that we might well banish some overloaded words from intellectual discourse~~ (These words)are sources of heat, not of light 我甚至建议在思想界和学术界的讨论中摒弃某些用滥了的词语~~这些词语只能使头脑发 热,而不会给人以智慧的光芒 10. Free men know many truths, but they doubt whether any mortal man knows the Truth 自由人掌握许多具体的真理,但他们认为没有一个凡人能够掌握绝对真理 Unit7 1. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human life. As a result of technological development, human belongs now have the power to put an end to poverty and human, misery, but at the same time they also possess the power to destroy the whole

world, rendering it uninhabitable and lifeless. 2. ...unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights... We do not want to see or to allow the slow destruction of those human rights. 3. To those peoples in the huts and villages of half.....of mass misery, we pledge our best efforts to help them help themselves... To the people of the underdeveloped countries living in poverty in rural areas, we are committed to helping them to rid themselves of mass poverty by their own efforts. 4. But this peaceful revolution of hope cannot become the prey of hostile powers. But we should not let any communist power take advantage of this alliance for progress to expand its influence. 5. And let every other power know that this....of its own house. We want to make clear to the communist powers that Americas are the Americas of the Americans. Do not attempt to penetrate into this area. 6. ...before the dark powers of destruction..... or accidental self-destruction. Before the world is destroyed by a nuclear war launched in a preemptive attack or caused by accident. 7. ...yet both racing to alter the uncertain...of mankind's final war. Yet both sides attempt to get an edge in the nuclear arms race so as to break the mutual deterrence which has so far prevented the outbreak of a nuclear war. 8. ...civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof. To be ready to negotiate and establish friendly relations does not mean that we are weak or afraid. Declarations of sincere intention have to be tested by actions. 9. Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors. Let the two sides use the fruits of science for the benefit of humanity rather than using high-tech weapons to kill and destroy. 10. ...each generation of Americans has been summoned to give testimony to its national loyalty. 1. There have been occasions for each generations of Americans to be called upon to fight and die for their country. 1. We observe today not a victory of party but a celebration of freedom—symbolizing an end as well as beginning—signifying renewal as well as change 我们今天庆祝的不是党派的胜利而是自由的选择—象征着一个时代的结束和另一个时代的 开始—意味着延续与变化 2. United, there is little we can’t do in a host of cooperative ventures. Divided, there is little we can do—for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds and split asunder 如果我们团结一致,我们在一系列共同从事的失业中就可以无往不胜,如果我们四分五裂, 我们就会一事无成—因为在意见分歧,四分五裂的情况下,我们不敢迎接强有力的挑战 3. ~~one form of colonial control shall not have passed away merely to be replaced by a far more iron tyranny ~一种殖民控制形式的消失,不应为另一种更为残酷的暴政所取代 4. ~~and to remember that, in the past, those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger and ended up inside ~要记住,在过去,那些愚蠢地想靠与虎谋皮而得势的人最终都为虎所食 5.~~we renew our pledge of support—to prevent it from becoming merely a forum for

invective—to strength its shield of the new and the weak—and to enlarge the area in which its writ may run ~我们重申我们的支持—不让其变成一个相互指责的论坛—加强其对新生国家和弱小国家的 保护—扩大其起主导作用的领域 6. For only when our arms are sufficient beyond doubt can we be certain beyond doubt that they will never be employed 只有当我们的军队强大无比时,我们才有把握永不使用武力 7. Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate 我们永远不会由于恐惧而去谈判,但我们永不畏惧谈判 8. And if a beached of cooperation may push back the jungles of suspicion 如果小小的一点合作能驱散深深的猜疑 9. In your hands, my fellow citizens, more than mine, will rest the final success or failure of our course 同胞们,我们事业最终的成败不是掌握找我手中,而是掌握在你们手中 10. Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country 不要问你的国家能为你做什么,要自问你能为你的国家做和贡献

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