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Vocabulary practice for Band-6 ( I ) 1. People go on asking these same questions because the subject really does interest and __________ them. A) aggregate B) dazzle C) elevate D) bewilder 2. we tend to distinguish one __________ from another according to the most apparent features of its biological components. A) ecosystem B) falsehood C) handicraft D) spectrum 3. The Hudson Building was once the largest retail store in the world, and was also a __________ of Detroit. A) landmine B) landmark C) signpost D) warehouse 4. One of the reasons why children resemble their parents is that they __________ the characteristics of their parents. A) ascertain B) articulate C) assimilate D) assassinate 5. When speculators foresee a shortage and raise the price, they are also helping to __________ the present supply. A) console B) conserve C) constrain D) convene 6. Miss Caroline wasn't old or unhandsome, but she seemed determined to turn herself into a(n)__________ old maid. A) eccentric B) drastic C) catholic D) athletic 7. Is it really true that German Fascist troops are invincible, as is ceaselessly trumpeted by __________ Fascist propagandists? A) confidential B) fabulous C) furious D) boastful 8. Since the contract has not been awarded yet, we can't say exactly when the new system will be __________-- hopefully sometime in the fall. A) radioactive B) operative C) qualitative D) supportive 9. Passive smoking (breathing the smoke from others' cigarettes) increases nonsmokers' risk of lung cancer and the risk of sudden infant death __________ . A) syndrome B) synthesis C) termination D) segregation 10. The newspaper's account of the so-called __________ of the financial ministry was a complete fiction. A) resignation B) restoration C) reshuffle D) repression 11. Vocational ethics, strong personal qualities, and the __________of patriotism and national dignity are the basis for professional training. A) collaboration B)confrontation C) confederation D) cultivation 12. So the principles of peaceful __________ provide a good solution not only to international issues, but to domestic problems as well. A) coexistence B) coincidence C) companionship D) contention 13. Products proven to be defective within seven days from the date of purchase are __________ for replacement at no cost. A) edible B) eligible C) renewable D) susceptible 14. I don't __________ to any weekly or monthly magazines, but I buy them occasionally at news-stands. A) subscriber B) subscribe C) subscription D) subsistence


15. Had it not been for your __________ help, our company would have been on the verge of bankruptcy. A) timely B) transient C) truthful D) temporal 16. We should remember that we must unite the masses and __________ them to act with one heart and one mind. A) normalize B) neutralize C) mobilize D) generalize 17. Any insignificant trifle could turn to be the last straw bringing about a crisis on the __________ market. A) momentary B) monetary C) mountainous D) municipal 18. To launch a space vehicle into orbit, a very big push is needed because the __________ of air and the force of gravity are working against it. A) friction B) fringe C) fright D) fragrance 19. There will always be disharmony as long as there are individuals who harbor animosity, hate or __________. A) courtesy B) dedication C) generosity D) jealousy 20. Our factory's furniture, made with __________workmanship, is pleasing to the eye and stands wear and tear. A) exemplary B) explanatory C) exquisite D) extinct 21. My secretary is very __________. She never tells anyone unconcerned anything about the company's business. A) discrete B) discreet C) disciplinary D) distinguishable 22. In this process the main development trends should be followed and the most __________economical solutions aimed at. A) advantageous B) adventurous C) adverse D) addictive 23. The development of productivity in turn will help increase the strength of our socialist country and __________ the socialist system. A) contrive B) contemplate C) conceive D) consolidate 24. Economic theory normally assumes that firms seek to __________ profit for the owners of the firm, or the maximization of shareholders' wealth. A) minimize B) maximize C) memorize D) paralyze 25. During the SARS __________ , the lack of hygiene in poor countries brought devastating consequences to all people of the world. A) outflow B) outpost C) outbreak D) outfit 26. For more than 600 years after its foundation, Madrid was an undistinguished little town on a hot and dusty __________in the centre of Spain A) plight B) plateau C) plaza D) plea 27. He was a __________ and wealthy businessman, but the ordinary townsfolk hardly knew anything about this side of his life. A) shrewd B) sturdy C) stern D) spiral 28. These newly unearthed cultural objects __________ the great intelligence of the working people of ancient China. A) lubricate B) ventilate C) segregate D) manifest


29. In the __________ of our work, it is one-sided and so not advisable to affirm everything or to negate everything. A) appraisal B) apparatus C) appendix D) appraise 30. Because of the rapid development of the Internet industry in China, an __________ of jobs are available. A) admittance B) abundance C) annoyance D) assurance 31. We must lose no time in solving the problem of water shortages in some areas and build the south-to-north water __________ project. A) conversion B) utilization C) diversion D) innovation 32. Virtue and vice are entirely different things: the former leads to peace, while the latter results in __________. A) misery B) melody C) mercury D) merger 33. Laughter is the only medicine that needs no __________ , has no unpleasant taste, and costs no money. A) prescription B) preservation C) presumption D) prediction 34. Conscientious coaches seek to__________ lessons in teamwork, self-sacrifice, competition, gracious winning and losing. A) imprison B) impart C) perplex D) portray 35. Every summer more than 100 species of birds migrate from the northern __________ to South African shores. A) catastrophe B) disturbance C) hemisphere D) enclosure 36. China’s foreign exchange reform is intended to put the Chinese Yuan gradually closer to being a freely __________ currency. A) convertible B) intelligible C)invaluable D) measurable 37. Ralph's __________ over the 19 businesses for which he is responsible is truly amazing, and he has also attracted some outstanding managers to run them. A) masterpiece B) mastermind C) masterful D) mastery 38. Needless to say, the bigger the risk an insurance company takes, the higher the __________ you will have to pay. A) premise B) premium C) pretext D) propaganda 39. we should make scientific and dialectical analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of China's __________ to the WTO. A) accession B) accusation C) ammunition D) automation 40. There 's only a thin __________ between the bedrooms , so we can hear everything that is said in the room next door . A) paperback B) pamphlet C) partition D) parachute 41. Since customers are regarded as the God, it will be an unalterable principle to __________ good relations with them. A) flatter B) flutter C) shatter D) foster 42. Tea cultivation was first documented in China in AD 350; according to__________, it had been known there since 2700 BC. A) leaflet B) legend C) layman D) legislator


43. We should continue to deepen financial reform, __________ financial order, tighten financial supervision and regulation by law and improve performance. A) rectify B) quantify C) unify D) testify 44. This new type of plane can have vertical __________, which means it can rise straight from the ground without first running along for some distance. A) velocity B) takeoff C) aerospace D) inertia 45. Honest compliments are simple and cost nothing to give but we must not __________ their worth. A) overstate B) transcend C) underestimate D) warrant 46. It has cost more than £25m and taken 10,000 writers to __________ The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. A) outdate B) uphold C) upgrade D) update 47. In important matters, we expose our best sides; in __________ matters, we disclose ourselves as we really are. A) trivial B) tragic C) turbulent D) triple 48. Only when environmental __________ or resource depletion leads to economic decline do we seem to notice the problem. A) detention B) deterioration C) deregulation D) defection 49. When the goods aren't up to the __________ stated in the contract, there is also a penalty for poor quality. A) speculation B) specialization C) specification D) simplification 50. I found her to be an intelligent, responsible, __________ and organized person who was a pleasure to work with. A) resourceful B) distracted C) dreadful D) neglectful


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