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It is an overriding principle in economics that the one who bids the highest price purchases the goods on sale. The housing market price in China has become a political issue because the price is not only increasing fast but also high in absolute value. For the whole country, the increase rate was 14.4% in 2004, and it would require 13 years’ saving for a typical household with three persons to purchase a 70-square-meters’ apartment. In cities such as Shanghai, the corresponding numbers were much higher. It is not surprising to see a lot of criticism on the phenomenon of growing prices in the housing market. Many of the points in the criticism stand on good reasons, but some of them necessitate further discussion. Firstly, they hold that “the ratio of housing price to income” in China is much higher than the range of 5-10 in other countries. The problems are that whether the high income of non-local residents should be included and that whether the ratios are internationally identical for goods other than real estate. Secondly, the proportion of household owning their housing is often regarded too low in China, but the truth is that the proportion was just 41% in the U.S. in 1920 while it is about 80% in contemporary urban China. Thirdly, many people glare at the amazing profit rate in the real estate sector. Nevertheless, if there are no legal violations and the industry is open to everyone, the high profit rate is a good thing and can encourage the investment in the industry. Fourthly, the high rate of housing vacancy is widely complained and taken as a major evidence for high speculative nature for the current housing market. According to the New York Time, one-sixth of luxury residential real estate in Shanghai, quarter in Beijing and third in Shenzhen are vacant. However, it is hard to make a good distinction between speculation and investment. For the past two decades, China has run across several goods with strong political implications such as grain, vegetable and pork. In 1983-86, there was an attempt by the local government to prevent the pork of Jiangxi Province from being transported to Guangdong Province, which was richer and would pay higher prices. Such prevention measures gave birth to fierce protest. Twenty years later, however, nobody still treat pork as an important political issue again because the problem has been largely solved through economic mechanism. The stories indicated that short-term regulatory measures on housing market can be understood from the political perspective, but the short-term policies should be implemented with a view to avoiding serious long-term consequences. Efforts should be made to allow the basic economic principles to play a role.

Why has the real estate price increased so fast in China? On one hand, there is strong demand for housing in part pushed upwards by foreigners living in China and by the Chinese with their household registration in other areas with relatively high income. At present, more and more people need purchase a new house, which shows there is a good market future on the real estate. Economist calls it is “Selling party market”. So, many businessmen of the real estate unite a alliance which can control the market as a puppet. Thereby, rises in price of the real estate often happened instead of normally, regularly .The fact that housing market in a given city or area is in part influenced by purchasing power of non-local residents is itself a result of opening-up and reform policies. On the other hand,

the supply of real estate has been insufficient due to the extremely strict land control ever since April 2004. In the circumstance of supply shortage, high-end demand was met first. Thirdly, In the case of the housing market in China, however, the price is burdened with so much political considerations. It is useful to look at the issue in light of economic logics and the reform experiences accumulated in the past two decades. of the function what it should have. the government is short It was a pity that only less people had enjoyed the

preferential housing in lasted 10 years. More people had to choose the expensive commercial housing. The government neglected its duty, Take this point, the government should be partly in charge of the price of housing. In a word, the season influences the price of housing is complex. But there is a simple fact, Chinese government must be attch importance to more and more higher price of housing 。the Price Of Housing Is High In China the fast growing real estate price make great shock and fear to the civilians in the past few years. as saying goes: buy rise no descent. the rising real estate price brings so many negative affections to the nation’s economy. in some districts, local government try some macro-control policies to slow the trend, like enlarge the land supply and second-hand real estate market. still, the prices kept on rising. it’s more and more emergency for government to find a effective way to control the real estate price to keep the price stable. why the real estate price growing so fast? first, along with the improving of peoples’ living conditions, the demand of housing increased rapidly. second, more and more people leave their home in rural country, moving into city so the population grows. third, the cost in material, labor especially the land fees rise rapidly. fourth, some speculator in real estate market make the price higher. fifth, the housing supply usually consist with more high-grade ones rather than common and cheap ones, which make the average price increased. the real estate have been the most important pillar industries to the economy. if the housing price rise too fast, a lot of low income families would not afford a house. this do harm to the process of improving people’s housing condition and increase the risk of bank credit. along with the rose, the real estate fever could also increase the inflation risk. some nations and districts have been greatly depressed for the crack down of the real estate bubbles. housing is a necessity as a old saying: rich or not, housing is the key. housing problems relate to peoples’ happiness, flow of social wealth and social equity. it’s so important to stabilize the housing price so as to maintaining the peoples interest and building the harmony society, which reflect the government’s ability in macro control and controlling the marketing economy. it’s a must for local government to put this task into practice as well as the other tasks which is instructed by “the three representatives”.

Have you ever been to the Great Wall?The Great Wall winds across deserts,over mountains,through vallers,and at last it reaches the sea.It is one of the greatest buildings of the world.It's really amazing! The Great Wall has a history of over twenty centuries.The first part was built during the Spring and Autumn Period.During the Warring States Period,more walls were built.Finally,Qin Shi Huang

had all the walls joined up to keep the enemy out of his country.Thus,the Great Wall came into being. The Great Wall is wide enough at the top for five horses or ten men to walk side by side.Today the Great Wall has become a place of interest not only to the Chinese but also to people from all over the world.Many of them have come to know the famous Chinese saying:"He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man." The Great Wall is a amazing miracle.It stands for the brave and diligent people of China.It was first built in Qin Dynasty with a length of 12700 kilometres.There is a beacon fire tower every 400 metres and the Bada Ling Beacon Fire Tower is the highest of all.The Great Wall is listed as a world culture legacy by the UNESCO.The Great Wall belongs to China and belongs to the whole world as well.

Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower was completed on Oct. 1, 1994. It is 468 m high, being the highest in Asia and the third highest in the world, only next the TV towers in Toronto in Canada and Moscow in Russia. It stands opposite to the bund on the west bank.. The architectural modeling of the tower is unique, expressing the flavor of oriental culture. The structure of the tower consists of 11 spheres, different in sizes and arranged at different levels, hanging from the sky down to the green lawns. It expresses the artistic concept of “pearls, big and small, dropping on a jade plate”. The body of the tower is formed of two huge glittering spheres and one small delicate sphere; the sightseeing level in the upper sphere is 45 m in circumference, 263 m high, offering a bird’s-eye view of the city. In the upper sphere at the 267-m level, there is a revolving restaurant, with one revolution every hour, a disco ball, a piano accompanied bar and at the 271-m level there are 20 KTV private rooms. The space cabin is at a level of 350 m, containing a sightseeing terrace, a meeting hall and a coffee room. Hotel in the Air is in the five smaller sphere with 20 guest rooms. The lower sphere contains a space city. There is a science fiction city inside the tower pedestal. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower combines sightseeing, catering, shopping, recreation, accommodation, broadcasting and TV transmission into one body. It has become a symbolic architecture and a favorable spot for tourists in Shanghai.

Introduction to Qingdao
Qingdao, the host city for the 29th Olympic Sailing Regatta in 2008, is a coastal city located between north latitude 35。35' to 37。09' and east longitude 119。30' to 121。00'. The city is seated with the Yellow Sea on the east and south, adjoins the cities of Yantai, Rizhao and Weifang to the northeast, southwest and west respectively, and faces North Korea, South Korea and Japan across the sea. The total area of Qingdao is 10,654 square kilometers with the urban area totaling 1,102 square kilometers. The population of Qingdao totals 7,104,900, while the urban population is 2,376,000.

Qingdao has a monsoon climate of north temperate zone with featuring

a marine climate, such as

moist air, abundant rainfall and four distinctive seasons. It is neither too hot in summer nor too cold

in winter. The annual average temperature is 12.2。C. The hottest month is August with an average temperature of 25。C and the coldest month is January with an average temperature of 1.3。

C. The annual average rainfall is 775.6mm. Qingdao is a city ideally suitable for living and vacation.

The city is known as a summer resort with a rich historical background and natural beauty. The landscape of Qingdao is often described as the pearl on the crown of the Yellow Sea. Qingdao is

one of China's five largest ports and the only port with an annual handling capacity of 100 million tons of coal, ore, petroleum, containers and bulk cargo.

There are many tourist attractions in

Qingdao, including Mount Laoshan, bathing beaches and

buildings with European and Japanese style. Many events, such as the Qingdao Foreign Economy and Trade Fair, the Qingdao International Beer Festival, the Love of Sea Festival, the

Cherry-blossom Festival and Summer of Qingdao (Arts Festival) are held annually, entertaining thousands of domestic and overseas visitors.

Qingdao is a major city for finance and foreign trade in Shandong province as well. Some of the local companies, such as Haier, Hisense, Tsingtao Brewery and Aucma, are widely recognized. Qingdao has established practical and extensive connections with foreign countries and overseas

organizations for economic cooperation and exchange, resulting in a stable increase of business involving foreign economy and trade. Qingdao, a city full of hospitality as frank and hearty as the sea, welcomes friends from all over the world.

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