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1. Fireworks add to the attraction of the festival night. 2. "We're having a class," she said, adding that "it was a newly open kindergarten sponsored by the church." 3. Can you tell us the main point of the story? 4. "That's the man who did it," she said, pointing to me. 5. The robber pointed a gun at the bank clerk. 6. You will tell your friend that you are concerned about him but you have to go to class. 7. Present at the meeting were leading members of the departments concerned. 8. This book deals with questions concerning Anti-Japanese War. 9. I will take my share of the expenses., 10. He is the only person who shares my opinion. 11. I wonder if it's because I haven't been able to be outdoors for so long that I've grown so crazy about everything to do with nature. 12. You'll have to work like crazy to get this finished. 13. There is so much suffering in this world. 14. The collapse of the World Trade Center has put US economy in a difficult situation. 15. You will ignore the bell and go somewhere quiet to calm your friend down. 16. Please keep still while I take photos of you. 17. Please keep quiet when you're listening to your teacher. 18. All present were shocked by what the little girl went through when she was cheated and sold to the mountain village. 19. I would not go to London for the mere purpose of buying a new hat. 20. It is the first time that she has talked with an English. 21. —How come a simple meal like this costs so much? —We have included in your bill the cost of the cup you broke just now. 22. —Will $200 cover the cost of the damage? —I'm afraid not. I need at least 100 more. 23. Actually, it was based more on German than present day English. 24. They presented a sum of money to the college in memory of their son. 25. The officer commanded his men to open fire. 26. He has a good command of the French language. 27. They recognized him as / to be a great leader. 28. Tom went off in one direction and Harry in another. 29. I give Mary full directions to enable her to find the house. 30. Generally speaking, when taken according to the directions, the drug has no side effect. 31. More than one official has served the people heart and soul. 32. He is more lazy than stupid. 33. The role that our army played in flood control is very important. 34. The question came up at the meeting whether we had enough money. 35. She came up with a new idea for increasing sales.

36. We should think of the problems that may come up in the future. 37. It came out that he had been stealing from his friends. 38. She wondered uneasily what use she would make of this opportunity. 39. You are really very kind. I'll never forget the favour you have done for me. 40. If better use is made of your spare time, you'll make great progress in it. 41. Imagine that you live in Qinghai Province. 42. There are ten to choose from. 43. She did nothing but go away. / He has no choice but to lie down and lie down and sleep 44. We choose him as our monitor. 45. While shopping, people sometimes can't help being persuaded into buying something they don't really need. 46. He insisted on his correctness. 47. Jane insisted that she had done noting wrong and that she should be treated properly. 48. I insisted that a doctor be sent immediately. 49. The man insisted on finding a taxi for me even if I told him I lived nearby. 50. She gave me a determined look-the kind that said she wouldn't change her mind. 51. Determined to train his daughter in English, he put an ad like this in the paper, "Wanted, an English teacher for a ten-year-old girl." 52. He finally gave in to my view. 53. Jane tried to keep up a calm appearance, but her trembling voice gave her away. 54. Tom works very hard. His brother, on the contrary, doesn't do much at all. 55. The climate here doesn't agree with her. 56. Doctors don't agree about the medical effects of cold water swimming. 57. You are silly not to have locked your car. 58. They were badly shocked by the news. 59. The peasant boy lay on his back on the ground with his hands trembling. 60. He burst into tears at the sad news/ He burst out crying at the sad news. 61. In fifteen terrible seconds a large city lay in ruins. 62. He ruined his prospects by carelessness. 63. I judge it better to tell her the truth. 64. —I apologize to you for my rudeness yesterday, Mary. —Never mind, and I think little of it. 65. He got here earlier than usual. 66. The government is determined to put an end to terrorism. 67. He didn't go there by bike; he walked there, instead. 68. Instead of seeing sights, Edison would spend the time reading in the public library. 69. It is too long a journey to make in one day. 70. Her father advised her against marrying in haste.

1. He sees himself as the king of his country. 2. See(to it)that all the windows are fastened. 3. They see you as something of a worrier, seeing problems which don't exist and crossing bridges long before you come to them. 4. Ask him about the ring you lost---he may have found it. 5. Driving after drinking alcohol is asking for trouble. 6. He is a bit free with his compliments(恭维; 对…不吝惜). 7. He kindly made me free of/ from the trouble of preparing dinner for so many people. 8. They are traveling to France by way of London. 9. They took great trouble to find the right person. 10. Do you know the trouble he had finishing the work? 11. Only then did we decide to answer violence with violence. 12. Only in this way can you hope to make improvement in the operating system. 13. Only when you realize the importance of English, can you study it hard. 14. Only two passengers survived the air-crash. 15. She survived her husband by twenty years. 16. Whether it will do us good remains to be seen. 17. After the big fire, very little remained of my house. 18. Don't fancy that you can succeed without hard work. 19. He started to chat to me and I could tell he really fancied himself. 20. Fancy meeting you here! 21. The extra room proved very useful when we had visitors. 22. I wish I could do something for you in return. 23. At that time, China was at war with Japan, so travelling was extremely difficult. 24. He could have finished his work all by himself. 25. The design for the room was of the fancy style. 26. The room was completed the way she wanted it. 27. She was lucky to be admitted to Beijing University. 28. He admitted breaking the window. 29. The matter related to your fate can not be taken for granted. 30. Tom admitted having cheated in the exam, promising that he wouldn't do that in future. 31. Rob's father, as well as his brothers, suggests he stay in New York for a few more days. 32. Every few days he would go to see his uncle and chat with her. 33. I lived in what you called "Ancient". 34. After what seemed a long time, he was told that the operation was successful. 35. Under no condition did we accept cheques. 36. He took advantage of her kindness and borrowed money again and again. 37. It would be to your advantage to attend this meeting. 38. He was personally criticized by his head teacher. 39. All men are created equal.

40. Then she programs possible moves that I can use if a new situation arises. 41. This book deals with computer. 42. Is she telling the truth or making it up? 43. His enthusiasm makes up for his lack of experience. 44. There was a time when the size of the computer was totally changed. 45. The nurse applied the bandage to the wound. 46. I suggested to him that he pay attention to his health. 47. The development of science and technology has affected our life greatly. 48. He took out a dictionary from under the desk. 49. That is what wildlife protection is about. 50. The classroom is big enough for the moment, but we'll have to move if we have more students. 51. There is a small object resembling a pain on the desk. 52. Perseverance is a kind of quality and that's what it takes to do anything well. 53. The employee set out to impress the company with his cleverness and promptness.(企 图,打算) 54. No one can match him in knowledge of classical music. 55. When his mother came in, he pretended to be reading. 56. The TV show was a big hit. 57. We were sailing along without a care in the world when suddenly a disaster struck. We hit an iceberg. 58. Washington, a state in the United States, was a name in honor of one of the greatest American president. 59. They were honored with the title of model workers. 60. I feel honored to have been asked to speak here. 61. He was done wrong. 62. Chongqing and Wuhan are among the most important cities in China in terms of their size and population. 63. You are saying that everyone should be equal, and this is where I disagree. 64. They got lost in the desert and starved to death. 65. The patients are starved of / for medicine.(急需) 66. What led you to change your idea? 67. That reminds me of what we did together during our holiday. 68. It happened that they were arranged in the same dormitory. 69. We don't know what will turn up tomorrow. 70. This way made the problem easy to understand. 71. The team performed to the limit of its capabilities. 72. The new regulations will be of benefit to everyone concerned. 73. Are you tired from/ with the work so long? 74. He was lucky to get away with only a fine.

1. Wang Pengwei sat in his empty restaurant feeling frustrated. 2. He couldn't have Yong Hui getting away with telling people lies. 3. Thank you for giving me a hand. I would otherwise fail in the experiment without your valuable help. 4. Much to the couple's comfort, their income is now double what it was five years ago. 5. We won't permit smoking in the office. 6. Please account for your own conduct. 7. They confused me with conflicting accounts of what happened. 8. People are confused about all the different labels on food these days. 9. To avoid confusion, please write the children's name clearly on all their school clothes. 10. Water here is in short supply. 11. For certain personal reasons, I shall not be able to attend. 12. I can't say for certain / for sure when we will arrive. 13. I don't have anything suitable to wear for the party. 14. It's a small house but it suits our needs. 15. Will this plan work? 16. I spotted a friend in the crowd. 17. There appears to be a mistake in his composition. 18. He ran out directly he heard the terrible noise. 19. I ran into a friend of mine on the street by accident. 20. If only she had known about it. 21. What if it rains tomorrow? 22. I really don't know where it was that Tom lost his wallet. 23. John was absent from school this morning. It was because he was hit by a bike on his way school 24. I'm sorry to have taken your umbrella by mistake, because I mistake it for mine. 25. There is a desert spreading for hundreds of miles. 26. Now that you've got a chance, you might as well make full use of it. 27. As time went by/ With time going by, he got nothing. 28. Much as the young people needed money to make the down payment for the apartment, they wouldn't ask their parents for help. 29. With a lot of difficult problems to settle, the newly-elected president is having a hard time. 30. Have you figured in the cost of food for our holiday?(算进去…) 31. The document was written in official style. 32. He gained his wealth by printing works of famous writers. 33. The oil painting looks better at a distance.

34. One can see the ancient ruins from a distance of 20 miles. 35. He could see the tall chimneys of the factory in the distance. 36. I have done most of the work. Could you please finish the rest in two days? 37. So curious were the couple about wild plants that they decided to make trip to Madagascar for further research. 38. Some passengers complain that it usually takes so long to fill in travel insurance documents. 39. A story goes that Elizabeth I of England liked nothing more than being surrounded by clever an qualified noblemen at court. 40. I will come on condition that Peter is invited. 41. After he has retired, he will devote himself to gardening. 42. It's worthwhile taking / to take the trouble to explain a job fully to new employees. (句 式) 43. It's really a worthwhile task.(做定语) 44. We had a long wait, but it was worthwhile because we got the tickets.(做表语) 45. She argued me into buying a new car. 46. His noble example inspired the rest of us to greater efforts. / to make greater efforts. 47. I have just struck on a good idea. 48. I looked carefully at the text and realized that it was intended for women who lived in the countryside. 49. Was that remark intended as a joke? 意欲作为… 50. Few people will be recognized by the whole world, enjoying the title of United Nations Messenger(使者)of Peace. 享有…称号 51. The children have a strong hunger for knowledge. 52. Thousands are going hunger because of the failure of this year's harvest. 53. He has been struggling for success in business. 54. The lion tried to struggle to his feet, but failed. 55. The eagle expanded his wings. 56. Could you expand on that point, please? 阐述 57. He worked out a good plan. 58. How can I get rid of the flies in the kitchen? 59. I'd rather you had stayed at home last night. 60. If you don't know what this means, refer to the dictionary. 61. The production now it is 3 times what it was 10 years ago. 62. Whatever you think of Rose, we have to admit that she's a specialist in this field. 63. The couple were content with their life in the countryside.

64. The children are singing to their hearts' content. 65. She is very particular about what she wears. 66. I noticed his eyes in particular because they were very big. 67. His plan ended in failure. 68. His failure to explain his being so late made his boss annoyed. 69. What astonished me most was that no one had thought of that. 70. She was astonished to hear he should have behaved like that. 71. He stood there, looking astonished. 72. He will entertain his friends to dinner this evening. 73. How did he make a sad situation entertaining?

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