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高三教材复习清单 5-------Units 9-10 Step 3 重点词汇用法 1.____________/____________/_____________/_______ a decision 得出结论,做出决定 2.outbreak n. (战争的)爆发, (疾病的)发作 e.g. SARS outbreak; the outbreak of the war break out 动词词组 爆发 这个词组在用法上有什么特点?相类似的有哪些? Exercises: choose the best choice. (1). There are many good films played by ChengLong that are worth _____. A. to be seen B. being seen C. seeing D. to see (2). The food _____ easily and sells _____. A. cooks ; well B. is cooking; good C. is cooked; well D. cooked; good (3). The windows of the building can’t _____., A. be closed B. close C. be closing D. closed 3. He was diagnosed _______cancer. He was diagnosed _______ a diabetic. The illness was diagnosed _____ cancer. 4. lay off 1) lay sb. off Because of falling orders, the company has been forced to lay off several hundred workers. 2) lay off (sth/sb) You'd better lay off alcohol for a while. 下岗工人______________ 5. Fill in the following blanks 1). He was told about a health care project that provides treatment at half the cost or less, ________ the needs of the patient. (depend on) 2). This is a program ______ (aim) at improving the situation for the poorest people in China. ______ (aim) at improving the situation, the government has set up several programs. 3) (devote) He _______ himself to his job. He ________ to his job. ________ to his job, he seldom went home. 4) (fix) He ___________ his eyes upon that strange object. With his eyes _________on/ upon his books, he even didn’t notice me. 6. thanks to 多亏了,由于 其他表示原因的词组? _______________/_______________/_______________/_______________/_______________ 7. in time to do sth / in time for sth 及时地,赶上做… 医生来的很及时,挽救了他的生命______________________________________________ 我及时地赶到了机场,赶上了去伦敦的飞机。____________________________________ 8. If I had had insurance, the sickness wouldn’t have caused such a big problem. 9. access noun [U] the method or possibility of approaching a place or person, or the right to use or look at something: The only access to the village is by boat. The tax inspector had/gained complete access to the company files. accessible adj. able to be reached or easily obtained: The resort is easily accessible by road, rail and air. 10. provide, offer, supply 的搭配形式,还记得吗?

11. rise, raise, arise, arouse 用适当的词填空 He _______ to his feet to deliver his speech. I had to _______my voice (= speak more loudly) to make myself heard over the noise. It's a subject which has _________ a lot of interest. Her parents died when she was a baby and she was________ by her grandparents. The balloon _________ gently (up) into the air. Should the opportunity_______, I'd love to go to China. 12. risk 的相关短语及搭配形式 All houses within 100 metres of the seas are at risk of flooding. At the risk of sounding stupid, how do I send this email? Owners are reminded that they leave their cars here at their own risk. Don't take/run any risks - just ring the police. 13. 强调句中需要注意的地方 It was Tom who(that)I met last week. It is he who______ late. It is they that_________ late. 他的父亲是十年前去世的吗?___________________________________________________ 你到底什么时候出发? __________________________________________________________ “not…until…”句型的强调结构为“It is not until…that…”应注意把否定词 not 转移到 until 前面。 直到雨停了我才回家_________________________________________________________ 直到昨天我才知道那个消息___________________________________________________ 14. search 的用法 1)He ___________ the forest __________ the lost child. 2) _______ a better cure for the infections, Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin. Which of the following choices is Not suitable? A. In search of B. Searching for C. In search for D. Looking for 15. lack 的用法 He just_________ a little confidence. Her only problem is ___________confidence. 16. 关于 time 的短语 from time to time, at a time, At one time, at the time, at times, at any time, in no time, in time, 1). Parking is not allowed here________________. 2). I'm sorry, but I'm too busy to help you now - I can only do one thing__________. 3). It seemed like a good idea_____________. 4)._____________ , George Eliot lived here. 5). The children ate their dinner ___________. 6). ______________________ I still think of her. (sometimes but not often) 7). I got home just ______________ - it's starting to rain. 8). You can be really annoying ____________, you know. (Sometimes) 17. work She worked as a cleaner at the hospital. The pump is worked by (= uses to operate) wind power. Her idea for reorganizing the department will never work in practice.

He started as a technician and worked his way up through the company to become managing director. 18. worth, worthy, worthwhile 用法区别 1)—Have you read this book? —Yes. But that one is ___________ worth reading. I suggest you read it if you have time. A. best B. well C. better D. more 2) He thought the painting ______, so he let me have it for only five dollars. A. of little cost B. of no price C. of little worth D. of little value 3) Because the painting was not real, it was completely ____. A. priceless B. worthless C. valuable D. useful 4) We have worked together in harmony for many years, and I find it _____ with them. A. worthy of working C. worth working B. useless, to work D. worthwhile working

19. live through, get through, go through 分别都有哪些含义? 20. be good to 与 be good for 的区别是什么? Step4: 重点句型 1.What kind of programmes does the WHO run? 2.If I had had insurance,the sickness wouldn’t have caused such a big problem. 3.This allowance,however,is only enough to cover the most fundamental needs such as food and clothing. 4.They cannot afford to consult a doctor or purchase medicines from a chemist when they get sick,nor can they make sure that their children keep a healthy diet.(部分倒装) 5.It is sometimes said that a society can be judged by the way it cares for its weakest members.(据说) 6.It was not until World War Ⅱ that the importance of Fleming’s discovery was fully recognized.(强调句) 7.She stood by the window and looked out at a grey cat walking along a grey fence in a grey backyard.(表示感觉的动词后接宾语补足语的情况) 8. ...and she had only $1.87 with which to buy Jim a present.(相当于定语从句的不定式 结构) 9.I had my hair cut off and sold it ...(have 作使役动词的用法

Step 1: 词汇过关 略 Step2: 基本短语搭配

1.lay off 解雇;不理会;使下岗 2.make matters worse 使情况更困难或更危险 3.get rid of 摆脱 4.make ends meet 使收支相抵;量入为出 5.be devoted to 献身……的;专心于……的 6.play a role in 在……中起作用 7.medical treatment 医疗 8.reach a decision 决定下来;下结论 9.aim at 瞄准;针对;目的在于 10.take measures to ... 采取措施来(做)…… 11.make a living 谋生 12.depend on 依靠;取决 13.live on 以……为主食;靠……生活 14.prevent... from ... 阻止,阻挡;制止;妨碍 15.provide ... for ... 为……提供…… 16.meet the needs of 满足……的需要 17.be burdened with ... 使负重担 18.put pressure on ... 给……施压,增添压力 19.state-owned companies 国有企业 20.lose weight 减肥 21.ready-made clothes 成衣 22.make fun of 取笑某人 23.attend to 处理;照顾;关照 24.take pride in 对……感到自豪 25.do up 打扮;梳妆 26.let down 不支持;使失望 27.at length 最后;终于;详细地 28.at a time 一次 29.go far (人)大有前途;成功; (钱)够花 30.come into being 形成 31.as to 关于 32.be accused of 被控诉,控告;被指责,谴责 33.set free 使获得自由;释放 34.refer to 参考;涉及;谈到;指的是 35.turn to 转向,变成;求助于 36.adapt to 使适应,使适和 37.get accustomed to 变得习惯于 38.for a moment 片刻;暂时 39.live through 度过;经受住 40.break out in tears 突然大哭起来 41.cut off 切掉;割掉;剪下;切断;隔绝 42.tear at 撕,扯…… Step 3 重点词汇用法 1.make , come to, arrive at, reach a decision 2.在英语学习中,有许多地方用主动表被动,这对许多中国学生来说是一个难点,常常让他们感 到不好学,不好掌握,在此小结一下 1、 Need, want, require(要求,需要), deserve(应得,值得), be worth 值得) ,not bear(经不住) 后面 接 doing 主动表被动。 The book is worth reading. 这本书值得一读。 The old building requires repairing. 这座古建筑需要修了。 These young seedlings will require/need looking after (=need to be looked after) carefully.?这些幼苗将需 要小心的照管。 Your hair wants/needs cutting (needs to be cut).?你的头发该剪了。? 2、不定式作定语,放在被修饰词后面,与前面被修饰的名词或代词有动宾关系,又在句子中与另一 名词或代词有主谓关系,不定式要用主动表被动含义。 I have much work to do. 我有许多要做的事情。 (与 work 有动宾关系,与 I 有主谓关系) Tom is looking for a room to live in. Tom 在找一间住的房间。 (与 room 有动宾关系,与 Tom 有主谓关 系) He has a family to support.?他要维持一个家庭。 (与 family 有动宾关系,与 he 有主谓关系) 3、不定式修饰作表语和宾语补足语的形容词时,结构:主语+系动词+形容词 + 不定式; 动词+宾 语+形容词+不定式。如果形容词是表示难易、利弊等含义,如 difficult, easy, comfortable(舒适的), convenient(便利的,方便的), hard, cheap, expensive, 等,不定式用 主动表被动。 The question is difficult to answer. 这个问题很难回答。

The work is easy to do. 这项工作很好做。 I found the car comfortable to ride in. 我觉得这种车很好坐。 That makes poetry difficult to write. 那就使得诗很难写。 4、在 be to 结构中的一些不定式:这种结构中的不定式通常应用主动表被动。下列动词用不定式的主 动形式表示被动意义:? Who is to blame for starting the fire?? 这场火灾应由谁负责?? You are to blame for the accident. 你应为这事受动责备。 The house is to let.此房出租。? A lot remains to do.还剩下许多事情要做。? 5 、系动词没有被动形式 ,但有些系动词常表示被动意义。常见的有 taste( 吃起来 ), sound ( 听起来 ), prove(证明是), feel(摸上去感到), look(看起来),smell(闻起来)等,例如:? Your reason sounds reasonable.? 你的理由听起来很合理。? Good medicine tastes bitter to the mouth.?良药苦口。? 6、一些与 can''t(不能)或 won''t(不会)连用的动词。常用的有: lock(锁住), shut(关上) , open(打开), act(上 演), write(写),cut(砍,切),wear(穿,戴)等,用作不及物动词时,用主动表被动。例如:? The door won''t open.这门打不开。? It can''t move.它不能动。? 7、一些动词如 sell(销售) , wash(洗), clean(打扫), burn(燃烧), cook(煮)等与副词如 well(好), easily(容易 地), perfectly(十分地)等连用 ,描会事物的特性,用主动表被动,结构是主语+动词+加副词。例如:? The book sells well.?这种书很畅销。? These clothes wash easily.?这些衣服很易洗。? The pen writes well. 这笔很好写。 8、主语 much, a great deal, little, what 等,其表语如是不定式,则用不定式的主动表被动。 What is to do? 做什么? Much is to do. 太多要做的事。 9、在“there be”句型中作主语的定语如果现在分词时,所用的现在分词要用主动表被动意义。 There is nothing doing these days. 这些天没事干。 I see there’s a good idea planning. 我知道又在打好主意。 Key: 1-3 CAB 3. With, as, as 4. laid-off workers 6.Due to , owing to, because of, on account of, as a result of 10. provide sth for sb; provide sb. with sth offer sth to sb, offer sb sth supply sth to sb, supply sb with sth 11.rose, raise, aroused , raised, rose, arise 13. Is, were, Was it ten years ago that his father died?, When is it that you will set off? It was not until rain stopped that I went home. It was not until yesterday that I knew the news. 14. C

15. Lacks, lack of 16. at any time, at a time, at the time , At one time, in no time, From time to time, in time, at times

18. 1)C 2) D3) B4) D

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