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1. Able ability enable capable be able to do 能够做… have the ability to do 能够做,有能力做…: He has the ability to make very good boat. enable sb to do 使…能做…: Internet has enabled us to get information from all over the world. Be capable of 能够做…: He is capable of drawing oil painting. He is able to read and write in English. 2. Absent 反义词:present 3. Abroad 国外,海外: live ~ go ~ Many young people are eager to go abroad to study. 4. Access: 入口,途径;机会,权利。Have access to sthN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建 专 Citizens in the town all have access to the books in the local(当地的)library. 5. Absorb 吸收 be absorbed in 全神贯注于… All the students are absorbed in Professor’s lecture on China’s economy. 6. Accept 接受 receive 收到(不一定接受)供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客 U# m6 `1 |, l& L$ k0 t: O She received a gift from him, but she didn’t accept it. 7. By accident=by chance 偶然地 on purpose 故意地 8. According to 根据 According to the article, environmental pollution has been taken under control. 9. Take… into account=take… into consideration 把…考虑在内 I hope my teacher will take into account my illness when he grades our test paper. Account 描述 She gave an account of what he saw in China. 10. Accuse sb of sth = charge sb with(for) sth 指责… 做了…;指控… 犯了… He was accused of robbing the bank and sentenced ten years in gail. His mother charged him with being lazy. 11. Be accustomed to = be used to 习惯于 后接 sth 或 doing sth used to 过去有 过去常常 后接 do sth Mr. Smith is not used/accustomed to driving on the right. I’m already used to the life here. There used to be a house near the river. z4 U2 w He used to get up while he was in the middle school. 12. Achieve 获得,达到 UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本,百事可乐合作伙伴,供) You will achieve nothing if you waste your time this way. 13. Adapt=adjust 适应 ~ adopt 收养;采用 You should adapt to college life as soon as possible. He adjusted himself very quickly to the weather in the country. 14. Add to 增添 add up to 总计达 15. In addition(to)=besides 此外

3In order to master a foreign language, we should learn some grammar. In addition, we’d better learn some words. 16. Adequate=enough 17. Admit 承认 T9 cHe admitted him mistake at last. 18. In advance 预先,提前 You should inform(通知) me in advance if you are going to come. 19. Take advantage of = make use of 利用 We can take advantage of computer to analyze data. A good habit in learning is to make full use of class time. 20. Affect (v.) effect (n.) influence (v & n) 影响 effort 努力 have an effect/influence on 对…有影响 make an effort to do 或 make efforts to do The latest discovery in gene will have a great effect on the health of human beings. They made great efforts to find a new cure to lung cancer . 21. Afford (to do) sth 买/花/用/支付得起 AIt’s hard to imagine how he can afford (to buy) a house on his small salary. 22. Be afraid of 担心,害怕 23. At the age of 24. Agree with 同意 agree on 同意 (双方就…达成一致)O& qagree to 同意 (上级,父母对下级,晚辈允许…) The two countries have agreed on the date for next talk. My parents don’t agree to my staying outside overnight. 25. Ahead of time 提前 )We finished our assignment ahead of time. 26. By air=by plane by sea= by ship by bus/train on foot 27. After all 毕竟 above all 首先 (not…) at all 一点(也不) all over 28. Allow/permit … to do… 允许…做… 29. Although/though but 连词 不能同时用在句子中。 As 连词 倒装句 n spite of/despite 介词 不连接句子 Although he was seriously ill, he went on with the experiment.36UN-做中国大第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专百事 IYoung as he is, he has already learned three foreign languages: English, French and Japanese. Although he is young,he has already learned three foreign languages :English, French and Japanese. ~In spite of/despite his illness, he went on with his experiment. 30. Be angry with sb be angry at sth 6 31. Apart from=besides 除了….之外,还有…. No one knows what happened except mr. Smith. QHe has a large collection of books besides CDs. =except 除了…

0 32. Apply ( ~ for 申请 ) 应用% E He has successfully applied for a position(职位) in the company. 33. Appreciate 欣赏 ?感激(加动名词 doing) I really appreciate your coming to the party. 类似动词有: enjoy, mind 介意, avoid 避免, escape 逃避, can’t help 禁不住, risk 冒险, need=want 需要 Cinsist on 坚持 My hair needs cutting. 34. Approve 赞成, 批准 l: 35. Argue with sb 与…争论 36. Arise ~ from rise arouse raise m4 K1 y, `6 W New problems will arise as the old ones have been solved.(出现)365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学专升本, Are there any things arising from last meeting? (源于), q# g5 N# O# Q& `7 P6 S$ T His speech aroused little interest among the students.(引起,激起) The company has raised the prices of its products.(提高)365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升 The prices of goods rose day by day during the Spring Festival.(上升) 37.Artificial 人工的,假的 ~ flowers365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本,百可 38. As for 至于 as to 关于,至于 as if/though 似乎,好象供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客 7 A9 w+ W6 ^6 \1 G9 m 39. Ask for 要求 40. Attach importance to 重视 41. Pay attention to 重视 catch one’s attention 引起…注意/重视 bbs.365un.cn4 j8 r* Y) c' H 42. Available 可得/买到的 bbs.365un.cn7 U$ P' q' z4 q* V+ u1 c There is no ticket available. 43. Average 平均 on( the ) ~ 44. Be aware of = realize 意识到 be sure 一定要,肯定 He apologized to us for the mistake as soon as he was aware of it.365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户, Be sure not to be late for the meeting. I’m sure the play will be a great success. 45. Back up 支持 46. Background 背景 47. Base ~…on… 把…建立在…基础之上 His article is based on the research. 48. Bear 忍受,容忍 同义词: endure tolerate stand put up with She cannot bear to see the child in pains. 49. Do/try one’s best He said he would try his best to carry out the plan.365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un, 50. Because 连词:There will be no meeting because the manager will be on the vacation next week. because of 介词: His wedding will be put off because of his father’s death.

51. Best make the ~ of 很好地利用 52. Had better do 最好 You’d better finish reading the book in this week, since I’m going to return it to the library. would rather do 宁愿 I’d rather go there myself. 53. Beyond 超出… 9 n# d9 F% E. f+ R2 k8 ~ The professor’s lecture is beyond me/beyond my understanding (超出我的理解范围).bbs.365un.cn E. \8 ?; T5 sThe apple on the tree is beyond my reach(够不着)。 54. Both… and…两者都 either…or… 或者… 或者… 供求,资讯,交友,大学 F neither …. Nor…. 两者都不 55. Be bound to do 注定… You’re bound to succeed as long as(只要)you keep on trying.bbs.365un.cn$ D/ d; H% 56. Break into 闯入 break out 爆发 break through 突破 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un, break up (关系等)破裂 57. Catch one’s breath 58. Call off=cancel 取消 call on=visit 拜访 call for 请求,号召 The resident called for the people to fight against the invaders. 59. Care for 关心, 在乎 take care 保重 take care of=look after 照顾 9 ~( }0 R2 G; _* K& T; u! I! |" O* u 60. Carry on 继续 carry out 实施,执行 They decided to carry out the plan despite the opposition. 61. Case 事实,实情;箱子;案例;病例 in case (of) 以防,万一 Take my umbrella in case it rains;.bbs.365un.cn- E/ G' @2 K9 _" O; ~) C1 n( M In most cases 在大多数情况下供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客 g1 y5 c6 L7 m6 P" ]7 u% W0 q In no case 决不 in no way by no means 62. Catch up with 赶上, 保持一致 keep up with keep pace with365un-做中国大学生第一门户 0 }5 r O9 o3 i5 l1 WB 63. (be) in charge of 掌管,负责 take charge of 掌管, 负责% m# C9 B& d. T. E4 k7 F% G charge… for… 开价,要价 bbs.365un.cn8 t; I& V% m$ L4 V. r5 u+ B The short man there is in charge of our company.365un-做中国大学生第一门户 # k8 `* _6 v' d9 l1 T# Z The hotel charges $100 for a double room. 64. Challenge 挑战 65. Change 零钱(n.),换零钱(v.) 66. Comfort v.& n 安慰; 舒适,舒服 comfortable 舒服的, 舒适的 365un-做中国大学生第一门户 1 a+ X$ L& _: x, O" f2 ` 67. Have … in common 有共同之处供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客 3 V# T8 R" Z+ L9 L; o/ ]' O Although they are twins they have little in common.. E& ^; B1 d. S) w7 X! Z 68. Communicate 传播,交流 bbs.365un.cn$ X% Y2 f9 R* M4 c" ~! J 69. Compare … to… 把… 比作…. compare … with … 把… 与… 相比" t o w2 `; a* m- r* N1 T

Poets like comparing their lovers to red roses. Compared with brain, computer still has some shortcomings. 70. Complain of/about 抱怨$ B2 _! z9 c, n! d$ L 71. Be made up of 由…. 组成 be composed of consist of 供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客( {7 L) `) v' V# v: x- ?0 S0 s 72. Concentrate on 集中注意力于 be engaged in 73. As far as … be concerned 就… 而言 As far as wages are concerned, I’m very dissatisfied with the present job. Concerning=about 关于 74. Contribute 捐献 contribute to 有助于 Computers will contribute many conveniences to our work. 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户, 事可; \/ 75. Control out of control 失去控制 under ~ 在控制之下 76. Convenient 方便,便利的 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本,百事可乐合 77. Convince 使相信/信服 convince… of…供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客" A1 h2 T: g& s& B. y3 x) O0 P3 [ I’m convinced(=I believe) that where there is a will, there is a way. He was not convinced of his wife’s guilty. 78. Cope with deal with handle 处理,应付供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客 1 `) b# \2 B9 |" ? J 79. At the cost of 以…为代价 He saved the drown child at the cost of his own life. at the risk of 冒着…危险…供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客- s+ V/ ] P& C9 v cost spend * e4 Y: l& ~9 A The overcoat cost him $200. He spent $200 on (in buying) the overcoat. 80. Count on depend on rely on 依靠,依赖 0 x _- S( h$ X, T 81. Create 创造 365un-做中国大学生第一门户 * A$ S7 K% y% ]0 ~' q) ~ 82. Custom 习俗 customs 海关 83. Damage 损坏(部分) destroy 毁灭(全部) hurt 伤害 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专 injure 受伤 ruin 摧毁 spoil 破坏(心情,兴致等)365un-做中国大学生第一门户 8 t' U5 f9 h# ~# ?% t Our holiday was spoiled buy the bad weather.365un-做中国大学生第一门户 1 S$ ?; {' Z* ^8 w2 y7 P The earthquake has destroyed the city entirely.3 t5 e( {* B0 i6 d3 @9 F$ D7 U 84. A good/great deal 许多,大量供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客, ^$ @% x* D. ?" X, B& G 85. Degree 学位 程度=extent to some extent/degree 在某种程度上( s. {# n$ ]2 c! M 86. Demand order suggest propose insist 等后 that 从句用虚拟语气(加动词原形) The general ordered that the bridge (should) be repaired before daybreak.供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客 6 T7 d: n3 87. Deny 否认,拒绝(给予) He denied breaking the window.bbs.365un.cn: \0 I$ M5 H) o/ _; g: D Women were denied the right to vote in the past in the U.S. 88. In detail 详细地* o- p5 |; i6 F& p Q He explained the question to us in ~.

89. Devote …. To… 致力于 bbs.365un.cn) ~% U( P8 K9 X+ c$ V- T$ Z, W' i The scientist devoted the whole life to the study of chemistry.bbs.365un.cn8 `/ _+ S& o; \$ Y9 G 90. Do away with 废除 get rid of 摆脱 除掉 have … to do with 与… 有关 It has nothing to do with what you are talking about. Do away with the law.bbs.365un.cn2 T* l% B! }2 E4 E* Z2 B( h+ O He managed to get rid of the man followed him.bbs.365un.cn2 y; i! X1 @! d* @# _, V/ V( `( z 91. Drop in=drop by=visit : u* O- w; H k" b" h: e# i+ Q 92. Due 到期的 The book will be due next week. (按计划,安排要)发生,到达的 What time will the next bus due? The next meeting is due to be held in three months’ time. due to =because of=owing to 因为,由于 Z' t& j7 f+ z0 M$ X His promotion is due to his hard working. Due to the heavy rain, we have to give up the plan for the weekends.bbs.365un.cn& m' D' x% G: a" H* d 93. Economic 经济的 economical 节俭的 bbs.365un.cn X* c2 R: @6 B" A9 A 94. Effective 有效的 efficient 效率高的 95. Else 其它的 something ~ somebody ~ 96. In the end 最终(结果) at last 最后(经过很长时间)365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升 I have finished the essay at last. We were thinking of going to England, but in the end we went to the USA. 97. Enjoy oneself=have a good time 玩的开心 help oneself 随便 98. Establish=set up=found 99. Evident=obvious=apparent 明显的 显而易见的 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建 100. For example=for instance 101. Be exhausted=be tired out =be worn out 筋疲力尽的 365un-做中国大学生第一门户 ! Q4 ]: V) N5 U6 B, G! o 102. Exist 存在 103. Expose 暴露 受影响 Being exposed to the sun for some time can do good to your health.供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客. a P& i% o# ~. Many of today’s teenagers have been exposed too much to violence and sex.365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un, 104. Face up to (勇敢)面对 be faced with 面临 encounter 面临 105. In fact as a matter as a fact 实际上 事实上 106. Be familiar with365un-做中国大学生第一门户 - n5 @5 @7 t [0 V" f. A 107. By far 非常,最(修饰比较级和最高级) so far 迄今为止(完成时态) far from 远非(否定) In my opinion, he is by far the most suitable one for the job. He sent out a letter to apply for the job, but has received no answer so far.bbs.365un.cn U7 m) q8 n' n+ Q! t4 T

My English is far from perfect.365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本,百事可乐合 108. Fare 交通费 fee 费用 tuition 学费 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本,百 109. Favor do sb a favor 帮… 个忙 in favor of 赞成 365un-做中国大学生第一门户 ; S3 A D t) i- d7 \) p I’m in favor of his suggestion that a power plant(电厂)be built. Would you do me a favor to carry the box upstairs? 110. Feel like doing sth would like to do sth 喜欢/想做…. 111. Field 田野,领域供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客 5 N. _0 E* T; D e+ l 112. Fill in 填写 be filled with 充满( B- r$ @ b1 f5 j, q7 {# Y Would you like to fill in your address and telephone here?供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客 8 B! ]& O$ a8 V7 v5 Z 113. Fine 罚款 114. Fire 解雇 catch fire 着火 set fire to 点火 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升 115. Focus… on…使集中,以…为中心 116. Be fond of =like 喜欢 I’m fond of novels written by D.H Laurence. 117.Look forward to 盼望 We are looking forward to your coming.供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客' \' E4 |3 z4 d. C& f: f0 V in general in short in a word on the whole 总的说来 118. Generation gap 代沟; O0 K+ D* R/ L- i- X- [! V 120. Get on/get off 上/下车(船…) get on/ along with 和…相处 121. Give in 屈服,让步 give up 放弃 give off 发出 The gas given off by automobiles is harmful to people’s health6 \: }# T! F! ]/ b8 Y Don’t give up until you succeed.bbs.365un.cn, d+ N' F8 l3 e* q1 {& T. x He gave in finally under the pressure.365un-做中国大学生第一门户 2 V4 F. ~! }; F, y) J9 d% F 122. Go on to do sth 接着做(另一件事) go on doing sth 继续做(同一件事) go on a diet 节食 go over 复习 bbs.365un.cn6 x$ s7 ]# ?* a3 W# l5 d; M 123. Grant take… for granted 对…想当然,对…习以为常 We usually take it for granted that the government should work for the welfare (福利) of the people. 124. Grow up 成长 grown-up 成年人 365un-做中国大学生第一门户 - R: [, M6 f; w+ [ 125. Hand in 上交 hand in hand on one hand 一方面 on the other hand 另一方面 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本,百事可乐合作 126. Hardly 几乎不 hardly… when…=no sooner… than… 刚…. 就…. The town has changed so quickly that I can hardly recognize it .3 J2 C/ b% m3 ?) s Hardly had we reached home when it began raining.# i+ }5 }7 C& A9 M- f 127. Do good to…对…有益 do harm to…对…有害 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专 升本,百事可乐合作伙伴,供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客) W; w a8 P5 a# s: k- G( X$ a 128. Learn by heart 记住 lose heart 失去信心 K+ T# ?0 r) i8 D 129. Can’t help doing sth 禁不住做…

She couldn’t help crying when she heard the news that her father passed away365un-做中国大学生第一门户 8 Q( a) o( ~: a9 |4 @: e/ p! v 130. Hold hold back 控制住(感情等) hold up 阻止,妨碍 131. In a hurry in no hurry365un-做中国大学生第一门户 ( {$ [6 L& s, \ 132. Insist 从句用 should do, should 可以省略 He insisted that we go there together。& C4 M* j* A# X, C @$ v 相同用法的词:suggest, order, demand, propose… 133. Instead instead of 代替,相反 I’m still wondering why he asked John for help instead of Tom。 134. Intend to do 想要做 135. Involve.. In..介入,卷入 I don’t want to be involved in their quarell.* d1 q* v5 v& o+ m 135. Be keen on 热心/热衷于 136. Key/answer to a question solution to a problem (解决问题的)办法$ X9 d: Y' L# A9 p 137. Late latest 最新的,最近的 later …以后 latter 后者,后半的 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户, the latest news two years later=after two years365un-做中国大学生第一门户 " ^4 K9 |0 x! x- h! I+ L 138. Lay 放 置 laid laid% L! K8 n$ S% ~: {% Y0 }7 f z( _ lie 躺 lay lain 说谎 lied liedbbs.365un.cn& Z9 A3 _- `, }, P 139. Leave 把… 忘在… leave out 漏掉 I have left my keys at home. 140. In light/view of 鉴于,由于* ?/ N- g8 z) D" a0 P. T) w5 o 141. Likely 可能的 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户, 专升本, 福建专升本, 百事可乐合作伙伴,供求, It is likely that computer will come into every family in China in the near future.365un-做中国大学生第一门户 142. Live on 靠… 生活 earn one’s living 谋生 143. Be located in =be situated in 位于 144. As long as 只要 before long 不久 long before 很久以前 no longer 不再 long for 渴望 bbs.365un.cn, D! _$ e( _# G+ { He is longing for the day he could go to the USA. You are bound to succeed as long as you keep trying. 145. Look after=take care of look down upon/on 看不起,look for 寻找 look into 调查 look up 查(字典) 146.Be made up of=be composed of=be comprised of=consist of 由…组成 365un-做中国大学生第一门户 q( ~, U( g) \- S" R3 p0 L9 l. m make for 朝… 走去 9 n* E6 W- f1 l" w+ ?, b 147.Manage to do 设法做了… try to do 设法去做… try doing 试着做.. 148. Manner 方式,方法 way method means K4 I% `( q.

manners 礼貌 365un-做中国大学生第一门户 9 x- }6 i8 a" l 149. Many a 许多(谓语用第三人称单数) a great many 许多 Many a student in our class has seen the film more than three times. 150. No matter how/ what/where/when/ who… 无论如何/什么/哪/何时/谁 151. Take measures/steps/pains to do 采取措施… 152. Keep/bear…in mind=remember make up one’s mind 决定+ M3 E3 @+ w$ K) W/ o. m, ` 153. Mistake by mistake 错误地 mistake….for… 把… 误当成….0 T5 D- P, O: ?* F2 Z2 p* i, ` I often mistake him for his twin brother.365un-做中国大学生第一门户 ! K- [, A1 ]; \2 Z! p 154. Moment the moment/minute 一…就… at the moment0 l8 m) J, t' B, q, L) N He said he would inform me the moment he arrived Beijing.供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客! `- ^0 l2 i2 v" Z# N* a! 155. More or less 或多或少 bbs.365un.cn4 t: w6 f7 @4 p: j# l 156. Mood 心情 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本,百事可乐合作伙伴,供讯, be in the mood to do4 _) {/ o# E& n+ m% P0 U4 V7 E I’m in no mood to read.* w* I( X7 D7 z' |* S2 m) ` 157. Mutual 相互的,共同的$ k! K0 h# ^. N mutual understanding mutual benefits 供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客$ P; Y. J" ^2 ~; n0 l! Z 158. Necessary It’s necessary/important/vital that…..从句中用动词原形 do not necessarily 不一定% v9 l+ b8 A( ~ W. w- a: s 159. Noon at noon/midnight/8 o’clock…. 160. Nothing but =only 只有 We can do nothing but wait for help.365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本,百事 161. Now that=since 既然 Now that you’ve accept the job you’d better devote yourself to it. $ e o$ c; P8 h6 g& Z2 X" M7 Q 162. A number of 一些 the number of 数量 bbs.365un.cn( H8 z1 v- Z& Z; v2 ~6 L$ [1 v 163. Object to=be opposed to 反对 4 Z; u/ Z' O# [ 164. Occasion 场合,时间 on the occasion 165. Occupy 占领,占据 166. Not only… but (also) 注意:1.连接主语,谓语数的变化 bbs.365un.cn6 k3 q! f/ W! }! j% l- X/ s: [- W" T 2.连接两个句子,not only 后用倒装 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本,百事 Not only the teacher but also the students are all interested in the movie365un-做中国大学生第一门户 6 \; Q5 V+ B! Not only the students but also the teacher is interested in the movie. Not only should we learn English but we should learn it well./ v5 A5 Y' X: N/ _ 167. In one’s opinion 在… 看来 In my opinion, smoking should be banned in public places.bbs.365un.cn: w" \8 \. P. ?; G# r$ x7 e* Q 168. Operate on 做手术 bbs.365un.cn8 O" ^( i L: ^ 169. Or 和 unless365un-做中国大学生第一门户 ( T7 Z. E+ W1 `. i" q. b Get out of the bed, or you’ll be late for the train.(否则)

You’ll be late for the train unless you get out of the bed immediately.(除非)供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客% o- P* d1 170. In order to/that 为了 365un-做中国大学生第一门户 ! H; _( E. n( F 170. Origin 起源,血缘 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本,百事可乐合作伙伴, 171. Ought to do sth 应该 365un-做中国大学生第一门户 " c$ |* t: F6 X0 W. u 172. Overcome a difficult 克服困难供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客, r" Y3 p: ^' W 173. Play a part in =play a role in 起作用 365un-做中国大学生第一门户 % D) ]- n& y) M8 I take part in=participate in 参加 174. In particular 特别地" o* c3 O. V U3 b6 f 175. Take place=happen 发 take the place of 代替,取代 in place/out of place 适合的,恰当的/不适合的,不恰当的 365un-做中国大学生第一门户 * L/ o \' f s& \ 176. Plenty of 许多,大量 ~ ~ water ~ ~ books( Z2 x R: k- A, [4 [ 177. Postpone=put off 推迟供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客 2 W. Z* y$ l4 K, f; x- o2 h5 J* o 178. Prefer 更喜欢 prefer to do/doing prefer doing sth to doing sth+ v) f5 `* z* |0 y4 Y6 A! O9 _) S prefer to do sth rather than do sth 179. Prepare for make preparations for 准备 180. At present 目前,当前 181. Prevent … from… keep… from…. 182. Take pride in=be proud of 引以为傲 0 @# c3 d7 }8 K& F# p8 S/ h& A) [ 183. Make progress 取得进步 184. Pull down 拆除供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客 9 R Y7 z" D( u# e } 185. Put on 穿上 put away 收好,放好 put up with 186. Out of the question 不可能 out of question 没有问题 Your suggestion is out of the question since we don’t have enough hands. 187. Rather than 而不是 other than 除了供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客' m6 u% Y& T) p$ E3 ^! ? 188. Regret/ remember/forget to do 遗憾/记得/忘了要做….365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户, 专升 F doing 做过 189. Remind 使…想起,使….记起 remind….of…. Occur 想起 The picture often reminds her of the five years she spent in the village. It occurred to me suddenly that I had left my keys at home. 191. As a result(of) 因此(因为)365un-做中国大学生第一门户 ! G2 P+ W; `" }: V& @ As a result of his persistence(毅力),he succeeded in completing his study.供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客 9 ]4 j' P( i7 192. Regard/view/think of…as… consider….(to be)…. 把…. 看作. e( ?! M* N: p1 o& ?+ X The students all regard him as their friend.供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客 5 E+ f- N0 X6 g) y$ L ] 193. Rob sb of sth 抢了… steal sb sth 偷….8 I, D8 U! q3 Q6 b. g9 {. b 194. Run into 撞上 run out (of)=use up 用完,耗尽 My car has run out of gas. I used up my money for this month in half a month. 195. For the sake of 为了 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本,百事可乐合作伙 He did all this for the sake of you.365un-做中国大学生第一门户 3 r9 c7 |. j3 Z+ C2 y) C 196. The same …as 一样# G }+ d3 q9 I3 a' CShe wears the same skirt as yesterday.& R+ t- z0 v' B. |% p6 t 197. See off 送行 see through 看穿,识破 198. In a sense in a way 某种意义上 to a extent/degree 一定程度上 In a sense, what he said is important.2 c# n3 g/ B7 P5 o% p, p I agree with you to some extent.' N7 [1 p. W9 h5 | 199. Sensible 理智的 sensitive 敏感的 365un-做中国大学生第一门户 # ~# H! r P! p9 l# R2 C 200. Set off 出发 set up=establish 建立 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本, 百事可乐合作伙伴,供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客/ w& H( H% J; Q8 D7 n+ c

201. Be short of=lack 缺乏 202. At first sight 乍一看 catch sight of 看见 203. Be similar to 与…相似 204. So so as to do 为了 so that 为了 They told me to visit her and I did so.5 y. T& N/ S* k& W9 W; n; F 205.Sometime 改天,将来某一时刻 sometimes 有时,间或+ M) O8 y7 `1 }8 z1 D% @5 c 206. As soon as 一..就… sooner or later 迟早 207. Source 源头,起源 resource 资源 208. Stand=put up with=bear=endure=tolerate 忍受 209. Stick to 坚持供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客 7 k m/ L! ^9 @+ R I stick to my opinion.供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客; N% l8 j% U1 A3 R! c6 v& L7 ~ 210. Subject to 遭受 The family is subjected to the loss of their son. 211. Be superior to 好于,优于 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本,百事可乐 The moon cakes produced by their factory are superior to ours 212. Do your suppose=do you think be supposed to do 应该做… 213. Take apart 拆开 take off 起飞 take up 占领,从事 take over 接管 214. At the same time 同时 from time to time 不时地 on time 准时 in time 及时 take one’s time 别着急 once upon a time 从前! t+ i. W+ B6 Z% Y 215. Come true 实现 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本,百事可乐合作伙伴, 供 His dream of becoming an electronic engineer came true. 216. Take turns 轮流 in turn 轮流,反过来 turn down 拒绝 turn on/off 开/关 turn out 生产,结果是 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本, We usually take turns while waiting for the bus. The help we give to others will in turn give ourselves pleasure.& ^$ c4 }' C' J0 o2 g; X The party turned out to be a great success.. }2 \+ i$ ~. @# ~ 218. Until/till 到…才 365un-做中国大学生第一门户 : D l) U: ^; _* H 219. Put…to use 使用,利用 make use of =take advantage of 利用 use up 用完供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客' g$ y220. A variety of = all kinds of 许多,各种各样 2 L, ~/ N! |: o* J There are a large variety of books for you to choose from. 221. Warm up 热身 365UN-做中国大学生第一门户,365un,大学生门户,专升本,福建专升本,百事可乐合作伙伴,供 求 222. By the way 顺便问一下 by way of 以….方式 in a way 某种意义上 make one’s way 走,挤 224. While 在…时候,而,尽管 1 a# | [1 u6 K$ R+ P There is nowhere for him to use his money, while I have no money to use. While there are many difficulties, we are confident to carry out the plan. 225. Will 意志,遗言 7 v' g2 B; E0 l! U4 v: p 226. In other words 换句话说,即 in a word 总而言之 keep one’s word 遵守诺言 365un-做中国大学生第一门户 ; p$ W% s+ K J" @ 227. Work out 算出,理解,明白 put forward 提出 365un-做中国大学生第一门户 ) V2 q: f9 \2 l' ?* { He didn’t work out the last question in the exam.供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客# t( `/ h0 F V7 C" h He put forward a solution to the problem at the meeting. 228. Be worth doing be worthy of doing 值得 The novel is worth reading.8 I9 R3 b* R( o8 F& F( T9 X, P' g The issue(问题)is worthy of considering. 229. Yet 多用于否定,疑问句中, 放在动词后 still 可用于肯定,疑问句中, 亦可在否定句中;在 be 后,' z( U7 a' D* p) G4 ~; q5 [( b 但在其它动词前 He hasn’t finished his breakfast yet. He doesn’t understand yet.bbs.365un.cn; ~ o! ? M2 _# {9 a She still doesn’t understand% d( R( o( C5 ~* j- B$ H He is still in bed.& i& M, D/ @7 [$ d% W' u6 | 230. Leave sth some where 把… 忘在…供求,资讯,交友,大学城,博客. f B8 z9 e/ b3 ]; J* s He had left his text books in the classroom

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