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译林牛津高中英语(2010新版)模块三课标词汇全练全测(Unit 1)

高中英语课标词汇全练全测(7) (模块三 Unit 1)
一、词性变化,并说出其汉语意思。 1. tight (a.) 2. wide (a.) (反义词) (反义词) 3. bite (v.) 4. truck (n.<美>) = , (pt. & pp.) (n.<英>)


in sight; reach out; roll up; come to one’s aid; watch out for; wish for; the North Pole; pay back; mistake…for…; reach into
1. She had an accident and was trapped in her car. Luckily two passers-by 2. She is thinking how 3. Paul 4. You must be 5. I’m always the support from her friends. his pocket to get the cell phone. her her sister. They are twins. any pickpocket (扒手) on a crowded bus. . .

6. I glanced around quickly and found there was no one 7. Mother 8. She 9. It’s no use her hand to wipe the tears on my cheek. her sleeves and began to wash clothes. the impossible. .

10. Polar bear, a big white bear lives near

三、根据句意, 选用方框内所给动词的适当形式填空。(注意时态、语态、非谓语动词) hesitate; attach; confuse; ignore; approach; grasp; roll; glance; glare; stare 1. With spring 2. I’m totally 3. 4. Don’t 5. Please 6. You have to 7. The dog enjoyed himself 8. He 9. They 10. She , the weather is getting warmer and warmer. . Can you explain that again? him and he will soon stop crying. to ask questions if you are in doubt. a photo to your application form. (=seize, take hold of) the rope with both hands. on the grass.

over at her, noting that though she was tiny, she seemed very well put together. at each other in anger. at the painting, wondering where she had seen it.

四、根据句意、首字母、或中文提示填词,要求意思通顺,语法搭配正确。 1. To our surprise, the landlady r 2. While walking in the woods, I morning air deeply. 3. What are you two (小声说,低语) about over there?

(=lower≠increase) the rent by ten per cent. [(吸着气)闻,嗅] the cool and fresh

4. Don’t 5. It was 6. I was 7. The is a design of a moment I saw him.

(惊慌). We’ll soon get you out of there. (观察) that 40 percent of patients had high blood pressure. (流汗) like a pig after the marathon. (鲨鱼) with great (颌,嘴) on the (花瓶). (认出) him the (一套衣服). (自愿) for the clean-up after the party. (轻拍) him on the shoulder. (十字路口) is a place where roads cross. (镇静) and just (售票员) says the bus (不理会, 对…视而不见) him. (票价) have gone up by 20%. (相反的=opposite) to the public interest. (珠宝). (三角形)? (闪电) frightens me. (人行道) outside her house. (靴子) and an (大衣) for the new year. . (confuse) in hospital. (observe)

8. Though I haven’t seen Jimmy for twenty years, I 9. I attended a friend’s funeral in a black 10. Kate remained and 11. He turned as someone 12. A 13. I tried to keep 14. The

15. The government’s actions are 16. The diamond ring is my most valuable piece of 17. Do you know how to calculate the area of a 18. I don't mind (雷), but

19. A small group of journalists waited on the 20. My parents bought me a pair of 五、用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. As they approached the city, the enemy fled in 2. He spent two nights under close 3. weekend. (like) 4. He is to arrive a little late. (like)

most of the teachers, Mr You never gives us any homework during the

5. The lamp suddenly went out, leaving us in (disabled) 7. She watched the train until it was only a 8. I gave a sigh of

. (dark) . . (distant)

6. In this school special courses are offered to those with sight/hearing/speech (点, 小圆点) in the

when I heard that he came back safe and sound. (relieve) in this country. (attract) idea for most young people. (attract) data. (analysis) pressure than arts graduates. (employ) the next morning. (fog)

9. Lake Green is one of the biggest tourist 10. Shopping via the Internet is an 11. The job involves gathering and 12. Science graduates are facing less 13. The weather forecast said it would be 14. I am 15. We are

about losing my job. (anxiety) that we can find a solution to the problem. (hope) expression on her face. (puzzle)

16. She asked me the question with a

六、根据句意,选择合适的单词填空。 mist; wherever; sign; nowhere; overhead; wave; flesh; grateful; soldier; beard 1. The mountains were hidden in 2. 4. A plane flew 5. A 3. The poor old woman has . has been set up by the lake, saying ‘No swimming’. breaking on the shore. . were wounded in the fighting. . . to live.

(=no matter where) you go, I will follow you.

6. He sat on a stone and watched the 7. A fat person has a great deal of 8. I am 9. Two British

(=thankful) to you for lending me your car.

10. Some Japanese men like to wear moustache instead of

七、单项选择题 1. —Oh, it’s you! I you. —I’ve just had my hair cut and I’m wearing new glasses. (上海高考卷) A. didn’t recognize B. hadn’t recognized C. haven’t recognized D. don’t recognize 2. Alexander tried to get his work _______in the medical circles. (09 辽宁卷) A. to recognize B. recognizing C. recognize D. recognized 3. I was surprised by her words, which made me what silly mistakes I had made. (05 湖南) A. recognize B. realized C. to know D. understanding 4. In peace,too,the Red Cross is expected to send help there is human suffering. (06 江西) A. whoever B. wherever C.whatever D.however 5. Nine in ten parents said there were significant differences in their approach their children compared with of their parents. (江苏 09) A. to educate; both B. to educate; one C. to educating; that D. to educating; those 6. Thousands of foreigners were______ to the Shanghai World Expo the day it opened.(10 江苏). A. attended B. attained C. attracted D. attached 7. Her shoes ______ her dress; they look very well together. (08 江西) A. suit B. fit C. compare D. match 8. —How about eight o' clock outside the cinema? —That _______ me fine. (04 全国) A. fits B. meets C. satisfies D . suits 9. _____him and then try to copy what he does.(1999 全国卷) A. Glance at B. Stare at C. Glare at D. Watch 10. At the railway station, the mother waved goodbye to her daughter until the train was _______. (08 天津卷) A. out of sight B. out of reach C. out of order D. out of place


高中英语课标词汇全练全测(7) (模块三 Unit 1) 参考答案
一、1. loose 2. narrow 3. bit, bitten 2. to pay back 7. reached out 2. confused 4. lorry 3. reached into 4. mistaking…for 5. watching out 8. rolled up 4. hesitate 9. wishing for 5. attach 10. the North Pole 6. grasp 二、1. came to her help for 6. in sight

三、1. approaching 7. rolling 四、1. reduced 7. shark

3. Ignore

8. glanced 2. sniffed 8. recognized

9. glared

10. stared 4. panic 5. observed 11. tapped 6. sweating 12. crossroads 17. triangle

3. whispering 9. suit

10. volunteered

13. calm; ignore 18. thunder; lightning

14. conductor; fares

15. contrary

16. jewellery

19. pavement 20. boots 3. Unlike 4. likely 5. darkness 6. disabilities

五、1. confusion 2. observation 7. dot; distance 12. employment 六、1. mist 8. grateful 8. relief 13. foggy

9. attractions 14. anxious

10. attractive 15. hopeful 5. sign

11. analysing/ analyzing

16. puzzled 6. waves 7. flesh

2. Wherever 9. soldiers

3. nowhere 10. beard

4. overhead

七、1—5: ADABC



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