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广东省华附,广雅,省实,深中 四校联考
命题学校:华师附中 命题人:高三英语备课组

第一节 完形填空 (共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) The day I was given the news was a cold Saturday. My mom sat me on the floor and opened her mouth to give me the most 1 words I'd ever heard: “Grandma Billie has been diagnosed with 2 .

cancer.” Tears filled my eyes immediately. Mom continued, “Grandma is old and her body is too There’s nothing they can do to treat her.” I knew this wasn't my mom’s fault but I was so almost yelling at my mom, “So, they’re just going to let her We had to just wait for her to die. I couldn't even away. The doctor said, “Billie has a tumor in her 5 4 ?” 3

. I was

the thought. We went to the hospital right 7 because it hurts

6 . She won't be able to

her too much. One option is a feeding tube, but there are times when it will be uncomfortable.” At the end, the doctor sighed, “With a feeding tube, she would probably have three My whole family on my mom’s side was really 9 8 at most.”

and they were all looking to God to make 10 then why did he allow all these

this easy. I couldn't handle it. If God was so wonderful and so

awful things to happen to good people? Why was he letting my grandma die? I came and visited every day after 11 practice. Grandma would tell me the 12 stories 13

over and over again, but every time I was just as surprised and excited to hear them. She was getting really fast and every time I came to see her it broke my heart more.

3 weeks later, after the softball practice, I was getting ready to see grandma when mom appeared in the locker room. She opened her mouth but at first no words came out. She to see grandma today because she just died.” Silence. I couldn’t next to me and we both held each other and cried. 1. A. unforgettable 2. A. weak 3. A. sad 4. A. pass 5. A. bear 6. A. skin 7. A. feed B. regretful B. small B. mad B. suffer B. hate B. breast B. eat C. painful C. pale C. desperate C. go C. take C. throat C. breathe D. indescribable D. thin D. anxious D. die D. dismiss D. lung D. digest 15 14 again, “You can’t go

anyone else in the room. Mom sat


8. A. years 9. A. ambitious 10. A. delightful 11. A. softball 12. A. short 13. A. happier 14. A. tried 15. A. see

B. months B. religious B. peaceful B. school B. strange B. older B. said B. sense

C. days

D. hours C. mysterious C. pitiful D. cautious D. powerful D. music D. same D. worse D. opened D. feel

C. social C. dull C. better C. cried C. hear

第二节 语法填空 (共 10 小题;每小题 1. 5 分,满分 15 分) The Hawaiian islands include eight major islands, several circular reefs and numerous smaller islands. Of the eight major islands, Niihau and Kahoolawe are the quite unlike the reasons, 18 17 16 (small). These islands are

--- they do not have hotels or resorts for tourists. Both islands, for different 19 the west

(have) no tourists at all for many years. Niihau is located just 17 miles 20

coast of island Kauai. It is owned by one family, the Robinsons, Kamehameha of Hawaii. The Robinsons do not allow any 21

bought the island from King

(invite) visitors on the island and so

it is often called "the Forbidden Island". Kahoolawe, the other "mystery island" does not have anyone 22 (live) on it today. In the past 23 (century), Hawaiians lived here and used the place for 24 25 practice ground Hawaiians were not

religious ceremonies. Then, the United States Navy took over the place as for bombing and explosives. So regularly did the Navy bomb the place

happy with the situation. They wanted to return to Kahoolawe. After many efforts, their wish came true, and the island won't be bombed any more. 第一节 阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) A When we found him, he was a sorry sight. His clothes were torn, his hands bleeding. Before we reached him, we saw him fall. He lay a moment. Then he pulled himself to his feet, walked unsteadily a few yards through the woods and fell again. After we got him out, we went back to find the gun that he had thrown down. His tracks showed that for two days he had circled in the forest, within 200 yards of the road. His senses were so dulled by fear and tiredness that he did not hear the cars going by or see the lights at night. We found him just in time. This man, like others before him, had simply been frightened when he knew he was lost. What had

been a near disaster might have turned out as only a pleasant walk, if he had made a few preparations before he stepped from the highway or off a known path. Whatever sense of direction that a man may have, it’s still largely a question of observation. A skilled woodsman always keeps an eye on his surroundings. He notes the shape of a mountain, the direction water flows through a swamp, and the way a tree leans across a path. With these in mind, he is still likely to turn around many times, but he is seldom lost. There are exceptions, of course, and once in a while a man does come across some strange problem that puts him into the “lost” situation. A rainstorm may catch him without a compass in his pocket. Darkness may find him in a rough area, where travel is dangerous without a light. When this happens, the normal first reaction is the fear of being laughed at as a result of his poor knowledge in the woods. He may also be concerned about the inconvenience that he will cause his friends when he doesn’t show up. This false pride may lead him to keep on the move in a false effort to find his way against all difficulties. The person who thinks ahead is seldom in great danger. He’ll be safe if he observes carefully, thinks ahead, and remains calm. 26. The writer suggested that if the man had not been found, ______. A. he would have been shot by a gun B. he would have become confused

C. he would have been attacked by wild animals D. he would have been in great danger 27. According to the text, if a person gets lost in the forest, at the very beginning, A. he will worry about being laughed at ______.

B. he will push himself to find his way out

C. he will feel sorry that he didn’t prepare well enough D. he will feel it is convenient to ask for help from his friends 28. What is the most important when a person tries to find his way in the woods? A. Intelligence. B. Observation. C. Direction. D. Chance.

29. The writer tells the story of the lost man as an example of people who ______. A. go into the woods by themselves C. are frightened when they think they are lost 30. What is probably the best title for the passage? A. A Man Lost in the Woods

B. keep their head when they are in trouble D. don’t know how to signal for help properly

B. Timely Rescue in the Woods

C. Don’t Panic When Lost in the Woods B

D. A Pathfinder in the Woods

The National Trust in Britain plays an increasingly important part in the preservation for public enjoyment of the best that is left unspoiled of the British countryside. Although the Trust has received practical and moral support from the Government, it is not a rich government department. It is a voluntary association of people who care for the unspoiled countryside and historic buildings of Britain. It is a charity which depends for its existence on voluntary support from members of the public. Its primary duty is to protect places of great natural beauty and places of historical interest. The attention of the public was the first drawn to the dangers threatening the great old houses and the castles of Britain by the death of the Lord Lothian, who left his great seventeenth-century house to the Trust together with the 4500-acre park and estate surrounding it. This gift attracted wide publicity and started the Trust’s “Country House Scheme”. Under this scheme, with the help of the Government and the general public, the Trust has been able to save and make accessible to the public about 150 of these old houses. Last year, about 1.75 million people paid to visit these historic houses, usually at a very small charge. In addition to country houses and open spaces, the Trust now owns some examples of ancient wind and water mills, nature reserves, 540 farms and nearly 2500 cottages or small village houses, as well as some complete villages. In these villages no one is allowed to build, develop or disturb the old village environment in any way and all the houses are maintained in their original 16th century style. Over 4,000 acres of coastline, woodland, and hill country are protected by the Trust and no development or disturbances of any kind are permitted. The public has free access to these areas and is only asked to respect the peace, beauty and wildlife. Over the past 80 years the Trust has become a big and important organization and an essential and respected part of national life. It helps to preserve all that is of great natural beauty and of historical significance not only for future generations of Britons but also for the millions of tourists who each year invade Britain in search of a great historic and cultural heritage. 31. The National Trust is a ______. A. government agency depending on voluntary services B. non-profit organization depending on voluntary services C. government department but is not rich D. private organization supported by the government

32. The National Trust is devoted to ______. A. preserving the best public enjoyment B. providing the public with free access to historic buildings C. offering better services to visitors home and abroad D. protecting the unspoiled countryside and historic buildings 33. We can infer from Paragraph 2 that Lord Lothian ______. A. donated all his money to the Trust C. saved many old country houses in Britain B. started the “Country House Scheme” D. was influential in his time

34. All the following can be inferred from the passage EXCEPT ______. A. the Trust is more interested in protecting the 16th century houses B. many people came to visit the historic houses saved by the Trust C. visitors can get free access to some places owned by the Trust D. the Trust has a story which is longer than 80 years 35. The underlined word “invade” in the last Paragraph is closest in meaning to _____. A. come in without permission C. visit in large numbers B. enter with invitation D. appear all of a sudden C You may not pay much attention to your daily elevator ride. Many of us use a lift several times during the day without really thinking about it. But Lee Gray, PhD, of the University of North Carolina, US, has made it his business to examine this overlooked form of public transport. He is known as the “Elevator Guy”. “The lift becomes this interesting social space where etiquette (礼仪) is sort of odd,” Gray told the BBC. “They are socially very interesting but often very awkward places.” We walk in and usually turn around to face the door. If someone else comes in, we may have to move. And here, according to Gray, liftusers unthinkingly go through a set pattern of movements. He told the BBC what he had observed. He explained that when you are the only one inside a lift, you can do whatever you want – it’s your own little box. If there are two of you, you go into different corners, standing diagonally (对角线地) across from each other to create distance. When a third person enters, you will unconsciously form a triangle. And when there is a fourth person it becomes a square, with someone in every corner. A fifth person is probably going to have to stand in the

middle. New entrants(新进入者) to the lift will need to size up the situation when the doors slide open and then act decisively. Once in, for most people the rule is simple – look down, or look at your phone. Why are we so awkward in lifts? “You don’t have enough space,” Professor Babette Renneberg, a clinical psychologist at the Free University of Berlin, told the BBC. “Usually when we meet other people we have about an arm’s length of distance between us. And that’s not possible in most elevators.” In such a small, enclosed space it becomes very important to act in a way that cannot be construed (理 解) as threatening or odd. “The easiest way to do this is to avoid eye contact,” she said. 36. The main purpose of the article is to______. A. remind us to enjoy ourselves in the elevator C. share an interesting but awkward elevator ride D. analyze what makes people feel awkward in an elevator 37. According to Gray, when people enter an elevator, they usually _____. A. turn around and greet one another C. make eye contact with those in the elevator B. look around or examine their phone D. try to keep a distance from other people B. tell us some unwritten rules of elevator etiquette

38. Which of the following describes how people usually stand when there are at least two people in an elevator?

39. The underlined phrase “size up” in Paragraph 7 is closest in meaning to _____. A. judge B. ignore C. put up with D. make the best of

40. According to the article, people feel awkward in lifts because of _____. A. someone’s odd behaviors C. their unfamiliarity with one another B. the lack of space D. their eye contact with one another D Marianne Hardwick was timid and unadventurous, her energy consumed by physical activity and longing, her intelligence by indecisiveness, but this had less to do with the inborn characteristics of her


weaker sex ( as her father, Creighton Montgomery, called it) than with the enfeebling(使人衰弱的) circumstances of her upbringing. Creighton Montgomery had enough money to mould (塑造) his daughters according to his misconceptions that girls were not meant to fend for themselves so he protected them from life. What is to say is that Marianne Montgomery grew up without making any vital choices for herself. Prevented from acquiring the habits of freedom and strength of character which grow from decision-making, very rich girls, whose parents have the means to protect them in such a crippling fashion, are the last representatives of Victorian womanhood. Though they may have the boldest manners and most up-to-date ideas, they share their great grandmothers’ humble dependence. Most parents these days have to rely on their force of personality and whatever love and respect they can inspire to exert any influence over their children at all, but there is still an awful lot of parental authority that big money can buy. Multi- millionaires have more of everything than ordinary people, including

more parent power, and their sons and daughters have about as much opportunity to develop according to their own inclinations(意向) as they would have had in the age of absolute monarchy (君主专制) . The rich still have families. The great divide between the generations is the state of the lower and middle classes, whose children begin to drift away as soon as they are old enough to go to school. The parents cannot control the school, and have even less say as to what company and ideas the child will be exposed to; nor can they isolate him from the public mood, the spirit of the age. It is an often heard complaint of the middle-class mother, for instance, that she must let her children watch television for hours on end every day if she is to steal any time for herself. The rich have no such problems; they can keep their offspring busy from morning to night without being near them for a minute more than they choose to be, and can exercise almost total control over their environment. As for schooling, they can handpick tutors with sound views to come to the children, who may never leave the grounds their parents own, in town, in the country, by the sea, unless for an exceptionally secure boarding school or a well- chaperoned (伴护着的) trip abroad. It would have been easier for little Marianne Montgomery to go to Cairo than to the nearest newsstand. 41. The author implies that Marianne Hardwick’s timidity were closely associated with ______. A. the inborn characteristics of the weaker sex C. the consumption of her energy B. the conditions where she was brought up

D. her physical activity and longing

42. Which of the following is true according to the passage? A. Rich girls always share their ideas with their grandmothers.

B. Wealthy children learn at home instead of going to school. C. Middle-class mothers usually steal time for their children. D. Rich parents may have more control over their children than the middle-class parents do 43. What can we know about Creighton Montgomery's daughters from the passage? A. They did not have up-to-date ideas. C. They did not have much freedom. B. They were unintelligent. D. They had no physical activity.

44. It can be learned from the passage that multimillionaires’ children have ______. A. little opportunity to develop according to their own inclinations B. absolute opportunity to develop according to their own inclinations C. more opportunity to develop according to their own inclinations than ordinary children D. as much opportunity to develop according to their own inclinations as ordinary children 45. What is the main idea of this passage? A. The rich control their children's lives without being near them. B. The generation gap only occurs in the lower and middle classes. C. Rich parents have more authority over their children than poor parents. D. Rich girls who are being overprotected by their parents are rather dependent. 第二节 信息匹配 (共 5 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 10 分) A Power Chord Academy is the benchmark (基准尺度) for teenage musician training. At Power Chord Academy, students play in a band, record a CD, make an MTV video, play concerts, and more! Power Chord Academy offers courses in San Diego, St. Louis and New York with teenage musicians attending from around the world. B The Idyllwild Summer Program: Every summer, more than 1,300 children, teens, and adults attend Idyllwild's workshops under the pines, showing interest in creative writing, dance, music, theatre, and visual arts, which are taught by some of the America's finest artists. The resulting experience is unforgettable, exciting, and funny. C Guitar Workshop Plus: We own a strong commitment to music education. Join us this summer and treat yourself to a fun and educational music-filled week! Courses are offered for all levels, ages, and styles including blues, jazz, rock, classical music, and song writing. Bass, drum, and keyboard classes are offered as well. D UW-Green Bay is a best choice for summer youth camps! Parents love the

attractive setting - one that is not too close to a downtown, city environment. Students love the modern facilities, easy access to all campus buildings and all on-site conveniences. E Keyboard Discoveries Summer Camp is a residential music camp designed for the young piano student who has completed grades five, six, seven, or eight. Students who have completed grade four may enroll as day campers. The camp welcomes different levels of study. However, all students should have completed at least two years' piano study. F Camp Curtain Call lies in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it offers children (7-18) an exciting combination of traditional summer camp and sports activities with specialized performing and visual arts programming in one of the most beautiful settings in the world. Campers can plan their experience themselves by choosing their own activities. 请阅读以下有关学生的信息,然后匹配他们所要选择的营地: 46. David is a boy of sixteen who likes music very much. In his spare time he often practices playing jazz. And he also shows great interest in playing the drum. 47. Michael is a tall and strong boy who studies in a middle school. It is natural that he likes sports. What's more, Michael is planning to learn how to perform beautifully. 48. Sarah is a lovely girl who is only nine years old. Not only does she like music, but she likes dance. She often sings while dancing with her best friends. 49. Daniel is good at playing the piano. As we all know he has passed grade six successfully. He is going camping only in the daytime to improve his skills of piano further. 50. James lives in England. He is a university student whose major is computer. But he is especially interested in music. This summer he is going to learn how to make videos. 第一节:基础写作(共 1 小题;满分 15 分)你接受了一项写作任务,要为英语校报写一篇介绍文章。 【写作内容】请根据以下信息,写一篇环球系列大会 TED 的介绍。

名称: TED (即技术、娱乐、设计) 运营商:种子基金会(私人非营利机构) 口号:Ideas Worth Spreading 发展:从 1984 年以一次性会议开始,现在已成为全球范围内想更好了解世 界的人的一个社团 与会者:科学家、音乐家、探险家、宗教领袖等有影响力的人 演讲:最多 18 分钟,话题涉及各个领域 其他:从 2006 年 6 月起,TED 演讲的视频被上传到网上供全球观众免费观 看;截至 2012 年 11 月,TED 演讲的视频的全球阅览量超过 10 亿。

* 种子基金会:The Sapling Foundation



【写作要求】只能用 5 个句子表达全部内容 【评分标准】句子结构准确,信息内容完整,篇章连贯 第二节 读写任务(共 1 小题;满分 25 分) 阅读下面短文,然后按要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。 The relationship between children and parents in China is not that harmonious. In some Chinese families, children should do whatever their parents require them to do and cannot resist. Parents do all things that they think are good for their children and don’t care their children’s feelings. While children dislike the arrangement their parents make for them, they cannot resist directly, so they take some other negative measures to express their discontent. The current problem is that parents and children lack communication, a heart-to-heart talk. So children have to make some efforts to enclose the relationship. Of course, a heart-to-heart talk is the first thing they need to do. They should speak out of their dissatisfaction with their parents’ arrangements, ask directly what their parents expect on them, and then talk about their own plans, decisions or opinions. The second thing they need to do is to share the housework and always prepare parents a big meal or a small gift on festivals. Once one is born, his/her parents’ next 20 years will only live for him/her, working hard, making money to give their children a good growing surroundings. So children must be grateful for their parents. When parents are working, they should take the responsibility to do the housework. During festivals, they should prepare a surprise for their parents to express their appreciation. 【写作内容】 1. 以约 30 个词概括上述短文的内容要点。 2. 以约 120 字就“青少年该如何与父母相处”这一论题发表你的看法。内容包括: (1) 你和父母是如何相处的? (2) 你认为孩子和父母关系紧张的原因是什么? (3) 你认为该如何改善孩子和父母之间的关系?


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