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( ) 2. We'll be away for two weeks because we'll have a ___________. A. two-weeks holiday C. two- week holiday A. Either B. Neither B. two weeks' holidays D. two-weeks' holiday C. Both D. All C. less, fewer D. more, fewer

( ) 4.--Which would you like, rice or noodles? --_______is OK. I'm hungry. ( )6. In our exam, the____ careful we are, the ______mistakes we’ll make. A. more, more A. want A. saving B. more, less ( )15. --Alice, you ________ on the phone. --I' m coming. Thanks. B. are wanted B. to save C. are wanting C. saves D. have wanted ( )11. The soldier ran into the room _________the baby. D. saved 1. This is the factory 2. The student my father worked several years ago. his head and saw some smoke .

A. in that B. in which C. which D. that A. raised, raising B. rose, risen C. raised, rising D. rose, raising 3. The worker and writer ____ to visit our school. A. is coming B. are coming C. have come 4. Traveling by train is 5. The doctors and nurses did A. much B. a little C far more. D. little they could the patient. A. what, to save B. all, save C. all what, to save3 6. ---- Will your younger brother go for a picnic this Sunday? ---- If I don’t go, A. so does he. B. so he will . C. neither will he D. neither does he supper ready. by Bill Gates. D. was coming exciting than a rushed trip by air.

7. When I reached home, my mother 8. ---Hello, what are you reading? A.writing

A. was cooking B. got C. had cooked D. had got --- A book B. written C. to write D. which written

9. Would you please pass me the knife ____? A. to cut the fruit with B. to cut the fruit C. cutting the fruit D. cutting the fruit with 10. The Yangtze River is longer than
21. ___________ useful information it is! A. What an B. What a C. What D. How

rivers in China.

A. any other B. others C. anyone D. the other

22. I have a new house ___________ a small garden in ____________ front of it.

A. has; the

B. has; 不填

C. with; 不填

D. with; the

23. I ___________ 50 yuan __________ the taxi driver last night. A. paid; for B. spent; on C. paid; to D. cost; in

24. Mr. Li __________ decided that he ____________ the poor man out. A. has; will help B. 不填; will help C. is; would help D. has; would help

25. Between the two hills _____________ a deep river. A. has B. is C. are D. have

26. ____________ the time I got outside, the bus ___________ already ____________. A. At; has; leaved B. By; had; leaved C. By; had; left D. Since; has; left

27. ____________ of the snow in the yard ____________ cleaned up this morning. A. Two-fifths; was B. Two fifth; were C. Two-fifth; was D. Two fifths; were

28. The busier Dad is, the ______ he feels. A. happy B. happier C. happily D. more happily 29. — Hurry up! The bus is coming. — Wait a minute. _________ cross the street _________ the traffic lights are green. A. Not; until B. Not; after C. Don’t; until D. Not; unless

30. You shouldn’t park your car if you see ____________.





1. This is ____book I borrowed yesterday. Isn’t it ? Isn’t it ___interesting one ? A. the ; the B; the ;a C. a ; the D. the; an 2. They were all so tired that they could ____. A. do nothing but sleep B. do anything but sleep C. do nothing but to sleep C do anything but to sleep 3. ----May we leave the classroom now? ----No, you ___.You leave until the bell rings. A. mustn’t ;are allowed B. don’t have to ;are supposed to B. needn’t; aren’t allowed D. can’t ;aren’t supposed 4. ----What do you think of Lucy’s birthday party? ----___.I hope I can have such a party too. A. Just so so B. Boring C. Terrible D. Wonderful 5. There are many people downstairs. What do you think____? A . to happen B. happening C. is happened D. has happened 6. Many teenagers have hobbies. But sometimes these hobbies can get ____ of schoolwork. A. on the way B. by the way C. in the way D. out of the way 7. ----I seem to be lost. Could you tell me____? ----Sure . You can take the No.3 bus to get there. A. where is the nearest hospital B. how long it will take me to the airport C. how far is my trip to the Olympic Village

D. how I can get to the National Museum 8. ---Mary dances best in our school. ---I agree. I’ll never forget ____her dance for the first time. A. seeing B. to see C. see D. seen 9. The number of ___in the school ___than before. A. women teachers; is larger B. woman teacher; is more C. women teachers ; are more D. women teachers ; are larger 10. ---Have you found any famous scientists from Yantai________ you’re going to interview at the meeting? -----Not yet ,I’m looking for them. A.who b.Bwhich C,where D.what
1. — Who’s that lovely girl? — You mean ______ girl with long hair? That’s Kate. A. a B. an C. the D. 不填 --- Have you decided where to go for your summer vacation? --- Not yet. We _______ go to Qingdao. It’s a good place for vacation. A. may B. should C. need --- What do you think of Liu Huan ? D. must



--- Oh, he is my favorite singer. I think no one can sing ______. A. good B. well C. better D. best 4. ---Mom. When shall we go to the museum this weekend? ---Oh, sorry. I’m going to Beijing for a meeting. _____ Saturday_____ Sunday is OK. A. Neither, nor B. Both, and C. Either, or D. Not only, but also 5. --- Do you know why he left so early? ---______ for the English test, I guess. A. Study B. To study C. Studied --- They said sorry to me, but I won’t listen. D. Studying


---It is foolish ______ you not to forgive others for their mistakes. 7. A. for B. to C. on D. of ---Excuse me, I want to have my watch fixed, but I can’t find a repair shop. --- I know ______ nearby. Come on, I’ll show you. A. one B. it C. some D. that 8. ---I can’t find Mary. Where’s she? --- Sorry, I don’t know_______. A. where she has been C. where has she gone — _______ ? — The one behind the tree. A. Whose girl B. Who's that girl C. Which girl D. Where's the girl Which of the diagrams below shows the air temperature of Beijing in a year?

B. where has she been D. where she has gone



21、Yesterday____ 8-year- old boy fell into the river. ______ boy policeman. A 、an, A, a B、an, The, a C、a, The, the D、a, An, the

was saved by _____

22、Sorry, Mr. Green. I ______my English book at home. That’s OK, but don’t forget next time. A 、forgot B、forget C、left D、leave 23、This is the novel______is written by Guo Jingming. A 、who B、what C、that D、/ 24、The 11th National Games will be held in Shangdong in October,2009. ______ exciting news! A 、How B、What C、How an D、What an 25、In recent years, many children are made ______ what they are not______. A、to do; interested in B、to do; interested C、do; interested D、do;interested in 26、Our teacher asked me______ A、what was Ann doing these days B、why Peter didn’t come to school yesterday C、when will the doiphin show begin D、how long I usually spend on my homework 27、______people we help,______ we feel. A、Many, the more happily B、The more, the happier C、All; the happiest D、Most; the most happy 28、In the past two years, many tall buildings have been built in our city. The tallest is an ______that stands in the center. A 、80-floor building B、60-floor building C、80-floor buildings D、70-floors building 29、You never exercises. ______. I walk for more than one hour every day. A 、Yes, I do B、No, I don’t C、Yes, I am D、No, I’m not 30、Did the actor live alone in his house? Yes. He has a wife and two children. But ______ of them live with him. A 、none B、all C、both D、neither 1、Taiwan is part of China. It is A、to 2、He has A、got a headache 3、The magazine A、may the southeast of our country. D、at D、had a cough D、must B、on C、in for three or four days. B、fallen ill B、might C、caught a cold C、could

be Lily’s, for we can find her name on the cover.

4、Each time tourists travel to Beijing, they A、will be shown up C、will show around 5、 A、what a

the Forbidden City.

B、will be shown around D、will show to

wonderful news report he wrote ! All of us were proud of him. B、what C、how D、how a and look at the picture. B、Five;fifth C、Fifth;fifth D、Five;five to the Chinese mainland on D、had sent D、was learned D、as much as for a while? D、rested D、successful D、may throw

6、Now,everybody,please turn to Page A、Fifth;five April 16 2011. A、have sent A、learns

7、 The Taiwan spotted deer, Fan Xing and Dian Dian B、were sending B、learned C、were sent C、is learned I know. C、as soon as C、resting C、careless everywhere. C、can’t throw

8、It is true that knowledge 9、The magazine was started by Becky A、as far as B、as well as 10、---I feel tired and sleepy. A、rest 11、Some students are so A、careful B、serious 12、As everyone knows, rubbish B、to rest

rather than being taught.

---Why not stop

that they often make mistakes in their homework.

A、need be thrown B、mustn’t be thrown 13、In the past, the children were made A、to lock 14、He said that light A、has traveled B、went B、work

15 hours a day. C、to work D、lock D、travelled

much faster than sound. C、travels

15、---Will you stay for some more days? ---Sorry, I . My mother called to ask me to go back at once. A、mustn’t 1.--Who is ______ B、may not C、can’t D、wouldn’t girl reading under the tree?

--She is Liu Mei.She wrote ______ unusual book about the school life. A.a,the B.the,a C.the,an D.a,an

2.He wasn't the only one of the students ______ the TOEFL. A.who had passed C.who has passed B.who have passed D.whom passed

3.I wanted to know ______ ,but no one would like to tell me. A.what did the old man say C.what did the old man want B.what the old man need D.what the old man meant

4. There______ low and dirty houses here, but _____ you can see now is a beautiful park. A.can be,which C.were,that B.used to be,What D.will be,where

5.--What would you like,coffee or tea?

-- ______ .Please give me a glass of orange juice. A.Neither B.Both C.None D.Either

6.--I phoned you at seven yesterday evening.But nobody answered. --Oh,I ______ in the park nearby. A.walked B.walk C.am walking D.was walking

7.The number of family cars now ______ than before. A.are more B.is more C.is larger D.are larger the radio?

8.--Would you mind -- _______

.The baby is sleeping. B.me to turn off,Sure D.if I turn on,Not at all

A.my turning up,Of course not C.my turning on,Better not

9.--Did Mike have a good time at the party? --Yes.He said that it was years ______ A.after B.since he had enjoyed himself so much.

C.before D.when

10.-- ______ ,I don't think this T-shirt looks nice on you. --I agree with you.Let me try on ______ . A.To be honest,another C.Pardon,the other B.Excuse me,others D.I'm sorry,other one

21、—Do you play piano in your free time? —No, I like sports. I often play soccer with my friends. A. /; the B. the; / C. the; the D. a; a 22、I heard that two would come to our village two days later. A. woman doctor B. women doctor 23、— ! The traffic is moving fast! —Thanks, I will. C. woman doctors D. women doctors

A. Stop B. Look C. Look out D. Listen 24、It is reported that the Underground Line No. 3

in our city in 2013. .

A. will build B. has built C. will be built D. has stopped 25、—I’m feeling sad because the MP3 that my parents bought for my 14 th birthday —Don’t worry. Let’s go to the Lost& Found. 26、 A. is lost B. is broken C. has found D. has stopped exciting news! We’ve never had long vacation before. D. What; so a

A. What; such a B. What an; such a C. How; such a 27、Do you know the girl owns the company? A. who B. which C. what D. whose 28、—Jim, have you seen my dictionary? —Yes. I have. I it on Lin Tao’s desk five minutes ago. A. have seen B. saw C. seeing 29、—I’ll have a chemistry exam tomorrow. D. had seen

. C. You’re welcome D. Good luck

A. Well done B. Congratulations 30、The girl wanted to know . A. whose digital camera it is B. how much did the digital camera cost

C. if the digital camera was made in Japan D. where her father will buy her a digital camera ( )1. It happened _________ the afternoon _________ October A. on , of ( B. in ,of C. on ,on 4 . D. in /

)2. He _________ himself in a blue coat. A. wore B. dressed C. put D. had


)3. _________ of them tried to work out the problem , but _________ of them could do it. A. Every one, none C. Everyone , none B. All , none D. Every one , no one


)4. It’s necessary _________ English every morning . A. of you to read C. of you read B. for you to read D. for you reading


)5. Mr. White isn’t here . He _________ to England . He’s _________ there for two weeks . A. has gone, gone C. has gone , been B. has been , been D. went , has been


)6. —Do you prefer tea or coffee ? —________. I really don’t mind A. Both B. None C. Either D. Neither


)7. —I’m going to play basketball this afternoon. What about you ? —________. A. Yes , basketball is very popular C. I like basketball very much B. Are you ? It’s too hot D. So am I.


)8. The scientist is flying to New York . He’ll stay there with his son for________. A. sometime B. some times C. sometimes D. some time


)9. —There’s someone at the door. _________ it be Mr. Wang ? —No. It _________ be him. It’s just seven o’clock . It’s too early. A. Must can’t B. Will won’t C. May mustn’t D. Can can’t


)10. He isn’t a kind-hearted man. _________ people can get on well with him . A. Few B. Little C. Quite a few D. A little


)11. They _________ homes _________ many endangered animals.

A. provide, for (

B. provide, to

C. provide, with

D. provide, on

)12. —Must I get up early tomorrow? —No, _________ A. you mustn’t B. I don’t think you have to C. you can’t D. you need


)13. —_________ weather it is! —Let’s go out and enjoy the sunshine. A. What a lovely C. How a lovely B. How lovely D. What lovely


)14. Old people must _________. A. be spoken to politely C. be spoken politely B. speak to polite D. speak polite


)15. Last week she wrote _________ composition. A. a 800-word B. an 800-word C. a 800-words D. an 800-words

1. Who do you think _____? A. the book was written by B. was the book written by C. was the book written D. did the book write 2. The drawer _____clothes. A. used to keep B. is used to keeping C. is used to keep D. uses for keeping 3. He joined the army ______ he had taught in that school. A. when B. before C. after D. by the time 4. –Could you please _______ me your pen ? --Sure, you can _______ it as long as you like. A. lend; keep B borrow; borrow C lend; lend D. lend; borrow 5. Go _______ the road and walk _______ the gate, and you’ll see the sign. A. across; cross B. across; crossing C. through; across D. across; through. 6. Li Lei also sits ______ me ______ Wang Hai. A. beside; beside B. besides; besides C. besides; beside D. beside; besides 7. The population of China is _______ than _______ of Canada. A. more; it B. more; that C. larger; that D. larger; it 8. He often makes his sister _________, bet yesterday he was made ________ by his mother. A. cry; cry B. to cry; to cry C. cry; to cry D. to cry; cry 9.—What _______ places have you been to? ----Nowhere _______. A. other; other B. else; else C. else; other D. other; else 10. This CD must belong to _________ and that toy car may be ________. A. him; Mary B. him; Mary’s C. his; Mary D. his; Mary’s

1. This is ____song I’ve told you about . Isn’t it ____beautiful one ? A. the, the B. a , a C. the , a D. a , the 2. What was worse,the boy was made_______another two hours in the cold river. A.work B. working C. worked D. to work

3.--Could you tell me ____? --Sorry, I don’t know, either. A.if light traveled faster than sound B. when he has already come C. how far is it from here to the library D. when the shopping center was built 4. - You haven’t been to the West Lake in Hangzhou, have you? -______. How I wish to go there! A. Yes, I have B. Yes, I haven’t C. No, I have D. No, I haven’t 5.----- Divid has made great progress recently. ------- _______, and___________. A. So he has so you have B. So he has ; so have you C. So has he; so have you D. So has he , so you have 6. The doctor did what he could _____ old man at first. A. calm B. to calm C. calming D. calms 7. The new TV play is well worth ______, but I’m too busy ______ it. A. seeing , seeing B. watching , to watch C. being seen , to see D.being watched , watching 8. — Which book would you like to borrow? — ___________ of the two books is ok with me. A. Both B. Any C. None D. Either 9. _________ of teachers in the school is 300,_______ of the m are women teachers. A.The numbe r,one-third B.A number, one-fourth C. A number, one-second D. The numbe r, first-fourth 10. Look at the four signs. Which sign tells us: “No Climbing”? -It's ____ A. B. C. D.

1、 The visitors say _______ new China we are building will be ________ more powerful country . A. a , a B. the , the C. a , the D. the . a 2、-----What's the low-carbon lifestyle like? -----Save ____ energy, produce ____ carbon. A. more, more B. less, more C. less, less D. more, less 3 、 is a quiet boy . He would rather ______ alone doing nothing than Jim _____ to play with others . A. to stay , to go B. stay , go C. stays , goes D. staying , going

4、______ friends we have, ______ we will be. A. The fewer, the happier B. The less, the happier C. The more, the happier D. The worse, the happier 5 . -----Would you mind_______here? -----______________.It’s bad for our health. A.my smoking,Of course not B.me smoke, Sure C.my smoking, Better not D.if I smoke, Not at all 6. I ______ my English book was in my school bag, but in fact I ____ it at home. A. remembered, forgot B. think, left C. thought, left D. remember, forgot 7. Her son ____Coke, but now he ____ milk. A. used to drink, is used to drinking B. used to drinking, drinks C. is used to drinking, used to drink D. is used to drink, is drinking 8 . -----Do you feel like _____ or shall we go by bus? -----I prefer to walk, but we have _____ a taxi, for time is short. A. walking, to take B. to walk, take C. walking, taken D. to walk, took 9. _________the students in the primary school is around one thousand, about one third of them ____________in the earthquake. A. A number of , injured B. A number of, were injured C. The number of, injured D. The number of, were injured 10. If people _______ cutting down the forest, they will have nowhere _________ A. keep, to live in B. will keep, to live in C. keep, to live D. will keep, to live 21. By the time I _____ there, the play _______. A. got, had started B. got, had been on C. get, has started D. get, has been on 22. ___ of them knows Japanese, so I have to ask a fourth person for help. A. Neither B. Either C. None D. Each 23. He left in such a hurry _______ he forgot ______ the door. A. so, locking B. that, to lock C. as, open D. that, to open 24. ----The Browns will go to visit the Summer Palace. ----_____,if it _____rain tomorrow.A. So we will, doesn’t B. So will we, doesn’t C. So do we, doesn’t D. So will we, won’t 25. The number of the students in our grade ____about six _______, and of them are girls. A. are, hundreds, two- thirds B. is, hundred, two- third C. is, hundred, two thirds. D. are, hundreds, two third 26. ―If you want to improve your study, you must be away from the computer.‖ Our teacher says. It means ___________ you play computer games, _________ your study will be.

A. the more; the better B. the less; the better C. the more; the more D. the less; the more 27. I found _____ hard _____ in such a short time. A. that, cut it off B. it, to cut it off C. that, cutting off it. D. it, cut off it 28. --Could you tell me ______? –I don’t know. Maybe he has a cold. A. what happened to Jack B. what is happened to Jack C. what Jack happens D.what Jack was happened 29.I am often made _____ in the morning, it always makes me ______ A. exercise, bored B. exercised, boring C. exercising, bored D. to exercise, bored 30.---Look at the sign! ----Oh, I see. We ____ waste water. A. can B. must C, mustn’t D. needn’t
( )1. ——This is ______ film I’ve told you about several times. ——It’s great. I’ve never seen ______ more moving one. A. a, a ( ( B. the, the C. the, a —Two, D. a, the please. D. cup of tea ) 2 —How many_________would you like? A. cups of tea B. cup of teas

C. cups of teas

)3. This task is _____difficult for us. We need ______people. A much too; another three B too much; other three C much too; more three D too much; three more

)4. Guo Yue did quite _______ at the World Table Tennis Championship(锦标赛) ,but Zhang Yining did even _____. A. bet ter; well B. well; well C. well; better D. better; better

( (

) 5.The Smiths _______ sending e-mails _______ letters.because it is faster. A. prefer, to writing B. prefer, write to C. prefers, writing to D. prefers, write to )6. --If you want to go out of a cinema,which sign should you follow? --It’s________. A.EXIT B.ENTRANCE D.NO SMOKING


7.—Lucy didn’t come to schoo1 yesterday, did she? — ________though she was not feeling very well. A.No,she didn't B.Yes,she did C.Yes,she didn't D.No,she did

)8.--Doctor, it seems _ --Yes, I think animals should A. that; regard

you like to work with animals. as our friends. C. what; regard D. What; be regarded

B. that; be regarded

)9. ——Do you know everybody ______ came to the party? ——Almost, but I don’t know the one ______ you talked with near the door. A. who, / B. whose, that C. that, which D. /, whom


)10. No one likes _______in _____public. A to be laughed at; the B laughing at; the C being laughed at; / D to be laughing at; /

26. —How do you like________ TV play Ren Chang xia? —Oh, it's________ wonderful one. It's one of________ best TV plays I have ever seen. A. a, a, the the, a , the 27. ________ children in Africa have little to eat, help them if you________. A. Million of, want to B. Millions of, want to D. Millions of, will want to and you can really B. the, the, the C. the, a, 不填 D.

C. A million, will want to

28.________wonderful work of art it is! I like Zhang Daqian's better than________. A. How, anybody's C. What, any others* 29. Of the two skirts, A. less expensive C. the less expensive B. How a, any other's D. What a, anybody else's Lucy chose________ one. B. the least expensive D. the most expensive

30. The present________ my deskmate gave me________ more than 100 yuan. A. that, spent B. who, took C. which, cost D. 不填 , paid

31. No matter________the weather is, A. what, working C. how, to work

you can find him________on the farm.

B. what, to work D. how, working

32. We must make________clear to every student that English is________great use. A. that, 不填 B. it, 不填 C.不填,of D. it, of

33. —My football socks are________out. —How long have you________them? A. worn, bought C. wearing, bought 34. Could you tell me________? A. when shall we start B. who are you waiting for D. why were yo u late B. wearing, D. worn, had had

C. where the nearest bus stop is

35.—I________Tom for three days. Is he ill? —I'm afraid so. The doctor said he needed________. A. didn't see, operating C. haven't seen, A. What a , X A. what , taking to be operated B. What , a C. How , a B. haven't seen, an operation D. hadn't seen, operating on D. What , X D. how , take

1. ________ great progress he has made ! And it’s ________great success. 2.No matter ______ the weather is like, you can often find him ______a walk outside. B. what , to take C. how , take 3. The dish smells ______ and the children are looking ______ at it. A. badly , unhappily B. good , happily C. delicious , happy D. terrible , unhappy 4. It is already ten years ______ the population of the world ______ 5 billion. A. when , arrived B. that , got to C. since , reached D. before , was 5. The beautiful house ______ so ______ that I ______ it for only 1,000 dollars. A. cost , expensive , paid C. cost , little , bought B. paid ,much , paid D. was ,cheap , spent

6.‖How many students have ______to the Great Wall ?‖ ―______ has been there.‖ A. been , nobody B. gone, No one C. gone, None D. been , None 7. Can you guess ______ the word ______ first letter is given is ? A. what , whose B. what , which C. what is , whose D. what is , that 8.______ of Germans have kept ______unusual goldfish from China as pets. A. Plenty , such B. Lots , so an C. A plenty ,such an D.A number, so 9. What will you do if you are made ______ what you are not_______? A. to do , interested B. do , interested in C. to do , interested in D. doing , interested

10.My English teacher had a trip to the USA last summer. Which picture did she take there?
1. After school,we ussally play ____basketball for half an hour on ____playground. A.the the B.不填,不填 C.so that C.needn’t C. 不填,the make mistakes. D.because of We still have two more days. D.won’t No,you needn’t. D.the 不填 2.Be careful ______you won’t A. in order to B.such as 3.Must I go and do it now? A.shouldn’t B.can’t

4.There are _____people in her family ,so her home is_____ small for them. A.too much ,much too B.too many ,too much C.many too, ,too much D. .too many, much too 5.______his father ______last year? Yes,but now he has given up. A.Did used to smoke B.Used smoke A.weight ,to weigh A. is it B.is there B.weigh,weigh C.isn’t it C.Did use to smoke D.Use to smoke C. .weight , weigh D. weigh, to weigh 6.We don’t know the _____of the elephant .Let’s _____it . 7.There is hardly any milk left,_______? D.isn’t there D.fell into 8.It was really dark here ,I almost ______the man standing at the corner . A.knocked into A.are taken B. got into B.were taken C.divided into C.taken 9.What are on show in the museum? Some photos ______by African children. D.have been taken

10.The following pictures, which means “turn left”





( ) 1. ________ it is today! A. What fine weather B. What a fine weather C. How a fine weather D. How fine a weather ( ) 2. Which is the way to the __________? A. shoe factory B. shoes factory C. shoe’s factory D. shoes’ factory ( ) 3. This class ________ now. Miss Gao teaches them. A. are studying B. is studying C. be studying D. studying ( ) 4. We will have a _________ holiday after the exam. A. two month B. two- month C. two month’s D. two- months ( ) 5、 – When shall we meet again next week? -- _______ day is possible. It’s no problem with me. A. Either B. Neither C. Every D. Any ( )6 Mrs. Lee teaches ________ math. We all like her. A. we B. us C. our D. ours

( )7 I wonder ________ they finished so many different jobs in such a short time. A. why B. how C. when D. where ( ) 8.It is in the library, you _______ talk loudly. A. may not B. can’t C. needn’t D. mustn’t ( )9 –I want to teach inTibet when I graduate from the college. --Me too.Teachers ___very much there. A. need B. are needing C. are needed D. is needed ( )10 which of the following pictures means‖ play beach volleyball‖?






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) 1. ____________ great progress he has made! He made ___________ great progress in __________ short time. A. What a, so, such B. How, such a, such C. What, such, such a D. How, such , so ) 2. ----_______you ever _______ Beijing? Could you tell me when you ________ there? ----- The day before yesterday. A. Have, gone to, have been B. Have, been to, had gone to C. Have, been to, went D. Did, go to, went ) 3. This is ___________ book I’ve talked about . Isn’t it ___________useful one ? A. the, the B. the, an C. a, an D. the , a ) 4. The famous book on how to ___________ fire ___________ last month. A. go out, came out B. put out, has come out C. put out, came out D. run out, came out ) 5. The happy days ___________ we are looking forward to __________ at last. A. that, coming B. when, came C. which, has come D. /, came ) 6 ----- Excuse me, could you tell me _________________? -----Sorry, I don’t know,________. You can ask the policeman for help. A. Where is Tom’s address, too B. What’s Tom’s address, neither C.. Where Tom’s address is, neither. D. What Tom’s address is, either. ) 7. ----Have you had your door _________ yet? -----Yes, I had my son ___________ it just not. A. locked, locked B. lock, locked C. lock, lock D. locked, lock ) 8. -----Excuse me, what __________ over there? -----It is said that there was an traffic accident over there. And there have been a number of persons ___________ in the accident. A. happens, were injured B. was happened, injured C. happened, injured D. was happening, have been injured ) 9. ----What if someone __________ you to his party tonight?


-----I _________ go, unless my good friend ____________. A. invited, would, was invited B. invites, won’t, invites C. invites, won’t, is invited D. will invite, wouldn’t, was invited ) 10. Which sign means ―Save Water‖?

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