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1 . Do you know that there is more than one kind of English? 你 知 道

More than one question ________(raise) meeting last week. More than one student ____(be) late for class this at the


拓展: 1). +num. The more minutes. More than 45 students class than takes 45 more than




homework yesterday. 2). more than + adj. We are more than glad to help you. 3). more than+n.

He is more than a friend to me. He teacher. 4)more…than… He is more lucky than clever. It was based more on German than the is also my

English we speak at present. 2. the road to modern English 常见这类名词有: key 、 answer 、

monument、 钥匙答案纪念碑

note、注释索引和附录 exit 、 entrance bridge、road、 出口入口桥与路 way 、 solution 、 visit 参观介绍多用 to 、

the key to the bike

行车的钥匙, the key to success. the answer to the quest ion 问题的答案, the Monument to the P eople's Heroes 人民英雄

the note to the text 课 文注释,

the exit to the cinema 电影院出口, the bridge to knowled ge 梁, the way to the school 去学校的路, the road to victory. 胜 利之路 知 识 桥

pay a visit to the Grea t Wall 参观长城 the solution to the pro blem. 问题的解决方法

3. because -----------because of I didn ’

t buy it because it was too

expensive. She doesn't go to school because she is ill. The boy was always late because it took so long to get dressed. I can't do it now becaus e I am busy.

He is here because of yo

u. He was absent because o f the rain. She doesn't go to school because of her illness. He lost his job because o f his age. He got angry because of what he did.

He knew she was crying be cause of what he had said. She done. 拓展: “由于”的多种 表达 because of:因为、由于, 1. on account of left me forever because of what I have

We have to give up our plan on account of your objection. That was on account of the lack of exercises. 2. due to: His failure was due to carelessness. The flight was cancelled due to the fog. 3.owing to:





efforts , the task was finished ahead of time. 4.as a result of: As divided a result they of their soon into

ignorance, two groups.


5.thanks to: Thanks to your help , we finished the task in


6. Even though even if Even though / if you don ’t like wine, try a glass of this. 即使你不喜欢喝酒 ,也喝 一杯试试。 We’ll stand by you even

though / if you don’t succeed. 纵然你不成功 ,我们也会 支持你的。 Even though he was late , he was not criticized by the teacher 虽 然 他 晚 了, 可他并没有受到老师 的批评。

Even though he knows it , he'll not let out the secret. He looked as if / though he was ill. It seems as if/ though it is going to rain. You look as/ though if yo u didn’t care. He talked as if / though he knew what had happen

ed. He talks as if/ though he is dr unk.

4. Yes. I’d like to come up to your apartment. 1)A foreigner came up to

me and asked me the way to the railway station. 2)The grass is just beginning to come up. 3)The problem came up at the meeting.

come up 走近(to sb.); 上来;发芽, 被提出,

Your name came up in our conversation once or twice. She came up with a new idea at the meeting. 相关短语:

come back to life come to life come true come about 发生 come across 偶 遇 run into happen to meet come out 出现、出版、 开花 [题组训练] (1)用 come 短语的适当形 式填空

①He has just finished writing his book and it will_____ next month. ③It’s a friendly place— people _____ you in the streets and talk to you. ⑤I can’t _______ any more ideas right now. (2)单句改错 Is that the best excuse you

can come up?

5. 过去分词作定语

1). 单个过去分词作定 语, 通常前置 a broken cup a wounded soldier an unexpected guest

the excited crowd a used stamp polluted water a crowed room
2). 过去分词短语作定语: 通常后置,

a letter written in p encil = a letter which was

written in pencil the machines produc ed last year. The student dressed i n white is my daughter.
How I regretted the hours wasted in the woods! The books written by LuXun are popular.

We’ll pay a visit to the bridge _____hundreds of years ago. Exercise: 1).Most of the artists _ ____ to the party were from South Afric a. A. invited nvite B. to i

C. being invited been invited

D. had

2).The computer center__ ___last year is very popular among the students in thi s school. A. open B. opening C. having opened D. opened

3).Cleaning women in big cities usually get _____ by the hour. A. pay B. paying C. paid D. to pay

4). _______ English is diff erent from ______ English in many ways.

A. Spoken; written B. S peaking; written B. Spoken; writing D. Sp eak; write

5) . Linda worked for the Minnesota Manufacturing Mining Company, _____ as 3M. A. knowing. B. known.

C. being known. D. to be known

6). The _____ dishes lay o n the floor. A. breaking. B. broken. C. broke. D. break 7). the ship,______ by a h uge piece of iceberg,

came to a sudden stop. A. hitting. B. hit. C. hitt ed. D. to hit. 8). There is a big dog____ to a fence outside the house. A. tying. C. to tie. B. tied. D. ties.

7. enrich enlarge (使…… 扩大,放大) , enable ( 使 … … 能够) , enrich(使…… 富裕) , ensure ( 保 证 , 使……安全) , endanger(使……

遭危险) , encourage (使……有勇气,鼓励) ,

darken ( 使 黑 , 变黑) , sharpen(削尖) , thicken (使变厚) , wooden ( 木 质 的) ,

woolen(羊毛制的) golden( 金黄色的,


8.It was based more on German than the English we speak at present.

base n. 基部;基地;基

the base of the basis n. the

building economic basis basic


family is the basic unit of

basically adv.

Energy—energetic adj. ----energetically adv. base v. 以……为 基础/根据 base… on 把… 建立在…上




以……为基础 这部电影以一个真实 的故事为基础 The film is based on a real story. 这本书以他在乡下的 经历为基础 Because the film is

based on a real story, the film is very young real the popular with people. Based on his experiences,

content is believable. The film based on a real story is very

popular with young people.

(1)What are you _____ this theory ____? 你这种理论的根据是

什么? (2)You should _____ your (3)The which detective very conclusion TV play , _______ a ___careful research.

novel , is with


young people.

9. It was based more on German than the English we speak at present. at present 目前;现 在

体会 present 的汉语

意思 (1)No one knows what he is doing at present. (2)The their teacher. (3)Did you see the present leaders? government children presented flowers to

(4)We don’t know how many people will be present at the meeting. (5) It is more than a present to me. 赠送某人某物: present sth to

sb=present sb with sth

10 . So by the 1600’s Shakespeare was able to make use of a wider vocabulary than ever before. [归纳拓展] make use of 利用;

使用 make good/full/

use of 好好/充分 make little use of 不充分利用 make the best of 充分利用 make the most of 充分利用

[语境助记] (1)We should make use of our spare time to study. 我们应该利用我 们的业余时间去学习。 (2)Ten minutes has

been made full use of

to study the problem. 充分利用十分钟的 时间来研究这个问题。 [题组训练] (1) We should

________ the Internet when we do research work. 我们做研究工作时

应当充分利用因特网。 (2)单句改错 ①That’s the best use that we made for

money. ②Her vast experience will be made full use by us.

11. late , later ,( the

former ,the latter), latest , lately late adj. & adv. 迟,迟 的,晚的,晚期,在 晚期。 He is never late for school. 他上学从不迟到。 The train was 10 minutes late.

火车晚点十分钟。 It's never too late to mend. 改过不为晚。 (It's)Better late than never. 迟做总比不做好。

请记住以下几种搭配: in the late afternoon

傍晚,在下午较晚的 时候 in the late 1990's/1990s 在二十世纪九十年代 末 work late into the night 工作至深夜 late in autumn 深秋

另外, late 用作形容 词还可用来表示“已故 的,去世不久的;前 任的,不久前卸任的 ” 。 the late Chairman Liu Shaoqi 前国家主席刘少奇 the late government 前任(上一届)政府 later adj. & adv. 为 late 比较级,

意指较迟,较晚一些。 Two hours later, the ship sank. 两小时后,轮船沉没 了。 See you later! 再见! 要记住以下几个固定 搭配: sooner or later 迟早 later on 以后,后来。

The problem will be solved sooner or later. 这个问题迟早会得到 解决。 Let's discuss the question later on. 让我们以后再讨论这 个问题吧。

latter adj. 意思是指 (两者中)后者, 常用搭配:the former…the latter… Of the two the latter is far better than the former. 两者中后者远 比前者好。 Of pigs and cows, the latter (=the cows) are more valuable.

猪牛两种动物中,后 者较有价值。 Did he walk or swim? The latter seems unlikely. 他走路还是游泳?后 者好像不太可能。

latest adj. & adv. 为 late 的最高级。

意思是最新、最近或 最迟。 The radio is broadcasting the latest news about the manmade satellite. 电台正在播送有关人 造卫星的最新消息。 A British car company was about to sell its latest type of car in Germany.

一家英国汽车公司正 要在德国出售其最新 型的汽车。 lately adv. (=recently) 最近,近来 通常用于现在完成时 态, The old palace has lately been rebuilt. 古老的宫殿最近得以 重建。

Have you seen him lately? 你最近见到过他吗?

12. a number of--------- the number of a number of “_____” , 和______名词连用。 当它出现在主语前时,

谓 语 动 词 用 ____ 形 式 。 还可以在 number 前加 上形容词 great,large, small 等。 the number of “_____”, 修 饰 ______ 名 词 , 谓 语动词用_____形式。 [题组训练]

(1)_____students ____crazy computer games. 许多学生对电脑游戏 很痴迷。 (2)______ professors about

___ present today; ________ 600. them ___

许多教授今天都在场, 有 600 人。 (3)We have lived here for______ years. (4)There are _______ students in the school , but them. I don’t know

______the girls among

(5).The number of the students ____(keep) rising these years , and a number of them ______(come) from countryside.

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