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2014届高考英语一轮复习作业手册(9)模块3 Unit 3 Back to the past(附详细解析)

课时作业(九) [模块 3 Unit 3 Back to the past] (限时:30 分钟) Ⅰ.单项填空 1.Experts say that the ________ the earthquake ________ the children will last for a long time. A.influence; has on B.influence; had on C.affect; have on D.effect; have on 2.Two middle?aged passengers fell into the sea.________,neither of them could swim. A.Especially B.Luckily C.Unfortunately D.Naturally 3.—Have you made great progress in English? —________. A.So I have, and so has he B.So I do, and so has he C.I have so, and so do I D.So have I, and so has he 4.—Is Bob still performing? —I'm afraid not.He is said________ the stage already as he has become an official. A.to have left B.to leave

C.to have been left D.to be left 5. There is no doubt ________ he's an honest boy, there is no doubt ________ his honesty. so A.whether; for B.that; of C.what; about D.why; of 6.Mr. Black's family, which ________ a large one, ________ very fond of watching TV at night. A.are; are B.is; are C.are; is D.is; is 7.When I came back, I found the house ________ and everything ________. A.was broken; took away B.broken into; taken away

C.had been broken; taken D.break into; take away 8.At the foot of the mountain ________,which ________ a new look after it was repaired and painted two years ago. A.stands an old temple; takes up B.does an old temple stand; takes on C.does an old temple stand; takes up D.stands an old temple; takes on 9.Mr. White,along with his assistants,________ on the project day and night to meet the deadline. A.work B.working C.is working D.are working 10.________ from the way she speaks, she is very modest. A.Having judging B.Judging C.Judged D.Judge 11.The young ________ eaten up almost everything; one banana ________left on the table. A.is; are B.are; is C.has; have been D.have; has been 12.It's an honour for me ________ to give you a speech. A.to be invited C.be invited B.to invite


13.The boy wanted to meet his friend online, but we advise him ________. A.not to B.not to do it C.didn't D.to not 14. have finished a large part of novel written by Dickens, rest of which ________ very I the difficult. A.is B.are C.was D.were 15.Near the table ________ a hungry dog, which desired to satisfy his hunger with ________ fell from the table. A.lay;what B.laid;that

C.lay;that D.laid;something Ⅱ.完形填空 I often read of incidents of misunderstanding or conflict. I'm left __16__.Why do these people create mistrust and problems, especially with those from other __17__? I was growing up in Kuala Lumpur in the early 1960s,__18__ children from different races and religions played and studied __19__ in harmony. At that time my family lived a stone's __20__ from Ismail's. And no one was bothered that Ismail was a Malay Muslim and I was an Indian Hindu—we just __21__ our differences. Perhaps, our elders had not filled our heads with unnecessary advice, well __22__ or otherwise. We were nine when we became friends. During the school holidays, we'd __23__ the countryside on our bicycles, hoping to __24__ the unexpected. At times Ismail would accompany my family as we made a rare shopping trip to town. We would be glad of his __25__. When I was twelve, my family moved to Johor. Ismail's family later returned to their village, and I __26__ touch with him. One spring afternoon in 1983, I stopped a taxi in Kuala Lumpur. I __27__ my destination. The driver acknowledged my __28__ but did not move off. Instead, he looked __29__ at me.“Raddar?”he said, using my childhood nickname(绰号).I was astonished at being so __30__ addressed(称呼). Unexpectedly! It was Ismail! Even after two __31__ we still recognized each other. Grasping his shoulder, I felt a true affection, something __32__ to describe. If we can allow our children to be __33__ without prejudice, they'll build friendships with people, regardless of race or religion, who will be __34__ their side through thick and thin. On such friendships are societies built and __35__ we can truly be, as William Shakespeare once wrote,“we happy few, we band of brothers”. 16.A.interested B.pleased C.puzzled D.excited 17.A.parties B.cities C.villages D.races 18.A.why B.which C.how D.when 19.A.together B.around

C.alone D.apart 20.A.drop B.throw C.move D.roll

21.A.refused B.made C.sought D.accepted 22.A.paid B.meant C.preserved D.treated 23.A.explore B.search C.discover D.desert 24.A.get through B.deal with C.come across D.take away 25.A.arrival B.choice

C.effort D.company 26.A.lost B.gained C.developed D.missed 27.A.stated B.ordered C.decided D.chose 28.A.attempts B.instructions C.opinions D.arrangements 29.A.anxiously B.carelessly C.disappointedly D.fixedly 30.A.familiarly B.strangely C.fully D.coldly 31.A.departures B.months C.years D.decades

32.A.possible B.funny C.hard D.clear 33.A.them B.themselves C.us D.ourselves 34.A.from B.by

C.with D.against 35.A.still B.otherwise C.then D.instead Ⅲ.阅读理解 On Monday, June 25, 2012, hundreds of people gathered outside the Library of Congress, in Washington D.C., to celebrate public libraries. For more than 100 years, libraries have played an important role in keeping Americans informed and educated. But how are these bookfilled buildings changing with the times? You may be surprised to find out. Benjamin Franklin famously set up America's first lending library in 1731 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. But the public library system got its biggest boost(推动) in the late 1800s. Businessman Andrew Carnegie donated millions of dollars to help build free public libraries across the country. Between 1886 and 1919, Carnegie's donations helped build 1,679 new libraries! Carnegie believed in the opportunities that libraries could offer Americans, young and old. He knew that the more libraries there were; the more people would have access to books, lectures, news and more. “There are now more public libraries in the United States than McDonalds restaurants,” said Clara Hayden of Baltimore's Enoch Pratt Free Library. Chances are, there is a public library in or near your community. After all, the United States is home to 9,225 public libraries. Today, libraries continue to innovate(创新) and grow. Seven out of ten libraries offer free Internet access. This opens many doors for community members who can not go online at home, including the opportunity to apply for jobs online. Libraries are also teaching kids about the fun of reading. One new program called Read! Build!Play! combines reading with playtime. As kids listen to a book being read aloud, they use Legos(乐高玩具) to build images from the story. “Today's libraries are always looking for creative programming to bring people into the library, said Lego's Michael McNally. Benjamin ” Franklin once said, “The doors of wisdom are never shut.” As long as the doors of public libraries are open, his statement is most certainly true! 36.Why does the writer want to start the text with the June 25 news? A.To lead in the topic of the text. B.To show the importance of libraries.

C.To encourage readers to celebrate public libraries. D.To make readers interested in reading in libraries. 37.According to Paragraph 2, ________. A.Benjamin Franklin founded the first free library B.free public libraries used to be popular all over the USA C.there were about 1,679 libraries in America in the late 1800s D.the existence of public libraries was thanks to Andrew Carnegie 38.Andrew Carnegie made large donations to build libraries in order to ________. A.become well?known around the country B.earn a large amount of money C.help those who are too poor to afford books D.make people able to read books free of charge 39.Today most libraries are innovating mainly by ________. A.making people have fun reading by offering more interesting books B.providing more books about how to apply for jobs on the Internet C.making people able to read their books on the Internet free of charge D.attracting more McDonalds restaurants to be built close to them

课时作业(九) Ⅰ.1.A 分析句子结构可知,the influence/effect 在宾语从句中作主语,其后有定语从句 “the earthquake has on the children”修饰。 2.C 考查副词辨析。especially 特别,尤其;luckily 幸运地;unfortunately 令人遗憾 地,不巧,可惜;naturally 自然地。根据句意可知选 C 项,在句中用作插入语。 3.A So I have 表强调,意为“我确实取得了巨大的进步”;so has he 为倒装结构,

表示“他也确实取得了巨大的进步”。 4.A 此句考查的是“主语+is said+to do?”中的不定式的时态。从句中的 already 常与完成时态连用。leave 所表示的动作发生在 is said 之前,故 leave 应用不定式的完成式; 又因为 leave 与 he 之间是主动关系,不能用被动式,所以选 A。 5. 考查 There is no doubt that?和 there is no doubt of/about?两个句型, B 用来表示“对 某事确定无疑”。从句子的意思来看,只有 B 合适。



断,which 指代的“family”是指代家庭整体,故谓语动词用单数,第二空的主语 family 指家 庭成员,故谓语动词用复数形式。 7.B 考查补语。房子被破门而入,东西被拿走,均表被动,故选 B 项。 8.D 考查倒装和词语辨析。当表示地点的介词短语置于句首时,主语为名词,句子

全部倒装。同时根据宾语 a new look 可知 take on“呈现”符合题意。 9.C 考查主谓一致。Mr. White 为句子主语。 10.B 短语“judging from?”在句中作状语,为固定搭配,意为“根据??判断”。 11.D 考查谓语动词的用法。第一空 the young 意思为“年轻人”,表示复数意义, 故谓语动词要用复数形式,且用主动语态;第二空谓语动词用单数形式,且用被动结构。 12.A 根据句型“It is an honour to do”排除 C、D 两项。再根据 me 为动作 invite 的承 受者,即表被动,故选 A 项。 13.A 题干的完整结构为:“?but we advise him not to meet his friend online.”,省略 不定式符号 to 后面的成分,故选 A。 14.A 考查主谓一致及时态。根据句子意思可知,句中关系代词 which 所指代先行词 novel 为一整体概念的名词,应视为单数,说明代词 the rest 为 novel 的部分,也应该视为 单数形式,故句子的谓语动词为单数形式,强调现状,用一般现在时。 15.A 考查倒装句。由表示地点的状语置于句首,主语为名词,常用全部倒装句可知, 第一空选用 lay。lay 是 lie 的过去式,而 laid 则是 lay 的过去式。第二空用 what 作 with 的宾 语,并在从句中充当主语。 Ⅱ. “我”从小与邻里一些不同种族和宗教信仰的孩子快乐地生活在一起, 年后“我” 20 邂逅了儿时的朋友, 那种亲切难以言表。 如果我们让自己的孩子毫无偏见地和其他孩子建立 友谊,那我们会成为快乐的兄弟帮。 16. C “我”对周围发生的误解或冲突感到疑惑。 17. D 根据上下文,出现的不信任和问题主要是不同种族的偏见造成的。 18. D when 在此引导定语从句,指代前文的 in the early 1960s。

19. A 根据上下文,“我”与来自不同种族和宗教信仰的孩子们和谐地在一起玩耍和 学习,故选 A。 20. B a stone's throw 意为“一颗石头掷出去的距离”,即很近。 21. D 根据上下文,“我们”都接受彼此的不同(包括种族和宗教方面)。

22. B


well meant 意为“善意的”。 23. A “我们”一起骑着自行车到乡间探险,希望能有一些意外收获。explore 探索, 探险。 24. C come across 偶然遇见或发现。 25. D 有时,当 Ismail 想和“我们”一起去镇上做“我们”难得一次的购物时,“我 们”也会很高兴地让他同去。company 此处意为“陪同”。 26. A 根据下文,“我”20 年后才再次遇见 Ismail,所以是儿时失去了联系。

27. A “我”向司机说明了“我”的目的地。state 叙述,说明。 28. B 司机确认了“我”的目的地,但并没有出发。instructions 意为“指示”,在此 指“我”所告诉司机的目的地。 29. D 他定定地看着我。anxiously 焦急地,担忧地;carelessly 粗心地;disappointedly 失望,均不合题意。 30. A 根据上文,司机叫的是“我”儿时的绰号,所以“我”对如此熟悉的称呼感到 震惊。 31. D 由上下文可知,“我”与 Ismail 再次相遇是经过较长的一段时间,因此 D 项符 合题意。 32. C “我”感觉到了一种真正的感情,一种难以表达的感情。 33. B 如果我们能让我们的孩子真诚,没有偏见,他们就能与人建立友谊,而不管他

们是什么种族或宗教。be oneself 显得真诚,自然。 34. B 这些朋友将在他们身边与他们同甘共苦。by their side 在他们身边。 35. C 社会建立在这样的友谊上,那么我们就真的能像莎士比亚所说的“我们快乐,

我们是兄弟帮”。 Ⅲ.36.A 推理判断题。文章介绍完新闻后马上切入本文话题:图书馆。由此推断文章

以新闻开头旨在引入主题,故选 A 项。 37.B 推理判断题。根据“Between 1886 and 1919, Carnegie's donations helped build 1, 679 new libraries!”可推断在过去公共图书馆在美国非常受欢迎,故选 B 项。 38.D 推理判断题。根据“Carnegie believed in the opportunities that libraries could offer Americans, young and old.”可推断卡内基捐款建免费的公共图书馆旨在使人们能免费地读到 更多的书,由此可判断选 D 项。

39.C 细节理解题。根据“Seven out of ten libraries offer free Internet access.”可知道大 多数图书馆主要以提供免费上网的方式进行创新,故选 C 项。


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