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Book 1 Unit 3 Whatever Happened to Manners

Book 1 Unit 2 Whatever Happened to Manners?
Discussion: list some of the good manners and bad manners you?ve noticed in your daily life Genre: a piece of argumentation (书上说是议论文,个人认为前半部分为议论文,后面从 P.5
起为说明文 a piece of exposition)

An Argumentative Essay (a piece of argumentation)
Thesis statement Backed up by facts Statistics The testimony of others through personal interviews and questionnaires Articles and books Examples Use the data fairly (nonbiased) Language style: formal style- (try to avoid the first person) "I believe that we should financially support the space station." Using the first person weakens your argument. Say "Funding for the space station is imperative (urgent or important) to maintain America's competitive edge in the global economy."

Structure: 4 parts (1-1st part, 2-4-2nd part, 5-10-3rd part, 11-last part)
Bad manners: Laugh at others when they are in trouble Being late Spit in public The pushing in queues Swearing It?s also bad manners to sneeze or cough without covering your mouth. Pushing away disliked food with chopsticks

There are certain cultures that appear rude to other cultures.
Happy noise 1. Get away (from sp/ sb) To move away from a place:课文里用的是这个意项,仅仅是指脱离了。 。 。 To break loose and leave suddenly, as from confinement or from a difficult or threatening situation: The thief got away in the dark. He got away from the cops. 他没有落在警察手里。 I want peace--I must get away from this noisy town. 我需要安静,我得离开这个嘈杂的城市。 He didn' t come because he couldn' t get away from his work. 他因工作离不开而没有来。


Get away with sth/ doing sth (infml) not be punished for sth 不因某事受惩罚: Those who lie will never get away with it. How did he get away with plagiarism? Get 的其他词组需要自己注意 2. coworker 构词法 co- prefix, 意为 together coexist, coeducation, cooperation, coauthor 前缀(置於单词之前, 以增加或改变其意义的词或音节, 如 co-﹑ ex-﹑ non-﹑ pre-﹑ re-, 又如 unhappy 中的 un-) 3. a wave or a nod of appreciation appreciation-appreciate-appreciative appreciation n. (c/u)

感激 being grateful for sth 不可数
express/ show one?s appreciation appreciation for 加介词 for 也是有的,不过一般用 of 较多 She showed no appreciation of his help. I wish to express my appreciation for your kindness. 这个搭配中如果有介词一定要用介词 of = in appreciation of The award is given in appreciation of his huge contribution to the promotion of peace.

欣赏 enjoyment of sth 不可数, 有单数形式
Singing helps the children to develop an appreciation of poetry. She has an appreciation of art and music.她对于美术和音乐有了解。 作为评价鉴定时为可数 an appreciation of the novel appreciative They are very appreciative to you. He was deeply appreciative of your kindness. An appreciative smile 一个赞赏的微笑 appreciative applause(鼓掌为不可数名词) Appreciate vt. I appreciate your kind words. 我很感谢你好心的安慰。 类似用法:a look of admiration, a stamp of anger 4. pull out 从停车的地方开到路上 A car suddenly pulled out in front of me. 一辆汽车突然横冲到我面前. (withdraw): The project became so expensive that we had to pull out.这个工程耗资太大, 我们只好退出. The troops pulled out after the cease-fire.

Pull up 停车 pull away 从停的地方开车 pull in 停到路边或进站 pull off (sth), pull over 停到路边 pull out 从停的地方开到路上 5. decorate Christmas decorations, for decoration The books are purely decorative. 装饰性的,做装饰用的 6. I think of good manners as a sort of hidden beauty secret Think of…as…= regard … as/ consider…to be… A sort of beauty secret that most people do not discover or understand 7. Cary Grant and Lauren Bacall pictures 8. take the long-lost art of saying thank you take= accept long-lost: lost or not seen for a long time----a long-lost relative 一位久未相遇的亲戚, 类似用法: a long-cherished dream, a long-awaited book, 8. wear a little lipstick (动词也可以用 put on 或者 apply) Oh my, do you have to wear that bright red lipstick? 哦,你必须涂那种鲜红色的唇膏吗? She was wearing red lipstick. Wear too much lipstick Wear perfume 擦香水 9. get into the habit of , get out of the habit of dong sth 10. gracious, graciousness (n. u) be gracious to sb: He is kind and gracious to all sinners who repent. 他对忏悔的罪人一概慈悲为怀.(牛津高阶) 10. set an example for sb, follow sb?s example Her diligence has set an example for others. 她的勤奋为其他人树立了榜样。 11. panache n. (u) confident stylish manner(牛津解释) ,If you do something with panache, you do it in a confident, stylish, and elegant way. (柯林斯解释) 神气十足,风度 词源有关,from Latin pinna [feather, wing]:A bunch of feathers or a plume She carried off the performance with panache. (carry…off=do…successfully) a town with great panache 流光溢彩的小镇 12. priceless priceless antiques, invaluable (extremely useful)无价的,极贵重的 worthless, valueless 无价值的,无用的


13. do wonders for sb/sth work wonders for sb/sth (informal) wonders 可换成 miracles to have a very good effect on someone or something Love can do wonders. 爱能产生奇迹。 Try this medicine. It'll do wonders for your cold. 试试这种药,它对治疗你的感冒会有神效. A very little bit of sugar works wonders for dishes that are based on sour tastes. Tolerance does wonders for your marriage. Fruit does wonders for your health. (it's) no/small/little wonder (that) With someone trying to sell you things every time you pick up the phone, it's no wonder people screen their calls. 14. be on the receiving end (of sth) 蒙受 to be the person who is affected by someone else's actions, usually in an unpleasant way We were on the receiving end of harsh criticism. We sometimes laugh at others. What was it like to be on the receiving end? Talk show hosts can also be on the receiving end of questions. 15. compliment 注意动词名词发音区别 compliment sb on sth He complimented her on her new dress. She blushed when the teacher complimented her on her diligence. Compliment n. (c) The girl blushed at the compliment. "You look great!" "Thanks for the compliment." In any walk of life that would be a compliment. (社会的各阶层) Complimentary adj. Complimentary remarks 赞美的话

complimentary tickets 免费赠送的

16. terrific 相似意思的词 splendid/ fantastic/ wonderful/ great/ excellent 17. I bet the note my guest sent me didn?t take long to write. = I?m fairly sure that… I bet (that)…我敢肯定。 。 。(I?ll bet…) I bet she?ll be late. I bet you she won?t come. 翻译练习: My bet is they've got held up in the traffic. 我想他们一定是在路上因交通拥挤而受阻了。 I bet it will rain tomorrow. 我相信明天一定会下雨。 You bet! = of course! 例如: `Are you going to the match?' ?You bet!?


bet (sb) that He bet me ? 10 that I wouldn't do it. bet (sth) on sth I'll bet ten dollars on the chestnut horse. 我要在这匹栗色马上下十元赌注。 17. If you feel like a feel because you?ve put off sending a card… Feel like… I felt like going back home. I felt like an ice cream. I just don't feel like myself today.我今天觉得很不舒服 a feel 感觉 feel 用作名词时要用单数 Let the child have a feel of the turtle. 让那个小孩摸摸看海龟。 (tortoise 乌龟) There is a feel of winter. 有一种冬天的感觉。 (感觉气氛) a hotel with a more traditional feel (impression sensed from sth) have a feel for sth 对事物有很强的理解或鉴赏能力 to have a natural ability to do or understand something 例如:He has a (real) feel for music(languages). 他很有乐(语)感. 18. I didn?t want to let another day go by without telling you how much I enjoyed your party. Go by= pass He let a week go by before answering the letter.他一周以后才回信。 Two years went by. Never let a good opportunity go by. 19. enormous—huge an enormous bunch of flowers

20. carry-on bag 可带上飞机的 托运的行李 checked baggage 随身带的行李 carry-on baggage prohibited items: liquids, gels, explosive materials, flammable items, etc. 21. barrel= to move very fast, esp in an uncontrolled way (AmE, informal) 高速莽撞行驶 barrel 做名词时:大桶 He barreled out of the shop. 22. bother (not) bother to do sth/ doing sth He didn' t even bother to say thank you. 他甚至连说一声谢谢都不肯. She didn?t bother bringing the umbrella, and was caught in the rain. Bother = worry; annoy It really bothered me that he?d forgotten my birthday.


a bother n. Synonym: NUISANCE (especially BrE) a person or job that slightly annoys you by causing trouble or problems 例句:Doing the laundry every week is a terrible bother. 每星期洗衣服麻烦死了。 I hope I haven't been a bother. 同义词比较: 相近的词: a nuisance (The dogs next door are a real nuisance) 讨厌的东西或者人 an irritation (something that makes you annoyed: The children are just an irritation for him when he's trying to work.) something that annoys you, especially over a period of time 令人生气的 事或者引起烦恼之事. 本来 irritation 有可数或不可数形式,如课本中用法即为不可数 a disturbance (He was charged with causing a disturbance after the game.骚乱 第二种意思进行 骚扰的人或事物 The noise of cars passing along the road is a continual disturbance to our quiet at home. 马路上来往的车辆声音不断地破坏我们家的安宁。 ) a stir (The news caused quite a stir in the village. 那消息在村里引起了一片混乱.) 23. genuinely genuine genuine concern, genuine interest, genuine leather 24. just because…doesn?t mean… just because 的字面意思 (仅仅因为) 也是很常用的, 突出表现在 just because? doesn’ t mean? 的句式里。举例如下: Just because you are rich doesn?t mean you can always have what you want. (你有钱并不意味着 你一定能得到想要的东西。 ) Just because we cant see certain things doesn?t mean they don?t exist. (有些事物我们虽然看不 到,但这并不表示它们不存在。 ) Just because someone doesn?t love you the way you want them to doesn?t mean they don?t love you with all they have. 爱你的人如果没有按你所希望的方式来爱你,那并不代表他们没有全心全意地爱你。 这类句子在英语里特别普遍,不过我觉得从语法上来讲是站不住脚的。应该换成 Just because? , it doesn’t mean?才说得通。目前这两种句式都被接受,但绝大多数母语者习惯 不用逗号和 it,直接讲 just because? doesn’t mean?。这可能又是约定俗成的惯例,没 法从语法的角度深究。 类似的例子还有 like you said (如你所说) , 按语法规则应该是 like what you said 或 as you said 才说得通,但母语者从来都只说 like you said。 Just because 的其他用法: 闪烁其词: A: Why don’t you let me see your room? (为什么不让我参观你的房间啊?) B: Just because! (不为什么! ) A: Just because? It’ s extremely messy, huh? (不为什么?房间里肯定乱得一塌糊涂, 对吧?) B: Darn. Do you really have to say it out loud? (讨厌。你就非得揭我的底吗?) 不需或没有理由: C: Madonna is almost 50. Why are you still obsessed with her? (Madonna 都快五十岁了。你为

什么还那么迷她?) D: Just because! (这根本不需要解释! ) E: Why is it that you are so good at mathematics but so bad at physics? (为什么你数学那么好, 物理却那么差?) F: Just because! (没什么理由。 ) Just because 比“因为所以不但而且”更灵活的地方在于,它还可以单独出现在陈述句里, 不一定要用作对某个问题的回答。比如:One can only work so hard. Sometimes you need to take a few days off just because. (一个人再怎么努力工作也是有限度的。有时候你应该什么 都不去想,让自己放个假。 ) 25. a wee bit = to a small degree I?m a wee bit tired. A wee bit late, a wee bit worried A wee (adj.) drop= a tiny drop 25. punctuality n.(u) be punctual for sth 例句:She?s always punctual for meetings/ appointments. in doing sth 例句:She has always been punctual in paying our rent. The movie started punctually at 5 o?clock. 26. for heaven?s sake 见书上 note 27. count= to be a very important or valuable thing First impressions do count. 27. … will go a long way 解释:produce a far-reaching effect sth goes a long way towards doing sth 有用,非常有助于 = it is an important factor in achieving sth Although by no means a cure, it goes a long way towards making the patient?s life more tolerable. 28. in sb?s thoughts 这里的 thought 指 a feeling of worrying or caring about something You are always in my thoughts (=used to tell someone that you think and care about them a lot) I know this has been in your thoughts. 我知道你久有此意。 29. be gracious about… gracious= behave in a polite, kind and generous way (considerate)体谅,以礼相待 If my husband missed our first wedding anniversary, I wouldn't be gracious about it! You do have the right to be annoyed with him. 30. take sb/sth for granted 不把。 。 。当回事,理所当然 to expect that someone will always be there when you need them and never show them any special attention or thank them.

例如:I?m sick and tired of my husband taking me for granted! Take it for granted that… To believe that sth is true without making sure Sorry! I just took it for granted that you?d want to see the movie. 31. infectious disease 传染病 an infectious laugh 有感染力的笑声

隐私几不问 ask a lady about her age, ask others about their marital status, their salary, their health problems, politics, religion, love life 接受与拒绝 中国人结伴出游的时候,如果买什么东西,去买的人一般都会按照人头购买,即便有人客气 地说不要;和外国人结伴出游,如果你客气地推说不需要某样东西,那么对方真的就不会给 你买。 Interactions: offering refreshments or drinks Conventions: politeness, individual decision Chinese Conventions: When a Chinese offers refreshments or drinks to his colleague, his colleague often declines the offer politely, because he doesn't want to trouble the person who offers and it also shows his politeness. Normally the person who offers still prepares or buys refreshments or drinks, and this will be expected by his colleague. Sharing food and drink when going out together is common among colleagues and friends. British and American Conventions: Respect one's own decision, 'yes' means one wants it, 'no' means one doesn't, politeness is usually shown by the expression 'thank you' or 'please'. 送礼物的习俗 是否当场拆礼物 In the West , it is regarded as polite to open gifts as soon as they are given to express appreciation. In China, the situation is quite the reverse. Normally we Chinese feel that if you open the gift as soon as it is given, you might embarrass the person who gives the gift and you might be thought greedy. 送单还是送双,是否送水果 中西方去朋友家做客送礼的差别: 中国人送礼喜欢成双,比如说两瓶酒,两条烟。一是为了显示自己不是小气人,二是为 了讨个吉利数字。去朋友或者亲戚家做客,拎点水果是非常普遍的情况。


但是,在西方,人们送酒的时候都是只送一瓶。 One is quite enough, two are of course welcome but unusual and not expected. 因为他们吃饭的时候要喝客人带来的酒,如果客人拿 了两瓶,似乎表明客人是个酒鬼,他恐怕一瓶酒不够喝。 去朋友家做客一般也不送水果。水果一般是作为看望病人时候的礼物。 Who’ll pay the bill? 付账 go Dutch: Share the cost of the meal equally between friends. But who should foot the bill? In America and England it is quite common for friends to share the cost of the meal equally between them, to go Dutch, as we say. On other occasions, however, Westerners will treat a friend to a meal and then, as in China, there is usually the expectation that the guest will return the favour by inviting the host to a meal later. It is not safe to use the 'thumbing-a-lift' gesture in either Sardinia(a large island which is part of Italy) or Greece. The message transmitted to the passing drivers by the hopeful figures at the roadside is not 'please help us', but 'get stuffed', and does not encouriage drivers to stop, except to pick a fight. Touch The most common touch behavior is hands shaking and hugs. In English speaking countries, people used to hug or kiss each other in public between males and females, which is unacceptable and only exists between lovers and couples in private in China. In America, common friends and acquaintances will avoid body touch. Even in the elevator, body touch is not allowed. Touching the other people slightly or unconsciously, people will say “Sorry”, “Very Sorry”, “Excuse me” in a hurry to express apology. But Chinese pay less attention to their private space. It is crowded in China because of a large population. It is common to see youth of the same sex hold hands and hug in China. But in English speaking countries, it will be regarded homosexuality. A foreigner broke a dish in a restaurant and felt embarrassed. But Chinese who were on the spot smiled at him, which made him angrier. In fact, this smile means “Never mind”. Another facial expression is stretching out one’s tongue. When Chinese realize that their behavior is unsuitable and feel embarrassed, they often stretch out their tongues and shrink their necks at the same time, especially girls and children. But Americans never do it. They think it is rude. 拜访要提前通知
在中国的宴会上,客人在最后一道菜吃完后会迅速离开。而在英国文化中,留下来进行社交谈话 被视为礼貌的行为。 安静地吃东西并且吃完自己碟子里的所有事物是礼貌的行为。 剩下食物可能意味着客人不喜欢这 些食物。


英国人喜欢在吃饭的时候聊天。但要同时说话和吃东西是很难的。而在吃东西的时候张大嘴,哪 怕是说话,是不礼貌的行为。诀窍是:吃东西和说话交替进行;只往嘴里放少量食物。如果你必 须张大嘴,用一只手遮住它。 人们不吃动物的所有部分,如头、足和某些器官。


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