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2016 年高考英语完形填空汇编?夹叙夹议文
Cloze 1 (2016· 全国Ⅰ) A Heroic Driver Larry works with Transport Drivers.Inc.One morning in 2009,Larry was __1__along 165 north after delivering to one of his__2__.Suddenly, he saw a car with its bright lights on.__3__he got closer, he found __4__vehicle upside down on the road.One more look and he noticed__5__shooting out from under the__6__vehicle.Larry pulled over, set the brake and__7__the fire extinguisher (灭火器).Two good bursts from the extinguisher and the fire was put out. The man who had his bright lights on__8__and told Larry he had__9__an emergency call.They__10__heard a woman’s voice coming from the wrecked ( 毁 坏 的 ) vehicle.__11__the vehicle, they saw that a woman was trying to get out of the broken window.They told her to stay__12__until the emergency personnel arrived , __13__she thought the car was going to__14__. Larry told her that he had already put out the fire and she should not move__15__she injured her neck. Once fire and emergency people arrived, Larry and the other man__16__and let them go to work.Then, Larry asked the__17__if he was needed or __18__to go.They let him and the other man go. One thing is__19__—Larry went above and beyond the call of duty by getting so close to the burning vehicle! His__20__most likely saved the woman’s life. 1.A.walking C.traveling 2.A.passengers C.employers 3.A.Since B.Although 4.A.each 5.A.flames 6.A.used B.another B.smoke B.touring D.rushing B.colleagues D.customers C.As C.that C.water B.disabled D.If D.his D.steam

C.removed 7.A.got hold of C.took charge of 8.A.came down C.came in 9.A.returned C.made 10.A.then B.again 11.A.Starting C.Passing 12.A.quiet 13.A.for B.still B.so

D.abandoned B.prepared D.controlled B.came through D.came over B.received D.confirmed C.finally B.Parking D.Approaching C.away C.and B.slip away D.crash C.in case B.backed off D.set out C.man C.asked D.driver D.free D.after D.calm D.but D.even

14.A.explode C.fall apart 15.A.as if B.unless 16.A.stepped forward C.moved on 17.A.woman B.police 18.A.forbidden 19.A.for certain C.reported 20.A.patience C.efforts B.ready

B.for consideration D.checked B.skills D.promise Cloze 2

(2016· 全国Ⅱ)Hundreds of people have formed impressions of you through that little device( 装置 )on your desk.And they’ve never actually__1__you.Everything they know about you__2__through this device, sometimes from hundreds of miles away.__3__they feel they can know you__4__from the sound of your voice.That’s how powerful the__5__is.

Powerful, yes, but not always__6__.For years I dealt with my travel agent only by phone.Rani, my faceless agent whom I’d never met__7__, got me rock-bottom prices on airfares, cars, and hotels.But her cold voice really__8__me.I sometimes wished to__9__another agent. One morning, I had to__10__an immediate flight home for a family emergency.I ran into Rani’s office__11__ . The woman sitting at the desk , __12__my madness, sympathetically jumped up.She gave me a__13__smile, nodded while listening patiently, and then printed out the__14__immediately.“What a wonderful lady!” I thought. Rushing out __15__ I called out over my shoulder, “By the way, what’s your name?”“I’m Rani, ” she said.I turned around and saw a__16__woman with a big smile on her face waving to wish me a safe trip.I was__17__!Why had I thought she was cold? Rani was, well, so__18__. Sitting back in the car on the way to the airport, I figured it all out.Rani’s __19__—her warm smile, her nods, her ‘I’m here for you’__20__—were all silent signals that didn’t travel through wires. 1.A.accepted C.heard 2.A.came B.moved B.noticed D.met C.ran C.Then C.just B.voice D.impression C.easy B.by myself D.on purpose B.interested D.confused B.train D.accurate D.developed D.Indeed D.already

3.A.Thus B.Yet 4.A.rather B.also

5.A.telephone C.connection 6.A.direct B.useful

7.A.in person C.in public 8.A.annoyed C.discouraged 9.A.promote

C.find 10.A.arrange C.confirm 11.A.for the first time C.from time to time 12.A.expecting C.testing 13.A.shy C.familiar 14.A.bill B.form

D.know B.postpone D.book B.at any time D.in good time B.seeing D.avoiding B.comforting D.forced C.ticket B.disappointedly D.regretfully B.serious D.pleasant B.worried D.speechless B.nice C.proud B.eagerness D.skillfulness B.attitude D.behavior Cloze 3 D.clever D.list

15.A.hopefully C.gratefully 16.A.careful C.nervous 17.A.amused C.helpless 18.A.calm

19.A.forgiveness C.friendliness 20.A.explanation C.concept

(2016· 江苏高考)Years ago,a critical event occurred in my life that would change it forever.I met Kurt Kampmeir of Success Motivation Incorporation for

breakfast.While we were __1__,Kurt asked me,“John,what is your __2__ for personal growth?” Never at a loss for words, I tried to find things in my life that might __3__for growth.I told him about the many activities in which I was __4__.And I went into a __5__ about how hard I worked and the gains I was making.I must have talked for ten



patiently , but







“You don’t have a personal plan for growth,do you?” “No”,I __8__. “You know,” Kurt said simply,“growth is not a(n) __9__ process.” And that’s when it __10__ me.I wasn’t doing anything __11__ to make myself

better.And at that moment,I made the __12__:I will develop and follow a personal growth plan for my __13__. That night,I talked to my wife about my __14__ with Kurt and what I had learned.I __15__ her the workbook and tapes Kurt was selling.We __16__ that Kurt wasn’t just trying to make a sale.He was offering a __17__ for us to change our lives and achieve our dreams. Several important things happened that day.First , we decided to resources.But more importantly,we made a commitment to __18__ the

__19__ together as a

couple.From that day on,we learned together,traveled together,and sacrificed together.It was a __20__ decision.While too many couples grow apart,we were growing together. 1.A.working 2.A.suggestion 3.A.appeal 4.A.involved 5.A.lecture 6.A.calculated 7.A.eagerly 8.A.admitted C.apologized 9.A.automatic C.independent 10.A.confused 11.A.on loan B.informed B.preparing B.demand B.look B.trapped B.speech B.listened B.gradually C.thinking C.plan C.call C.lost C.discussion C.drank C.gratefully B.interrupted D.complained B.slow D.changing C.pleased B.on purpose D.hit D.eating D.request D.qualify D.bathed D.debate D.explained D.finally

C.on sale 12.A.comment C.decision 13.A.life C.performance 14.A.contract C.negotiation 15.A.lent 16.A.recalled 17.A.tool 18.A.provide 19.A.grow 20.A.difficult B.sold B.defined B.method B.buy B.survive B.random

D.on balance B.announcement D.arrangement B.progress D.investment B.conversation D.argument C.showed C.recognized C.way C.give C.move C.firm D.offered D.declared D.rule D.deliver D.gather D.wise

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