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临安中学 2015 学年第一学期高二年级开学适应性练习 英语试卷 出卷人:高一英语备课组 审核人:高一英语备课组

(试卷总分 100 分,考试时间 90 分钟) 一、单项选择(20 分) 1. If you fail this time, don’t lose ______ heart. Try to do it _______ second time. A. your; a B. your; the C. \ ; a D. \ ; the

2. With prices rising sharply, we now have to spend _____ three months ago on basic living materials. A. as twice much as C. as twice many as B. twice as much as D. twice as many as

3. The engineers are so busy that they have no time for outdoor activities, ________ they have the interest. A. wherever B. as if C. even if D. whenever

4. Sam ________ some knowledge of the computer just by watching others working on it. A. brought up B. looked up C. picked up D. set up

5. ---- Have you moved into the new office building? ---- Not yet. It _________ . A. is decorating decorated 6. It was in the lab _____ was in the charge of Professor Zhang _____ they did the experiment. A. where; that B. which; where C. that; where D. which; that B. has been decorated C. is being decorated D. has been

7. All of the guests had arrived by 9 o’clock, but the host didn’t ______ until 15 minutes later. A. turn down B. turn in C. turn up D. turn out

8. ---- Isn’t it surprising that such a good football team _______ have failed to enter the World Cup Final? ---- Yes, anything is possible on the football field.

A. would

B. might

C. must

D. should

9. The money collected should be made good use of_____ the people who suffered a lot in the terrible earthquake in Sichuan. A. helping B. helped C. help D. to help

10. Science and technology should be developed to benefit people in the world ____ harm them. A. more than B. other than C. rather than D. less than

11. In the good care of the nurses, the boy’s health is______ improving from his heart operation. A. entirely B. gradually C. gratefully D. frequently

12. The journey to Tibet took the young man seven months, ______ the walking time was 180 days. A. of which B. during which C. from which D. for which

13. —What did you say to your sister? I saw her crying in the room. — It my fault. I just said hello to her when I met her, nothing else. B. can’t have been C. oughtn’t to be D.

A. must have been should have been

14. —The middle-term examination is coming. I'm afraid I will fail. —______! I’m sure you can make it. A. Good luck B. Cheer up C. Best wishes D. Doesn’t matter

15. If the government ______ the public investment(投资) between big cities and rural areas, farmers will not leave their homes and families to go to the big cities. A. balances B. seeks C. measures D. combines

16. He is said to have written and sung the song _________ his wife who died from skin cancer two years ago. A. in memory of B. in need of C. in honor of D. in support of

17. After two hours’ drive, we came to ________ is called a green house, through the glass wall of ________, we saw lots of green plants. A. where; which B. that; that C. what; which D. where; that

18. —I wonder why he has been acting so strangely these days.

— Recent pressure at work may ______ his behavior. A. account for B. make for C. stand for D. change for

19. At present, he is a student at Zhejiang University, ________ for a degree in computer A. studies have studied science. B. studying D. having studied C. to

20. --- I’m sorry I can’t take part in your birthday party tonight. --- _______? Haven’t we agreed on it? A. How is it is it 二、完型填空(20 分) When Glen Kruger picked a small cat from an animal shelter, he did not expect much. Yet right from the start, eight years ago, there was an uncommon connection between him and the small black cat. He 21 her Inky. 22 playmates,” Kruger, 23 of farm B. Why don’t you C. What do you think D. What

“I grew up on a hundred-acre farm and had only cats

The seventy-year-old man, says. “My hearing was damaged by the

equipment , so I learned to connect with 24 . They react to what they see and what you do.” Inky was a gentle cat, night in 2009, Inky did 25 the house with five other cats. But on a January 26 that would set her apart from 28 27 cats forever.

Kruger had gone down to the basement to he was finished, he 29

the wood stove for the night. When

to the top of the stairs and reached to turn off the lights. 30 his back against an old shelf. The heavy shelf

In doing so, he slipped and

came crashing down and sent Kruger down the stairs. 31 in a pool of blood on the basement floor, Kruger felt 33 34 32 going into

shock(休克) . He shouted for help, at the opposite end of the house. of the stairs.

his wife, Brenda, was asleep in their bedroom Kruger noticed Inky watching from the top

“Go get Brenda,” Kruger said to Inky. Inky 35 to the bedroom door and scratched 36 until Brenda opened it. Then

Inky led her to the

37 . Brenda found her husband

38 the stairs and called 911. 39 there,” says Kruger. 40 left

Kruger was rushed to the hospital. “I spent six months

“Although I became lame, I was blessed.” Since the accident, Inky has Kruger’s side. 21. A. gave 22. A. like 23. A. sound 24. A. animals 25. A. sharing 26. A. anything 27. A. familiar 28. A. shut out 29. A. marched 30. A. bent 31. A. Falling 32. A. it 33. A. and 34. A. Thus 35. A. walked 36. A. rapidly 37. A. bedroom 38.A. at the bottom of of 39.A. regretting 40. A. never 三、阅读理解: (30 分) A B. resting B. ever C. relaxing C. still B. chose B. as B. alarm B. friends B. visiting B. nothing B. lovely B. shut off B. flew B. hit B. Lying B. itself B. but B. Otherwise B. ran B. suddenly B. basement B. in the middle of C. named C. except C. noise C. farmers C. dividing C. something C. ordinary C. shut down C. struggled C. shook C. Appearing C. him C. or C. Then C. returned C. madly C yard C. at the top of

D. remembered D. among D. voice D. neighbors D. discovering D. everything D. outstanding D. shut up D. climbed D. pulled D. Thinking D. himself D. so D. Rather D. withdrew D. urgently D. house D. in the front

D. recovering D. already

Good people, bad people, happy people, sad people, and people with stories to tell. They all go by bus. It’s the cheapest ride in the US. The buses go, night and day, right across America. On the longest trips, you have

to change the time on your watch. Don’t forget, the States is big. When it’s midnight in New York, it’s only 9 o’clock in San Francisco. When it’s 2 o’clock in Denver, it’s 3 o’clock in Kansas City. Bus stations are sometimes full of tired people, crying children, busy ticket sellers and empty Coca Cola cans. But climb onto the buses and they’re like airplanes. The windows are made of dark glass to keep you cool. There’s a toilet. There’re people who want to talk to you. And outside, there’s America. Mile after mile of it. Dry red and yellow deserts. Flat green wheat fields. High snowy mountains. Great busy cities. Small towns and big farmhouses. Sandy beaches and ocean waves. Some buses go 1000 miles in one day. And at the end of the day, you can stay on the bus or sleep all through the night. You can sleep all day too. But don’t go to sleep when you’re crossing the Rockies. The mountains, rivers, and valleys are too beautiful. And you probably won’t go to sleep when you’re crossing Death Valley, in California. It can be dangerous too. You can’t live long there without water. If cars or buses break down there, it’s a big problem. You can also find a motel(汽车旅馆). The most interesting ones are the small family ones. The world of the great highways is their life. The motel owners give beds to tired travelers and worried people looking for work. They cook steaks for truckers and hamburgers for tourists. They smile at lovers and watch carefully for the man with the gun. Their doors are always open when the bus comes into town. 41. What do travelers for a long trip across America have to do? A. change buses from time to time carefully C. put forward watches frequently trip 42. What does the author mean by saying “And outside, there’s America. Mile after mile of it”? A. The US is very big. boring. C. The US has a large population. D. The traffic is busy but B. Long-distance travel is very D. bear the loneliness of a long B. read the bus times very, very

convenient. 43. If you sleep on the bus while crossing the Rockies _________. A. you’ll fail to get off to you C. you’ll miss the beautiful sceneries there 44. We can learn from the text that ____________. A. it’s very wet in the area of Death Valley by bus in the US C. travelers prefer a hotel to a motel most interesting 45. What is the best title for the text? A. Mobil Homes C. It is Cheaper by Bus B. Highways Across America D. Travel is Good for You D. small family motels are the B. few people go travelling D. your bus might break down B. something dangerous will happen

B The monarch is one of the most beautiful butterflies. It is famous for its yearly migration (迁徙) from the northern part of North America to Mexico. There, millions of monarchs spend the winter packed closely together in one small area. This migration is one of the greatest wonders of nature. Yet this behavior has now put the monarch at risk. Every September, millions of monarchs from the United States fly to Mexico. After about two months of flying time, they reach their sanctuary (庇护所) in central Mexico. Then, in the warm climate of private and quiet valleys, far from most human activity, the butterflies create one of nature’s great scenes. They cover every tree with bright color. The show lasts until spring, when the butterflies return north. While they are all crowded together, the monarchs are highly weak. If the environment in those valleys was disturbed (打扰), the whole species could be hurt or even wiped out. That is why for many years scientists who knew about the monarchs’

winter sanctuary kept the location a secret. In recent years, however, the monarchs’ secret has been revealed. Today, the butterflies’ winter sanctuary is crowded with tourists, who disturb the environment. Worse still, local farmers who need more land to farm have begun to take up the area. They are cutting down trees, making it difficult for the butterflies to survive. They should not farm in the monarchs’ sanctuary. Concerned people should act immediately to protect the species’ winter sanctuary. Local farmers must be aided so that they no longer need to take land from the butterflies. Tourist visits to the butterflies’ hidden valleys must also be limited. Unless these steps are taken soon, in a few years the monarch butterfly of North America may be just a beautiful memory. 46. What do we know about monarch butterflies? A. They fly to the US in autumn. B. They spend the winter in a pack. C. They are the most beautiful butterflies. D. They have been known to human beings until recent years. 47. What is Paragraph 2 mainly about? A. the monarchs’ diet C. the monarchs’ life cycle B. the monarchs’ colors D. the monarchs’ migration

48. Why did scientists keep the monarchs’ winter sanctuary a secret? A. to keep the valleys from being destroyed trees C. to do their research secretly D. to protect the monarchs B. to stop farmers from cutting down

49. The underlined word “revealed” in Paragraph 4 probably means ___________. A. discovered B. seen C. forgotten D. kept

50. What is the purpose of the text? A. to tell about a great place to watch monarch butterflies B. to provide information about monarch butterflies C. to ask people to save monarch butterflies D. to call on people to protect the environment

C Most people are familiar with charities that provide aids and services to seriously ill children. One such charity is committed to giving these children a joyful memory-making visit to wonderful attractions in Florida. More than 20 years ago, a little girl named Amy had leukemia(白血病). Her family, knowing of Amy’s longing to visit the theme parks in Orlando, Florida, got in touch with respected hotelier Henry Landwirth to ask for a free stay at one of his hotels so they could bring Amy there to achieve her dream. As he had done many times before, Landwirth gladly welcomed them to come and stay, but sadly, the trip took too long to arrange and Amy died before her dream was realized. As a result, Landwirth vowed(发誓) to himself that never again would a seriously ill child go without realizing his/her dream. Landwirth himself knew what it was like for a child to bear sadness and suffering. Born in Belgium, Henry and his family were separated during World WarⅡ and he spent five of his teenage years in the Nazi death and labor camps. By the end of the war, his parents had both been killed, but he and his twin sister survived and were reunited. He found his way to America, where he served time in the Army and then found a job at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale. From that first job, Landwirth worked his way upward through the hotel industry, learning every step of the way, and for the next 50 years he developed a successful, innovative(创 新的) hotel industry career. When Amy died without realizing her dream, Landwirth immediately asked for the support of colleagues in the hospitality industry in developing a program to bring special families to Central Florida within 24 hours if need be, to help seriously ill children live out their dreams. He called the project “Give Kids the World” because that was what he wanted to accomplish---provide memorable, joyful experiences to sick children and their families at no cost to them. As the program grew larger and the numbers of families increased, Give Kids the World needed to create a special place to better serve the needs of the visitors to the program. So the gates of Give Kids the World Village opened in 1989. The Village

is a 70-acre resort that is home to more than 100 villa residences(别墅),entertainment venues, and fun attractions specially designed for children with special needs. Give Kids the World is a non-profit organization that is helped by many generous individuals, corporations, and other wish-granting organizations. Since 1986 the organization has welcomed more than 93,000 families from all 50 states and more than 65 countries. The purpose of Give Kids the World is a simple and direct one--- to give children a week full of smiles, endless laughter, to realize their dreams, and to never turn a child away. Through the tireless support of volunteers, employees, and generous partners, Give Kids the World devotes each and every day to these special families. 51.What is the best title for the passage? A. Give Kids the World C. Give Priceless Love to Children B. Amy---A Poor Little Girl D. A Hotelier’s Successful Life

52. The purpose of the second paragraph is to ______ A. describe the family of Landwirth B. present the hard life of Landwirth C. show the little girl Amy’s dream D. introduce the reason why Landwirth wanted to help poor kids. 53.It can be inferred from the passage that________ A. Amy’s death was directly related to Landwirth of Landwirth C. Landwirth felt very sorry about Amy’s death Orlando 54. Henri Landwirth developed his program in order to __________ A. bring in profits by attracting tourists to his theme park B. spread his fame and become known all over the world C. supply special families with unforgettable experiences D. memorize his own past sadness and suffering 55. The underlined phrase “special needs” in paragraph 5 refers to ________ A. desires to meet with Henri Landwirth face to face D. Amy died on the way to B. Amy’s dream failed because

B. wishes to have a memorable experience in some place C. dreams of visiting the theme parks in Orlando D. requirements of having a trip abroad with relatives 四、单词拼写:(10 分) 56. On your a________ at the hotel, please send me a message. 57. We should combine t_________ with practice. 58. We greatly a_________ your timely help. 59. You’ll get an e_______ gift if you buy something during the Christmas. 60. We left our hometown and moved to the big city to e________ much money. 61. Jack a_________ to Mary for cheating her. 62. Hard work leads to s__________. 63. The school offers a wide r_______ of places to choose from for a holiday. 64. After failing four times, I e________ passed my driving test. 65. Tom has been b_______ from driving for a year because of drunk driving.

五、书面表达(满分 20 分) 假定你是李华, 你们学校最近开展了创建“平安校园”的活动。你们班为此组织主题班会, 请你就如何创建“平安校园”在班会上谈谈你的想法。发言应包括下面的内容: 1.安全意识的重要性; 2.校内潜在的一些人身安全隐患,如: 体育运动时,和同学发生矛盾时等情况。 3.你对解决这些问题的积极建议。 注意: 1.词数 100 左右; 2.文章开头已给出,不计入总词数。 注释: 校园安全: safety at school

My dear classmates, Whether our school campus is a safe place to stay on means a lot to both teachers and students.______________________________________________________________________


临安中学 2015 学年第一学期高二年级开学适应性练习

英语答卷 ??????????密????????封???????线????????????????????? 一、选择题(70 分)



1 6

2 7

3 8

4 9

5 1 0

1 1 1 6 2 1 2 6 3 1 3 6

1 2 1 7 2 2 2 7 3 2 3 7

1 3 1 8 2 3 2 8 3 3 3 8

1 4 1 9 2 4 2 9 3 4 3 9

1 5 2 0 2 5 3 0 3 5 4 0

ba 班级________________姓名________________

4 1 4 6 5 1

4 2 4 7 5 2

4 3 4 8 5 3

4 4 4 9 5 4

4 5 5 0 5 5

二、单词拼写(10 分): 56_____________ 57___________58____________59____________60_______________


书面表达(20 分) My dear classmates, Whether our school campus is a safe place to stay on means a lot to both teachers and students.



keys: 单选:1—5 CBCCC 完形:CBCAA 阅读: BACDC CCBDB BDDAC 6---10 DCDDC BDBCB ADCCB theory success eventually banned appreciate extra earn 11---15 BABBA CBADA 16---20 ACABA

单 拼 : arrival apologizes/apologized range My dear classmates,

Whether our school campus is a safe place to stay on means a lot to both teachers and students. And the campaign “safety at school” launched recently will make us

aware that safety should always come first whatever we do. Accidents can happen easily at school. When doing sports, we might get injured. When decorating our classroom standing on the desk, we might fall to the ground and get hurt. When having disagreement with our classmates, we might quarrel and cause fighting. So, I think, to follow our PE teachers’ advice can avoid unnecessary injures in PE class. And it will be helpful to have some students around when we have to do things on high places. Besides, quarrelling or even fighting is not a wise choice to solve the disagreement with our classmates since it may bring suffering and pain to us mentally and physically. Thanks.

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