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2006 年 12 月四级考试作文题目
1、许多人喜欢在除夕夜观看春节晚会 2、但有些人提出取消春节晚会 3、我的看法 The approach of the Chinese Lunar New Year poses a national issue concerning the necessity of holding the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Its established status is being challenged by a growing number of people, especially by younger generations. It is increasingly difficult to cater for all tastes. Some individuals deem that it should be canceled or replaced by other programs. These young people focus their attention on other forms of celebration instead of immersing themselves in TV. Despite that, the majority of mid-aged people and senior citizens uphold the importance of the traditional performance. The most striking feature of this gala is its traditionally close link with ordinary people's lives. Most of people view this gala as an annual staple on the traditional Chinese Spring Festival Eve. They all have a restless night and glue their eyes on the television. I am not supportive of the view that the grand gala should be abandoned. Undoubtedly, it plays a vital role in the celebration of Chinese New Year. To increase its appeal and meet young adults' need, the upcoming performance should invite some big names including super stars from Hong Kong and Taiwan. We are all eagerly anticipating this unforgettable evening show. 注释 1: pose vt.& vi.使摆姿势;以……身份出现;招摇;炫耀 产生 n.姿势;姿态;装腔作势;伪装 nvt.提出;造成(威胁、问题等) ;引起;

2 Gala n.节日;庆祝 adj.节日的;欢乐的 3 deem vt.认为,视为;主张,断定 vi.认为,视为,以为;作某种评价 4 immerse vt.浸没;施浸礼;沉迷……中,陷入 5 staple n.主要产品;钉书钉,U 形钉;主题,主要部份;主食 vt.用钉书钉钉住 adj.最基本的,最重要的 6 restless adj.焦躁不安的;好动的;不停运动的;

2007 年 6 月四级作文题目
1、 本社团的主要活动内容。2、 参加本社团的好处。3、 如何加入本社团 Welcome to Our Club June 23, 2007 The Speech Club is organizing school-wide speech training and contests to be held on each Saturday at the Students’ Recreational Center. Five prestigious experts and professors will be invited to be speech lecturers and contest judges. For each speech contest, the first six winners will be given awards. Attending our club has substantial advantages. Firstly, it can improve your ability to deliver a speech which is of utmost significance to your future career and development. Secondly, it can help you to possess self-confidence, enrich your extra curricula activities and make your campus life dimensional, colorful and vigorous. To sum up, the experiences in our club will be extraordinarily unforgettable throughout your life. Students who are interested in taking part in it may sign up with the monitor of their classes before Tuesday next week (June 26). Everybody is welcome to attend our club. Speech Club 注释:1 Recreational [?rekri?ei ?n?l] ? adj.消遣的;娱乐的 2 prestigious [pre?sti:d ?s, -?st d? ?s adj.受尊敬的,有声望的 ? ? 3 substantial [s?b?st?n ?l] adj.充实的;实质的,真正的;有实力的;有财产的 n.本质;重要材 ?

料 4 utmost [英][? tm?ust] ? adj.极度的,最大的,最远的 n.极限,最大限度 5 dimensional [英][d? ? men? ?n?l] adj.尺寸的;<物>量纲的;<数>因次的;维的 6 vigorous [英][?vi ?r?s] ɡ dj.有力的;精力充沛的;充满活力的;朝气蓬勃的

2007 年 12 月英语四级作文
What Electives to Choose 1、各大学开设了各种各样的选修课。2、学生因为各种原因选择了不同的选修课。3、以你自己为例…… With the reform of Chinese higher education, more and more colleges and universities put emphasis on nurturing students’ abilities. As a result, elective courses are available not only for excellent academic performers but also for students about the average level. Certainly, students have different reasons to choose their own electives. For some, practical skills are the essence of college education, and therefore, courses on computer science, marketing, and finance are highly preferred. On the other hand, others may hold the idea of liberal education and electives concerning literature, history, and philosophy are the most welcome. Take me as an example: being a disciple of free education, I stand for the notion that university is not a place for survival skills, but a palace of knowledge and critical reasoning. Although my major is chemistry, the electives I attend most frequently are English literature, an Introduction to Classic Music, and Different Schools of Western Painting. They really widen my horizon. 注释:1 elective [英][? ? lekt? v] adj.选任的;有选举权的; (课程)选修的; )可选择的 n.选修课程 2 nurture [英][?n ?:t? ? vt.养育;培育;滋养;培植 n.教养,培育;营养物,食物;环境因素 3 essence [英][?esns n.本质,实质;精华,精髓;香精;复数:essences 4 liberal [英][?lib ?r?l] n.自由主义者; 。自由党党员 adj.开明的;自由的;慷慨的;不拘泥的 5 disciple [英][d? ? p?l] n.信徒,追随者;门徒,弟子;耶稣的信徒;[宗]耶稣十二门徒之 sa? 一

08.06 四级考试作文题目:
Recreational activities 注释:1 recreational [英][?rekri?ei ?n?l] ? adj.消遣的;娱乐的

1. 娱乐活动多种多样。2. 娱乐活动可能使人们受益,也可能有危害性。3. 作为大学生我的看法 Recreational activities Among various recipes one enjoys in his or her college life, recreational activities can by no means be ignored. It is numerous activities, such as spoken English competitions, sports events, and clubs and societies of different interests, which help to make campus life colorful and diversified. Facing so many interesting extracurricular activities, we college students have trouble to choose the proper ones. As freshmen, we are confused by all kinds of posters for students’ clubs to recruit new members. There are two opposite views about recreational activities. One says they exert positive influence on a student’s physical and mental development, for they can explore a student’s talent, develop a student's ability in communication, and teach them to be more independent. While, opposite voices can also be heard by asserting that recreational activities waste too much time, and therefore may hinder student from focusing on his or her study. As for me, I hold a belief that recreational activities do more good than harm, because I have always been of the impression that as a college student, he or she, besides the academic information, should pick up more practical skills to be better prepared for the career development. Recreational activities do give us a good chance. And, so long as one can arrange the time by reason, activities besides study will definitely provide more benefit

for us. 2 recipe [英][?res ?pi] n.食谱;处方;秘诀 3 diversified [英][da? ? :s? fa? d dj.多样化的,多种经营的 v.使多样化,多样化( diversify 的过 v? 去式和过去分词 ) ;进入新的商业领域 4 extracurricular [英][?ekstr ?k?? rikjul?] adj.学校课程以外的;课外 5 exert [英][iɡ? z?:t] vt.发挥;运用;使受(影响等) ;用(力) 6 assert [英][?? s?:t] vt.声称,断言;维护,坚持;坚持自己的主张;生效 7 hinder [英][?hind ?] vt.& vi.阻碍,妨碍;成为阻碍 adj.后面的,后方的

08.12 四级考试作文题目:
Limiting the Use of Disposable Bags 1、一次性塑料袋曾被广泛使用。2、造成的问题。3、限制使用的意义 For many years we have been using disposal plastic bags when we are shopping on the market, and most often these bags are offered by the shops for free. This, undoubtedly, has brought us great convenience in our daily life. However, its disadvantages are also very apparent, and I’ll just venture to explore two aspects. For one thing, the plastic bags are mostly indecomposable in the natural state so that with the increasing use of these bags, it will not only seriously bring about the so-called “white pollution” to the environment, it can also cost us a lot to have them decompose completely so as to minimize their damage to the environment. For another, the production of plastic bags are often not strictly supervised, so a large proportion of the bags don’t meet the requirements for healthy products, which means the more we use them, the more likely we are to suffer in health. The negative effects of the plastic bags are far serious than what I’ve mentioned above, so it’s high time the government issued strict laws and measures to stop using the bags. By so doing, we can save a lot of money from producing these bags as well as return a cleaner earth to ourselves and the later generations. 注释: 1 disposable [d? ? sp?? z?b?l] adj.一次性的,可任意处理的;用后就抛弃的;免洗的; 可供使用的 n.〈美口〉使用后随即抛掉的东西(尤指容器等) 2 venture [英][?vent ?,?vent ?(r)] n.冒险事业; ? ? 冒险; 冒险行动; vt.冒……的危险; 用…… 进行投机;以……做赌注 vi.冒险前进,冒险行事;猜测(常与 at 连 用 3 indecomposable [?indi:k ?m?p ?uz?bl] dj.不能分解的 4 supervise [英][?sju:p ?vaiz] t.& vi.监督;管理;指导

09.06 四级考试作文题目:
Free Admission to Museums 1、越来越多的博物馆免费对外开放的目的是什么?2、也会带来一些问题。3、你的看法… Nowadays, an increasing number of museums are admission-free to visitors home and abroad. The hidden reason behind this is not hard to analyze as there's a growing awareness for the authorities regarding the urgency of popularization of culture, knowledge and history with every average person in our society. Only with free access to this live “database”, can most people fully enjoy what museums could offer to them. However, free admission to museums might lead to some social problems as well. The most obvious problem is that it might give museums a very heavy economic burden which directly impedes the sustainable development of these organizations. As a result, our government has to work out other ways to collect funds from different channels, which might be difficult to operate or control. On the other hand, free admission attracts too many visitors, some of which might not be well-purposed and do some conscious or unconscious damage to the valuable treasures which used to be well-preserved in the museums.

As a university student, I am in favor of the free-admission conduct. Yet it is proposed that some measures should be taken to solve the potential problems caused by it. For example, museums can make some regulations to guide the behavior of visitors or set some “closed” days for museums for regular maintenance. Only in this way can free-admission to museums become along-lasting phenomenon and have sustainable development. 注释:1 urgency [? :d? ?nsi: n.紧迫;急迫;急事;紧要 ? 2 database [?deit beis] n.数据库;资料库;信息库 ? 3 impede[ [im?pi:d] vt.阻碍;妨碍;阻止 4 conscious [英][?k n? ?s] adj.有意识的,神志清醒的,有意的;感觉得到的; ? 5 maintenance [?meintin ?ns] n.维持,保持;保养,保管;维护;维修

09.12 四级考试作文题目
Creating a Green Campus 1、建设绿色校园很重要。2、绿色校园不仅是绿色的环境。3、为了建设绿色校园,我们应该… Recently, more and more colleges have realized the great importance of creating green campus, and it has become a new trend throughout the whole country. Then, what does it mean when we refer to green campus? On one hand, the environmental protection is essential and undeniable, which is the premise to this concept. On the other hand, it is far from enough to meet the overall goals of green campus to simply maintain green environment. Instead, it also requires the construction of active cultural atmosphere among all the staff and students by our mutual efforts. Therefore, in order to create green campus, first, it is necessary that everyone consider themselves as the host of our campus and be aware of the inspirations green house has brought to us. More importantly, actions need to be taken to achieve the aims. Last but not least, we can spread the spirit to a wider area to call upon more people to join this promising project. 注释:1 undeniable [? nd? ? ?b?l] adj.不可否认的,无法抵赖的;无可争辩的;无可疵议的 ? na? 2 premise [?premis] n.前提;[复数]房屋;[复数][合同、契约用语]上述各点; (逻辑学中的)大[小]前提 vt.预述(条件等) ;提出……为前提;假设;作出前提 3 mutual [?mju:t u?l ? adj.共有的;共同的;相互的;彼此的 4 promising [?pr misi?] adj.有前途的;有希望的;光明;有为 ?

10.06 四级考试作文题目:
Due Attention Should Be Given to Spelling 1. 如今不少学生在英语学习中不重视拼写 2. 出现这种现象的原因是… 3. 为了改变这种状况,我认为…. Nowadays, students attach less importance to the spelling of words in the process of English study. This phenomenon greatly influences students’ writing and brings on worries among teachers. There are possibly three reasons contributing to this phenomenon. First, exam-oriented education makes the students pay less attention to spelling. Second, some teachers should also be responsible for it because they don’t emphasize the importance of spelling during teaching. Last but not least, some students are too lazy to recite words. Since spelling is one of the most important factors in English study, due attention should be given to it. As for me, I think, first, exams should be modified to add some factors into it, which would help students pay more attention to spelling. Then, schools should also set effective mechanisms to help teachers as well as the students to realize the importance. Finally, for students themselves, they can, through other ways, make them be interested in word spelling. Only by these can we surly realize the importance of spelling and make improvement. 注释:1 orient [? :ri?nt vt.标定方向;使……向东方;以……为参照;使熟悉或适应 ?

2 mechanism 3

adj.东方的; (太阳等)上升的,新生的;闪闪发光的 vi.转向东方;使调整或者成为一条直线 n.东亚各国;珍珠光泽;好的珍珠;日出之处,东方 [?mek ?niz?m] n.[生]机制,机能,[乐]机理; (机械)结构,机械装置[作用], (故事的)结构;[艺]手法,技巧,途径;机械作用

10.12 四级考试作文题目:
How should Parents Help Children to Be independent? 1、 目前不少父母为孩子包办一切 2、 为了孩子独立,父母应该…… Nowadays, there’s an increasing number of household in China that has an only one child. Most of parents Love and care for children so much that children has less chances to deal with problems by themselves. Consequently, children get used to depending on their parents in everything and lack of ability to solve problems independently, which is bad for their growing. There are some effective ways for parents to help their children be independent. To start with, parents should give their children more chances to experience the world and life around them. Thus their children can enhance the capability to overcome the difficulties and handle problems independently. In addition, parents should offer enough assistance when their children need some instructions and advices. In this way, they depend on their parents in a right way and can solve problems independently when they face the same one next time. Last but not least, parents should allow their children to make decisions independently. Children would improve the ability to deal with the problems they are confronted with in their life. From the above discussion, I strongly believe that parent should help their children be independent by instructing them in a proper way rather than planning and considering everything for them. It’s children who decide their future and fate, so it would be beneficial for them to live independently with some proper instructions of their parents. 注释:1 enhance [in?h ɑ:ns vt.提高,增加;加强 2 confront [k?n?fr nt] vt.面对;使面对面,使对质;碰到,遇到;比较 ?

11.06 四级考试作文题目
Online Shopping 1、现在网上购物已成为一种时尚 2、网上购物有很多好处,但也有不少问题 3、我的建议 Nowadays, with the rapid development of information technology, online shopping has gained great popularity among more and more web users. For example, it is fashionable for youngsters to purchase daily essentials, such as books, clothes, electrical equipment, on some famous website, like Taobao, EBay and Alibaba. Undoubtedly speaking, online shopping has many advantages. Firstly, compared with traditional shopping, it’s very convenient. What you need to do is just clicking your mouse and waiting instead of going out by foot or driving. Secondly, more choices than real store are another attraction to customers. However, in spite of convenience and more choices of online shopping, we cannot turn a blind eye to its disadvantages. Obviously, quality problem is its first disadvantage. It’s common that articles aren’t so good just as they are described online that customers always buy fake commodities. In addition, it’s troublesome and annoying for many customers to

make a change when they are not satisfied with what they bought online. As a college student, I like online shopping but I expected that effective measures should be taken to make it better.Specifically speaking, government should work out strict regulations and rules to prevent unfaithful and unlawful activities of online shop owners. Only by this way can online shopping become really safe and attract an increasing number of customers. 注释:1 commodity ][k?? diti] m? n.商品;日用品;有价值的物品;有利,有益

11.12 四级考试作文题目:
Noting Succeeds Without a Strong Will 1、坚强的意志是成功的重要保证 2、意志坚定的人才能完成伟大的使命 3、学生也是这样,不刻苦

学习,终究不会成为有用之才 “Nothing Succeeds Without a Strong Will” is accumulated experience we inherited from our forefathers. It stands to reason that persistence is vital to success; nevertheless, one’s end can never be accomplished with the lacking firmness of will. A case in point is the quitting of smoking. On the eve of the World No-Tobacco Day this year, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Public Health advocated that campus smoking-control intervention should be the forerunner of the nationwide smoking-control efforts, which, undoubtedly, has motivated the campaign of “Smoking-free School” that has been sweeping the whole of China. In the advance of the movement, the humorous saying has acquired a proverbial currency, “Quitting smoking is the easiest thing world. I’ve done it hundreds of time.” Obviously, wanting in perseverance, these smokers will never fulfill their purposes. From what have been discussed above, we can reasonably come to the conclusion that only those tough-minded people can reach the summit. Otherwise, even if you have tried hundreds of times, you are still at the foot of the mountain, admiring those successful climbers. 注释:1 inherited [? n?her t? d] adj.通过继承得到的,遗传的;继承权的 ? v.继承( inherit 的过去式和过去分词 ) ;经遗传获得(品质、身体特征等)接替(责任等) ,继任 2 forefather [?f :?f ?, ?f r? ɑ:? ?? n.祖先,祖宗 3 on the eve of [? n ? i? ? v] ? v 在…的前夕 4 intervention [? nt?? ? ven? n] n.介入,干涉,干预;调解,排解 5 forerunner [?f :?r n?] ? ? n.先驱;先驱者;先兆,预兆; 6 motivated [?m t? ve? t? d] adj.有动机的,有目的的;有积极性的 v.作为…的动机,激发,诱发 ?? ( 7 sweeping [?swi:p ?] adj.彻底的;影响广泛的,全面的;扫荡的,一网打尽的 v.扫 n.扫除;垃 ? 圾 8 proverbial [pr?? v?:bi?l] adj.谚语的;众所周知的,出名的;已成话柄的 9 perseverance [?p :s?? ?r?ns] n.坚持不懈,不屈不挠 ? v? 10 reasonably [?ri:zn ?bl? ] adv.明辨道理地;合理地;有理性地;相当地 11 summit [?s mit] n.顶点;高层会议;最高阶层 adj.最高级的;政府首脑的 ?

12 年 6 月英语四级作文真题:商品过度包装
1. 许多商品都存在过度包装的现象 2. 出现这种现象的原因及其带来的后果 3.为了改变这种状况,我认为…… On Excessive Packaging 2

Nowadays the phenomena of excessive packaging of goods are prevailing in our society: clothes swathed in tissue paper, placed in cardboard box and finally wrapped in well-designed plastic bags, imported bottles of grape wine packed in wooden boxes, fruits put in hand-woven baskets, to name but a few. There are several causes of excessive packaging. The first reason is that a large number of companies believe that they can attract customers’ attention and stimulate their purchasing desire by over-packaging their goods, thus gaining more profits. On the other hand, quite a number of consumers mistakenly hold that the more delicate the package is, the better the quality will be, thus encouraging excessive packaging. In my point of view, excessive packaging has disastrous consequences, including the loss of precious resources, excessive consumption of water and energy, and unnecessary extraction of scarce land for landfill. To solve the problem, it’s necessary to take the following measures. First, laws and regulations must be made to restrict excessive packaging of companies. In addition, we need to raise consumer’s awareness that excessive packaging doesn’t equal to high quality and advocate packaging recycling. 注释:1 swathe [swe? ?] vt.用布裹,缠;包裹或压缩 n.带子,绷带,包装品;包扎绷带,包布 2 disastrous [di?z:str?s adj.灾难性的;损失惨重的;极坏的;悲惨的 ɑ 3 landfill [英][?l?nd?f ? l] n.废渣埋填法;垃圾填筑地

春节作文 写春节作文前,我们可以先回忆下过春节是我们参加过的活动,如贴倒福、分压岁钱、 吃饺子、掸扬尘、贴年画、贴剪纸、放鞭炮、守岁、给压岁钱、挂千千结、贴春联等,然后 挑一个我们印象深刻的上网查些资料,可以到百度搜春节的八个习俗,春节的由来与传说等, 也可以上作文网作文素材频道找到相关资料再进行介绍。 作文题目可以自拟,如欢度春节,春节游文庙,除夕之夜,美丽的春节,春节花会 开头部分:大致介绍一下春节,及春节的一些习俗,点明你所要介绍的习俗。(略写) 第二部分:介绍这一习俗的来历、象征意义等,像剪纸、年画、千千结等还可以写写这些 物品的种类、样子等。(详细) 第三部分:回忆自己参与这一活动的情景。(详细) 结尾结尾部分:写写自己对这一习俗的感受。 每个部分举例: 开头部分:大致介绍一下春节,及春节的一些习俗,点明你所要介绍的习俗。(略写) 例:元宵节是我国的四大节日之一,元宵节一过,春节也就算过完了,所以这一天是非 常隆重和热闹的。过元宵节的节目丰富多彩,有充满乐趣的看花灯猜灯谜,有喜气洋洋的舞 龙,还有热闹非凡的赛龙船。不过,最吸引我们小孩子的却是那多姿多彩的烟花。 第二部分:介绍这一习俗的来历、象征意义等,像剪纸、年画、千千结等还可以写写这 些物品的种类、样子等。(详细) 例:春联代表着欢乐祥和。在我们中国,每逢春节,无论城市还是农村,家家户户都要 精选一副大红春联贴在门上,为节日增加喜庆的气氛。一幅幅春联不仅带来了吉祥和祝福, 还带来了中国古老的浓浓的文化气息。瞧!“大地春光好,长天晓日红”、“岁岁皆如意, 年年尽平安”、“江山万里如画,神州四时皆春”、“春风送春处处***美,喜鹊报喜家家喜 事多” …… 幅幅春联让千家万户喜气盈门。 春联的种类比较多。 按照使用场所, 可分为门心、 框对、横批、春条、斗方等。因此,贴的位置也不同,如“门心”贴在门板上端中心部位; “横批”贴在门楣的横木上。 第三部分:回忆自己参与这一活动的情景。(详细) 例:记得去年元宵节的晚上爸爸妈妈带我去工人体育馆看烟花。八点整,只听见几声沉 闷的声音,一个个烟花带着红红的火星窜上了天空,几声脆响,夜空绽放出几朵美丽的花朵。 它们的形状和颜色各不相同,有五颜六色的满天星,金黄色的蒲公英,紫色的牵牛花,火红

的玫瑰花,粉红的月季、银色的百合,真是绚丽多彩。随着一声声的炮响,人们在惊呼,在 赞叹,夜色中,人们微微扬起的脸上也变幻着多姿的色彩,露出了幸福的笑容…… 结尾结尾部分:写写自己对这一习俗的感受。 例:我看着那散发着传统文化芳香的中华结,仿佛品味到了中华民族远古的神秘和东方 的灵秀。它的古香古色,它的千变万化,让我神往,让我遐想…… 《春节的街头》 今天,是中国传统节日——春节。早晨我还没醒,就听到了鞭炮的声音。平静的社区, 今日显得热闹非凡。这热闹的喧嚣,把我的睡意一股脑的全都打撒开来。于是,起床穿上了 新衣服连早饭都来不及吃就冲到门外,看着各家各户的炮竹,烟花。接着就是跟爸爸妈妈一 起去走街串巷——拜年! “李伯伯,新年快乐”“王阿姨,工作顺了”“刘奶奶,身体健康”〃〃〃跟所有的长 辈们拜过年之后,妈妈提议说:一会,去街上看看,感受下新年的气氛。 一上街,街上可就更热闹了。人们手里有提着大袋大袋的菜,身边的孩子手上握着一大 把小花炮,蹦蹦跳跳地跑着。看!我左边的一位四、五岁左右的小女孩,跑到前面去。一下 子又转过头对一位满手是鼓鼓的袋子的大人喊着:“爸爸,快点!我要回去放炮玩呢!”。 有拿着那边超市发的小气球的,红的,黄的,绿的,还有蓝的。也有三五成群,手挽着手说 说笑笑的姑娘们,小伙子们,忙绿了一年,辛苦了一年,我想这个时候应该是大家最放松, 最高兴的时候。你看,路灯上还挂着两个小红灯,喜气洋洋的。就像在说,“我们也要过新 年,我们也要过新年”。 一进菜市场,那才更热闹呢!人流窜动,一眼望去,什么也看不见,全是人。还有那翠 绿的黄瓜,可真新鲜哪,你看,那金黄色的小花在太阳的照射下显得多么的生机勃勃啊。那 鲫鱼,鲢鱼,青鱼,草鱼等等在水里游来游去,真是印证了我们中国的老话:年年有鱼(余)! 黄的韭菜,红的番茄,黑的木耳,白的萝卜〃〃〃真是要什么有什么呀。“哎哟!可真够挤 的。”我嘀咕了一句。跟着妈妈买了几个我爱吃的菜,结完帐就走出了菜场。超市里的收银 台前也早已排起了长龙。 傍晚时分,街上,又渐渐安静下来。店主们把店子关了,超市也比往常早了些许关门。大 家都提着东西回家过年去了。 到了晚上 6 点左右,社区渐渐安静,孩子们都回家吃团圆饭去了。吃完团圆饭 7、8 点的 样子社区又重新热闹起来。孩子们全都出来放花炮了。这个放个“降落伞,”那个又放个“天 女撒花”〃〃〃〃各式各样的花炮全有。每放完一个都会聚集好几个孩子,他们在讨论谁的 花炮最美丽,谁的花炮颜色最多,之后又是阵阵欢笑。大人们或几个坐在一起打牌,打麻将; 或几个坐在一起嗑瓜子,剥花生;或看着自己的孩子放花炮,偶尔还要帮他们一下。大多数 的孩子,都是自己独立操作完成。 夜,更深了。人们陆陆续续的回家了,有些不肯回家的孩子也在父母的劝说下,不情愿 的回了家,一天的热闹景象渐渐被夜幕包围。我不禁感叹又是一年到,时间过得可真快呀! 春节见闻 “当、当、当”新年的钟声敲响了,家家户户的门上早已贴上了或火红或金黄的对联, 每一家的老老少少都乐得合不拢嘴。兴奋的孩子们有的目不转睛地盯着电视,品尝着一年一 度的晚会大餐――春节晚会;有的急着给自己的长辈拜年,发短信,打电话,所有新年的祝 福话语仿佛怎么也说不完;调皮的孩子正在向自己的父辈们 “讨要”压岁钱;屋外的鞭炮声 此起彼伏,炸开了锅,五彩的烟花更是把这个特殊的夜晚点缀得绚丽多姿。 正月初一,农历新年的第一天迎着人们的喜悦祥和而来。我这个平时最赖床的懒汉,今 天却起了个大早,因为我极想穿上我那美丽的新衣,出去好好炫耀一翻。我要去走亲访友拜 新年了,这无疑也是一件高兴的事。我们小孩子走在拜年队伍的前面,见到长辈们拜个年,

说几句吉利话,就可以收获一大把的压岁钱,然后拿到街上去买自己喜爱的东西――玩具、 零食、鞭炮……,家长好像变了个人似的,对我们的放纵是那么的宽容,一切都有了!这就 是过年的感觉。 “放鞭炮喽!”不知是谁喊了一声,小孩子们很快都聚在了一起。一串串鞭炮在人们手 中点燃,响声震天,四处飞溅,仿佛要把一个个美好的愿望送到千家万户。一阵阵炮竹声接 连不断,热闹非凡。 到了吃饭的时候,望着满桌子平时最爱吃的菜肴,我们小孩子却一点儿也不觉得饿。大人们 在推杯换盏之间,谈论最多是:今非昔比啊!今天的幸福生活从餐桌上最能说明问题,现在 人们生活好了,天天就像在过年! 奔波在走亲访友的路途上,我见到了春意盎然的田间大地,一条条新修的高速公路缩短 了我们的行程,通往乡村的泥巴路也被“村村通”的水泥路所覆盖,城市高楼大厦像雨后春 笋,一年一个变化…… 春节对于我们小孩子来说,那就是一切都在变化,一切都是新的!